Now what seems to constitute a great topic for conversation is that nobody really knows what my invention which is actually my books are for and I have decided then to waste so much of my time blaming others for that too. The reality of which is that we either have to deal with a process where wrecking peoples finances because you want to be able to dominate them before they can earn money or we have to deal with a process their women have had sex and gotten knocked up and those who know nothing about maternity will not have realised the fact that doctors have to perform a check on pregnant women where they insert the finger through the anus to feel the head of the Baby will have their lives wrecked by scum who appear on television to make them nervous all the time by handling their possessions – I mean women do not like to be nervous but you need to hear these pricks do these things and complain about female inequality in the work place. Then there are my absolute favourites who want me to confess to having sex with the Queen because I was consorted and opened up the matter of abusive community croons that are used by media and industry goons to keep neighbourhoods covered in violence and use them to get rich, who have linked with those that have seats at the Royal orders and they always win they say on such matters but last time we checked of which the Politicians play games with republican sentiments and fail to recognise that these fools are not making a victim of wealth distribution out of me and will pay for damages they do here, so that when they handle my possessions they get support for it too, while certain royals want people they can sacrifice and the media where the noise comes through most about being the ones that rule over women who rule cannot live with the fact this is not the 1990s and I am a Christian and have no sense that party lights and women in tights and boogying is diplomacy. Soon after these things there will be the International community corridors, snacks with tyrants to be had and a general sense they can do whatever they like and a love for factorising people by their anus and penis because it is wickedness and they need to ensure when you attend church your finances and controlled and you are twisted into a condition where you become homosexual – which of course does not work because in context of what they think my work is for, everything they do is about sex and they need to get off my books so they can have as much of it as they like – the trouble makers at royal circles of whom have too many insulting daughters I have had enough of and sons that cannot shut their mouth as well: so this matter of factorising me to make me confess to having sex with the Queen so they can become even more powerful has reached a point where their readiness for a fight needs to be tested – the use for my invention. We all know they get nervous when they touch my work and my possessions but that is why they do it so they can make an excuse to attack me. The blacks can continue to help them with building an atmosphere of abuse around others of course – we all know it will end in a process where black communities are things racists hate and then it will become a lot less funny but for me any who uses that atmosphere had better not complained either as well, especially the Muslims who never behave in this Country the way they find it and yet if you ask them they will say it applies to people like me alone because we take the Christian faith to a whole new level that can then be used against none Christians but of course we all know that just like the women, before then wrecking my academic work because how I react is funny was never a whole new level as it were: they cannot fit in or make success work in the current country but want a new one and like to claim moving into people’s lives and right hand side to cause damage and abuse is a social issue and I am fed up with those who claim they have money, there never ceases to exist involvement with royalty and an attack on me because of it and I need to ensure they fear me as well as I will no longer be intimidated by other peoples celebrated scumbags. It does not work here and they have not got it – everything they do is about sex and the answer to their problems is religion.

There are those questions of course as regards the matter of the reasons people hate me; it’s always two faceted – one being my leadership and how to make use of it in a circumstance where they will not be inferior to me, like people who know me and have always known themselves to be better than me which they have no plans to give up and can only come from women that are black and stupid beyond comprehension, used by idiots in politics, the consequence of course are the bad effects of their activities and a need to recycle that by some privilege of injustice that puts me at a clash with a Political system and any for that matter that is stupid enough to deploy them and blackmail and means of coercion when I have not finished crushing their insolent and abusive need for fame at my expense. The other is simply the old matter of faith; the claim by them that the devil is powerful and when people think there is neither God nor the devil then what will happen is that I will be locked with them after their Politicians had ensured they have some original provocation to control my mind with and the result of that is a war on wickedness that they think I should spare through their civil rights and hence the result is that an invasion of my privacy is supposed to be followed by an action taken by me to ask God to withdraw security systems that were provided me as a matter of the covenant I made with him so that they can get away with some good that can be pervaded for decadence that will then result in wealth and not doing so creates this big Church syndrome they cannot get out of but because of the power of their insults and violence have no wish to make their own move out of either – so they are always aware some of the things I do is designed to look into all eventualities where I cut them off from their link with Satan and what I have becomes available to them to do with as they please so I lose either way: anything else in between are men winding me up with their existence as though I am not a man with power who can only but want even more power as it were. 

The city is impatient they say and that is why I get bullied by them; utter rubbish of course because if the idiots bought the books in order to access the equities or know how to use them we will not be dealing with such matter and by the way of which I dont walk around digging up their buildings instead of buying the products at the Market place anyway – so as far as I am concerned they are bluffing and have not got it.

So is this another example of women suffering the gaze of men all the time? Rubbish – they need to stay out of my personal life, it is a hallowed personal life and if they have no wish to screw with things in it and get screwed they can stay out of it and move on – stop self harming and then blaming others. It does not mean I am being insulting; it’s just reality – they mess with it and the spirits that guard it follow them around so they dont mess with the presence of God anyhow they might like and then it turns out that I am supposed to withdraw them and make myself vulnerable to the devil they tell people does not exist and this is how the big church is made, and they can pervert now if they want too – all I know is that religion is the answer to all their problems and everything they do is about sex. It is no new thing the story of how I am deployed for a plaything by feminists; it’s a classic case of one royalty and a Court around him and what the girls can do about it – so everything they do along with their celebrities is devised to wrap me around their little finger to ensure when they want anything from me it is forth coming but on the violent side the only group of people I see behave the way they do are racists who pick a fight with you and go on and on until you win to the point where you lose that there might be any semblance of peace; I dont think it a major issue for the most part it is just a sign that some women do actually believe that feminism means you can do anything you bloody well please with others and I have warned about celebrity scum that feel like intimidating me all the time as well just in case it blows up in their faces and they claim they were not – their feminist stuff everywhere and the block heads can never succeed unless you fail – same old story with what they use the media for i.e. to clog up and delay what you need to do to aid yourself just for such nonsense and in the end the purpose is always to ensure you are so desperate you try to cash into civil rights and are prevented from doing so by media and journalists and to that effect are rather hard of hearing and simply cannot go away – we dont like conversations about facts on this matter we all prefer conversions about complains on it: the number of things about their weaknesses you get your hands on to kick them when they are down with every single time.


Now on this occasion the case of messing up UK/US relations comes up again but of course it is obvious if I were to be a more co-operative fellow the outcome would only be that British social and Economic and diplomatic interests would be wholesomely in the hands of the Americans and then that way they will be able to control the Chinese and Russians but that is clearly risk and if it is one people want to take I am happy to give it all away too. Otherwise we can see the US will do anything to sit comfortably with countries that can supply crude oil cheaply and when it has its own crude oil production the other side of the puzzle will be complete and with that they will fast track the US economy and eco living and model towns is the least of their priorities – yes of course we have Politicians of ours that want to play a game for them of course, it is entirely understandable when they chase you around the streets of the UK claiming you have stolen beauty and you kick them as well and refuse to back down so government might function and they lean on the National front long enough for there to be a heap of EU directives, the next game they want to play naturally will be taking orders from Washington – like the old case of goons who are supporters of governors and councillors in the US addressing Royal Princes like myself in the UK which wrecks everything around here and gives them more cause to think that is how it should be due to the financial problems but it never is because they have created a question where the dignity my parents enjoyed is more than the ones I am enjoying and I will only rip up their civil rights as well – the money is gone and its all personal stuff all around as it stands. The other part of the story is of course black Americans; for those it is clear that as long as they are not educating me about money and how those who know greed are the only ones that will not come last, then all should be okay but if not – like idiots affiliated with governors addressing me, there will always be consequences. I dont think these are things that we have to think about – US Politics is fundamentally wicked and practically evil and they know very well that you dont need to pay if you dont want to or have to. Otherwise a lot of the times it is black Americans – clearly God’s gift to the world redrawing the social and economic map of the world and making out I am paying; apparently even when you have a half monastery and half government office work, it is still the case that they will approach you with these things anyway and all these need be for them to do is having the same skin colour as they have. They love their big mouth about fighting of course and have realised I am really good at making them lose what they have never lost in their foolish lives and what they want to see is what will happen when they make contact with me and that contact is violent.

It’s like the scum in the UK at parliament telling me they want to see how I will do what I promised and that I have questions to answer about failings over hose prices I have been unable to provide for something that can be used to control – when everybody knows they have placed UK housing market on the multinational bidding arena and the cheaper you make them homes is the more rich people will acquire them hence the more they do is the higher the prices will go – so that the Tory scum have found a way to increase house prices in a manner that cannot be controlled or contained, which is not an issue either because everybody knew about the part where they need to beat up the Labour party to get through every time they are told to localise the economy and financial system considering that its mainstay is the retail sector that depends on everybody right down to the last child having a bank account all the way to the unemployed at the civil service, in order to manage their basic daily transactions but these idiots have always been more interested in the multinationals that would take care of themselves anyway employ on a macro and micro economic level and generally never actually employ enough because when government weight is thrown behind multinationals according to their stupid minds, what results from it is increased employment and yes it speaks for itself in that the increased employment has therefore led to wages keeping up with inflation thereof which is where I have to answer questions for my failings despite the fact I had put it all up on a website and anybody can read and make use of it. these idiots are happy to hunt down the finances of a Christian and destroy it in order to help twisted evil cultural idiots that make them feel powerful through the things they do with their cultural wickedness but in the same vein decide that when they speak to the civil service and put people on work programme so they might acquire skills and learn a trade, while these twisted pricks of theirs can lower class exhibit their wickedness to the fullest, these poor people with talents are simply going to get up and get things done in a jiffy and yet even as we speak the fucking idiots are stifling my books while making all that noise about answering for failings; it is under their economic recovery plan that businesses have been unable to employ students as temporary staff for the summer, it is them that have created an economic recovery of evil with air pockets all over the flow of goods and services it not me – I have no questions to answer except with respect to how they will wail over my book sales.

I am said to have completely destroyed the use of the English Language of course but I have no idea for my part if people cannot blow up their ear drums and be deaf in order to be free of hearing it either – since one must always speak in past participle and present continuous on account they exist. Like the old case of Political allies I harm when having Political allies is not to say you cannot get a job or make a living; they can always mess with it but when the job that needs doing comes up I will do it again to the very top levels of government – they will get the job done and I will hold down the bad guys. I mean the excuses for bullying comes up all the time and if it is not civil rights and the need for a new country it is the fact I am trapped by them somewhere and these things make me produce ideas they need to be powerful with. It is the same old story of twisted evil people possessed with demons on media and the reasons they provoke me and push hard at my chest all the time the heart that will not open to an evil spirit so they can control what his faith is doing in his life which provokes them and gets in their eyes while they should be grabbing his income for a living and so on and of course if they dont breathe on me and off load their inadequacies here in order to look clean and crisp and ready for connections, all will be well – we all know they claim it is my involvement with the world of women that has put me in the firing line, last time we checked of which claims of such involvement was their idea in the first place and is actually none the existent – their girls are all very well and they will fear me like the generically should before they cease to think they are supposed to clean up on me: it has completely failed the part where they do it and I turn up in public where they are making use of my income to be accused of not practicing what I preach about off loading my inadequacies which in my case I cannot control because I am very way below their class and their Politicians simply will not accept that when they handle my possessions it is criminal, when privileges of injustices are given them the Politicians that are doing so want a fight.


The case story of HRH The Prince of Wales mentioning that the Russian President is operating like Hitler is of course one about which I feel expresses the fact there is enough stress to cause such an outcome going on. So reviewing the facts and state of affairs will lead us down the following path – The Americans still have an advantage of the provocation i.e. they have developed some incredibly provocative policies around the matter and in response to it, the Russians who rather have a thing about controlling their allies have had their own messy Policies around the issue which is why President Putin is Popular; messy Policy means not messy people which also means clarity of leadership and the stability is vital for Russians and for the region not because people are being cynical. The provocative advantage the Americans have however is that Far Eastern Europeans and Russians are fundamentally racist – so although it does not mean that the British should be squeezed by the Russians, this is still the reality on the ground. I dont think HRH has said anything controversial, it is simply the reality that somebody in parliament have lost their lime light but in my view it serves them well since they do nothing other there except lean to the National front because ordinary people are not behaving how they want. In the end when it is said that such things serve a purpose of me being seen and heard unlike what Politicians think should be the state of affairs with Royalty in general considering it is a constitutional Monarchy, it makes no sense whatsoever since all I say and write and do is faith based and they do like to make so much noise about owning that my personal life about which we hear them complain all the time, since the truth in actual fact is that it is rather the big Church at work and not the fact they own anything i.e. people like me can do nothing except set up a big church that they can get involved with and do whatever they like with to influence me and bend me the violent way over the commandments of God with their Political influence – so it appears the way to keep this victory they claim is a case of when I am terrified of them and to that end cannot shut their trap, when we all know there is nothing they can do except talk nonsense about how I talk too much and they will soon come up with a plan which tends to suggest that I do what I do to them without one. In the end it is the same; cannot get a job or do academic work because women think I should be a sexy beast and they cannot be denied anything they want so even when I attend Church damage to my work and possessions and finances are still happening, stories of how I look like I do because I sleep with peoples wives are still happenings and the reason is so that those quick finger up my bum fantasies that are a result of my physical appearance will transform someday into the kind of sexual perversion they need from me to be satisfied: for which reason the whole prognosis of girls turning out with rivalry from a distance and arming themselves with causes that go to the stiffest heart like poor people in the world and or sick people in the world and or female inequality, has in context of damage to my finances and academic work led only to the conclusion the answer to their problems is religion and not civil rights and everything they do, every invention and business is about sex and they need to get off my book sales considering they have been informed it is where it will blow up since their actions there are actually criminal. I mean we do hear the part where people need beware I am slow and thick of course which is never a major crisis, its only rich coming from a collection of idiots that are not seeing enough wrath from you on account you live in a society where you cannot decide you dont want anything to do with them because they are stupid – hence as such rich coming from fools who rather than get a personal diary need be supported by Politicians and Celebrities and diplomats all getting together to intimidate me so that they might only just pass exams and get by, pass exams and turn up at the jobs market to figure out what they are going to do then. So the books are the bottom line – they fucking pricks need to get a private diary. A measure of how stupid I am is as simple is a need for these fools to stay off my book sales and the next time they fuck my academic work I will rip up that stupid society for them permanently as well. In any case of which there is only one reason these violent people all over the world are necessary: measured with claims that I complain about the misogyny of Muslims on one hand and on the other tell people religion and not civil rights is the answer to their problems and then try to get rid of homosexuality without first being homophobic. Same old case of the fact I am not a Muslim have never seen a scumbag in my life, only seen him for the first time since I was ever born into the world but he strikes my chest and the reason can be that he thinks I am a low life, he strikes my chest, he strikes my head and fingers my bum to quicken me when the Bible clearly warns us it is not good for a man to run faster than his strength allows him and the scumbag says he does it because he is working a religion: it is something you do something about or decide to do nothing as it were but the other half of the story being that if they are intrusive enough for this I am intrusive enough to initiate the dissolving of their stupid religion since there is no sense in people following a religion where it leaders promise to kill them when they go astray. What I think about the matter can be utter rubbish all it wants of course – it is the same with the confusion I work for everybody when my aides inform them there is enough of their insults in my direction to last an entire lifetime – the reality of course is that as a result of diplomatic relations being the means to protect certain vulnerable Russian Citizens, the President there is a bit possessive of his allies and that can exert a certain kind of pressure that HRH has considered to be like what Hitler did because it is having about the same effect on those he is largely not interested in – the problem has not changed from the fact that this alongside a process of gaining enough time from it to stream line government and Policies for Russians and for the region has made him more popular in Russian Politics than ever while at the same time he wants to win his elections in entirely legitimate ways and not become somebody that is forced to stay in power forever, which Americans are making very difficult indeed. Besides which it seems every time I have relations of some kind anywhere else but Popular culture in America somebody wants to destroy it and what I say can be a load of rubbish all it likes, reality is that I have relations with Russians and those who do not like it can go to hell.


The absurdity of their nonsense can always easily be measured by realities around the environment; where we all know its recycling systems for items and food banks for food but only way forward is the government to make legislation that will cause super markets to declare how much food they waste which will ensure they are using food banks, our land fill is also full of food which is one of the best indications we are living more of the society of idiots kind of life instead of a society of people – since it would have made perfect sense otherwise for the landfills not to be full of food considering that when we spend too much from the banks it can end up in the food banks for those who have nothing to eat – so that we can as a society be free of some of the little problems that bag at us so that we can be taken advantage of whereas they can be solved by the simplest means imaginable. To which as usual they always say I talk that way but screw it up when people want to handle it; which I agree I do of course because it is about not giving men and their girls things that make no sense in life to give or share and we are in this condition where we are talking about it because they are unable to take it off me first of all and also because I can catch all of them all of the time and it is not my fault that I can, only makes sense not to let any go; the talking too much, the being too loud, the man that cannot shut it story; its rather remarkable to be chased around the world because you have stolen beauties as a result of your introvert appearances only to be labelled in that way but all in its stride I guess. I dont believe it to be a crisis either – Politicians need to stop leaning on the National front because ordinary people dont behave the way they want: it started off in my case from wrecking my finances to build up popular culture in order to create stories of assumptions I make about celebrities that have done better than me in life and since that had failed it is only predictable the next time is where I spend too much time in financial hardship while they build history from it leading to an effect on my health or general sense of living for the rest of my life which I will get out of them again in ways they will never forget; so they need to stay like that and not clean their stupid selves up over me lest it gets worse – in my opinion they have done so much and their position is quite an achievement. In terms of media bullying it is nothing short of the same old case of men and their girls and neighbourhoods of insolence, power with the use of absolutely anything, filth and the need they have to be met stealing other peoples possessions and inheritances which cries out to be punished all the time.  They say they need me to work a ladder social or financial under them so that they can clean up on me because they live among people they hate and somebody has got to be responsible – then we hear them talk nonsense about crack down on casual racism when they see me deploy my various racist slurs that I have heard about them as well when black and when white think they have some intolerance of a website on which I can say whatever I like and am on Course to get away with doing so – the missing piece of the puzzle being the sales of the books so we might meet and find out what they will do about it all – progress reporting being that spying on me is still happening and resulting in the effect of violence designed to ensure they own it. Of course there is no hard fact to the claim I take up tasks ear marked for important people – it’s just a matter of who has the biggest ego and will likely claim it when the media is screwing around with my work. It is never true that I am living off the events of 9/11 and making a career out of it – it is rather true that the joys of naivety messing around with me because no matter how much damage they cause they will never understand the impact and therefore can never fix it which is a route to superiority with the use of my earnings as well is something I am unwilling to tolerate – much like the case of messing up US/UK relations when the reality is that their Politicians like to provoke me and send out their idiots to pass insults at me in public places in order to make me less important than they are like some kind of addiction: they expect me to say something about being royalty while they are nothing but I rather prefer it if they just get lost and move on but for the Politicians it is always good to let it go on until it is way too late to remedy the situation so I can turn up and seek a peaceful solution bending them up the other way as well which is really violent and filthy. If I did say it is blasphemous and the only way to make use of the faith is to repent and become a Christian they would claim I said they can use the faith to commit sins and clean up and commit more sins, so in order to ensure I am not taken out of context, they now have to spend the rest of their lives in the big Church until they decide they want to get out of my concerns and business – until they realise I am naturally going to find provocative conditions where people have hounded me to a state where all I own and who I am exists in an environment where laws do not apply. I have tried making them put an end to spying on me; the only result for that remains violence against me because they are trying to keep what they find which provokes me resulting in complains and insecurity.

Now we do hear of matters I try to avoid dealing with of course and how people take decisions that oppress others on the basis of what I write and what I say: there is nothing new about any of those either; everybody knows these republican fools tempt people all the time – you tolerate the part where the girls insults and haul insults at you publicly while their men bully you in ways you soon find out are to make your tummy available for them to hit at will, everybody is aware that their men cannot keep off my Court on Media and it is important I put them and their girls out of work as well which they think they need to tackle by controlling my book sales and popular culture living off my income, everybody knows I have rewritten the rule book on how to create wealth inequality when they love to attack you and have finished it off with structures designed to ensure when black people have a hold of my income and blatantly inform me they are not going anywhere which I don't pay attention to because it does nothing to harm me, it will only result in the destruction of popular culture and equities of finance resulting from it for film industries owned and run by white allies and friends, everybody knows they talk nonsense about those they will beat up all the time but handle them a bit due to how much you don't want their popular culture empires sucking the life out of your income, while they simply think that they have finished provoking actors with Politics and can do as they please with both the popular culture and acting Industry, it only leads to a process where they have something on the right they are shutting down, to realise that all your acclaimed actions have been to lead people off your main target – the protection of white society for whites and black for blacks and all that has been because your main target is that stupid capitalism and freedom that means they cannot stop wrecking your finances to control and educate you about how the world is an evil place and only those who love wickedness and money can survive or exist in it. Everybody knows what happens is that they are evil and want people to think neither God nor the devil exist because they think it will isolate a certain Christian they want to teach a lesson, about which they have never won any such fights around here and everything I feel like punishing these activities what comes through is the sense that I am punishing my own and that they serve a purpose and that people will laugh at and take advantage of them for it. We have come to the end of that; first because we don't see them run their media offices in a manner where anything that comes in is spent right away being told what to do, secondly because it is Intellectual Property Administration here and their subversion of my work has far reaching consequences and it is not only the sexual defiling that they think is a follow-on of their derogatory activity in my direction or the perversion of my books which have nothing to do with them as are written from my Household and therefore appeals to a specific taste which is clearly not fame and fortune popular culture than their foolish minds allow: so the deal will have to be that one more subverting of my work will set the stage for a process where we find out what they are made of as a planet as well and then I can make noise while they are bigger than I am and will rip me apart after that. Otherwise it is fair to assume that even as stupid as they are, they do not get to make decisions about what happens to others on the basis of what I say: which is not to say all they do is not about sex and the answer to all their problems is not religion rather than civil rights and sex: so that what happens around tyrants having children that travel to the UK to pretend that if we co-operate with their needs they will get to let us trade in their Country might stay at the Office in peace alongside what the republican intrusion gets up to. I mean the question will be that I go above HM when I say what I say about HRH Prince of Wales and what he said about the Russian President but of course I dont; it is more important to protect what we have gained from a process where Politicians have lost face, considering we are to have a total of three referendums, one in the Falklands, the other in Scotland and the third about Europe in the space of Four years which sounds to success like them to the extent where they claim the praise for my work on crime and insult me further making out I do it because of sheer fear that I may be victim of crime at any time and go further to lean to the National front and turn out on Parliament to pay themselves more of tax payers money through the expenses system pointing to specific individuals among a population of people that have refused to behave in the way they want that need to be made to as a matter of specificity in order that parliament might avoid a process where they feel insulting for providing their great and almighty leadership for the Country which it should be eternally grateful for and have to pay themselves more because somebody is insulting them for it: - so I am happy to speak of the Americans laying off the Russians and the Russians easing their squeeze on the British because of American Pressure than to speak of the fact One may have made a bad gaff: liberalists and their Politicians are rather hard of hearing and like to say the provocative and insulting things they do is part of their liberalism and fight against tyranny of which Monarchy is an example whereas considering from the fact they are rather hard of hearing, it is really one of the best form of Government in the world.