Please note I may not have paid a great deal of attention to my language on some occasions; it is an attempt to consign those language to history. Just as I have of a violent Nature to highlight the processes by which it is possible to get from feeling unforgiven for hurting another person to feeling justified for taking the life of another. 

The Hermitage Administrative reasons for not Polishing these feelings are  that  not doing so draws up a complete understanding and  for Equity applicable , of what I have done to impugn Market separatism.

Mind some racial slurs, in context they mean nothing but never the less must be explained as a response to my position being incessantly compromised by people who also want everybody to think they do not need help from my exorcist and hence in a circular sense, need to become more responsible persons.

Disheartenment, faithlessness and inappropriate language statements have been set out here as a general platform for Villainy based Property Equity development, of which villainy is not considered to be a certain specific behaviour, act or art of human engagement detrimentally - their creative purposes require skill of application.

I understand it is said people wish to put an end to the business of me getting into trouble all the time because I am disrespectful and it is utter nonsense as well; what really happens is that Journalists and Celebrities and fame freaks think that they must do their jobs with the publicity I have built for my Books because they feel better doing it that way regardless of being told off all the time on account it makes me cash strapped since people are switched off the fact I am a writer selling Books whenever they do it and have no wish to stop. They do for their part make up their version of what the reality is, claiming its difficult for people to ascertain in a world where they want people to discuss problems with reference to my existence or generally abuse my person to feel good about themselves and the public problems that affect them, what people want from me but it has always been as simple as the fact I want all of their interests in me to translate into buying and reading my Books as it is bad for my health and so far for their as well when that is not the case – about which if I said that since I do not know how they would be affected, I had decided not to be pushy about it, there will be people behind me telling me I want a label to be placed on my life which shows me to be an ill news.






In terms of Audience and Client confidence, they do claim I am now in s very sorry disposition and yet I would never stop trying to fight or actually fighting people as powerful as the Media and Celebrities, the process will then be followed by gimmicks that involved tackling those that identified with me, tackling State provided security and making a mess of my finances that can be followed on by Culture and society gits to boast and boast and boast all day. The truth of it on the other hand is that I have done nothing to attack of right them in a decade while it has not given me a days peace yet so far – still the same provocation we have been pointing out for the last 2 decades, where they are always seen with a need to invent ideas on how I should be used to make other peoples comfortable, knowing that they had racism going in their society: this nonsense had since grown to such an extent that whilst all I needed to do for a Bookshop was to be nice to paying Clients I am in a struggle for my life because media exposure is brought to bear on the business of how I should be used and quickly followed up with a process where they got to be nice to people that worked with and did business with them on my Public image, topped up these days by the Media and fame idiots getting to familiarise with the rich on the same Public image. The exit for what has become a problem for them in the sense that when I start paying attention to them, the reasons they repeat these activities despite the problems associated with doing so, being that they had spent so much of their personal and career time to get to this stage and cannot withdraw in an instant, while I do not have more time to give to their practical jokes and yet the exit is never effective, it never keeps from my Books and will not yet be seen dead making its stupid comments on its own career and keeping its fingers off my bum. I am told that if this has not broken me, people had reasons to be worried but it is an old story that I have not been fighting them – I mean the business of not giving them time to withdraw when they cannot handle me is damaging, the process of trashing their Celebrity culture is damaging, the business of making sure the culture and society gits spent the means to those abuses until they had nothing left, which I can finish off by making sure their children picked up the effects of their abuses towards me at school and they picked up the one they have taught their children to work on me at work but the real destruction is likely to come when I had begun to ensure that the effects of those stupidities especially the part that helps them claim that there is nothing I can do about them getting whatever they wanted from it at the end were reciprocated. It should have been enough to say that they wanted to get paid for being popular by attacking and abusing me whenever people who had money to spare needed to hurt me, but we can see that whilst this improves the solution to their wealth and social inequality problem, the more money they had was the more they destroyed real wealth creation i.e. their wealth and social position is a comparative one and if they had a penny, they only needed somebody else to have less, so that they might feel important, hence it is clearly continuing because it had since not yet developed into the classic government versus Media and Celebrities scenario. On my part personally, it is a matter if saying that I want to be an Arch Prince by working with those who employed and did business with them to demand more of them until their financial situation was set out as a control measure and it might seem simple enough but what it really means is that I am prepared to attack them at the corner shops, the super markets, the jobs markets, sports, Media, Celebrity and Industry – all I need to do here is be nice to those that are paying for my Books, when I need to raise funds that pays for Royal work in this place, I do not need to do anything to impress them and their silly Celebrities, I mean normal people do not tackle another person’s finances to a point where it is the withdrawal from such a bad behaviour that constitutes as Achilles’ heel, they would rather fancy the rest of us thought they were geniuses and therefore entitled to this nonsense. 

The scope of entitlement is that Public interests in my Bookshop and the income margins are interfered with on average every 10 minutes through National Media, garnished with get rich fast conscience less civil disobedience stupidities about the way I come by my property through Country ownership gimmicks, so the confidence for this nonsense is that I will not find it easy to wreck everything they had or stood for, hence have it developed to that stage where I see it a necessary solution, to work with their employers and business partners, thereby ensuring it was possible to get more out of them. The pattern for this stupid behaviour were quite simple, before the short insulting videos that produce narcissistic happiness that promoted sales at my expense as revenge for celebrity culture and makes the most of criminals feeling uncomfortable about crimes, it was largely a matter of wrecking my University studies chasing sales on the best part of my personality and running off their own sense of victims discrimination superiority on the rest of my personality making sense of their silly war and crime popularity, so that all I did with my career thereafter produced an effect that stirred up problems which the idiots got to dress well and suggest saddles them with obscurity, while the fact they were able to carry on with a career that they never really worked on to save their energy and get superior was never questioned and their interest in me got increasingly worse with a big mouth, making sure my career did not mean anything to anybody if their stupidities were resisted or stopped.


I do get told that although I don’t get along with Celebrities I will according to what is known of my career, require their involvement in my life but I don’t; I simply have to accept that if culture and media is being made as a matter of my influence, Celebrities will want to learn more about me if they are paid to deliver it to the Public but I shouldn’t have to select exactly which Celebrities got involved; if I said that I wanted to run down everything that allowed them chase their concerns safely and trash their careers to ensure they stopped making a mess of my social life and health in order to deploy my profession as a tool to boost their fame, it would have made sense of my Office and how they had no part in it but so does the many other things happening at a Hermitage which selects the Celebrities that get involved by itself. What happens then being these idiots pick up criminal interests in my concerns, build a media presence for it and run it off on me to provide an abusive leadership that will bend me to their will and give them unfettered access to the Royal Hermitage Office to make money by, but as soon as this messy business had affected their stupidities, another story emerged to say I was charged with security and will be punished for the fact they are not getting an adequate amount it and although they had other public roles, now had to pick up their own security because I was lazy. The boasting is that small Celebrities have taught us an unforgettable lesson which is utter nonsense as what really happens is that old case where Veterans are complaining of Politicians employing hoodlums to handle them in the field – such that it is said that it’s a problem the USA created and needs to solve while I appear to be all over it thereby creating new problems, while it simply decides for me what the threat of USA looks like: getting a real job does not appeal, it starts out like a perverted fascination with me that I am hiding secrets to wealth, then it starts off its own version of surveillance to keep an eye on me, complete with civil rights movements that complain about the security services while also setting me out as a character that can do something about it but choses to do nothing thereby making enemies of either side, it shows up to corrupt my state provided security and does the most abusive nonsense at my expense to ensure that I smell of what I ate 24/7 while it keeps up the hope of getting paid for its stupidities having become popular at my expense and I am left feeling sore all over while their stupidities had translated into an alternative source of happiness by which customer confidence may be built.

I do get told this is really about Political instability and yes it is; the people responsible have never once come up with a good idea for running the Country whereby it can be said that it was a drop in the world of those who have to develop ideas on how to run the Country for a living but they have trashed my career because of a Country that existed in their heads. They do say I come up with ideas on how to run the Country as well which I don’t as it would have added up to a security risk, what happens with me is that I am involved in primary Governance and mainly a matter of reassuring the Public on some matters, especially with respect to getting people in line but these other people have issues with me because I am unhappy about the way my career is trashed to make sense of what they want while they have never once produced an idea on how the Country should be run, save informing everybody they had a Country in their minds. They claim I have been interfering with the interests of Nationalists but I have not – it’s a simple question of how much I got to punish them for the mess they made of my life and career while they have not produced a single idea to help run the Country, I am not interested in what comes as a result of the fact its not a crime for people to despair about the way the Country is being run and it is not what the Law of the Land looks like either. I do it all the time; first it makes money and wants to use it to oppress people, then ends up in the various disposition associated with the fact the money is part of the same market, fiscal and monetary system; so it decides the only way to oppress people is to damage property and hang about looking like each time it makes money somebody is being oppressed and then when it gets down I set off a string of events that produce an outcome in which it ends up being British, I end up being British and it can really then make sense of its own gimmicks. They say if they showed ideas they had about how the Country should be run, they will give it away to those who are currently running the Country but so have they picked up ideas that those who are currently running the Country think has been given away because they were able to access it, which helps them make sense of the reasons the rest of us are bias. So I do get asked what the solution would be and its an old story, the same story that goes back as far as we can remember; a group of people set about talking over our heads, we end up being able to make sense of what we are saying to each other and the result is a state of mind that is unable to make sense of how diverse freedom is, while the other goons with their abusive Fashion, Media and Celebrity were a group of people who were asking for it and simply wouldn’t stop looking like that. People have always engaged in Political instability because of Greed; it does not know what it is doing, will never do what you told it to and when it gets into trouble fiddling with a job you are already doing, knows exactly whom to blame and is backed up by a Crowd; normally I have gone from a character that stole personality that should rightly belong to Politicians, to a character that should be getting into a fight with gangs and criminals in order for career crime women to feel more comfortable and now they believe that once they were done trashing the health, I may get involved with Uniform service and make myself a gift to the enemy, so they have come up with ideas to hang about somewhere being clandestine sources of power, sending out their minions to tackle me everyday - the entire time, the Industry bits want to be the means by which peoples pulled me in several directions, such that by the time I brought myself back into order, I had lost something very important.

There is eventually this question of me thinking I can walk on water when it comes to the women, but it is utter nonsense as women that I feel comfortable with do not think my actions and activities are abusive. Some will claim they have been having anal sex with me, which allows the society abuses to get completely out of hand for instance and these goons will get involved, soon there are claims that I do it to them am increasingly becoming a Public menace while we have never made contact in our lives – then there is the main cause of the tummy problems which is not my responsibility in anyway i.e. the idea that an Arch Prince’s personality was never special and that there was an alternative to the abdominal pain that comes with a process of getting involved with me while passing around abuses that they were out of my league, short insulting videos they claim added up to advertisement, at the same time which they do not ever want to be separated from me, they will want to pocket me and then I will be their own for all eternity, being that what happens to their appetite and social health is not my responsibility, the idiots also have a need to cling to my public image and get their imagination finger up my bum, proving they were a handful of mean cunts naturally. We find the men facilitate the same things, they have built me a media bubble that comprised of various points at which they picked up my public service to pass off as something else, eventually building up to a character and that version of me is doing some real damage which is the reason I want them to shut it down, but they had been clear that was going to be a problem. In the real world, the claim is that I suggest I can handle the women but have never been with one and it is not the truth either; the truth is that they make a mess of my concerns and underestimate that I can make them rectify it – in the same world, some women think that involvement with me is more like getting involved with another woman which is ridiculous. The consequences of these people’s insults and believe in their own entitlement, right down to the short insulting videos they claimed added up to advertisement, mixing with an obsessive need to handle me, make use of my person or get involved with my concerns because it felt like a place they never wanted to depart from, are not my responsibility but the violence that their popularity stupidities brings is set to run this matter through to some very serious consequences: first time round was the career and finances being trashed by a process where I was lumbered with the throes of sex, second time was the revenge that was due to me because of how I responded to being lumbered with the throes of crime, now it’s just daily violence and bum fingering to get what they want or provide a provision environment that facilitated it and the mockery is set to develop the stage that decides like an undercurrent what the temperaments of the consequences I shall dish out next will be.

Then I am said to be a character that makes a mess of his life and set about blaming others, it is utter nonsense naturally as most of what I got up to was a matter of the way my studies had orientated me with a legal career and not a business of wrecking my life in a way that opposes popular culture, to set about blaming popular culture for it as well. In any case we see this all the time, especially when it developed into one of those cases where a Police Officer thought that somebody was a scumbag and felt so strongly about it i.e. he was seen wrecking a person’s career by building support crowd for it, the problem being that the persons diet was disgraceful or the sort of thing that poor people from overseas ate, soon after he is seen alongside criminals, hoodlums and ex-convicts having the same diet in a designated location to work a lifestyle.

The same way they claim I had a reputation for messing with peoples women and it will get me into trouble but common sense suggested that if I were known not for being an Arch Prince but for being a character Celebrities and popular gits can push around, tell what to do and once they took what they wanted from my concerns, set about ensuring I understood I am meant to vanish if I can but generally get lost, then they had a problem. Even if I had a habit of handling their women, it is the people whose women do not bother me which had a prospect of being a threat to me, not them and we know I don’t, as what happens is the business of remembering that I started opposing this nonsense where I was a fan of the Church and my personality can be used as a torch light to find husbands and boyfriends, when I was about 19 years old and it has continued around here every day since until my 40s. The details of threat these idiots are likely to pose is more a matter of history where society ones will follow me around to trash my career and get about all I did to recover it, making sense of the injustices they had suffered in life, but it is the business of keeping up insults where communities got imagination up my bum to decide how I was used by the people around me, which causes all the problems – the Media wants to see what kind of lesser peoples mentality can be gained from me if I had a five year project and they picked out 2nd and 3rd year projects for their gimmicks but it is the part where they set about publicity to help them decide what people thought about me, which outcome is that they would be able to decide if I could get a job or trade, hence decide how much money I had, which had caused all problems – the Celebrities will pick up my wealth equity and set about building me a reputation for being a character peoples bullied whenever they had big business deals to reach an agreement on but it is the part where they bash my Bookshop to feed what was an eccentric personality which is the cause of all the problems. We know that these details indicated these idiots were not as much a threat to me as they think they are and that the part that are causing all the problems were easily avoidable. Eventually we have the way the Prince of Wales gets around with ageist idiots who ensure every part of my life and work made sense in terms of their ageism but the threat was a matter of fame and fashion idiots telling me what to do and when they took what they wanted from my work ensure I understood I am meant to get lost but so can everybody see that if it stifled my Book sales, their stupidities had a problem to deal with as well. The idea that they are a threat to me is a joke, I cannot understand why it had not stopped when the complaining was such a phenomenon.

I have built a private equity intellectual property administration business and need to be known for that, because it was the only way to ensure Clients were able to read my Books – the idiots have not explained why they change and short change it all the time, show up somewhere to replace my reputation with the idea I am a popularity fool who snoops around the backyard of industry making assumptions about what he is not; again the parts that are responsible for the problems are easily stopped if they are complaining. I cannot complete my studies because I looked like a character who thinks that war would be a good thing whilst others did most of the fighting and dying, I cannot keep my career because their tribalism raids got them into important industrial Offices where a company can be a landmark in an area for miles and they lived in a complex world since – tests and gimmicks keep getting worse and worse as such and they believe they were more of a threat than I am all together. I could never stop them doing those habits and attitudes, I could never stop the problems it creates for them and the way it trashes my finances to leave absolutely nothing for me whatsoever, the white lies that develop into questions of whether I was the one that did the work for my Books or they were the ones that did it instead, the white lies that I now do better than them and do better than entire communities as well. Then we find them claim that it’s the powers of German influence and it will get the better of me eventually which I could never understand either but it was largely pointless if for the business I had with German companies I was in a position to develop what I was doing to such an extent that popularity gits posing challenges in the workplace was the replacement for popularity goons who allied with criminals on the streets i.e. they were a bunch of gamblers who are set to lose again. 

That I have been caused suffering by business and big business just like everybody else being one of the points that get a reaction out of me as well, since what these idiots have done with my career in 9 years to 2021, is set about the idea that I am a character people attacked when they wanted to secure big business deals, at the same time stifle my Book sales which then allowed their stupidities to build up communities that got imagination up my bum if my life was scandalised well enough for it to make sense, building up to this nonsense where I am now being attacked because Celebrities did not do the work for my Books and are struggling, while my finances are still a mess and the abuses had impacted my health as well. Most of all, everything had stagnated here due to this cluster of activities, leaving me broke, single and unable to complete any studies I put my efforts to but every Celebrity idiots the world over are yet to acknowledge this is what they have been spending their time on with respect to my person, the famous idiots and their entitled industry twats were more convinced that there is more to it. The fear has been for years that I have been lost to these matters but it is rather an issue with Celebrities, in the sense that of all the group of people that engage with large numbers of the public, they are the ones who believe themselves to be Public figures while they are just people who get the public parting with money associated with their popularity, such that they shared some of the money with a specific members of the Public to keep the public on their side. So the problem we had was their need to get involved with my concerns uninvited, such that I may have had some Celebrities that wanted to work with me on public concern matters instead, whose activities I must then ensure was profitable for them and other Celebrities could not join in; it had long developed into conflict when Celebrities generally think they were entitled to other peoples incomes once done getting in league with those who spend time being tough, to inflict personality disorders on those who had worked hard to be successful but the pressure point is that of the deal they make with crowd behaviour people and gangs whenever they think that working for money did not appeal to them and the way that despite moving them out of mine business, I still ended up with a reputation for being a character that gets them out of any mess that may have come of it. So far as such is the claim I can never keep them from making money at my expense but I think I am doing a good job, all they had achieved being a case of which Celebrities handled me and how the applicable crowd wanted to support such Celebrities, soon developed into a community of idiots who hated people that got along with me.


 Wealth Equity movement,Service Broker & Intellectual Property Administration Assets 


They do claim I am a very irritating character who does everything on a Shoe string but we know it was never meant to work that way as this is a Business of Equities and incentives – the way it works being that I set out a cause and fight for it, people apply the benefits and read Books to get more but what I have ended up with year after year is the insults of modern idiots, media and celebrities to an effect where it is now seen that throwing money at a business of incentives and equity makes it balloon out of proportion, while working it until people came round to what it was meant for meant these fools crashed the finances – so somewhere in the Middle we see how the Con men who got to test what it is exactly their stupidities can do when faced in a present danger become the characters they become and we have ever seen them do a thing about a single con Man, while in my case, I am about to assess the social effects of the insulting reputation they build me and set about building one for them as well; a reputation that will ensure their businesses and careers had no meaning to anybody, so I might crash their finances and spend time insulting them as well, if I wanted. I don’t think it is a crisis because the business is still functioning very well, I simply need get the media making the comments about their families and American supported idiots not reinterpreting my business looking for trouble they will sooner not want to spend time with, as stupidly as possible but it is difficult to see how I can make that happen without causing them harm. We see that they will show up to mop up my Public life for their own financial well being and boast about the powers of some idiots who support them on violent matters, knowing it will crash my Bookshop and spending time through a Media job or on social media blowing off the big mouth as well. The claim that women take advantage of me sit at the heart of this, since the women were shining examples of what I am really worth – where they claim the Kardashians who had no talents whatsoever were millionaires and I had a contributory role, while what happens is that the women took up a task of protecting an Arch Prince from their bullying, kept a good attitude and put up Clothing lines and Cosmetics, so I am certain that they did not know how the women became financially comfortable people but then again, if I am to compare what I should do and say to laden them with a reputation that ensured their careers meant nothing to anybody like they have done me, with what we see to be the content of their characters manifested in self-exhibition, we will find that they were a handful of geniuses.

Time and again we will find the gits set about guessing what my feelings about the British Royal family was and yet it was clear even if I didn’t feel that they were friendly, there was still the fact that compared to the insults and gimmicks produced by goons who want to invent their own country at our expense, so they might decide what became of those who were inferior to them, from a disposition that allowed them to move on without taking responsibility for the outcomes, the Royal Family is doing a far better job and more so as applicable to interest of ethnic minorities who are identified as people you can make a lot of money from through popularity because they always needed to spend money on personal maintenance due to the abuses. The cowardice issues can in this context we understood as 15 years ago in my 20s, I belonged on the right and established a Court of older financially better off female journalists, whom I must have forced into doing something they did not want to do at some stage I suppose. The stupidities claiming that they were Ministers of Parliament because people like me were tough but could not apply the strength to achievements, we know however that this was not something they wanted to discuss, since it tended to reveal other facts about the way that they planned to be MPs since their SATS exams and none interfered, while I have been persecuted for writing Books they found incredibly useful to promote their career and itemise me, since it tends to encourage people to attack Politicians and Celebrities on the Streets. 13 years ago, they were so popular they ended up getting caught in a war on normalcy, which meant that either way they curtsied to the Royal family or not, they were irritating characters, while I dropped out of University and ended up in debt, paying the price for their stupidities over a perverted interest they had in me – it was self - explanatory and should have been the end of this matter.

It leads to this process where I am told that I always tend to trawl through facts of the way Government works each time these idiots offended me but that is because they think that the fact most of the work done at the Monarchy is cultural, the government does not work the way it does. I am facing financial difficulty solely because of a perverted interest in me, the wild girls they pick up from overseas and American fools who cannot stop putting up money leverage to let people trade as if I had lost something important. We have one history so far and it involved complaining about the way that Cadets usually think others were big enough to fight their battles but didn’t because they were big puffs, especially when cornered and all the training given to them as to what to say and how to respond to such situations had failed – reality of the features of state operation apparently, will not stop bugging Government operatives and show up here with a stupid lifestyle to get imagination up my bum and dream about dominating me, hence we are about to secure another history that fits really well with their stupidities. The insults only need continue a little further, making sure my career does not mean anything to anybody and there is no way that we will end up in a scenario that was set for just them and me and it had to be settled.

I have also been told that I had dug myself into a hole but have not dug myself into anything; I devised my writing career to show that Celebrities, Media and Politicians were not entitled to access other peoples careers and on this basis was it meant to be successful – they are always good at starting the trouble but find it impossible to drive them matter down to a dialogue when it needed to be, now I am helping them out with a business of getting them to make comments about their own families, stay away from my Public image and my Books which is currently not enough for them. It is now suggested that I deep down wish I were like they are, hence, my problem but I do not at all – its all the sheer degree of pressure to mould me or something of that sort and then I must get out of it knowing that if I did not, I will be something I am not for a very long time, the abdominal discomfort which is unbearable. If I said they were little things on the streets doing favours, always sexual, always expensive, always abusive, always a sense that what you keep from them held the keys to their freedoms, I would have created the risk of opening the sewers and jumping into it literally, so I think it is better they were informed about keeping away from my Books and ceasing all comments about my concerns as such. They have suggested it’s all me wanting to control people which it isn’t, just a realty where they assume too much and the most important of these assumptions were the huge big stupid and useless responsibility of being disciplined by them, especially if they believe it will make their siblings, children or themselves feel more superior – in the US it’s the mass shootings which become the problem, in the UK it’s the street stabbings. 

It had since developed into a three part story which produced a two part result: the three part being a case of people who didn’t have proper jobs but did not spend their time bothering me, people who had proper jobs and did not spend their time bothering me and these goons who do not want proper jobs because they preferred to bother me in order to make money – the result being businesses that pick up my assets, property and equity to invest and make money without permission or Book sales, then I had to display what I was doing with it on social media, so the statement became a question of whether they were at war, considering they had given me nothing in return and what people did with me was to be approved by the Queen. On the other hand, the case of the Media, Celebrity and popularity gits picking up absolutely everything I did to put through a process of goading me, telling me what to do and feeling as if their stupidities were in a nice place ADHD attitude, which now had to stop. They do claim I have had time to prepare and attack Celebrities which is utter nonsense – we know there are people that can make their world look like child’s play and we know that most of us do not respond to their gimmicks because the boundaries are respected – in my case it seems I have ended up in a legal and social no man’s land because they were conducting an experiment. It goes all the way back to teenage years when the morally upstanding activities in an immoral world, built up pressure that affected parents and they got off getting paid for being popular while developing those abusive political gimmick on relationships others had with their parents, if they are not suffering the same things, like in my case, they make a systematic process out of their gimmicks involving the flushing of my whole life, starting with my personal life, through my academic pursuits and career and eventually my social life, which keeps me single and ensured they owned me like an item with a big mouth, from safe distance – after years of being paid for these abuses by industry fools who expect me to lose at some stage when I must have allowed them appear to have made profit by adding my income to theirs, they were supposed to go away with their money and do whatever they wanted with it, which is not what has happened. Hence, we are in this position where I am at the mercy of the feed of Celebrities, which I am not, as it is rather clear, no matter how greedy, a person can only tolerate so much of a git having a need to pick up their property and service processes for some alternative purpose.



So I do get told that past disrespect of Women is the main centre piece of all my problems but I suppose I have explained that well in the past; every case where women and girls complain about me is usually a matter of long it takes for me to become Mr Goat with everything about a Public image I have spent years praying and fasting to be blessed with blocked off with a sense of conveniences they have planned for themselves as a matter of their superiority. Usually I wait a couple of minutes on meeting those who might and when I starts I can move on – so it only took less than three weeks for me to become a renowned Mr Goat in Hackney on my return to the UK, while my temper was something that needed to be discussed as the disturbing behaviour of a young person that was 21 years of age at the time. So, when they got cracked up and I had to understand with more of such abuses thrown my way because they assume I would never know and even if I did, nobody else would understand is the main centrepiece of their complains concerning me as well. These are not the points where it kicked up all together; it did when Mr Goat had exceeded their expectation by getting a job and then I lost that to redundancy and returned to the University seeing the image they had built for me on the radio waves especially over my Public image and the use of it and so they followed me there, where they made it bad enough for a life time – I dropped out and my health got terrible, they had no need to tackle me in a manner that ensures others do not understand until they come up with an accusation and an explanation because my tummy was in a terrible state and I had started suffering from haemorrhoids, so I needed something to go by as well and now we can see they will not lay off my Estate or my income margins as well, so I guess less is mentioned about Female stalking all together as it were and its all fine I suppose if I am not the one complaining about it. I get told it plays into the hands of the Men which is utter nonsense; the Men are the bits where I have written a Book and they do not have the time to read it let alone buy but want to make use of it, so I have been set out as the character on whom they shall give themselves a second attempt at getting a life and making money, so I am finding out what they got for it as well, which is why they think I want to help them out with women in order to avoid getting into trouble but it continues the same insulting behaviour where I walk down to the Bus stop and it can walk down there better but is complaining about what I do when people make me feel that saying I am not homosexual is not enough for them.




Ultimately what popularity people get up to, like the way I have had to intervene in the USA because it was thought that when they got involved with Military business, their disposition would have mitigated problems associated with extremists taking advantage of the work that Military operatives do, which had failed completely. The one problem I faced was the need for Celebrities to build a crowd out of the Public which would engage with them and solely them, on the basis of the way the public got interested in my Books, the disobedience is unbearable and then they tell lies and issue accusations until they were finished with what their stupidities wanted to do on Media, wrecking my finances in the process – it is something I intend to put an end to around here, so that my career may be organised for a change in years but it seems that it will also be impossible to do that without acting in a way that causes famous idiots great loss as well.

What happens with this matter most of the time is that their legal team tells them that I did not have a chance and their need to handle my concerns intensifies every time they made a public appearance, after which the gits get off telling me that I had attained what I had wished for – it is utter nonsense naturally as the fact is that if this matter shows up in a Law Court, it is the fact I am trying to keep them picking up my personal and social life for something else alongside a Crowd and picking up the public stage I have built up for my Bookshop for their own popularity gratification – which effect is that people think I am a character who just writes things while they pillage my equities, people think that it is not as interesting as the huge number that gets involved suggests and act in a way that prevents others reading the Books and people think I am not an important person, probably mentally ill. I have no idea how hard it is for them to comply on this front anyway, especially with respect to a community from which they could fool around at my expense as much as they liked – time and again they pillage to catch up with their earnings, their media idiots build a bubble for it to annoy me and cling to my social life to do a days job and then they pick up the stage I had built for my career and bottom out the finances all together. Time and again I think about removing them from my concerns completely for the purpose of settling down with family and then it plays out that I would have forgotten what happens at University if I tried, so it does not stop save I had taught them a lesson they will never forget as well; we are doing this solely because of the insults they got accustomed to – the boys are accustomed to handling your career, so your bookshop stalls, the girls are good at picking up your social life, public image and business systems for purposes unintended, block your love life and share it with the bogs from the neighbourhood to a stage where they thought they had built a small army and then they deserved everything they saw me do, as stupidly as possible, when it had not stopped the way I would I like it to. We are now entering a stage where I will pay the Bills my making this Bookshop my Baby, Celebrities and Popular culture the threat, so those who handled it had a story to tell each time as well. For the time being, I do not know if letting the legal team wreck their stupid finances is what I wanted or finding something that in terms of society or the Law, I won a fight.

The premise is still the same - they think I had something to prove while what really happens is that they are evil and violent and another group of idiots have pillaged my finances and social life to make statements about discrimination on my part, now settled up on threats issued at me to make me do something about the problem when I have my own finances to build up as well and am not damaging their own to make it happen, while the goons got great ideas about the way what their small army does to hurt their bottoms will decide they could progress of corruption of involvement with my concerns to threats of violence, then tell me I pretend I am a bad person when I am not, while such stupidities did not apply at all. I could do without any part of it - the destruction of my career, the destruction of my love life and social life, the follow on processes of showering me with insults to build me an abusive reputation that painted me a low life, so that it might be difficult for me to reach them. Then we find them excuse it with claims that the method my which I operated was a problem while it was largely a matter of me and the popularity gits that love to bother me, which had since developed into sections and blocs; attack Celebrities and I automatically protect my Hermitage and Royal Office and none will ever know what motivated them to build me an abusive publicity that facilitated a Media presence that helped them control the Hermitage and decide how the Public got to use it but it is evidence of the extreme form of disrespect they had towards me - much the same as when I attack the Popularity gits, I tend to protect the Bookshop automatically, of which I have given them the exit to stay away from the Books and make comments about their own lives - some have married into the Royal Families in Europe with intent to work this nonsense intensively the last time I checked and I think its another instance where I am likely going to end up with a reputation as well. We make sense of it when there is this stupid idea that I am lazy to contend with. The work I must do to keep them off my Bookshop sales and understood in terms of the amount of work I would need to do with respect to a job that somebody else offered, to keep them off my social life and public image. So, whilst I worked on market to prevent the profitability of organised crime products, they would work with their American friends to set out my career as something that should be shared while they engaged with the world. The Men were busy with the corruption of involvement that showed they could get involved with anything they wanted, especially if they had a media presence to play with, to make sense of their own laziness that is understood with respect to their war on normalcy and a need to work on me for energy to chase the job that got to their heads – the women were more busy with ideas that my career was good for the gambling until they get sexually abused and it gets worse, followed either way by something about their ability to get involved with and weaken criminals, as a means of selling themselves to Media gits and Fashion goons, but are not doing that anymore because it was preferable to think that the USA was a more powerful Country that dominated me here in the UK to make its citizens superior and it was more convenient to weaken me instead.

They do claim I hated every instance where people found my activities unpleasant and it is utter nonsense as what happens is that they did not find my activities unpleasant which is the reason their insults are always so health wrecking and gratuitous when it comes to ideas on how I should be used – they simply assessed what they wanted to do with my possessions and built a crowd that will join them in being offended by me 24/7 with a big mouth. We find that the insanity goes right back to the issues since teenage years, where they had problems, I could resolve for them but had come up with gimmicks that involved hurting me, so my responses would resolve those problems, firstly because the idiots had made social deals with me and did not trust me and secondly because they needed to ensure their stupidities did not deem their superiority. Recently it is more of the fact they cannot stop telling me to self-care because they wanted to be proud of me instead of showing up here with some respect to read the Books I had done a lot of work to create and we see the same activities performed by their Muslim friends as well, who do not believe there is a real prospect of me wanting to see them do the jihad while I explored which was exactly the female we hear their foolish women describe me as all the time – their bits beats the imagination all the time because their insults were the type that showed up to chase sales while I was studying at University until I dropped out, now its just something about a community that gets imagination up my bum and so it was not a stupid history that makes sense of their practical jokes, it was the real nature and context of my person and public image hence my clash with Celebrities after years of abuses by their stupidities was a great achievement. The rest are currently not yet keen to accept their foolishness adding up to insults that will happen very quickly while they handled me to make money backed by a crowd of idiots, ought to lead them to understanding that stupid crowd was the biggest problem I had, and they were responsible thereof. We hear instead each time I clear it out, that I better move over and become a Celebrity while their stupidities got to ensure that I allowed them to be free people as soon as possible, about which I am accountable for this Office too, to ensure this situation of those who had money and did not bother me with their wealth, likewise the poor who did not bother me with their problems, while these idiots spent most of their time on ideas that they did not have to get money by employment because I had a Royal Office to work, getting finger imagination up my bum, hence their abuses and my responses had become so exhilarating. They do boast that I talk because there is little I can do about it while reality is more a matter of the fact that the Labour Party is responsible for all this nonsense, spending tax payer funds to wreck my finances while spending it to build that stupid confidence that urges them on because they were quite certain I was incapable of fighting back, since this will be the source of my resources as such, we are set to enter into a phase where any famous person that got involved with my concerns was asking for big trouble thereof. Time and again we see this is an example of an instance where keeping them off tended to mean what I am doing was important or even prestigious enough for the public to get involved with and the idiots do complain about how people at the Monarchy will be doing my fighting once I am done boasting and we know that if the number of time State provided security did their bums, meant they kept away from my concerns, we would not be doing this at all, the annoying part of it being that it is all about abusive and insulting ways of peddling products on my personal life and public image in a way that ensured I did not keep any of the money or did not keep them from getting it when it is ready. Eventually the talk of my involvement with communists to make sense of most of their stupidities and the industry civil rights gimmicks, especially when I couple it with a process of explaining how I made my money all the time, whether they wanted to hear it.

They do claim that my clash with Celebrities is unfounded, the same way they claim I thought I had security but did not while the security bits were people throwing their challenges at me instead of providing me with safety, to invite themselves into my personal spaces and get imagination around my private parts, create a smell, make publicity from it and stagnate career, finances and personal life – so we find that it enjoys doing nothing but getting people to understand my work and career, as something from which the Public notices them and pays them for being popular, while the Media friends clearly had a need to work on me every day, claiming my responses were amusing while they went home to their families with their salaries in hand. It does appear that what stands between them, and this nasty behaviour is that they did not have a legal right to access my career, so this problem goes beyond giving criminals a privilege on it and the question of where it stops, when it stops and how they want it to stop must be resolved. If they keep making comments around my career to make a mess of it, I am set to do the same, they keep confiscating my career, I am set to do the same, they keep showering me with insults to a point where what I did with the career did not mean anything to anybody, I am set to do the same.


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