We do hear those tales of course of how Christians need to be more evangelical – I have no idea what for they propose anyway – is it about the sacrifice of atonement that Christ performed with himself on the cross for their salvation and mine for example or the fact they continue to behave as though they want to see me perform one like it as well because they would really do with a world without me, as if they have not yet had enough problems and enough deaths among them and their stupidities so far? I mean nobody sees them go out there to stop a murderer from killing people, what they are more interested in is how to prevent Jesus Christ to puts himself up as sacrifice of atonement for the world from doing what he does. The stupid trouble seeking atheists that believe they don’t believe which means they believe anyway. It seems they are the ones spreading the gospel these days – it makes even more sense every time we hear the complain about how every bit of my actions with their intrusive insults and women claiming they own me, is designed to ensure that I am completely uninterested in other people’s problems and the ills of our world today.


The part about the economy of course remains the fact that all economies recover in the end anyway but what matters is what scum like them have devised and done to other people because there was an economic crisis about which not enough have died yet so far bearing in mind they cannot leave people alone. It is entirely a matter of common sense – they are chasing profit they say in a condition where only 2% of the population of a place have jobs and turn up to tell me I am one of those philanthropy types who interferes with their business thinking they run charities, which causes me to seek to sack them even if they work for their own companies when those stupid industry jobs are not being done properly as it were. in an ideal world, they would have travelled out of a place because they have the means to and found somewhere in which a larger percentage of people had jobs so that they might chase profit but will never do so and you need to see other aspects of their stupid lives which propels some of the things I do while most people think the way I handle them is amazing  but it really isn’t if people know what I know – like the kind of sex they have and how much it damages them and how they put it up as something by which to have revenge on society and hence we have all these monumental idiots chasing profit in places where the percentage of employed people is almost zero. Never mind their celebrity murdering idiots who think they are a lot of trouble for me when I actually know they are ugly and I am not and that when I begin to play those stupid games of wrecking everything they have to narrow all they do to their stupid looks which I can then exploit, the level of strange things they will be doing will be incredible – for now they are on a roll and even so it is their stupid Children that are getting famous these days while I am being controlled for industry scum, the other half of it of which are civil rights idiots making an example of me with respect to their own revenge implemented on grounds of the fact how rich people get must be decided, which they think is the biggest problem I have when it is the most insignificant since not enough of them have died yet first of all and they are not the boss of me; besides which we have not yet reached the part where I become a real problem for their personal insolent and stupid freedoms as well. It is regularly mentioned as such I am aware that there is no need to be that if simply because I don’t find meaning in their causes but there is no meaning to their causes; nothing in it but  an original provocation with which to get on media and exasperate you all the time until they had placed your person and possessions over  a period of time in legal limbo where you always run out of time to protect yourself before they do anything they want to do with it and the result is a criminals that do not have to commit crimes that end them up in prison to get psychological and emotional benefits of committing crimes. The only viable excuse for their activities as far as I am concerned is that they do not commit their crimes for bloodshed and money even though that would have been an added benefit and last I checked I did not report to them or answer to them and we all know I can do far worse than the current loss of civil rights they seem to be all over the place for. The same issue all together in the end as it were; people’s deviance might be bigger than you but you wake everyday into a process where you are paying for it and making use of it to hurt yourself already because they have got media. I mean this is their revenge for the experiences they have had in their piffling lives.


They say I am pushed around by journalists of course and since that is the case it appears it is a matter that must be settled – the fact they never listen to what anybody tells them and feel like continuing to handle my penis and my anus and basically annoy me all the time doing so, to talk so much rubbish about how I speak of it and it is disgraceful to when it is actually not my life or my work and it is their lower class nonsense and I can speak of it as much as I want without suffering any damage to my person in anyway. Any normal person would see my view of it to mean  warning because I have become determined over the years to make out time to take stock of those defilements they think is funny and match revenge to every one of them as well in order to ensure they are not – since it is never clear why anybody would have a personality that is over 80% ego and why they become so interested in what a Christian gets up to with his own life as it were; all we know is that I damage the revenge they plan on society because it has not been nice to them by preaching the gospel and this has in turn created a condition where their history with people is so bad that there is quite a good stock of people out there who actually really want them dead and they have therefore decided that abusing me shares the problem and becomes something they need to continue to stay alive but it is far more than that because they have gotten into Church and the reason for that is a continued plan towards civil rights bullying that involves a fat head chamber pot abusing me all the time as though the fact he is a villain is a mystery that will be hidden should he become a priest and so in that way I will be forced to do things that I used to do thereof. It goes further to their American counterparts and how a case of America as an empire applies with respect especially to the black ones that think nobody can say anything to them that they will comply with if it applies they can overpower such a person, about which the US is not an Empire in anyway and if it were one it would have been an empire of problems – typical example being that a Country is made up of several independent states and living in a glass house means throwing stones at others such as endorsing Scottish independence and talking nonsense at other peoples Princes about the size of their Army, so others might feel like breaking them up and kicking their arse one by one. It goes further still all the way to the US President giving them the go ahead for all these abuses and insults knowing I am involved with organised crime and the underworld and those activities will damage my finances but thinking it is perfectly okay because there is nothing I will do when he wants to have party in the White House thereafter while I am still alive – which is why these black idiots continue to pretend they are God’s gift to the world etc. So the way it works largely is a case of my penis and my tummy and my anus and all over my head drooling down my back to the middle of my bridges and if I ask what the scumbags seem to be on about it turns out they are talking about their sperm and they know your office is divided between Church and state but do it to find out how well you can control or contain your temper as it were; I don’t mind the one people do to them at the British Establishment either, they are such a squirm but when they do complain about me thereafter as well, is it actually the case that I sleep with peoples wives and then there is all that violence and so on and the fact every time I consolidate my company and make it into something I can talk to bankers and sponsors alike they will turn up on media and change something to exasperate me, which is then how female journalists are pushing me around, hence my desire to shake them up seriously at those African tourism economies that mean they never listen to what others say to them and the American insults as well? They keep doing it and the frequency gets more and more and more intense on account I am not reacting to it but the last time I checked the Christian who undoes their revenge by preaching the gospel risked their lives and they hate it as defence mechanism – of which nobody told them to live the way they do anyway and the fact that I am unable to back myself up is completely false and based on the idea I am a coward who expects a big war to result from my troubles before I fight, like their American empire is based on the fear another Country will take that position from them in future and hence a gamblers price being the only one they will pay , still will not be seen keeping their insolent distance from me along with their foolish media; thus eventually the question of whether my threats are credible with that big punk mouth we do not seem to be free of hearing from all the time; especially over how modern they can make other people’s faith or even religion as it were. Which I suppose the only thing about being pushed around by journalists left in the matter seems to be that of the question of what my Price is and what I want – and makes no sense whatsoever since I am a writer and the books are up there and while people feel they should plug in their product at my book sales market numbers they have not bought a copy of their own but like to inform me they are millionaires at the same time while the books cost next to nothing anyway; so as ever the deviance is bad for my health and for my faith and for my job and for my finances but I am still paying for it – if not so that the US President can be important due to the insults of his idiots that wreck everything here and means organised criminals get to make use of my equities by getting involved with areas of industry they should or indeed those who produce what they like such as guns doing so, that they might handle my equities and feel like they are products made by Gods and feel the need to kill people regularly never mind vandalism of my books to help criminals that the media idiots are really fond of to create the idea of a price I get to pay for morality etc – if not for all that, it is for opening me to their fantasies of handling my penis and my anus and my tummy and drooling their sperm on me and talk of how my threats to that effect are not credible which is what will put to the test very soon indeed too: hence until now we have tested the violent aspects of claims I sleep with peoples wives and have come to a deduction of how funny it really is too, considering its purpose is to ensure I endlessly get out to find my company equities being deployed to provide customer service for their daft children with the latest designers and I phones, since it does actually seem they cannot deploy their own to make it happen – looking for trouble.

I mean we know they do claim the guy who does the dirty jobs now wants to control the great and the good – the great and the good on my Business Empire apparently as it were. Whereas if I do the dirty jobs I am doing it on my empire and not their own in the first place – so that it does actually apply they might want to take a closer look at their stupid attitude and update a relationship with their consumers and leave me alone, just as I have mentioned there is a problem with communities upon communities with daft children in the latest designers and with the latest I phones having their customer services done for them with my property and they do need to shut it down and use their own to furnish the extremely bad behaviours that these fools normally show off in public all the time as well or I will shut it down for them. I am Royalty you see so it is not so easy to work out a condition where I hurt people and they cannot hurt me as well; it is capitalist and not lawless, so people need to be aware there is a tendency for people to deploy their own property to get things done as well. I know they have had that part all worked out and bribed a few trouble makers to that effect but it is not so easy for me to do so as well as a result of attachment to government office; they need to get off my book sales and find somewhere else to look for trouble i.e. £5000 will give the company the opportunity to update this at its market worth of between £20 to 25 million – their behaviour suggests that I need to be kept off having a spare £5000 – so they do know how to look for trouble and it is nothing like the social issue that they make claims that it is either and we all know that if I carry on with them as we are, when the economy stabilises they will have wrecked everything here and sat back on a fresh slate to sort out the new investments that would have come along which I have been completely bottomed out. I am happy to have it as it is and they need to check their attitude with those mature contraptions they call business and redo their services to their customers – I couldn’t care less if they did, just like the talk of how I make out when things happen it’s about me; whereas this process where if I eventually do move them on they will have learned and deployed everything about my company that I am preventing them from deploying because they have such a perverse history with it anyway has no name in the economic texts: the only thing that relates with it is opportunity cost whereby they come into my company and decide which opportunities I ought to forego until they had destroyed everything and may even make up names about that such as monopoly and market control when that was something I was supposed to have exercised over them – so when I say I am happy to have it as it is I am referring to the fact it is not as if they can tell me whether or not I should trade with people regardless of it or not those people were their customers – it is good as it is anywhere in the world thereof; if it does not work for them I will have it, just like dirty jobs wanting to control the great and the good. An always Machiavellian activity with them until somebody takes it up and does it for them instead. Of course they know I am not talking about these guys that attach themselves to companies to ensure they are accountable to those hey serve – every Industry or Company has one of those – I have seen their thirst for destruction and want to limit how much of it I tend to see as well.


It is actually not true that I believe American Politicians to be unprofessional, in actual fact I don’t care if they are; what is more important is that they are too keen to please a collection of idiots with ideas about how to avoid the moral way of doing anything and when they do that, it is important they enjoy it without damaging my public work and my finances to bring about some stupid powerful meaning to it which is what has brought us to this point. I mean I have already had a brush with them and for it they hate my guts i.e. when I do my own thing I am starting something that has never been done and therefore stirring racial tensions, concerning which I am actually a coward and it will fall to them to ensure things are normal again; so they are really a lot, lot, lot more stupid than they look – just like the media ones that years ago made me understand my involvement with the Monarchy does not bother them because they have not actually made time to think about climbing the social ladder but I need to ensure I don’t stir their envy as I will not be able to handle it; which is why we have ended up where we now have to ask the question of what the problem seems to be as it stands today. So it is all very well to be so keen on supporting them and being on their side but not by damaging my finances to create power for it as well or that will only make an extra enemy. The Ukraine issue is very well understood by the various Interests concerned, however from my point of view, the idea Russia is the answer to the problem is not something that appears in the least as an idea I have created – reality is that it is the nature of power brokerage in Russia that creates problems for Countries in the region of which Ukraine has so far paid the highest price of losing some part of its territory through what is really a Russian Armed land grab like we have never seen before and the International community has no laws or resolutions for. What I intend to do for my part is stall all parties in the matter; the US, Russia and NATO, NATO which has become quite blunt – understandably of course since if we defend small countries the need to show we are buffoons for every conflict that occurs is important but first it was Georgia and now Ukraine – the former was invaded and bombed the latter was divided and grabbed, so spears do need to be sharpened as it were so there might be some order in the world. However when it comes to Ukraine by itself, it is regularly said I am laid out and divided by various interests at negotiating Tables which I really don’t agree with; since it is clear the Russians do not have the answer and the Americans don’t and NATO does not while I have a set up simple and provisional system that allows Countries in Europe and in such Regions to get involved and seek out a any system that they can work with; so given the opportunity they would prefer me to the other three in a heartbeat – this is what I want to stall them all, until the Ukrainians and their government come through; where I am on the matter presently is that of the problem of people saying that because Russia is next door it is okay to simply pretend it is good to raise the bar every day on how badly others can be treated, which we all know is a prognosis of civil conflict i.e. the idea some people are always picked on in an organised way by others; besides which it is the side of society that frequents this kinds of activities that produced the president that gave Ukraine away to Russia like an item: I mean they would say from where I am that the UK is open and available and ready to go but of course it is never really true as there as people and lots of them too in this Country who would not buy Gold or diamonds from you should you sell them for pennies if they have not seen an indication that you love the Country. Hence no idea what kind of a mad man tells the government of another Country that they can have his own – it is unprecedented and incredible: so it is a beautiful Country anyway by the way with lots of pretty girls – which of course is the part I find funny. When I say from where I am the UK seen as open and available of which I am referring to when I send out a clear message a group of idiots need to cease giving their cultures to media idiots which serves as reasons for them to come around attacking me on claims that a witchdoctor told them they had the means to get rid of all things that stand in their way to success with those stupid lies they tell all the time and how messing with that stupid culture to make them paranoid as well results in a condition where they think the UK is open and available and need to be informed there are lots of people that will not buy gold or diamond from those who do not love their Country if it were sold for pennies here. I mean the way these media fools do it is largely concerned with showing what they need to say about some stupid thing people do called religion and faith and so it involves completely destroying your finances and personal life which according to your faith you must forgive and forget, only for them to pick up the contents of that faith and get around the world pervading every single meaningful aspect and then return to wreck your finances and force you to try and make a living with the faith while they are at it – reason being that seeing you like that allows them to extricate a certain narcissistic happiness that brings wealth, which has brought us to where we are today; hence people need keep giving them that stupid culture and it will end very well too.

The part where I am bullied however does not actually apply; I know there are always endless attempts at that and it is the attempts that make me resolve they will never stress me and that is the point where Politicians get involved to ensure that they do; so that when I had started asking them if what they do for a living are jobs where they have to stand up somewhere to shout matters of fundamentalism and passion at the top of their voices, they are on a roll, until they start to visit their mental health experts and want a record of mental health to be created for me as well which I happily accept so we can understand where we stand and if they do mine I twist their own as well seriously bearing in mind they are the ones that are actually mentally disturbed. I am not bullied, just intensely stressed and can relax if I wanted to but do not feel like it since they never listen to what others are saying to them; We all do it the way that we do it and take it on the chin because we all try to live in a tolerant society but it does get to a point.  

Some will say I speak that way until Politicians themselves become intolerant but it is not a new story that I have found the first of it as equally as the most recent just as intensely insulting and have a real problem getting used to it whenever they do especially when it comes from their self harming media idiots that are normal persons whose possessions are not enough so they want your own and lean to the right to pressure you and get it, which they pay a price for and turn up to threaten you for being on the side of higher power so you can gut them as well. However if you go from having your finances wrecked by Politicians so that you might end up in areas of society where they can simply make an obscure sign in parliament to create a process where some deranged goon stabs or shoots you at random for no apparent reason, to making them fear for their own safety and well being and start to talk nonsense about how it depends on you then you must be genius; I fail to see how the threats and insults will help for my part. I am the one making a process of that thing Politicians do in the form of wrecking my finances to occur which they claim happens because of matters of trust but we all know they don’t start or end anything unless they hurt me doing it and their cup gets fuller and fuller for it all the time from here as well – they could not have created it in hell but what they want to do with it for the application of this their intolerance is a process where I wake at a point to find out I have run out of cash and there are things they want to extricate from me before I can exist and of course we are not where we are now for lack of trying in the first place. They say they will learn how to handle me in such ways from corrupt Governments in Africa; which is largely concerned with insolent women who have aspects of African culture that means you cannot get rid of them failing to see they are unable to get rid of you as well and that you are a man and party to the system all together and they do not have any half of that stupid power they think they do since you have a duty to behave in exactly the same way as those who have put them up to it. the case of being bullied by black women is utter rubbish – those love to latch onto an area of a popular African culture that says something about the fact you may do anything you like but the one you can never do is bin a human being which I have referred to above but it is not the one I live by – the one I live by is one I made up i.e. when you are told to do anything by black people then doing the opposite of what they have told you is definitely the correct thing; they are several times more stupid than they look – I mean if your whole life is binging and smoking and sleeping with girls you will always be of a mindset that will do damage to somebody who writes books and studies the law which is what they cannot have enough of doing to me; so if I attend college the Politicians will tell them to turn up and others will have a problem so that others hate that I attend and they chase me around to show they hate that attend and they have never showed signs of stopping any of it either; hence perhaps a measure of power they don’t have like they seem to be able to exercise in the UK is enough having been we have enough daft men here to facilitate it.

Now it is never true I am fundamentally against the British spirit of fun; it’s just that those companies deploy my Royal Public work to provide people with customer service and it needs to be shut down or I will shut it down for them. I mean if I did co-operate with it, does it then apply that using my public work in that way is honesty in the face of their customers and considering the economic conditions, meaning they had reached that level or their own looks like that or it was done for them that way or they attained that level etc – so it is playing around when they should be making a living and I am paying the price very heavily. What is more; these fools then turn up in the latest designer cloths and I phones to see I am at least 10 years old but propose of beat me up first; I mean I am single first of all and not their plaything and by the way of which is the question of how many statement you see get addressed in that fashion and it is not that I don’t look the part, it is just that they tell various other tales about why I look the way I do so that they might do such unseemly things. These issues then become too numerous for me to chase up and I have to prioritise them into first the fact I am not their fucking mate and then the fact it is the fault of the companies because a condition where people might tell them that on account of their involvement with me they would like a special product created with mimics me and my position as a culture figure does not imply that it is where the customer service should be placed.