They say I am prone to and likely to be attacked by Muslims but it is of course something I am very well aware of too as it were. First of all I should say I have not gone around converting any Muslims to Christianity yet even though I know that a God who sends his son to die for my sins brings him back from the dead and sits him at his right hand for my salvation is a better God than God that asks me to go around murdering people. It’s just a fact that it will never be that simple; I mean one more of such talk and it will be like a process where I do thing to express the fact I do not wish terrorist attacks to happen anywhere near the UK, I will be off on campaign that they will detach me from somewhere in hell about my vision of Allah where he told me the terrorist attacks were wrong, this they will take me away from if they can tell Allah whom to talk to. They of course justify these kinds of things with the claim of the kind of new politics it will make for them, which will do nothing but take us back to the old matter of where I say people are stupid, people are evil, people are selfish and people want somebody to take their problems out on and they had already made me scapegoat for what Bush and Blair were planning to do, which thereof got to stop them from doing it were it were. In essence, they are always doing Allah’s stuff for him all the time. I mean if somebody is an infidel the person that is most offended by it is Allah but men will decide who dies instead of Allah deciding what he wants to do with it.

They will of course tell me that such sins are a serious matter and that it does not get waved away like that but that is precisely the point, the sin is so serious that the person commits them on account he or she prefer the punishment and wrath of Allah to the abuse of men. So somebody knows for example that it is wrong to be a women that pretends to be a man and somebody knows it is wrong to live like a man when you are a woman but what if you have made that mistake at some point in life and therefore end up in a place where each day you wake is an impossible wrestle with a process of things that you want to do but cannot do because of your sex? Now that is one part, the other is of course that you suffer the abuse of men as well because you wrestle with these things and so if you choose the wrath of God instead and get taken somewhere and shot dead what sort of a world does that create because I am imagining of course that in some way religion does not create media, corporations or Politics, what is does is create a world, for better or for the worst; so what kind of world does that sort of thing create. I do not mind being threatened by people as it were but let it not be said one of our great religions was wiped out of existence yet because I would not stop until it became nothing but an act that will pass away with tradition.

Of course I do recognise the question of Muslim allies being alienated as a result of that; in person I don’t care but with respect to what is really important the fact is that corporations do not create a better world nor does media or Politics it is religion that does it and squatting an adulterer in public, then shooting her dead for committing a sin changes the world.  So I do not deny that one moment people claim to have realised there are certain women I will be very happy to see killed and the next they make sense of it when they establish facts on claims that I am responsible for the unrests in the middle east. When in actual fact the way it really works is that because a person is rich and is in position of leadership in a country is not to say that he can take anything he likes, the same of which applies to those that are poor as well in equal measure; behaving in such ways creates for others an atmosphere of uttermost insecurity where they can never close their doors shut their eyes and wake to find anything about their person and or property the way they left it. So those uprising are happening because one side is not showing enough regard for the rights of the other side and not because I exist; they on the other hand have a case here that they will settle come what may as well.

It’s like when people claim we British got through such a point in our history and now pretend to tell others how to live or get it done, when in actual fact when you see a right wing Muslim Politician and the evidence of what he spends most of his time thinking about, you find things like Republican Guards in Iran and a Country that will ensure it is operable and then there are others such as the kind of Politics that will be created from the fact I will face my own reckoning with them at some point, which of course I maintain is not so cheap as talk. I mean when your action results in severe insecurity of the worst kind imaginable for a person and you think you are in a place to lie and boast all the time in equal measure, people can always with their money and flash cars tell me what they want to tell me when their soldiers are murdering un armed civilians and protesters on the streets but I do not think that it will change anything either.

Media are everywhere and nobody can sleep the night and wake to find anything of their person the way they slept the night before they say these days. So I should say that stemming from my faith benefitting them and the fact they now want all of it what we have ended up with is a condition where they end up asking me who asked me about my faith in the first place. The banter continues endlessly so I ought to figure that when it goes badly wrong I should be happy to supply facts about my actions. The thing they complain about always in the first place was the small businesses under the shadow of the US which I have completely pulverised thing but it was never that simple and I did not wake up one day and decide thereof I was going to do it, what they do with most of their time to deserve it is wrecking my income like it was a joke to do so and it did not start recently, it started some 10 years ago when they began plans to dominate my so called beauties and started finding out every industry I am likely to work in and anything I am likely to be good at to be in the right position to dominate my beauty, so it has now reached the point where they can do it to provoke me to the standard where I think I want to kill somebody and then once that happens the endless consequences for killing a person will be applied by them and they will rule. I have decided too that they have things that can pay for it and that it will be the end of those small businesses, when they cling to me the way they do like I am their mate or something. So status as it is, is that Pop music cannot exist unless it is singing my business and I will not let them shut it down without my revenge as well, hence taken away every means of getting out. The problem has always been that it is owned by a kid and they can do whatever they like with it. I don’t see them address their politicians and ministers in that way of course so in my view it is not at all meant to lead to serious problems. Status on this is that they name me the small man that talks big until somebody does him for him and for it I will gather up my own incentive for violence as well; at the moment that stupid media and football and money are the prime targets but the violence is not happening today so I still don’t know what is what, hence need to keep an open mind. Some say I need to dominate it but only I will when the violence starts because I am a Christian and do not want to kill anybody even though I want to have them seriously beaten up. At such a means they will say I need to get my books off their media and their culture to which I will ask the or else what question too, for the books have legs and get to the media on their own when I did not put it there with my own hands.


In the end I suppose that when the socialists ones or their capitalist fanatics that seem to be evidence of the devil himself at work are done and violent organised public greed goons are done too, they will tell me how to live to avoid breaking their civil rights laws by finding out who and what they are on the inside first before I make conclusions and form opinions, while they make up their own stories about why I am the way I am to ensure that persecution of  Christian always happens because it is what the Bible says, it always makes even more sense when the purpose is that I am being seduced by women who wish to complete the cycle of their prognosis of the route to wealth by having enough power to manipulate me and my entire life if they want with that stupid and abusive media. In their case it is the benefits of my faith, the fact it reached them and they want it all that is responsible for the fact I cannot shut my eyes and wake to find anything about my person as I left it. it appears to them that they will come off and bend my entire life to the point where it is all about doing violent things and that is why I have gotten myself into a place where I can bend their own as well. As I always say it, when I handle them they will use that their stupid money to do the gangs and I will deal with the violence of their insults until I get the money as well.

We hear them say all the time that I have no respect to business men and women but it is also because they expect to bring up respect matters nobody asked them about then gain a result where I dole it out and cheat myself out of the rest thing, when those I am meant to have been giving to only have a business empire which worth is only but a fraction of mine. It is bad enough as it stands of course that I have to put up with rubbish from them because it makes them rich, now I have to give them respect so they can get even richer with my property further and make sure I cannot release a penny from it because it is easy to spread rubbish about those that have stuff like they have had one like this or can give to the frugal. The socialist ones on the other hand claim we capitalist get away with insulting people to get rich when we sell them products and behave like we own their purses but in actual fact they are the ones that muck around with the market for peoples product, an already established and occupied market that somebody has a job in like human beings should always spend time to dig up such things, so these capitalist idiots can do the vandalism and alternative meanings to facts and truths to steal peoples earnings but of course when that happens to force the owner to spend money to securitize the market by expanding the business and it is mentioned to them that is one of the easiest routes to Bankruptcy and that their actions are threats they think it has become funny and somebody will be made to share wealth recently and that there is nothing the owner can do about it because they have access to media and can change facts of what people think and believe every second if they wish. 

The fact the customer owns everything is not to apply to them 'yap, yap, yap' - there are other ways of making it happen which will occur at my expense 'yap, yap, yap.' I never really think of it as a major problem, whenever it happens to me and the reasons they do it is the usual fact that I do not pay them any attention which has suggested they are irrelevant, everything between me and them gets done on a time frame and the first questions are that of when I get the job if they own all the businesses in the world bearing in mind that for them it’s all funny and nothing is ever serious and of course the fact that I need to bear in mind as well that they will tell me I cannot get any jobs because of my attitude and so we will easily end up with a problem long before then because of course the whole purpose of it is some kind of style and I will not wait for an idiot to play on my health games such as questions about why things are serious for me when I am or claim to be rich and or important, more so when nothing is ever serious for them because they are not moral people and if I actually mention that their style of getting customers will be cramped and this is their view of what my livelihood is for.