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I hear of this case where a large portion of what people say and do about me is largely my fault; I could not make it out anyway – we all know what happens with the Media for instance is that I have to tolerate insults and abuses from them to a stage where I have a full personal diary and can no longer manage myself in that way, shortly after which I dropped out of University tolerating more of it but it was after I got my Book published that things took a turn for the worse because my assumption was that they were never going to do the same thing with a Published product, which of course they rather did anyway, not least because if they stopped, their ego will be hurt. I for my part do have to live with this case whereby we find Politicians want somebody to claim they have stolen my career, so they might spend money on it all the time until it  becomes a self fulfilling prophesy all together, the wonder here is whether the Media are getting in on the act because they have an equal level of power or more power than the Politicians that are complaining about me presently. Its nothing more than a group of goons that are always claiming I am getting the mercy aspects of what they usually get up to when those who have an existence or property they envy refuse to co-operate with processes of being taken advantage of and it all happens because they are bullies; the media will be the ones that want somebody getting stuck somewhere to boost their income all the time, while the local communities bits will be the bits that want the same as Media but for their civil rights – however , this is a matter of them issuing threats at me which I have warned them will open them up a whole new Kettle of Fish every single time that they do it for my part as well. Another part that is my fault of course will be about the women I have some court business with and their primary business with the Court was about sex, if we observed properly, we will find it is always meant to get them out of something; either recovery of a mojo that community people took from them or using me as cover up for the fact they have a had a history of assaulting women; so my Court is still free for all while they complain and bellow threats. In the end we all know it can always blow up in their faces spectacularly all together;  we all know it will easily lead to an outcome where any who addresses me loses the job and so I will end up fouling the air and getting beaten up for it too but it does not mean that with the insults getting completely out of hand this is not a risk that I will be willing to take as it were. So we hear of this other case where I have a difficult relations with the Armed Services, which has rather been changing fast in recent times, taking in more ethnic minorities, while the case with me concerns a group of people that are busy doing my stuff – so we find that when it wants Politicians or media to confiscate my business empire for its stupidities to please itself with, it talks nonsense at me that will make me remind it of what it knows i.e. going off to the services to get shot at by the enemy doing my stuff, otherwise it can always let me be and keep the mouth where the money that gets to the head is actually located.
They say I am a stupid individual and that it tells on my finances every time but I am not a stupid individual, its all a case of the fact I am single and since I am practically invulnerable every wicked and evil thing people want to do to me has to go through Women – so whenever I defend myself from the Women they send out to tackle me, the result is always that another story brews up as a process of distracting me from what Media and Politicians and Celebrity want to do with my person and property having more to do with me being homosexual and so it has come to me that it is possible to make a living in this world while being obsessively interested in avoiding every single form of compromise that concerns their part of life and society and of course at this stage I am doing very well at that too, the finances bit being an obsession to physically get on the same Media and Politics and Celebrity culture to pillage my finances, which I think will come to an end when I pillage their own too considering they are bloody idiots. Its a gimmick that never stops and what it knows is hurting and killing people claiming its the meaning of culture with that big mouth and if I have not done their Liberal and populist stupidities already, I am going to.
So they say I hate free people which is utter rubbish  - what is happening is that these insults will continue along the lines of being told how to exist while claiming my involvement with the Royal Family is set only to produce an outcome where I am sent out to fight my own people until it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy of sorts. Reality is that they can never stop telling lies; even at Church we see that the Bible is very clear but can never be read out and obeyed without interpretation into civil rights and modernism, so that attending Church becomes something that I can only do if I can perform magic and we see the same behaviour in every aspect of life as well. They always say they are getting some passion from me which has no basis on reality as well; they are not getting passion anywhere – the children are good at abusing people and then using civil rights and media to ensure the victims lose credibility when it is mentioned in public and what has happened to them is that I have tied them down somewhere while keeping them on the same behaviour until I said what I had to say and everybody heard it before I allowed them to go free, thus the more they delayed the prospect of me saying anything without losing credibility, is the more we will find that they will become unable to do anything on my public image because they have remained where I have kept them until they grew too old to do so. This nonsense over my Books and Finances and Public image is the grown ups who really need to see I am not their mate and really need to stop threatening me especially talking nonsense about Daddy's Money at Industry all the time for it too. I do not think it is a complicated matter; they are pure evil you see, it's the same effort needed to paint 200 works and make one master piece at the end that is needed to tell lies and abuse people and harass people to create the public atmosphere that we now see and I am not about to tolerate it as well, which is why we have started with a process of finding out what will happen if I held them up until they were past it (we all know that they speak of the way things are supposed to work, where they provided leadership on poverty and inequality and racism through public speaking while everybody else does what they want as the way the Country is meant to exist but so are we aware that in order to secure their insolent fame others will have gotten there many times over, only for practical jokes to take over people's lives and get them telling people how to exist, so that by the time it blows up, what we find is the many ways in which people react when provoked and things become very uncontrollable at that stage; so this wickedness and telling lies is not something that a human being that is not influenced by a greater evil do but the need to say something about me that puts me in a position where my whole life exists outside normal rules means they will have to keep their mouths where the money that gets to their stupid heads).  We are here if we are remembering correctly, solely because of Politicians pillaging my finances while they build their own, in order to provide them the confidence to threaten me by and even so I would not have imagined they would pick up bits of a patented Book as a means of helping the Politicians support them at government Office for stealing my career and fame, blabbing about getting information from the horse's lips to avoid buying the Books the whole time and since that happened, I have taught them my own version of the lessons too – if there is to be a war their society goons need to keep the hands off me while their culture troublemakers need to join them at the Media and Celebrity culture and I am here to make people's condition worse when they blab at me about harassment and abuse and that will be a start still. I am not their mate and they really need to stop threatening me - blabbing of what I would not have said where it mattered, such as telling them to stop what they are doing to my Books, after years of positioning themselves to ensure what I have painted in unfavourable light was their stupid selves and communities, even so of which I am not the one complaining and making sure others suffer as a result of the actions of somebody I am trying to change so as to make the person breathless and issue threats when I believe I have become healthier than they are, so I am at a loss as per why they cannot just stop it if it is such a problem. They do claim I have adopted a Position that invites conflict which I am fed up with hearing too – what happens is that when people have jobs to do where they give their lives doing, these goons will mess it up until someone gets killed in the line of duty and cannot just do the job in peace; so the facts are never as complicated as made out – simple case of a process where there is the UK and there is UK interests and so One hopes against hope (as we all know Russians with British Interests and British People in Russia face the same threat all the time and the practical jokes about their bottoms until they get killed by criminals or do something stupid to get hurt by Russian security services is relentless) that the Russians will not adopt a position that means there are other less expensive ways of living in a world where the UK did not exist comfortably, by getting after those Interests and so it is the job of a Soldier to protect it and if any loyal to me dies in the line of duty I will have my revenge (again) and then it will be a fully developed practical joke that way. Otherwise they are always free to join the Military and get shot at by the enemy to prove I am coward, stop abusing me and presuming to address me or tell me how to exist with their stupid Media and Politics the way the world has to tolerate them doing, pillaging my finances in the process all the time, to talk rubbish about being free - in which way nobody has to get in there and be taken by the darkness as well. So does it mean all is back to Normal? Of course that would depend on what the question refers to, if I personally want the normalcy I can acquire it since these are very silly people whom you find yourself at war with should you speak of religion as the means by which the immorality and vices and social corruption that beset them financially may be controlled considering they are not nobility and have no wealth, property or status passed down to them to given to them by anyone but then again for each time they do not have as much money as their mates that did not spend time on the social immorality and vices we find that we are at war with them still; all made possible by democratic stupidities through which they can benefit from people by insulting their benefactors and yet they claim there are those who make the money via the immorality and of course we know it is a game they love to play with their perverted celebrities about which it is never true that we need answer for bigger questions while reality stares us in the face that we need far more practical jokes than we are having at the moment, that there might be enough practical jokes for everybody to play in equal measure - which fits into a case made that I have history with them while reality is more a matter of having ended up doing a very difficult thing with them and while they liked my work could not exactly understand my personality, therefore if I tended to tell them it was all in good taste we find that my good taste will be made use of by incredible insults on Media that is supposed to make them famous. So they say I could do better and my disposition is a disgrace, it is utter nonsense of course; what happens is that my social media profile is not setup to advertise me, it is setup to network with people who already know who I am and we can see that the kinds of people who follow my social media profile and the services performed by this Estate is still not raising me the funds I need because somebody has created a separate reputation for me on media which runs completely out of control and does whatever it likes. Every time I think about tackling their finances in order to put a stop to it, there is a realisation that doing so was their plan all along and the result will be an outcome where I become like them; have one thing and everybody that I have hurt and stolen fame from is in my House and backyard – this is usually the stage where we hear them claim they know they can control me and will use me to get them out naturally which is utter nonsense as they can control and use nothing; we are here because Politicians have become quite obsessed with co-operating alongside any fool who picks up bits of my patented Book to claim they have stolen my fame and nobody knows either what the Politicians do it or why these goons do it we just know that these are incredibly stupid people. I do get told what I have said does not change my financial situation but we can all see that it is impossible to change a financial situation by going off to the University to get a qualification that will allow me access to a Job that will both look after me and finance my Books while all this nonsense continues – it is impossible to simply tidy up and get it done more so, which process will take nothing more than three and a half years – hence the question of being a disgrace answered. The bit about getting me to remove for them every trouble maker in their House and backyard is nothing new, it is in fact the reason they are always complaining that I have started a war i.e. stopping people from targeting me if I can get people to express themselves on the public image of the famous goons. In the end of which I do get told that not only is this very savage but also that I claim they are stupid because I don't know them; in terms of the former of which they can tell me savage when I dropped out of University in 2008 and the reason I have been unable to tidy up and return to it is because idiots are borrowing my Public image, therefore need to get out of bed to make a mess of my life for me, line it alongside Politicians co-operating with their stupidities when they pick up bits of copyrighted material here to claim on media that they have taken my career and then tell me that getting their drug dealers and criminals and people they have stolen fame from to stop bothering me if they have Public image that can be used to make a statement is savage. In terms of knowing them, what is being referred to is the fact they are usually rather nice to their Families – it will make the situation worse of course as we can see they are nice to families they provide for by doing stupid things with my Job on Public places so as to starve me of finances while they claim a lack of it was the problem of the world – very stupid people then many will agree. So there is this talk of me starting a fight with the global community of Industry fat cats which of course is not really a fight as much as it is a process of making them work for their money and keep off mine; we all know the way it has worked in my case is that even if I did go through hell to get it all done, past the claims on Media that I sleep with peoples wives, past the claims on Media that I get about peoples companies to extract an income where their families should be earning some pocket money by being supportive, past the claim that I steal socialist mistresses fame, past every claim down to the insults of the students at University – when all has cleared there will be one scum with a statement about how I never do anything with what is my own identity and culture and the abusive test and loss is about to start all over again while he bottom feeds and issues stupid threats that show he is not crippled or something and can work for his own. When this whole thing began years ago after I dropped out of University because this was the routine they were all obsessed with causing my tummy to do strange things the whole time, which meant I had something to blame myself for and the bullying got increasingly worse – they told me each time I told them off ripping up my Empire, that their money will not run out should I had started a fight, now it seems that even the Politicians are unable to help while the easiest way out was the one where they had stopped doing it. I do not think it a crisis, it’s just reality that sitting with 8 persons of which 5 are Banking Managers and 3 are Fat cats, to come up with an economic Policy for the future is almost an impossible task because all fat cats know is sitting how a large lounge fire throwing some cash into the air and having sex with girls and so when you have taken up a decade to come up with an economic Policy, you do feel as though when discussions are ongoing they need keep their mouths shut – I have not had a Holiday in 12 years and am really stressed and temperamental, I really hope that they understand this too, since all they really can do is damage people’s property while seeking self preservation – hence when I tell them off, I should know their money will not run out if I started a fight. I do get told that I do not notice when I am being complimented but I do, as mentioned above, it’s impossible to discuss sustainable economic Policy with 8 persons of which 3 are fat cats who have a problem knowing where they fit into the picture and as these facts show I am one of those people that have been groomed into this existence as target for male misogyny on which all success and riches depends depending on intensity and how great their needs are, while I have issued these warnings about it, especially the ones that can be easily applied when somebody sits behind a red button in a Media studio over the course of the last decade and a half, which is quite enough time for them to have chosen a different way, telling me their money will not run out if I started a fight.

Eventually is this case where it is said my activities bring people together and people do not want to be together because it does not bring about commerce and trade and does not sell but my activities do not bring anybody together – what happens is that nothing about the upbringing of these people and the media leadership that makes their minds up for them about me in hurtful ways and at my expense says they were raised like Royalty and or made into one but it becomes the only thing they want to spend their time on by abusing and handling me and insulting me and telling me where I am supposed to be all day long; so it’s not just a case of them hurting themselves when they cannot handle those palaver on the right and on the left, it becomes for me a case of the convenient exit of becoming me if they can on account I explain my actions when I hurt them too and the other part where it is not good for the Politicians who actually have no rights to get involved with me than they the media and general population do. Hence for those who have further opinions beyond this stage it’s a simple case of the fact if they need me I am a click away on the internet and while they are at it need to buy a Book – they speak of getting out of their tummy problem of course of which I have no idea who is fooling around with them here anyway; tummy problems are a function of my position meaning my mind is always in more than one place at a time and everything I do therefore is based on trust, so break trust and churn tummy is how it works; completely lost I am as per who is breaking their fucking trust. It’s an old story where I can control it if I go about telling people they think they are being clever but because they hate other people’s privilege are stirring insecurity and instability, they have to show up with their Industry and cling to my finances to blab it all the time and cannot control a thing in their stupid lives; I have just allowed it run to a point where people are convinced I am in trouble at the Monarchy and want to make friends with these fools but cannot because I needed to send a message about what would happen if we all did it. The point is that they are not Royalty and it is not okay to pretend to be me. When this had be said to the same group of people for hundreds of times without compliance it becomes important a matter to make them feel it too; this is what is happening, especially with respect to making them fix and resolve the mess that they enjoy making for me so much - nothing to do with bringing them together, rather more to do with handling all of them. They do speak of me being an insulting person but its actually impossible to insult people who are not important as these; the point being they can keep doing it and saying such things if they wanted, I can only say that it is not okay to and when I had said it enough times, the whole process of copying them to wreck their lives and fix it again in order to claim I am a more superior human being will take a turn for the worse; like everything else we do not learn it from the Church, it is easy to guess where we get it from.

The story of me spending all day living on benefits and playing around like a Child is an old story but when it must be understood in the context of their abusive and violent insults, that would be the case where their stupidities predict how I am likely to respond when they know nothing about it. The reality of course is rather that each day I get out bed and try and draw attention to my Books but for each time I take a break this is the sort of publicity that takes over everything – I don’t even know who the fuck these scums are but they have taken a stand on my personal space, made me a deal about the effect of my Books and can get involved with me whenever they want. Apparently it’s not normal retard – where I will be asked what I mean by normal retard and it would mean over 80% of my class mates that feel behind in their studies were actually children of some successful illiterate business Men, hence a matter of the fact that perhaps their parent did not want them being successful at the school stuff necessarily but made then attend it for the sake of doing so; these fools are the type where the community croon is damaging your personality that gets you the jobs and contracts because her stupid children should have been super stars before it was taken from them and we all know how much effort and abuse is put into that, the same idiots who spend all day protecting criminals that have not yet been caught, disciplining me for playing video games on my computer and killing off any attention my Books get by doing so in order to blab about me being a useless person that lives like that all day; hence fair to say that if they do not want some of mine as well I would love it should they have kept their dirty community mouths firmly shut. They do speak of what action I can take but it’s an old story that these fools do not want the same money to pay bills or success to be counted among that everybody else wants; what they want is to be able to say those things that people say when they have money or say when they look as though they are more successful or say when they own expensive cars compared to what other people have and they want to be able to say it by the most frivolous means and the easiest short cut imaginable and the next time they followed me around when I attended an academic institution will be the time their imagination will not conceive what I am going to do to their stupidities as well; worth mentioning I did fall behind at school because I attended too many i.e. broken home parents divorced, hated each other, created their society divorce out of it (as these fools are out of my league; and its the insults like so we are talking about, it will then take a position on my personal space and get involved with me when I do not know it thinking it has an alternative explanation for its behaviour while it becomes more obsessed with the insults of churning my tummy and making me smell badly etc - out of my league and cannot listen to anything they are told, such as being found around my Public image and my Books when I am trying to draw peoples attention to it with their stupid media and popularity culture all the time - to blow off that big mouth about disciplining somebody that lives a useless existence like that for the fun of it, looking for some).

Getting into trouble with communists from here is a fine saying of course but it’s all the same abusive nonsense from stupid Political scum who grew up in a certain neighbourhood and had a certain clique and fundamentally think I do not exist if they had not acknowledged that I do, setting off on media to cause me to look at a shrinking Royal Estate on account they have needs and cannot leave people alone every day. So apparently it’s not just the western ones and I am the one complaining and getting hurt all together as it were; same Principles apply i.e. if they need me and talking nonsense while provoking people in an academic environment which suggests somebody else is responsible for making them a superior scumbag throw their whole lives a way joining a gang and wanting new members that will be new so they can be powerful a stupid mothers chasing my anus to make me smell horrible all day, talking nonsense on media need me, I will be just a click away on the internet and while they are it, stay off my Empire, keep out of my Public image and try to buy a fucking Book.

They say I am blocking everything and that people need to move on but my Books are products of a business empire attached to a Royal estate which is then protected by a patent that provides me a shop front and this is what I earn my money from - people need to make their own money somewhere else and we can all see this problem was easily avoided by means of some form of respect for others, of which the bit I show towards them is due to the fact I have a religion to live up to, while they are not obliged in anyway except when the consequences pinch and I get threatened. It is not their business what I do with my own empire, if I break it up and broker equities and recover all my financial value by means of my Book sales, they need to make their money somewhere else if they are to move on - it is hard work being CEO and Manager and Writer and Literary Agent and it would have been easier if there were no insults meaning others take part in the phenomenon on my life and ensure I can never feel good over every single move I make because they want to be rich, it is fair to say that the process of putting a handle on the Politicians, so I can realise exactly what to do every single time it happens has just begun.

It is not actually the truth that I spend a lot of my time picking up very difficult jobs to make a name for myself trying to do them all; what is true however is the illusion playing out on the matter, that Politicians are better people simply because they have said so when they tried to win some votes. They always say it is the power of the weak being supported here whereas the reality is that those on the right brag about teaching me lessons all the time while we have not yet seen me take up a fight with the Politicians who are responsible for the part in which each time I am poked by people, it affects my academics and my finances because I am unable to concentrate on it, nothing to prove yet since the fight with Politicians proving to be the answer for everything has not yet occurred, what has occurred is their complaints about the Country being uninhabitable whereas the only thing they want to do with Country identity is chase my private parts to make me feel naked and ashamed all the time - about which their feelings do not matter to me in anyway, as it is clear when I see the Culture and Society sources by which these threats are possible and all I have worked for are being factorised by the fact somebody else out there is physically bigger than I am, it will be the last time they see it too. The others on the Left are just the people who know about the importance of success and Money better than everybody else and assume the right to discipline people and tell people how to exist and the more counterproductive the more pleasurable they find it, soliciting for the support of Politicians in every turn as a discovered fun - we are in this position because they keep boasting about how the Blues always get what they want, otherwise they will stir up extremism that will consume everybody; obviously they believe they always get what they want as it were.

Hence the popularity story is that my erratic mannerism generally means my movements are unpredictable for my people which is also not cost effective for the government but there is no such thing; what is really happening is the usual queer Political vandalism where the Males especially are after my Public image, complete with features like talking to Unions about the Guy that messes with their self confidence while they were the ones that actually had the mandate to lead the Public and each time I tell them to get off my Books as it does cause me financial problems for them to be stirring up something or two around it, what happens with them is that they gesture o goons on the right, play the role of my Fathers and seek help from a power overseas; it has only become a problem that I must make time for. It is nothing serious, only the old case of one day suddenly finding one's self caught up in a fight with a gang of several people while I have no way of defending myself and it has always been known so anyway simply because those who got beaten up in some form of violence or another cannot bear the sight of somebody else looking so pristine and we all know it tends to end if some war on 3 to 5 Bedroom flats people and those insolent cars etc, along with its freedom, democratic violence of cowards that chooses the weak to tackle instead of those that are a threat to others all the time, the whole situation will have tended to improve - I for my part am still keeping an eye of the need they have to show up on my Public image to talk nonsense about being famous. The other part of the story where they love to address me so much all of the time being the case of how I need to act like a better person and that is if the Politicians claiming to be a better person when they want to win elections as we get to find out over time that they are not, is not the prevalent public atmosphere. The reality of course is that 14 years ago I was the one City Centre workers liked to play hide and seek with since I had this ability to get out of being tangled with playful people and so they still have not worked out that the cause of their Global stage complains about me is that need to play around with people who have more serious things to concern themselves with and make a mess of it all, despite the fact they are aware most of what I say is designed to make a statement and set up agreeable structures for people to get on and then put up with them again in another 24 hours or so. Hence it goes without saying I would really love it if they had stopped addressing me as we are not mates, for their own good and mine, especially as it causes me financial problems, stifles my Book sales and lets them make a fool of themselves pretending they were famous all over me.

In the end they say I need to respond to my relationship with the Princess of York, which I believe I have sufficiently to a certain extent anyway, save actually making a statement such as the fact it is currently Duke of York property, I love it and there is no way I can raise funds to perform the tasks I need to if I continue to get addressed by Media and popularity goons alongside Celebrities, without reason, to compound issues around the fact The Family expects me to honour my relationship with the Princess and there are people who have set out enterprise on it too - it is still a question of what it is they get from incessantly getting up on public places to address me and tell me what to do and how to behave and how it exist etc - whatever on earth seems to be their big idea.

I personally have no idea which part of Scottish Independence that Sturgeon has decided will be good for Scotland anyway - we all know Ireland separated from the UK by the conditions of conflict, which is the only reasons Unions end up in a separate situation but even with that, it’s become a two personality issue with Ireland and the UK being happy they are neighbours with very similar cultures and societies but the other half the time being more suspicious of each other than even their own enemies. They say I am the one that started war with the superior people who talk nonsense about getting rich and in a condition where they have somebody they can bully to create a lifestyle but it has always been as simple as the fact there is no evidence to support the theory that chasing my private parts and never doing anything properly so as to be full of hot air and to blame others for it endlessly, while showing up around my Royal Estate Book sales business actually makes people rich, famous and lucky and I need to see less of them around my concerns otherwise it will end up in a right tools and right measures situation. They speak of the reasons it happens while there has always been one reason only i.e. money and for some strange reason, inferior people that can be bullied to create a lifestyle and I intend to rip it to pieces for them, the Irish luck and all, all they have to do to create that situation and tell me they are famous when I am finished is continue to show up around my Book sales income, pass around insults and threats and chase my private parts. I mean this conversation came into being mainly because the Media have been blabbing about confiscating my Royal Estate the way I prevent people from getting famous with my public image like that big mouth that talks about taking me on directly and we can easily see a situation play out where it’s a matter of me and the Politicians giving speeches that encourage people to get after my health well being and my finances everyday, all mixed up with media scum confiscating Royal Estate and then I will need the help of the British Government as well all together, a weakling that is handling a group of people you can say one thing to which causes you incredible pain, for decades without results and only to end up with a process where they have invented a pain you are causing as well in order to ensure they keep at it due to the fact it has become a need. They speak of reasons people hate me so much and so easily which is quite obvious in two parts - one being they like to make me angry and grumpy all the time but apparently cannot beat it up when they want either, the other is generally getting about making up ideas about my Christian personality that they can brew into very violent rumours that result in riches and fame for them and suffering for me and the outcome has become one of the fact I defeat their society elders by walking outside of my Door, which I do try to avoid doing but they have been helping a lot with all together as it were. It’s sort of when the story of confiscating Royal Estate comes into it and the wonder which part they play in the matter develops into something more serious: I was concerned about the two things of people showing up to play with me until I drop out of University because its what they like to do, alongside writing Books they know does them no favours but what the author does is amazing when the Books do not say so anyway and they love being seen around the Books as well all together. The other being the Celebrities who get Film Roles and a lot of money from what people do with a certain mystery and adventure they say exists at my Estate Backyard but when I do provide them Hospitality if they make a mess for me, the result is usually that it is never enough because they have money to ensure they are the ones investing in my so called endless business theme tunes and in that way means I am playing around with people that can grab my career and property if they so wish any time, which of course they are not anymore as it stands all together but I am at a loss where Politicians continue to enjoy stirring crowds to chase my income while Media fools and Civil rights goons brew one about confiscating Royal Estate the way I prevent people from getting rich on my public image wanting new Country, hence never really complicated that it will become a right tools and correct measures situation before it gets any better as it were.

They do love to claim I am playing into the gimmicks Civil rights goons have manipulated me into but its pretty much the same as when they speak of what they can do when somebody has damaged their Luck thing but ignoring what I can do when people continue insults that cause me to ensure they do not have anyplace to hide money they have while running wealth inequality campaigns on my Financial well being to blab about preventing me from releasing money from a Royal Estate - its all in context of confiscating Royal Estate the way I prevent people getting important and famous with it yap yapping. They do say I do not realise what people do with my work and person at the Military which is utter nonsense - we all know the fact they are full of themselves and incredibly disobedient is the reason I am always said to tear up opportunities whenever I am given any, since this is what happens i.e. fan of the Military but unable to write and sell my Books because the Media has taken over to do its own stuff and it’s not the days when the cursed will be killed in Iraq making the war into something their Politicians wanted with every fibre of their being before they took the moral high ground at a later date with regards to some form of legality that became important after the war had been approved by Parliament - in my case being that I was the cursed that would be used by Media and Popularity idiots who wanted to get rich, famous and to perform lots of Charity work at International Aid; it's generally a matter of doing all you can to stay out of trouble so others do not get bruised to keep you safe, only for them to start and carry on like these, then end up with some fame and fortune by which they can repeat the process of doing all they can to ensure they do not get into trouble so their goons do not get bruised to protect them, while a secret bullying as such we see here continues with Media telling lies all the time.

It is the reason it has become a fight instead of a Lawsuit that would have been counter productive in the circumstances.

 I know it is said there is a real need to know what I think about when I am being abused by others, I however have no idea exactly why people want to know what I think when I am abused. The actual facts of what is happening of course being that for those who turn up to abuse me at random, I am sure they are aware of what everybody knows must be done about those who have a statement of intent to commit crimes. It is the people who make me more susceptible to abuse and make me more available to it as well I always have a problem with and saying I need to do something about and react to them means I need to do something about that drag queen community, that stupid media, that stupid city identity, that stupid partying and clubbing and so on, which of course are largely things they have the right to do with their own choices which they can do without affecting me in any way for their part too. So status is that I now know I have a problem with my temper and I know so because I have reviewed the fact that when people call me a cunt I want to take it through to the US and the special relationship, through to the International Community to find out what they go there to do in the corridors and so on because before then they will have insulted me to desperation first and then when they see me get tired of it start the derogatory name calling which is a statement of intent towards violence. So the outcome is that they handle my person and my possessions without permission, illegally and because they have damaged the finances think at least at present I do not have the means to address the problem, so they move on to a statement of intent to the effect of a derogatory insult which is to instigate violence – I always think they do because they feel like they are really, really, tough especially the blacks and more so because they share a skin colour with me and for it somebody I must enlist to soften them up as well so we can find out who the Cunt is. The next best thing to behaving like this is that other part where they claim I call people derogatory names as well and will be made to pay for it; I am not denying I do but I am making it clear the purpose is that handling my person and possessions illegally and also without permission, finding out it requires all your time to do so and that you are so full of yourself that you believe I must now remit something towards your own self maintenance for all those years you would have spent time on what is important to you instead with a big mouth yapping of how you can do and undo handling me, while you have damaged the finances which will ensure I cannot address the issue which then progresses to derogatory and violently abusive name calling which is a statement of intent and thinking it is fun and even abusive fun gets to apply that the civil rights is no longer relevant if society is willing to tolerate all that while it happens to me on account I am royalty and therefore have no human rights due to the fact that I have something everybody wants to have and it does not work with the modern age to exist in such ways – this is where they start giving up the human rights and civil rights as a community – like I said they do it because they think they are tough and somebody I will enlist to soften them up too, those stupid insults of which have a very special place in my heart as well: the answer to the question then is yes, I do call people golliwog mouth etc – it’s a start and we will go from there. Worse case from here on therefore is the part where I have said these things and some media idiots can get off and extract all the glory for themselves from it and return to surround me with problems like I have them as well instead of going away and staying off my books – but it is not a new story, he who says the media are not trouble makers should stand up and answer the questions.

Their strong defence is endlessly that of how I have a problem with feminists but I do not have any problem with feminists just a problem with theives that like to think they are feminists on account they have refined their methods so well the law cannot do anything about them and are now set to steal from me and get help from popular culture men to be rich and famous and get into dispositions where people can be branded thieves instead of them which means they can continue perpetually. I feel as though I am being burgled, every blessed day around here and it is this same feeling of insecurity that I wish to visit on them in order to bring this matter to a resolution - no such nonsense as being charged with making sure I do not sell my books by members of the Royal Family or Politicians I may have criticised, since we all know be that true or not it is them that have an abusive habit of deploying my public work to make their own fame while messing up my leadership to assume all kinds of nonsense they are not to me and get me stuck with their community croons in order to do that. They might be having a party now of course but so does everybody know that once I start there is no stopping as well; in short they are thieves and I do not have a problem with feminists. Naturally they say when their stupid men and community croons come across what I have said or written it will create more problems for anybody that is associated with me - that big mouth all the time but if I ask questions they will say it is culture; last we checked the need to make them come up with new ones so we can find out how anybody will get killed for screwing around with them, it was a case of getting on media to make up a different version of what happened when I kicked them seriously along with those their popular culture celebrity idiots, this time the challenge is fired off of course but nobody knows what back up they have yet.

There is that talk that I interfere with peoples businesses of course but I don’t; there are two issues in the matter, one of them is that of people and their media fools cashing into my market by handling and shifting my products illegally and as I said have refined their methods so the law can do nothing, the other is people messing up my shares in companies that give me one through equity brokerage or companies that broker property securities with me, which again is available to all so I can do some work in a backward facing country for a living. Now we have reached a stage where they need to stay off those shares and stay out of my market and tell their stupid girls and useless women to keep off me in order that we might determine which companies broker equities with me or not and which ones I have shares with or not, so that we can determine if as they normally boast, they can handle it if they want to and there will be no consequences. I mean when we talk about taking up my market by shifting my products all over the place, we are talking about getting out of bed to get involved with my fans to bully them and change what people think about my products then sell their own instead, we are talking about all these activities carried out by idiots who complain they walk into the office one day and realise somebody they don’t know has been claiming to have shares in companies they run, we are talking about nothing that stimulates you in anyway whatsoever like popular culture and partying and stupid insolent young people being used to ensure that their business cannot exist unless it does in the lives of my fans and my market and now I am the guy whose royal reputation, public work and fame they like to cash into and get involved with anything they like, that they claim they don’t know and have never heard of when it has been going on everyday for more than decade now. Then when they do these things and lose what I actually own join me with media and offer distracting and abusive sex on the basis of their fanaticism, so that I can never feel good on account they exist and have needs and that big mouth never knows its level too.

I. Uno I - on Behalf of the Company. 



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So fools have never actually run out of insults about what HH's importance is because they think they are better people -which is rather difficult to fathom and so only possible to conceive HH does not despise them as much or is or has been made to become too busy to despise them enough to make his life and work easier, nor indeed do they run out of ideas on plans to be rich and to show off their decadence and corruption, which is not lacking in insults either.

These days they seem to say that the stuff about black people that follow HH around to make sure the entire world is sharing his life and everything in it, so people can be their friends, while complaining about slavery and slave trade, so that stupid girls and women that know how to wreck peoples lives and finances can move into it is a new thing in their mad country, which it isn’t.  As mentioned before, they like to pretend that they are the only ones that appeared on a play ground in school somewhere, which is how they get to think that when they hurt people, those are suppose to spend most of their time thinking about the evils in American society instead, so they can do whatever they like with those they make sure cannot hate them so that they do not keep up defences that serving God has provided against their wickedness, which the idea of intensive over-enslavement does not actually work with everybody, hence some of them are talented Prince's like HH. 

What has happened in One's case is an entire Parliament holding him down and stretching him out for them to do it and those now have a condition where they have a hung parliament currently as a result and HH also knows that whenever he wants to make them have another one, he just needs to whack the civil service and "piss off" the Unions before they find a way to arrange a compromise between him and them, so their are not affected, claiming it would have been because of his insults and impudence and they will have another one, which he can do because they have been ruining his finances to keep him single for way too long, creating democratic inconveniences for themselves and allowing him to know absolutely everything about them before they then decide where they must be if they want to be in the league of the rich and the result is that he has control of absolutely everybody's hearts in the country and want even more of it because they do not have a stop button either, so they can try to win elections in a place where people are so loyal to him undividedly, which is really tough, so it does not do them any good either.

He is not stuck anywhere by the way; books he needs to sell to make a living from over the next 30 years have already been written this date 17/6/2011.  


According to One's prognosis; "if these rich idiots who are better people than I am and presume I fight for everybody on account I do not know that when they call on barely criminal community idiots, that those readily come to their aid and have base opinions that no body asks them about at all time about people, were anywhere near half as successful as this, there would be no economic crisis now, nor would there have been one in the first place". "Always round here they are with their businesses and their millions or whatever and when they see my books the message is 'the idiot really thinks that other peoples jobs are a joke and he can sell any item'; as if that was some kind of a conventional way to react to other peoples products and then minutes later, after all that abuse, the so called millionaires are extracting an income from my work without buying a copy and will be taking acts to kill off my earnings because I am more successful than they are, selling something else in its place because they are some kind of 'Gods of money' who never apologise for hurting people and after which they are telling me how to rewrite the books in order to make it a real investment because they cannot stop insulting people too and it goes on and on and on and they can never be satisfied. So it is the fact they treated me like rubbish, that initial treatment like I am rubbish, before they realise whatever they love to realise insolently that pushes me to revenge." 


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There are so many incredible confusions especially with respect to financial government about what HH has done with respect to moving businesses into his Empire to provide them security and mobility at his expense, even though and even when selling his books have now become something difficult for it. The real reason of course is that idiots do not want to do what he wants them to do-because games of democratic leadership is thus so sweet with other peoples earnings, which is not a new issue anyway. With respect to the matter of security itself, One has not got a clue what he must have had to do with them when and because he broke equities with somebody they know. That however to them is completely beside the point despite the chaos it creates in Ones job and the process of selling his books because what is most important to them, is how to have access to big business without showing any kind of respect for people's property except it is theirs, which means only when it is theirs and then when it is, no body will touch it because they are just incredibly insolent and selfish-especially the girls who think the fact they wish all the time they lived in a world where when they hurt people no body will do anything about it and therefore have fantasies about putting a Prince in such a position, means it will ever get to happen, hence somebody is interested in their opinions. 

One is also aware some of the issues are his fault or rather his circumstantial failures, with respect to Business leaders, because business leaders are always stumbling on some rule he made or something he said somewhere but that again is exactly the point, they do not wish to stay out of his earnings itself because every time he moves himself their earnings change and bearing in mind they also want to be able to be lawless as well is for them the sensible thing to do. When HH sells securities they have ideas about how to make what he has a real investment and go for or attack his market place, realise he is a writer and then refuse to buy the books, grab the security, grab his income and try to run away with it all the time, based on the fight they started and his income they do not wish to have any respect for; the ironic reason for it being that they only can if they have money to sell something else in place of his books, with a buy quick and sell quick product, which is really, really provocative and for those of them that were not invited into his world unfathomably insulting-especially when they get around the place boasting and looking for loop holes that will enable them to tell people HH is a mad man who thinks other peoples property is his own like other Christians they have been able to bully in the past and it is such a waste of One's time and subsequently when Politicians make it go on for long enough, resources as well and this is where they like to make up excuses for it on media, such as the lack of understanding of the scope of what he has done; which is why he must here set out that what he has done is realise these trouble makers and violent goons spend all their time finding ways of giving others problems and lots of it in a violent way and as violently as possible, so having been that the Banks are themselves as guilty and so are the rest of the business world at large, according to HH "in fact as far as I am aware, apart from the people whom I originally invited into my global intellectual space or used my securities out of admiration, which helped me build it and some new friends, who had the advantage of discovering me while I was still working on everything and all was still at an early stage because they have something in common and also have a common interest, which meant that no matter what I give up to them to support their businesses with, in the end, helping me make a living is all about buying a book from me which will not bother them or me or anybody else for that matter, which is the same chance everybody else on the planet has got, which meant that they never cared what my job or finances looked like, so I can sell my books regardless of what I give up to them to try and create a business to employ people with, the rest are robbers". The "robbers"  who are here for nothing other than to earn One's income and create problems to look for social status with their vandalisms with it, based on who they got the money from. So according to the Arch Prince "the rule is to ensure I confiscate all that has to do with any kind of quality of life for those who do not have a business when they do these and of course extract the worth of anything that those who do damage in my work place, so that at some point when it becomes aggravated, bearing in mind I am always falling back on capital and they are always stumbling on money to sell something else on my market place they want to realise since they started". These things they are keeping up with an audacity to touch HH's property that has a tendency to kill looking for trouble, so he can grab and sell those their businesses and all the equities from it, without which there will be no laws in the land or anywhere in the world and they will have none to stop One either.

None of it is a shady and in a shambles as they like to make it out to be whenever they want to enjoy moving into his life, especially when they are certain they cannot get hurt because their evil Politicians have guaranteed them that and are trying to get elected on promises to create them employment at the same time as well.So all that 'beauty killed the beast' games they play with their evil women who really have no access to me which is why they are now finding themselves in a place where they need to keep him from earning a living to keep it up, will never happen, HH is no beast and they are no beauties and this is not their property or their earnings, businesses and individuals alike and for the businesses, the excuse of being paranoid about what he may do with my power is not enough, what needs to happen is returning his property and getting off his book sales and temperaments determining it with media and separating him from what he needs with public perceptions to do so, looking for trouble; as long as no body messes with his income then HH should have no need for power.

The quality of life they have will entirely depend on how much problems they dump on HH and so will the business they do and whether or not they keep it will depend on how much problems they create for him too; otherwise they leave his work and property and leave him alone with those he can work with.


By the Arch Prince's prognosis "I say the good for nothing goons think they can create me problems and will pay with their quality of life; no ''beauty killed the beast' nonsense here. They do these things because they are being discriminative and I intend to hit them as frequently for it as well; I always think they do the things they do with my work and market place because they are trying their hands on being racist and I intend to set up structures to hit them as hard and unrelenting too, so they can get on the streets doing the violence that they are really known for; as we are aware, what we have today really began with getting my attention for evil purposes to force me to rubber stamp their wickedness in order to borrow my Christian human rights and use it for something else especially when it is evil, to make it powerful and so when I refuse, savage my finances with help and lies Politicians give them, in order to make me react, as any attention would work in the same way either way and what we have today as a result of years of it, is the ability to ensure they are always trying to kill me with problems because there is no known argument that can tell them to stop such things."

Eventually since the richer ones will pay with Equities he extracts from their business and poorer ones will pay with their quality of life, the only way to leave One alone will be to do it his way, which will be to have a business that makes lots of money but does not involve the setting up of any establishment, which of course is something he will not be funding or supporting too as it were. 

Its bad behaviour and nothing but bad behaviour and once they get the sense nothing will happen if they do it because it is what Politicians help them to, they will do it every second and the Politicians are supposed to hold people down for them and also think it is surprising. If it is something about the fact HH is not behaving in a way which pleases people of a certain age or calibre, the fact of the matter is that he cannot get a job and cannot sell his books and has already had his academic work completely destroyed, so they need to know he has their scandals ready too as they always have enough; for the reason he is not allowed a seconds breath is because there is so much justice in the world that they had to wait and thirst for so long for somebody like him whom they can do these things to without reprisals from the law, to come along-now they don't want to fight or struggle in life any more and to help them, they want to spend tax payers money and earn One's income. They have already taken up a decade of One's time working out what they want to do with themselves in this respect, especially those of them that have found their way into Political importance and like to get together in their stupid country thinking HH is the only one that thinks they are stupid.


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