I am not in any way prejudiced against Middle Authority – the whole issue comes up at all because some people are just like that: we may not all feel it is okay to be homosexual but some people are, we may not all feel it is okay to be a narcissist but some people are, we may not feel it is okay to simply get out of bed and get around securing exhilaration from damaging other people’s property but some people are like that and in my case they love to target me a lot and hence I have to take steps to protect my valuables which their Politicians again are another type and love to expose them, while my parents bit are just the ones who set the stage for a school on the world being an immoral place and will stay that way which I clearly bloody wanted to know as it were – staying as I am forever.  The outcome of all these here is that it is the precise point at which their girls love to extract my earnings from my positions to get rich beyond their dreams for the fun of it and they do that because I am a middle man and they are bigger than I am while the girls are women that I do not know can beat me up if they wanted but because of society are women and below me anyway. Hence the middle authority issue is something I do to them to stick them in it again and again and again and again: I mean we hear complains Police are running out of resources to tackle all the crimes that are reported to them but it is the nature of justice delayed when they had wrecked the economy by consistently having a social policy of crime fostering, then believe that throwing government funds on it will fix the problem which drove the economy to bankruptcy. If I had only space for three trials and I had to deal with two murders one burglary and one rape – everybody knows the two murders will go to trial without fail but which one does with respect to burglary and rape is a matter of opinion; nobody likes to see people raped but the reality is that rape cannot be seen, so I bet with common sense it is easy to see that burglary will trump rape every time: after all when funds are available cold cases can be chased. The biggest problem of all of course is that they threaten me and love to; in fact doing so has become their answer to everything and the means by which what I am used to is altered so that they might get used to it and own it at a later time instead and it will not do – every occasion where they threaten me will always lead to an outcome where I take steps to find out what their own looks like as well: right now the question of whether I am prejudiced against middle authority has come up because a day ago it was a case of Police racism is coming be very afraid, when we know that what happens is that when a racist is a racist black people want to be like him and that we all understand what the answers to such questions will be but they have it all worked out all of the time as a wickedness they want to support but somehow be safe from in order to be powerful and it is the same way celebrities of theirs think I can be manipulated which is something I must stop and stop dead: the threats just raise the bar and will never go unpunished as well: so it is a matter at the heart of this case of a need to settle my case with middle authority of which the only one case remains an end to threatening me but they have found out threatening me is how to dislodge me from what I am used to so somebody else can be used to it as well and it also works well with a process of making sure they are not put through the same experience.

It is not clear as such at this stage why people are still stupid enough to set out subprime lending in the US; it’s like it’s a phenomenon that has returned to them over there and creates that sense of an umbilical cord that needs to be severed. I mean if you thought about what you wanted to do with yourself at 18 in the UK the government would support you till 21 at least but in the US if you do that you are screwed for life – so the idea of lending money to those who are already debt because people get into debt due to being successful because they are willing to take an extra risk to earn some profit for you is beyond belief as a system of business operation. However looking at from the perspective of an economy like that of the US that is shut tight capitalist it is easy to see why they think it a viable way of working i.e. if you lose four billion dollars because of bad debt being written off at your financial establishments, and gain 5 billion as a result of a condition where consumers have no choice but to keep going, then it makes sense but that does not do anything to undo my prognosis of an umbilical cord that needs to be severed either. What is happening is Mr Obama gives tax payer funds in the US to large Auto companies claiming they are creating jobs, those companies decide to build up hype for their businesses the way my Literary empire is claiming it does not exist because the hard of hearing idiots are making decisions in them yet again looking for trouble and stalking me to that effect while idiots who think my activities are end up in their repertoire give them the opportunity, only to become surprised about my actions later on, then I want them to shut it down and ensure a process where the problems are dealt with become cheaper and cheaper and cheaper everyday and they are unhappy about that and start to give out subprime auto sales funding: so if this is not the case, then stories out of the window and facts fill the gap. Their media scum here in the UK say they are cracking down on casual racism: I have no idea which part of the millions of dead people during the second world war: I mean the bubonic plague was a killer but the annihilation of entire cities with people in them was the work of a person, I have no idea which part of 6 million gassed Jews whom killing in other ways would have been too labour intensive seems to have been casual but sometimes you think about ignoring them, however which the fact they have become more and more powerful and are drawing attention to that takes centre stage. Since last time I checked, I can simply get off being abused by black people because my lips are not as thick as their own – something I have never noticed of course but they do which puts me between racists and them and makes me a target – it is always cleverly thought through as it were when they feel that somebody isn’t living in a way that means he likes them and their power when they have wickedness they want to be safe from while they support in order to have everything, until you take your own actions as well and start to call them golliwog mouth so they can end up having real problems they seek so much. For most of the time it is never really largely a matter of how much trouble they get into as a result of setting out the sense that I do things for them and serve them which then happens to have occurred if my books are never sold but the job done in them are used anyway with media and of course how much this gets them into trouble with the British establishment that they complain about, due to stories running around that people are using me to do things – hence their suggestion I need to serve them as though I had no choice with that big mouth that cannot yet stay off my book sales already so far currently. It extends to the fact that they do behave as though they are convinced they really want you to make a list of what hurt them and what they dont like done to them and then set about doing it every day like your life depended upon it which of course is not a difficult thing to accomplish either. However I will never be caught out with casual racism when I have a bad appetite and step outside of my door for some fresh air only to see dog shit and a black idiot who lives in a home next to it or is walking towards me keeping me threatened so that when he fantasises shoving it into my mouth and his women fantasise using my physical appearance to improve their beauties and villainy while I am suffering, I tend to feel it with a big mouth – so yes the idea they are becoming more powerful just makes me laugh, they are not, they are simply looking for trouble and will find it. They like to say they factorise me by my anus and my penis and my tummy to ensure that they can make it happen any time that it is my anus that shits all over racists, in order to ensure that racism affects everybody but for me it simply has become a challenge they put forward to find out how difficult it will be for a black person to take sides with the racists against them so I am not too bothered about it, the matter is progressing on a daily basis.

They complain I make people emotional whereas I thought all that happened was that I hated girls with a thing for threatening me to spend my own, Politicians funding it with tax payers money and of course idiots intruding as far deep into my activities as possible to put me through school of how evil the world is, with no party of the three feeling that it has come to a point, bearing in mind it is their own that looks like that. I mean they do say it’s all a matter of me and my reaction to being teased which is not really true; it’s just that I wrote books and never wrote them on television or published them there, so that the fact they turn up there for reasons of bad publicity is an example of how far people can take their prognosis that the only way forward with their stupid lives and the cost of it to them is to regularly organise and go out to attack those who do not have a wickedness and an evil they support while seeking to be safe from it at the same time – so that when it costs me as much as it has at present they bring it out of me the part where I say seeing them around my affairs one more time will lead to bodies being seen and stuff and that is where Popular culture comes in where they can show how powerful they are. So it is a case of how big they are and the sense they can turn up here to do it all the time and as much as they want and it is not news either that they always do it and then realise later that they need to pay their way through out life itself and that is where wealth distribution comes in, which wealth distribution is rather self explanatory but civil rights really isn’t because that largely involves the fact that if they do have the right to walk down the road, then it should also apply they have a right to your business and your income as well unless you are one of them and for those who are not they will be checked out endlessly, about whether civil rights exists for others on their income and so on, every single second until their livelihoods are completely destroyed – which of course is how the UK in the past any perfectly reasonable person can see, acquired a history of Police stop and check racism. They do say I am all hot and bothered about it but I am not, it’s just first of all I have let it go on for so long they have made up enough explanations for their actions to sit about finding out if they are in love with the sound of their own stupid voice or not: the reality is much the same as ever i.e. whether or not I leave it for as long as eternity will change nothing about how people who have a wickedness they support but want to be safe from at the same time, think about those who do not live like that and in this case the practical steps they take to express the existence of such persons annoy them. The other issue around being hot and bothered about it is of course the Politicians and they are the ones that spend tax payers money to secure them facilities by which to keep up pressure on you until you either react or they make up a reaction from you with media or you react to the made up reaction they claim you reacted on media, so it is rather difficult not to get to a point where you are convinced that you must take action and do something about it. They do say they have seen me speak of wealth distribution and do try to ensure I keep my promises of course but it has no basis on reality just because I am being stalked by them: what I say and do about wealth distribution is a simple case of whether or not a small business should be sidelined to a point where it goes under and the single mum next door has to start digging into her savings to exist – within the confines of the fact as ever that for the economy to operate at all wealth does circulate: hence largely a matter of the usual stupidities we find on our media endlessly.  So the facts and realities are as simple as they have always been; that books written from a half monastery office we never going to be the kind where people put on their best dresses and turn up on a large field while I sit on a podium to read the contents to them and maybe have conversations with them but does not mean either that I was never going to break even year after year – so I was not published on TV and they do these things not because I am being teased or reacting to being teased but because they want a piece of me and will get it, which is the function of everything else I do that they love to claim is actually a part of my life when it really isn’t. So yes complains that I make people emotional all the time is apt since it tends to limit their exhibitionism and the fun they get from these activities.


I am not prepared to simply tell the Queen people are getting out of hand because I wrote a book and they have a media with which to live out a fantasy where I made no money from it thereby creating a job done by Royalty that was not paid for by the common people and hence a civil rights future. It is obvious what they will do with such things anyway and by the way of which I am not actually worse off in anyway, only I have not expected to act in ways that see to it that those who can take anything they want can do as they please because each occasion will create an outcome where they take double from the system and society on every occasion that they do and these idiots think it is an opportunity to make a useful enemy and get rich and connected while I think their involvement has offered me a people that need to get out of back seat role and into general population traffic as a way of life. They do mention I interfere with their perspective of course but it is like that old case of black women I want nothing to do with and black women being forced on me by men that are stronger than and can oppress me financially – we all know the reason to be that they set out they will make people’s lives hell in the UK upon finding a man that should be homosexual so that they can be important – they have been with the help of these nasty white scum wrecked everything here but we are still hearing stories about the need for me to get involved with black women. So it does not beggar belief I am determined to put them out of work at celebrity and popular culture as well right down to the pornography Industry so that I might feel like it was a cause just like the Politicians would explain hounding me financially for them so they can settle into all these as something that secures a more inclusive society and equal culture, which makes it a worthwhile cause. A piece of advice is measured along the lines of the fact the reasons your life can be flushed down the toilet is not because you are afraid of them but because success has robbed you of any means of defence against bimbos and dicks and so every involvement with you is financially beneficial the more intrusive the better which is why they cannot understand why you interfere with their perspective and hence get out and move on to get it back: the most annoying part of it is where it is funny because your life can be flushed down the toilet on account people can attack you because you do not live in a way whereby you support evil while at the same time seeking to be safe from it and that they can cover their tracks in various ways to pre deal with anything you might say or do like being able to predict your movements and so on. This is the reasons I take the steps I take and they do speak of how Japan used to help them with their perverted sense of freedom of which Japan is no longer the most powerful economy in Asia so they are seeking China as well and I have no idea how they expect me to tolerate it either. They always say there is nothing I can do to them of course because they have the support of HM but that has no basis on reality as we all know whenever they meet the Queen they speak of trouble makers in popular culture and how they must fight the fight, whereby nobody knows if picking on me if how they fight that fight anyway.  so ten years of attempts at academic work while they do these things explains why their hatred for other peoples well raised children is what it is and why their Politicians act on it for them hoping to get away with doing so; I need to hound them until they feel their future lies in a Country that is freer than the UK of which they also do realise from what we know about the way it has happened in the past, that there are very few of such Countries in the world: of course these are the motivation for shoving capitalism down the throats of those who feel life is all about a non profit way of being – their none profit way of being is experimenting to find out what will become of The Prince that never was and to that effect we have seen there is no depth of degradation they will not explore: not that I will ever ask them for respect or anything that looks like it but they will never be free from the cost of anything they damage here either; there are other ways such as asking so I can say no and those societies and cultures will continue to disappear in cases of the otherwise.

They do ask exactly what my activities or even scribbling tend to solve but as I said before they complain I interfere with their perspective considering they are far superior to me on grounds that they live a life where they support certain evils that they feel others should pay the price for their being safe from it and that then makes me somebody that is so inferior I get around with those who are beyond my league, makes my company inexistent nonsense and makes me Royalty that made up the idea that he is which they love to run on media and seek out what they must do next with their stupid ambitions. It does not mean that the fact I dont live that way makes me half a person and this is the lesson they are learning in the most difficult way imaginable; I dont need a schooling from them that the world is an evil place especially their stupid women, I need them to stay off my book sales especially the Americans and I will one day put a face to the name that writes the books and there is nothing for them to worry about with respect to that as we will find out what it is exactly they can do thereof. So they do think they are really big and can turn up here to do such things all the time if they wanted which I dont have a problem with, only the complains, after all Politicians listen to it and seek stupidities that mean their version of success is more respectful than that of those who become glorious than Political leaders and so on. This is what it feels like to be treated in the way they love to treat people and we are not equals to that effect either in the first place: they do say others are doing the hard work over my talk but yes we also know we live in a Country where every fool that is older than I am wants to dislodge me from what I am used to and become used to it and the reasons are not a loss of civil rights and a loss of culture and of course we know they make it up on media expecting I will do nothing for reasons of being afraid of them but I make myself angry over it because nothing would beat the Prize of beating them up over absolutely nothing as well – since we know it is always harmless at first before it becomes their answer to everything in their stupid lives.


So it is said nothing I say is quite up to stage of doing anything about Americans making trouble but I dont see that being a Problem either since we all know its cultural filth in everybody else Country with them all the time and they turn up at my company to make popular culture about it making out they are bigger than me and that I am being teased. Since then it applies everything their democrat stupid wives do  is mine and they can come around here and get it if they wanted of which they have not since only pretend they will get rich at my expense and Mr Obama will help them all the way with a big mouth of which the republican ones speak about my stuff that somebody else is taking up and doing for me which as I have mentioned before is a fact about society idiots wanting to have a shit around every finished work that others do and I have not done their stuff for them enough times as well for my part yet either. We are not talking about competition with other authors, in terms of that its largely a matter of the fact you walk down your streets and see a guy with five texts in his hand and you say hey he spends a lot of time in the library which is cool but of course the real him explains why he is being picked on which was the highlight of your day i.e. once he sets eyes on people he is off to media to ensure their stuff is done by somebody else right away and ruins aptitudes people have concerned with their career and family life for sport; so I know if I have a self confidence problem I will beat it out of them and they need to stay off my books lest it blows up all together, I am not referring to their links with stupid black women either, those are rather hard of hearing which is why they are so useful to idiots and others like that. The thing about Americans is that they are morons: they speak of civil rights and complain but while they are attack somebody else to complain – hence if we look at the world Japan is no longer most powerful economy in Asia and they have begun to make out they want china as well and it brings home that facts about their need to move into people’s right hand to wreck their lives and build an empire and pretend they have a persistent entrepreneur spirit which they also transfer to the Church and how we made the original enmity in the first place – so as I said it is not clear if that is the one I will tolerate either. There is really no such thing as being pushed into doing anything around here; the reality is that it is what people do to the goons who make such claims and they are game enough for it too. There is no truth whatsoever to the claims that I get in early and find out things about my enemies – the question is why I am never under attack from them when they do the same to me as well but for me it is the same old issue about how they wreck my finances and show their own off and claim to be more important than I am complete with stories about how I hold government office and they dont and how they do not recognise it and so on still sustaining attack on my academic work and finances as they carry on with it: hence bursting their bottoms as they say with excess work and pointless problems that I dont even have to initiate from hundreds of miles away even when they live in the freest country in the world. The way it works is still the same old way, they can do these things and expect when beaten to simply move on and do something useful with their foolish lives at my expense and that is where the story turns to that of whether or not they have moved on at my expense and I have lost something: to the affirmative they have reached a point where they have to pay for it, to the negative it seems the culture and society and Political system is good for them as well after all. They know it is what I do to them because of a need they have to take a stand on my possessions and get used to it because what I am used to does not matter and that s why they blow off their big mouth threats all the time about a game of chicken, their big temper and the American Army and a great power which does not scare me or anybody around here. Yes they say I talk but Hollywood is tearing up my work – rubbish of course; even if there were people who wanted to they actually couldn’t – fame is about making a deal with society and becoming a breach between worlds so that you can sell people items of person improvement; these fools make millions at my expense and make celebrity culture from it as well, then turn up to make contact with me too and bully me to get more and close my very existence down all together to own it because they think they are my personal Gods. When it comes to what is happening in Ukraine however, the reality is that the Politicians never pay attention and people there are left behind as a result while the rest of us make progress and they only have to fight each other for power which I can understand makes them very annoyed indeed but the contents necessary are still there and it is said I think Russians are on my side but they are not whereas what I said was that it is the way power is brokered there which creates a problem Ukraine is dealing with and the Russian President considering that American cultural filth levied on other peoples countries as a means of making their citizens rich has now reached fever pitch as well, is not necessarily doing the wrong thing – it’s not a matter of thinking so but a matter of knowing so. I for my part had simply decided to kill it and although I have not killed it dead necessarily and we still see those games of I live in the beach in the US and have a kiosk from which I do business and travel China and Japan and hence must turn up in your Country and tell you to get off government office and do what I want continues for obvious reasons. I mean it does not just happen, there is a trigger: it is about pillaging my public persona to make fame and fortune to a point where they have dug into aptitudes concerned with personal and family life and career and are still digging but being that the organised threats and a sense of being violently persecuted constitutes the condition where I have become a problem for them. I am happy for them to think of me as the problem that needs solving since I think of them as the same and definitely will be famous as well: it will help to justify what I can do about sexual assault on media which can only be explained by the fact they are very unusual people with behaviour that consists of over 90% ego at any given time which we hardly find in any other group of people in the whole world – so that when the women decide your friends were supposed to hold you down until you decide your career was to involve them then make public statements that destroy that notion each time you have one to make you start again over and over and over and are rather hard of hearing when your friends dont and they simulate the process and apply it by themselves since they are rather hard of hearing, it might become a lot more obvious as a result to explain the reasons I seek out the consequences I do too. In the end if we do look at it a whole process where it suits the US Leadership to be the enemy of National utopia, so that they might get around little countries with tourism economies and get chieftains for their leadership in return for money wherefore they then invest in electoral campaigns and get their money back from the US Government has given way to another kind of enemy of National utopia that is actually violent in nature all together – so it is not a matter of vilifying the US because it is enjoyable to or something like that, it is rather a matter of riding Giant Headless Chicken and giving everybody the pass mark. In my view we have never had global peace and security so good but we must not leave behind those who have fallen behind as well; not a matter of saving the world but realising the world is recovering from two world wars and we have a responsibility at a stage where we were in history at the centre of it: Americans are silly but it does not mean that the rest of the world should follow suit.