Now they say I am stuck in a situation where I am likely to respond to any problems they have created for me and it is utter nonsense; it is the same practical jokes that ripped up my academics which are being played out on my Books as well and now that they are repeating themselves it seems they cannot do any worse then they already have; I only thought it needed to be reciprocated by giving them lots and lots and lots of social and cultural issues to resolve and I believe I must have done my worst by now as well – the bits about drug dealers and traders of organised crime products is particularly delicious because they are always buying such things and I never had to find my own. I hear the claim I am like a rabid dog at this stage as well and it does not annoy me when people say I am a rabid dog either, just the point they are trying to make i.e. does not fit if I go on to explain the fact that what we see on the streets and in the neighbourhoods are the fans who are scum that are responding according to the signals they are being given by media idiots talking through to me to create to anomie that facilitate a means by which I can be hated at random for having special property that everybody wants and being trapped in a corner by them with a big mouth, worth bearing in mind when they do take the risk to make it physical as well but as a whole the rabid dog bits is just me making a show of myself responding to every bit of test they throw my way and of course doing very well with them in the process, this they cannot deny. I understand the case where if I do not watch myself I will get into serious trouble which I am never going to anyway; we are not talking about getting politicians to pillage my finances after picking a fight with people they have never met and then building up their finances to get physically fit with and find out they want to be hitched to me at the hip for all the wrong reasons after – we are talking about if I hear the whiff of it from those stupid communities and start my own as well, to see what will stop me getting into a fight with them too. Its man and his environment stuff, where I take a wee in my backyard and end up asking if they are still in there and I am not the type to sit in my patio with a beer in hand or something; so it would be nice if they got on media and had a habit of putting public insults up somewhere else; central point is that the same practical jokes that were done on my academics have been done again on my Books and they are always having to deal with social and cultural issues for it as well, when it gets real. I am said to have difficulty locating friends from enemies but its not so; I mean I am not in an arrangement with people where getting angry is good but I need to build this history where I was angry over a certain period of time for those who like to get involved; we can see that they have taken over our public image which has nothing to do with them, taken over our fame which has nothing to do with their own media based jobs and taken over our lives telling us how to exist to make them comfortable and so it becomes a serious issue to think about people getting matrimonial chores off me all the time, claiming my personality is a product of sleeping with peoples wives while their bullying started when they saw me walk into a Church – so of course if I am always angry and the friends have tummy upsets for it, I will have nothing but I need to build up that period of anger just like I am at the moment not saying much but saying it from my penis so they have to tread with care since there is always likelihood of mischief popping out any time. I hear the talk of my problem with people and its an old story of being surprise bombarded with expectations of what I am meant to do to make low lives comfortable and they do the whole business of having something to say to people everywhere they go about me because famous bullies give them the signals that it is okay to; the women have a problem now, a tolerance issue where I want to live with them in the neighbourhood at any cost, so living in my space means having a roof over the head in a real way considering doing so is used to churn my tummy every time I am doing something important by interfering abusively – the men want to chase their jobs and careers with my public image and personality, so they also have this interest where I cannot have my office to myself when I want to write some Books as well as we know they love to hurt themselves and blame others and it is the sheer process of sharing my space that ensures I always smell like my toilet because it is used for all the wrong reasons but especially used to interfere with anything I might do which is not in their interest such as information put to culture and society to run this Bookshop; so I do contribute to their problem but the main culprits are still people on media who will not stop the violent gossips they love to rally to and I will undermine those until I have my own practical jokes to throw around as well. It annoys me so much when we hear those stories concerning what I am thinking and the difference between it and what is really happening all of the time especially from the fools with media jobs to do which gets so little attention from them all together – they say I have made out Trump is reality and Obama was the fantasy while they never read anything I write and never listen to anything they so as telling me how to exists becomes the most important thing to them in the whole world. The reality of course is rather mostly a case of whether Obama would have been happy for somebody to tell me out to be persecuted by sexually abusive local women who are always making up stories of him beating up peoples grandmothers, calling up a crowd on it on account somebody had set out his personality was a product of sleeping with peoples wives in the process of him protecting himself from stupid men who want him to do something about women and amount to nothing in the course of doing so, passing around insults about him being a child that is supplying respect that children today do not give any more – would he have liked anybody to set him up so frequently he dropped out of University and would he have loved the persons to get into the Oval Office to give word time and time again, that people should prevent his Books from getting sold at the open market while they also set him out as the person to abuse in order to get rich on a good public life as contribution for the betterment of his own race, would he have liked anybody to do these things to him? So this is actually half of the story, the other half is that Obama is now stuck with the problems I could so easily handle and he has resolved himself to trip me up a second time on account that he is not able to do a single thing of the things I have accomplished all together, so the second question has become one of whether it is so fat fetched that he did end up with a n individual that is very determined and has had enough of his case as well. I do not think that the matter is a complicated issue, I just wish that media fools who have ideas about telling me what to do or second guessing what I am thinking would listen to what I am saying or read what I have written – the Obama case is an old one where it is not just true that the day black people such as Mandela and Obama give you a reason for striking your bum because they want to feel introverted and have dreams of being important will amount to the dawning of a new era all together; as a whole however it is obvious that this issues have gone beyond their insults, they have become a real case of the fact they have an inability to just let other people be – we are always seeing them provide one hell of a service where wealth distribution means ripping up peoples lives to build property that is not their own sup so high that they end up being able to get jobs in large companies that will pay them enough to make them rich and the victims are unable to do anything about property being deployed without a contract being signed on account it has been built up so big that whenever they deploy it they must have gone through the markets anyway, therefore pointless to act and more of a point to be frustrated for as long as you may live basically. This is not about me like they love to make out; the one about me was the first instance of this kind where they said they wanted to rip up my whole life to make money and that every stupid black girl could pass their insults at me without consequences or reprimand because I have been set out to be abused and attacked as per the guy with the property and public image that should be sacrificed for the betterment of my race, just like the Obama crew are doing, except that these were the first ones who ended up having things that make them so disrespectful of others taken from them, leaving them to get up on public places and talk rubbish all the time about having a word with the Monarchy and Politicians about how bad I have been endlessly. Its nothing unusual to me; same case of really stupid people with very bad habits who tell lies all the time especially enjoy it when they are hurting other people and in my case its about making use of my personal space, feeling like getting into it to put an elbow on me all the time and use it for public pressures mounted by media and local community scumbags who have made something of themselves over it and are getting used to insulting processes of telling me how to exist. I do not believe it to a crisis either; when it comes to the Lion share we usually find out how far their big mouth wags when they make use of my personal space to facilitate their jobs and their livelihoods and have no respect for my Office such that I cannot have it to myself because their fingers are always up my bum, same as the women who abuse and attack because I should be giving them matrimonial services talking nonsense when I am determined to live with them at the local communities without any crisis of any sort and a means of handling their stupidities whenever I please as well – it feeds into that whole case of being abused by Muslims who have access to me and that was always an old case of their fingers up my bum because they are used to manly stuff in the middle east, where women count for nothing until I start a campaign about how much I love older women as well; same group of idiots who will meet two persons of the same sex and decide it is okay to beat down one of those while letting the other do whatever it likes instead of work hard enough to sell products to both if they seek money – thereafter it will get some money together and when it beats down somebody it will be of the same sex and the person he allows get completely out of hand; so if their fingers up my bum and keeping a Muslim eye on me all the time winds me up, they will end up with something new to complain about as well. It is pretty much the same things we hear the racism extremists blab about all the time as well; wealth distribution, socialism, get rid of some Royalty – in their case its finger up my bum and always supplying one hell of a service concerning how their insults play out with the rich, after that we will hear that by the laws of Allah there cannot be such a social gap between rich and poor. Now they say I need to explain what my problem with the Media is and without exploring the idea this was a demand made by human beings, I can say the problem is best expressed by what the popular culture music industry thinks of itself i.e. if it isn't the fact the Media controls what I like and what I do not like I cannot control my finances because they had taken over; first time they complained about me was when I blocked off the fame to stop the violent gossips that their local community idiots who think themselves bullies as well pick up on when told it is what fame is about these days etc. now it is asking these sort of questions because not only does it expect a conversation from it, it fancies itself a bully that expects me to exist and wait somewhere for it to do things to me all together. Pretty much all the same; Politicians, Celebrities, Feminists – they all control what I like and what I do not like while I am unable to control my finances, complaining about actions I have taken to ensure that I delay their dreams until they are past it too while at it. I understand there is nothing I can do about them but this was a simple question of what my problem with them is answered very clearly; what I am going to do is everything in the Book that lets me rip up the media and popular culture and film industry over this matter and then they will tell me it is surprising anybody can do such a thing as usual but for now it has become a question all together or whether I need to stop talking about career and big picture while these idiots think their civil disobedience at my expense could never have been more profitable, or do I start to think about self and ensure their stupidities only address me or handle any of my effects if they have signed a contract or had a written agreement, not because they have built me up so big that if they did it would be too late to act as it had already gone through the markets. .I cannot remember a single activity concerned with employment I have engaged in without having to tolerate these idiots and every thing or person that supports them, showing up on it to make embarrassing and insultingly abusive villainous statements they can pick up later with socialites and reality Television about how it will then be something I get stuck with until people grab my fame and career and I become a nobody like they did, asking stupid questions and expecting a conversation that distresses me further when I have given a clear answer for their media to run with all of the time. We are where we are because its largely a matter of not getting involved with business that has nothing to do with you, so when prospecting you can see the ones that are similar to yours and can therefore inquire to face rejection if it comes etc. these fools enjoy getting involved with my concerns the more people have gone on to tell them it involves me and not them and we can see it progress from a need to be me because they do not like themselves while most of its confidence comes from the fact a certain Obama had set me up as the one whose whole life had to be pillaged to create the future of the American Liberalist and Democratic party and has therefore provided an acceptable future for his Girls in that way. They always say it is a problem I cannot get out of but we all know they are really good at this stuff; intrusion and market vandalism that is; nobody knows why it pays them so much, nobody can tell why they have time for it and how they make time for it, we just know they have accusations alongside to show for their insanity as well and the bit where they say there is nothing I can do because they have made the money anyway can be very annoying – it was wind up like that causing University drop out of happen and what they are complaining about was the case where I will deploy their madness to pay the bills as well otherwise it will never be over, thus they need National Media and the Politicians and the Civil service; what they are prising themselves for being that each time they do that I end up with a reputation stuck to an idiot that has hurt so many people in incredible ways that I am now having to cover for them because I am aware somebody is going to stab or shoot pretty soon. In the end the bone of contention here is that each time they are finished with me; just like we see that Obama has set out the one he would have loved done to him, where whenever Democrats and Republicans are done with each other, what is left is people who have lost their career pillaging my income to get one and its the sacrifice somebody else needs to make because he loves his stupid race so much – we find that what they usually collect at the end of every onslaught is my personality and how I behave and my public image and how I write my Books, whether or not I am only interested in business friends an allies and want nothing to do with them, even the content of my diet and these are things in the absence of which I will not be able to sell my Books because the paying public would be confused about my person and they have said that if I labelled them as stupid, I would get into trouble as well; but this insanity is the meaning of Politics and Media and Celebrity and Feminism – which we see their local community fools reciprocate by making me out to be the bitch that stays at home while they go off to see the world and because their case affects me at home we hear them blab about a bad smell all the time and if any of them touches me for it I will ensure their case ends really badly too. So reality is that the only threat these idiots can pose is firstly the pyramid sales business vandalism of my Book sale market and the feminist insults and house wife spite that has become everything to them even their Politics which comes with it too – the other is direct intrusion and market destruction which amounts to an outcome where it is pure evil that propels them i.e. all those years they wanted to get about with Politicians and decide what happens with my finances and academics because I was seen walking into a Church was allowed because I was relying on a time when I would work and study – now we can see the work bit is always taken up by embarrassing statements of the things I will get stuck in until I lose my dreams to somebody else the way their stupidities had lost one, while the study bits is the time being taken from me by practical jokes I happen to be talking about all of the time; they do rather need to stop assuming they know what I am capable of too. We hear my case was that I had wrecked the business of sorcerer and it will never make sense as they keep talking nonsense about consenting adults civil rights, alongside integration – when we all know that if their fools have that sorcerer stuff others will be fighting for their lives in the neighbourhoods but if they don't, the reason for all my problems will be that I wrecked it for the fact it loved getting involved with me whenever stupid boys and media wanted it to; all together would be nice if white boys kept their insults where appreciated and stop talking rubbish about people controlling their parents, now we can see that they have deployed mine to get rich and have not controlled their own and I never fancied One Direction the band for example anyway while we can see that even when broken up, it is still a problem for me all together. Its never really a big case for me when they make such money, it is usually an exercise to prove a fact that many doubt due to Politics but I want them off my Books and my Public image and would like them to keep their comments where they are certain people had appreciated them, along with their foolish civil disobedient idiots who tell me my actions take jobs away after building it on my public image as punishment for wrecking class A drugs businesses, yapping at me the bits they can predict how it will turn out endlessly. We hear I ended up all stuck with the media because of my attitude and we can see it play out as an insult that keeps giving so they might get connected with the rich at my expense – something I do need to put an end to because I am unable to sell Books due to peoples practical jokes. I am not stuck with the Media as such, its about society goons hunting me like a weasel and then once they had ruined my whole life and have tended to see me too often in their local communities I then get informed they do not like me because I am weak, I am a cunt and so on; so they have ended up with a process of freedom from what I am thinking being sought but because there are other fools with jobs on media, they have made some friends for it really quickly and revenge had begun; I did not predict any less either, since we are looking at people on Media who get others dropping out of University because the personality would look good in a gang fight that will make them like themselves for showing themselves on peoples television and they always have to have what they want but its a bit of a problem when gang thinks about my blobby body and how they want to stab it while I think about their cracked up out of my league arse in case I want to stab it as well, so the media gets into trouble with gangs because it was all their invention and they have been keeping the media jobs that way – while the society ones dream endlessly of some violent issue existing and some persons who have not co-operated with their needs putting their bodies between the violent occurrence and everybody else striking my bum for it 24/7 – the rest would be the industry fools making connections all together, my attitude was the reason for my problems while they were born gay and if I disputed it being that their insults place more pressure on me than the pressure that has caused them to be born gay at the same time, I would get into trouble for it with a big mouth – while what will happen will be that I got off making the gay sex very painful, so that when it gets off deploying aspects of my equities that house proud people really like, it will have proven it was born gay as well all together, thus like the Politicians pillage my finances so they can talk nonsense at me, I will have made their own safe for my bits too. This in itself is an example; I mean I was talking about how I got stuck with the Media but I have ended up showing its a problem I will never be free from with pubescent goons getting me to talk about my attitude towards rich people – reality of which is that these peoples whole lives are about money and more money and more money and they are nothing like Politicians or Royalty they like to think they have robbed shoulders with; in the end, they can spend the money fighting others but so can Politicians push them into a corner and print more of it into the economy, whilst there will be inflation, they will lose; so nobody is born gay and I would fancy they signed an agreement with me first before they addressed me – that way it might be impossible to sell Books solely because of other peoples practical jokes; the reality about how little these idiots know of course can be see when we attend Church and notice rich and people and local goons watching us; it does seem that the atmosphere is the same at Church as it is where rich people are gathering but in every turn we find not just the Politicians ripping up the finances and academics of those who attend Church for them blaming more people for the wealth inequality that has existed because they were worse off for it, we also find a prevalent state of behaviour where the superior one is to crush the inferior one; so I really owe them no attitude matters what soever and if peoples civil rights looks like insulting me all the time, this always serves as an example of how easy it will be for me to take it away from them too. They do say that I am full of hate as well and it is utter rubbish – its just a bit of work to do since it is not really necessary to stop people making money at the stock markets from the fact I stepped outside of my door for instance but we can clearly see what happened to the FTSE Index is that it rose on the back of this from between 4000 and 5000 to between 5000 and 6000 and then the economic crisis took hold but it did not come down after that either – so we have some that is running between 7000 and 8000 but we do not have an economy that is healthy enough to match to prove that the figures are correct; it did not come down during or after the economic crisis; I have no space for when I can respond to every one of their stupidities, no space for hate if I am doing fine while people deploying the fact I stepped outside of my door to make money at the stock markets causes me to drop out of University so I might be made to give up what I have given and be generous. It has become a case of whether they plan to give me a certificate of rejection or not, since if I pointed out I am not in a competition with people that have got money to spare and want to show me how important their money is, I would not be having any fun: They are up in arms on a global stage, because my Royal Estate was not good enough to bowl them over, they are also up in arms because their money is not good enough to bowl me over; so I am wondering if they realise it now revolves around them all together. All I want is to be able to protect my Empire with my own pocket money, not have people pillage my property to tell me my pocket money is too small to protect it with and yet when I ask for advice get told that I do not have an Empire all together. It has now come to a stage where people who want big business need to look the part, it has come to a stage where they need to learn the fact that it abuses the rights of millions to impose on them whom they think owns property when they already know whom property belongs to – its not to say I discriminate against small businesses as such, the small ones will be the bits where somebody needs to get on with their evil as fast as possible so that others might be able to move onto other things but big business kind of is the one where other human beings who are innocent of any of the issues are degraded. They are always saying that those who stop them from getting involved are creating inequality; nobody is stopping them any more now, they are just required to look and play the part. It becomes so annoying when I am told that I am not a real writer and that my existence generally tends to annoy those who are the real deal and it is annoying because it is an insult that comes from trade writers who have not read my Books and have no intention to, it comes from them because they cannot tell why they did not give their Book away and therefore decided to make a living from writing it, they cannot tell which is the patent that belongs to them and how to run an office around it that helps them sell people stories for a living, what the ageist idiots are doing is stirring up neighbourhoods, pillaging my public image to extract money from it and blabbing rubbish at me as well. I mean Companies publish their brochures and these can be good enough to be a sale item but are usually given away, so we can see they know nothing about Book writing if they cannot even tell why they are selling their Books instead of giving it away since it is an item that educates about life and the way we live as it were. It is annoying because if it continues I am definitely going to find myself picking up on it and teaching them their own lessons they will never forget as well for those abusive insults. What I am most interested in at this stage is following up everything journalists and Media personalities do to ensure that even when people are interested in my Books they are afraid of get involved and which carries on so consistently it amounts to building me setbacks and pit falls that allow a collection of goons who tell me I do not have an empire because I am broke so I might have to explain that I know what I am doing besides which it is not their empire while they go off to set out their own brands that will make them rich very quick on my public image and what I have built and its the same with them claiming I am to be attacked because of inequality that exists as a result of my Royal Commission while telling me I am not Royalty. So I will continue to find a way around the issue if I can and ensure that I am looking after what happens between me and my warehouse and my customers all over the world, but this problem is getting to a point where tempting me will produce them some very unexpected results at some stage; nobody can tell why their celebrities are not content with making money at my expense, therefore we always see them make the money I should have made following up insults and abuses from the media, adding up to the bit where they could have been uneducated but reality is that they are educated, which makes the problem many times as bad all together – we see every time that intention to get around making money from a process where I deal with public matters and then jumping on my work and income margins to ensure I deal with more while they sell it to endear themselves to the crowd and it is about to end really badly in my view before it stops too. I understand they say I will get into trouble which is never likely to happen anyway; I mean British Leyland is an example of how Companies just get spent in this Country and I am not about to allow it happen to me as well – the first bits they are complaining about saying my Books are wasteful of culture and society was my response to a need to see me deal with social and cultural issues before I completed my academic work, the next will be the need to earn my money and handle my property all the time for it telling me I do not own it or that it does not exist at the same time – I am going to set out the British Leyland example as a means of teaching them lessons over those insults that make me feel like a child so they might make money and become real daddies they are so fond of as well and it is starting with the need to keep an eye on every little thing journalists and media personalities say about me which is about to progress to a stage of seeking to take their jobs and that of their camera men as well, so my clients might be respected along with my Business empire as it were, put an end to those stupid signals; we see what happens when I get employment as I mentioned before – my bottom hurts and then it makes stupid statements about places I will get stuck in so that somebody else can grab my fame and dreams too. They always say I will have to back up what I say and its an old story where all I say is written down a part of an inventory system that manages interests in what I am doing and will be put out on my websites, so I do not need their own telling me as well. It annoys me so much because I cannot sell Books due to other peoples practical jokes but what is more is the fact that there are National security matters where the buck stops with me, meaning I face more than the same challenges it five times my size cannot keep the insults where people want to see it faces in life because it adds up to being in a place where people kill enemies that either hold me down or I hold down, a situation where you must be prepared to take a shot but ensure it is not the person that is likely to kill you doing it as such. The bit where I only act after people have made their decisions is another example of bits where I do not care, like the one where the insults and abuses is what happens when the hungry chase fame and the media then needs to ensure the Public knows racism is a lottery and are as such informed that some things they think is okay to do is actually dangerous – as far as I am concerned however, they are at last starting to make their own decisions along with their practical jokes Politicians. The part about getting into trouble by itself was another story all together; I was under the impression people hate my guts in this Country because of the extent to which they have gotten used to enjoy the idea of passing abusive insults at me - the Politicians now hate the 5th of June because they enjoy passing insults at me way too much – the Media now hates the idea of people getting stuck in a fight at the neighbourhoods because their bottoms hurt so much – so Celebrities are engaged in historic sexual abuse campaigns these days, so I am sure there there is more trouble in store all together; what really happened being that I wrote my Books and they got rather abused to using it without paying while getting cynical to extract an income from my Public image until the problems created a group of scum whose practical jokes about my anus and penis, then they tell me they saw from my Books what I could do for them being they were famous and always got what they wanted; their point being that it was not in my hands to decide whether or not everybody else's bottom hurts apart from my fans and friends and business allies, in a world where those who look like me and work like me might be interested in what I have to offer and those who do not will not be approach only to respond if they get interested, while I am completely lost as per where they fit into the picture telling me I have not got a business empire while their whole lives are about extracting an income where I have worked for it.


The big question these days happens to be that of whether I find the women freedom things a threat and it does not apply at all; I do not find the women freedom activities a threat but it should be noted such realities as women that parents cannot control knowing their parents will not approve of them seeking fame at Hollywood, so the probability to getting sexually abused and not telling anybody is really high, so the plan is to get the numskulls that are correctly celebrities as far as they are concerned to do the hard work, it is very sad of course that all that campaigning only opens up an opportunity for them to make accusations at men randomly to clear the public image sensibilities at the National front and I suppose it can be said that the problem is the amount Publicity being put to drawing attention towards the fact a large proportion of the female community is comprised of very stupid narcissistic individuals is so low and even now faces challenges such as people making judgements while they have no clue what they are talking about but worse still are another group of really stupid women who seem to know where my private parts are instead of deal with these matters which I largely suppose is a matter of the fact they are afraid of being set up for sexual abuse all together, so it gets more and more complicated. As for the case I am said to have with Celebrities; its an old matter where I get out of bed everyday to deal with the fact they had gathered somewhere and there was a party had which was predominantly about passing life changing insults my way and so despite the number of times I respond by putting together activities that affect them to the tune of making sure they are past it on their dream as well, it still appears an appealing activity for them to spend their time on, so since what it takes from me is study time and work time bearing in mind I already gave them the bit where I dropped out of University over their practical jokes, I am definitely going to completely destroy it to end this problem. They do say I cannot do it as long as the journalists especially are as abusive and insulting as they can be but reality rather says I will stop their fame to stop the violent gossips, then I will tie them down with me since they cannot spend their abusive time elsewhere until they are past it and then those who confront me I will deal with directly as well; all they can throw at me is fat cats that I can sort out by building them their sex industry side when they lose money and need to be sodomised because they made a pact on one hand while working tribalism that I can sort out by undermining the media and tearing up celebrity culture alongside popular culture on the other. Its like when we hear I am engaged in some great big Cultural philanthropy which is not based on truth in anyway; what happens with these people is a behaviour that is suggestive of civil war, where they tear up peoples lives to please women they love to abuse, so when you do attack them it will turn out you had much in common as brothers and will therefore regret it because they do not necessarily think women should be treated badly – hence when I say ladies first it sound fun thing to feel when you want to be a celebrity but reality is that women do not fancy people solving their problems for them as a whole all together, so the real reason for it is that cowardice is learned and people should not learn it and let go of the catch because their little finger had been bitten thing; just like we see people are unable to protect their property from celebrity and popular culture and CEOs who are paid enough to be rich and therefore think managing a company means putting naked girls on a boat and building a lifestyle as long as they can pillage my empire with the insults of their queer goons who claim they were born gay etc. not letting go of the catch because my little finger was bitten etc. I do not have a problem with celebrities I should mention but we can see these fools have become rather used to performing a service for the public which involves getting things off me for the people and that has led them to this point where they get out of their beds everyday to plan processes of earning a fortune on my wallet and it has now come to a head the fact that when they want fame it has to be my fame and when they want money it has to be the one I should have earned, like a peaceful way of taking away the job and academic work time looking for some real trouble for their part; their stupidities always have to be tolerated and if I push it to a point where it is to me I will let go but if they continue to ensure I am being insulted by them all of the time their activities never will be. I do get asked what I mean when I say so of celebrities one moment and then get along with other celebrities the next but its a matter of the fact that as long as they have a role with me and understand their role it is okay, I need to take this matter seriously as I am unable to sell my Books and am sitting about watching liberalist idiots play practical jokes that shrink my business empire addressing me everyday – if I have not said anything by them and or they have not signed a contract to get involved with me it is rather advisable that they do not; this is not a matter of the Prime Minister visiting a local area and a celebrity local attending as well scenario, these are goons bred by Industry trouble makers who want to spend money on celebrities and end up at the other end not seeing it gone forever because others are moral and upstanding human beings. The Politicians do want to intervene of course and I do not think it is up to them either; the Politicians ought to decide more a case of the fact they have an economic crisis to get out of and if we said they needed people who could work their way out of poverty that would have meant they needed criminals from prison and people around those parts of society – so their work here should only involve chasing up taxes that celebrities should be paying unless they want a question on their case as well as per why they are never seen making decisions which do not upset the moral fabric of society or disrupt normalcy for the common people. Its like that old case of it being said that I am on the side of poor people when I am not; I am Royalty and people are usually poor in my view because they wake up on their 18th birthday to find out they have no planned how to pay their bills but there are people who are actually caught up in very difficult situations and there isn't a Royalty in this world that would have a view that somebody who is unable to secure basic level of education and some pocket money to look after their property with is good to rot where they are – it simply doesn't work; we find that the Political goons and the celebrities and fashion idiots are the sorts of people that are really good at such nonsense and that it suits them too. Its the same case that applies to mine as well; I wish to ensure everybody else can hurt their bottoms for all I care as my property was never brokered outside the allies and fans and friends that I have got – its the same pattern all round, the media, the music industry and the films – really good at making a statement about me writing a Book that throws scrap to the Public from Royal table and then build up criminals on my assets and make them good people with money at my Empire markets; now their problem is how I recover my property while everybody else is intelligent enough to see that it was never normal film equity but property brokered to ensure films were made which helped younger people grow, never normal equities but a patented system popular culture allies could adopt to make money from entertainment Industry that is causing children to drop out of school etc. as for the Politicians telling me I will succumb to the will of Politics – that was an old story where they need to know what I plan to do is steal my work to financial gain at the markets and then when I have built up a leverage openly, when they talk Politics at me it will have some meaning, otherwise I will not watch my empire shrink any further while they introduce to me idiots who say establishing a link with consumers to recover from a recession is not how things are done any more and that sacrificing my empire for new markets has become a stupid trend. I do not think that it is a problem; we see Obama who would not like people do to the same things to him complain about Trump but even after his time in the White House he is still pulling strings that get people to visit their problems at me in abusive and narcissistic ways while he complains about Trumps populism – we see it play out on occasions when I find their Liberalist news outlets put up articles on anal sex and that has happened three times so far; point being that if I turn up the online pornography what I find there leaves me relived that they are not bothering me but these kinds or articles show that it is my personal life and relationships that they are selling at the sex industry these days because they would do anything for fat cat cash. Its not a problem, I am going to award it two more occasions and then they will be stuck with my matrimonial chores until they are past it as well – just like the whacking me over the head for trading and partying in the underbelly of New york city then build the popular culture pipelines and stretch it through this Estate and across Europe to settle up at Japan goons have learned not to do at this stage all together. I do have a patented system to support celebrities and producers I have in a Court and if I did, it is easy to see that if each of them have a specific role, that the roles are patented as well. As for the claimed determination I have which inspires people, there is no such thing; what happens is people getting involved with my Royal personal life fraternity because they are Liberal corruption of involvement led American goons and they do it when I have not written a Book but when I had written a Book came up with all these nonsense which amount to abusive practical jokes on my finances because they are not honest enough to buy the Books and so we find the idiots are usually so good at creating problems for themselves that they blame others for all the time, like we see their Politicians pass money around endlessly and tell me I am losing as time progresses which does not explain why the need to ensure my Books are not getting sold by attacking and scaring people tends to add up for the media as well anyway. Normally this would have led to outcomes where I got off the Business world and got myself involved in Politics to create an outcome where I put them in their place after making my own contributions to wealth inequality so I might look the part when the question of why they make it is asked but I am rather embroiled in another way of controlling them that involved forcing them to talk about their own lives when they have problems and to stop threatening me and it means coming up with some real liberalism that will no longer look as deceitful as what they are currently able to get away with, I am testing which ones are real and which ones are not good enough by a standard of people having the right to enjoy some health citizens democracy – for me personally of which means they do not move into my right hand especially because I have tummy problems and injuries that stay in my head and they better not be making a big case out of the complains if they insist as well, we all know once that is done they will pretend I am their bitch that stays at home so they might go out and see the world and that I will tell them in very unforgettable ways, how to find a bitch their size – hence no wealth inequality, only healthy peoples democracy, cut out the war; all they have really got is nightmare landlords gathering information on me while I make use of their security systems to force them to relay information I want relayed, should have been fine without complications from idiots with media jobs being the guardians of the world of real men that co-operate with it for a daily mess made here and will not let information I put to culture and society that I must run a Bookshop where I have left it – the fall out of course is that all they really have is Tribalism that I can curb by making sure Celebrities are getting their fame and fortune off their own backyard or when I am being targeted for the plans people have and things they can do to get rich, my priority will turn to the fact their civil disobedience needs to spend 100% of its attention on a job – the other part of what they also have being fat cats I can deal with by building up their sex Industry bits for them as well: otherwise mostly the last time I stopped peoples fame, it was because they built up my public image and sat about practising how to be more important than I am and it was always going to lead down and abuse and violence road while the unforeseen aspects has been the fact I dropped out of University and now want their stupidities to pay the bills otherwise it will never be over, this time it seems that I am going to ensure I had done things which means that Celebrities cannot annoy me to a point, which I can rely on every time they are up to it as well. The real characters of these individuals are usually best explained as me being used like a tool to get them into the lives of rich women so when they are married the divorce settlement will mean financial success but in the end we find that even their Politicians issue the threats with a finite amount of money which they keep putting out round and round and settling up on my Public image like a gimmick associated with cultural power and because the media thinks I cannot take their Camera Men's job and I cannot shut down their fame and then ensure they are stuck with me and therefore past the dreams as well, they have become convinced that putting up any silly ideas people have invented about my person should happen every second – in the end its a simple case about living a valuable existence that is not necessarily the when I bought my first house and made my first millions type and this is another aspects of their lives I am about to hit the more the persist – all together I will take it one step at a time and undermine the media until I get results.


What they are all complaining about at this point is that having been I did end up with a reputation for being a character people want to punish all the time while they find out they are wrong and I am right every time they do it as it increasingly becomes an obsession, they are now ending up with their own reputation for doing something bad all of the time. The Celebrity culture is the one I am going to completely rip up for my part as well because since I had dropped out of University its only purpose has become to take my time away where it involves be studying or getting a job – its not a matter of intolerance for celebrities as such, its just a matter of the fact even when people say they want to be famous and it means they have to have my fame, they want to make money and it means they have to have mine, whatever they are doing has to be tolerable for me as well, it has to involve a process where they give me my personal space; obviously it does not because the rest are propelled by goons who enjoy practical jokes that are the best ways of getting informed of what I am capable of all together – the part where we see it play out in terms of them drawing up borders and sharing Celebrities whenever leaders are dealing with difficult public and National matters to become a threat at a late date, that facilitates that process where if somebody got sexually assaulted it concerns how to use me to secure the attention of good looking white Men while the teenagers or others that look the part deploy my disposition to make money and go places and it all builds up to outcomes where each of them wants to tell me that since every time they get involved with me they discover something they are doing wrong, I will get into trouble if I do their stuff; its all civil disobedience as it were, goes beyond a question of whether they are in charge or it is the law that rules, it develops into a realisation they are always making assumptions of what I am capable of and their practical jokes help the others at the Monarchy to get them into positions where they can churn my tummy due to the pressures of Royal Office fitting into an advantage their practical jokes wish to enjoy. The Royal ones are the ones most concerned about ending up with reputation whereby they are always doing something bad to cope with complaining of matters that have emerged on account I am always getting punished by them – so it is a good start for the idea they can predict what I am capable of and would give their lives for their commission therefore it would not matter if I lost mine, while the idea I am thinking they are planning something concerning the death of me apart from which there is really nothing else they can do i.e. which means an assumption they are able to predict what I am capable of, hence just as extremely dangerous – they think they will keep their own if an Arch Prince loses his own to their practical jokes. I mean we are here with a life threatening problem and peoples inability to stop handling me which was resolved by a decision that the Queen had made but clearly of which is not respected by them; the question being why it is impossible to respect a decision that the Monarch had made, bearing in mind they perpetually feel as though their stupidities would ensure I am always paying the highest price for it and then we hear I am ignorant of the way government works while reality is that the Monarch has a ceremonial role, meaning they are the ones who run the system and the government i.e. if they are doing what the Queen says the Queen will be showing disregard for the fact that it is their job, what beats me then is why they are complaining and why they are attacking me when a lack of respect for HM decision costs so much, indicating they have a foggiest clue what they are doing all together as it were. In the end they speak of Royal duties I try to avoid, while reality is still a case of typical situation being that the Majority population will behave a certain way and the minorities will chase my bottom to ensure I pay attention to them but the insults and abuses and punishment from these goons will ensure my tummy is nothing to write home about because they want to see an exploit and I need to feed the hungry and there is no way a threat of ripping up the celebrity culture permanently is likely to in anyway be connected to reality – then there is my party piece of what those insults allow the local idiots with ambitions to make money they have not worked for get up to, while they are most concerned about having reputations that indicate they are always doing something bad as well. Here they say its amazing I know these things as insultingly as possible, has not yet applied all together that the reasons these fools suffer so much on my account is due to their abusive insults seeing the pressures associated with how important what I do or I have to do actually is – seem to be completely ignorant for celebrity based convenience and insolence concerning the hierarchy of Monarchy but want involvement with it all the time because they have decided it is where their civil disobedience will be most profitable talking nonsense about freedom and democracy with the abusive Celebrity culture, looking for some. We hear I have no regard for people who have been successful academically and financially and its utter nonsense; the reasons we have these goons talking such nonsense at me all the time is because they never listen to anything others say to them and what others need is never relevant and it will add up to some freedom that lets them get into an academic institution to pass exams uninhibited but then the problem usually is that they were passing the exams on the risks others took to lose body parts in a bid to seek research and find facts about what they have gone off to absorb – what we have then is people studying Newtons Theory but having none of their own blabbing rubbish at me; I studied Law because I knew well how to manipulate and work the system of society where the parents will say it and then the siblings will complain after, then the teacher at school, thereafter the employers at work and by the time the Judge in the Law Court complains as well, that was the time they were taken off to prison; they would not let me study my law in peace and liked to make out I was bluffing those times they were aware I would wait for them at the Jobs markets too but apparently it has turned out not to have been a bluff. I mean I got all I needed from the University even though I did not qualify and so I am now in a situation where I work and check up to see if I need any tools which I can go to the colleges to acquire – this is then the time that the Celebrity fools really love to take from me and cling to my Books sales for practical jokes. If I said the University was the last word before people got involved with the Work Force or Industrial Communities, therefore people should think carefully before they get involved with it, they would have said I do not want people to be educated, I want to rob them of good jobs but now we can see it has gotten worse from a process of conducting violent integration into White Communities while playing football at my expense, blabbing about how long you have to live in Britain to be British, to a point where they have now won elections and we find them talking nonsense about allowing White People to get Tribal as well as allowing Ethnic Minorities to get Tribal as well – the two sets of problems being put in the same place with their big mouths suggesting they will manage it; the part they think that White People have forgotten as well being that they are always blabbing of culture but no human being can sit by them or indeed any culture if they are about to pass exams in school, while they assume other ethnic minorities believe they do not know what they are doing. Eventually is this case where it is said I am unaware what is requested of me is a form of Partnership at the Monarchy, which I am – its usually that when it gets uncomfortable, likely to be somebody building an environment related to government business where people who get involved are to understand they are there to make sacrifices, what we are talking about here is that of the fact I am always getting punished and therefore want to know why keeps doing it and why they are always blabbing too. Its government Office, you have to be very clear about who the enemy is and can only keep it when you are successful at doing so; I hear the talk of enemies scares people which it should not – take domestic matters for instance, it would easily mean a case of society being split between Law Enforcement, Criminals and Normal People, so if I want to be where the Criminals are, I can and they should not be able to get absolutely everywhere but whenever I settle up on the fact that it is doing sexual context abuses at me and is always fantasising of something violent near my endings as a flesh and that it is normal since it was the criminal type to give my tummy a break – what we find is that a Media fool or a Celebrity will think it a worthy practical joke to control my finances by deciding what I like and what I don't and making stupid comments in very public places about it, planning their whole lives on my wallet because I have Books out there to sell and there is prospect they can meet my Publishers if they wanted. During my teenage years regardless of the need they seem to have to get Politicians acting on vanishing careers while I appear to keep my own after every onslaught, it was a story of a people who are so silly that everything they handle and get involved with gets damaged, so they decide that this effect they have on people amounted to some form of power – now we are grown ups and there are physical processes in place to enforce the effect of this power all the time and this is what the problem is; the boys from the neighbourhood can do whatever they like with my tummy according to the motorists and the Public transport operatives and each time I push back we find the statements that escalate it being made i.e. low life has the guts to push back asking for worse things: so I have started with the basic stuff of getting their heads stuffed full of what I know and they can be free of it by taking out their ear drums – we are in this situation because I dropped out of University on their account, because I dropped out of University due to the fact the personal diary was no longer enough to support me on considering they had decided it will not be, we are here because after the previous two abusive attacks they are now getting after my Books too and I am very tired of them as well – it is an old story about meeting somebody you think is special one moment and then minutes after that you had saved up some money to rip up his life with popular culture and celebrities therefore you are superior and it destroys everything in that way for absolutely no reason, if we were to eliminate the points where it claims its civil rights looks like that; so what I have done is ensure there is a mess, old men that have to clear out their closet like they make me do everyday but I am the only one that can do it and keep a career, so they have to keep the closet if they want to keep the career and I can be free from some insults and abuses for a change – so its not that thy access what I know and deploy it to make money with celebrities, it is the sheer weight of it, that way they can be really superior. Its not apocalyptic either, I am aware that they feel the same way about educated people and now they feel like handling me all the time such that we appear to have ended up in the same existence, I suppose it is fair to say we need to find a way to avoid churning each others tummy, not that they teach it at Church and I am the one that comes up with the idea in the first place anyway i.e. its the same old gimmick of criminal characters I have to respond to all of the time and I actually have no idea whatsoever why those who make out that they do not know what they are doing or the effects of their bullying, simply will not put such an idea up on a billboard and sign their name to it. I do get told it is what popularity and Celebrity culture is, it makes me wonder if the suggestion is that I do not know that as well – what is happening here is that each time they get closer to Royalty or any Monarchy it is a disaster waiting to happen and I am not getting them close to anybody or anyone by doing what I am doing as they have suggested, what I am really doing is making it clear that for the pointless abuses and attacks that facilitate their privileges of injustice, they will never be free of me until the Celebrity culture had paid the bills as well. Their incentive is usually that they are too big for me but that was the question of what difference I must be forced to see exist between Trump and Obama if we are talking about White Business bullies and ethnic minority Business bullies who have a world that ranges from New York to Japan and have an addiction to attacking and bullying me pointlessly, ceaselessly and relentlessly every point I turn – so I am going to rip it up for them and then it will stop the way they want it. Now the question of what I think of Politicians pillaging my work is an old one but that is usually a case for instance of the US Administration deploying what I have done with a society of ignorant men who live in an environment full of trapped and angry women do in the Middle East to set out clarity concerning why they have made the decisions that they have especially concerning Jerusalem being Capital of Isreal and seeking a resolution for this problem of Middle East hatred for Americans; there are then these group of people who have no respect for a process where others might tell them they are not the real deal who simply have to handle me all together as it were and this is where the processes of damage control and security comes into the picture and blows out at the case where I just want to set them up for the issues and evils I have to deal with since patents mean nothing to them, starting with this business where they have a problem with the fact in my view, I am only interested in look after friends and allies and fans and the rest can hurt the bottoms all they wish. We see this process where I have been set up by 8 year real Men White House Obama for these goons and we have seen the result to be that it is not my personality or public image that the Celebrities who think they always get what they want wish to own, it is my talents all together that they want and we have seen I do try to advise them not to wind me up building up high and mighty so when they deploy it I would not be able to defend anything as it would already have gone through the market since it will only make the problems they are complaining about presently much, much worse than it is at the moment being idiots in suits who never listen to anything others have said to them; this is the sort of thing that these other group that are so in agreement with the Trump Administration that they have to handle me all the time will see happen in their case. Sometimes you wish these fools gave you a certificate of rejection whenever they play up their corruptions of involvement but they never do, what they do is get you hanging up somewhere until you start to have wishes about money considering they have got some but for me it leads to outcomes where I cannot stand their culture and society on one hand while I am unable to tolerate the 1970s to 1980s style boogie because it is supposed to have been born out of how this corruptibility and its homosexuality affects me i.e. being in such a position that it is the nauseating financial complications that have caused you to wish you had some money from an Arch Prince's Office, thereby meaning money is more important than God and we already can see what I do to ensure such a state of affairs does not exist, leaving the question of why it has to happen and why it is they cannot just leave people alone behind it. I do not think the matter a problem, it is only a problem when you have not decided what to do with it; all they can do with me, all they have in their reputation is Nightmare Landlords, Fat Cats and Tribalism – the first I can ensure are always clearing out their closet because they are thinking of what I am thinking and since they are too old, I always happen to be the one that has done it all my life and therefore gets to do so and get to go places, the older I get – the second I can build up their sex industry for them so when they lose money they have enough sodomy for everybody and the latter I can ensure is curbed as the celebrities will be getting the fame and fortune from their own backyards and not mine, just as a precaution that ensures I do not get blamed if I moved into it as well. These goons have gone beyond disrespect, it has become a process of getting involved with people when people have potential and in my case it has caused a University dropout situation that was a product of them getting stuck with deviance and getting involved with me to use my life as a show for the world expressing how everybody has failed at something at some point and so now that I am a published writer, this level of familiarity means they are unable to respect me as one while their Media fools need a special service for it with a big mouth. They always say there is nothing I can do when their celebrity money and fat cat money is deployed to grab my talents or property but before then we found them complaining that whilst nothing had yet happened to me, I have set up an Intellectual Property administration business that prevents them stealing peoples careers and public image to get rich with; so this generally means they intend to just work round what I have said or done for security purposes and so it is never going to lead to outcomes where it is the price of the Books compared to how much their celebrity and fat cat stupidities earn that is going to make this into a clash between them and a complete animal and thereafter I can get out of bed to deal with dizzying financial complications due to their practical jokes. Apparently I have to do this physically as the natural processes of patents being respected as the means by which a persons creation facilitates an outcomes where they go into an Office to provide a service for a paying public cannot be respected; the Celebrities and Popular culture and Media ones are worried about their own being deployed to pay the bills when they are done, they have even come up with Counter revenge while I am being held down for the demagogues of misogynists and fascists consistently anyway; the society ones who use politics differently from security services and advisers and elected Officials speak of people who are really tough and will not comply with what I want but it will never move far from the issue of their civil disobedience growing into something of another persons personal problem especially when it has to be tested how far that big mouth stretches when one had decided seeing the culture and society as well will make the last time they see it too: simple patents if its impossible to show some regard for what other peoples do to earn a living in order to brew corruption and corruptibility, right up to a stage where it has bow become a question of whether it is they in charge or the law in charge and when they talk rubbish about bending rules it is their own rules being bent or that sometimes those it is being bent on becoming very determined is unusual. The end game of course is that this is prove I could never get past the powers of the Media; reality of course is rather that the foolish journalists love to emphasise everything words and phrases that draw attention of c crowd to something nefarious that can be done with my person or any property I own and this was their power if I do not undermine them until I get results too that is but so far it is usually my fault because I have allowed them get on my public image to make sense of the problems in their foolish lives and then ensure it made sense to the general public too, I did it because of the stupid things their Politicians do with ideologies people should not be allowed to explore, such as me being held down for years while being groomed everyday for misogynists and fascists, claiming it is my fault but the method involved pillaging my finances and getting up on Media to build me a certain reputation that ensure that the fascism and misogyny not being able to get involved with me ends up in a condition where the demagogues would be effective for a start, completed with some new Female movements on Feminism and the tackling of such things specifically for women all over my finances and then it becomes such a time consuming and difficult task to spend the jobs that gets to their stupid heads on that they have to explain the problems on the basis of what I have got and how they can change who they are on my public image and how members of the public can get involved too, the same way we see the Politicians claim it was a matter of wealth inequality every time they have spent so much time on me they are no longer able to perform their duties. It is not surprising to me at all; I am running an Intellectual Property Administration business and sometimes we assume the big problem was the criminals and black marketeers but most of the time it is the Politicians and the Celebrities – in my case they are now beyond insults, it has become a problem of how to address a writer as a writer due to the fact they were already getting involved with processes of messing up his whole life when he had not yet written a Book, then they want to keep their own jobs while at it. They even claim its how social class works while reality is more a case of the fact the Classes are shut down tight and people cannot move in or out of it – in my case I was selected by the Queen for what I am doing, while they believe I also have the power to select them too or they will raise hell and grab my Estate with a big mouth; all the while you cannot deploy Royal Heirlooms to do business and grow financially like the Middle Classes because they will not let you do it with you Estate that is like having gold with no market to release an income from it by and the Lower Classes will never let you work your way out of Poverty as well, all enforced through the same Political system that is now blabbing rubbish at me as well. In the end building my self an empire at the open markets and then writing Books that people say I should not have written with the sort of opportunities I have and should not be blaming others for my problems thereof as well was a product of breaking it up to broker the equities with companies and recover my money through my Books, the waiting period in which I was to deal with financial complications should never have been more than 5 years, they have since gotten involved and its all about my income margins, their dreams and their practical jokes and when they pass insults at people its always the one where they are so full of life they do not understand where others are coming from, the bits about walking out of a train station to meet somebody who has been going to work just like you, picking up jobs the daddies should be doing and need not complain about it, where the victim then has to go home and check themselves in the mirror lest anything about their physical appearance encouraged it and usually in case it mostly turns out I had not grown my beard. In the end they say I cannot resolve this business of thinking people who have more liquid cash than I do are passing insults at me but building an empire to broker equities and sell Books for a living is just different and nothing that calls for their insults like we see them dish out all of the time. They say I am creating problems for Industry of course which is utter nonsense; what happens is what became of people when they sat their GCSE and became aware of the world and the civil service and private sector employment and private sector self employment – every time we see their stupidities get involved with Industry its purpose is either to pass around insults of how nobody knows who the hell I am or to get onto Public Office to start an abuse that says how I recruited myself into it has to be shared with the rest of the population and it is the fact they know nothing about those Industry Communities that causes me to refrain from responding to it but now it is becoming an outright threat all together which requires action to put an end to it – what they have done with their practical jokes now is to get on media and set me a test that affects my finances everyday, then come up with some distraction that ensures they are able to get away with it every 24 Hours while our British play boy attitude that caused the demise of British Leyland speaking of the big ones that were brought crashing down, could always stop it instead and pay attention to the Media jobs that have obviously gotten to their heads right up to a point. It is usually suggested that I am in a difficult place with the Media but I am not in a difficult place with them at all; what really happens with the Media is that time an again they have this idea of how to set themselves up and make money from what others had worked for and so cases where I broker equities with companies and it could have been kept private will then have gone Public, their problem becomes how to enjoy the goods and services being created for them through these processes so as to improve their lives, without bothering me and they are never honest enough to do so all together, grows into one about dealing with majority population and what minorities do to ensure they are paid attention to and then your exploits will become an addiction they want to talk with somebody while ignorning you after exasperating you to secure a reaction for claiming they are the hungry that need to be fed; now they say if they do not have money nobody will buy products from the companies that broker with me and I have no idea why they think that paying their bills was my problem anyway, that said, we are now edging closer and closer to full economic recovery where that stupid market separatism will be dead and buried for good and then when I broker equity with companies I will be prevented from selling my Books over a period of 7 years a daily case of attacking me while threatening others who are interested because they are celebrities and Politicians and have jobs on media i.e. I am not in a difficult situation with them, it is now bordering on whether to act on being abused by their need for market separatism that sees your empire shrink while you wait beside it letting them do whatever they like will add up to acting in a way that affects their freedom. I do get told it still fluctuates but none of the people who claim such things have said what I have in the last 200 years; the reality is still the same old gimmick – it will show up to mess with me and select its girlfriend a cracked up out of my league insults as though it was preserving its Genes, inventing ways of handling people that would have made the Nazis green with envy and after that it plays a practical jokes on my finances due to children being born that is set up at such a place on media as I am unable to do anything about it as far as it is concerned and then I get asked if my position does not affect its freedom, which as I mentioned was the freedom to make money from any places I have worked and gotten people interested in my products, as I stand by my business empire and watch it shrink; as I have mentioned before, it is usually either that I am sleeping with peoples wives or that they are trying to force me to make money from civil rights.


I understand that while I am caught up with these other matters, the Politicians are running away with my work to build the new world economy with, of which at least people think so, but they are not; its the great case of being so full of life they do not appear to understand how to handle people; so we see the female ones always want to become some treacherous Political woman at my expense and if this whole case that leads to a sense I am at odds with the Political system because I cannot stand their civil rights money loving abuses that says they have to make use of me or there will be trouble completely with boys from the hood threatening me is not developed to match any future threats, it will certainly grow into one about being labelled a Man that women can do whatever they like with and that will be my existence with that big mouth we see at Public transport all the time as well. The male ones are the ones who expect me to get caught up with something because that whole gimmick about people not establishing relations with consumers to recover from a recession and run their empires that gets to their heads while they play with a banking crisis and some quantitative easing was not a joke because there were Politicians with Government Offices behind such theories. So it feeds into this case where The Queen always disapproves of what I am doing because they are building me a bad reputation, that does not bother me so much because they are ending up with a reputation for always doing bad things themselves all together as well. We are here because everything that encourages a crowd to behave adversely towards my Books as a statement as a word in a sentence has to be emphasised by Media idiots and we are in this situation where I will have revenge if I lose everything because they get off Public Office and get out of their way to support it. They love to tell me I am stuck with the wrong crowd but that is usually the group of goons that are waiting to succeed because I had failed – so we see them build up a society crowd if I had said it is not my business if media fools cannot pay their bills and therefore do not have money to buy products from a company I broker with but it eventually blows over when they start to tell me I have lost a sense of hospitality and will be replaced by them – what really happens is that society right hand side and general public whipping scum on the left who are features of Federated Government systems will show up here to pick up the best bits of my work on media and pretend it is their own and when they are stuck with a difficult situation, then we can start to see the nature of a thing with respect to what they want to do with naked women in order to get out of it, of which it goes without a question why I am confident of my future these days considering their stupidities regards this madness as competition – the female ones are always showing themselves off in public talking rubbish about when their boyfriends will be done with me if stuck for the rest of their lives, so they can take up from there and work towards the same income levels; it is very annoying when am off dealing with complicated aspects of hospitality that involve goons grabbing peoples property to get rich and running off to tourism economies where they pass insults at their victims, to return with goons that bear some form of arms when resisted while they do this. The story of not being able to control them is nothing new; reality is rather that my Public show case is very important, I come across random people all the time who express something of their cars being made to behave like me or sometimes of the fact when they see what I do and see what their cars are made to do for them it gets them to understand what service has been provided and how it helps them to follow on their daily concerns – these goons do not have money to ask the producers to customise their own products for them when they do not want it having anything to do with me, what they do is get on media and popular culture to become celebrities exacting revenge because I broker equities that help companies build cars that they need to in order to provide a service – what I got out of it by the way being that the Companies agreed to work on Climate matters and Environment security and Town planning that works with the environment as a whole, so it is a very important if not the integral content of my Creators Canopy. The part about not being able to control them in its own right has to do with bugging me instead of getting companies to customise their products if barely criminal money is not happy with the fact that I exist and then the outcome will be that they can become very powerful since I have something to lose and they do not and thus it becomes impossible to stop them building me up on media for others to use while blabbing about how I must be forced to see that Obama and Trump are two separate entities so to speak – playing up on the bit where I am always bumping into a product very insolently being put out on my assets to take advantage of gaps where large companies have had an oversight in order to make their big break happen for them, the big break that will create more trouble for me especially on the internet that is, it becomes so difficult to stop them from doing that especially the Muslims and Africans who always seem to have a connection established between hurting people and getting rich and so this talk of what I cannot control is tempting too, just like the really insulting American ones say my existence annoys them because I am not a real writer and yet if I mentioned they are stupid and always get involved with what they know nothing of it may sound like an insult but all who read this will see that was the truth and the reasons they are always bothering others that appear to be doing the same; its always a completely pointless back breaking work that does not have any pay involved as it were. They do say that I am responsible for messing up what I have and yes I am, doing it over and over and over again feels like whole populations getting fucked; when I cannot have my Office to myself and hurting my bottoms because I am plagued by nightmare Landlords, Fat Cats and Tribalism to a stage where my finances are bottomed out, I need to fuck people; most of those who think they are so important it should not be happening to them are of course the ones that get involved to issue some cliché, so it goes beyond my Books reaching the highest forms of government exposure while the sales at the open markets are being killed off, to a case where I will then go into all sorts to get them out but they are fucked anyway. They do always say I am at fault, the civil rights money loving God hating financial value of female spite but when we do observe the sexual bits for instance, we find that they really like to chase peoples bottoms extricating sex effects regardless of your morals and religious persuasion which their liberal politicians just expect people to forget about the fact it is happening while it is still happening frequently, the extremists like to have anal sex while the ethnic minorities believe the anal sex to be the lowest point of their lives and the absolute scum in their midst like to deploy it as a tool for dominating everybody else – don't ask why, we see that they pick on me and my Court out of naked violent opportunism and therefore deserve all they get from it too. Now there is the story of how I am angry and need to give up the anger before it gets me into trouble and it is hardly a worthy threat from people who are doing their jobs with make up on even when they are men for my part as well. I am not angry, its just getting more serious the fact I cannot sell my Books because my bottom hurts embarrassingly on account a collection of fools did deploy money they got from Nightmare Landlords, Tribalism and Fat Cats to jump up my Public image and get rich quick for some strange reason of their own and are now using that money to dominate me and build up my whole life in public places as a talent they can claim all together as well. So when we assess the facts concerning the matter we find its the Public image they have always been seen talking rubbish about which part belongs to them because they do not wish to speak with me about if, if they can build up their stupid culture on it to get rich quick against my wishes instead – we are talking about those insults where I happen to have grabbed the due of the brave while everybody knows if I were a vagabond and a bastard, they would still have gotten involved with what I do to gather facts and complete my tasks here, for the purpose of buying my Books only otherwise face the consequences, we are talking about those insults where two persons of the same age are never respected the same if one of them is bigger and can do violence for everybody that it appears no body can take them away from unless they are finding out why it is others do not wish to end up in a gym on their account like they are over my case so far – we are talking about those abusive insults coming up alongside their need to handle my earnings as if there is something on this planet that is actually preventing me getting into a fight with them a not afraid of me any more after it needed the civil service and national media and national parliament but is now getting obsessed with getting involved with me to strike me bum while telling me I need to let go the anger before it gets me into trouble – we are talking about the fact when it is finished with its stupidities, it says what I write was the problem while what I write was written the way that it was because they have a need to deploy peoples lives to make money and there is endless forgiveness for them that is now threatening other peoples existence, therefore I need to set them up such that their lives can be deployed to make money as well and the whole process would involve that good old case of grooming people for misogyny and fascism only to find out they were the prime targets at the end, that I might be free of spending my whole life covering for their stupidities so they might do these things and still live safe from gun and knife crime – we are talking about blabbing of how this is a matter people escape from by getting rich and buying fast cars which is precisely why it is all about money and how my position does not fancy the idea people should be getting rich and bettering themselves, while reality is that what they are after is evil; the need to have money and get others wishing they had some as well which will create a sense that those who have the money had beaten them and done their stuff and it seems impossible a feat for them to achieve it without me – we are talking about the blabbing meaning that the whole business of keeping their wickedness from mainstream living can easily develop into a Political one and then they will start to assume it will take months and years for people to achieve it – we are talking about that stupid celebrity money blabbing at me all the time when I have explained endlessly the connection between its inability to keep off my concerns and my inability to control the bad fall out of my business which is something everybody else can complain about in terms of manufacturing and financial industry at this stage as well and their inability to understand either that they are looking for trouble and will find it or that others may have had enough of them – we are talking about me allowing it hurt me and then doing something about it while reality is more a case of people pressing me to a point where I say something to improve their lives and the outcome is that other parts of my life comes to stop but when I write Books for them the main problem becomes the fact they do not wish to buy and also do not wish to allow others buy because it will leave them with a sense of what they should be doing, seeking some of mine and complaining about the fall out – we are talking about the fact I have warned them about, about the fact I have told the black ones especially they own nothing here and have no rights here, about the fact I have warned them enough times and that it is starting to get a lot more serious. It is not as if I do not build queer society that means every foolish woman that wants to take advantage of me on account I have an introverted personality people want to deploy which has come to public light on account of things I have done concerning rich men in secret societies pretending they control the city and chasing peoples bottoms to push them into crime and rehabilitate them out of their personality so as to deploy it and make money, gets sodomised by those whose life they have wrecked by consistently insisting on a need for a fight with somebody that can hurt them as well being fulfilled; so I am at a loss as per why I am always being attacked because of some sexual abuse I have played a part in on one hand while on the other my bottom hurts embarrassingly so that I cannot sell my Books and I have been stealing the due of the brave that can do violence to keep others safe, at a loss as per why they still find it so difficult to keep their filthy mouths off my case. Now I am stuck with this idea that I am up tight and that getting along with Celebrities is not such a bad idea; I am not – what happens is that I am a Hermit and not a Celebrity, so when I had finished my Church and State concerns, any little time I have left is usually taken up by their intrusion and so I have none left for academic work and any activities concerned with paid employment, thus left wondering where it stops, where they are hopping to stop if it appears to occur everyday year after year after year – just like when it is said I get involved with Journalists as well and feel that is not part of the problem but the journalist court is different arrangement all together; the best way I can explain it is something to do with when I have seen a naked person and at some point in time unexpectedly the memory shows up in my thought process and the question does become that of whether it is what my own serving looks like as such, as opposed to journalists reading the news that is, never the less of which I put myself in such a position as seeing people have sex or seeing naked people because it ensures I am armed with how Celebrities do their own in case I am no longer able to keep mine and it was due to their involvement. Eventually is the question of me only helping myself and not the government; of which helping the government would be the one where I actually then point out that the problem with Celebrities is that they are people who thrive on undercutting me where I have done my best work in my life and career with a plan to extricate money from it and so it is inevitable for people who are so abusive and discourteous to be talking about revolution when they believe they have gathered to themselves enough of the money and the power applicable – for my part it is just surprising to me that they are unable to judge that if I do not wish to tolerate them having it any more I am capable of making it happen. The excuse they make ultimately is that I take this matter out of the hands of those who can handle it and then complain; the truth of course is that they are narcissists who would do anything to suck up to Celebrities and Fashion peoples for money and so at some stage we find them sucking up to the ones affiliated to people who have done security services jobs and that begins a problem since it gets worse and worse and worse while reality is that they always have more power to stay out of what does not concern them or look like one of their concerns than I do.


Eventually we face this case where Brexit is the main problem in Europe while reality is more a case of the fact that it is not; the main problem in Europe is still the tribalism that is tearing people apart right to the very top end of government but where I fit into the picture is this case of whether I had some role to play at National security which added up to a kind of person I would be and a kind of lifestyle I would have and a process where I do act and the rest is that people locate missing items of personal security from my activities – they pick this up in Europe very fast and I have to seek ways of getting feedback as a result, so its not about the UK as a whole I am talking of here, its my self and I believe even this has more gravity than Brexit itself. It has never been unusual; still the same case of being an Arch Prince and if I had a Backyard it would have been Europe because I am a European Arch Prince, it allows me to monitor progress on friends and allies that appear to work and seek profession in the same field as goons who must only succeed when they have caused others to fail i.e. the stock markets for instance or the City Centre or certain aspects of Media. Naturally it is utter chaos the activities we see occur where very stupid black people show up to lay claims to me and such things; every time I hurt them we find the bloody idiots move it on further to building economic future on what really is their stupidities, winding up further. Eventually it culminates in this one matter of being told to mention in a single phrase what my problem with women is, which has never really been more than I need for them to exhibit and practice their narcissism on the men that pay for it and spend money to facilitate it, should be assume they want to stop complaining and every time such foolish men have ideas about what I should say or think I want it to be clear I think they should put their stupid opinion up on a billboard and sign their foolish names to it, not get into a habit of talking rubbish at me that can set the stage for a process where we find out what it is in this world that is stopping me giving them the fight of their lives they show up here to blow off their big mouth for all the time – reason being that women already do face enough challenges as it is and this is what I think they should do with their opinions and lay their stupidities off my personal thought processes if they are complaining about what people do with the way their wickedness affects others as we speak. I do not think the issue to be a grave matter either; we find the older ones who are most concerned about getting stuck with me until they are past it gather up some journalists to speak of how I am the one setting this stage where things are being made to be great again which is what Mr Trump US President is providing global leadership for, while reality is that we have always assumed the biggest problem for British overseas Territories is criminal activities but it actually turns out to have been a handful of very insulting and abusive Americans who have so far shown a need to develop my Books into tools they can carry around with them, that allows them pick up their feet and go to the Stock Markets to extract some pocket money when broke etc. so they are not unto it anymore and hate my guts too. The Politicians and Media friends they have always are keen to inform me that they have got all the money and I have not got a chance but we all know patents do not mean anything to them and their case will likely progress from a need to ensure they return to square one every time they handle my work without paying in order to make a statement about how much the Books cost compared to the amount they earn, to a process where I gain access to their Assets at the Markets and Stock Markets, at which stage I will be the one having all the leverage and the route to their hearts all together as well, like they do with my Books. So what really happens to make it so bad is that we are still having conversations about what Men use Me and my Court and our fraternity for, especially when it comes to what they have insolently claimed is the new forms of comfort and home cosiness, that destroys my property equity assets at the market place for the brokers and Industries who deploy them and this is why I will undermine the media and the Celebrities until I recover results from this mess as well: its the one thing they are always after i.e. how majority population behaves and what the minorities do to ensure they are not ignored, how to cause me to perform exploits over and over and over again while they claim it tickles on media and make me out to be freak – apparently they say when it is mentioned of how celebrities are not my enemy when generalised and I have to clear up the difference between intrusive narcissistic scum doing things to me they see friends do as well to make money, after the whole business of having sugar daddies who pay them for the sex that supplies older men with property the younger generation has refused to give away had failed on my case to say the least, referring to women who make a pact with me about not exposing them to sex because it causes people to demand more and more until they lose jobs and families and how they wish to cover me for it as well, that they will copy everything I do about putting information to culture and society in order to run this Bookshop which allows me secure access to feedback when Large Companies broker my equities to build products and also allows me secure myself from Politicians who blab doing my stuff, doing your stuff, doing stuff with bad people, showing up at Government office after to follow up plans for being rich and powerful and attacking me all the time because my existence seems to throw questions into their theory, so full of life they do not understand that these fools who have no plans to work for their money always punish those who take their wickedness from them for eternity but ensure those who do not have to fight for their lives in the neighbourhoods everyday, so they might persecute women and religious people, which is how I got them waking up and talking their vaginal monologues over everything I say and do as insulting and abusively as we see them do all the time, a little bit less – I am referring to the point at which the Celebrities will copy what I do when they want to be public figures as well, so they might face the risk of a process where I get to deploy their Nightmare Landlords, Fat Cats and Tribalism Leverage of financial vandalism and home wrecking against them too. So the whole business of beautiful women making pacts with me fits into the business of not being told how to exist or people from none European cultures entitling themselves to me because I have people working at Industry that I get involved with to support and sell my Books to; people who want to get involved with me to make money and pay their way, leaving some inheritance for their children, people whose ways of having sex I want to be concerned with not not the stupidities of Media and Popular culture; where the male celebrities can do whatever they like as long as we are not finding out how it sits with House Proud women but I think mostly that when the gruesome aspects of finding bodies in the park or the beach that have stab wounds on them that ended a life has been taken care of, they will be a group of fools that always get what they want like they love to boast all the time: all can see that a financier cannot control such things as those who want to steal money getting involved with his or her business while their sort of behaviour rages on, same with manufacturers controlling what those who want to steal things and therefore wish to know how it works may do by getting involved; what they then claim they are doing with me involves a process of making me play around everyday until my life is wasted which is what this was all about – attend University and you are stealing careers or assuming personalities to do with careers you know nothing about, drop out of University and you need to hand over vanities associated with those who are successful in the fame and fortune world, very destructive people naturally except when they are complaining that I have decided they will pay my Bills before it is over as well i.e. for each time I am made to play, I have to get fame and money the same way they help popular culture goons they distract from academic pursuits to extricate music CD sales from my Public image as well. The Hollywood ones are soon set to have their own case hinge on whether or not they are extracting their fame from their own backyard or I need to start moving into their own as well; in the end the case these goons are making naturally especially when we hear them say they have all the money is that they are the type that does not end up having a judge complain about them after the parents and siblings and school teachers and employers, just before they are taken down to be incarcerated and I suppose this is the theory that needs to be tested too; it must be one hell of a business, so much narcissistic happiness at my expense supported by Daddy Characters who have no idea what patents mean and politicians with warehouses in peoples lives that are to become rich in the near future, likely to end very well too. At the heart of this matter is that gimmick where we hear them claim I have learned my lessons about messing with the Labour Party; the reality of which is that since the time of the very civilised Tony Blair, they had done nothing with their time save create problems for others and themselves first by checking up on what people were doing with personal life or whether somebody's personality indicates they are working on some money and fame making tool in private and then such a person will be persecuted right up to street murder if something does not give and it is largely worked by spending tax payer funds that was their money to create this problem for themselves and everybody else, that involves getting witchdoctors to look like they can make people poor and make people rich with very abusive sexual context violation they expect to get away with while the politicians create conditions that suggest it if people are not vulnerable by ripping up peoples finances and helping them get jobs they can build some savings with. Now the outcome is clearly that when their bottom hurts since the witchdoctors were only going to get after my Public image in their view, that was a problem I had to solve before what is coming to me does with that big mouth; nobody really knows what is wrong with them and why they cannot keep their mouths shut anyway – we all know this a a collection of scum with a need to gloat over peoples body and fanatsise things they can do with it sexually in order to feel good about their existence which is fundamentally a violation and that need to sit around in society benches expecting somebody to be stripped naked for them to gloat on is insatiable, talking rubbish at me when it will not sell its popularity fame and fortune to those who are like them and therefore might want to buy it from them at the cultures and society and stop talking nonsense of the bad things that will happen if they cannot peddle my faith and personal life and public image to make fame and fortune like we hear them do all the time. We see it endlessly; it will go off and get conscripted into the military and get shot at by the enemy doing my stuff at a limit and then when it returns its whole stupid life is based on exhibiting some form of narcissism on me but does not plan to sell its celebrity and popular culture to those who are actually fans of it in its society and culture, it wants my clients and wants rich people and wants to beat out what besets it on my public image and explains away its stupid existence to the world with mine and this is what the Politicians mean when they say I have learned lessons; what is really happening is that the reason we are in this position is that I dropped out of University to sit about responding to the stupidities of their culture and society like these and if they followed me to any academic institution I had decided to attend one more time, then they will find out what it would look like if their gimmicks got serious for a change as it were, what we know they are complaining about is Mr Trump in the White House as per that is the worst that could possibly happen all together, while their insults tend to suggest I may have to get out of my current position and build a public image on it too. There is that talk of he part that the media plays in the matter of course and its not new about the reasons I will undermine them and the families that are not affected and the money they were not losing if they had stopped it, until I get results; personally, I have no idea what their problem is and why they simply cannot keep their mouths shut as it were. I do get told it was entirely foreseeable with respect to having a Royal Commission and yes it was, just like it is that every time you make queer a racist society in case you want to sell it for your own lottery when threatened as well the way they groom you at random, the Politicians will show up to seek glory an self imporvement, so full of life they do not understand and start making a freak gladiator out of you, talking nonsense of setting out their own warehouses that will be rich at your expense and blabbing about how you have grabbed the due of far more important people, right up to the point where it gets far more serious than they would have liked, while people claim it is racism – all I am expecting of which is when they will then get off to tell the public that racism is a lottery for those who do it and that some things people believe is safe to do when faced with it is actually not; the Royal commission bit was the part where I have spent my own property on ugly aspects of the Estate to set myself up and find some money and pay my way in the world from the process, so another Royal goon has no plan to turn his own ugly bits into something good without tearing mine up, so the part where I see the world according to what I hear and the prevalent atmosphere in the neighbourhoods was one of people making a lot of noise about how they got into a violent situation and why those who are successful deserve to be when they have not gotten into one has become his main preoccupation but I still cannot understand why the scum who are obsessed with it are always either getting involved with me or selling their popular culture and celebrity culture somewhere else anyway, it does get a bit serious when their Politicians talk insolent nonsense about lessons I have learned too as we can see. So the two main issues are still outstanding; they can deploy mine if Royal, to make their ugly stuff look good if they wanted but I can promise that five years from now I will bring them back to square one and then we will have a conversation about respecting patents alongside how much my Books cost compared to how much they earn – the other of course is that the next time these scum follow me to an academic institution, I am going to take steps that will ensure it ends very badly for them as well. It all feeds into this case of how I steal White Peoples fighting abilities which is utter nonsense; the importance of the video games people make as such and the importance of the reasons they make it on my equities too, apart from the fact they are always constantly in search of conditions that allow people who have learning disability to improve themselves and have fun and anything that looks the part could be borrowed; its the difference and preference that exists between the white people they know who just dance with the enemy and the fact I do not, I do believe in fighting head on and do not think that having been I did not start it, I should be losing anything; apparently it is said if I were a soldier I would be a perfect one and my Royal order does help soldiers already and really works in situation where there is a small number of people to manage large populations while trouble makers are looking for crevices that will allow them start a fight, while it helps domestic security in the sense that gangs thinking about stabbing my blobby body will only create outcomes where I think about stabbing their cracked up out of my league one as well and then the outcome will be that I can get on with my life while they have lots of problems and the media will be on hand to pick up the bits for them and find peoples public image for them to beat out their problems on if they cannot abuse women and children that is, which just makes it worse. Eventually the question becomes important as per now I have picked up the power bits I know exactly what I want but it was always an old story of a process where there is a clearly set out immigration system that allows people to move around the world in a civilised way alongside not being persecuted by insane women from civil rights money loving madness, these were the main reasons they cannot let people be and of course why they want to find out what people want when their victims had picked up the power bits. So I am said to be getting involved with matters of violence which does not sit comfortably but I am not really; what happens with these guys is that their fantasies take that same pattern of grooming peoples for fasicms and misogyny all the time, so in my case the misogyny has something to do with making use of my personal space and having a state of mind that leans on my body to get such things as beauty sleep as well, the fall out that racists can play with of course is the idea that it is the same way I depend on female journalists at a Court which is not really the case and any who thinks I depend on them in that way can stop making their way around my concerns too which could make things very easy for me. My point is that its all part of the pactical jokes we see motorists play, tell lies and gang up on people all over the streets and it has the one purpose of telling lies all the time as a tool to inflict others with set backs, the effect is the depletion of clever people so that stupid people might gain access to the opportunities as well however which we are where we are because the whole business of making use of my personal space not only makes me sick endlessly on account of their very bad habits but it is also used as a tool for violence, bullying and organised mockery; as I said, we can see they have no plans to make popular culture and celebrity on their own society and the public image of people in their society and have always had this process to play with whereby they escape from the actual methods of employment and business ownership to make money by intrusion, market damage and then the destruction of the personality of their victims after income delay and they use it like no man's business to ensure that nothing forces them to face up to their fear of work which is due to their villainous nature and its evil history. My point is that they are always targeting me because I appear to be a softie and the softie bits was a process of exposing myself to their culture and society gimmicks that amount to processes of violating others due to the fact I want my children to do well in school etc. hence the reason it will get bad very quickly as long as their threats continue; I have lived with it all my life, since the 80s and 90s style popular culture thing and those career criminal nonsense associated with it that means their Political leaders like South African leadership and people like Obama can just get off and give word to people to prevent my Books from being sold and so on but although they are convinced it is their civil rights, reality is that its only purpose is to cause people to wonder if their back door has been shut properly all the time and when I rip up the culture and society for them the theory is that I will get killed for it. My point being that I am not getting caught up in violent matters at all – it might appear I know nothing about them just the same way I think those who keep interfering with what I am saying to keep up the socially organised squander of my property need to put their own opinions on a billboard and sign their names to it, stop talking rubbish at me if they are complaining as well; the reality of what I do not need to declare of knowing about them is the manner they organise their Politics and cling to my public image and finances complete with features like community croons telling boys from the neighbourhood that I beat them up in the imagination and it might as well have been in the physical, which we saw was the only thing that happened the twice that Obama Campaigned for US elections on the global stage – what I am saying is that they are the absolute scum that will bully people in the ethnic minorities and set people up for racism all the time and so they have a particular problem with me because I have set myself up to be as unprofitable for their career crime nonsense and their silly children pretending if I handled them I will be killed by the Cabaret all the time – much the same as it has become a question of whether it is the rule of Law in the UK or the rule of the fans of Celebrities and Millionaires, bearing in mind what that sort of thing does to people like them.