I do get asked if I pay attention to how violent things do get for law enforcement of course which I do as it were – I mean it is not as if when people put up a savings and deploy it as leverage to get into your life and build it up on media abusing you with gang badge nonsense in order to make music CDs about your life and get rich and famous they do not know it is criminal – it’s like the other side of them saying that when I say what I say I expose myself all the time and that it hampers my finances which I then blame on others which is absolute rubbish as well since the reality which is why it does not annoy me as much i.e. I know what basis their abuses and attacks are developed and the most popular of them is that they have been around and then they became mentally ill and then they were knocked into shape by some medication and lost their sexual potency with it but how it means that where their corruption of involvement is strongest is around somebody that is concerned with sexual dominance among South Americans and Americans towards the British I would never understand and so this is how they hurt themselves and start to talk nonsense about violence and we have not even begun to scratch the surface around the part where I cannot possibly expose myself when it turns out that what is more important is the need to ensure the myth that I get ordered about by media and celebrities is dead; it started off with them and their Tony Blair Prime Minister handling the writing career to make a mess of  job they know nothing about and that ended with holding them down to the problems until they solved it the way that it should be done, so rather than stay off my finances and livelihood they want to end the story by making people think that they get to order me around. My point is that the only think that makes sense to them when you do not want things to happen to your possessions is financial violence and I will never stop until that had achieved a condition where it is easy to say a group of people are stupid and there isn’t a thing they handle that will not be damaged and that I don’t want to talk about it, so for now I need to make that as expensive as possible so Politicians can continue to bail them out and I can continue to ensure it does not take effect anything they do thereafter, until they keep bailing them out to a point where it becomes a more serious issue all together; so in a word, the answer to the question is ‘yes’ I do pay attention to how violent it gets for civil service and National service staff; the relationship I have with the ladies at Court for example is because of the expression of the Prime purpose of peace at the Office but when considered their actions at Popular culture in detail, it’s not just a matter of civil rights competition with it that they must win, it’s also that they want to hijack it and go down in history as the ones that are the peaceful people, so when you start to consider those who express war and violence at Public office it does make you wonder what kind of search for power and wickedness and violence this popular culture is supposed to have been because it beats the imagination every single time and we see the effects in the real world as well for that matter; it’s a matter of bits of the Royal Office being picked up and signed off for them at government office as property of their Industries and Politics that will not do. So I do suppose this old story of race is developed around the reasons for their extreme antagonism of those who judge matters around it in a detached and dispassionate way being either their own organised evils right down to their Churches where they preach nothing but the gospel of the sick on account they have no wish to show any recognition or even respect for the physicians, if they can push their gospel of the sick as far deep into the lives of the physicians and make them sick so everybody might copy what they do claiming it is a gift God gave to the world and something they do to ensure those to whom he gave it are not corrupt with it or the societies of the future that their Politicians want to create and they are helping with as well. Of course there isn’t a thing we do in response to any activity by them which is not based on a threat of force, this is the part people do not listen to, something Politicians use to bend peoples minds as though it was their own to bend and cannot leave me alone to that effect because naturally they are not interested in what the views of those who are not interested in them think is the way things should happen to them or their possessions – they are bending things, bending people creating violence into people and do nothing else with their time and the Police is racist because it stands between them and their very nature as social menaces, don’t ask me why – it seems money in very powerful, yap yap yap. We hear all the time there is mystery around me and nobody is really interested in what my real views of people are but of course there is no such mystery and they know it as well – the reality here is that money is powerful and they must be able to ensure people cannot tell them what not to do with what others own and even those who claim they know how to commit crimes say they are not committing crimes because they are doing people like me whose privilege shows on the outwards while others who use their time for something else and save their energy for a fight have nothing but a really hard life and it makes me so annoyed when I cannot feel good around my own anus and penis and tummy and so on because they exist and the Police are racist when there really isn’t anything people do as a reaction to their very existence that is not based on a response to a threat of force that they have issued and it is always the case as such that the more innocent the person is the better the target because those are the kinds of people that are predisposed to go after the money bit that is all they ever wanted as it were. So I had made myself clear I don’t want to see their celebrities around the Royal Property or Estate or Literary Empire anymore or they will be looking for trouble as well, they have raised a conversation around their stupidities in the assumption everybody is either interested in whether or not money is powerful and everybody is likely to be about how much money their Uncle or parents or relatives bequeathed them that means that I cannot determine if I want other peoples celebrity services or not because they will offer it and control me and cash into my office anyway, only to turn out in public to issue more insults and abuses and attempts at dominance – we all know this is what black idiots do with all their time and the Politicians they vote for do nothing else too except try to locate which laws they need to make to ensure they deploy my Royal work as a contribution that has not become part of their culture or heritage but property of their own that ensures they are being rich and I am being poor with government office that clearly is their property and will do nothing else but as well which I don’t mind since last people loved to vote for them and Politicians loved to bail them out financially thinking it will not become a serious problem later on; it is where they love to tell me I need to count my odds and not getting off my books to wind me up in such ways will only mean I get worse and will never ever give back that stupid culture and society so that they can have a feeling when I do or say anything and turn up here to tell me it belong to them like an evil that never sleeps which they are and it will be all about my freedom as well with a big mouth. It is important so I can ensure I can pressure their customers into buying my products and ensure they cannot pressure mine into buying theirs – money is powerful and this is the only language that they do understand, there is no mystery to any of my activities; these are the kinds of behaviour that convince you that for those in government work you will one day have a meeting with people and one of them will come in with the military and you will all get arrested and there will be a military coup – so they can ask me what is so important about making sure they don’t mess with me; I don’t get out of bed thinking I want to get involved with social menaces like this on a daily basis but clearly they have problems and it should be where my anus and penis and tummy is as well and we will see what becomes of the need to ensure I respond to them in that way as well and to that end they will never be free of me too and need to get off my books for a start; I mean Police is racist they claim but there isn’t anything that causes you to respond to them which is not based on threats of force and violence and this is why they want people to see the Police as racist and more so at cost and need to get out of here and live in their own stupid lives – move on and leave me alone as we are not mates – mystery done and now we have talked about all the facts contained therein. I say these things because dealing with these matters is violent for National service providers too; it does not detract from the fact that there are sound reasons a grand Jury would refuse to press charges against a Police officer that shot dead a black teenager that is known to be a social menace due to the money his Uncle or maybe father bequeathed him or something he does and keeps fallow as a means of getting rich leading to a process where the entire Community can be a threat to others and hence the idea the Officer would have felt his life was in danger if told that he was facing somebody that was about to do his stuff for him: for my part it is simply a question of the fact that in their shoes I would have known what I was doing if I was supposed to corner and bully and control a certain Royalty whose Office and Estate I wanted to deploy to make riches and fame, regardless of whether he wants it or not or indeed how tired of it he is already, especially when I love the tales I tell about the power of money. It is not complicated, when I say I don’t want to see their celebrities around the Royal Estate anymore they like to tell me it is a crisis but now they want to know mystical facts about me that are not being displayed lest my life is put in danger and every nook and cranny of their big mouth is being explored here, people should understand it is a matter of families – one family lives in perpetual fear of the other as a result of what they are doing to earn a living being so good, the other family that is the bully family says the Police is racist and because I am the head of the family that is being bullied by them claim it is my fault that people find it difficult to see the Police is racist and they will never be free of me as equally as seeing them around my book sales will lead into even more trouble until this all becomes what they want it to be as well. The Politicians boast that they waste my time and resources which is utter nonsense – that is something I did because I was faced with the notion I had to be kept from a relationship until I was one of the oldest singe men in town because they wanted to use both abuse and deviance and morality at the same time to spend my personal life getting rich and famous when I become an icon of deviance that says people ought to sleep around instead of get married and settled and these are the kinds of things that are being put to the test for example – for my part the process has resulted in an outcome where I end up with certain friends that I can trust and what I do is not filially wasteful or destructive for me. They do say the problem is that I a never satisfied of attacking them but that is the question with respect to the points at which their own incessant attacks are developed i.e. have my career passed to somebody else that was all be it more respectful of them?


This leads to the part where I am said to have squandered all I have whereas there is no such thing but a condition where there are things I have done which HM simply approved and nothing like the need to get One to sign some contract that means I can do this or do that and so on because they cannot leave people alone creating wonder as to whether their stupid bone headed white children have a worse existence when they are involved with the Monarchy or the government as it were. If they would only shut their gob, it would have been obvious that I do what I do as per writing my books on what happens in my world which is concerned with the journalists and celebrities there in and people would have understood the purpose of the books at this stage and we would not be anywhere in which we had to discuss the matter at all. Now as it stands what they are doing is setting out my empire to split among themselves like a steak, led by Americans of course, the first time it happened was more concerned with a story of how nobody knows who the hell I am each time they attend some product show somewhere and that did not end well, so putting themselves in a glorious spot somewhere at the Estate renaissance to sit about getting rich with day time television violence and advertisement is just one more provocation to be dealt with that will hurt like hell when done as well – after all they do believe it is amusing most of the time when they do – I for my part did make some American friends and wish to see where this whole case of keeping their customers from me and making sure mine are their own will lead too and it does not affect the friends in anyway – the outcome has simply become that I will make them terrified of Publicity, since it is obvious especially for the blacks like candy from a baby with a big mouth, that if they know everything they need to know about me because I told them and the place to target them in terms of making sure their customers are mine and my customers are not their own, is the media, it will become the place of terror for them as well those stupid abusive day time television they never give a rest with – general trash as it were. Its the same old provocation of doing that to set out their minions who have been given a small speech to turn up here to pillage things to make them money and when that is impossible the media will make up an occasion where they did for them and that will fulfil a hearts desire, when coupled with other forms of vandalism caused by those their mature businesses with problems they have no plans to deal  with such as the activities of their fame and fortune idiots that they despatch to ensure that as much of my market is hovered up as they possibly can, only to find I have put into place structures to ensure what they should otherwise had done to deal with their problems produces equities I confiscate and deploy to control them or destroy in a profitable way so they cannot have it in order to waste their time and resources too and make up for mine as a result, meaning when they check their finances over a certain period of years they find there has not been a change in profit thereof and that becomes something their civil rights idiots must steal while they continue to cling to my book sales, this is what the problem is, each time that stupid hearts desire is fulfilled it is an indication they have no wish to be seen elsewhere but the market I build for my products that they think they control with media because they want to be more important than I am culturally trashy stuff, this is why I should never fail to punish each time it happens because it will never stop as well. What I do here concerns the celebrities and journalists in my world and they are here because I need the community for personal and family reasons and for other things they do which they do to endorse my work and show their fans I can be trusted and time and again we do see them complain I do nothing with it, so it is yet the provocation that these foolish men are still involved at this stage as well; its always been simple – here is the Royal Estate and here is what I don’t want done with it and there is what they do – of course it is not my fault they cannot get a message through that the Police are racist as well. They do say I am not as scared of Obama as I should be but it is the same reality of an idiot in the White House thinking he wants to collect my business equity and break up the empire to deploy it to make new laws that will make Americans confident because if he does not do that democrats can never be democrats – so we have continued to witness vandalism that indicates they do not know how to get there and so I had to help them on a little bit for my part so when they are in place and start to put up such laws in the US we will get to find out where and how their democratic stupidities gets to end as well. Beyond that it is very disruptive and destructive i.e. she was in west Africa yesterday with her team and they were there for climate issue and the equities were left to me and that was the point I realised idiots like these have been ripping up everything to make trashy daytime television advertisement that ensures they sell new cosmetics to Hollywood celebrities – it is enough a daily affair to drive people up the wall which is exactly what has happened here and if it is power for them I have not got a clue why it is they want us to discuss or have conversations about it every time they make a media appearance. There is nothing serious about these matters, the strict religious code of the Monarchy has its reasons and purposes, this is not how I should live, its just a job and I know what their nature is and am not going to be fooled by force, so this is likely to develop into attrition – so far its only the relationship and arrangement that has meant we are finally involved with each other. I mean people can never give credit where it is due as it were, they say it’s all in my head when we all know it is a work in progress by a group of idiots who have a desire to be superior to me whose need to handle my possessions must never go unpunished as well – we do hear them speak of how Tyrants pick up on most of what I say and do of course which makes no sense since their insults know no bounds and they have a problem giving credit where it is due if the person was targeted to be sacrificed as their self improvement or something whose death means it will take some process of them committing an evil again and again and again for the authorities to get interested and of course their case with respect for others is incredible too while their Politicians will keep bailing them out financially until it results in bigger problems because I will never allow them to bail them out enough as it were; I mean when I say I don’t fancy people making claims of things they did with me in which they were the boss what is it people suppose I am talking about, that tyrants stay at home when they steal money from their Countries? These guys want something from wrecking my book sales and they will find it – that is my prognosis. Of course nothing is lost in translation in anyway – as I mentioned they would say the girls are using me for a plaything which I don’t mind, they only need watch their mouths lest I get my hands on their loutish sugar daddy idiots again but of course the reality is still the same as ever – the first fight was about being seen at products shows all over the world talking nonsense about how nobody knows who the hell I am, now it has progressed after years of stifled profits for them into pillaging work I do with my Court all over the world to make trashy day time television adverts to sell cosmetics to celebrities alongside men placing themselves at glorious spots all over the Literary empire especially when American because they are confiscating it – so this is going to be a big one; it’s the same old case with people setting me out as scapegoat for their problems that they go out to find among my race and so on, nothing new, just the need to show what I think about pompous fat idiots in the City centre with some millions playing with stupid girls which need to make more money and all that noise about a desire for conquest with me seems to be my biggest problem, so their whole behaviour has developed so far in the two above named ways. The most late real time update on this was when the richest banker in London City gave a speech – that didn’t end very well either, so they are still all over my books presently and it will progress I can see – all matters cleared the story will revert to the case of how unhappy I am always whereas the truth is that my duty is to HM only and never that I am always unhappy, it is actually irrelevant to me if Americans or Russians exist, what will never change about those kinds of tales being the same as ever i.e. that it clouds the real issues of selling my books to get a job finished for those who buy them.

We do hear the questions about me dealing with distant abuses and the intense and filthy nature of it too, I have no idea why they do expect me to deal with those things anyway especially for the Politicians – we all know that the books I write takes care of these matters and it is the fact they love to abuse those books and my income through them that has created their involvement with the problem and hence the problem for them as well, so that these things do not affect me and the only way it does is because of these kinds of insults from idiots in suits. So the bottom line being that the evils that some half priest Royalty has to deal with are beyond them and that has got to be news for everybody in their view and I have not got a clue how on earth they are going to make with that big mouth I have to put up with all the time. It’s like the story of the achievements of a certain Tony Blair and the question of what my problem with it seems to be which is utter nonsense, beside it is the story of how my life is a sad story and a shameful affair whereas the reality is that I was always fine with people of all races in this Country for the first 26 years of my time in this world until I was flustered and then became a plaything for racists and all the while in those 26 years it was black people, black people at the local communities and at the media – local, National and International, every single second, now we are simply in a place where they think that they are trying to find out if there is one offence against me that I will not punish and my relationship with them is to establish the reality that there isn’t one. As for the Tony Blair, he has achieved nothing – we all know that if a Prime Minister from the Labour Party got into office when Thatcher was as unpopular as she was, it would be riding a dream boat and he did nothing with it all; his first four years were spent working out what he was supposed to do and his second term was the precise date in which I returned to the UK from Africa and he found a new scapegoat that he was going to get around the UK bullying in order to achieve what he has not which is the way it has been since. If he has achieved anything, it is the reality of such things as equality commissions – equality commissions run by idiots who talk nonsense all the time about the powers of women when we all know there are things they do to deserve the punishments that lead to those complains about the powers of women in the first place – hence the big question of who his equality commission Tsars were running their equality commissions for. I don’t believe it to be a complicated matter, these are simply men who spend their time making sure that others understand in no uncertain terms that when people consider themselves to be equals with them, then they have lost everything bearing in mind they are older than I am for example and this is what they are all about – we know of the need to get jobs in all the strategic places especially the civil service in order to secure leverage and bully younger adults, we know of the part where they have spent more time in the work force and are more eligible to have a go at the millions in my Royal Estate first before I do in order to secure a better pension and it will never be clear at what point Tony Blair’s achievements, they had made my career something that was detached from me and thus became an item that whomsoever wishes can have a go including me as well but we need to see them speak of their civil rights as well for good measure. So we do hear the other story beside it of what I do to provoke them and that part was about the case of those clubbing and partying lifestyles which creates communities in which bankers can attend to make money vanish that was never as problem until Tony Blair’s achievement decided my existence was the control of the hearts of their girls and the result was that of MPs going into parliament everyday to decide what they are worth which they claim needed to be settled to curtail my lack of respect for them and so it felt like I was the catalyst for something that was about to go really, really, really wrong and they needed to find out what my own looks like as well. So when they do claim I wait for events to unfold to deal with these things while claiming people like Tony Blair have achieved nothing, the reality is always been that they exist like air in balloon which you chase if you want to squeeze and why on earth would you squeeze air in balloons when you know it is simply going to move around inside of it?

We do hear them speak of my being the talk of my mother and at the same time have a case about their views on the powers of women, of which I wonder what people suppose they are talking about except the reality that if all adults are equal when they are older than most then they have lost everything and as for my mother in this story, the reality has always been that she believes she can do with me as she pleases because it’s the UK and where she is in terms of her sense of her culture is unquestionable from any direction, these fools therefore believe that is how I was raised all together of which I cannot tell what part they play in this matter anyway. It is never a big issue for me all together, if my mum is the problem an Intellectual Property Administration business faces then she is the problem I have to deal with, in fact I have found that most people who need my assistance or services and books are people who have a prognosis of intellectual property admin problems that runs in the same direction as well and this is where they need to respect your mother get off the books otherwise my intolerance of that stupid fame and fortune popular culture is likely to become increasingly violent as well; fuck all of them – they do believe it is that cheap and easy. The part where I can only talk so they can find out how to rule and dominate me which is their claimed birthright is all very well – everybody knows they have this way of making sure I am flustered and unable to follow up any occasion where I lose my temper and if that is not what they are doing then what they are doing is wealth sharing and dominance all at the same time, like respect your mother and the achievements of Tony Blair that I have a problem with.

I hear they say the big problem is that I end up where I shouldn’t i.e. in terms of playing with the opposite sex I am good for myself and everybody around me when I am with female journalists but I spend more time with community idiots and black civil service goons as a result of the things I say, which isn’t true – what is true is that people have consistently gotten themselves involved with my concerns to send out a message that this flirting with kidnapping and torture of me in order to set out self improvements that means they get somewhere with their stupid lives is not just equality but also a good thing not least because one of them i.e. me is suffering at their hands and not others suffering instead which is usually put forward by idiots that have no plans to work for anything in their lives if others have been living under the shadow of their mature businesses they have no plans to improve their habits and behaviour in order to get customers interested, not least because of their violent and destructive industry communities on media as well, which insult I am unlikely to tolerate for my part at any stage too and just like black people they are busy finding out if there will be a point at which I will but for me it’s all hard work to ensure that point does not exist. The way it plays out therefore is that the sociopaths commit lesser crimes and get shot by the Police while the psychopaths kill and end up in prison because they get caught by the same Police – it’s the sociopaths you see that have this way or reorganising people’s lives and jobs to create half a population that hates them 100% because they are a menace that never sleeps and another half that loves them 100% because they are helpless, hopeless, financially dependent on them and have offers of fame and fortune made more so to them even, hence they do not actually know that a reality does exist and that is why Police end up in a community and somebody says the wrong thing and gets killed but it is not something they hope to stop doing or people hope to stop supporting either at present. I hear it is said that I send out subliminal messages that feed them with a need to do the things they do which is utter nonsense too – these individuals understand the messages I send out very clearly, the Politicians and would be idiots don’t – those who don’t want to antagonise me have made their position very clear and those who want to play the games of the Politicians and power goons have made it clear to everybody they are idiots and incredibly stupid as well: here they do claim it is becoming more violent as a Nation as well which does not make any sense whatsoever - all I can say is that the idiots have been very busy at it - lets rummage his personal life and exasperate him for decades on a daily basis to extract some Christian stuff we can build up evils to provoke Muslims with and when there is war in the Middle East we will ensure it burns the UK as well and then we will remove Monarchy and have what we have never had - the idiots believe that when they see the civil wars this is how it civil wars, I was of the opinion things have unfolded in ways that should make them a lot less stroppy by now. We do hear their defence being that I know too much about Monarchy and cannot keep my hands off the way it works, and this explains why they have such an intense need to damage my academic work and call me names and why they need to tell HM lies about what I get up to all of the time; the reality of which is that I would have written my books anyway whether or not I was called into service by the Monarchy but that would have been a wholly different scenario in which I was involved with government so they and their stupidities and bone head children can have access to me like these and yes we do hear that noise making about how evil they are and how I don’t know it and one of these days I will create them an environment where I am not involved with the government so we can put it to the test as well: I need them off the books so I can complete the job of the cause, nobody here is interested in their evil, its been 14 years and I am getting quite fed up with this particular crime of access and touching my possessions by that stupid socialist party and these kinds of wind ups will see an end to it that is not amicable fast approaching too – civil rights my bottom - I need them off the books so Gods work might be completed here and I have no wish to tolerate those popular culture fame and fortune any further, when I make millions with these books we will be even and they can start a new one like that whenever they want as well for all I care.

The measure of their evil that we are familiar with is one such as the need to keep a Christian unemployed in order to ensure there are causes he should have chased and things he should have said which he has not said or done either way which does mean that there is a means by which a process of pushing him or artificially and violently exists and this whole handling my possessions to make it work and colonising the civil service is supposed to have made all that possible – all I need to do after 14 years of so much nonsense from these socialist idiots is to sell my books and complete Gods work  and finish my academic work – they need to leave HM out of it but they think these activities are funny to them as a group and shows how their power can paralyse people and it is this that will earn a reaction from me as well because I set out 14 years of my time and throw them away regularly as a result, so people can set out an original provocation that is dealt with so it might come to this and hence the result being their need for revenge and as I always say they can refuse to stay off the books where it will blow up all together as well if they wanted. I mean this is an ideology that believes sharing is not a matter of human kindness but of their power and wickedness, an ideology that believes in a world where one person works for it and has it taken from them and given to another, an ideology that people vote for when they want to own something they envy, an ideology that has a plan at government to remove human kindness as a means of wealth distribution because they hate religion to blame the wars they create with peoples sacred work everywhere they go in the world when they are not authorised to handle those work in the first place and when I say we will have an environment where I am not involved with government so they can have the access they have they think that their vandalism is funny, so we are making progress. I had made myself clear on the matter – I need to sell my books and complete Gods work, they need to leave HM out of it and stand on their own since they cannot leave people alone. It isn’t true that when people have communities I have a problem with it and when they try to make fame and fortune I have a problem with it as well – I have no particular problem with any of those things, it’s just reality that they think they are evil and I am one of those things they must attack and brutalise in order to show they are powerful as well, this makes them a social menace and makes the Police racist – so their MPs and Media are the best expression of how much they need to bully me with it being that they think wealth and glory, fame and fortune resides at my penis and my anus and the things that come out of those two areas of my body – so they get in touch with their juju maestros and point the finger at me and now I must be provoked until I react and say something about their culture and society which means I will live the rest of my life if I live at all in danger: it was the wrong thing to do of course because I now have that culture and society and need to keep it so I might have debates with them over every single important part of their stupid lives and that is just the start; now I need to sell my books and complete Gods work and they need to keep the Monarch out of it and face their own problems. We do hear the case of racism and how I have no plans to keep off peoples wives of course of which in terms of peoples wives it’s not something a Christian does but I will never give up, and in terms of racism there is nothing wrong with living in the UK as though there were people in these lands before you arrived and the only way it works is when I don’t see them in my personal life or anywhere near my possessions for any excuses whatsoever otherwise we all know it is not good enough and clinging to my finances is not their usual racism which we need to see so we can find out how stupid they really are and as for the blacks we are all made to think tyrants steal money from their Countries because they have no plans to travel to the UK to seek a better life and want to stay at home thereof and the same principle applies. I hear of the injustices that led to racism of course but this is the UK, it is not a place where people who practice old hates can do whatever they like and it is not something a lot more serious yet so there are injustices that led to holocausts and so on with a big mouth; I mean the second world war was their hall mark and the basis by which their stupid MPs could get through to me – in terms of them I will like to remind them that war happened because all the bad kids were able to get together, in terms of their MPs those want a piece of me and think they have necessary excuses and so they will get it too. The only thing that makes racism a topic for conversation today 60 years after the second world war is that their idiots need to be a threat to me in a condition where it is no joke and that if it were a joke it would be the kind of joke that leads to an end where I am beaten to death by them – the reasons for this is that they want to be able to ask what next when it turns out they are confident I am scared of them and we all know that usually is their answer for everything. So they have started again and the only thing that stands between the society where people like me are somewhere in the Middle and there are others on the left and others on the right has always been these socialist idiots and they do what they do because of the needs of men, so they have clearly started again as it were. The reality has always been that in a Country where people have declared themselves racist, these idiots have always been the threat that sets out a Political ideology where you work for it and another tends to own it and with it they make noise about wealth distribution and history they have with rich people that makes them superior to riffraff’s like me for example but nobody here has asked them about that either, all I ask is why they are poor and those they have history with are rich if they are not a collection of bone headed scum who think I must be afraid of them and who need assurance when they are a threat to me it is not a joke? So far I have not been running a hate campaign against them for my part yet as it were – all I know with respect to it is that racists are lazy and greedy people that will do everything and anything for money including the needs of women that it is said I spend most of my time on and the one thing we can rely on is the fact they never start unless others start first, save these idiots whose nonsense and where I stand I have made quite obvious too as it were, so we might discuss racism after the second world war thereof; of course there has always been Political ways of resolving these matters – always – except that they are the Political people and I am fed with the menace and intense insults too. I do understand a question gets put forward as to whether there isn’t a thing the socialists do right but first of all which I find it impossible to see what it right about the removal of religion and compassion as a means of property sharing so that they might become all powerful but should be judge the matter in other ways because people are immoral, then the reality is still the same that an uneducated business man from the US can dominate the one in the UK as much as he likes and the idiots who have been making sure I am the kid they can handle because they took as long as I am old to get jobs and do have enough savings to carry them some 4 years or more compared to me who has just turned an adult and is trying to get a job with their eyes and greed firmly fixed on me and my personal life, claiming more so they are the party of the people, have not been doing the job either – this is half the problem of course because the bigger one is not just international development corruptions where we end up talking about what tyrants do with money they steal from their Countries such as travel to the UK rather than a process where I get into a fight they designed so they can use me in the shaft with a big mouth, the bigger problem is that they need to know when they are a threat to me it is not a joke and that means far more than the fact they are not doing the job and brings to light the issue of being attacked by your own government no matter how good the rest of the world admits what you do really is. So it will take time but these nonsense will be flushed out of the Parliament where they usually gather each time they provoke me to pretend they will sign off bits of my empire into legislation and make it public property at this disposal and yes I do get asked if my activities has a sense of direction which of course it does too – it’s the hierarchy of wealth in the city you see – there is rich people and medium sized businesses run by the ever thieving and increasingly prosperous so called Political class, whose need to handle my possessions does mean the punishment of making sure their Popular culture idiots make no profits and neither do they, you know the one about how I attended a job interview and save the abuses that changes what people think about me as important their music CD sales could have done a lot worse on account they developed the sales strategy around what they predicted I would be doing and the way to go about that is to grab the equities and cut them to bits in order to wait for a respect for your possessions to happen on media where they can develop their own rival state of affairs to the laws of the land especially the one concerning the crime of theft and earn more consequences from what you can do to them as well; as I said, I need to sell my books and finish Gods work and they need to keep HM out of it. All I do does have a sense of direction; even when I blow hot and cold on them the two reasons is to ensure the offices of state are not damaged because they are safe there and can do rich free publicity pickings for their nonsense with the Parliament where they gather each time they wind me up in order to be safe, until the day when the great flood of Britishness that will eventually come through washes them out of those offices, the other is to ensure they have something to show for their lies and keep bailing out the social menaces and criminals until it becomes a more serious matter. It was apparent we had to decide what kind of economic recovery that we wanted – I mean they want to talk about wealth distribution which means if you want money you can sign it off the bank accounts of rich people at government buildings as their answer and what they have found out through ‘a recession’ is more facts about rich people in order to share wealth and be equal whereas we know they always had all the facts they needed about rich people when they were in government and the real issue here is their problem with my book sales. I mean rich people were happy to pay more taxes because it was being used to deal with the nuisance but now we are discussing racism after the second world war coupled with international development corruptions and being attacked viciously by your own government at home while the rest of the world praises your actions – so I am perfectly justified about everything I do with them too. I do hear the complain voiced of the path of attrition with Politicians which I have chosen but there is no such thing either – it’s a case of the fact I am hoping to do my book selling in a civil way and am hoping never to sit about writing and selling books by attrition, so hopefully I will be able to move them on eventually but that said if they have no wish to then it becomes a simple case of creating villains which has never once done them any good and I will have to rely on a prognosis whereby if I can just get MPs to stop passing insults at me then the world will see that they have been unjustly screwing with my book sales. I understand they say other black people suffer the same things I do as well which is not true – what happens is that they spend time at home in the security of their parents dwelling to unleash themselves on me as social menaces with plans to get rich and famous with my possessions no matter what I have expressly told them I don’t want people doing; so they cheat all the time and I mean I come from a back ground where my parents issue accusations you want some of the power when you make contributions towards your own upkeep, the reality being that you get to a certain age and what you want differs from what they give and so once that happens you start to realise you cannot stay with them and it is much the same thing concerning my Christian faith as well; what I am saying is that these guys want us to believe they are unaware they are a public menace and that it does not mean the Police are racist, either here in the UK or in the US and the real issues regardless of what they do to threaten Police officers and get killed so they might riot is how this affects others in that when they start racism starts along with them and the fact they need to set somebody up to get killed, such a person apparently as will be that when he gets killed it will always mean they can do whatever they like and it will take a sustained condition of them doing it over and over and over and over for people to decide it is a problem by which then it will be a case of chasing the wind as they had come up with their own arguments and Politics in the process as well.

They do say it is a mystery the way I live and that this matters are complicated but they really are not – it’s a case of whether if I got money bequeathed me by my parents I would want to get about being a public menace who decide to pillage peoples personal lives and threaten them in order to make and sell them Celebrity products and services and keep a history with them to control them and run a business? Would it then have meant that if I did that I wouldn’t know have been aware of what I was doing, would it have meant the police would have been unaware of what I was doing? I mean real celebrities know when there are no services to do for people as it were and we do see them retire when there isn’t any even for those that don’t even know why they retire so the Industry goons can abuse them until they commit suicide we hear about or are pushed into drugs which is practically much the same thing; there is nothing wrong with spending £5 on a music CD, unless that is, deciding the kind of economic recovery we want, I didn’t have to work five times as hard for a job I have already got so I might be used to make it or forced to be in need of it. I mean for my part I do have a Royal Estate and can do what I want with it and unless I am making millions with my books using their popular culture and their culture and society and politics the getting corrupt with international development obligations and always being seen around the international precincts of my office solving my problems and abusing me to get rich and telling tales about me doing that to them and their freedoms to cover their tracks which they continue to show they find amusing as well, so that we might be even, it will never be over. I can understand the part where they say I need to take steps to ensure the Royal Estate does not feel incomplete to people and I don’t need to take any such steps in any way when the problem is their lack of respect for my personal life due to their corruption that also threatens to stir up racism in the Country so they can tell us they are powerful – however if I must address the issue, what happens is that I write books and put them up and certain Americans for example get around the issue of the literary empire and develop certain positions they have taken up to aid me and aid the cause and chase a particular reality and eventuality and job etc, there is nothing there I must ensure does not look incomplete, its only when I speak of the issues on the ground that they bring that up and it is not just the Americans, there are the Russians and the Chinese and Middle East Governments and Europe that has always been with us too, practically the whole world – except that when people think they have the same skin colour as I do they suddenly believe they can do it as well and when that leads to problems claim I do something about them and nothing about big industries which really makes no sense especially when we hear them claim they don’t know what they are doing when they do it which is simply a case of communities controlled by sociopaths who need to make money with them seeking to control my book sales which is why we are having the conversation at all; this is what industry does, they sell products to you and keep a history with you so they can maintain those product sales – naturally sometimes they have these evil owners and managers but people can always stop buying a product or they can get others like me to say something about those managers and how their bosses will be happy to know of their stupidities and how it thus pays off at the long term bottom line as well. This leaves us with only the problem of the financial industry of which everything we do to control those is thwarted by as far as these same trouble makers claiming they don’t know what they are doing are willing to go in order to express their freedoms and yet they are the ones creating the most noise – so for me it has become a matter of settling what kind of economic recovery we want and then working out how funny these games will become the more we find out through recessions how to play more vicious and violent and destructive forms of these games. Of course it would be better for me if I used an opportunity like this – the doing of equity property brokerage and Intellectual property administration in Public so these goons cannot escape doing something wrong all the time, to secure a foot hold in the big companies that are interested so I might consolidate my position and work closer but the losses I have sustained due to their need to play around these matters and employ these trouble makers as top managers have left me in a place where I can only rely on a section of Court to look into the matter of security for these kinds of Equity, so it has to stay in the Company I am afraid.

We do hear the claim ever so very often that I am one of the biggest sources of encouragement for separatists in the UK – it is utter nonsense of course since the reality is that insult we hear about where I was and what I wanted to do and what they took up and finished with a big mouth. The truth being that where they are now is such that attacking me has created an environment in which separatists are feeling bad things are happening to moral fabric of society and that they have an obligation, so while we all try to ensure things work normally they can always carry on and blurt out these nonsense because of the stir it creates and it will become more serious when one turns up in parliament with a gun in his hand for example. I have never believed this matter to be a big problem it’s just the reality about the nature of bullying from Politicians and media fools, so that when I say they will continue until it becomes a self fulfilling prophesy in which one turns up in parliament with a gun in his hand, I mean it will happen so we can see how they are doing it too as it were. The real issue here is their need it seems to set out a case for how people like me always set out to attack persons and personalities and hammer everything around any matter into pieces and as for the Monarchy it was always there and needs to be dealt with and then if the Monarchy lets you in, you soon find out the problem was that they wanted to be Lucifer in the sense that God creates and Lucifer becomes the devil kind of thing and that is why the Monarchy makes no space for debating any issues with them and the implications will then become that they do these things in order to ensure that they are able to pillage all the Monarchy achieves to feed the their Political persons needs which is one of those cases that express their evil twisted, thieving, devious and lying nature as it were – so the result is that I am confused and that is how I will remain and any who handles mine will have his own battered to pieces. I mean I am not suggesting I am confused in terms of where my loyalty is either – it just facts and reality that the Monarchy is not the only thing in this Country that they want to get hold of an twist into a corner and batter and bruise and damage in order to become Lucifer characters with radical sectors made for the political persons taste out of other peoples personal lives and Royal achievements, in terms of me they complain but have a problem with my right to earn a living – I am only confused in terms of Polity, I know where I stand as well as I know the back of my hand. So in the end it always reverts to a problem with the class system which is the only thing that protects this Country from their madness – the fact that when Mr A is lower class it does not mean he cannot be rich and he cannot be poor if he wanted, it does not mean he cannot attend church or maybe chose not to if he wanted – so they keep kicking against the thorns and it’s a case of horny devils v the Country and the class system as the protector of the Country that will undoubtedly be burned by the horny devils, while making all that noise about something I had to say in order for there to exist a momentum anywhere around what tickles their stupidities; so at this stage the story is whether or not Political characters can move on with what they have gained which is not applicable since we all know that in the hay days of these wickedness even the Unions were in on it to create this society of have it all or nothing we live in today; the part where I was responsible for stories that picked up their feet and went their own direction to make Tony Blair Prime Minister uncomfortable and needed to be dealt with so that Unions can get a good deal off the government which somehow worked alongside picket lines and strikes.