On the occasion here relevant, there is that case on Media and its destructive potential of what I think about and where I stand with respect to the Liberal Democrat Party here in the UK but we all know rather that the Liberal Democrat Party knows exactly what its problem is i.e. that they are a twisted collection of very evil people and are entirely made up of women who spend all their time controlling the right to employment in order to make people behave and they pillage without rest at all times to fulfil that aim with the outcome that just a handful of successful men will emerge among a sea of financial carnage to foster a process of turning up in peoples lives to cut deals with villains at peoples expense perpetually, which then means they tend to court a certain group of supporters and because they think they want to use it as some form of power begin to act regularly as though they wish to use it for power - bearing in mind that a 21 year old that has no passport and is unlikely to travel anywhere and has never had a job in his life has an 80% chance of being a Liberal Democrat and the power they have gained thus far can be deployed for the gain of race based attacks and other violent prejudice. Its a problem people like these have you see, an inability to see things the way I do i.e. whenever there is a woman that thinks work is a taboo and plans to make millions without touching any and therefore thinks people like myself are there to be abused either way her life turns out; she is likely to be a democrat and a Liberal and a Liberal democrat all together and the probability is as high as 80% for that; so I generally do not feel like I want to tolerate any nonsense from them, especially that of addressing me from that stupid media when they know they have work to do and with respect to the need for fools like them putting their backs to it they have won nothing around here. I want them to stop mocking about, sell themselves like Whors to all the Political parties since there is nobody that wants to let them win elections recently and get off my books and try therefore had enough to pay dividends not to talk to me as well especially through that stupid media. By the way of which those their stupid royal connections had especially concerning the Heir to the British Throne been completely and utterly displaced and the desire of their foolish women and so called bad grand dads to abuse me in order to put anger in me and evil energy that can make me do things will end as badly as it started as well and I am certain it will start off from a process where they fail to stay off my book and talk back at me or blank me out as well like anybody has invited them into my affairs or asked them an insolent question thereof. It is an old arrangement of course; when people had ceased to think of my Royal work and property as a plaything, their lives will cease to be a power sport for me as well. They do need to stop mocking about, get off my books and do not try to address me and more so on media as well so it does not blow up.

The talk of me getting into trouble with Politicians is very well acknowledged but such things would never have happened as how my financial needs will be controlled by them a 100% and meaning that they can cut me off from it whenever they wish, if I had the funds to market my books and of course I do not have the funds to market my books because they have spent every day of the last decade wrecking that. Now the big issue is that despite knowing that it was criminal activity all that while, which they got away with on account I did nothing, they are still willing to push boundaries to setting off stories of how I will be hounded for getting unemployment support while they continue to tie down my chances of getting a job or selling my books because they want to make me do free work which will then serve as slave labour. I do hope they don’t blow around such noise because I will find it very provocative indeed; such nonsense will make me remember there are other ways of making sure they understand that they are social retards with very bad attitude who are incredibly destructive of other people’s property and further noise making about insults now that they know what it means will not be enough anymore during such circumstances. As it stands the reality is that everything hates my guts; from the white house where people plan their vandalism of my work and pay for it to stupid girls among their Politician ranks that fancy themselves racist and discriminatory etc – especially the ones that are friends with the royal family or members of the royal family and think it is a license to get around touching me all the time which I think happens because they are ugly and ugly idiots like that are friends with the royal family will be making a head ways soon enough as it were; we have reached a stage where I have finished with the Governments and the businesses and nobody likes me but the problem persists in that somebody cannot sell his books around here without their interference. I am only setting out clear facts about something I will find very provocative if they did and if they do take that risk I will create them a world and a career without rules and if they want a piece of me after that then they will definitely get it too.

I have personally never seen such a collection of lazy goons; normal people would say they need to pump more money into the economy and take risks with currency devaluation, they think they should force people to buy wares that their business connections make while they hold government office to enforce it on account they know better what the money should be used for. It is the inability to stay off my book sales that brought all these about in the first place. I had not taken revenge for all those years of bad behaviour and vandalism around my career and earnings but if they do blow off stories of how they had forced me into slave labour to justify those stupid intense abuses that their foolish girls who have a twisted sense of their own relevance carry out in secret places to make me get into a fight, I will find it very provocative indeed, after all they never had to surround me with those fools in the first place, it happened because they thought they had it to go all the way and we will certainly get to the bottom of this matter if it kicks off once. Those lies they normally tell to buy time and exact their damage over stupid reasons such as a boy from no where getting a royal estate while they get no such thing will not be enough; I have refused to take revenge for absolutely everything they do because they do get to do it at random when they are used to it, so that when I put it up at the landing page of my website my displeasure with young men that want to control women and more so around me and people keep doing it anyway, it seems the results come through and the civil rights they do later at my expense gets to save them. I mean we have always known that if your computer is hit by a virus, the chances that it were created by men and a community of young people that they control is a high as 90% and that these are things you must stay away from, menacing nonsense you must avoid, keep your activities clean and get what you need to do done on time. So I win again and now they can create publicity for the various explanations they make up for what is happening when people attack and harm me; the part that gets to mean I can do nothing to prevent people from having the needs that were the yardstick for such attacks happening in the first place. It is in much the same par as those stupid confusing stories all over the media with various claims of what I really think of Scottish Nationalism going on; whereas what I really think is that if certain persons who have got involved with the system of Government do not make it their daily business to wreck your property and finances and find it funny later with stories told and tall tales bandied that will earn them enough time to do permanent damage naming themselves Politicians, then it is a case of idiots saying that people are not governed properly and more so unless they are the ones doing it and if people in Scotland cannot tell them to get lost, I still have no idea what it is they are expecting from the rest of the Country either - personally the last time I checked they are other fools like them are responsible for making it the case that people are not getting good governance and now they are having a referendum which changes entirely the scope of existence that people were brought up in, by all sorts of ways and people will vote in it anyway.

I do get told that my activities are therefore not progressive but each time I step outside of my door, I am inundated with abusive things I must attend to, followed up from what I did to defend myself from those abuses carried out by people who were just getting around their concerns without bothering anybody, all of which were claimed by the society men and their insolent children as the means which belongs to them and their families and lets them stand up to being bullied, all of which makes me sick while they even glorify themselves in that too. They spend all their time therefore hunting down what people do to stand up for self when bullied and will take everything from their victims leaving no dignity to just get out and follow on a job role as a normal person - even now, my parents are employed and I have only got a part time job, making me wonder if they really mattered that much all together. They claim its a plan to shut me up as I spend my time filling their heads with what I know, which they do not want to - very difficult to believe it when they spend all their time on me for all the wrong reasons all together anyway and even find themselves amusing for it too. They say I love to trifle with the Jobs of security operatives, which is utter nonsense - I have a Level 3 Legal Executive qualification and they are taking me on as we speak, a Police Officer would have done a Level 6, so it is clearly not a tough job involves a lot of studying, its the weapons discharge and tackling criminals physically bits that is the main deal for them most of them obviously. Where I fit into the picture being the bit where my existence was responsible for how they have behaved, which they do not have to explain when being arrested as it can be used against them at a Court of Law. 

I do get asked what it is I want from the Media exactly but I would fancy they stopped reporting their news into me which takes their need to create some intrusion at my Court to feel comfortable as I am a kid who has no choice to an abusive and even violent point - would like them to stop handling my person as we see all the time they spend most of my days making use of my Books without putting forward references on account that doing so would plug me into their Media career and give me free Publicity, they got involved and knew me before the Books were Published and I am therefore not a writer, looking for trouble the whole time as stupidly as possibly.

They claim I think Show Business is a phenomenon I can mess with while it is a multimillion pound Industry – apparently the one that caused me to drop out of University and have not been paying the Bills since. So they have done it again for the 24 hours I wrote this piece, just like they did for the 24 hours before – the boys from the neighbourhood grabbing candy from kids and it’s a condition where everybody is bigger than I am and if they toss it among themselves I will just go away; no thought for the fact that this happening everyday will make me sick to the stomach as well, what we find is their idiots that want to pick on me because I have an eating disorder that makes me sick with a temperature and a headache that their local and society stupidities wants me to be known for while they think it means they will win the violent bits and have started collecting my Public image for the future of their stupidly raised children that they make out will become celebrities. So it’s the same old case; we get told if it makes the money on the Public image it becomes so rich that it ends up creating a distance that lets the victims get on but just as we have seen in this past, this never ever happens.

They speak of how I attack people that are trying to help me; truth rather is that they spend most of their time twisting my work and words around to unleash abusive Media power on me, where the ones of the left want my Public image every moment of their stupid lives, while the ones of the right say I show indications I want to be beaten up every moment of their stupid lives – so they are now trying to prevent access to their own society and culture goons who chase their bottoms because I bother them with what I know all the time, I already have it of course and they want familiarity that will take it from me. So, it’s the old story that the prevalent assumption is that if Jay Z or Beyoncé or Kanye West came to the UK to ask me to hand over the Royal Public image, this is something they would get, while reality of how that would work would have been wildly different from such nonsense. So, when there is a fight with Media and Celebrities involving myself, these guys will not need somebody to inform them that there is one looking like they want it all the time. I do not want anymore of these Celebrities having opinions about my Official work even when it involves or affects their Country and so have the Media been informed I have had enough of the stupid Media power abuses. My career and Finances is never affected by Show business no matter how abusive, it is always tolerable to me - the only reason it is not, is because of the extra steps they take to physically handle it like ending up in a Law Court for any reason was a good thing and they were my personal gods; so they believe what I say determines what I might do while nothing I say or do would determine how I would have gone about separating my Books from show business revolving door so I can completely destroy it especially when I find their gurus have built popularity pipelines on this Estate and gotten poised to blab nonsense at me about how I am not the guy that returns to my career after it had been taken from me, keeping my affairs and Public image open to their stupidities by making me smell like my look with very abusive familiarity based bad habits; its the old case of being so incompetent I cannot keep my concerns away from Celebrities and how they were so abusive and stupid and insulting they cannot keep off my personal finances, both will then meet in the middle.

It is of course obvious at this stage that non can take away my career and job with media or popular culture or celebrity etc – what they have been doing therefore is physical damage that they want me to perceive as some form of social issue for as long as they need alongside those threats they issue which can only lead to outcomes where those that can beat up will not stop lapping it and those that cannot will not stop hurting themselves. It goes back to the central case about them stupid boo boys and boo girls; I was spotted years ago and chased about because I had talent and people wanted me to share what I knew, eventually I wrote a Book and their problem now is not just that they will be required to buy, it is also that others beside themselves may want to buy it, so each time I make up those civil rights excuses for the destruction and vandalism they cause here the bank balance has an opinion that says I am lying and that the balance is what they are really doing as nastily as they possibly can. The story about their need to do my career and job and Public life of course of which has now led to this stage where they say I hate everything while reality is rather that they have placed my person and property in a condition where rules do not apply as per what people might do with it on account their insulting and rotten to the core stupidities have plans and will never be free of me a cracked up out of my league needs to get off my Books as well.

They claim to have gotten used to most of it of course which is difficult to locate how people get used to this idea that I have all these problems because people need to show me what it feels like when others have something I do not i.e. the financial problems that is. What really happens of course is a matter of everyday that goes by where I have to deal with these sorts of nonsense and a depleted Book sales because they are playing the practical jokes which achieve it for them and not a matter of market conditions or my own incompetence as such, making their own bad smells at the Office on account they were making time to invent stupid things they can do on my career that they will find amusing as community, talking nonsense now about how they would lose their minds if they stopped it because they got used to I, wherefore I believe it would be apt if they un-got used to it too. they do bellow those two part threats; one to do with how I need to fight them asap and not let it tarry which is simply the one where they have gotten to where they put me as well and so the behaviour exhibited from there will never lay down plans for what they will complain about in future too – the other being that my attitude jeopardises the jobs of people who get along with me, which is utter nonsense; it started years ago when the problem with their employees and colleagues was that I got along and they did not know me; so they are always free to start again and find out what I will do again as well, considering it has since grown into a choice for them of Court Members having jobs while I do not or I having a job while they do not.

Firm British Chambers of Commerce Property Assets & Book sales Assets written out in Functional Aesthetics 


The general behaviour of finances and investments are going to be determined by the actions of the media is the mystery continues to be upheld that such things as advertisement which suggest that people buy products if they are shown to have expressed enough done on my part to provide people with privileges through them when all I have done is broker securities that companies comply with to provide them what they need is actually what an advertisement should be especially when the excuse for it is that of what modernisation for our times and a process of not doing yourself worse off has become. Noting also that the way the media idiots that do it has more to do with the condition where companies open float their affairs to attract shareholders who buy shares and provide funding for a profit, which somehow makes for board meetings that becomes their opportunity to vouch for advertisement contracts which are paid for with enough millions that ensure when Companies do not comply with what they want and stay away from those they demand should be isolated and abused for riches, then they can deploy the money and take over the firms and companies anyway and do the advertisement the way they want to do it. It does nothing but set the stage for a reckoning after I have had so much of my time spent on showing me how to leave on meagre resources while fulfilling a government office, in which condition I have nothing to loose if I feel like handling their cities and offices in within the same prognosis of behaviour as well. This is not to say that I do not know that the Literary Empire and its global Intellectual space and the Equities brokered in it is perfectly safe and that people can see that through the products no matter how the advertisement is arranged, it is to say that these facts must be made obvious and that no body would tolerate such advertisement as that which determines whom people get involved or associated with as well as determines I have by royal property done enough t provide people with enough privileges through the products if they buy them. Hence the state of affairs of the general question around the world of what it is the media can do if I do whatever I like with them. Its like when they say I am obsessed with work while I have not yet attained a condition of just getting about the business of selling Books due to their involvement and interference and then the coward name calling, richly of course from goons whose self confidence depends on Money - it sits in the same par as the part where I never push anything into a Lawsuit because it will make me look like stupid Men craving the Limelight if I can fight the World's Media and create my own Public crisis in that way as well, then watch them have whatever they want in that way.


Business security is located around the matter of the complete and utter demise of fame freaks arrangements and their tourism economy from which the vandalisms are possible.

I always on it get reports on the media of one thing after another chewing away at my earnings at my market place at the hands of some audacious fool, which most of the time ends up with the creation of a lot of destruction and meaningless nonsense which is then used to explain what my business stand for and to replace my books with others, mostly written by stupid girls at the market place, hence stifle my income by earning it to create me more problems and book sales, hence my job which is course is naturally purely satanic as well, although I do not mention so often. I do not view it as something I should react to. The reason for this, is that if I want to behave badly I will get drunk and then ay myself in the middle of a busy road to be arrested by the Police over a public order offence but when women behave badly this is what they do, pillage the lives of important and famous men, hence mind blowing when the fools get to tell me that I am not famous at the same time as well and therefore not something that should be considered in the context of a mans world, except that the damages being used by fools that have sex with them to do to my life and livelihood means that the worlds biggest idiots live in the US and have no fear for anything in their stupid lives, while the ones in the UK will soon have to get to answer the question of whether I will have to gather funds to do something about it or not. It is in no means a matter I will leave to fester until I am too old to do something about it, considering that a less well known fact about it is that they do it on account they think that bullying others is pleasurable and funny and love to think of it as something planned desired and therefore when they see people they think to be targets entitled. It is so important to them that they will never attend school unless they have such victims or hate victims. So on the matter of obligations they have to attend school and get a degree with which to get a job and not pillage my personal life and now my business to earn my income being rich and famous, we have such things as claims with posters and videos and whatever have you, of somebody standing in the way of their progress, which gets to also mean that their parents have therefore reacted by laying down the gauntlet, hence taking over the right where they usually go to ensure they progress with nothing unless they steal it and so their future now lies on the left where the persons entire life is, mostly referring to me and it is funny at my guts with a big mouth. The endless creation of situations that a dangerous for me and also funny and filthy in my guts and all over me like the prognosis of gangs and street murders, is that they find it funny but I am not going to form gangs in which I can trap their filthy beauties and murder them as well because bearing in mind they know I will want to get to a place where I ensure everything single thing I do puts them in a dangerous situation, hence are out again which is going to waste even more of my time, seeking out conditions where they ensure I either cannot or that when I do so that bullying those that were born for it is not funny, so they might have secrete societies with powers others cannot see and stupid girls that have their own secrete societies and powers and therefore feel they can take other peoples income if they want to please whenever they feel like it, hence touching me or my property will not take a turn for the better yet, it might make no sense, I have a better alternative.

A view which is also little known to them is that if I wish to deploy theirs to prepare mine for the purpose of hurting them, I am not of the opinion it is how their parents raised them and therefore the conjecture that even if it is, I do not have to put up with it whatsoever.

What I have therefore done to them so far is completely wreck that stupid culture and now I have taken over the left and will use it in trust to fix any further damage done to my stuff and will therefore deploy the position to make it impossible for them to impress their stupid friends in this country or anywhere near it. So the meaning of the old question of whether they want to stop or I do need to.


The question of the relations between media and Politicians being too close of which I must have some part to play in, with regards to which I must explain myself, is not that which I have considered to be novel. It is a long standing issue that we are not living in a world where we really get to see the media for what it really is, we seem to love the shrouds on our faces with respect to that. I for my part know that the media is a place where there exists things and individuals that you would never have imagined there existed at all. I mean, when somebody gets off to tell you that something he has seen you buy with your own money belongs to him, you may think he is joking normally but with respect to media, he is not when he can stand on public Television to do whatever he or she likes. This is really what to expect from the media and the big problem has always beena  group of Politicians that are fond of making sure that it is what people do when they hurt me, that they get to put down as history that will determine the future nature of their conduct; if this were not to be happening, then there would be no problems, as long as they are, it is not clear why people should not expect problems. It is not to say that they are a huge or a problem for me, they are not. I and the way I relate with media is that there are people I know or relate to there and then there are other still that I have always been warned an Arch Prince is not to get involved with, so have I always been aware they are poisonous. I mean for example, everything I write here and do hwere is my job, the difference between such a fact of reality and what is happening on the grounds in the streets is that I am being covered by evil temperaments incase anybody wants to work their distant facisms on me when they wish and with respect to my business itself, it is a process of being trapped somewhere into dealing with problems feverishly and so therefore the main problem that has emerged is how I will convince people to buy my books out of teh goodness of their heart when the very deed of touching any of my property inspires them to I.P. admiistration successes anyway, hence therefore concluded this is not a real business. In reality however I am a Christian and the truth is that I do not wish to be aware or be made aware of any of their problems, therefore anything I have been made aware or forced to be aware of in the past is all in the past now and it could never have been successfully contrived that Intellectual Property Adminsitration is the real me but it is however evidence of how far these fools have gone to strip me of myself so far.

So the important fact remains therefore that bearing in mind insults which have to do with how I wish to speak of economy without doing Politics because I think I am Royality and one thing or another, is never likely to diminish, it would never be a business, unless I was taking steps to ensure that the only way it operates was by making it impossible for them to do anything to hurt any Politicians in order to bend politicians to their will.


On the matter of race issues, I should mention, it is important to get a life; what you do with Politicians and what you do with businesses should be kept completely separate at all times or you will end up when you do not go for it, in a place which is the dark side, where Politicians gobble on one side and Criminals gobble on the other. Except of course, unless you are completely certain you want nothing to do with the world of Politics and or the world of business. They do it all the time; their wives think they are head witches and they think they are as tough as bricks and there are the stupid insolent media to make up a process where they are more important than people with as well. The economic crisis will explain everything of course but everybody knows they are deeply incompetent idiots all across the west - the Politicians, the media, every one of them and as it stands the air they breathe is not my books while I tell them they cannot use it yet, so the copyrights and markets will be in tatters every single day with that big mouth. Of course they tell me I am an extremist and that it is the life that extremists live; I suppose the Christian bashing has come to that in the end anyway, I think what I said earlier does it for my part i.e. while the air they breathe is not yet my books while I tell them they can never use it, they will not clear off and move on in hell apparently they will think they are better bullies with enough explanations to last a life time too if they want, totally self confident too by the way. Otherwise I would say if that was not enough, they need to stop being so irresponsible and I have not begun enforcing an alternative yet apparently (Typical example; a stupid girl wants to be famous and so she gets help from an even more stupid man with money to spend and since then on cannot get off my earnings because she wants to be rich and famous and therefore believes she should be running information errands between me and some violent part of society, to bring to life all the times I have the right to attend to a day job without having to deal with and then seek freer society at the other end; this is what I mean they need to stop being irresponsible and that I have not yet begun to enforce my own regime so they might want to stay as far away from the book sales as it has got nothing to do with them ). It is generally said what I say gives away much about me and therefore affects my work and earnings adversely but I cannot see that because of the way I handle my affairs i.e. when people realise my books would be of great help to their government especially diplomatic work but then decide what they want instead is access to my privacy and the marking out of things in it that I myself will acknowledge belongs to them, then I am supposed to play up my own part as well bearing in mind he or she could have spent more time on the job instead of spending more of their time and my time doing that and so as far as I am concerned it is always a huge big bet on whom the time wasting will bother them most.

THE B.O.E. FINANCE AND GROWTH STIMULUS - Year Date of action and Property Equity security record: 2012

There are three groups of people that stand out on this matter. They are the Popular culture music industry, the Politicians and the get rich quick freaks. For the Popular music industry, they tell me I love to assume being what I am not and then love to provoke them attacking their livelihood, which anybody would be stunned they have got the effrontery to say with a big mouth. The fact remaining that they think my Royal Estate Equities are their plaything and so therefore need to build up the global fame I can use whenever I please as well, so that it might be possible for them to deploy their luxury stupidities for once to the idea of how difficult the work really is and more so what it is like to have people interfere and use for the purpose of cutting them off from their finances. The other is the Politicians who consider the economic issues as a route to wealth grabbing. It is the old story of how they want me to go out there and fight for something to build an empire so that they can get rich but there is always the big question of how it really works of course i.e. I have spent so much time trying to educate them about the truth that it is a matter of the fact every single business and enterprise in this country has the propensity to travel around the world on the security that the UK Government has provided them, and this is one of the most important determinants of growth and recovery. What the Politicians are doing, is going around sharing the security, those they share it with do not know what it is, all they know is that it feels good. To which their political idiots always get to tell me I speak in such ways but oppose US plans for globalisation. I have no idea for my part what the so called US plans for globalisation was supposed to have been. All I know is that the US is full of idiots, especially black ones, who think that the function of anything they are supposed or meant to do is to be based on what I have done and how they have dominated it and I cannot stand such nonsense in anyway whatsoever - so it has simply developed an outcome which suggests they love to have their backs to the wall, so they can try their hands on being dangerous. The get rich freaks finally tell me that they have no idea how I propose to spear head economic recovery when I will not let people get rich, for me this means they they do not yet realise that running banks when 40% of peoples saved up money disappears is theft, they think it is enough to say that it is a matter of economic conditions and crisis. The question remains of where the money must have vanished to and how? For them on the other hand, it is not clear how they propose to get rich and with what now that the money is not there except their own money. I have made it clear to some people they will need to check their attitude and then maybe when they do, people will buy their stuff and they will be rich, I personally could not care less.   

I know people generally feel they have located things I have done which their leaders feel as though they want to be the ones that do but I for my part have been prepared for the work I do now and have been for sometime; prepared enough to fill in the blacks on the economic crisis and try to see to that people buy my books even if they do not like it, to pay me for the job, so I would like to see what they have been prepared for as well before they mess up my stuff again and wind me up while I start all over again as it were. I have always maintained these are really stupid people but it is the irresponsibility that exists in a completely separate league all together. The idea I need favours from their Politicians beats me all the time; I mean they know Christians do not do secrete societies and cults and evil cultures anyway so I could never get my head around it. I don’t know how to say it – maybe I should say something like, what do you do after your job which is probably the only moral thing you do in their entire life i.e. work for money instead of steal it, binge drink, sleep with women, seek people to impose who sadomasochism on? I don’t do these things; my church does not allow me to take Coffee even and I do not have any mistresses to sleep me and besides I am not so messed up that people can play around with me for sport in an evil city where they have somebody to lay their problems on for fun and so when they make out I need to get ona stage and dance and sing their problems away to get paid a celebrity money they need to look at it from my point of view where I hate everything they like and they have civil service to mess people up with about which they have never won a fight around here even when they get hundreds of thousands from the treasury and wreck my book sales so I might live on benefits and would absolutely not like the idea of being in a place where I choose which one stays and which one goes because the process of female journalists taking over the powers of the civil service while I do such things on the ground at the fundamental level will never be a pretty sight either. I am not so messed up people play with me to take the pressure off society either, the truth is that matter of media and fame freaks have a problem and you know it is the problem you were meant to have which you now have to solve for everybody in a condition where they are superior to you and that is always before they complain all I do is aimed at making sure things are not done in a political way. So I am not giving back that stupid left so I can do problems away for media and fame freaks to find out what they will do, they on the other hand threaten violence on one hand and then on the other tell me what I claim is not supported by what happens during their parties because they suppose you are referring to something else when you mention fame freaks. In any case its all very well to complain of discrimination but they know and they know I know that each action taken with those stupid cultural wickedness in my direction are designed to harm me, so that if I make mention of it they make their devils noise about doing my stuff for me and whether I was not going to be scared of their power. Having academic work and finances damaged so people can have the satisfaction of getting into my personal life to do these things with claims going on as well that they are tapping emotional and psychological management, peace of mind and beautiful introvertism that was stolen from them by me and sometimes even make out that they know I didn’t steal any such thing but that I had simply provoked them by proposing to keep my beauty to myself instead of share it so people can use it for their stuff as well, so it should never be a far fetched reason for seeking to handle the health and well being of Politicians in the same way as well; I mean what would anybody do in my shoes?



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