I hear of the part of the story where my activities are all aimed at creating a world where there is ever increasing divisions between rich and poor and it never actually works that way as it is rather a case of the fact if all that are unfairly rich were to be eradicated and those that were unfairly poor along with them what we would end up with is those who want to be unfairly rich attacking those who are fairly rich; so that I put out my company property equity in public because of what I am good at i.e. I am the only person that can do what I am doing in the entire world so it is worth a lot of money and politicians must be able to tie me up somewhere and make sure it is shared, which is the easiest way to steal things without getting into trouble with the law and so the reality is that the sharing must be done by any means if possible and bloodshed if necessary and that is a risk I acceptably take over an Intellectual Property Administration business which will measure the day they come up with their own as well which will be the day as it were. The other side of the story is of course a matter of girls that love to attack me all the time but none of it are new things, when it started it was a matter of a man they can target when business men target them as well, then it progressed to the man whose business is a contraption set up to steal other peoples connections and now has ended up with a process of pillaging my personal life when I do nothing about what bothers them and everything I do belongs to them – I dont pay attention to it and have no idea why people pay attention to it for me anyway; so it plays out anyway and they understand why I lose my cool when I see them incessantly talk rubbish on public places about my activities leading to outcomes where people do their stuff for them as it were, as if they can do anything about it considering what they can do nothing about with their laziness i.e. if they know buying a product from these stupid women will lead to this sorts of outcomes they will buy anyway and if those products are bargains they are so lazy they will not even spend time to bargain their own recovery when they buy from them but will simply pick it up and find somebody on whom to take the problems out on with that stupid media talking nonsense about those who do it because they are afraid and so on to build insulting false confidence all over the place, hence the question of what it is exactly they can do about my actions resulting in people doing their stuff for them anyway and it does not stop there as they soon become an integral part of my relationship with my female colleagues or even friends and court in order to know what they need to know on account they have this story they tell each other in their packs of how they always get what they want and an ego built up from it and so on, so they can talk nonsense about the evils of women and fail always to talk about their own friends and colleagues and women in their lives to those who are interested. So it is not as simple as acting to ensure there is division between rich and poor.

It’s like the old case of how I am not informed about the activities of Russia in the East and why there are sanctions imposed – I mean the sanctions are applied to solve a problem but the idea of sanctions could have their own consequences anyway, the reality remains that big Countries do not respect the fact that their behaviour does shape the cultures of the smaller ones around them and when you say that their ego gets bloated until you mention how they expect small countries to be full of leaders who talk about everything and anything when they are perfectly aware it will be counterproductive and so play games until they end up with stupid women who are awesome bitches and have a problem with the personal freedoms of priests and characters like Adolph Hitler and his allies, so that after the world wars they can elect their own Stalin’s as well. So in the end Russia overreacted and crossed the line in Ukraine and that was bad enough but all they needed to do was withdraw their forces as it were and that would solve the problem, which the Americans never allowed each time they were to admit their mistake. Here in the UK they say my big problem is that I get involved with parliamentary proceedings on one hand and on the other that there are underlying reasons behind my problem with black people that needs to be explained. In terms of the latter of which it is a matter of how I will go before them to make friends with white people while they savage my finances and take over those friends later as a result of that loutish nonsense in high places continuing to get out of hand expressly at my expense and those stupid threats being issued as well with no regard for the fact I want nothing to do with them and have my followers to be accountable to and a company to run both of which have nothing to do with them but in terms of the underlying reasons themselves, that is rather more difficult to understand being that I am so selfish I masturbate to avoid having sex with the woman who has not had any sex for 20 years because she is too busy at work and how I must be punished for it – they have had it worked out so well that Politicians can see their stupid children are becoming less of a problem for society as a result which means the Policy is paying off, so since nobody is paying for this as at yet, I need to ensure that they are with my own hands too, so that such things can send Politicians into a frenzy the next time like it has over me. As for the getting involved with parliamentary proceedings we all know at the end of the day that I have a mental health record like these women do as it were and this is why Politicians enjoy giving speeches that mean they can activity be out there to chase me around at all times because I should have my person built up somewhere for an insolent idiot at Politics to claim for his career – so the whole condition of when they get angry they touch and when I get angry nothing happens continues, right up to climbing up my feelings to stand up somewhere and debate something in parliament, only to complain about my involvement in proceedings of which either way of them having idiots of their own that hound them to get involved with parliament as well, I am not interested in them: I mean you can fast 12 hours for five days to set yourself right with your faith of course but in the end it will be lost because your mind does not do what you want on account a Politician is trampling on your feelings to have debates in parliament every single day and follows it on by stirring mentally ill community women with a need for sex to go after you as a fundamental way of life – so it is something I always feel comes up because they are not listening to me: I am not interested in them (for their part they get off government provided security and entourage for this, for my part I would have gone out there to make public statements about how much of what they have built up around me as an atmosphere made of rumours is true and which is false but the problem is that when they are angry they touch).

I understand the part where the US president is to finish with Russia soon enough and then I will be in trouble but this is England not America and not enough Americans respect that on account of my actions yet as it were. I mean they do say when people are nervous of you and you give them space you are doing yourself down which does not agree with freedom but why would I be nervous of people who think leadership is not possible where you have no money to solve people’s problems and dazzle them with? We see it around the Church, American churches to be more precise and we see their God’s gift to the world attitude around student Unions and we see it at International circles and all over the world and some people do not want to see it around their possessions, so it’s been 8 years since the US President started a game of democrat republican sentiments over my book sales because he does not want soft arse shit to sell books and people who think others cannot do better for themselves to provide leadership and if they get around to my case I will have to end up with a new book and evidential story behind it as well as I do not write fiction. We are not talking about my attack on the media either, in terms of that there is no foundation on which such stupid claims are based either anyway: we all know that they and their Politicians think I could never possibly find their actions insulting considering their age and mine and will not accept they are wrong just like every fool who sees things their way wants to drive a stupid car around this country doing as well – and I hear them speak of how I will have to respect the same rules when it comes to their children too which is a typical example of how a fight between heroes and villains who know each other very well leads to the murder of innocent and scared people who are the boss as it were, I mean when they have to deal with their own as well it tends to have been a function of something I said all the time but above all I expect their children will handle me the same way I do them as well because of course it has been 14 years of that rubbish which I do not expect their attitude as regards it will ever change at this point either – they always think some loutish nonsense has paid off in a big way whenever they are hard at it. I understand I am being goaded into these matters of course – utter rubbish since I am only aware I do what I do because I want to do it and they are not yet complaining enough so far with girls I am supposed to be scared of when I know that each time everybody that has a piffling little car they want to drive around exploring my backside in this country drives past me on the road as if I do not look at myself in the mirror or see that I am not like that at all and there is nothing about me that calls for it save their rumours and tales and need to look for trouble and those occasions come round where I decide that one more will lead to a complain about that stupid culture and my actions are things that are owned by their stupid girls who want a rich get richer poor get poorer society thing; in terms of their Politicians they say I speak of England which I cannot back up but of course they deserve everything I do to them as well since it is not clear exactly which part of going out there to do things that relate to the fact you are a Christian which serves HM more than it serves the Church which means that although the Church is interested HM is more interested than the Church is, whether or not you have a royal commission from which you write and or sell your books, would for any reason court you that level of violent and intrusive attention with which people keep watch over every sound of your breath in order to chase and own or destroy your personality as it were – and of course I am not finished with them yet. I am sure they are more interested in the one about the Americans whose God’s gift to the world stupidities I have seen everywhere and do not want to see on my possessions will lead to provocations from their president and end in a business sanction with a big mouth and it’s been 8 years since they have been at it showing off their big mouth all over media with popular culture fame and fortune as expected after all they always say its freedom that propels them to do those things and not greed games and deviance and loutish nonsense.


I mean these goes right to the heart of claims we hear that UK Law does not protect everybody and that always becomes relevant as it were after we finish with the story of how I dance around my pain when I am invincible. For the latter it is a matter of awareness that black people are the ones screwing around with my work recently and hence I am not dancing around anything, only the issues around the reality that they love to make out their homosexuality and clubbing and partying and the need to stand up somewhere to show a lack of respect for other peoples work and leadership with claims it was their idea or something they were onto none stop, which eventually culminates in being stuck somewhere while they get to live up the part where your means has already been done by somebody else, is freedom and not a threat to anybody and it is those decadent lifestyles that I cannot stand or tolerate anymore along with their President in the US issuing threats when he is already sending them out to stifle my book sales everyday for the last 7 years and counting to far, so they can dance with their bottom and make money from it and I can relax over endless privileges. It leads of course to the same old issue of being Royalty and not rushing into money matters as we have never seen a happy rich person in this world since it is all glory stuff which courts villainy like crazy and since wealth and privilege and power is accorded me I always wait and things happen in their own time more so of which you dont sell diamonds because you have them, you crave them into prized jewellery so people can know what your own looks like first and then they can buy or collect them and in that way you do not become disturbed and get around bothering people all over the place. Hence to settle where British law does not protect everybody as they claim, the reality is that old story about party lights dance club diplomacy that they think the Labour Party has laid foundations for and will never go away – reality of which even if that was the case it will clash eventually with the other side where the Queen sends out people who are allowed to sell their Royal commission items and holds back people who are not allowed to sell theirs as it were and they know it; for me however it is a matter of when they say party lights dance floor diplomacy is not necessarily a bad thing, they need to explain if that is how apartheid works and peoples career when they hold government office being already done by those who thirst for tyranny with popular culture is how tyranny really works when people want it so the last time we checked? On the ground however the reality is still as stark as ever i.e. they come here with the kids they have spoiled and indoctrinated never to feel inferior to others and expect people to bear the weight of it endlessly, while they get themselves into government offices and talk nonsense about others dancing around pain; so that the only thing you find in the super markets are idiots learning the life of a gentleman that Americans can copy and they too can copy to be friends with the US, all you find is communities of really violent idiots that bankers and salesmen can rely on and so on, thus the law does not protect everybody and it gets even better because there is the legal side of it where somebody must commit crimes before the state tells him how to behave which means that they dont want crimes to be committed against them but want to be able to decide if they can have the fortitude to survive in prison should they commit crimes against others leading us back round the same circles with their stupidities all the time, which is the kind of nonsense that distracts you from your studies in legal studies classrooms to allow them pass their own exams and flood the political system to create more of these kinds of problems. Still it gets better because when we are finished with that we go into the part about freedom and civil rights which of course is an old story about civil rights fraudsters that people cannot seem to recognise – I mean the Politicians are the high level ones and you cannot say no to them but people cannot seem to recognise that those who speak of freedom in public places all the time are very useless people, which is why the story of freedom always eventually culminates in what has not been done to tackle poverty as it were; these same individuals speak of my behaviour towards women being responsible for their problems of course which I dont doubt at all but believe it is their problem that they need to sort out and leave me alone – I mean from the moment they step out of their stupid homes it is a case of reverse psychology with every single thing they see that is not as old as they are on the streets and it will go on all day long as well – the outcome is that when they return home their wives will decide it will not be home worth living in as well and so you have that issue where on some occasions they see me and say hello and I say hello too wondering if I know them and the men think they have seen somebody that has looked at their wives and both need to be punished sort of thing and you want to know what their problem is – so you declare eventually at some point your love for older women and they decide that you will get their wives to kill them at last while you decide if what they really expect you to do at this point at last in actually change who you are – this is what we see all over our television as chat show hosts and talk show hosts and so on, it is this behaviour with them 24/7 none stop and I am only talking about my side and where the women have their rights as it were. we eventually come right down to the story of Nigerians being involved with British media which concerns me – I mean Nigerians normally get involved with people just like that in the view of these mad goons as it were; when we all know the nature of diversity in that country as it is – up north of which is predominantly Muslim and down south of which is predominantly Christian but it gets worse, an example is myself – where my parents dialect is something I can roll with but there are three other varieties I have not got a clue how to get around to even though I can understand them when people communicate and up north it is a matter of how long I spend in order to get through to the language and if I am back south again forget completely, so I imagine idiots want things on the British media from Nigeria and they fucking know where they are heading as usual.

The story of sexual abuse of women is nothing new of course, we all know that has a process and it largely involves what the heroes and villains of the female world get up to, so in the end it turns out a case of women who take up some men and abuse them and completely destroy them to make men into dogs that will chew up anything that messes with them, government operatives are never safe either, those simply steal beauty from women by having government funded security and should be paying their dues or get into trouble endlessly but where the sexual abuse story comes from largely concerns the changes that happen in their lives: maybe after all those years of abuse they come into money and she decides the man does not have to be a dog eating up everything that crosses their path anymore and as usual her style is how it will be done – so he ends up taking her own as well especially when the bullying is now based on how scared she is. The problem of course is that it is normal women that get targeted by these men when let lose; half of them become prolific sexual predators and the other half belief in a world where the domination of women without reason or purpose is the evidence of success; so what I am saying about that aspect is that I will not tolerate any rubbish from them for my part either as equally as we know those abuses about where my anus and penis is, is geared towards this and when it comes to the story of their superiority they are getting closer to a case of me v that their stupid culture in this Country and it will become a story and a spectacle as well.

I never said men were angels, it’s always been a matter of what men can take from me because they are stronger or more powerful and that is the relationship I have with them but this is not their side of society either and can understand the part where men take their own as well and how much of a good riddance it is too – an old story of female equality in British history: it used to be a matter of generation after generation of the wives of the King being the biggest obstacle they faced and then the one that was well documented was The Role Queen Victoria played in being a barrier because it was the time of the industrial revolution and life was really tough and so on and then there were others after leading to The present Queen who was never interested. I am just in a position where I can make it into a job that’s all. They like to think it is funny and that their big show nonsense will work their loutish nonsense over it to no financial ending and hence such nonsense as respecting your mother being the answer to a happy life being of course what we see around it concerning my book sales all the time and of course it is the point where their problem with that stupid culture being found around my work will be settled around that too. They all complain including the male TV Personalities who speak of my thing where their wives will kill them at last over civil rights fraud but of course they keep the access to me that I only share with my Court which they gained by their corruptions of involvement as usual and it’s another case of people extricating my feelings and trampling on them to get by with those they care about like western men should. All together being the same old case of louts on the left feeling that they must restrict my movements in order to position themselves well enough to make my Public office into some kind of social toy to a point where I cannot control it because they will continue to spread it among as many people as they possibly can especially since they have media at their disposal, which they also think I have no right to feel angry about because they have got my finances under control too and make other noises about understanding what it feels like when they cannot be tyrants that they want to be, never mind half the white girls they do their filthy nonsense with ending up as their wives while the others dont like it and another black man that isn’t doing it is responsible for their actions – then there are the ones are Royal corners and we never seem to hear anything else from them save the story of whom I can take on and whom I cannot and my relationship with HM is very important to them which does not seem to make any sense since my dislike of foolish men on media whose only relations with me created by perceptions on media against my wishes is 100% based on what they can fleece from me and they love to display that fact it runs into humanitarian activities as well all together and is very funny, thereby working straight into the fact HM has never been interested in female equality and feminism all her life anyway and so have successive British Queen Monarchs and Wives of the Kings alike. Then of course there are the female versions of these goons and how much I enjoy making a job for myself out of their existence too. In the end, the reality is that it is all my party and what I say concerning it all around the world is what happens with it not what those who have made up their reasons for involvement say as it does lead back to the same old case of individuals that are at their best when they are stubborn and their behaviour does not work with me and I dont want to see any of it and have never considered it anybody stupid human rights or civil liberties; as I mentioned, they understand what a half priest chief of staff means and nobody asks them to turn up around my work or office to twerk an immoral nonsense enjoying life or seeking to know where my penis is or expressing some violence about being told to lay off it as I cannot expect to bother people about it then keep them out at the same time – not everybody is prepared to tolerate that rubbish: next stop of course is generally the celebrities mopping up financial proceeds of my party all over the world with their goons.


They always say I say such things but want to provide leadership in poverty and suffering and have no respect for those who have more money than I do; none of which is my fault that they can neither take my office from me or make good savaging my finances to do my stuff and get rich and famous in order to return and dominate a Christian or do anything about the mode and means by which I work causing them to add more worries to their problems and as it applies to the poor ones more worries to their extreme poverty but when they are angry they touch shows that they have no wish to move on and a Company cannot grow like that and this will have to be stepped up as well. It fits right into that whole case of what is happening between Russia and NATO being difficult to control or ascertain, whereas there are only two aspects to it i.e. these collection of pivotal people and points that the Russians consider to be paramount in their Relations with Europe and possibly the world on one hand and Americans playing games that will end in them having prerogatives at the White House with that about the concerns of the Russians and we even hear them speak of a point in history where Russia will become a democracy when they have no evidence whatsoever to back that up. The result of course is that they always tend to clash with another group of people that are the trouble makers that the Russian Government always seeks to control in order to maintain clout in the way a Communist Government Governs its people and it is this clash between both sides with the Russian Government being suspicious of those who give them ultimatums to fix the problem that is the source of the crisis, not some unexplainable reality. We even have these rumours of people that Mr Putin has homosexual relations with, so that whether or not other co-operate with what they get up to in order to ensure they dont get killed becomes a lot more important than anything else with their mad media and yet the reality remains the question of whether homosexual relations with Russian Presidents is what European relations with Russia actually is about or looks like which then means that it always must have something to do with us? For me however it is a lot deeper than that because it is a matter of people in Russia who exist within that diplomatic corner where they are fans of my activities and I have set out means by which they catch up with what their government is doing not fall behind and get picked off by these goons, whether or not they are friends of the US and each time there is a problem between Russia and the US these are the people that a group of idiots get on media to attack me in order to put at risk talking more nonsense about their envy – hence I am not necessarily an advocate of war but it is clear some of these goons do need to die so that somebody else does not get killed by their stupidities. I understand it is said I do things by the back door and most of these issues are my fault considering Mr Putin is deeply suspicious of those who do things by the back door, the real question remains that of whether it is what their own looks like as it were. These are the things you may put to the Ukrainian Government of course but eventually they pick sides with the Americans anyway after telling you it makes perfect sense to them and so when they get back home they do what the Americans tell them to do and the result is conflict and separatism and not an unexplainable reason for war. The outcome of course is that they always claim my mode of operation does not work towards the fundamental aim of separation between communist and democratic powers but it does – since we all know that human rights is a function of when people can support themselves after the law had guaranteed it, that both democratic capitalist economies and Communist economies need to be apart from each other, my disposition in the end is that their loutish nonsense does get to stage where it is not funny anymore and in my case eventually that will include when they are Negro bullies with needs who have gotten involved with Royal circles in my name and have media to play around with along with their stupid children.