The Arch Prince and Film Producers in Hollywood USA 

The Arch Prince and Actress Friends 

I do understand people are largely confused concerning what my problem with Celebrities is but its nothing unusual as such. Just when Film makers deploy my equities, the Actors will teach me to be respectful later for months even years and when I broker some public place equities with popular culture musicians I share a Court with, the goons at the Industry will deploy it and my whole life to make their own music whenever they wanted, even pointing out the size of the US Military as well. So, we have only reached the point where the actors can now keep off my concerns and return to their acting and never get involved whether or not it is Public work attributed to their own Countries and the popular culture industry ones are learning that the system is patented thus they cannot make their own or create a variation of it. We see the same behaviour exhibited by their leaders too; Mr Putin of Russia will get off and hurt himself and his people making it clear any who has business with Russia needs to understand Russia is the Boss of it all - Obama will have showed up then and set about ripping up peoples finances and academics to create new Ethnic minority economy based on government sourced financial help and an original provocation that victims have to deal with, so that surprising forms of abuse might emerge from no where to tackle everybody he has dominated because people are back tracking on it, then follow on the process of sitting in the Oval office to ask people to stop my Book sales for years with a process where these rights gits get off telling me situation was dire and my Literary Estate along with its Books and contents was needed (meaning also that I get chased about by stupid popularity gurus that makes me smell like my toilet and issue threats if I pick up my career or take it back) - we have not yet seen the full effect of the Trump leadership yet, so we cannot judge that.

It feeds into the Diplomatic games – where the Russians have claimed that the UK or the US and indeed likely both were responsible for Nerve Agent attacks in the UK in 2018. Of which it suggests that considering the level of security and strict codes of conduct attributed to Health and Safety Regulations in the UK and the US compared to Russia where you have more mobility if you have access to it since you would have when you were serving the Motherland, if an ordinary person had access to Nerve Agents, it would have been British or American. Its difficult then to see why they enjoy trying to convince all the people who did not ring each other to offer congratulations after winning elections, of who did it, while it is always much easier to say ‘hey, I remember you, you rang me to congratulate me on winning elections in Russia and we did not poison an ex-spy in Salisbury’ – see how many people will believe that your American and British Counterparts were responsible instead. Then there is the big one i.e. should an ordinary person have access to nerve agents and contaminate themselves in the UK and the US, what happens is that they are quarantined by the Government and everybody would want to know how they gained access to such a thing, everybody would want to know what they were doing with it but in Russia such a person would be subject to speculation and if there was a link between contamination and an agent or ex-agent or defector killed at the time of contamination, especially when they ran away to avoid Police investigation, they become serving Russian Parliament Members – and it is the disposition from which the attacks were carried out by British and American forces according to the Russians; so obviously, they would get themselves really messed up with this reasonable person had access to nerve agents thing they wish to play with in the form of blame game speculations, never mind diplomatic catastrophe that would emerge from there being an exoneration of the Russians i.e. that it was done by some people from Breakaway parts of Ukraine or Crimea – that Russia has been giving away nerve agents generously to people fighting in a civil war in Ukraine, while going off to Syria to antagonise the British and Americans, so as to kill some Islamic Terrorists. I do get told nobody knows why I get involved myself all together which I do because in my mind Putin people are playing games with me as well – if we measured these sorts of things from a time when Russia could take part in the Eurovision song contest for instance, we can see that Russia is one thing and Putin is another and then we can see what it means to people when Putin is Russia. I do get told that I try my hands on things I cannot do all the time while reality is more a matter of the fact I never get off seeking violence but never the less it is the problems and the violence that people put in here, that they will be getting back as well; so obviously we find that they never listen – when I say I find it distressing for people to play up practical jokes on me and move into my right hand, it will become something people wish to do to see how I will react, then show up to claim I need do something respectful that means their tummy is not churned if they move off and let me be, same as when I do not want popular culture and celebrity culture built up my public image and it becomes their main thing, of which there is a fight between me and the Celebrities alongside their Media brewing recently as well. The theory usually is that I am never going to do it and that I need to be elected first and when I mention such factual realities about what I have done as well, they will say I am disrespectful but we find I only do when I drop out of University and then while I think of it as something I am wholly responsible for bringing on myself, those who were responsible as well my ill feelings to get me reacting to the stupidities of society everyday for a decade straight i.e. the theory is that I am never going do it, that I need to elected first, if it does get serious for a change sometimes that is. They do say it’s a fight with Celebrities and Media which I do not stand a chance but so are we aware of how intolerable I find the idea men have all the time, where if I do not give them something they will make a mess of my life and have sex with women my age to get it by means of organised social ageism anyway, how it leads to this business of claims I sleep with peoples wives while I make them and their sugar babies suffer intensely for the abusive disrespect and the distress it causes too. We understand they say it is complicated but on a social level once I had told some of those bully women that they need apply a limit to how I am used because I am a writer thus stepping out of my door opens me to risks of people deploying my work without payment, it should have been the end of me doing anything to stand up for myself but we find that there is access to my bedroom by queer society because they always spend any such thing I have said or done in public to drive around insulting saloon cars, create me more problems that I need to solve and get violent over it distractingly right up to National Media. So, I am wondering if the theory that there is a fight with Celebrity and Media that I am unable to handle is that which they can back up my means of fact. As for the complication claims by themselves, that goes beyond the fact it should be as simple as selling my Books and knowing its all I have to do but the matter progresses to one of dealing with their practical jokes as the main barrier to meeting my sales targets everyday for the last 5 years, while they are unable to put the finger on an exact time that somebody else had subjected them to practical jokes that affected their finances and tell me to watch my language at the same time with a big mouth. Its as simple as the fact that my Books are written from a Hermits environment and those who do not wish to sell or read it should never get involved, however which we all know that they get involved because the involvement brings about convenience based good feelings they can peddle for money and criminality later on and I have no idea how badly I must hurt them yet before I had gotten it through to them that it is a Hermits life and not a process of being a woman from whom they can get matrimonial services that help them cope with society the way we see them walk around getting it randomly from peoples on the streets.


There are many confusions to deal with of course for the purposes of those who would have bought my books but cannot because they do not understand it and this is because they know that my books are equities and feel as though like their sexual insults they want to keep it to themselves; so it is never my idea or intention that anybody understands my books, I wrote them to create equities and securities not stories about my work and about me that people can understand and all those who claim they want to understand its facts and stories want to get involved with me by a condition they have created to their advantage while handling the books which they know breed trouble but have covered their tracks with people that are bigger than I am and will get anything from me they wish for their fame and fortune purposes of media and of course the insolent exhibitionism with it too, which I suppose is used to suggest that on account that they exist I will not be allowed to be a living human being and not a dead one, in fact in their view because they exist I am dead already as I am. At all times they are convinced when their insults and abuses are explained along the lines of he right to persecute those who think they have got it, all will be well but of course it has never before been enough, especially so because I know some of it has to do with infantile desires to have sex with me which will never happen.

They do speak of the main drive being one of finding out if I am lying about my experiences or not, which is quite fine but the bit where they are always talking about me dealing with very dangerous people is not actually recorded in the Books and its never about dealing with them directly; it’s a matter for instance of an ageist passing insults at me to make use of my person on account he has children that are turning to crime to control at home and so he thinks he will do that by disciplining me instead conveniently, so when I chase the profits their children make from the crime and the wife does not get expensive gifts from the children anymore his behaviour is controlled or he thinks he will punish me for the rest of my life like black insolent fathers want to when they are not peddling my public life and then that will make a Book that they will hate some more – the children of course will walk around throwing up threats on the streets, so when they do I want a piece of their whole communities as well, to see how much of a threat they will become when that starts to lead to outcomes where every bit of their activities are being followed up. I do get told this is a process of taking risks with my career but it is not a risk; first of all there is detachment that says I could have written another Book while I manage a Royal Estate but find myself stuck with Books that control people, reality of which is rather that the Estate is separate from the Books and I need to manage the Estate publicly because people are always showing up around my concerns such that if they are able to make use of my Books without paying for it or able to make use of me without getting the Books, I will end up in serious financial difficulty permanently, eventually leading up to Intellectual Property Administration for the Intellectual Property Administrator, where if companies broker create and appearance equity I will need to record it so I can tell where everything is and then get told it’s a career older people ought to chase which is all very well, save that half the time I will be dropping out of University on account it is such a problem and I know exactly what to do with it: so in the end it is better for them to find out if I am lying than for Celebrities and Popularity goons and Journalists and Television personalities to get up in Public every day to tell me how to exist and how to run my business in a way that shows the products are quality products befitting of their importance otherwise I will lose it with their big mouth; so we have these complains that I am unable to stop punishing people since the way I do things is not the way they do things and when their bottom hurts it is an example of the fact it cannot possibly be as complicated to see that the way they do things is not the way that everybody else does it.

The stories about the dangers are actually exaggerated; when people are not courageous enough to tackle these goons that have a behaviour that can only be responded to by means of punishment, at their careers and finances and where the business and livelihoods are located, they will become quite convinced they are able to do with their victims on the way to the Law Courts and undo with their victims on the way back from the Law Courts - I have not actually been tackling their finances as such, just push them down a corner and twist them at it really hard, however this need they have to get Politicians down the line and see what becomes of my personal finances as a result of their Public disobedience is likely to lead down the path where I get to do it.

The case of me correcting the mistakes Princess Diana made in order to settle a reputation for myself is utter nonsense of course but we now know there is a world stage complain about me over this love of money issues and that this case about Princess Diana has been running for some years now at the hands of those who understand it would have no credibility if my finances were not in a mess, so I have to imagine it’s the really big one that is coming around the corner all together. It has always been a collection of very stupid people who never put their mouth where their money is until they had torn down everything I have but their obsessive involvement with my concerns and the abusive destruction that comes with it will apparently not be bridled until there is a complain about my existence over it all together as well. They love to blab their case where there is nothing I can do around the claim I am making enemies on the civil rights side and the society side whereas I actually want nothing to do with both and to stop complaining they need show up here only when they want to read Books I have written – Its not a difficult matter for me anyway, we all know the civil rights ones are always striking me to create heightened controversy because they have not been able to peddle aspects of my life and work to sell things and get rich quick and this disruption of the Country and its interests can only continue until a Police Office calculates them into a corner and shoots their brain – the society ones like to chase my bottom for the same reasons in my view because they apparently are working hard to show up here like things I deploy to correct areas my house is going wrong with. Its like when we hear that it has become very complicated to be British these days when it has not; what has really happened is a process where weed smoking marijuana piping goons continue to take over the existence of a whole race with their corruptions of involvement and insults that white Politicians support and then get racist by at a later date – so some parents take their children and lave the UK like my parents did, deciding if I was old enough I will return and make a decision about where I wanted to live by myself; so on returning to the UK I am faced with people who are younger than I am being more rooted in the land than I am, which is really stupid but never makes sense to them as stupid until they are stuck somewhere with something I think they should be spending their time on. Its an old story where they keep claiming it is complicated to be British these days when the reality is that they will spend their time and effort on nothing but processes of ripping up peoples finances to copy something about the good life when the victims try to recover lending people pure hell for a long period of time while they exhibit their stupidities on National Media but it goes further to the point where as soon as they had made some money want everybody else to live their entire existence out on the basis of leverage that others have got in the Bank which is what they are doing and not a case where being British has become complicated – so they will like to tell me I say such things but have not become financially successful which is because I have not yet set about making them suffer intensely so they might keep off my Books and give me some space for at least three months during which time I get to decide how to trade it and then another three months during which time I get to decide how much investment must go into it, at the moment the reason for that is that I need to make my existence available to them and their stupid media so they can get to where they wish to be in their foolish lives but obviously as they continue to insist I will not be allowed to, they will have no celebrity and popular culture by the time I am one with them as well. Its an old tale where we have no sense of direction as a globe politically but as soon as any of the more powerful Countries comes up with an idea there has to be a way these goons can make money from it and then the result will be some genocide after a brief period of an inability to conduct elections fairly, that causes the victims who are just as bad as the perpetrators to seek refuge in the UK where they spend their time making you wonder which crimes you have committed so as to smell like hell the moment you get your best suits on and are off to chase a job role right up to the stage where racists get completely out of hand and people are left burned with their ideas about global security and peace from both sides all the time, blabbing the complications involved these days in being British on one hand while on the other claiming I deserve what I get as a means of cracking me up, followed up by threats that will ensure I cannot crack them as well, going right back to decades of provoking me and doing something to ensure I do not hit back as well in order to feel like women on account my existence means the UK is no longer as safe for refugees as it should have been. The most unnerving of them all is not just the bit where the media that gets along with these nonsense the most love to talk rubbish at absolutely everybody they please on whose life they should be able to screw around with to get where they want to be with their own but are always always blabbing about putting problems into other peoples lives and coming up with a process where such victims get killed so the problems might go away, talking nonsense about how complicated it is to decide what it means to be British on account they had met somebody who decides they either need to do it somewhere else away from his Public image or they will be getting killed on the stupidities that they have set up. The part about Americans grabbing what I do for the world is an old story of the bottom chasing society scum who want to show me how I get to put my House in order I presume having a money loving side to their insanity as well - it is nothing new; just others who have ideas keeping their mouth where their money is then and showing up here only if they wish to read Books I have written.

I have financial difficulty not because the tail is wagging the dog like we have heard them claim especially in the US where they also spend time taking nonsense about threats to freedom and democracy, because they never stop getting on public places to tell me how to exist and how to run my affairs and are now complaining I cannot stop punishing people the more obvious it becomes that the way they do things is not the way that absolutely everybody else does It feeds into that old case of facing threats at the Monarchy while reality is a simple case of idiots that set out to teach me lessons for cracking them up as well – who want to build up wealth that is not their own to build up the whole time. All I want is a process where they keep their mouths where their money is and stopped bothering me – I have made myself clear it never happens that way and its really difficult to envisage how sustainable it will be to keep restraining myself at that stupid fashion and media and popular culture and celebrity stuff as well; thus it becomes obvious my Estate Empire has gotten smaller which is not really the case – just idiots thinking that when they handle what you were given to go out there and face the world and find your place and pay your way and get things done and raise a family and leave an inheritance for it, there is no way that you may have recovered those things from them and this is just another occasion where their democracy has been keeping an eye on the income margins of this estate for long enough whenever it sees me try to be a dutiful child and a useful citizen calculating my costs and deciding what I must do with what I have, to develop some problems as well and tail wagging dog is big idea obviously but I am not the one complaining at present. 

They say I love to play with the media and that what I complain of is the same things security people who work for me do to others – for the former of which the case is that I do not play with the media as much as I will never release them, so that I might be at the heart of the issues on the day they became more important than I am if they clung to my public image for long enough and in terms of the latter, their abusive disobedience has always been a matter of the assumption their temper is more important than mine and it causes people to delve into the darker facts about their stupidities and the difficult decisions that security operatives have to make i.e. for instance are we aware all the bullying we endure from journalists is a matter of the fact they are pure evil and that it is not linked to their family or are their families vulnerable to it, are we aware they clean up before they do anything with their families while others are left dealing with hell all day long but if you said that you know that measured accordingly people will start shooting and stabbing journalists on the streets, so I prefer to ask how difficult it can be for them to stop getting involved with my concerns if they have got bought and paid for a Book here. Its like when we hear that I had friends and they are journalists and celebrities and that they pick out the best jobs and best headlines and so on while at the same time if I broker my own property with film makers, they get behind us to buy shares nearby and show up to exhibit some behaviour that shows what happens when the Industry wants to control the artist when I am no artist. So we all know it could have been worse if their stupidities were able to gather in groups and pick up suitcases to chase criminal careers, so now that they are fond of sorting out matters of crime and law enforcement for everybody to seek positions of privilege claiming it is where they are nice, I am completely lost as per which ones had more to do with sitting in the car with a parent to throw insults at others on the streets because the parent asked them to perform a chore i.e. let them do terrorism so it might be easy for somebody to make a decision to shoot their brains: and I do get told I can identify them before they struck but yes I can if the media allows Government Chief of Staff to do their duties: – I will never release them not when cracked up out of my league bullying have gone from teenage peer pressure about body type that can deal with abusive bullying that damages career prospects to outright confiscating my Book sale markets every day, which has now given way to threats of violence on Television and these friends of mine that grab the best of everything by the way now have some form of mental illness to deal with - simple processes of running a social media website to get in touch then means I have my backside getting struck all day long.

Hence we hear them complain for privileges of injustice all of the time, that the way stocky people like me run our lives is a threat to other peoples careers but apart from usage of which we have not started talking the usage of religious bits that means I have a life people can put problems into and forget about it at a distance whereby some of them believe I think people should be nice and they that want to teach me lessons about the stupidities of religion which they are making use of as well by the way, making use of abusively but we can see they think I should go along with Obama spending money on them over my Estate Empire and stifling my Book sales so they can show up here to talk nonsense all the time about attacks on democracy with plans for Asia and Europe and Africa the whole time but it is still the same old case of broker property with Film Companies which are not the first ones where I have had to deal with such nonsense and they will creep behind me after setting off social fools where I live, to buy shares in those companies and expect property from their kid that will fulfil their dreams – the destructive bits I got to ignore were the ones where I broker equities with companies and before I consolidated it a prepubescent goon will get up on public places and make an abusive violent statement about an idiot who claims to be involved with wealthy people and big industries when he knows nothing about it, this time we find that I am caught up with the things that industry does to control artists when I am not an artist and so they find themselves complaining too because I am going to destroy it again in the next 24 Hours if my Book sales takings as still as bad as they are now; I have already done enough to ensure my career is not groomed into such a position and they have already done enough to ensure it is, looking for trouble.

There is a lot of peace and quiet out there depending on the number of times a Television set is turned on, I have to turn mine up all the time because of the number of times my backside gets struck by get rich mad incredibly stupid society scum who get signals from foolish journalists; obviously some things never change the insults that affect the content of Books that have been written and Published and placed out there for the public because it has persisted over a long period but now we know they are always complaining about vengeance and talking about revenge because some things simply never change. I have been told to keep it shut by ethnic minorities enough times over this matter naturally but it will still be the good old protect your mother from racism while she does as much as she can to stir it up in your name allowing us to screw with your life and career as much as we wish stupid Liberal ethnic minorities anyway talking nonsense about assumptions I made as per thinking I know how they do it, so I am still at a loss as per why they believe it is an important part of their foolish minds being expressed. They do speak of my so called sexual habits but we all know they are so silly it will take just a few years of my time to wait for their husbands to claim I sleep with them, which allows the husbands to be entitled to everything I have and do while I have public work to chase, then I will be stuck with civil rights, find out I can make a living from it at a later date, by which time they were there first. Hence the sexual habits were set to ensure that although husband can actually beat up, his biggest problem will be how to protect them: so I get told the sexual habits need to be settled but it never was – I mean when people have a crush on Royalty the purpose is likely to give them a push when they are very talented but are weighed down by the world around them, so some people become attached and obsessive and I have to find them a location which is why I have  a Court where they can transition. Its always community croons on one hand and them on the other while others are stuck in the bottom chasing seesaw middle; never react to the community croons is the main deal of course since it means they will perform some socialist left incredible nonsense with nothing to bridle their stupidities, so once that is the case the answer for all their problems becomes one about bullying you into reacting.

Of course they say I will never be free of them but the reality is that its all in my hands – we understood you do not chase celebrities pillaging your life to make fame and fortune because it will only stop them moving on when they have the money while you are stuck with a lifestyle you want nothing to do with, where we are is the result of incessant processes of making money on my work and life and showing up with the money to dominate me and seek power and ego and addictions; it led to a University drop out of course and I want to run this business with Popular culture as well; they do not have enough money to create themselves a media and celebrity culture that screws with me and does talk to the hand routines for it and for that reason what we have here will continue to get updated every day; I never had to chose a community to belong in order to avoid bad crowds while chasing job, career and business you see because I was chosen by a good community, where these idiots who think they are about to wreck it for me because they are fucking famous have placed me is the point where I am in such a mess, I am now unwittingly dipping into what I have given away to facilitate community relations since it’s a capitalist Country and not a communist regime where the government does it for everybody and runs the enterprise by itself as well – so I am determined to find out what they have got as well. The greatest point of conversation we hear at every turn is that I am just determined to be poor and we all know what really happens is going from Church person that is not entitled to his job and career to an individual media people are making a mess of to create a person that is stuck in self pity – I would say there has to be a process whereby they had stopped doing that but we all know they are simply busy having too much fun. Eventually it seems that it comes down to celebrities teaching me lessons which they never would have been able to if I didn’t drop out of University and would not have been able to if they had not spent the last 9 years of my time showing up on public places to savage my Books and create their own ideas that they think people should run with about it – so what they are talking about now is a process of credibility whereby they have taken up all that time that was clearly their own to take the last time we checked and therefore will teach lessons when they are finished too; so in the end it looks like nothing to worry about situation but not really, since it’s the case where I sit back and see the market I already knew I had built for my Books disintegrate; apparently even the Nazis did not achieve this, so they have done one better while complaining about ideas that I may have had as well. Its never an issue, I have a Court and it is all full of Women that are older than I am, the reason we are always having trouble is Men and their girls and lesbians chasing female lovers while complaining about community croons as well at my expense to build me a fight all the time, never mind the fact that it contributed to my botched academic work for them to be lesbians in the first place too – so their big idea is that they always get what they want and for me it is madness to show up and make use of another person’s patented systems simply because there are celebrities making use of it at the Court system: when they respond it does nothing but bring us back to where we started i.e. why do those women shut them out of a public image for a lifetime and become celebrities that a half this way and half that according to them, never mind what may happen when such celebrities had lost their jobs or all their money and of course my case is largely that I appear to be the brightest of the lot, the easiest way to escape normal ways of making money which involves securing a routine and a learning process and of course it is systematically developing into something that is worth their lives. So, we can see that if a song is made about a Police Office who works undercover and had recently had a divorce, it would annoy somebody for a reason and if I stereotype and tar with brushes as well I will do the same damage that they are doing and show that most of the time they are either villains or their whole lives are a joke. 

So, they claim the main problem is that I have no respect for women but what we know happens is a group of men who love to see celebrities and fashion models react to being bullied getting to a stage where they think they have so many excuses attached to it that they can do it and claim it is something that men do if they cared about what is really important. Soon enough what we find next is that there are claims these women mess with matters concerning the jobs of secret service operatives, while reality is more a case of years of pure violent persecution that allows peoples career to end up in such areas so they can claim somebody is ascribing accolades to themselves when they have conquered nothing; in the end of which they tell me I know that much about it that I can tell which is the prognosis of idiots who would others have been criminal goons carrying suitcases all over the City that I can push them into working in the secret services where they have ample opportunities to hurt themselves on account of putting feathers on me and making out I am a Cock for a Cock fight scenario when I am not at all, and thinking it was all a fabulous idea but it was always acceptable to ensure they are bragging about putting themselves on the line for things I was too cowardly to do for myself. The main problem with these guys is as I have warned them for a long time about running their fame jobs in ways that harm me but is harm their families are safe from, which is a behaviour that is not actually linked to their job description and then bragging about it, to tell me they are famous and that those other goons at the Monarchy who want to build up other peoples wealth have a right when they find themselves facing problems all the way – chief of which is a group of goons that want to hide behind Prince Harry to screw with me and tell me Prince Harry is not my mate since they are mine all together; an old story where a case arises when one may have been required to drive to Scotland and by Midnight drive to Wales as per when it was my turn to make contributions to the cause etc and they will show up to appoint themselves and do their own as well – it takes an imagination to build up perceptions on media for that and then followed with insults and abuses and finally being able to and I do not see why they are always complaining about me if they are not claiming I want others to do my fighting for me all together anyway; in terms of the fighting for me bit of which is first the case where the primary prognosis is that they are stupid ugly people who are so evil that they take the law into their hands and either way of which they harm you or you harmed them and they retaliated of which this is always the truth – so people fighting my battles while they show up on media to survive and exist when I am being made to fight for my life in the neighbourhoods every day, no chance that if I see that stupid culture and society it will be the last time that they see it as well, the activities I want to engage myself in if I find them educating and stimulating: in the end of which is the same case all round and when people want to allow them invent their stupidities and explain it on another person’s public life to make fame and fortune like we have seen the Politicians do and show up to threaten me for self-improvements that will allow them escape the consequences, they should ensure that the same civil rights applies to everybody else as well, either way of which I will be selling my Books and the interferences only mean that the Books will either get sold my way or theirs, so that I might run an Intellectual Property administration business using popular culture as well; it helps to deter a process where people might want to be corrupt and then find they have no money thus the need to be corrupt with other peoples money and we all know all these insults that are designed to set me out as the guy that puts out facts of the darker meanings of the stupidities of media and celebrities encouraging people to attack media and celebrities will easily be the least of their worries if that happened. It’s the same old case – they need to put their mouth where their money is and stop devaluing this Estate talking nonsense about those who think they are Royalty when they are not and every goon who wants to get be stuck with federated bastards like these at the Monarchy can always assume I will never run down a corner and escalate their problems too as it were, its ever worked to do so. I mean the fact that it is clear that an effect can be made if somebody mentioned which one I was a Royalty that is not a Bloodline member of the Family, is not to say that people should; when they do we end up where they are allowed to have some peace like we have at present – it was the same with football people telling me I show up here to corrupt their women and all they did and got up to was about my tummy so that when I got into a fight with them I would never have stood a chance, which they are not doing anymore, the gimmicks at the Monarchy is pretty much one that wants to do the same and play up the celebrity routine by which to build peoples wealth for themselves and so it says I do not want to be at the Monarchy anyway while by sovereign power I still have to engage in the ‘kill me quick, that was good’ routines after people understand I am not willing to tolerate the vandalism of their culture and society, so unlike the Politicians where I can just say I will stop doing the duties if such abuses continue, these fools and their media Celebrity idiots are all self-appointed and deserve everything that comes to them; so its all in the mix – they hate the swear words in the Morning but cannot stop telling lies because they have backup. I mean nobody in their right mind would approach that guy who works in the Argentinian Military and is friend of rude millionaire playboy to say such a person was no Royalty even when they knew that he wasn’t, so its okay to do mine everyday a familiarity unless people are caught up where they are fighting for their lives and there is a particular thing that must not be allowed to hit the vein. They do say I do not plan these things and it can be possible that I do not plan them; cannot trade with anybody or get on with anything because they are doing things I am too cowardly to do for myself, its apparently not a suitcase carrying criminal band of brothers in the City Centre anymore, it’s a goon stealing things off my computer to help fight terrorism in the Middle East; before then most of the superiority associated with such things had more to do with a nobody trying to help Muslims because they were being bombed by Americans, now it’s a whole new type of superiority and we have not even started talking about the fact that investigating Islam predisposes people to becoming infidels, while doing nothing predisposes people to becoming victims of Jihad and the religion has no real close, so it kills people for converting to another belief system. I have never thought these matters to be a crisis; only goons who want to explain every stupid thing that is going on with them on important things that are happening with other peoples lives and I do not think they are doing it with the families and salaries of the Politicians and Media goons who help them play with my personal life and finances anyway – like when we have a conversation that has gone global alongside a complain about what I think of that stupid culture and society because I have stopped people from peddling my personal life and public image and faith all together – the most remarkable of events being of course that their whole stupid existence now hangs on the need to prevent my Books from being disseminated and I have had enough of it as well, looks like there is going to be a problem with them knowing where my Books are and who my Publishers are in public places all the time; cannot keep the big mouth where their money which gets to their heads is located and cannot stay away from my concerns. They say mine is the biggest exercise in cowardice ever seen in the UK but its rather proving to be a do as you preach project; where I am a Christian and do not believe in violence hence do not seek it even when I know people will do it for me but there are these people who make a mess of other peoples entire existence and not least wreck my life to do it because they want somebody to beat up another for them and any instance whereby they are angry is fundamentally other peoples government – it has become a ‘do you want some’ question all together where they claim security service operatives knew what they were signing up for, while when they sign up its all my fault. Its not a matter of feeling tired of International responsibilities either; what happens is that China is the second largest economy, the US is not doing very well, the European Union is in a mess, when we have ideas about where to head next, the result is usually that people find they can pick up our British work and see its impossible to conduct elections fairly, the resulting violence will create asylum seekers who then turn up to show us they were just as bad – so they get to sign up and it was all my fault. By the way of which we are in this position because I was only stitching my own stuff together; the bit where the big problem I have with people around my concerns and Court is that I expose myself which is not good for career and well being and so its impossible not to when there is always an unofficial version of my activities run by lesbians who are chasing female lovers and extracting an income from this Estate to make fame and fortune and lifestyle by, same as it is impossible to stay in the limelight because of the way my character affects celebrity culture and popular culture and media, now we know its getting difficult to sell my Books because they will not stop taking value out of my Estate through media based abusive behaviour that keeps their eyes fixed on my income margins because they believe a case has been made about my Book explaining stupidities on the Public image of important people – hence all my warnings usually fall on deaf ears save when they complain and realise it will not happen in the next 24 hours if I had sold some Books. In the end they claim I interfere with Politics but the reality is rather that I want to run an Intellectual property administration business using popular culture because they are always right and I am completely fed up. So we have a situation where popular culture was the place to say I saw him do something amazing in some obscure village and now I am using it as my own patented in my name to make riches and fame but it has also thus become the place where somebody else goes to ensure other peoples intellectual property is safe and secure at the market place with a global fall out of complains on provocation for it too; it should have been a case of completing a Law and Economic degree to sit around counting the costs and investments after the research was completed which ended with a drop out while a case of being manhandled and dragged out of the University and told never to return could have easily been preferable, hence I am saddled with debt as well; they are still doing it – half the time of which when I mention the case they speak of one of their own having completed such a degree and an idea an idiot has given away being right like they usually are to the tune of extracting money from this Estate and my Public image as usual again but this will just be another popular culture in my view, meaning I will easily assume they do not think they have complained about me enough times just yet – otherwise it’s a case of when I returned to chase a Legal Executive qualification in 2002 and they followed me to the college to make it a mess for me, since I left of which returning there saw the place swarmed with ethnic minority talking rubbish behind my back about which of mine had been taken up with a big weed smoking mouth. So I had since decided that activity I find rewarding and educating and one which offers me personal growth involved selling their culture and society and building publicity for it to make them better human beings, then deploying every occasion where they know the location of my private parts as a process that allows me to inform them their whole society is queer and that I will like a fight with them especially when they should be at work, topped up by ripping any aspects of the culture and society that I do not fancy; so it’s a given the right tools and right measures ways of making them listen to what they are being told by those who have listened to what they have had to say, a stupidities that wants to make sense of its madness explaining and making it acceptable to the world on other peoples academics and public image endorsed by foolish media all the time. Hence they always tell me I do such things but cannot control the trouble makers on the left which I can as long as each time I stay out of the limelight as a result of celebrities I have at a work Court lesbians making trouble for me to know where m anus is while they chase female lovers cease to create an unofficial version of everything I do and a career built around terms of what happens when I visit the bank especially; what has come up is Industry lined up to trade for the future with idiots who wish to run it on the basis of narcissistic happiness developed at my expense, offering them a platform for defying me and continuing with their behaviour as destructively and abusively as they possibly can and this I will cut to pieces for them, an old story of goons who have been taking my Temperaments from me and leaving me with nothing to look after people and provide hospitality by on account they are sad sick fools that suck the life out of everything and are completely incapable of happiness before it gets serious obviously. 

Its all about backup systems that will make me rich at other peoples expense and cause misery to them as well because I am not content with a minimum wage when I am pillaging peoples lives to make money instead of working for it and it will allow me to concentrate on my academics in the future when it exists.

HH The Arch Prince and Actors Public, Film and Media appearance relationships, HH the Arch Prince's Person and Personality Renaissance and Actors Personality Character roles and cultures written out in Functional Aesthetics



The story about claims that people have moral codes of their own without hearing about the Bible because HH is a Christian is much the same as the evil game of the programme of a clash of civilisations on his market place with music industries waiting in the wings together with coward media vandals looking for people whose health they can attack with fascism as they spend all they own, with capital to spend it with whenever and wherever he tries to sell his books and while they know he has no other means of earning a living, since he gets all he needs from his Royal Estate, while doing these things, their Politicians support them for it and make out the reasons for doing so is curbing HH's power, which stupidities no body can understand and they never stop no matter how difficult it is making it for them to win elections; what power? HH has no power, he is just more clever than they are about his property and should be because it belongs to him and will never stop hitting them hard  for it all the time.

The fact of the matter when people talk about the Bible contradicting itself is mainly found in the differences between the Old and the New Testaments of the Bible. The Old Testaments display one lesson over all; and this lesson is to do with the fact that considering the devil claims the world as his own which evil people like so much, if God were to cut out a land and make it a State for his own people, who would do all the Wars? Would he leave his people, the people of Israel and any who is a friend with them to perish or will he fight with them? 

So to the Question of whether or not God exists: in the old testament where most of the contentions are as we have seen in the form of a process of contest between a Prophet of God and Prophets of Baal. Where the main point of the contest was to get their various Gods to consume sacrifice they are offering with fire from Heaven. Whilst the Prophets of Baal cut themselves and Bled heavily to no avail, the Prophet of God only uttered a word to fulfil the contest and won it. 

The truth on Self Righteousness is not Holiness and it is with Holiness only that any Man can see God or get given prove that he exists, not somebody else's holiness by which people work ideologies of evil but their own holiness by which they prove God exists. So it does not make sense when they are self righteous and then claim God does not exist; even though One knows it is an ideology of evil HH still fails to see their point in all cases.

This is not and never the main issue when such things are brought up, as the main issue is rather much to do with the fact that when people have decided that barging into the personal life of the Christian and bullying him to feel good while betraying him on a daily basis after gaining such control of his life with lies and media manipulations which are followed with distant fascism based violence to control how he reacts to them that is, in order to climb the social ladder, is the way to earn a living and the Christian at some point decides to do it to them as well with their self righteousness, so that they can be absolutely horrible to anybody that means anything to them in order to escape his wrath but for now when he forgives them each time they do it, they breed more bullying, violence and organised violence against him and become more and more blasphemous generally to provoke him.

If it is all about his Choices and his spiritual life, One suggests people stay the hell out of it, especially Princes that have a habit of making him financially available as plaything for idiots, as there is nothing they can do about him like they claim there is behind him; what they cannot see is that he does not need an effort to be defended from the evils of society while Kings and Queens States Men and Women do and that it is for this that they become his Fans. Before they have to try to do other things to prove the devil does not exist too on the other hand.

Now if there are inferences drawn between HH and People like Osama Bin Laden, One had warned them when that happens again, he will be discussing it into the air with them at length too, the fact that Osama Bin Laden was rather somebody that fought and killed for his religion, which had not gone through a process of being taken up and gutted by Americans who simply extracted the Intellectual Property aspect of it because it is practiced by human beings and then shut down the rest with a Western ideology of evil, in which sense they lost and can never get over it. The problem America has had since 2001 being that he had already bombed their World Trade Centre before they discovered HH exists, so whilst he would be the One they can get such things out of for free, they cannot let Bin Laden get away with what they did and hence their predicament to this day and the fact they killed him in 4/2011 as a game between Republicans and Democrats to shut down his ideology.

To which they will then suggest with those insolent things they do on media like they always do with everything else, that HH hurts people, before he tells them to leave him and his property alone and get out of my life, as there is now no means of successful corruptions of involvement happening, while they are rather getting more and more violent, which is then clear to see that what happens is that they like their darkness but get off to install a light bulb in it, so when the light bulb does what it does, they have a problem and make out the reason is that somebody feels they are more important or superior, when it is them that have achieved much and have much money. Until that is, it ends in tears.

Now then; they have gone off to dig up from somewhere that most of their wickedness causes HH to react only because they have done something to mess up his tolerance, hence victory of their power. As such of which they are all over the place already knowing they can follow this on with violent media lies and on media seeking new beauties by and for tolerance and so on with their wicked Politics and wicked Society, where the black ones especially have a problem which they claim means racism exists when it does not, on account they share skin colour with HH. He was not responsible for this again as usual and will have to defend himself from their insults like an Arch Prince dealing with no-bodys and generally do so to see where those abuses about the fact that somewhere in the spirit, they are his boss, rule him and tell me what to do leads.

I mean how did they find out its all about how they take away our tolerance anyway if they are such a democratic bunch-that they are all fascist on the left and fascists on the right; except they have bullied or fucked someone for it which they will work alternatives truths on and make into a scapegoat?

If they did their fascism on the left to work with their fellow fascists on the right and their fascism on the right to work with their fellow fascist on the left, would they not produce so much among them that they don't have to bother everybody else? Except of course they have realised the latest trend now is tolerance and are making complains already for privileges of injustice.

The part that actually gets HH to act being those their insults about the fact that he at whose expense they have made so much money, should understand they have made enough money to reach a point where they cannot be denied anything they want, hence threats of physical violence. He therefore understands but it never interests him and they never get it because their sense of freedom is ruling people like him with a big mouth-hence the abusive assumption of the right to touch him or his property.

Of course Politicians are very insolent but mentioning it will underestimate their wives.

They tell HH he bothers people with his Christianity way too often; but you need to hear what they say when they are binging or when they have extracted an income from his market place with their music CDs and everything they use for doing that, bought expensive drinks are fallen around the swimming pool having group sex; "No body wants any Christian here, no body here is the mate of any Christian, who is the Christian's mate anyway, who tells them they have the right to tell people how to live their lives, they want to get seriously beaten up on and on and on and on and on-once they get off it they add ones property to their stupid games to get breakthroughs and wreck his book sales even more to make Music CDs. It is when he speak of the people on the streets and the Job centres that the idea gets round in their heads he is playing with or getting involved them as well or something, like they wreck his life doing with him. 

HH's prognosis "I have tried making that culture famous so they can clean up all the mess they make around here publicly, especially over my career which will mean the more trouble they make here, the more problems they will have for being more famous because more people get to know about it but it has not gotten them off me, rather gotten the Politicians and Community goons who support those to ruin my academic work and then my finances for them, so they can do more of it and this is why it will end in a condition where I am collecting all they own and handing it to the rich so they can keep their hands to themselves. Bearing in mind each time they realise that when they make their Popular music about me, which is their right, on account they can do what they like with people when their jobs are based on getting rich from what others feel and then what they feel as a result of that, which I don't like because I am a Christian, that there is nothing I can do about it now and they can therefore get as rich as they like but set out to ruin my finances with the Commercials Industry, attacking my book sales and arranging music to distract people and lying about the kinds of sex I have been having, when there is no such thing, as they are the ones doing it with their evil men because they have me to set up and get away with each time and the attacks never stop on the media once they are at it and I am fighting to get my books sold until the book sales have stopped happening, then they breathe and show off with a big mouth as though it is all Legal, just to suggest the idea that such problems as keeping me poor are not the kind of things they are likely to experience at this stage of their lives, looking for fresh trouble." 



I have put this here as a matter of urgency for the sake of the world and hope as I do, that most world leaders do read it. An issue in my Office, a settled matter which is linked to the Film Industry. After they had, I will have already said it here which I have here thereof that the urgency is the stupidity of Western Politicians and the men they talk to that is really reaching over the top.

I was always sure this whole process of turning my involvement with the Royal Family into hard work will backfire but I have not actually been unable to fit in as people claim I have. First of all it is not true that I am unable to fit in, I like I have mentioned about can fit in perfectly. Then of course  the real issue behind it being the fact I am never to let one things you do with one person become something another person knows about; for example shake the hand of a white man and walk five paces and you will meet a racist that shakes your hands in a completely different way too because you did, if he is able to communicate without necessarily understanding what I said to my friend, then everybody is fine, other wise I just end up hurting people and getting them into trouble; besides which the multicultural idiots will wait for me too and once the racist has imitated my white friend, they will start a fight and this fight will cost me everything until I fight the racist because they are hurting me all over anyway fighting me so through it and thus get trapped in a very violent evil gang. So it is on this basis of doing this that I never provide help for Women, just detach Male society from theirs so they can do what they must to get by, in order to ensure  am in position to hit very hard any idiot that brands me the helper of women, for the purpose of vandalism and squander claiming they are feminists or the male version of whatever contraption they like-if they get the help of top government officials like the Labour Part in the UK likes to give them, then there is little I can do about it and nothing about that annoys me, unlike when they want it to with evil media and so on. It is on this basis I want them to clear spotless my diplomatic front and they think its all something they have heard me say before.

Where we are at the moment is a matter of the United States finding it impossible to be a Country while other more powerful countries have the dilemma of explaining themselves while they also have a big military as well. This in matters of diplomacy as a function of politics will never be resolved, will resolve nothing and bring nothing but conflict; so I have found it imperative to make these statement very clear.

The United States of America has the right and rites to Economic diplomacy along the lines of the open and popular world, this is the leadership of the US in the International Community. Communist Countries seem as though they are a threat to this but are not actually, as the fact rather is that because they have a closed society, they own the under ground economy of the world, Europe and the Middle East on the other hand, we have always been good at economic innovation and creativity and this will not change. In the West we have Communist States all over South America and in the East we have Democratic States all over the Eastern block vying for economic progress in each case

This is the arrangement to recovery on the grounds of economic diplomacy in the world, which as I said I have put up here as a matter of urgency because now that the most powerful nations in the world are stuck over this matter, if we do not end up with conflict, we will most likely end up with famine. 

For peace of mind purposes I must reiterate; that having ended up with ownership of over 90% of the worlds economic intellect, I have since applied myself to the same evils with which these extremists feel powerful and it mostly has something to do with their violence, which is then deployed with a process of listening in on me and making out they are keeping up with the world, the purpose of which is to ensure they are rich because I am one of those who steal from them. Which of course is a case of their madness that treats others like sub human, which I can then make worse by listening in on them and hitting them hard with those violence they have taught me as well over the years-bearing in mind my temperament covers the Planet and no body else in the world has this gift. Hence for me there is no danger in bringing them out into the open as I have in my books, which I do even here on this website and all my websites, in order to maximise the pain I cause, which I have because they are completely relentless and as we all know it has never once has a reason.                                   

These community idiots listen in on me all the time not because they have access to my security or anything like that, its just a really evil disgusting insolent habit of listening in on me, so they can hurt me until they fleece any new things that comes from me off me, which I do to them as well but purely for the violence I learn from them and the fact there was no way that controlling and using me like a tool to deal with their problems was ever going to become a reality no matter how lazy, useless and powerful they got as men.

The media ones just know I sell securities for a living and so when I see thieves its just a job hazard, so they create the same problems I have for themselves and set about making me deal with it for everybody as if I am their mate, then think I cannot do anything about it because they earn about 100, 000 Pounds PA and dress in flashy cloths.

The rest are just stupid women that are rich and think anything I say or do concerns them and that they will control my life, therefore deserve respect from me but are just thieves and have always been thieves that have nothing, which is why they do not understand what respect is and therefore cannot give it.They know, they and their rich bosses who think that it is okay for them to sell stuff to the world and get rich as one of its most important staff and workers is fine but a Royal Prince making millions by writing and selling books is not with a big millionaire mouth-claiming it is because I have everything and they need to get to a place where they do as well with no respect for my property and earnings as it were, that powerful untouchable criminals will never work around here, so they want power in other ways which is really thrilling as it were and I am still looking for that money; the one that got wiped off the stock market so we can have an economic crisis.

Obviously, for the sake of the worlds privacy I have well informed  them to get off my finances but they will never do; instead they have begun boasting about their fabled bloodymindedness, the connections with incompetent State operatives and how I will end up in a gang with that too. 

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There are stories about things one does to harm the film industry which does not exist for example. Their claims have to do with things he does to ensure that their jobs as actors and famous people is really difficult or that he gets to manipulate people into answering to him but in actual fact what really happens is that of film companies broking equities with His Highness, which is sometimes so important that they are brand orientated on the Films and other times, so personal and expensive, that the actors chosen to play parts in the respective films want a personal relationship with him on the film in order to consummate the securities that were brokered. This is not of course something one may want to have conversations about, he can only hope that should he implore, he will find somebody to help him sell my books but what happens to create a contrary is that somebody else gets off to work on places where they have some high publicity and starts a fight to own it. It is clearly discovered that they do such things because they know the only way to put a famous person out of work is to chip away at their notoriety, the irony being that one don’t work in the fame industry while they do, so he decided to look after himself in that condition where each action he takes over his work and property results in vicious attacks on him from fame and famous idiots, which happens because they have gone and set themselves up, a job, on his property, hence any movement from him means chipping away at their fame, his act therefore on it was to vicious competition them as well which has resulted in the complaints, while they want to keep his property as well.  It is clearly impossible to fame idiots that the equities of a persons firm cannot possibly become their property because they are famous of course, it is not so certain they have ears for listening.


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