The story of sovereignty and the EU is not an emotive one but yet again it is the Politicians that have failed to match what their Citizens have achieved i.e. people simply became fed up with the idea of being proud of legitimising power and having a clear set out career in government or Politics costing them everything right down to their stomachs. I have been particularly fed up with it for my part, so I have gotten people into a state of hurry and panic over going out to make money lest things catch up with them – this means that they can also have their right hand side moved into and intense distractions that can cause them health and finances at the same time effected and now they understand what it feels like although they want to make out that they do not. So is the other matter with Women who always want to show their violent side against religious people who preach peace – the reason is usually that of Men that will come to their aid, so my position on female welfare has become conflicted on their account, because I see them as the easier option i.e. the Men are usually made to think about their actions and how they organise themselves socially due to what I do to them for my part as well, so it has been a ride of convenience too. I have already done the routine of making them do Politics and government so they can work for their own money and now they have left behind history that can be plundered too all together – it does not change the fact that Politics and Government is not for everybody and does not just happen because people have feelings or because there is no set out career plans in it. As for the part about giving up our Law making rights and governance for instance, the reality is still the same as ever i.e. what is the value of an average uneducated business Man in the US and what is the value of an average uneducated business Man in the UK, so we end up with a big European Market, lots of co-operation to iron out, Treaties and a big party – we are not signed off into some super state like some have claimed and are not going to give up our currency either – I mean I wouldn’t when my Company is built on its liabilities and the process has been astronomically expensive for me. I hear of the trouble makers of course but I have no idea what it is expected either; what we have seen is that these Political and Media fools have been having too much fun taking up the social and cultural issues associated with their careers and making a mess of it publicly on account they want to spend my personal life and equities and are building up public pressure to such an account, so they have now made a mess of mine as well to build up this pressure until I crack and have reached a stage where they want to let go of it by some means of convenience to dump it on me and get freedom that their disobedience has always desired at last after a decade long fight over the matter and so it goes without saying when I mention that they need to be in pain for me to have my academic work, I am actually making an understatement.

In the end Politicians need to be careful what they force on me – I do listen to these guys and they don’t; what they are really saying all of the time is that I have means but when I do not like myself I sort it out at Church, while what does their own for them when they do not like themselves is spending money I have got on their misdemeanours; so I have the money but like Church while they don’t have the money but prefer money to Church – I do not have to like them no matter how much liberalism there is in the world. The main two issues have been set aside; one of which is that of the playing around with sovereignty of larger Countries when people cannot have enough of fundamental corruptions that are a matter of what I do not want to do but the forces that are greater than me make me and it is always sweet fun until something happens which they did not intend – something happens to the power itself, considering the USA and Russia have the biggest Military in the world and the other of which are pushy European Nations that may be a threat to British Isles – of which the main ones are Spain who do directly as a matter of government and society and the way Industry is run in Italy and Ankara over recent events and Terrorism etc, which adds to the Germans and their usual pushing and back biting and lies and bullying and governing people. So the Americans become the ones who speak of my need for constant wariness of what Americans think of me, which is utter nonsense, an obvious show of a group of people who believe I have not had enough of them for my part – the one about their needs and how they simply have a right to handle my Books and extract an income from my Market on Media because they are Americans and we all know I am poised to set up and get to have fun pulling those intestines as well for my part too – I mean they must be making use of it because they are Americans and Americans always have the right to handle my possessions I suppose. I hear they learn kinaesthetically and by audio, so they are never ever seen on their own – always in a group gossiping as violently as possible and when done turn out on other people’s lives to find out how their gossips worked in the real world, so it goes on and on and endlessly on.

So there are always matters which happen and are bad which are my fault every single day as reported to Politicians in whose interest it is to act on it for them of course but nobody knows why anybody who shows a tendency to go out and steal and end up in prison if they heard their Child cry and did not have money to feed them, would think that getting out of bed to turn off my Book sales because the way I react to things when I am indignant is amusing because it provides them with energy from a cultural disposition where I am being exasperated. I do not believe it is a crisis for my part either, as I was long resolved they will never recover from me until I get away from them and happen not to end up in their part of society where I am become a distraction by being there on one hand and on the other it is always credible to attack me and blame it on me as well at the same time due to my personality being outside of where it really should end up. The Book sales they love to wreck so much is the answer to this, the route to my Holiday away from their stupidities; it’s no point complaining like that while getting into a job office to turn people off my Book sales every day; the reasonable part of the story therefore being that I do not live their lives or write their Books for my part. So going through the detailed facts will lead to that old question of why it happens and the reason has always been as simple as the notion I have that I am the only one who is trying to make a living by selling things to people; considering that I may see a Bus Driver but assume that is all he ever does whereas he has a small business somewhere and a living wage is not enough if he can set his sights on being a millionaire – so that effect therefore nobody knows exactly what point besides ripping up my Books to trap me in their area of society and blame me for the effects of attacking me, that people established a connection between fantasies that become increasingly real, of hitting me in the tummy or grabbing and pulling my penis etc and the process of making a living or making money but we all know they think the way I react to financial vandalism is amusing and that their wives do nothing with time except stay at home and gather up energy with which to chase me around and abuse me until they can actually fantasise where my anus is by which abusing me will establish a history that they do not wish to let go of no matter what and at such a point of which the reality comes through that the reasons they are poor is because they are lazy and so their mates got ahead and now it seems that I must become one of them by being tired all the time no matter how much I have rested and this is why my response to it is a process of cracking them up too and they will never be free of me until I have my Holiday from their stupidities for my part as well; they do find it disrespectful I hear, which is precisely how they should be feeling as I have tried everything to no avail – the fact that simply because I am able to handle culture and society while concentrating on academic work and job at the same time, people must be able to push the violent bits at me when I least expected it and when I am on the edge, so that I can get pushed over, which they will find amusing and then start to think about paying their bills at a later date when it had started becoming important but do so at my expense and accuse me of something until they had it worked out on me as nastily as possible; so they were lazy and poor and now I will crack them and make them tired all the time too, considering they teach these things at Church as it were and they have always had a need to leave people alone thereof – so this is the part where it is my fault; I have already lost £30,000 to a botched up academic work because of these things these goons do and there is only one way to settle their problem now in my view. There is however a need to stop them from starting these conversations all the time as though I do not know what I am doing. I do not believe it is a crisis all together; they do say it is a matter of how I make people feel about me of which I really do not have to decide how people feel about me all together, even though I pay attention to the fact I am a Christian and being respectful generally means people set that out as a kid they can beat up in form of the answer to every problem they have; so time and again they need to answer this questions of whether the things they do and say and make up about what I get up to and which one is my fault and how I can be dominated is really what I am like in actual fact; it’s the old story of the idea you have seen them with jobs that pay their bills comfortably, so you are assuming that they do not wish to get rich and therefore you are the only one trying to sell things to people to make money and that even now I complain but have had mine all worked out they say, which in any case is surprising if I am 36 years old as it were, bearing in mind they want to handle everybody like their own Children in order to secure nepotism that helps them with their well being and superiority all of the days of their silly lives. So it is thus as though if they are not in pain my academic work can never ever be safe let alone my livelihood to begin with. I have been preparing my Business for some time and now that I am ready to trade I need them to keep their social and cultural problems which are associated with their livelihoods in their own lives, the way I keep mine; otherwise this whole story of which one is my fault that tends to come up every day goes beyond their stupidity and suggests they have no plans to work for their own money and I am some kind of bird in the hand cat in the bag figure, with a big mouth. They always say the Politicians will come through for and protect them and that I am in a losing fight but I have warned those before, that a fight with them is the answer for everything because it is where all things converge i.e. they need to monitor me and grab every new thing I do with my livelihood, in order to develop a new social issue by which to express their stupid selves in parliament, so the actions of the Politicians are usually the most destructive of them all and they are the ones who need to keep the problems associated with their livelihoods in their own stupid lives above all the others, so they can understand how many times those who own Companies dodge homosexuality in order to have families, that they might be better positioned to rip up my empire to secure money and sense of superiority for their stupid ones. The Politicians say such things as protect them so they can beat me down and hold me down and deploy my public life to fulfil dreams because they are in my view bluffing; I mean it is usually said I am at fault for these problems because I feel sorry for them sometimes but then again these are individuals that are so desperate but never the less still have the lease of idiocy by which to shed compunction from their lives which they grew up with, as though it was some shirt and develop a new personality with Media by which they turn up to seek the Morals from my personal life to pad their silly lives with and tell off their case as per the reason I will let them have it being that they can beat me up; so the Politicians can keep doing the we will protect them to beat you down and hold you down to be oppressed routine if they want and when I build a Public life on that too we will find out how it ends all together – it’s nothing on usual as we all know they cannot rest unless somebody else’s life and property is being used to fix the problems of their society and that is why they are always provocative. All I said is that I need them off my case and will continue to crack them in order to show they have no business with me to that effect and it does not do to spy on me and steal my property and go off to Media to crack me for getting involved with them as well – it is another abusive behaviour that is being taught at Church as well as it were; the paradox of their stupidity is that one person dodges homosexuality to have a family and build a business they go off to buy shares in order to rip up my own business and provide for their family with and I want them to clear my space – helping people to hold me down and oppress me using Parliament is not something that they actually can achieve with that big mouth. The great old story of people involvement with me is for instance the gesturing to the left and gesturing to the right holding me down and dominating me which is good for their feelings routine – they have now worked out that if they can keep me permanently in such a condition, they will never have to work for money by finding something to peddle and exhibit themselves with on my public life; each time I have it resolved a Political idiot will turn out to tie me down again with a routine of how his life gets used to resolve social issues and it’s now time somebody else’s life gets used as well and he may do it for a million times but it will never be enough and by the time he is finished, it was actually all about protecting and supporting them while they beat me down and hold me down to grab my Public life and make fame and fortune with and it’s not the first time I have warned them when they are done with the insults it is the celebrity routine they will do next so I can find out what makes them tick when an idiot turns out on Media to ensure the damage they have done to my Business is a history that is maintained permanently for the rest of my life, in order to achieve a process of oppressing me.


Of course I do get accused to looking only into my conveniences and completely avoiding the process of helping people as well; which has no basis on reality – what the prognosis of involvement with me from these guys is all about, happens to be the need to escape the mundane existence of working for their own income and so Politicians need to watch their mouth about turning up to follow on all I do to move it on with stories about using my life to fix social issues like their own is being used the way they raise their stupid Children and finish it off with a tale of supporting them at government Office so they can achieve this aim of holding me down and beating me down to oppress me and deploy my public life to escape working for money etc; it is actually not something they can achieve when they are nothing but idiots who get about buying shares in companies people build through hard work and dodging homosexuality in order to have a family, just so they can rip up my Business in order to make profit and boost their takings because they have mouths to feed aka their stupid family – it is actually something they can never achieve. Of course they claim what I have done is beyond my Authority and it really isn’t – they need to leave me alone and keep off my livelihood and academic work, enough is enough, just like the reason for their problems is discrimination; it’s all discrimination – each time they pass insults in your direction, it always has to do with anus and penis and private parts and that is because they want to be superior but the problem is that they are not at present as such. So that typical example then has to be that his physical features are more in keeping with being a rich celebrity than mine for example and therefore they must have twice as much as anything anybody gives to me – so when you see them do it with the economy and financial system, the ease and speed convinces you that they are some of the cleverest organisms on the Planet and yet when you do prepare to set your own off and make it according to what they have shown, find that they will not cope at all because they are not big enough for even half of the original explosion – it’s all discrimination and the Blacks like to feel the Whites will be blamed for absolutely everything and then once they have some Public Media platform absolutely everything they do not have will be a matter if discrimination, while the Whites always assume that they are always right – I do not have to feel anything for it and Politicians need to get off the temper considering they have been boasting about having one too, if so of which they should understand what it feels like. They say I want the world but of course I don’t; people buy my kind of products when the environment for it is quiet and others should not find themselves amusing to such an extent when they heat it up for me unasked – it is being done like a chain these days because they have been catching their victims of wealth distribution early in their lives, meaning I have not even had enough freedom from them to make enough to pay my Bills, so they can play these games – no idea what does make it amusing.

I am not in any way unaware of the tale of how I need to be careful of how I express my emotions in Public lest I get into trouble; it is the same story and leads round and round in circles – but then again, I am sure it is understandable how provocative it can be when they send out those fat ones that are Political persons, have not had a shave in their lives, look like they came from the Bushes and financial well being as a concept was built around the fundamentalism of their very existence, turning up to tell me I need to be dominated first before I am allowed to complete my academic work and securing co-operation from Political idiots in Parliament for it; it just progresses from this to people buying shares in Companies others build and dodge homosexuality all the time in order to have a keep a family, just so they can rip up the one I built to feed the Mouths at home and once I was done resolving all that then it simply moves onto the part where people stereotypically look more like celebrities do than I do and means I will get into trouble if I do not hand over all I am, which actually has no meaning and then their involvement with me is noted as one involving a process of beating me down and holding me down, so as to peddle my public life and personality to make themselves fame and fortune that will bring about an outcome of wealth without work and hence when they stereotypically look like celebrities than I do, they are being nice; oppressing people of which is something they can ever achieve around here in the first place as it were. I can express my emotions anyhow I want and these games are simply a process of seeking out a means by which I will be pulling and tugging at those stupid intestines again as it were. It indicates that my academic work and business will never ever be safe unless they are in pain. I do not think the matter is such a big one at all; what they do is calculate my market, set out disruption and noise which distract people and then keep them off the need to read where my Books may exist, then build up Publicity I should be paying for and through such means hand my market to somebody else in order to make a living and tell me their physical stupid appearance is more in keeping with being a Celebrity than mine and as long as it continues, I will continue to dry out their asset systems and nothing will ever be certain for them, in order to recover my consumers confidence and ensure that I never pay them for any advertisement whatsoever, collect my income from the Markets and do not continue to turn up at the Literary Empire Office to see an Empty account. I will dry it out and build new ones around Celebrities at Court and Friends, so they can go to hell if they wanted; I do think about it for my part and the reality is that in doing so I am not an extremist like I would like to blame myself for appearing to be; I just have everything I own in Trust and need my income and quality of life. So they do say they have noted my case and are onto it, that they are after me basically and its utter nonsense, they are not after me, it’s not credible; they only need to keep the social and cultural problems associated with their livelihoods off my Royal Public life and my personal life and then they can be free of any form of interfering administration – every employer that has to deal with social and cultural issues from his or her employee usually assumes that they have a rival establishment that is a competition and therefore more important or that they want to destroy the business itself but in my case people can just build it up and make it really bad and stick it in my life and work and livelihood and invent reasons and accusations which deserve it and so they know they might have designed cloths worth millions of pounds for instance but I am Royalty and they are Commoners and very well aware I am not that stupid. Sometimes they do show that they can be considerate on the case of the fact they are cowards who love to play silly games to express their insane sense of excess and what will happen with these kinds of behaviour being allowed is that they will rip up everything and stand before us all and the war makers and extremists to show they are really good at getting killed for instance, so they do show some consideration for what I have to handle and deal with from time to time but so do I have to be aware of their behaviour swings too; however, that they are after me is something else: people do not have to handle my property equity and Royal Public life and need my lifestyle and I need my money – they are not after me, they have gone to China to make themselves better off and returned with no consideration whatsoever for the fact others have to make sacrifices, they are bluffing. I do not think the matter is of grave concern; they do say they are pushing and advising me to become bolder and out there but the reality is that they are done gossiping and making up their own version of me they wish to enforce on Media and are now testing it to find out if they need to make any changes and I cannot  believe they are expecting me to go along with it too, so I have to observe they are done with gossiping and are out with the trials and need to keep social and cultural matters of their livelihoods off mine as I need to ship those Books and move on. They do say in return that all I do while somebody else has all the Media works to their advantage, so I suppose its powers of disobedience continued with them all the time as it were and I have no idea who told them it was their bloody freedom.


They do say I am facing a Possible Law suit for the way I handle people’s property but I am not facing any such thing; the timeline is between 2002 and 2015 – ongoing 2016 so far February; anything that looks like my Public life and property equity in that period of time actually is and not a coincidence – they too do have their own timelines if they are honest and they need it because it means they do not have to turn up at the Law Court every day to look into their patents before they get to work since money is more important to them as it were. I will never actually be able to put a finger at the exact point where making Music CDs to abuse me became such a popular legacy that people wanted to buy into but I do not know that an idiot with Money always wants to fund it to create the sense people are in the right place and therefore secure means by which to get connected and rich. They drew a line on this matter when they ripped up my academic work at Greenwich University, passed their own and got back round to the same things since they had no need for academic qualification in their view in the first place but wanted to preserve an existence for me which was their asset while teaching me lessons at the same time – so we have now reached a point where the message is no longer lost in translation, that since it is what they want to do with their time in this world, they can always therefore keep out of the academic work and Business earnings in order to avoid the consequences which comes with doing so. It is hard to believe that I have to drag my no so 100% health into the work place to earn and income while they who are able bodied people do it and more so claim I am inferior to them because I am always complaining about the fact work actually really hurts; the law suits exist only in their stupid heads. It’s the same old tale of people clinging to me because they spot a potential for getting rich by peddling some aspect of my existence to double and triple their existing acumen and when I tell them to get lost, get off on Media ripping up everything I have to position themselves where I will want to exist where it makes sense to make use of something associated with them too, so that they can behave towards me in the same way, which then excuses all the property destruction and allows them to boast about it as power on a later date. so it’s the same story where economic crisis has resulted in money vanishing off the stock markets and everybody needs to recognise that if we need recovery as a country we have to see that they need more – in my case specifically it all came together to make me very angry because it is the very year I dropped out of University so they can rip up my academics and pass their own in order to return to popular culture while teaching me lessons, was the same year in which the Economic crisis took hold of the Country, which activity they finished off with spreading another reputation for me that says they had located me and one such individual that they will ensure the Economic crisis hits hardest so they can make sense of their existence on the road to recovery; now they are apparently managing any of it at all, all together as it were. They take everything; first the money and then the health because of their needs and now the mental well being through which I can make some more so that they can take; whereby the Money has vanished off the stock markets and I need to recognise that if I must have recovery, they need more. They do say I am horrible to people who are nice to me of course and this theory has no basis on reality; the Industry and Politics ones are all about their desire to be the ones who provide the finances for all I do, which is why they love to damage it so I might have need of their Money - the Community croon ones just want to be in a position where they can decide when I should be worse off so that their foolish Children might feel equal - all these things they have no plans and intentions to play out on their financial well being instead; so they do ask why they do it of which the reason has always been that of discrimination - every insult is concerned with anus and penis and private parts so they can put a stop to me if they want to spend my earnings and generally develop their energy by getting on Public places to have the last word: - the none Whites feel that the Whites will be blamed for everything credibly and the Whites are always right as far as they are concerned; they do speak of some Elitist society I glorify myself with, the elitist society which means I have things they can never buy thereof, just like their goons speak of Law enforcement and Armed Forces Hurting people on my behalf whereas their existence is so basic that Money only comes if they worked for it and crime only comes if other peoples got hurt but they still cannot select the correct decisions to make and need a quasi Legal practitioner that will show them through religious morals how to get away with evil all the time and who will get into trouble for not co-operating with a big mouth.