Why don’t people ever have explanations that have nothing to do with the truth for the fact when people see others at a time and worse so at a time when there is an economic crisis, they have decided to get help from Politicians and to ruin them financially so that those they ruin might have to start all over again, so they can copy and tell lies about who ruined who when they are powerful enough to change facts in peoples minds with money and knowing of course that people cannot stop trying or fighting because they have no alternative job, they are also planning to ensure after they had copied, that they then make sure those they have ruined are the ones that does not have it while they who ruin people are the ones that do; which leaves so much behind for their jobs and other people's job since it is not a fight they are likely to win with the fact they are stupid-while making plans to ensure there is no fact to support this by keeping their jobs safe through selling power to Politicians? Besides which is the fact they started it like this 3 years before the economic crisis itself and are still doing it during the Economic crisis.

Obviously they want to get rich so when they see people's property, they will never rest until they have used it to spice up their sex lives and thereafter, when people deal with the problems associated with it, using that their stupid rich man's attitude that comes when they are stuck because they are stupid and have also got an attitude to match, set out to be the world's greatest envy freaks that actually own what belongs to others based on those who believe their lies. They are not currently dealing with the filthiest Polygamists in the world yet as it were, despite their friendship with America. What they think is that they will mess up One's Business with their problems and continue the whole mess game, the when he starts of restarts they take up from there game that they keep going for as long as possible with lies and demands for civil rights at the same time, with a large gob and have already realised like they are still realising things at their age, which they used the war in Iraq to on HH's earnings that there are more things to realise.

Of course they are country men, will ruin anybody to ensure the millionaires in their age group have more money they have not earned in a real sense because they are planning to be nice to those to get some of it and no sooner than usual do have access to HH's Books without paying for them because they are very cultural people trying to discipline him for living where they cannot be seen. It has been One's intention to let them do that.

For it is never clear what Politicians protect Media and Financiers for, when all they need is to provide good products to compete with the rest of the world and do not have to spend up to 90 minutes before they had access to Capital and somebody that is 100% guaranteed to boy a product (they already bailed out these people to the tune of billions in tax payer funds, they are owing billions still in the name of the tax payer and it is not clear whether they do think about giving the money back at all). So it must be deduced that the function of their actions is to locate people whose lives they wish to completely destroy no matter how unjust or indeed impossible, bearing in mind most have fully developed Careers and are mostly more intelligent than they are, to ruin to show others they are not to be messed with and it is not how reality operates.

I for my part am not really interested in very much, just the initial promises that Politicians made on the economy, when they first got into office or campaigned to get elected, it is always the only reliable ones, except exceptional efforts are made towards others and must be squeezed for all it is worth. I have therefore had these ones securitised and the facts deployed here, otherwise we will never be able to recover, only to rebuild and that is by far, a lot more expensive.

It is important to note the factors of foolish men who own families they love to show off, the scandals they brew which becomes intense enough to determine what other peoples lives are to become, if their children are insolent enough, financial vandalism and pornography which they expect everybody to take part in except themselves. It is not necessarily a serious crisis at this point because I have always placed the issue at the top of priorities, it should only be noted, how little the American government is prepared to do about it and what this means for the global economy and how such similar things in Europe seem to have free range to get around to anywhere they want to because Politicians think their activities are amusing. I have always considered ignoring their existence as it has nothing to do with me or my work, or my life or indeed my royal commission as such but only with the way western Politics operates but of course their existence is another asset of lucrative vandalism for their women, which of course is the standard by which the companies that do get into trouble over it will be measured.

The matter of the location or creation of some important peasant however about which they soon complain about access that extremists have however is supposed to have been much the same as the provisional disposition of socialism itself, which means that anybody who does anything of good intention or which involves helping people is either stealing from them, stealing their careers or needs to be led, the result is always that you need to be a person of considerable skill, knowledge and success to do things and more so especially in difficult circumstances, without committing crimes and therefore when you have had enough of the insults there is no other way to go after it.


Now it is regularly suggested that the economy of the UK is having a bad time due to my lack of respect for Politicians, this I am aware of; the fumbling and the games that hand over British interests, especially those at my property work and office to Asians mostly to play around with. It is one of those matters about which I am aware that being lukewarm on leadership can lead to very serious problems and so it will eventually lead to a process of telling the Prime Minister to stand aside as though I am not saying it in order to take over. It was one matter to complain the US sees our economic success as drawing too close to their position about which they have now taken over the problems and have ended up with the Chinese as the runner up for example among others but quite another for such cloak and dagger insolent vandalism that they are notorious for, which gets people to hurt them over National Interest and security apparatus destruction and I gather are used on get along with other people who are weak at the most unexpected point as though this is their own lives or work or property as it were. It is very annoying when they do it with things that are not their property of course but they simply view it as something they do because they are not being respected.

The nature of the crisis is not understood by the Politicians it seems i.e. that the new powerful developing economies have come to the deduction that other peoples National Interests are for the taking; it is serious of course but must be considered with its own merits too i.e. they are perhaps reeling on the hangover of being unsuccessful for a long period and then suddenly being thrown into the lime light, so we must look to the security matters in what I suppose it a tentative manner and of course take care of the trouble makers too and that will be done properly to create or allow a definitely world to exist, when the US government puts an end to the habit of sleeping with absolutely anybody, for the British one, they are not going anywhere that quickly yet. It should be mentioned therefore that the media vandalism are done as recognition that Industries are aware that the only way to ensure their equitable communities have any kind of security or are occupied by normal people and happy children, is if their products at any stage of making a public appearance is linked with this Company and the personal life of the CEO (please refer to emporium for admin updates). It is therefore also understandable why Politicians will feel it is perfectly okay to fund these vandalism with the public purse and the use of quangos on being aware the tax payer will not necessarily support it: so of course their love for female misogyny, parts of the economy that are run by reputable people on one hand and goons in shun shades with girls on their side who want to go on Holiday which is particularly destructive for the Housing market, Money freaks and the destruction they wreak for attention, such as access to Ones personal life and books and followed up declaration of what they want or else which is to be expected from communities of get rich quick idiots who consider themselves to have emerged from industries and money freaks doing fame and fortune, never wanes in the slightest, consequently the same can be said of HH his behaviour with respect to his property and the idea of people handling his property, especially businesses run by idiots who are convinced what he owns will be theirs and dream thus all the time, thinking their business or enterprise really was that big. 

They seem to be completely taken by this idea of setting off conversations about it on media and that is of course because they think the conversations are likely to go anywhere or go far as it were, when all can see that the real issue is a group of people who belong in a certain community that is said to have emerged from the existence of successful enterprises i.e. successful enterprises are owned by people who have children and those children have sex with people and those children have friends and those friends can do whatever they like with other peoples property; people have parties, they have vandalism of other peoples property for riches and fame, people have fame they have cultural and powerful notoriety and I have made it clear the only way they want to be fans of my work is that each time they talk about it results in a process where they are creating their own fame, savaging my finances and making themselves rich with the liquidity aspects of my business but all they want to do is sing songs about it and tell stories about it on media to sell music CDs, chase ratings and of course get rich and famous and I cannot stress it enough that I do not want them or to see them talking about my work any more no matter how famous it gets. 

And it is not just them but their Politicians as well; for those its largely a matter of as I like to put it, wearing flash suits to get around with colleagues at the international community, where they decide that I am the illiterate Statesman who lives in a Country where this is no regard for achievement or due process and things are done through social class meddling in their affairs, hence ask their girls and stupid women to make pornography about me which portrays me as such and shows me what my real mates look like, so that when I get hold of and twist them like so as well they turn out to seek more suggesting themselves to be incredibly wise by so doing. The truth in the end is that these are all a collection of certain group of civil service idiots that perpetually have a misogynistic desire to hurt people with the civil service and two things have emerged from their imposed relationship with me therefore; one of them is that people generally think the worst thing that could happen is if I were to get a job and pay taxes in a condition where everything they do is aimed at making sure politicians get big companies to pay taxes and then hands them some of the treasury money so that there can be equality, thereby which they exclude other people and of course their friends never cease to cheat people out of a livelihood for things that are as insignificant as the fact they are fans of a different way of life from what exists in the UK, or the existence of the Monarchy means they can do what they like which has led to the trouble between me and them we have today and the next prognosis will be based of claimed of being able to push my boundaries therefore and so if you take a peek at the small business community; Bathroom manufacturer distributor for example storage boxes maker for example etc, those communities now exist in a condition of absolute hopelessness with no let up at all whatsoever while people tell me that there are things others would not hold against them if they could not do but they decide to get involved with and use the mess they make to mess up the lives of those who can is connected with their civil rights; its the reason I confiscate that stupid left of course – media idiot and fanatics have problems and I know media idiots and fame freaks are not supposed to have problems with a big mouth. It is the book sales at this company and the refusal to keep clear of it that will be their undoing because of course it is also impossible to see why they do it anyway.




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Firm C.B.I. Property and Book sale Assets Written out in Functional Aesthetics 


The general idea is that it has become more profitable for people to consult shrines that evil women keep for the purpose of collecting strengths and career prospects from younger people to accord them the respects of older people that know how to get linked to the cultures of the land; the prognosis is that if I were to spend a lot of time on a process of setting out a means of making sure that the idea of respect does not apply to Politics and business people, so that the workers of these evil cultures can then get to make their own interpretations about their lives which becomes a sub culture that can be handed over to somebody else, technically they were born into the world first and I will be financially worse off and therefore there would never have been a point to it – this is the most outstanding property and finances threat at present, not some economic conditions that have not been foreseen. It should be seen therefore that my position with regards to the National liabilities created by clowns in the business world and their games of wealth distribution and politics and society should not get funding from Banks has been misconstrued into many meanings but it is rather easy for that to happen when Banks are not listening to the Chambers of Industry who can verify the position of the businesses they are giving their credit to, hence the need for more co-operation and less International vandalism, masked mostly as an inability to understand an absence of privilege based on personal financial worth.


CBI 2010 (25th October 2010) ®

The facts about the previous government is as follows: We Leaders and Parents sometimes look backwards before we look forwards-but what we got as a result of doing so was a collection of idiots who conspired to unleash their community fools and violent idiots on us, to push us down all the way because they were being corrupt, they can cultures to whip people with as well, finding ways of explaining their problem away with other people's jobs which gives them the skill of hurting people to make money, while electing the idiots who helped them with it into public position, so that they can ruin everything to have power; from work practices, to Health, to education, which brought about the recession they blamed on Banks that they were bombarding with Con activities too and now what HH has denied them is the opportunity to find out what they need to do to get themselves into Arm-twisting positions, once we have from now taken some 20 to 30 years to recover from this crisis and One now has trouble selling his books which are as an economic necessity as a result and is now supposedly because of the need for Political leadership being steadily lumbered by another set of vile, lewd, violent trouble makers who know how to live off the perks of other peoples jobs with the media, which is incredibly insulting.

Now we have a Coalition government; and those affiliated to it think they have got it all in the bag for their share this time around; the money that can only be made when somebody is suffering, for which HH will and therefore giving up body fluids in the process one way or another for their perversions before others gets jobs otherwise no body will, which has led to this condition where they are all of them including the above set of Politicians getting into the love of telling HH that having been that they do it to him to get rich and he writes books which hurt them to try and get rich, he must understand it is wishful thinking on his part, through their insolent Political colloquialisms-as according to them, that will never happen. Whereas in actual fact what One's challenge really is, is that the Monarchy does not allow him to make evil money and so he must overcome this to ensure he has victory for normalcy which he already does too. However make money by hurting them he will, especially those of them that are connected to the Monarchy or claim to be, as they love to tell people HH am their shrine for wealth and glory and get off on public television to create conditions where they can hide somewhere he cannot reach them to demonstrate it, which of course is  one of those challenges anyway. 

It is always their opinion that One am worried about something or another when he has actually been shown enough times on the contrary, what to do when a person has found a way to get their hands on people's property, even as a perception that other people think about, which has no bearing to reality and so get to consider what it really means and then make them fight for something so that those who have their hands on people's property can bask in the comfort of spending it on themselves and for this reason he has gained access to their culture, society and community relations on one hand and their evil stupid businesses he has always told them he does not wish to see on his intellectual property because he needs to earn money as well from his job and successes whether or not they have stupid powerful problems-which to ensure the economy is functioning in reality to bring about recovery that they fight against while trying to control all the jobs because they are stupid and think their age means no body can say that with a big mouth, now has to do some difficult work to ensure they are real successes on existent successes in order to earn from one on the other; hence is certainly not bluffing when he says people do business in this city and in this country his way not how they want.

Clearly One cannot have five minutes of rest even from the excitement of having completed an important task due to these behaviours (and it began with being relevant and disobedient at the same time against my wishes to his leadership, after abuses on his right after which they got privilege of injustice from Politicians to keep their evil quality of life, that also depends on others looking for trouble-not what he can do obviously but what he does not want to give looking for trouble, not what he do but what he does not want to give up but end up giving up anyway with a big mouth), all because somebody swoops in through public television and sends HH on another with insolence and perceptions that are not true and tells his community relations idiots to have a go as well, while he or she gets away with it and tries to become an important man of his generation; and guess what? As it applies keeps the Lion share of everything HH has achieved as well with their insults from where they are as it were too and is therefore already hard at work keeping him from the perks of his job, trying to preserve and prospect theirs and earnings from HH's books with media-before they suddenly decide that while they want to keep it that way, they suddenly want to get off and concentrate on their own businesses thereafter, on account they need money too, which when is too late politicians make up arguments about the oppressions of the upper class for them, which they must have by now clearly had time for obviously.

One usually refuses to worry about it because this is a free market which operates on the structures of who has money to invest in the immediate term, so that he can just go off and get a job instead too like everybody else but keeping him unemployed so that evil perversions might bring wealth through church means he is being made desperate and forced to achieve things and do so all the time because he works harder the more his successes fail to bring him financial benefits which is soon becoming a habit for them, when it has never really happened save media perceptions and Politicians looking to confiscate other peoples personal lives, so people can get the lion share from One's work as he does it expecting no consequences because they want to enjoy life, which suggests it is not a good thing which it isn't (HH has already come through from a scramble for his life itself begun by black women, won over and brought to the world's stage by black men who lost to whites because they are cowards and unfathomably stupid). We have given a decade to this contraption and they have dragged us into a War in Iraq for their sake hidden behind National security for a Nation they wish they did not belong and protested about it as well at the same time but are none the wiser still after all that, over the fact it has not formed any political discussion nor have they become Royalty.

So they want a War for economic stability for their own sakes on this matter and that is what they will insolently "older than everybody" get. So one is geared to ask his people to trap those their community relations and cultural idiots in the worst areas of their evil cultures as they come up with it and has already had his hands on people's businesses the world over because they will not leave alone his property and is going to live off the Lion share of it, bearing in mind the violence is a call to corruption which they have worked out before forcing people into as well and for One's health those their stupid cultures, they will pay with all that is important to them and with their earnings as too.


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