The Labour party really enjoys telling this story of how it is in my interest to fight for wages in the Country but it was fun to finger my bum every time that my hands were full with the problem years ago as they chased their fame and fortune and loutish vandalism. So as it stands what I wanted from my involved with the sources of government revenue i.e. wage taxes and employer investments has been achieved i.e. counter inflation; deflation is always better managed because while it is the same as inflation it really does not have that element of public panic to it like inflation does which in turn tends to create social problems that ensure we earn as a Nation on one hand and the social problem takes it all away on the other while we have debts to pay. So I am not actually interested in what the Labour Party wants to do with employer investment and employee wages in order to win the next election and why they are always showing up on media with their problems when the Tories obviously beat them to an overall majority over the same issue at the general election in the first place and as it stands do not wish to lose the next election either by the way. So I don’t want to know as they were busy playing structural unemployment, killing off Royal mail summer jobs for students to show that poor idiots need to be placed on a priority list by young people who need jobs because these idiots are actually closer to their pensions age, they were busy playing games of social democracy and social capitalism to ensure when employers give three persons job to a single worker to save money on wage costs they had social power to it as well and of course turn up on media to find somebody to bully with their stupid party all the time and do nothing about it whatsoever – it is not my problem I had secured what I sought from these parameters of National income. The main problem here was the issue of a sharp fall in National income intakes when these kinds of businesses where their honesty over employment and wages could not be relied upon became ever more popular, meaning the wealth itself will eventually move overseas leaving us with debt and inflation, I have achieved mine and whether or not they cannot win elections because people refuse to vote for those who are not helping their wages to raise is not my problem.

This part of the project appears a complete trivia but it is not by any means - only imagine that people have developed a love for an inventive behaviour that involves Women who think they want you to be homosexual and like to turn up in public places to mumble scandals and insults behind your back, while the men develop a habit of getting on public places to seek involvement with a wife you have not married because you are still obviously single as well as have the feel good factor that comes with doing your job as well, laced with claims they are fed up with the existence of a Monarchy as an excuse they think evil money lovers that like to bully those who have things they do not have, have not made in the past but the really crucial and important aspect of it being of course that any random Mr A and his Family who are fans of mine and this Office will automatically begin to face insecurity and violence because they are - this is not the kind of life and living these happy and gay fools expect at home with their friends and families, be it or not more so that they are in need of the Perks of my Office, that much is obvious. They do say the issue is that I practice raping women which is what has been born of their civil rights community croons spreading subliminal rumours that my physical appearance is a function of sex I have with other peoples wives; this is not actually the truth, the truth is that they cannot do their fame and fortune outside the perks of my Office which they need for their own ends so much and only a fool would react to a condition where they behave in such ways while they are surrounded by very violent and powerful men thus and I will explore for my part as well how much of a fool I am meant to have been in the block head idiots matter.

It’s not something that causes me sleeplessness; people are supposed to see that it will distress you when they claim you are always driving yourself on and on because you are being bullied by society into doing so on National TV, people are supposed to see it will distress you if they claim that everything you do is done because they bully you into doing it, people should see you will be distressed if their community croons helped by Politicians do nothing but wreck your finances and play about subliminal messages that your physical appearance is a factor of sex that you tend to have with other peoples wives, people should see you will be distressed if such tales eventually give way to stories that you practice rape and people are supposed to see a person will be distressed by all these things before it actually leads to trouble. I am not saying my actions do not create a condition where people are unable to enjoy their homosexual sex, that is because I am not homosexual simply because people make up their own versions of what I am supposed to be or do and turn up on Public media to force them on me violently – this is the women and celebrity one where we will soon find out how stupid I really am to think I can do anything about it.


Of course there is no shred of truth to that claim I am interested in the problems of poor people; people are poor because it is their fault but when you have National Media and Politicians pursue your finances to a global stage you do have to take stock and work it out since it is not your fault that it is happening – these poor idiots on the other hand think the problems they afflict you with to copy and share something has become power and therefore find it amusing as a result; so the reality is that they really cannot do a thing unless they have somebody to bully and order around and because they are so stupid are unable to work for the money with which to buy slaves they can order around and that means they have to chose them at random i.e. those who have burdens of leadership placed on them become the target and their involvement becomes the power, so this idea I am interested in their problems is wholly misguided and I am sure that is warning enough for the reasonable. It’s never really been a problem I only have found myself in a condition where I have lost my temper and am off on a campaign of rage to ensure when I want people to do something they will do it and so I ended up appointing myself to order them as well and that meant handling that stupid culture and society to begin with which if I see around here will be no more every single time that I do but the purpose was of course to ensure they get out there and do something to pay taxes, stay the hell away from me and that measure is working really well at the moment, I don’t want them taking it up a notch with stories I am interested in their problems which of course is not actually true. They do these things all the time then tell me I speak where I don’t speak to those who would have a serious problem with my opinions and it is utter nonsense because they would be pushing my boundaries as well thereof, and considering I know where stupid women who spend their time thinking about having sex with teachers and later have a certain number of children and mark a certain number of their children out to raise as criminals live and I can take steps to ensure their stupid children are not in any way a threat to my health and safety and well being and will do so by appointing myself to order them around as well, so the bragging isn’t a good idea either – we all know it makes sense for them to put their money where their mouth is, start trouble here and get the Politicians, not brag and talk nonsense they cannot back up. Being used by Industry does not apply either – we have these really stupid girls and women all over it and they need to get involved with me to use a good guy to find nice guys to have sex with and get married to but the outcome is usually that if they don’t handle my product appearance equities they cannot sell things and the result is that adverts never look like adverts anymore if they can be all about me instead and their handling of my possessions and public life to get rich and famous gets to mean that I cannot sell my books, so this whole case of being interested in poor people is another phase of this where two main issues emerge i.e. one being that if I decide I want to find a spouse and settle down, what I need to do is be an adult and be myself and find somebody that is like me, except they are busy using my public life and product appearance equities so that if I force that feeling on myself it lasts about 15 minutes and then their need to sleep well at night becomes far more important all day long after that day after day, which of course is not something you can get used to – the other being that my Books are an academic endeavour and there isn’t an academic book in the market out there are less than the Price I have offered my Books for, so they really have no excuses for claiming they want to buy but it is too expensive considering it is full of rubbish and hence because they need it so much I have set a stage to have people steal it from me and to get myself into trouble with a big mouth and yet there are many celebrities writing autobiographies for these idiots all over the place in the first place and then there is a third that is actually my party piece i.e. while these activities happen which are now the only existing barrier that stands between me and successful sales of my Books, a certain Mr A who sells Jewellery for instance and is a fan of the Royal Office will start to deal with violent insecurity in social form until my properties are completely ripped up and they had taken their place on public media to get rich on the damage they have done, pretending that I consider them to be famous, they take it further, turning up to seek things I am  unable to do, so they can do it and make women superior to a man to fill a gap in their stupid minds; these are not things people get used to and that is why I have appointed myself to handle them and get them out there to do things by which they will pay taxes and keep away from me. So I have had enough of these stupid women and the story of how they have gotten ahead of me does not make any sense – they know I can rip it up at any time, they know they cannot have fame with my public life as I do need to have a life with my family and my siblings especially as well, they do know there are several female millionaire idiots that have tried doing things I cannot do to be superior to me and these prepubescent fools that took their GCSEs the day before will never succeed at it, they do know I have had enough of them and would like it if they cleared my space and stop doing damage to the product appearance equities. I might be a bit vulgar but it is likely that they have a worse opinion of me anyway (their story is that simple old case of when you wonder why men like to attack them girls and women and what sense it makes and then you find out where you have the right to say anything to the ones that actually do it on one hand, whose position is that these stupid women intend to wreck your finances in order to buy their mercy, while you then have something to say to those that aid them with popular culture by which to do it all together for of course they are the ones that will kill you for having things they don’t when you don’t handle that stupid culture but kill you for handling the stupid culture when you actually do. As for the story of Politicians being touch of crime while cutting Police budgets, it is an old tale of giving credit where it is due, to those who are making the contributions that are leading to fall in crime numbers when making the cuts to police budgets rather than making it into a yardstick for making those cuts in the first place to make the problem even worse, when we all know that every announcement of cuts to Police budgets is actually a process of playing with social stability and security in the to begin with. The story of why people hate and attack me is frequently told of course but it is nothing new – they feel they have my temperament and have built it up somewhere to claim and get rich and famous, which makes you understand why older men are every so violent towards their female counterparts for they were supposed to have been famous save the existence of men as it were which is how these things are made – so I normally set out 15 years of my time and waste it regularly too as it were, the interest in the problems of poor people, if their stupidities actually pay off I will change the west for them as they know it too for my part). I do get told my methods are not necessarily agreeable but I don’t think there is a better way to manage their violent energy for my part either save the handling of that culture and society and making sure they are paying taxes and then I might be the ladies man that always looks tired and they might be the real men that have problems I need to solve thereby being the dominant ones that will survive as such, pretending I buy my media equipment so they can talk through to me with it all the time doing that stupid popular culture, all it really does is make me think I want to get some lower class job in my life and some middle class celebrity culture in my life and keep my class too then get away with it all as not everybody happens to be as lazy as they are and as for their stupid women, it’s an old story of where you stop being the solution to their problems, the point where they feel they can have health and safety and well being and start to become part of the problem as well and as I said I would like it if they stopped associating themselves with the public life and product appearance equities at industry and of course would like it if they clear my space, these are the three items that constitute one of the best ways of making sure they keep their insults to themselves when they lead to the result of successful book sales thereof. they do say in their defence they are cheating death so as to rob me of the means by which I punish them for these things and it is utter nonsense as I do not have such an advantage, they only like to believe if their wickedness tells them to damage people’s property because they will get elation from it which makes them a handy tool for very stupid Politicians, that when explained as civil rights the owners will be unable to do something about it – apart from which they like to tell me they are a problem I cannot get out of, a black people I cannot dare defy which is utter nonsense too as we all know that the reason they feel their position is so powerful is that it is impossible to get the cost of their involvement with my Royal Office out of them because they are poor and I need a holiday too, the book sales are the way to get it and such occasions as the men that normally bully them being able to do it will easily become the least of their worries, for we all know that when you cannot get payment or deterrence you can bleed them and then it will stop. They do speak of how I like to show myself off as somebody that enjoys being tormented – it has no basis on reality of course either, the reality of which is that I know I am a hero, I know I have means of winning my battles and I have all that stuff built up around it to ensure I look after the public face of a royal office or am able to protect the weak and vulnerable, not fight for idiots when I am being bullied into doing so; hence whenever I am busy making sure people are letting me be and are getting out there to work for their money whether or not they have to sell that stupid culture and society to do it, they want to be opportunistic on media and Politics with very violent corruptions of involvement to show for it, so they needed to understand I am not their fucking dog and people get involved with authors whose books they are interested in, not those they have no respect for that they expect to abuse into fighting for them; we will hear it is another expression of a lack of respect for the gay community of course but the gay community has always been about respect where one moment you are on benefits and the next your tummy does not work according to your clock anymore  because although people know that you are a Christian they still fancy you like that for gay sex anyway – they assume they will get away with it, they think others suppose they don’t know what they are doing or what the effects on those they do it to are and these are their problem not mine. I personally like to put it the other way i.e. being a parent is when you imagine yourself in a position where you bring somebody into the world, then you raise them for the first 12 years to be like you and five years later are teaching them to be themselves and two years after that showing them how to go into the big wide world to handle themselves and deal with their problems and in all that time you are paying for the education and the clothing and the lifestyle, so there is really no civil rights in the whole world that can prevent me from attacking homosexuals if it comes to it and this questions about being blackmailed on matters of tolerance need to be seen as a fruitless venture. They say it’s the lifestyle I have damaged and that is why people are always after my anus and penis which does not make any sense since that is just follow on evil from the evil that was and I need to find out exactly how their stupidities intend to extricate my personality and hang it up somewhere to make fame and fortune with; it’s never been a complicated matter – same old story about handling their villainy, from the American ones that are always a problem for British-US relations, to the British ones with a need to cash into the perks of other peoples jobs, it comes to a stage where what must be done has to be decided, the one where you advertise your books and their stupid children ride bikes in the neighbourhood to scare and intimidate customers away from it because they are choosing self improvements and getting future from it as encouraged by their evil parents, something about the fact if you don’t handle them as a whole community it will never stop. They say I refuse to listen to concerns women have about my behaviour of course and its utter nonsense – I don’t need to listen to any of their concerns, we have to put up with their stupidities and bigotry all the time whereby they mentioned something about what they don’t like and appear to think they have said something really important and special – I need a holiday and when I am unable to get that because they know where my books are by which to get my attention they need to stop complaining as well. We see them do this bigotry all the time and it can just get off and cost me money over Books that they are not spending their own money on as such – so it has to be answered what relationship exists between books I write about them and their popular culture nonsense while the big catch all along is that I don’t write books about them in the first place; so the story was always going to be about what I do when I have a Royal Office without function, now that they can get that stupid culture and society back from me in hell, as they have to go out there and pay the government money in taxes regardless of how they are making it in order to hurt me, they now have a fair idea and that particular conversation is considerably past its sell by date at this stage too. It’s the old story of women being more of a blunt instrument than a piercing one, so there is always that idea the accusations they make because of their need to deploy my own temperaments will cause me no distress that works on them in a significant way – all about making money and wrecking mine to make up arguments about whether I am a man or a woman in order to steal a literary empire and royal estate to get rich with but of course it is also possible the Bible is lying as well – I personally however have made up my mind and they can continue to handle the Books and complain as doing so has ever changed a thing around here too. I understand the problem is largely the creation of The Prince of Wales but I don’t think that determines what people do anyway – One does what he does but it does not mean I share this Office with him or anybody else for that matter, there is no way that such notions not being cleared up with not encumber the products I am trying to sell to communities that have emerged around it to get the job done; all I want to do is sell my Books and administrate my Court not people’s problems, unless I am dealing with those I broker equities with, needing support concerning which I have to respond. They say I handle other peoples companies and think I can do whatever I like with it which is never true, what is true is that they are still pressing on with an agenda of working their way out of a recession by handling my product markets and issuing accusations that mean society support them at it – they want to confiscate my literary empire and share it among themselves around the world as a means of recovery from the economic crisis rather can check their attitude to establish new relationships with the consumer; so they like to think they can prove I handle their companies and businesses in a Law Court whereas they are the ones who have no plans to get their own problems fixed by exploring their own aptitudes and like to dig mine right up to personal and family life to make me feel I want to way lay them at the stock markets and smash to bits equities extracted from here during a business cycle because if I can ensure they don’t have to stupid businesses anymore I will be able to breathe. Then again from when it began in 2007 to present date, these are a group of idiots that have not gone into an office to work on a company that belongs to them because they want my market for a period of 9 years and it is no wonder anything they do with my books bottom out the finances as well – I know those businesses are already dead while they speak of dragging me into a law Court with a big mouth and this is the problem I am trying to solve, so I am sure they will drag me into a Law Court the day they want me to finish it off for them too. It’s only another form of villainy, the sort of thing a person needs to hit hard enough to get popular for doing so, in order to have any semblance of normalcy, I rather like to play this game of whether they want a hitting or not thing because it is much more sporting. It’s entirely normal for a society that has developed along the premise of such an abject lack of respect for others – it means they pick a fight they can never win and such things are the result because all their time is taken up regardless of whether they are deploying government office to do it in order to save their private property while they enjoy such fun regularly but above all it is the water shed mostly for the three main blocks of villainy around here i.e. stupid men and stupid girls in Europe intimidating people to get rich, the American ones that are the biggest problem facing British US relations and of course finally the populous idiots on the left with needs and problems – so when their tacky day time television displays its tacky products and does its tacky advertisement without my Public life and Royal Office we will have peace. Ultimately there are tales I have trouble with flattery of course which isn’t true either; it’s all people falling in love with me, falling in love with my office and public work and falling in love with my books and other products on offer and I would like it if these Politics and Industry and Media morons had stopped butting it to bottom out my sales and do something homosexual that they assume I am unaware of the meaning. So they still insist on an outcome where they tell me when I have got an empire and when I have not which has also created a need I have to express what should happen and what shouldn’t – after all its still the lack of respect which means that they like to play up a combination of build market and place products because you are being made to on account you have been cut off from other jobs due to peoples need to abuse your Christian temperaments in order to create new decadence they can sell to get rich, only to have them plug their problems into it and bottom out the sales until I built an empire in which the money is somewhere else but they are here to ensure that is enforced at reality by making sure the customers are always scared and that is what their big problem has become since must now locate how to recover our normalcy as it were. So we hear they want to cut out on the matter of pushing me into doing things but I don’t care if they cut out on it or not, it has always happened because it was a matter of a fall out from their evils which I have damaged and made powerless as such, something about replacing God and the Holy Spirit as the source of direction and leadership for me which of course I don’t want them to but it is not as if I can prevent them from making that choice to do so either not hurting badly enough yet as it were. They have always done these things like demon possessed journalists and Politicians, it is how this whole matter with popular culture fools was developed in the first place – something about making me possessed as well in order to win their own evil victory against good, which is what their civil and criminal disobedience is all about; like the Labour Party seeking absolution all the time, they say it is because I am black and Labour cares about black people hence my duty with a big mouth which does not apply as it is not the white man that turned my empire into a contraption of debate where the money ended up somewhere else, the reason that has been possible at all has been that blacks don’t care about me and I don’t care about them, so we have to assume the issue continues to get more persuasive because they are looking for trouble. of course there is no shred f truth to those stories of vulnerability to American bigotry – it’s just reality that they believe in the US and do not care about anybody else but then allies in the US are always facing a threat especially when British allies and we will have peace when their tacky day time television and its adverts are spending its time on tacky products is makes a show of all the time and not my Office or product appearance equities – products are meant to be products and traders are meant to trade.They do say I claim women can never wreck peoples lives on one hand and then on the other claim they do when it suits me which is utter rubbish - women never wreck peoples lives and I have never claimed they do either, what they do is get off in public to make use of other peoples public lives, then make claims of ownership to it which creates that condition where you are off to the Office and on arrival realise your whole world has come to a stop, nobody knows why they do it except two results are always obvious - first being that when you bring them back down to earth again they behave on one hand and on the other we all know then that those who would take advantage of it to play stupid games about which women are in your league and which ones are not will have found their strong point - they are the ones that do the actually life ruining not the Female folk; so that they always work it out to one end and one end only, the singular end whereby the outcome concerns the products they have sold at present and intend to keep selling in future because they had been able to create a comfortable position for the customers on the basis that you are scared of them and so you start to explore what options there are to deal with the bastards without actually hurting them to no avail: its a common tale that I am messing with people lives and jobs because their profession exist in the public light such as celebrities and journalists but I am not - they keep making me into a working Prince and have to face the consequences if they enjoy it so much - so my part of the question that needs answering is how I am supposed to ensure every fool that is a product of groups I do not know about that are fighting for my freedom which fight is my fight as well but I have no plans to take part and need to be forced by them to, does not get on media to deploy some power of the crowd on me because I appear to have become a soft touch for it. I do understand their problem, I am not suggesting that I do not, they had decided to spend their time ripping up my finances to build up my temperaments somewhere as a fame and fortune they will later claim as their own and of course they will never claim it in hell or beyond it - its mine and I am supposed to have the right to decide what happens with it, if after all I have been through over their stupidities and distant violence around here actually pays off, I will change the west as they know it, so leaving me alone has always been the easier option as we are no longer kids in this matter anymore, nobody here has the ability to grow out of other peoples stupid experiences anymore. It is not true I am trying to keep track of all I say and think about either - its rather a case of putting my work in a condition where I am officiating it due to the fact when I do everything that needs being done its all so overwhelming for others but when I don't the prospects exists for every fool to jump on my chest and pretend they have got power; as for the story of black people whom I think are idiots that are obsessed with secret society powers they can use to be other peoples big brother and other peoples fathers in order to get rich and famous but in actual fact they really do have such power over me, it is clear and obvious when people kill them its always a story of discrimination and racism that gets told instead, so I wonder what they will call it if I do it - for of course nothing will detach black idiots from my anus and penis and body parts on account they are criminals and feel like getting out of bed to spend mine, nothing will detach them so far yet as it were sucking up my air too - no matter how much I do not like it blacks can never stop doing it, they need to be my fathers and big brothers so as to make money they have never worked a day for and it is turning towards claims of what they own and some violent sexual and sexual context abuses, it is important they keep their fucking mouths where their money is as not everybody here is still thinking its all racism after 15 years of putting up with their stupidities; its like the recently emerging story of young people being trapped in bad accommodation, which is not really surprising since that is only the Housing side of the vicious cycle of bully compulsive lairs making accusations all over the civil service instituted by The Labour Party - it does need to get to that stage, complete with features such as bully Landlords for instance in order for them to stop talking nonsense and listen to what others whom they understand know better are saying - personally do not think it is a problem as such, they think when they have some muscles behind them and a media , they do not have to be wary to screwing me all over knowing I have leadership responsibilties because they can use media to recycle curses with public opinion and use their muscles to make me fix the problems which counters any suggestion I am in such a position in anyway whatsoever - apparently they are civil rights idiots as well, working class fucks and I will find out which problems they will not fix when I fuck them all over as well. Its much the same with the Politicians, in school there were people who could not take in what they were taught, half were bullies and the other half probably has learning difficulties or something, now they are all grown up and nobody is bossing them around anymore and they have got children too and are raising those children to be like them complete with fundamental hatred for those who do not like it - every government save the spin doctor idiots we have put up with in the last 12 years understand this is how people have a problem with the law while the rest of us simply do not want it interfering so we get everything about it sorted, then sit down to get on with what else we think matters in life, so it needs to get to the point where it is at the moment for the Politicians to listen but for me personally we are where we are now because they think they want to target me with it (it has never been a problem for me - there is a list of it here at my finger tips and that is why I am able to talk about it since I understand it to be a form of villainy I must hit hard at until a sense emerges socially that I hate it and it hates me so they can spend time with their own lives and I with mine - ranging from idiots turning up here to be Father figures and big brothers because it is how they are supposed to make popular culture wealth, right up to tacky western idiots with tacky day time television products that they cannot sell if it does not have something to do with the public work of other people Royal Princes and the list goes on and on right up to the fact I am a writer not the dog that fights for every fool that wants comforts from my personal life on account he has made his way up my television etc, never mind populous idiots talking nonsense about international community decadence - they all complain but soon enough they are back again, seen around my Book sales the Western economy money loving small shops and small businesses owned by destructive bone headed idiots who think their involvement is power making profits they have never worked for and telling lies about what my Books promise).