I have been informed that I am learning lessons associated with messing with seriously free idiots and Liberal USA but it’s hard to settle which kinds of lessons I am learning over their stupidities anyway; we all know the cause of all their problems is that they followed me around to chase money over my public image at University, wrecking academic work in the process while passing their exams to conduct tribalism raids on my public image and career but we how now also reached a stage where there is me and there is them and there is the bashing which their families and daily concerns are completely excluded from, so it’s very difficult to locate why reason does not appeal to their stupidities at this point. It’s never really a problem for me as it is rather clear that there will be no issues with society gits when getting imagination up my bum because I am not responding to insults associated with grooming me into making sense of what passes on their left hand side and right hand side while they got to pull me in either direction does not happen. There will be no trouble with culture idiots if chasing me around to seek money on my daily concerns had stopped and there will be no trouble with Celebrities if they were not handling me and issuing threats at me at the same time. So for the society bits, we see they are a handful of gits whose issues never improve if I don’t act in a way that affects their finances, the culture ones will get from wrecking my academic work, claiming I am running their lives when I don’t want them peddling my faith, personal life and public image, to building whole communities that exist to get imagination up my bum, hence a problem that can be solved when I completely destroyed the popular culture as well – while the Celebrities can only continue to threaten and insult and abuse so we might progress to an existence where there is no future in which their stupidities were famous people. I do wonder if this is the lesson they think I am learning from messing with them – what we do know as a matter of certainty however is that the insults and threats continue while the complain about me runs on a global stage all together, while their Politicians operate hand in hand with the goons who facilitate their own government office gimmicks that is set to decide what I said because I cannot look after my bum and we have done the bits about being attacked over the smell for a decade now without any violent results, so I do believe it’s time for me to move on as well and if they want to get from a bunch of idiots who spend time thinking about handling people that will add up to acquiring a full time job and thereby having two jobs at a time, to goons that are prepared to chase and receive advice, then I would say if they want to get on as well, they might want to think about learning how to leave me alone as it were. We can see that neither their families have gotten a feedback on these behaviour nor have their daily concerns been interfered with the way they make a mess of mine, so it’s difficult to say what motivates them into blowing off their big mouth like these but I am certain at this stage that I have run out of time for it too.

The rest will be the sociopath fools that are really the motivating factor behind such outcomes as will see me completely wreck that Celebrity and popular culture as well, over their need to handle me – we see that half the time their stupidities are seeking out what respect should be in terms of those that have money at my expense and then their equally foolish young people will run off some LGBT that involves the idea that they want the same things from me and if they got attacked by these idiots I will get into trouble, in a short while the threat was a process where both were living the high life with the Celebrities in the sky scrapers, had taken something important from me and were doing talk to the hand routines associated with money they have recently made, which is going to make me blindingly annoyed enough to be distracted from what I am doing again and will explode in their faces too. It goes without saying I am going to completely wreck it over their need to handle me and blow off that big mouth about me learning lessons from going up against them like so all the time. As for the idea I think I am do much, that will run up to the stage where I eliminate everything that racism and civil rights have helped them build into the idea that we share the same existence and then I will ask them to blow off that big mouth again one more time – their Celebrities working the civil and criminal disobedience that facilitates the parties they have from making a mess of the livelihood every time I have had it figured out, are simply the reasons I am learning how to get myself between them and their bank accounts, so I might tell them what to do, have sex and fun too. The industry bits say the more I talk my valuable equities is the more they will exasperate me to get more but as I have mentioned, it’s looking for somebody that will show them and their communities what they have built out of the get rich without work gimmicks as well. It eventually becomes an education on the reasons people end up in prison, since finding a viable alternative to beating them each time they realise that such behaviour exhibited towards peoples livelihoods will leave the victims dealing with difficult situations and nausea for long periods of time but set about doing it anyway and the business of building me publicity that says when people hurt me the effect facilitates market must have been something their stupidities did because they were living on food banks. The ageist and their world have not yet provided me with answers on whom I am to bully when I am as old as they are as well, so I will be waiting for them at their retirement, when they will begin to live in the same vulnerability that younger people do.

They do claim that there is no way that I can protect myself from them naturally but it’s the same story they did yesterday that they have done today i.e. each time I sort out a livelihood, they are bound to run off stupidities that suggest they were some sort of little Kings and Queens making people understand they are very special and there are consequences associated with a process in which they did not get what they wanted. They are however no such thing but a handful of very stupid individuals that spend money on people to show when I am caused distress it improves market situation – the people they do this to have become unproductive while they have linked up the absence of work to the plan they have to get rich and are not productive either, looking like they would want somebody to show their financially well off community stupidities what they were fooling around with. They claim that they believe their careers are being threatened by me of course and yes it is; once they start engaging with my Bookshop in a legitimate way, I will give them their space but if they don’t and I happen to run out of time to plan myself a good pension, I will burn their own as well. It has not stopped and carries on like that every day – it’s the actual leveraging of Communities which they want to take from me all together and are always seen showing up in Public places to talk wealth and social inequality at me over claims they must get imagination up my bum to make me do something about it, as if I am naïve of what evil looks like – the entire time of which the bloody idiots have a problem with my Books and the leadership I provide which they take advantage of to improve their earnings is the source of most abuses they throw at me too, as stupidly as possible; such that when I say it so, it becomes clear my Books help with wealth and social inequality and their business of messing with it makes the issue worse, so they have eventually gotten to make me live my life the way that I was supposed to – the reality is that wealth and social inequality works in terms of those who build it being a bunch of idiots that come across some money at some point between the age of 18 and 65, which money I can earn as well bearing in mind that my method of coming across money was developed on a plan – so the effect is that women give birth to them and give birth to me and the way we operate brings about balance, while their stupidities only serve to chase money around other people’s career and academic work, to wreck it and pass their exams in school, then find their whole life depends on getting all over what is left of it to pass life changing insults on Media – so it is going to engage with my Bookshop in a legitimate way and keep its comments somewhere else, or it will have to get the whole thing figured out, if it shows up here to threaten me for any reason, I would do what I can to ensure it ended very badly indeed as it were, the other fools playing around with smell issues are good to go as it were; they have already taken up a decade of time that I had to run my plans with between age of 18 and 65 and how badly this blows up in their faces will depend on the amount of time I have left to do the work that I needed to do for that set out time as it were. 18 to 65 – during which time you pay the mortgage and put the kids through school, save up enough money to provide your needs over a 40 year period, I have already lost a decade and a half to practical jokes performed by opinionated idiots with ideas on how I ought to exist, so I guess this is the lesson I am learning from messing with their stupidities, it will end very well and their need to ensure the public image and income margins vanish using media will be the reason for it too. They claim now that my Books have been heard in so much bad light that it’s impossible to locate how I will ever be successful with it but I have run out of time for this nonsense as we know what happens is that I had an arrangement with Celebrities I am encourage to read it, a Trust system of Companies I need to work out what I must do to assist in a Bookshop where I had created an environment that facilitates people turning up to read but their media career have grown from the destruction of my academic work to add what I am doing to what they are doing in order to make their lives more meaningful, to something of everything I do being understood as what is done in obscurity compared to the fact everybody knows who they are which comes with power and a privilege to take whatever they like, that I could really do without, more so at this stage – so the only time we have had any break from it has been the periods in which they were caught between work, family concerns and shopping, such that at the shops they did not disturb anybody because they were hurrying back to crying children etc. They claim I have settled for the abuses of culture and society trouble makers while we all know what happens with that is not supposed to be a process where they clung to my book sales, claiming the relationship with my publishers is where their own fame is located, blowing kisses at criminals on my public image, but a process of finding how to channel my energy and more so towards something that makes me money to facilitate a lifestyle and I simply don’t know what I must do to show that I don’t want anybody performing that task for me as it were, it never really applies to the sense that they will see the point of saying you will get into trouble for making cry girls that want to feed the desires of hundreds of thousands strong fan base with the work you do for a profession on media and social media but they cannot get past as single day without either doing it or trying it on until they wrecked everything they saw.

They claim this inability to get into a fight is still the cause of all my problems naturally but it isn’t, the inability to get into a fight story started around 2012 when the continued bid to take over my Court had eventually paid off – since they became successful at that however, the business where nothing I did in terms of security was ever enough had taken up a life of its own and the result is that these sort of nonsense shows up and my time keeps flowing by wastefully. The other story around it is far more annoying i.e. that I ama bum and should be more up and doing, that none understands why the Royal Family has anything to do with me, which beats the imagination all the time. I wouldn’t know anyway since it’s about the fact that Celebrities are nasty because its pornography they are pushing on others getting on my nerves all the time but what fills in my time with the wrong things goes beyond their community croons into middle management idiots who want to make money around that continued claim that I am a bum, and so hang around industrial parks building crowds that whip my anus a one bottom two bottoms three bottoms etc, that they were successful and clever enough to pass their exams while others are bums and failures – since last these idiots decided to be the managers of my response to the challenges I face, 3 years of my Bookshop time have been completely wasted and they have not paid a penny towards the bills in this place either.

I have had to explain this several times; that I handle my finances the way I do because I don’t think that setting it out on a provisional basis will help me at this Hermitage, bearing in mind the way that I handle and run it, so now I must progress to setting out that if each time I want to do something financial for myself, I end up facing barriers that famous idiots have created, there is going to be trouble for it sooner or later. I mean it’s never clear if it’s their job to worry about money when we have a central banking system in the Country anyway – we know the money is what it is because of what Government does to facilitate the big business that make huge transactions that require a legal tender and an index, which can be deferred to a future date, so why it is that people want it so much that it drives them mad and it becomes impossible for them to listen to what others are saying beats the imagination. So we see it has tossed everything I have done here out of the window for me; everything I have done to show it’s impossible to run this place by getting around with Celebrities, that it’s impossible to do it successfully with a noisy Bookshop, that it’s impossible to make it happen when I engage myself with several other things instead of just study and write every day, is now tossed out, what must happen is that I must work now to prove I am not a bum and they are never tired of doing it.

For their part they will say it’s nice I am explaining my position but I am not explaining anything to bunch of gits whom HM does not want to do business with in anyway – I don’t suppose it sounds like gibberish when I say they are famous idiots talking nonsense at me all the time then. The other part of this story is the question of how I ended up in that situation but I have not ended up anywhere – producers are usually a very different world from Celebrities and they are the ones taking all the risks for the entertainment and show business creation, the Celebrities however are usually responsible for 100% of the trouble and problems associated with it; I mean producers deployed my equities to make films that they took part in and got paid millions of currency for, so they had to ensure I was so badly treated there was no way I would walk around claiming I have been employing them, they had to make an example of me to show people they were ruthless show business operatives who lived in a world of excess and decadence, they had to make a punching bag out of me and reduce the matter to attrition – the way in which they got about that being what most will never understand as well i.e. I soon had become the character they handled and got friendly with, in order to secure the extras that came with people being mega stars as compared to normal stars etc, before it degenerated very quickly. They have now explained it as a problem associated with the fact the way I run my concerns does not allow other people access to a Public image and yes it does not since they had suggested they wanted to be more important than I am via my public image – that they would deploy my public image to be important at the stage that being important got to matter to them but were going to make it such that I was less important, so it never listens and never stops of its own accord, likely to develop into a story that is set to emerge when I get out of this place. So for now the Celebrity ones always doing something about what they claim is the bad aspects of my involvement with the Monarchy are the immediate concern; they wonder why Celebrities I am friendly with do not worry about the fact somebody has talents of the same class as they did when they were in school and while they have developed their own to be fashion models and Celebrities etc, he had developed his own as a Royal Hermit who is cash strapped and are constantly in a state of trying to do something to change what really does not concern them in anyway – so what has been happening is that they have little or no talent and have been deploying mine and my public image to make money that got them to spend every acumen associated with their Celebrity culture and the business of deploying that money to reinvest my income margins for their own concerns has grown into a serious problem, while for me it has produced at outcome where those who get involved on either side need be aware that where it concerns me, I am in charge and they are not, so when they show up here need to read what I have written, not tell me how I am to run anything around here and progress to telling me when I am wasting it.

The story gets run off repeatedly, that I spend my time working out ways to steal the mannerism by which other people talk. I don’t know why they do it, I know however that they are the ones stealing the way I talk and building crowds that will help them work out some media presence based processes of developing an existence which suggests that I stole it from them. It is all being brought about by the fact that once I was done securing my work and career from fat cats, industry trouble makers and Celebrities, another group of fools with media jobs had to build themselves a history of tackling me, that can be used to get money from the three groups of gits aforementioned; I can only therefore allow it grow into something of a way in which it can be expressed that each time they do any of the things associated with this, from insults thrown at me, practical jokes played on me to push up my stress levels and set out a stupid public disposition which says it is what my existence is supposed to look like, it had to be understood that there is a more viable alternative to beating them up being sought and I will find it eventually or they can keep off my Books and keep their Media mouths shut. They always boast that I don’t have a chance and I have no idea what makes them think that this business where racism and civil rights have helped them build up a sense of getting familiar with me to such an extent we appear to be relatives was iron clad safe, like the society gits are finding out that the reasons for their wicked behaviour towards me, which started from following me around until I dropped out of University to make use of my personality as a tool that facilitates the idea that I would be a very viable victim of financial corruption that allowed them get rich quick, to the business of build communities that get imagination up my bum which was the outcome of their involvement with some private security industry job I did some years ago, to what is now the fact they get nervous every time they see me and need to ensure that they were not, being enforced through a business of low life public transport operatives bullying me – they have now found out their stupidities will have to be explained or all ideas they have about me and my personal space will have to be abandoned. The rest of the time, it turns out that the Public security operatives are doing a fabulous job as it were.

I do get told that I have got a grip of this issue and people would like to know about it too but there isn’t a grip of anything, these are very wicked characters, the problem is that our imagination says that their activities are not things human beings should think about doing to other human beings, which is mostly just as well. It gets the imagination up my bum which hurts but my response gets it building whole communities that get imagination up my bum instead and everything we see it do is a countermeasure to this response of mine that it fears so much but the business of getting imagination up my bum is a fun that they cannot pass up, soon linked to a process of making money as a viable excuse to be allowed, helped by scum with jobs on the Media waves. Its pure wickedness and these fools with access to public ear, need to stop telling lies about it and need to stop explaining it at my expense. I mean there are other issues such as the business of sorting out a process to self-protect since it is assumed that security services are not at your beck and call as such, even though they try to ensure their services reach everybody but if you have sorted out something and kept it to yourself, it would mean you do not wish to live in a peaceful country, giving way to stories about people the security services beat up criminals to please, is out there running its stupidities like so every day and no media fool who thinks I should be getting off my career, finances and family to get into a fight on their behalf because they were superior is telling lies about it or explaining it.

What we know however is that if I have protected career and finances from industry trouble makers, fat cats and Celebrities and their media jobs serve to control me for these gits, which adds up to wickedness that is supposed to make money, which is also what the interest these idiots express at me really was, supposing I became the character through whom they found wickedness that would make them money and I came up with my own wickedness, during which process industry trouble makers took over from them, the question becomes that of the kind of society we would have ended up with as such but this nonsense generally means I cannot step outside of my door, the main reason for it being a bunch of idiots have got media jobs.

Now I am said to be vulnerable to Royals making a mess of my concerns endlessly and I probably am but they only spend their time on gimmicks associated with following the latest trend and leaving something for the sex industry, while those responsible for this disposition they have built whereby they want everything I do and say therefore want it all will pay for their part in the matter as well, they are not a threat to me, it’s just getting increasingly dirty. It’s like they also say I vulnerable to people while I am not i.e. these people are not in charge and are complaining that according to what my Books promise, their careers get wasted while I sold the Books anyway, hence I need to get into a fight but they are not in charge here, it’s either they want to read about what I had done concerning their public problems or they don’t. So as it stands, since last it was clear in 2015 when getting a private security Industry job due to years of their Politicians stopping me from defending myself from their stupidities while the support of tax payer funds that they get is an even greater encouragement to invent ideas that wreck my career every day, generally developed into an outcome where I will not be allowed a breathing space if I hadn’t taken one for myself. So since 2016 when I started pushing back new gimmicks have meant that I smell of what I ate now and am still holding a reputation for being a character whose finances do not look the part of the work that he does. They do say I am not necessarily innocent in the matter but I am not either; they came up with those ideas that I am supposed to deal with gangs and criminals while they passed exams in school, which later developed into something of building a crowd that chases my bottom, while they got to make problems for me and built themselves a media presence that took advantage of CCTV to work with FBI and CIA in the USA for the purpose of securing contents of my Books and blogs before I had published them and any response to their stupidities would be just as amusing as the Obama’s found it in the White House, entirely set out as something they can claim for their own notoriety with their media presence and since then, lumbering me with sex based insults, the relationships they got into when they built their own families and the media and social media abuses that would facilitate product sales without causing them to smell as well, had been the prove that their IQ was very high and facilitated some of the more discriminative forms of the stupidities they exhibit at my expense, looking for the responses they are complaining about. The part where it is said that the way I work makes it worse is probably so, since it’s not an easy decision to say I want to fill their minds with what I know, so each time they open their mouths at me there will be a measure of what I put in there coming out at well, meaning I don’t have to deal with too much of their stupidities and of course they can get around leaving the information where I would have liked them to, due to a need to chase my public image and put labels on me to say that I would be a profitable victim of social and financial corruption, meaning I got to treat them like animals too, so such an extent that it was all academic in practice. The threats are usually al good, just as we know this nonsense will never stop until they were rich first but it does not scare me in anyway; we all know it does that as a matter of when it was a teenage delinquent blabbing about detaching me from my public image to stag and shoot, so I did nothing about its plans to make fame and fortune with it – this is just a much bigger version of that nonsense and we know when I had removed everything that said I will lose something on getting into a fight with them, the Politicians who wreck the finances and get somebody to perform violence over my career so they might be able to communicate with bad people that can be used for other purposes, will say that I am the one posing a threat. So there is a part of them that does not annoy me I should point out and it’s the part where they buy new clothes and cars in order to be superior to me, when these new clothes and cars start to produce the same effect as the insulting comments, we have a problem.

They say I am anywhere and everywhere but I am not – it’s an old tale that we have these matters to contend with as such but for me the crucible is that the Media must not be allowed a moments peace – none who comes up with an idea to wreck your career and build a Media presence by which everything you did to recover from the damage is something they will credit to their names, destroying everything and leaving you with questions on what will happen if you then decide to move on, invent and build yourself a whole new life, with respect to the sort of activities they want to spend their time on at your expense, none makes sense of this nonsense to ensure that your days run by very quickly and you continue to keep up a reputation for not looking the part of the work that you do on the financial front, save an idiot with a media job is lending them that job to fool around with at your expense, particularly bad when it is done because you pushed away Industry trouble makers, fat cats and celebrities, once you realised that taking advantage of you was the answer to their problems. So usually the blacks fool around with racism and civil rights until they create a sense they are entitled to all you own and behave as if they are your relatives randomly on the streets, which means they are likely to get into a fight because of you – the Muslims are more interested in dragging you outside of home with problems so they might get imagination up your bum on account they think they are better men – the whites are more interested in holding you down to travel overseas and bring in black people that will serve them because you had refused to co-operate with their needs but it is the media that beats you down every day over it and hence do not deserve to be allowed a moments peace on your part as well. It’s not a decision we just reach in a whim; their abuses are usually humiliating and insulting and dirty, so I get home and come up with a plan to beat them down before bedtime as well which is not working, so I need to push it up to the part where the Celebrities are really going to start complaining about their insults and abuses and career vandalism meaning I am oppressing them with the sexual scandal that their behaviour creates which will be the least of their problems because the way they respond to it will decide what my fame became as well. They do say I do not stand a chance because I have no money which is utter nonsense as they are just middle managers that have become so accustomed to their insulting practical jokes, that not only do they behave as if they own my life and write my Books and cannot be made to buy what they own, there is also a sense that when people get employment from them, anything that looks like a budding talent since people are spending time in a world environment should turn them into tools for the market, while reality is that people get jobs from them because employees have problems – the part where they spend the money to buy cars and clothes that will make them feel superior to me does not annoy me at all because I am very well aware since I started my own practical jokes as well, they have been spending more money than they have been making. When I too am done with the evils culture and society goons want to spend time on, it needs to show up here to read what I had written, not to pretend it orders my steps.

So they say I never really believe that I am in a lot of trouble at the Monarchy but I am not – firstly, I am a Hermit and it’s the way I get around public and social morality issues which is being used to support Crown business but if people will not let it be, I will get out of a Hermitage and become an Arch Prince and they will face some very difficult situations because of it. The rest is a matter of the likelihood that the quality of neighbourhood I have decided to set up camp in, is likely to decide how much trouble I got into at the Monarchy. It’s much the same as Media saying they hate me because I talk about what I know nothing of all the time, while the buggering continues and any response which says I know about the legal studies I did and not media studies, so it’s possible this is what you were looking for or that is what you were looking for, is likely to have been a disposition which adds to the lives of media operatives to make it more meaningful. They do say it’s nice to hear that I am not significant naturally and I can understand that alongside their problem Royals, they believe that keeping up with latest trends to leave something for the sex Industry was a threat while their stupid women think they are entitled to what I own because men are expected to get into a fight and this Offered them a form of great corruption – I do want to spend my time on more useful matters, while we know their own is a history that adds up to an old story. They do say I am very bad for governmental processes because I suck up to authority which is utter nonsense. I am not aware that I do but we know I have a history of getting out of a situation where I had ended up being an interference for those in authority while what we are now dealing with is wisdom from those who cannot each time they do. So it’s always Queen does Queens role and its none of your business does not mean a thing until somebody’s head hangs on a spike – they say I think I can get away with anything which is utter nonsense, what happens is that think that if they ran off this story that I interfere when the Queen sets out punishment for people, it will eventually add up to reality, while I am very well aware HM is head of State and if she does not make such decisions none else will; that said, their activities are linked to racism and The Queen should not be allowed to do it alone, they will always go on and on, get the punishment and take it out on everybody else but then again, the clash with me is due to the fact they view me as an exit which I am not. The racism of which if one part of the world will not take up the white cause, another part of the world will do it and if Defence people broker equity with me, I end up being a tool for expanding weapons business, when asked how they plan to rectify the Global insecurity, boast about securing contract upon contract until they are the ones making some significant decision on global security, by which time I would have become their shaft and their point that I am not significant will have been established. We see the same behaviour in the USA as well where the Obama Administration completely failed to understand what the main issues were and are still hanging around with some backdoor industry leadership to continue the gimmicks they spent their time on during their stay in the White House.

I am said to be a sexual fiend who is spoiled and wants his sexual dominance all the time and its utter rubbish; what happens is that I must complete academic pursuit, I must complete some Books, the process of running a campaign for my Books while others ran an alternative campaign that involved how they got to decide what a campaign for my Books look like have left me cash strapped but I can avoid all over forms of fun save the sexual one, which is ironic since the sexual fun is what people do in private, I then goes without saying I am set to insert myself between peoples employers and their bank accounts to tell them what to do, have fun and build publicity on the processes of doing so and only then will it make sense especially to their Celebrities.


The story that I have been taught lessons by the liberal Men lingers still but I wouldn’t know about it anyway; there has been no lessons save the fact we have ended up with difficulty associated with insults they had gotten accustomed to, on account they can rely on me to do nothing about the damage done to my Books. The Liberal Men on the other hand have now developed from a handful of characters who invade my concerns to such an extent I am now fending up fools who have gained access to me all the way to my bed chamber, to a handful of goons who are always seen putting up girls and leverage somewhere to spend my work and public image on themselves, such that in my late 30s, I am still unable to control the issue of mistress characters that are entitled to my income while I got into a fight with bad people in Town because their Liberal whore activities existed. The threats are all good but they don’t scare me at all, they will only lead to outcomes in which I gave them a deadline to completely wreck my life and leave me with work at a factory or warehouse or something like that, done and finished and if they don’t get it done by that period of time all hell will break lose for them too – I mean there is a point to all these if people understand that a need to show up at the Office and have a conversation with people of their age on something they must do to damage the career of a person that is younger than they are will likely cause their victims intense distress but cannot stop showing up in Public places to express stupidities that suggest this form of abusive lasciviousness was a civil right that they had to perform. There is a point to it if the other idiots who show up in public places with the money and leverage they have with given with a media presence to blow off insults on how I have been taught a lesson, would be very well aware that should I get the above goons out of the picture, they will be the ones I round up and target for my own fun too. There is a point to this if women who work with all these nonsense understand that I can set out a stage for them to interfere with and make a mess of my concerns which they grace with Publicity that says I should be getting into a fight to make their stupidities comfortable while they entitled themselves to my career and finances one more time, should they be do keen to see what the results will likely be.

We see this nonsense show up all the time and likes to make out it’s a threat to me but these celebrity characters who have no fame whatsoever to their reputation do what they do because these goons get together to give them the money and the threat comes when they have spent every social acumen associated with being a celebrity culture goon, therefore need to add my income to their incomes in order to appear to have been making profit and when they believe I have not had enough of their insults can start to get violent over it too. I do get told I am not necessarily a full on victim but I am not, they are not making much money but spending money they have more so to buy items that help them maintain the sense they were superior to me. We see it feed into the idea that I am in trouble at the Monarchy while we know it can never go any higher up the scale of Authority if The Queen had once said I needed to stop looking like I had done something wrong and therefore deserving of punishment while they continued to insist on building me an applicable reputation – so they have reached that stage where they need do their worst or give it a rest too. Some people have pointed to factors about me which encourage them and yes there are such factors like when I do not respond to it because it is pointless to do so and does not make any sense but is no longer pointless when the destruction of my property is what they rely on me not to respond to. I have been told that handling them appears to be relatively easy for me but it is; the main issue has always been the money one and the money issue is meant to have been a habit – there is no reason I would end up with a habit associated with money if I can work for money but they rather think that I don’t have the right to plod on when I am tired because they were running my life and they are running my life on grounds that I am still in the same place they saw me years before which is sad and I am still in the same place they saw me years ago which is sad because they have not stopped following me around to put labels on me which say that I would make a profitable victim of financial corruption through which they sort out the financial problems they neglected when they spent their youth being tough; so it goes round in circles like that, getting involved with me to play daddy roles that will stop me from being in the same place they saw me years ago which is said and at the end of 2 years of doing it, my Book shop time had been completely wasted while I had ended up with fresh problems. The first time these fools ended up petitioning Politicians about my attitude, the reason was the need to follow me around like these until I could make sense of the insanity which passes on their left and right hand side, so now we have a new one – while the media fools that control me for fat cats, celebrities and industry trouble makers are an example of a collection of goons performing a behaviour which suggests that people need to find a viable alternative to beating them up. The Americans have even said I am some sort of Liberal Royal they can handle to look like they had an established Polity even when I am issuing threats like taking up that stupid civil rights and running it for them all together – the liberal royal story continues when reality is that I got off my position to establish a court of female journalists at 23 which they couldn’t stop them and cannot stop now, so the main problem is the abusive corruption of involvement has continued to such an extent they have access to me in my bed chamber while they are at work and since their families are not informed of what I have to tolerate or their daily concerns interfered with, I am the only one smelling of what I ate around here. Hence it turns out these activities are a product of mental illness which I guess is the reason they needed to get medical help not hang around issuing foolish threats at me – having been I made it simple enough to say they need to keep off my Books and stop making comments over it.

They do say I talk as if there is much I can do but I suppose since there isn’t much I can do, I must find something I can do until I locate the right thing to do. What comes to mind is the process of bullying Celebrities with sex and everything they do to recover being used to make fame for me where I have built an environment for my fans as well – members of the Public on the other hand do not show up to handle my concerns in order to feed their fan base, they show up to put themselves in charge of my Bookshop because according to what my Books promise, those who want reprisals against what I have written will have wrecked their careers while I got on to sell the Books, the more difficult choice for them being to just read what I have written from my own experiences. So, in their case I would have tended to put them in charge until they had completely wrecked their lives and then find out how the situation, I have placed them in feeds into that of the Celebrities and vice versa. They do say I need to point out what I want from them and it’s a simple process where they had stopped following me around or handling me, irrespective of whether doing so meant they dropped right down to obscurity – since a decade and a half spent handling me when they know it is a full time job to do so, negating other things that might be important cannot be justified on grounds they may peddle my faith, personal life or public image to make money later on, people do not end up with money they have not worked for just like that, it is an evil thing. They have always said this disposition was amusing but I agree as well, it is meant to be, however which most of the time it isn’t – like when they say I am the cause of it since the Politicians and the Media now have history on my case and are no longer telling lies on their behalf that can help them claim my work as their own with a Media presence; something they have clearly learned from the Germans where small people who defend themselves from big bad people are making trouble for everybody, not doing what they do to look after themselves which feeds into the jobs of public security operatives and does not work as something people keep to themselves if they want to live in a peaceful Public areas and when they fail to control big bad people it’s not their fault, whereby local security was in the hands of some people overseas, even though such people lived overseas. It is meant to be amusing but most of the time it is not since they will be left visiting on me the fact they spend most of their time slapping girls panties, on account I took from them their fashion and celebrity connections.

It is easy for me because I am not a fan of what they spend most of their time on as such, I spend most of my time making sure the work I need to do to provide a life set out between 18 and 65 have been done or prepared and now they are giving me so much trouble, I am having to settle for lesser and lesser time in which to get it done – since their families are not aware of this because I do act in ways that spare them the facts and the daily concerns of those engaged in these nonsense is not interfered with by myself, fair to say that if I have time issues, I will certainly run my life on their stupid wallets for it and since they are not looking a criminal or a terrorists, there is a 100% guarantee that I will get away with it, no such thing as being taught any stupid lessons, now that it is still in their hands to make sense of their insults as they do not pay a penny of the bills that get paid in this place, need keep off my books and keep their mouth shut where my career is concerned. I am just as British as most of them are, we have no respect for peoples personal space in the UK, we like to say that a writer for instance will want his peace and quiet to a point where he thinks he is the Monarchy for instance but then again the perpetrators are as British as the victims, so we have also reached a point where they now need to make sense of their push comes to shove they will be better off insults and keep it off.

They say the problem people want to talk about is that I humiliate myself all the time which I don’t; if I get a job, the problem is not with the job or with me, more so since that is the Queens realm and I am allowed to go anywhere I wanted I presume. We know what happens during this jobs while most people I fear I am negating my duties is that people at the Monarchy who play games that get those with authority conceding power to them, play their games on Radio and Television Media all day long and the problem is that Journalists enjoy bullying people on lies that other people’s activities are the cause of the way that people from the Monarchy move around on the matters, such that when they are expected to beat people down while people chase the daily concern, they tend to comply and go the extra mile all the time. So my challenge is usually whom they get to concede power – in my case it’s the Prince of Wales most of time i.e. getting HRH to concede each time, that running his Office with Assistance from Celebrities was the right thing to do, which they have had considerable success at doing, more so new success involving the fact they have gotten the Duke of Sussex to concede his entire Office to them all together, which beats the imagination as it was rather obvious that this is what they spend most of their time on. They say they have dredged me to such an extent it’s not clear if I have enough left to defend my position and the public, while it is usually a matter of being able to make a decision on what victory would mean, so that women and children from invaded areas might be protected – where allies are involved the roles that men, women and special groups play in such a matter becomes one of the question of who specialises on what. Usually it does not constitute that much of an issue with respect to the part journalists want to play in the matter, so they might invite themselves to other people’s concerns and introduce themselves as very important people; it’s the way they make a mess of Government work to provide families with finances and social life as such – we find that they blame others for the confusion that harms them into a sexual disposition when women are trying to communicate but whilst I might think that the idea I am weak stems from the sense that female public life is being threatened by people from overseas, it is being threatened at a greater length from men here in the UK i.e. it is bound to be sexual when somebody says another was talking nonsense that added up to war over there, so she is just going to move over here and carry on with social life but if she is married, then the likelihood is that she certainly was not talking about sex. We find the same behaviour during the COVID-19 crisis at the initial stage where everything is explained by the fact people hurt the bottom, so I might make out it is perfectly alright for me to do certain things but the bottom hurting is what I complain about endlessly more than most people do, while reality is that I complain about those who think it’s a source of practical joke while reality is that it’s a regional Government issue and so we find where a group of people who are seen getting around with characters that believe being rich and comfortable is compatible with not going along with any procedures for civil service, public service, business and employment, would clear out the shops because of a pandemic, on account that people have chased their bums, fit into the picture and thereafter, while I am containing my flames literally get into a habit of channelling opinions at me. We live like so, as though the people in the sky scrapers are the boss of us and then the question becomes very important as per what they are doing, which they would explain as activities that are set to help people make the most of their finances and social lives depending on the one they want to do that is, while we know that the same principle applies both to finances and to sanitation i.e. if you are not putting it in your backyard, it is ending up in another person’s, if you are taking it without any work, it will show up as spent somewhere else, so this is the disposition they adopt that makes most Government operatives in the know feel like exploding. What happens with wealth making being that there are 100 households for instance and you want to earn 100 pounds, so in order to do so, you need to get a pound sterling from each time and if you have five other people that want to earn 20 pounds under your leadership they will need to get 50 pence from each household – a product is invented and sold to the Households who don’t have time to justify why they buy it and you get your money but at the stage where you have all the money you wanted, there is the question of why you do not shut it down; I will then be told that there is a solution to this and it involves inviting those Households to take part in the Business but they will never answer their own questions on why they hunt down and pillage any business that sets about inviting Households to take part from the very beginning. I face this nonsense from their practical jokes everyday – since I moved my concerns to the internet, the physical abuses that are amusing to show they like me very much but really is an instrument of insulting ownership of what I am doing has gotten a lot worse, looking for more of what it is complaining about while their names have changed from the prospective millionaires to the prospective dot com millionaires and we might think that the health effects of their insults may imply they realised this matter was serious than we thought they did but it doesn’t.

We then have to deal with stories that I have these problems not because they insultingly cling to my Books claiming it displays superiority which can be confirmed if I solved all the problems in their lives that meant their money did not provide them necessary superiority over me, while I am said to be too weak to be financially successful. The reality of which is that there is enough disrespect for my patents, that it is possible for cumulative public interest in my work to be transferred to another business and we are now entering a phase where wanting them to stop investing my income margins is something they will comply with as I would want them to.

So I have been told I spend a lot of my time of recent chasing Celebrities which I have but it’s not a case of trying to harm them as suggested on Media either – it’s just a process of tackling that reality where Celebrities make a Public appearance to accuse me of something and tell lies at my expense while making it impossible to engage with my audience because they were deploying my work to make their own more comfortable and get rich quick and new Celebrities were coming into it every day – something they do to show they are around in Town and are a big deal naturally but it’s becoming a question of when famous and stupid people get to stop exhibiting a behaviour if they were complaining about the responses which are due to the fact it is causing their victims a life changing degree of distress. So when I mention it as such we find them boast that it is nice I am explaining myself which is not what I am doing in anyway whatsoever; I am happy to ensure that I deployed the fame they spend their money on to sell my Books, the same way these stupidities are developed on that old insult that their fame is situated around a relationship I have developed with my Publishers and so we can see that this behaviour sitting on this poses a question of how I cope every day. Extra threats will mean extra action; the peaceful bits is that when I tell their idiocy never to peddle my faith and personal life and public image, I am not running their stupid lives in anyway and they are not actually relevant or important people. The complicated one will be that they perform these activities while their fans get imagination up my bum because they like the way I talk and are trying to get more and more and more which wrecks what is left and the achievement will be that I will try to secure a mortgage at 45 and the bank will deny me the services and then I will be ruined for ever, while I smell like what I ate and I am definitely set to tear up and burn the Celebrity culture to deal with every instance of this nonsense too. This is what it is about, everything else goes back to the main story in this place i.e. that when I had defended myself from fat cats, Celebrities and Industry trouble makers, the Media full of journalistic fools with an ego had to build themselves a reputation for handling me in the service of these three groups of people, seeking the money from it in the process – nobody really knows why these fools plan their own finances an career in such ways but the insults and teasing and abuses definitely show that there is a need to find a more agreeable alternative to the current choice of beating them up. They put up this complaint that I don’t think successful people should exhibit an ego while the reality is that their ego is one of inviting themselves into people’s concerns to put up the idea they are incredibly important, while they do not contribute a penny towards the bills that are being paid in this places, as is in my case and we also know that there are other egos around like that of people who pride themselves in ability to do violent things associated with success, we are aware that should one ego win, we will end up with a society we don’t want, likewise I am an Arch Prince and have achieved to the top on the basis of public and religious morality, so there is now wickedness associated with money that people can harm me with, while I am able to exhibit every other wickedness associated with money and success and harm people with it too – so I would fancy these fools kept off my Books and kept their mouth shut if I have informed them duly that I have had enough of it. They say it’s a matter of my sexual habits which I don’t like to discuss as they don’t have evidence of me having sex with anybody – we know the most lenient form of abuses that can inflict you with an imagination that wants to explore the reasons women talk about anal sex is that gimmick about how they can get comfortable with your finances by asking questions of whether you are on the side of democracy or communism all day long. We see their culture and society fools spend a lot of time passing around those insults that suggest I am vulnerable to them but we know if I spent my energy on those community and neighbourhood identity that allows them to influence people and show up here with a crowd to tell me what to do, singing queen music with Freddy Mercury will be the least of their worries, we all know there will be little left in the form of energy by which they picked up their own daily concerns. We know the mooing and booing and cooing of their women serves the singular purpose of filling in the gaps of my personal life and public image, started off from claims my personality are a product of sleeping with peoples wives and it is used to build a neighbourhood sex industry that can make the society idiots that engage in it financially better off. We know they also claim that I am interested in getting around with Celebrities while they had financial problems when they are the ones ripping up my career to suggest that was the least of my worries as bigger problems approach when I try to recover it and they want to put what I do as a result down to their own notoriety using the media presence that journalistic idiots who cannot mind their business had created and as such as the only ones trying to get involved with a culture of abuses that people get paid to perform on others because of the sense that abuses those victims of theirs creates market which is what Celebrities have run off so often at my expense that they have now run out of all acumen associated with it. So we are aware that if I can just shut down that stupid exit where they got to hang around somewhere building up the idea they are adding my money to their money by peddling my faith and personal life and public image to look as though they have been making profit while I shred the Celebrity culture, I will have everything, whilst I am not doing that, this nonsense distracts me so badly I cannot concentrate on anything at this Office while they issued stupid accusations at me and told lies at my expense that set to show they were a big deal and spent their time sharing my personal space.

They do love to boast that my activities added up to a process of going along with what people wanted me to do and I suppose it is likely to develop into volume two of their problems since the first was the bottom hurting issues I will get beaten up for, on account that they invited themselves into this Court to get inflicted by it, to get beaten up by their big media mouth. The women they antagonise were their colleagues by the way and there was always a reason for me to suffer financially for it too. They have however claimed that I believe nothing they do to be the right thing but none will ever understand why it is so important to them to help Celebrities add my income to the incomes of Celebrities in order to build a public disposition that suggests they were profitable anyway, we all know it destroys my career, the Celebrities are not working for anything dead or alive and that to spend a media job they claimed got to their heads because it was a dream job on it, beats the imagination. The other tale of people being so tired they need to find out what will satisfy me which does not apply at all; I will make an example from the Industry where their stupidities need to control me for fat cats, Celebrities and Industry trouble makers for instance i.e. we wonder where these people who make advertisement in a way that is allied to me come from as such, the question becomes that of whether they are retired civil service operatives or civil service operatives that have changed jobs, such that the Government work was the rigid one and the private sector job gave them more freedom – the part these goons are playing in the matter being to get tribalism raid gits who rip up careers to employ local criminals, to conduct their raids to the top jobs at Industry apparently.

Now it is said that I am disrespectful of people around me and its utter nonsense; there is no reason for people to become worried about me on account they got a job from a producer that made entertainment brokering equities with me as such but that is what we are dealing with, they have even brewed up a sense I know who they are, they are more important than I am, I ought to prioritise their needs over mine and it’s all very nearly a professional arrangement through which my whole life comes to a dead stop. There is no reason for people to build me a five year history of insults just so they might get around building themselves publicity that says I exist to fight their enemies and protect them while their fame is located where I may have had a relationship with my Publishers but that is what we are dealing with – Books are private products and of the number of private people in the world who might want to read Books, only a fraction will want to read what I have written and since it is hard work, the Celebrities must place labels on me that says I am a profitable victim of financial corruption while blowing kisses at criminals, telling lies and issuing accusations that will bring my whole life to a stop. What is really happening then being that they are deeply, deeply disrespectful of me and it is growing into a crisis because they spend so much publicity on processes of hanging around the consequences of their insults being thrown in my direction to try and show people that their stupidities were a big deal. I have been told that I played some role in it and yes I did; I am not very vulnerable to their media access so I tend to solve the problem associated with these sorts of things by making them face the facts, such as that they are not important, just a handful of goons who got a job from a producer that brokered equities with me and need to stop showing up here with practical jokes that suspend my whole life and make up reasons as the days go by all the time. The Political bits are just a range of very strange decisions, where I am set out as a character who is given some very bad treatment for being a morally upstanding person and thereby provides a standpoint through which Politicians can get into a carrot and stick relationship with those that are being punished by the Law; it never ever listens and is now threatening the guy whose life they have completely wrecked over this nonsense because its bottom hurts – I mean changes to Law enforcement if they want to negotiate with social ills did not appeal naturally, since they believe that Law enforcement does not negotiate with those that are being punished at all and they were the friends of people everything believes to be bad but are really nice people who just need money, so it has brought my whole life to a stop and likely to be classified as something idiots in Politics believe to be respectful activity. They say the Celebrities carry out these behaviour to show that I am nothing while the part the Politicians play which involves spending tax payer funds to wreck my finances and keep it wrecked because it is thought I will become a coward that flees every fight and loses all I has, if I had no money; so this is the type of premise which is set to produce an outcome where I seek out and find what must be the best alternative to beating up the scum that work it and they do say I will be seeking war naturally – it is a threat that does not scare me in anyway, just leaves me wondering if I can get to meet the person that made this mistake of listening to their stupidities in a country where we have no respect for peoples personal space because we think they will become a threat to the Monarchy, only for their stupidities to hang around the neighbourhoods gathering money and even weapons too. They do say that when they speak of disrespect on my part they expect the input to be from me entirely but it is; I am not disrespectful of them – my academic work and career has been completely destroyed by Politicians wanting to make me into a character that became a coward and lost all he had to them due to a lack of money that made people feel superior – this has progressed to stories about me writing Books others were more worthy to write and then to a need for getting me killed like John Lennon and then a need to see me spend my life creating work that will be worth a lot of money after I had passed away and now settled up on a business of ageist idiots with television personality careers wanting to write my Books and thereby building me publicity that says I write Books they should have written, which is only progress from a need to buy shares in any business that gets involved with me, progressing all sorts of nonsense about putting labels on me that sets me out as profitable victim of financial corruption and we see it run off like that endlessly with days running into weeks and weeks running into years, as stupidly as possible, thinking when it spends money on products to feel superior to me, the process of doing so ought to be a threat to me as well and so have I reached the point where too much of my time and resources have been spent getting round it and I would fancy they kept a distance from my Books and kept the insults somewhere else. So what these activity do is bring my whole life to a stop – 8 years have gone by since my Bookshop was set up for trading properly and the Book sales are stifled every day, complete with processes of threatening any person that gets interested which widens from the fact we are always seeing their stupidities in an Office environment having conversations with others on what can be done to harm the finances of those that are younger than are; so it needs to keep off my Books and keep its mouth shut – those who keep blabbing that what the their famous idiots are trying to say is that I don’t matter are likely to decide that getting out of here will be a very uncomfortable experience for them too.

The problem with these people is still that their whole lives and careers and finances are now developed on the process of passing insults at me which suggests they are bread winners of some kind or another and I have warned them it needs to stop as this is not their lives or property for what their stupid superiority is worth and they do not remit a penny towards the bills that get paid in this place. The rest that love to blab what the Celebrities are saying is that I am irrelevant can carry on like that until I get out of this place and want to make a case of it too. They do say that my words will not change anything about their activities and yes it will not largely because their foolish need to get rich by either choosing what to work on when given a job or not doing any job at all, is still developed on a process of threatening everything that shows an interest in my Books; they now need to keep off it and the big mouth shut. It pushes up the stress levels, every nonsense that comes on the back of this idea people must think about even the process of plodding on with daily concerns while feeling tired, as stupidly as possible. They say I claim they have not harmed me in anyway but they begged to differ which is utter nonsense – what they have been complaining about is a process where a Court of female journalists build up this idea they spend their spare time having anal sex with me, which they think protects me from female goons with a knack for spending other people’s finances and public life on themselves, to push their victims into a clash with criminals and it has worked since we know the claim I churn peoples tummy whenever they handle my concerns and it’s an evil thing, is now a global phenomenon. The other part that is set to follow their bragging is when I have sorted out matters concerning my supplies and am back in my elements with Church concerns going as they should, they may show up here with western corruption stupidities, to find out if I would get away with it or not.

I am said to be unhappy and on the verge of conflict all the time but I am not; what really happens is that I expect the families of Armed Forces operatives to behave in a way that meant they picked up Industry issues and got about persecuting me with it because it is a natural risk but it never happens – what then happens is self-appointed social scum picking it up and doing it for the Armed Forces and the general public many times over, as stupidly as possible. They then saw me doing private security Industry job in 2015 and appointed themselves to enforce the foolish idea I am responsible for their personal safety and wellbeing by bringing the criminals and anything that bothers them to where I live while they bullied me at Public transportation operation and chased ownership of my public image – how it hurts me when the reputation that emerges is that their lives and property are usually deployed by hoodlums and criminals to bugger people I have no idea but we know the whole thing has become a crisis at this stage and shows that some ideas people have about handling their society stupidities are not necessarily a form of extremism. Where my position is concerned however, they make such a great big mess of social and cultural practices associated with Industry and the Politicians will then say that this is double standards but it isn’t, it’s a process of recognising areas of the Country that are good at certain things and putting relevant equity there – like we think England is good at Manufacturing and Industry but wonder whether we want to love or hate Germans who are much, much, better to such an extent that we are unable to compete since this is what Wales specialised in, like we think we want to make Political football out of the NHS but it plays into the fact that Scotland is the byword of Education in the UK, always in need of mobility and according to the Scots, overseas wars do not do us any favours, like we think the English are Celebrities but they are the ones that are most likely to think overseas wars make sense because they are trusted hands with finances and are always in a state of tackling mid-level silent millionaires who wreck careers, tackle women and employ criminals in the neighbourhoods and we think Northern Ireland is UK misunderstood bad boy but they are really the crucible at which British Publicity and identity as a Country, the world over, is decided.

Now they say I will never get out of where women have placed me and I am wondering where it is exactly that women have placed me – what this nonsense really means is that they have been wrecking my career, public image and finances to build me a disposition which means that none can understand what people are doing with me and allows people to do whatever they liked with me too. I really wish the idiots died during Childbirth because what happens is that their stupidities shit out more numskulls who carry on with this sort of legacy all over the world and so when I mentioned such disposition it becomes rather clear what their stupidities are messing around with and what the implications of the suggestion I cannot handle the issues or get out of it really was. It’s a good start on their part naturally but we are only likely to progress from the part where I have issued the warnings and am moving onto action phase where there isn’t a place in the world where I got to make money in a way that justifies their stupid existence clashes with the idea I wouldn’t say it in certain places where there were men to back them up and likely produced an outcome in which I did and got to find out what it is exactly their stupidities can do about it or do about me. It does seem that when I lose my temper like so, the idiots were little women who had problems and on expressing these problems by putting me on Government benefits for a decade and a half, using their stupid media presence, I have been getting off an angle that creates huge problems. Then I will be told to stop fooling around with it which I am not; it needs to keep away from my Books, keep its hands to itself over that stupid problem it has got and keep its mouth shut as it were. I mean the first time round it left me with smell issues associated with going off to get tangled up with men that churn the tummy and those were not criminals, now I am going to get beaten up for the fact it has created the sense people can do whatever they like with me, by a handful of idiots who think their personal and financial problems was god’s gift to the world and they are not criminals either, wondering where the meant cunts find these clowns. They complain about their culture and society every moment but are still doing it – no idea how it makes a conversation to boast about me being trapped somewhere I cannot explain how people are grabbing my finances, career and academic work for themselves if I complained about it, makes a conversation on National Media but it shows up like so all the time – on the other hand the plan to be more important than I am using my public image continues and we are facing a reality where they claim I am controlling them because I am carrying on with my own concerns and yes, I suppose I am too, since it’s better to manage the business of being so blindly annoyed I cannot concentrate on anything due to their involvement with my concerns and an 18 period of following me around to make a mess of it by stuffing the stupid heads with what I know, so everything they say to me will have had a fraction of my thought process as well – they are of course going to punish me for it over the course of my whole life, getting on media to build a crowd that helps them claim they have access to my career and should be claiming it for themselves but I fancy they kept an eye on the threats too. I have been told that this matter feeds into racism and yes it does; the conversation is about a Man that cannot get out of where women who play with Celebrities and fame idiots have placed him – he will likely live out his existence being tackled so intensely that he ends up narrowing all his activities to the fact he is a Man and then we claim he is a man trapped in a woman’s body and start the one that will get him a sex change or homosexual relationship, whereby if he tries to be who he was, he might lose his life with a big mouth and I am naïve of what evil looks like as well for my part as far as their stupidities were concerned. None peddles my faith, personal life and or public image, any who attempts it will find me raze and completely trash the best thing they have ever achieved as well, this way their stupidities may live in a world where others had a right to exist too. So I get told people also want to talk about the difficult situation I find myself but there is none, only Politicians spending tax payer funds and tax payer time to pillage my finances because they think that lowlifes that want to befriend them can make something out of branding me a coward when the state of my finances makes me inferior to them while offering them the opportunity to select self-improvement at my expense. I don’t know how it is meant to work anyway, since we have between the age of 18 and 65 to pay the Children’s fees, clear out the Mortgage, find a partner to settle down with and save up enough money to provide for ourselves over a period of another 30 to 40 years thereafter, when you are not doing it, you are always putting down a plan, so on a personal opinion basis, they ought to spend tax payer funds on such nonsense and do so regularly.

They claim it’s the sort of neighbourhood I have chosen to live in that causes all the problems and yes it is – these people now need to decide exactly why they keep following me around to make a mess of all I do, the same way the issue with the women who have gotten me into a place I cannot get out of while they got rich at my expense can be easily managed with a business of taking more seriously relationships I have with other people, in terms of the personal security and tightened access loopholes bits but their threats will turn it into something more serious as pointed out above. They now need to decide why they continue doing so and what the importance of wrecking the academic work to leave me in alternative work environment looking like they will never give me a breathing space really was. They do claim it’s a matter of the way I make a mess of their businesses and yes it is too – the line between them and their families and what they get to Industrial backyards to do for their personal and financial wellbeing, as applicable to this Hermitage, my Public image and the Books I write has now been blurred by the way racism feed into one end and civil rights helps them claim I am their relatives and they are my relatives who call the shots by moving into my right hand to chase bums and hanging around in the neighbourhoods sharing my personal space for all the wrong reasons – I mean it looks good on their cracked up out of my league stupidities when you groom them for such things, so I suppose I am the one that can get out of it and they will completely wreck my whole life for that meaning it will end very well too; it needs to stop disturbing the place as the least of its worries can easily be that I built my own crowd that kept an eye on that stupid body for what we have developed as history in this place. They say the neighbourhoods I have ended up in gives me unfettered access to their society and they fear I will spend all of it and yes I will if following me around to churn my tummy, handling personality they claim looks like that of those who became millionaires, to put labels on me that sets me out as victim of financial corruption which benefits they will reap later, wrecking the academic work and leaving me in other alternative work environments looking like I will never gate a breathing space, should have been something serious. Their fame idiots have suggested this means they are getting to like the way I am talking naturally but I believe I have set out that those I want to work with at show business are who they are, while the rest need to get a product as it were. They always find their stupidities ever more amusing by claiming they have been more successful than I am dealing with the same challenges I faced and the idea I am superior to them which none had brought up must be quashed which is a lie naturally but is not what I am talking about, I am talking about the fact it will stop the way they want, when I wreck their careers and built my own public image that allows me to claim everything they do to recover as my property, which is what I have spent years learning from their stupidities inviting themselves into my concerns – those I work with at show business are who they ware, the rest need to get a product and hang around somewhere telling me I want to rub shoulders with stars and criminals were better people than I am on grounds I have no money. They do say there is no way I can enforce anything against them and its utter nonsense as the one problem I have here is their behaviour being based on the fact they have money and means I must now get out of a Hermitage to supply my needs in a way that justifies their existence, for all sorts of wicked activities to fool around with – the only issue being they hang around, the same characters, poking, prodding, pushing and bullying all day long, so where it is leading is that place where it becomes clearer that every involvement with anything that has to do with me on their part is a mistake, I don’t need any of it, needs to keep away from my Books, keep its mouth shut and get out. I was thinking after the last job I got in 2015, it was clear they will never give me a breathing space and that I had to work more vigorously on the Bookshop, now the story of a lack of respect I show for those that can actually solve the financial problems I have got, meant that 2017, 2018, 2019 was completely wasted on the business of my finances not looking the part of the work I do in this place, a phenomenon that befalls certain types of people and it’s the last bloody straw and the story that it will teach me not to mess with them shows firstly that there is no repentance for the mess they have made here because they do it and brew up a lie they can believe to back themselves up but so does it also show that the bottom chasing issues really does look good on the cracked up out of my league people and they need to keep off my Books and shut down every comment on their stupid media that is aimed at getting a response from me, every follow on nonsense that goads and talks into me while I am responding to it whenever I do and everything else in between, they are all mistakes irrespective of whose stupid sociopath freedom is at stake. Now I am said to have boasted that I can handle these matters easily, but I had since 2009, authors don’t write Books especially those that write from their own life facts, out of imagination. The job has been done, the Books written, the mess we have ended up with is entirely due to the idea they are in charge and built wholly from insulting media comments and practical jokes over the income margins of my Intellectual Property Administration business. It is not a crisis as such, I am only setting out a series of warnings that make it quite clear I am fed up with it – I mean people are now worried I am trying to reform things that are so rotten there is nothing good to glean from it but I am not; if I started building Publicity to say I am not responsible for their safety and security while they got imagination up my bum and that of extremists as well, pushed a little bit on the publicity for that, killed off all the gimmicks associated with me hanging around somewhere developing a habit of putting up with their insanity, like some evil thing I have got to do as well, somebody is going to get killed. It needs to keep away from my Books a 3 years of Book sale time completely wasted over its gimmicks and money issues looking for a response, it is clearly a mistake as it were and needs keep its big mouth shut, I have written this in 2020, they have had all the time in the world so far. Eventually they say that they have a right to act like they do because they have lost their business and yes they have naturally, they lost it over a game of how amusing it would be if men who were really women worked for it all and were robbed of their retirement and when I am younger, it’s usually sweeter when stolen while my Books are a barrier that is set to deny them what is really their own with a big mouth – so they did lose it as it were but I don’t regard those things are businesses anyway, they are simply gimmicks through which they can bully consumers that had taken interest in another person’s business into parting with the money over their own products – you always end up thinking it’s up to the consumers to decide and then it grows into something that happens because they are able to abuse your livelihood in order to build it and you can never find Liberal America support anything else save what will destroy another person’s business by bullying the consumers into spending money elsewhere until the consumer had no money left, likewise all hell breaks loose each time their Celebrities had started living in a state of mind that said they could be anything they wanted if they tried.

They say that I don’t understand the community issues and how they tackle hoodlums and criminals on my behalf but I have been in situations several times when I am just walking down the road and the Police car is driving by and saying yes you are just walking down the road while most people are usually at work or at school at this time of the day (one of those times when I am really early for work and am taking my time, in an area where there is frequent Police activity for obvious reasons), they will express something that supports me on the premise that the Police are nosy, then I will push back and they will set out that I behaved in a way that fostered criminal activity and in so doing set themselves out as people who mix and mix when they get job i.e. a little hoodlum activity here and a little criminal understanding there, to such an extent that it was clear if the opportunity presented itself, they would commit a crime on the job and none knows which side they are on; their side, that of the Police or mine, all of which happens in less than half a minute – but what becomes very clear is that they don’t think the Police Officer on the streets is actually an arena in which the Police work and if you don’t want people messing with your job, shouldn’t mess with it, expressing the fact there must be something they have said which is actually the truth. They do claim that they are winning and its utter nonsense, I need to ensure this business of an existence in which they were never famous because they delayed too long is maintained and I expect all the abuses and insults associated with their glazy eyed stupidities to follow it as well and probably push me into increasing the consequences of their activities but it is quite clear the only time they feel like people is when they are chasing money, when they are passing insults at me that fundamentally involves getting their imagination up my bum which fascination is that I can get myself out of it while it usually looks good on them and generally threatening any person that expresses interest in what I am doing. I do not now know if stopping them would mean that I have stopped them from being people anyway but I am sure it is easier for them to keep away from my Books and keep their mouth shut over my concerns than it looks. So, the only thing they are winning is insults associated with being bread winners at my expense, constantly suggesting they are more important, to a stage where public interest in my concerns can be diverted somewhere else. They say I am one of the most irritating characters alive but there is no reason I am caught up in all this, save the fact others want to express the vanity at my expense, want to arbitrate between me and those who don’t like me very much because of my public morality stand point – for me the outcome is that these gits tell lies to cover up their need to build crowds that help them decide what happens to my finances and academic work, for the Politicians it’s a bit more rampant once they are done adopting the position where the local MP tells the Criminal how to behave in order to avoid punishment which makes MP popular enough to win the elections. They have always said that my inability to go along with me would mean I am coping out but then we must establish that what Police do is arbitrate with those that are being punished by the Law.

They claim the problem is that I never listen to what they are saying and they plan to bang on until they bang it through to me and its utter rubbish, I listen to what their stupidities come up with all the time – that I am a stupid person who should be spending time with gangs and criminals while their idiocy got comfortable with my public image to pass exams in school and then I end up growing sideways at some stage and it’s time to get imagination up my bum while their parents claim I am a bum and interfere with everything I do on account they had suggested my attitude implies I am such a genius I can have it worked out in a jiffy, the rest of the time, their local lowlifes talking nonsense about people doing their stuff, will pick up from community croons filling in my spare time and it’s not okay to plod on when tired, have to think about it and look like my eyes are about to pop from my head, so glazy eyed cracked up out of my league idiots may spend theirs feeling superior to me and find it’s impossible to keep their insulting body bits to themselves. The reality is that it’s impossible to tell what the problem those who engage in the micro side of the economy have with those who engage in the macro side and why it is that each time I spend any time with others, the undercurrent of our conversation is a matter of idiots getting imagination up the bum because it is how it is. I mean, I run a Trust system and a Bookshop attached, the way I want to run it is to get interested families involved from the very beginning, so I have no idea what their problem with it really is – I think I am lacking a tool to do what I need to do, I enrol in the local college for a year and cannot understand what their problem with it really is and so on – of course I do listen to the stupidities that they come up with. It is an old story about engaging with business without first having to take care of your stomach, so you need your wits about you to prevent you from shaming yourself most of the time and we can see while the idiots whom the bottom chasing issues look better on which is why you never do it because of the pitiful state the end up in have sorted out the tummy entirely before getting involved with Industry, not only are they the engine of recovery, the bottom chasing issues which they invent catches them out all of the time. I do listen and have the same case to make i.e. it needs to stop disturbing this place and issuing those stupid threats it develops from the lies it tells when it churns the tummy and smells something.

Eventually to face this head on the question becomes that of the reasons people find me irritating but they don’t, they just think of me as a punching back and like to assume if they spent a lot of their time on my personal space churning my tummy, then came up with ideas that I am irritating, it will make them cool and trendy. The reality of it is still that the assume processes of getting involved with me should be separate from the fact I am a writer and it is not, they are incredibly disrespectful and need to stay away from my Books, shutting down the stupid media comments unless they are talking about an item they paid money for. I am so unhappy about the three years I have spent working on my Bookshop to end up in this condition where it appears I have not done anything about it all and their disrespect continues to get worse and worse for such a purpose, looking for a response. They do love to boast that I must be very wise to have ended up in such a situation but I have not ended up anywhere save somewhere it can be said that I am always getting into trouble, which is really not the case i.e. the trapping was to ignore it in a naïve assumption that it will move on but it never does, what happens instead is foolish women who want to be terrible mistresses, showing up to invent battles against me that they had won and cannot stop bragging about, to sell as trophy unto idiots who have money to spend on it. The Part Liberal USA plays in it is quite clear naturally but it does not scare me half as much as they believe it does – it’s the sheer amount of work needed to ensure each insanity that has been a process of hanging around my Books drawing attention of strange crowds for a stupid lifestyle was converted into a ring for my Bookshop and they have also assumed that if so many of them did it, I would be inundated with the work and hence the security processes become irrelevant. The more serious bits are the men issuing threats once they were done establishing that people ought to gather as a community and show regard for a lack of respect on my part for the size of their Country’s Military, while they got their imagination up my bun and hung around my public image shoving their ideas down my throat with the fundamental stupidities their Politicians furnish them with, looking like they have nothing in the world to live for, which is also the reasons homicide rates in their Country is so high – that the Politicians will spend tax payer time and funds to build them the necessary abusive Publicity that allows them discuss the problems associated with the way their personal decisions have affected them, in terms of my very existence as a concept. They do say I do not go far enough to address the main problem and yes I don’t – the main problem is still that they are entirely evil, so this matter has developed from insults associated with studying science at school and deciding that I am an inferior organism with those stupid insults they are fond of, to claiming my Books cause nostalgia and should never have been written, right up to the stage where it becomes quite clear that they conducted tribalism raids to the top end of Industry and then all came to nothing because of me and a crowd ought to gather and help them execute punishment for that; so the harder it becomes for me to settle matters on how my Bookshop is to work, allowing me supply myself and return to my Hermitage, killing off this idea I spend little time on Church business and teachings which is also the reasons bad taste mistresses tackle me all the time, is the more difficult it will be for the time to claim that the world belongs to them and in the mean time they claim my words hurt a lot whenever they have to deal with a business of female journalists making out they spend spare time having anal sex with me, which exacerbates their tummy issues for each involvement with me and my concerns, which if I want to show I spend more time on church matters than people think I did, I would have to find a suitable alternative for. the bane of their science based insults have always been that my vocation does not cover me against the smell issues, which is utter nonsense; we know the problem with it is that they show up with adult imagination born out of the way we spend our time and thought on so many things that our gestures may have a physical effect that harms people without us having to touch them due to age, exposure to life and time and their own is developed entirely on Communities who discuss my tummy and personal space and then they complain about the smell all the time and show that it had become a habit for them and therefore cannot be stopped, if their stupidities are not boasting that it is some sort of victory and I now have no idea how difficult it is for them to keep all comments away from my concerns and stopped being found near my literary business altogether. It’s the story of the things that siblings complain about, then as they got older parents complained about, then teachers complained about, most of them usually go straight from teachers to a Law Court judge complaining about it before they are incarcerated but some of them do end up where employers will complain about it first before they are incarcerated.


It is now said that people are fundamentally worried about me but I don’t think that they should be for my part anyway – what happens when a handful of very silly individuals leave their nice homes and pool sides to hang around somewhere making a mess of my Bookshop and finances is that there is physical evidence of the existence of people who do not appreciate what they have because they much prefer to go around looking for trouble. The rest of the time it’s a matter of the idea people expected the victims of a process where they put labels on others and build publicity to say that such characters will bring about a lot of profit for ageist based financial corruption that got them complaining about obscurity and what they could have been if they were not taken advantage of by injustices – in my case which was done to a point that left me dropping out of University in the same year that the Economic crisis of this Generation began. For their part they love to brag that there is nothing I can do but normal people can see that if people failed to appreciate their nice homes and pool sides because they were better off making a mess of my Books on Media and social Media, I can always appreciate it for them and ensure their involvement with me defines their career – the ageist financial corruption however is that which I can always handle when it becomes quite clear that there really shouldn’t be a link between people showing up at the backyards of industry to chase money that provides for their family and the social life they have with their friends, to be linked up to me in anyway and it does not make people happy when the victims of such nonsense dropped out of University, bearing in mind revenge would also include a process of going back to the economic crisis to build something that helps to worsen their financial desperation too – while the business with the Politicians is an old story that this matter will dribble right into a fundamental process of picking on Politicians which most of the time serves as the answer for all problems whether or not those who did it realised they were responsible for their own suffering – this is how little I can do about it.

They claim I am too late naturally while what has really happened is the business of people showing up to repeat the bad things that people have said which will get me into a fight, developed on the back of the fame idiots who don’t appreciate what they have, taking pictures of their stupid selves blowing kisses at criminals on my public life. Now they want my Books but it is not their Book and another excuse for me to haemorrhage money has recently emerged in the sense that people who read my Books in Russia are a threat to their stupidities while there is no evidence of it and those stupid girls of theirs have linked the business of market telemetry with a process of making a mess of my Books, while reality is rather that if they are not working for it, they were taking it from somewhere on the planet and a blackhole will soon show up to prove it. I have been asked what I would do if I wanted to solve this matter in a jiffy but it’s the great story as ever of people I can work with or do business with on one hand, while the other had been taken up by the Men, whereby there is no reason or explanation for the fact that colleague, manager and that guy who is invited to fix damaged items at the workplace are an imagination which hurts my bottom and makes me smell, then they tell lies and issue threats, their foolish lives not being linked up to the job so it’s never a career for them, then offers them an opportunity to sell their stupidities on to somebody with Public authority to play with – it’s a simple case of people I get along with and the Men I want to do something about, if I wanted to solve it in a jiffy but I think that an understanding they need to keep away from my books and shut down all comments which are not directly linked to a business of talking about something they have paid for, is a good way to proceed.

The Celebrities have said that most of it had gotten to me the way it had gotten to them and its utter rubbish; what really happens is that they are a bunch of idiots who know nothing and have no respect for the leadership of those whose work they had deployed to boost their incomes – so what somebody did to them once on abuses associated with what is perceived to be the benefits of such behaviour had made them racist, while I have been a target for a decade and a half, very happy now about three years of my active book sale time being wasted by the fact they have planned their career and finances to control me on behalf of Industrial trouble makers, fat cats and fame idiots and am going to get physically attacked after with a big mouth. So I am issuing the warnings first before I start to lay waste everything between this Hermitage and show business, in order to facilitate a point at which we met, so we might have an opportunity to find out how they planned to do it when I am more interested in their expensive possessions being linked to a process of requiring my assets whenever they want to sell products and services to other human beings, to find out how far that big mouth will likely stretch when those who look for trouble find it.

So they say I have big problems that will never go away of course which is utter nonsense – the only problem here is that I defended myself from fat cats who realised I was vulnerable to their need for planning a business to hurt people because I had built a trust system and developed a decade’s worth of equity to help me protect its property equity using a timeline – Celebrities who got off blowing kisses at criminals on my public image after chasing me around to vouch for money over my career and finances until they wrecked the academic work – and Industrial trouble makers putting labels on me that says when people get me complaining about the effects of obscurity there is profit to it as their insults developed from Celebrity abuses was capable of moving public interest from this place elsewhere, leaving them to blow off that big mouth about young women who hate my guts as they perform it every day on media and social media, while their part in the matter was to say I wanted to make money from the shadow big businesses have casted around the world and I had to show the big business people who work so hard on such nonsense, that I was not coming in i.e. the process of using the production processes and the products to make a living. I defended myself from this and a handful of idiots with Media jobs appointed themselves to control me for them which is going to unravel all I have done to protect myself from culture and society trouble makers, of which the trouble these make is blamed on me insultingly by the Media all together as well – people may then spend time explaining why any would be so stupid as to plan their finances and career in such ways if they wanted but I think for my part now that it is better these fools understood their comments about my concerns and Books, the insulting threats issued over their need to be more famous and important than I am using my own public image, is past its sell by date.

So they always say I focus my conversation on their nice homes and pool sides to make a statement of how their obsession with my concerns will cost them all of theirs because it is something I don’t have but we all know it’s just what they think is important but not as important as developing practical jokes on my finances and career which takes up all their time, as though they were paying me to compensate them for the way it affects their needs to be famous and important, which being so allows them invite themselves into people’s concerns to pass around those stupid insults that get bad enough to divert attention from the service processes of peoples livelihood elsewhere, talking nonsense about fame and doing peoples career with a big mouth. We see the same applicable to the LGBTQ communities where the business of inviting themselves into people’s concerns to inflict the owners with request for anal sex had become a public phenomenon, especially the bits they perform at Industry and the way they threaten me with me has so far produced the result of telling them I am not homosexual unless they wanted to find out whether it can be cured, so it has gotten worse since with gimmicks and practical jokes channelled at my Royal Hermitage on a global scale which is what this is all about because the outcome that will satisfy them is one where I got off separating friends if I had any from it, so I might launch a war on LGBTQ myself.

The theory is largely that I am vulnerable to this nonsense but the reality is that not a million Rolls Royce cars in the garage can protect any fool who thinks he looks human only when he chases money and makes a case out of glitzy things, showing up here to require my assets with a crowd on my door step, every time their stupidities had put money together to help them with what they want to do on getting involved with the business community – if I got into some clothes and walked to their premises to knock on their door and demand to find out why they do it and why stopping it on seeing the distress it causes me does not appeal to their idiocy. The media fools on the other hand can never stop mixing their own concerns into mine, creating me a fight and controlling me for them like gits that want people to find a viable alternative to beating them up all the time. I mean it’s a clever person with a lot of money but for some reason when you sit with family at the Dining table in the cool of the evening, to do the accounts Books, his stupidities and that of his ambitious Political idiots who want to be rich insulting me all the time, shows up all over it. This matter always quickly degenerates into a story of the idea they have a lot of money and I can take what I want, which will eventually degrade into an outcome where they showed they were important and powerful but I too have run out of the time to tolerate it as it were.

They claim the media does what it does to show people its relevance and I could never make sense of it either – doing what it does to show peoples its relevance fundamentally involves pillaging my finances and the Industry fools that support it claim I think I can handle them but they will crush me like a bug. Both get together to create the media fools who hang around my concerns to spend it looking like they were nice caring people that provided for their fans in order to make money and the problem was that it completely destroys my finances, while they cannot follow my social media because they are incredibly important, it soon then grows into civil and criminal disobedience forms of abuses too – then it will be said that I have described it as civil and criminal disobedience where they do it the more I told them off, pushing about gimmicks such as the ethos of doing things that scare them and or an expectation that when they get rich they will one day be made to pay a price for it by those who think they deserved to have been at my expense, so it must mean I have a way to deal with it which is not democratic and perhaps I do, since it tends to suggest that the threats will stop and the abuse of my property too, including the criminal habits that they expect me to overlook because it is a route to gaining publicity based wealth while they have no respect for people or other people’s property and the idea involvement with me is not a separate thing from an involvement with my writing career is too much for them – we can see the answer includes a process of developing a specialised task force that looks into some of the most damaging aspects of their behaviour. They do say I am not a victim at the end of the day but I am not – what makes a company wealthy is the hard work not a process of spending 12 years tackling a Hermit, they have run out of tolerance time for the gimmicks that cause me to hang around somewhere clearing out the stupidities they exhibit towards my livelihood each time I set out schedule to work on the account Books and yes they do say I impede what they do to work hard as well which I do every time that I am aware it creates exactly the same problem because they are chasing the work they have invented at my expense and completely ignored the one that they are paid to do and will go home with the salaries while I pick up the pieces.

I have been told they are all interested in my so called predicament and how I may get out of it but none choses to be stalked and tackled by society goons because if he ended up somewhere complaining about his class and future having been taken from it, it would have produced profit for ageist nepotism. None choses to be victims of such things and we all know the Politicians who hold the victims down and tell lies on such matters may want to stop doing so if they are complaining more than everybody else, about which I would be told the matter with the Politicians had been settled naturally but we all know that what is really happening is that the conservatives do not such things because it leaves them looking like they were negotiating with civil and criminal disobedience – the Labour Party has now said that I have completely wrecked the party but are still doing it. I really think people should spare a thought for Armed forces operatives as this is what they put up with all the time since these fools usually love to say that they had boundless confidence in that part of the civil service – what it does contrary to its claim that it is a credible social disposition, is visit its problems on those who have already come up with solutions for it because it believes that when those who have devised solutions to problems experimented on themselves to find those solutions, not only will everybody else have free access but so will the need to be superior for helping others be curtailed, the irony being that they don’t experiment on themselves over this matter since it’s such a big issue for them as well but what this nonsense does is tackle those who do not associate ego and wild behaviour with success and never stops until it destroys such persons but when it then wants to round it all up and set it out as the reasons people should take its stupidities seriously on matters of wealth and social inequality, the reality of how evil they are becomes rather obvious.

They love to claim my problem to be my cowardice as I have no wish to tackle the gangs and criminals while reality is that such nonsense takes us back to the times we were younger – these fools always having a knack for wanting to be the male factor in female communities while they had no penis and their gimmicks soon gets you clashing with the others that get around tackling gangs and criminals, so when you have one of those lapses where you said the gangs and criminals had a point because these stupidities have fed into male communities and created some disturbed and very angry characters, she will get off to find out which point you are making if she survived the first attack. I don’t think it is an issue, they are a handful of sociopaths who cannot stop enjoying their need to torture and dehumanise people over personal finance matters – I had detached them from mainstream living where I am concerned and the politicians had wrecked my finances and spent tax payer funds to help them build new ones, so it’s fair to say if they continue failing to keep their insults and Celebrities off my concerns there is every prospect it will end in one of those cases I want to remove everything that adds up to an incentive for handling me and even getting into a fight with me and I will be expecting their idiocy to be prepared then too, otherwise we can see that if their politicians have helped them rebuild the state of their culture and society, they ought to go away with it. They have said that they got a taste of my Office and there is now left only what makes them superior and they plan to maintain it over their money problems like I am their parent or spouse but so have I sacked their interests in German Industry as well and we are hoping their stupidities will not end up creating those scenarios in which there was me on one side and their show biz narcissism on the other, getting imagination up my bum and shoving their stupid ideas down my throat all day, in order to find out whether I will be willing to go all the way back to the 1960s.

I don’t have an issue with the matter as a whole, it’s one of those that gets you hanging around somewhere dreaming of what you would do if you had a bigger stronger body and then blaming others for the fact you had lost your religion. Their talk is usually that the fact I can talk is not to say that I can naturally but we also know it’s incredibly stupid – like we see them appoint themselves to keep an eye on people they have never met over German manufacturing interests, added to their leadership saying its small people trying to tackle big people that was the problem and then that the outcome of their social policy then was not their fault, to show we its largely coincidence that a single Country was responsible for two world wars back to back and the same behaviour continues while it claims people have not gotten over hatred for Germans. What really happens is that security services are not at our beck and call, what we do to stay safe we would keep from feeding into their jobs being they are the ones that do it on a professional basis, because we clearly do not want to live in a peaceful place. We see them get off their own case on the other hand to claim I will only end up telling them how to dominate me, if I am unhappy with the way I am currently being dominated – while the reality is that they are completely incapable of recognising when there is something wrong with another human being because they are obsessed with societal ugliness and the small people tackling big people was the real problem – it will show up to work on being me, wrecking everything around here, the day it met me and I was 21 at the time, has spent 10 years being me and I have spent 10 years being me since I met its stupidities to add to 21 years of being me, clearly of which it will end up with a personality disorder doing that and small people tackling big people was the problem. For what their threats are worth, they needed to know what my range is as well i.e. wrecking the career here to pick up jobs in the city which means they spent time getting around with bottom feeders who bottom feed and jump up my bum especially at academic institutions with insults, picking themselves up only when they are emulating Celebrities and this is what I have to put up with because of their sociopath insults and money issues every time they get to the Office, so it’s fair to say if I get attacked for the smell it causes, I will teach them lessons they will never forget for it too.

They speak of this case where I appear to be vulnerable to them all the time which gives them incentives for these activities and its utter nonsense – what they were referring to is the fact I don’t go as far as I used to anymore on seeing the way that ripping up vast areas of their Celebrity culture and popular culture affects them but then again, so am I a victim of an assumption that ripping up University studies and getting the criminals to take over an equity system built for young people to engage with my work at Popular culture because it is better for them to become victims of drugs and crime instead, to get rich quick, makes people rather very happy. What has now happened if Germans are worried about losing their influence is that Brexit means the biggest brokers at the Trust is the USA and I have to develop property equity on that basis and not on the basis of EU interests, it has been a little acrimonious since the Europeans are more interested in which one ends up with a reputation for fighting and can be manipulated into tackling Americans for them to get rich and all that blabbing will only end up showing I have ended up being one of the most unlikely beneficiaries of Brexit.


The daily challenge being that their interest in what happens in this place is so insulting it does not involve following my social media or reading something I have written, it involves insulting and abusing me until I respond and building up my response on media to show up with a crowd that helps to divert public interest in this place somewhere else. The biggest one is the claim they are talking whatever they want and there is nothing I can do while the fucking idiots only know how to cracked up out of my league hang around the City talking nonsense about their enemies being people who show up to take back careers that had already been taken from them, while what people do is study something else and grab another career as soon as possible if one has been taken from them – they deal with the smell issues through sex and insults, by smell issues we are referring to the good old stupidities of running peoples down until people end up playing a part in the sex Industry and in my case I seemed to have been immune, so the way to get around it was to ensure I understood my place in the world was to serve them with it or their idiocy will come up with a way to deploy my career and financial wellbeing as a cooling factor each time their stupidities were affected by their favourite past time. It is still a question that will eventually get answered with that need to show up here and invent a reason to make a mess of this Bookshop every day, talking nonsense of this sort as it were, as for the relationship Celebrities have with them, we know it’s something Celebrities do to show that their fame was a big deal and if they continue to fail at the business of keeping their show business off my Books and stupid comments off my concerns, theirs will end really well too. they do love to boast that they have already taught me lessons and will teach me more but I don’t know how pint sized idiots talking nonsense about me being a fare dodger, getting imagination up my bum and building a crowd on it which now allows middle management idiots to do whatever they liked with my concerns, while those big enough to beat up got to build communities where they chased my career and public image after gathering in their communities to have a drink at my expense, looking like they need my help to shut it down, means I have been taught lessons – I don’t know how liberal America draw up this insulting link between passing insults at me and making a mess of my public image and Books, as something which affects the changes to stock market numbers and don’t know at which stage Celebrities built me a public image that I am responsible for their security to set about handling my finances and goad me for everything complicated situation I set out to handle anyway – I do know I have said my piece, that for majority of them, filling the television screen is camera work, while I believe the public transport idiots now know I have had enough of their stupidities, one more process of making a mess of my Bookshop will likely develop a lot of gall on my part for their middle management stupidities that do not write the Books in this place and only want to set about drawing up a link between their involvement with industry and reasons I should be used as a tool too.

They claim my main problem was my hygiene but I am usually left wondering if I have to check that for a handful of people this stupid; see it at University and it hangs around looking sick to draw attention to you and build you publicity that says you should be stuck with gangs and criminals while it gets to pass exams, same as the stupid parents who tackle my career and wreck it every day because I did not offer my body type that can deal with smell issues to look after them while they made money i.e. did not cover their arse while they got rich. Then those who make money at Industry interfere with everything I did because I tend to suggest I am as clever as their children, so I should be able to sort out any challenges over any little time I have been given and when it makes any money it gets around whipping my anus after the access to my personal space it gets from community croons and private security industry idiots. I don’t know when the Celebrities draw up a link that said I am responsible for the security which allows them goad me each time I have a complicated matter to pay attention to, I don’t know when the other idiots drew up a link between making a mess of my livelihood and the changes that occur to stock market numbers, I don’t know when middle management idiots and their media fools settled up on this business of handling my concerns in a way which suggests we are at war, to proceed to asset denial that involves breaching my patents each time they felt restricted by the property security processes but I do know one more mess of this Book shop like this story of taking whatever they like from me on account people were showing interests in my social media, will mean the complain that I have already laid waste a vast area of their concerns give way to one of directly targeting them along with the stupid media which is the cause of it all having appointed it’s insulting self to give people access to my hermitage and hung around boasting about every day.

They claim I overthink everything but I don’t; what gives them confidence that I do really is the enjoyable process of seeing me engage in employment systems that allows them the opportunity to tell me what to do and get abusive over it for years now. What really happens is that before they got into their stride the way they are today, it usually was a case of spending time on Media making a mess of my person by suggesting my Books or my job applications are being considered, then progress to claiming they have been rejected and then to laughing about doing it on National Media to make their stupid lives more meaningful. When I had developed a sense that I am overthinking my concerns, it does give me an opportunity to be anal about it all. I would be said to have been lying if I suggested all I did was a pretence but it is; people are not seriously suggesting I would go down and take the risk of allowing myself get dragged along with everything that comes on when a handful of goons who ever feel they are human when they are chasing money to hang around somewhere making trouble and drawing attention to all that is glitzy in this world – when it gets into a habit of abusing me because I am not covering its arse while it gets famous and says I am slow too, I really do love to say it’s a cracked up out of my league idiot looking for more of what it is complaining about. If I have to deal with one more occasion in which they build publicity for a period of time necessary to completely wreck my Bookshop, claiming they are able to take whatever they wanted from me, each time people are interested in my social media, I will begin my own process of making their existence incredibly difficult indeed; their stupidities must always be considered with a sense of fear because those who let themselves loose will very likely kill.

So, do I mean I will kill people whenever I say so? Of course not, it’s just a process of drawing attention to the direction of fear with respect to which the activities performed by these goons is to be considered from where I am. What started out as a gimmick to say they are neighbourhood Princes and are entitled to people’s property and to get anything they want, claiming people are doing their career along with some well-developed ideas on whom they are superior to and the sense their problems was god’s gift to mankind, has developed into full blown mental crisis and I will not tolerate the consequences of another group of gits with Media jobs drawing their attention to my concerns and working their curiosity into my concerns until it becomes an issue I must respond to violently, along with every other problem associated with it. The reality is that those who hurt others must come up with a plan to live in an environment where people who have done such things are being incarcerated. The Celebrities do claim that I got in league with such people naturally while it’s all a smoke screen that allows them do it on the need to show they are a very big deal; what they then claim is linked to this being the way that armed forces personnel who pursue their career with respect to being comfortable with manliness, do with the way that the Islamic community is set out in a way that embraces them.

Eventually we end up in a situation where they want to progress from the stupidities associated with hanging around somewhere picking on mentally ill people while drawing attention to me through public media leadership, to a statement about wanting to discuss the reasons people hated me in a widespread manner. The hate for me which has never really been an issue since we are unable to explain those plans they have to get rich without working for it, that fundamentally means they need co-operation for me or I will earn their foolish hatred instead. The main problem however being that of some stupid men enforcing the will of my evil mother and working it to the point where they expect me to get into a violent situation that was difficult for me to tackle all day long, then hang around somewhere blowing off the big mouth about what has happened to their finances and industrial mobility due to the fact it has been the main issue here every day since 2009. They claim I was meant to get out of a bad neighbourhood at some stage which does indicate they know so little about me and what has therefore become very obvious is that the people who gain most from their stupidities are famous idiots, so they now have to work incredibly hard to keep the Celebrity culture safe from me too. The rest of the time it’s entirely the media deciding that it had been providing public leadership that meant it controlled me and this Hermitage and got to decide how people used it for their own ends but since last I was seen doing a private security industry job, the whole thing had become many times as bad because they were certain facts had existed which showed I was responsible for their safety and security too – it does not stop until it really does and I have to tolerate that nonsense where we find them claim what annoys them is the idea I am Royalty all the time. The Americans have considered themselves the biggest threat of all but are simply a handful of gits who present this case for a process of finding an alternative to beating them up for using peoples livelihoods to create pleasurable practical jokes every day; the Political leadership with get barely criminal idiots to discuss personal problems with respect to the existence of those who have what they don’t and have refused to co-operate with it, the media will dredge and dredge the business of putting up leverage which allows interference with business concerns such that public interest can be diverted from it elsewhere and spend it on me while it was primarily set out as a tool the Government deployed to control the activities of organised criminals – then they both hang around somewhere and punish me for the rest of my life because I set out equities that allowed young people get involved with popular culture industry property owners, to keep themselves away from gangs, crime and drugs. Here in the UK, the effect is middle class gits constantly expressing their position when it comes to a business of getting off their class to make a mess for me over some envy they feel, while the Politicians think they are untouchable and have continued to make themselves the biggest barrier to my financial wellbeing, making stupid statements and issuing threats at Parliament for it every day; so it becomes quite clear if I started talking about the threats they should face at their constituency, I will be the one acting dangerously but we know that blabbing carries on like that, love to shove people and kick people in the teeth when they are down to feel the cool breeze in the hair sort of thing all day long, as stupidly as possible, while reality is that they will shoot and stab and it will not be able to do a thing with that big mouth. So as it stands I have considered this matter whilst tackling them was the answer to all problem for some time now and according to the level of damage I have done to the party that tackles me most aka the Labour Party and its relationship with my parents and my roots story, I should by now get off to seek out a career as a stripper but have not because I have more as it were and there is nothing it can do if I am able to rebuild the applicable parts I need to make a public case of out vandalising too each time I feel like people are chasing me around over the need to have a stripper thing, it usually serves as a way to make sense of the fact it does not stop until it really does. Some have said it is an unusual way to behave towards government operatives but that is because they do not understand what happens at shops for example is security guards there protecting the shop keepers, while what happens at parliament is a complete reversal of this role i.e. security guards protect parliament from Politicians – the reasons the fools do not get hurt is entirely a matter of general public discretion and I have been persecuted for 2 decades now every day, so there is enough for them to get a proper response. People have said that I too have completely lost everything for my part while I have not – what we did earlier concerned the business of constantly poking mentally ill people and drawing their attention to me, at the point I wrote this paragraph I had woken to abusive media leadership stirring up local community on a premise where Celebrities did not want to work for money while they got rich and people generally wanted to get off the jobs and beat them up for the abuses, somewhere in the middle of an economic crisis, while I was stuck somewhere in the middle expected to be the guy who got involved with government while being completely naïve of what evil looks like until the war broke out – so there has to be a special place in hell at this point for every fool that keeps making a mess of my Books.

They claim my main problem is the disrespect I show towards members of the Royal family and I don’t think people who engage with such things are actually ready to get on with it anyway – I mean if they are, we can now remove everything they do to make a mess of the activities of civil service operatives who work on a professional basis unlike us at the Monarchy from the picture and then the question will be that since I am not the mate of the Royals I have expressed disrespect for, they are clearly mine as it were. It’s an example of insanity that never stops until it really does; only one of us has a business with politicians and civil service operatives, never clear exactly why they are always seen making a mess of it and chasing the bottoms of Armed Forces operatives, to this point where it appears they are constantly engaged in a gimmick to see Palace Guards shame themselves. They do claim their case is all on business and yes I understand as well, all will go swimmingly if they are not off somewhere making a mess of cultural and social practices associated with enterprise in this country at my expense, I mean I don’t know if they have an alternative way to deal with people wrecking careers, tackling women and employing criminals anyway, if they do they may make a mess of what we have, until then they will have to do their own business separately from mine. It has become quite clear at this stage that since the business of saying there is a good place in hell for idiots that keep making a mess of my Books id directly linked to the activities celebrities perform at my expense to make money without doing any work and showing they are a big deal, complemented my market idiots that have linked up a process of making a mess of my concerns and threatening me, especially the females with immeasurable greed and mean cunts between their legs talking nonsense all the time when they are American, that person or persons who used to work National Interests in South American and Asia and provided the means by which the Government can chase up the taxes that Celebrities evade among other things, has likely either passed away or got injured in the course of his duties and therefore retired. For my part, it seems these goons will not understand until they ended up with Royalty that wanted to get rich without doing any work at the expense of their famous stupidities and market madness, talking nonsense about the exploitation of loopholes as insultingly as possible, being victimless. I have been told it would be difficult to decide exactly what we have ended up with if I were allowed to be this character that wants to get rich without doing any work at the expense of Celebrities but it really isn’t – originally I only had to pay attention to a task that involved American dream involving certain areas that featured idiots claiming I made a mess of their careers, since 2012 when their market pyramid schemes started paying attention to me, talking nonsense about how I am not going anywhere until they got exceedingly rich with what I was doing, of which I am whether their twats liked it or not, the reasonable question being whether the amount of money gained since they started messing around at my expense has not yet added up to a reason for them to read a certain book and find out what it is exactly they are doing. Overall however it had since become a greater issue of Celebrities wanting to show they are a big deal by ripping up my book sales to forge relationships with idiots seeking lost financial glories, where what they take from the market will indicate a black hole somewhere but if they claimed they did it at the expense of Royalty, the result will not be trouble for them but a certain global stage sensibility that targets such Royalty over property ownership, as stupidly as their American and American led madness can get, so it is developing into something that will stop the way that I want it to.

They now say I spend my time fooling around and then blame others for the outcomes which I could never understand but it does appear as though it is a countermeasure that those who spend time on such activities have developed. I mean there is usually something wrong with younger people being their boss because the only younger person worthy to be their boss is their own children and this translates into a sense that there are poor people that rich people get along with and these poorer people needed to know their place, not a business of people identifying talents which are similar to the ones that made them rich and believing they have found friends or people who can understand their method of relationships and communication thereof. It hangs around like that in the middle making a mess all day, ripping up the lives and finances of those whose leadership it has deployed to boost its earnings and putting up an attitude which suggests it deserves to enjoy the evil thing that the victims will have to do by spending time to tolerate it. In my case the outcome is now that it spends money doing some investment and sees the life changing processes of earning the profit, which allows me to ensure its stupidities do not grow into bigger economic problems and the money it spends to buy products that allow it to feel superior to me is not a threat to me in anyway whatsoever contrary to its claims that it is. So, I really do wonder whom on earth they have decided spends most of his time playing with them anyway, if we were to completely ignore the other story that I blame others for the outcome. The same way that it does not heed the warnings about keeping off my Books and keeping its comments else where is the same way I will spend everything it does to protect intellectual property, when spying on me to find out how I feed myself, then set about selling it and building crowds that get imagination up my bum and churn my tummy to insult me, wrecking everything around here, which results it develops into short videos about insulting me to make famous and well off idiots feel more comfortable about buying a new product. It does talk about wealth and social inequality issues naturally and we know while it performs this nonsense every second at my expense with the help of private security industry idiots, it is working out a countermeasure which will make it immune for the effects of its behaviour when it retires – so the first instance of the consequence of these activities is the mess it made of my academic work which results it is complaining about, since it now knows another response from me will be the one it complains about through to its retirement, it needs to take up all these measures alongside its Public transport idiots and nightmare landlords. That said, just getting off to tell tales on Media that I spend my time fooling around and blaming others for it, is supposed to add up to an acceptable kind of fun and was in their opinion completely necessary, for my part, it goes without saying that it is possible I am bluffing when I suggest that not keeping away from my Bookshop and keeping the silly comments off my concerns will produce an outcome where I planned my life on their wallets.