The story of being responsible for turning the Monarchy against the people is largely based on a delusion created by these fools that I am eternally grateful for being given a position of privilege that few others have even seen let alone touched or owned and that I can never stop showing that along with my excitement. The reality is rather that I have spent some time during my teenage years with scripture Unions and I have with Protestant Churches and I have with Methodists since my parents were Methodists and I have with many American type churches and I still cannot bring myself to stave off my temper when their girls come to Church dressed in short pants and miniskirts and men’s clothing because Go looks into the heart only for example and so on, they know that but as usual the normal of clinging to people means they cannot let me live my own life they want to take away the Church take away the Monarchy and fulfil a need by forcing me into their own arena. The problem is that people do not pay too much attention to the activities of a collection of football idiots and Media idiots and Politics idiots who think I am out to please them and that nothing I do ever will with that big mouth talking nonsense about how people like me should be made to lose our royal offices and then followed on and have everything else we do with our lives taken away while they who are poorer and need it get to own it hence their motivation especially the Politicians who one moment want a history where they are better than you and the next a process where they come from the grimes of society is their biggest asset spewing insults absolutely everywhere at absolutely everybody about some revolution they want, so I can only say that their involvement with my concerns mean they want to get to that point where they have my body parts in their parliament before they feel they are powerful enough to get down to the affairs of the day as it were with all that nonsense about thinking they are evil and have got it going with a big mouth as it were – few people pay attention therefore to the fact these kinds of fools could only come from a part of the world where all people do is drink and smoke and commit crimes and hence are convinced they will keep fucking around with my office forever and that nothing will happen as a result and we have been there before and they have used that stupid media of theirs to recover only to start yet again as it were; these guys cannot leave people alone and it really does come down to two issues i.e. first being the tales their Politicians love so much of how I do nothing to represent them which is why a democratic system is preferred on account it represents them whether or not they smoke drink and commit crimes as a basic way of existing, whereas the reality is that I do and more so from my own Royal Property hence do not get paid by them and it is the Politicians that actually take it up for them and get elected by them to handle their issues, thereby consulting them over their problems and gathering facts to make legislation that becomes law and is enforced at the Law Courts to solve their problems not mine but we will never ever see them give a valid reason for living the useless existence they do nor will we ever see them give a valid reason for thinking they will keep messing around with my office and seen around my book sales forever.

The other part of the story is usually the most common of them all i.e. they do these things because they want to be able to find somebody they can push into a bubble where no rules will apply because he has consented to tolerate all kinds of rubbish from them so that they might steal anything they want and thereby have anything they desire in a condition where there are no rules and it gets to a point when they cannot seem to do anything without channelling it in my direction and I have taken that culture and that society and broken it before and they have rebuilt it with media and I will break it again and break them alongside it in the process as well the way we are going; I mean the only way to make money in this world has always been to get a job and to work for it and the next time I see them around my books after the publishing of this blog, I will start to act proactively on this matter. I have softened the football ones so they can play football like that before and they have talked all kinds of rubbish about strength and future all over the place until they recovered on media and I am going to do it again to keep my office from them, as for the media, I have no idea which one the idiots there are presenting anyway maybe it’s the bottom all together as it were but I am sure they will not be messing with this office any further and not staying off the books will always mean the greater chance they are where matters will blow up in their faces as well. These guys cannot leave people alone as we all know and will never be free of me too.


I am not of the opinion that these are complicated matters; I mean I may have all these people from film industries and others around the world get their hands on my Empire and Government Public work for the purpose spending their own money on my equities to have a party and leave me a certain level of financial equity to cash into but at the end what I really am is somebody that wants to get on with Church stuff and they might be seen pretending to be upstanding citizens but what they really are is a group of goons that want to let their hair down in the expensive car of a millionaire by any means. So I have simply reached a point where I have had enough of them and if they keep off my books and I do not have to face up to any of their insults they will be perfectly alright and so will I. I hear of the part where I have a problem with black people of course and it is not as complicated either as every single thing black people do is concerned with there being a gain from me whether they be right or be wrong so that they are only right and only wrong when they say so and the reason is that they dont like to be judged and criticised but of course when they hound you to extract beauty from you to get rich and famous and important with, the reality is that they simply cannot leave people alone and you reach a point where you decide modern Christian will not suffice anymore and they think you are a problem which is the only way it starts to improve as a situation. The part about being irritating for the Monarchy is just where they think I am stupid as well as we all know sometimes it can be difficult to roll with the Royals where fun is concerned but they are never bullies, so I am perfectly aware none of this come up with it little shit insults have absolutely anything that has anything to do with the Monarchy but black idiots and their white friends and American shit as it were coming up with it and I will rip their own up for them as well for my part, so we can see what their big mouths are made of too. In the end it does come down to the two issues of people trying to consolidate all I own in order to sell my books and make their own cut of a profit but the problem is their attitude which is largely concerned with shutting down things after starting them on account I have attended to a risk concerning the Company – so it is never actually a matter of selling anything but a game of House always wins and I will not tolerate it, after all they know the books do not help them in anyway and that they hate my guts because I have become really notorious in their books when it comes to that issue of dis-virgining their livelihood when you cannot dis-virgin them; nobody makes money before I do with my possessions and nobody makes money with my possessions in order to be better off than I am, this is who I am and will completely take apart anything that support house always wins story that has found its way anywhere near me; these are people you stay away from if you want to be successful because even when they are paying attention to academic work they want to do it trampling all over other people’s feelings so that it might not cost them an effort of their own. So when it does come down to it, apart from the fact black people cannot leave people alone as it were and it is their biggest problem – measured only with the reasons for it which is largely about all these complains we hear concerning women i.e. they want to take beauty from the beautiful and use it to make fame and fortune for themselves and they must have it at all cost and at any means and I dont like to give it to them so they get help from teenagers to have mine who then turn out to believe that it is either a social issue or that they will get away with it as well. In the end we also hear them claim it is a matter of me taking part in their Journalist careers of which before then for the men I sleep with peoples wives and I steal the style of female journalists with which I can pretend I am actually well integrated into the Country and we all know that the reasons we have to deal with the complains now is that they have ended up with extremists on the media and I am still helping them on because they are not leaning far enough to the right to deal with me as it were since they started and for the female ones it is largely the part where they think they can behave anyhow they like as well and I need to ensure the parameters are right so that celebrities do not get around mopping up finance equities that have been left over for me by companies and Industries like they do currently or set out clear consequences for them when they will not find themselves jobs in order to make money, since we all know that for this behaviour to become a means for them I will have to be controlled by them which is what this is all about. If I want to be helpful then I speak of the Literary Empire I dont want to see them get near to and I speak of the Public work I do for the state and not for journalists who start in such ways and complain when it suits them and I speak of my book sales and the mopping up of my finance equities all over the world with their looks but in terms of black people it is largely a matter of their need to do everything I have disapproved of people doing with and around my office which is why they always need to ensure that they are never wrong or feel that they are wrong at any point and that there is some point thereof at which I get into trouble for criticising them whereas in actual fact it is never really enough to make a blog or a book and sooner you had started is the sooner it is over already; what is enough is that they have trouble simply letting other people be and they will have enough of the trouble they seek as well. In the end we hear them all complain but as it stands I am still sharing my personal life with them hence the problem festers.

Of course it isn’t true I have an inability to be a happy person – the reality is that there isn’t a single form of activity from these goons in my direction which is not harmful and they know it but also think that they should get used to it to a point where I do as well; the blacks and Africans even speak of creating me a history of suffering and throes in order to set out a way of getting things done and  can only remind them the same was true about apartheid and racism in US – there was first a period of racial harmony before then and then they can ensure they are right when they say they are and wrong when they say they are and others have no feelings which make sense. So the problem is the question of why the Court cannot do the go-between job as it were: the male journalists are out to attack me because they cannot use my personal life to get themselves the kind of security that will make them feel respected and those who are not are out to pillage things to deploy my so called beauties to make themselves fame and fortune and it is how we get to understand why those who give them those sort of things do it i.e. they are not giving the one that was their own to give and are confident they will either get away with it or that there is nothing the owner can do about anything; this is usually the point where they claim I mess with their culture but we can see they have had so much fun before then and do not want to lose the culture in order to ensure they had lost nothing as well. It sits in the same family with the claim I get the worst possible treatment in the UK which has no basis on reality too as it is only when I read the Bible and straighten myself out that it becomes clear it’s all people who will do anything to please me but each time I go again I get caught again and so on. The other issue is the case of things black idiots do which I am very familiar with i.e. you sit with people for a conversation and stumble on a case of very important people thinking they were your boss, so I tend to feel all the time frontiers of UK and US have been merged and I perceive that a threat as well while they think everybody will find their activities both funny and or normal. In the end the reality is that they start and then they complain with no plans to move on somewhere else.

We hear my position on the environment is failing too and it is much like hearing one moment that people enjoy the way I react to things and the next complain about their culture and history; it has never been a gave issue as the problem seems to be that for example anything can kill a Lion – disease, snakes, another Lion seeking territory, these are by the way meat eaters that live a nomadic existence, so that when a woman who lives in the United States shoots dead for sport a very healthy one in its Prime, it is a representation of why the world is an evil place because she is a woman in the US making such a huge contribution, knowing what it is for an existence to be threatened a species to be abused, a contribution as large as between 70 to 80 percent towards the extinction of an entire species. So the reality is that environment policies do not get applied like real world policies i.e. if such thing happen, what is a healthy Lion in the world to city people who have no respect for the fact that people live in all these areas where there is wildlife and that it is their home and their environment like other peoples tar roads and sky scrapers are to them, so when we work that out and take it away from these hugely financially successful idiots, things about the environment will begin to improve. What I for my part have been really involved with so far is the mangers and shareholders of crude oil companies making statements about educating the young which implies those trouble makers that fancy them in oil rich places where they explore and drill and destroy things, in order to make them into a private army that will show disrespect to people like me – so that it’s when you get to tell them that the problem with evil people like them is that they think oil companies they own or manage makes them something that absolutely everybody is afraid of, the problem with evil people like them is that they spend so much time covering their tracks, so that when they understand you can easily implement a process where you keep an eye on them and prevent them from covering their tracks, they understand thereof you can apply consequences to their actions every single time that you want to; as for the insolent girls however, they like to speak of the ages and times in history where these Natural environments were their domain and their beauty was celebrated and so on but people like me take it over and have no respect for them and their stupidities but we all know their type and their need for insults would largely have constituted the virgins set out to be sacrificed to guarantee seasonal rain kind of group of people and that they know they are talking rubbish.


This will easily move us onto the need they seem to have to do business handling my possessions and seeking my personal life and looking the part where they collect bits and bits of my Company reach all over the world and the best bits too for that matter with public appearances and social media – for me it just means they do not appreciate my work first of all but a typical eventuality is their games in China, that shows they need to control where the money is and I am the tool for it, so their big question is always how they get to do my company for others in the best places in the world and of course in which circumstances I will not be able to take advantage of the job they do not appreciate to keep them out because they can deploy it to help themselves as well, so we are in for the long haul over this particular issue with Americans leading from the front while complaining about my activities and Europeans showing the old cynicism around my work about which their opinion has never been required at the Company Global markets since it was set up. Soon enough we do hear these claims I antagonise my fans but the reality remains that when those who share a Court system with me make pop music for me or indeed the lesser ones that share a community system people make their own as well and it is not a matter of a tribute it’s a matter of equality and it does nothing but vandalism they then find ways of rewarding themselves financially for as well wrecking everything around here and making good of it with personality and personal life competition as well to call themselves fans – they dont know their place you see and it is really important they learn it because it hurts; the pain causes a loss of sight of things like the importance of being a right pain in the backside so that older men might fear people around me and my possessions and they will rather think it leads to an outcome where they control me and ensure they do not lose a job, so we are not talking about mistakes either, I mean did I mention their public show of self exhibition and intense celebrity celebrated selfishness causes most of the damage here anyway and I cannot understand why they love to think I need a daily update either (twerps). The outcome of these things are these idiots being good of having a great Machiavellian time messing about with me, especially the Americans which is utter nonsense since the books the last time I checked do not do them any favours and I too do get a lot of fun from doing the things I do to them as well – obviously of which every time I say that it’s a crisis about US Secret service or War in Ukraine or crisis in Gaza and so on followed by a statement of be scared be very scared big mouth that they do not seem to shut over Machiavellian time being had messing about with me; it’s the same old case with these young boys and girls not knowing their place as it were, so that when I am supposed to be a right pain in the backsides of these fools so they can stay off my women and stay off my possessions, the idiots go off to aid them seeking equality as it were and then pretend the results are either a provocation as if there is anything they can do with celebrity money that comes from pillaging what people do to finance my company equities all over the world to get rich and famous – hence giving real meaning to a condition where I was to say this is just the beginning because it never stops and they have no limits either and we have never seen them pay the price for making songs about me in any way too.

This fits very well into that setting that what I said concerning the crisis in Ukraine did not go far enough, which isn’t true, it did; the reality is that the Russians are trying to help and the Americans are after power primarily and so based on what we have at face value we see that crossing the Border into Ukraine with an Army had crossed the line and sanctions are acceptable but the reality remains if we look at a benefit of doubt that the Americans have made mistakes as well: the Russians may speak of an atmosphere presently in which condition the USSR existed and it would be a matter of identity if it were restored, Americans have their own fantasies as well and are very protective of it so that the reality about their actions is that the rest of the world will move on like kids economically while the US waits to know everything about them in order to dominate them and have an even richer economy than it had before the crisis at their expense and for that many have died so far largely Muslims, as predictably. In terms of the Russians however you can say that is not how it works Mr Putin; identity is blah, blah, and this is how that gets fixed not annexation of countries that have only in the recent previous been independent and it will be settled – only problem being that somebody will put great matters at stake to make you a permanent ally of the Russians and keep that going. The Ukrainian Government however has also been the source of its problems because it is the same case of who Industry goons get after first whenever they feel they have created conditions where rules do not apply to them and we all know it is circular society people; in Ukraine however they have not reached that stage yet but thirst for the need to pick on these circular society people so much that they are after that already and have created the separatism and it is the mistake of the Russians to have armed them, however which it must be seen that the Americans armed the Industry goons first on account that they were the government. Settling up in the middle of all these realities being the same old case that bigger countries always fail to pay attention to the way their activities cause the smaller ones to behave culturally and then they get on International communities to expect them to talk about everything and anything knowing their sizes makes such realities counterproductive which is why it never works and for others that can push their corner will never happen, hence increased risks of the sort of things we had during the second world war of a Hitler character on one hand with his allies and everybody else on the other – not dissimilar to the way terrorism today operates anyway. I am saying that what I said about the crisis went far enough, unless those involves are not listening. I mean they do say I am being forced to speak respectably to leaders by the Russians but that isn’t true, the reality is that each time people see British Interests they will behave as though it has no right to exist and the reason for that is because they have not got one life it and those Interests will make the British successful, the problem is that they have but it simply isn’t the British one and that becomes a National expense liability when you mention it, so a lot of the times I never pay attention to their activities if I can drive them down the part where my books are knowing they are patented and if I get them to extricate the fight they seek over a period of years while their friends get ahead of them economically, when they feel they want to give it up they will in conditions where they are disturbing angry and cannot stop talking demagogues of doing peoples stuff in public all the time – after all they are government operatives in a Country themselves and do know when something gets out of hand like a Country’s interest that is none of their business having no right to exist because they want to discuss it. It’s like that old story of my refusing to accept the Russians are authoritarian, whereas as far as I am concerned the original setting of things was about cultural and social similarities and not the size of an army and we were looking at with those things a Communist government does to create clout in its government and the result was all that Political activity taking place for that brief period until it was ripped up by western power mongers and their corruptions of involvement – so if there is any view of me that is negative today, it is because the west created that. So it’s all a matter of men playing the games of men and a boy has not worshipped them before thinking he can get involved with Russians – so when I want to be the boy that is the God of heart disease and a pain in their backside, they have ideas about surveillance and I dont mind myself as they can watch anything they like but will have to keep their stupid hands to themselves - they have got sanctions they wanted in the areas of the world where they wanted it and that should be an end to their case around here anyway and if it is not enough then we have already begun exploring the part where I have become a civil rights monger myself, which is utter rubbish as the big problem is the civil rights mongers when it is clear that Russian Politics is not about making laws but about being in a place or position where what you say is a force in society and they have got gold teeth and they have got a thirst of power and tyranny and they have got a deviance and show off and they have got a need to be superior and they have got media and that is where they need to be and my books and finances are the gate way which is the exact sort of thing that you can find ways in this life to avoid punishing people for as well and it is not wonder they are so tightly locked onto American security as it were with their black President and insults all over public places talking nonsense and cannot shut their trap - still the same old case of an absence of involvement with them either instigated by me or them comes with a sense of well being not being respected of course. Hence of course One is aware that he owns a business that is largely concerned with success on the basis of a state of mind but while my person can be explored and abused to that extent I am sure people do understand that neither prostitutes nor their possessions and business can be safe from me as a result - hence for now there is a lot of really silly prancing around naturally because so far the process of covering tracks is paying off and mine can be bastardised and deployed by every fool in society in order to make a mess of it etc-etc: it feeds right into the whole show of it where I am said to be doing a business where all sorts is the way things operate of which the reality is that of this same issue i.e. if I had a shop they would turn up at the premises all the time to cause trouble, if I write books, then they will mess with my mind all the time, so it is a would you could you question most of the time, however which I have never written a statement that says what I do here is all sorts but that sort of nonsense is brought up by fools that want to get on media and become a source of inspiration for others which I totally understand but it brings us back to where we started all together i.e. they do not matter and their Celebrities especially can easily turn up around my work to try and fit it into some gain it might have for their stupid lives and it is the best way to enhance this fact - they do not matter: I hear it is said when I say these things it exposes me to them and their society which is utter nonsense as it does not in anyway - whatever their society do is always revenge for what I have done to them and when I get hold of it I will cut it up again as it were; I mean there is nothing about going out shopping which says that another can cling to their phone day after day, week after week, year after year to try and pretend he has business connections and is doing well generally, we all know that it soon gets violent of course when they get more and more frustrated, so when I am not interested and have ways of making them stop it and let me be which I really like by the way the manner in which it becomes a habit first before people have to roll it back, they are supposed to respect that I can do something about it and let me be - it is not an emotive issue, everybody knows it is usually more important to them than getting a job and getting an education or something like that until I do them as well and then we all have to listen to the part where they are people of a certain persuasion who believe people should live in a Country where they are both free and can fulfil their full potential as well: the part about telling me what to do is only not a public campaign of blasphemy because there is the essential ingredient of me spelling out in public what it means to me and where I sand and what I have done about it but we have been there before where they split up my life and have some parts and tell me the parts I can have and at the time I had no commitments and they did not come off better off anyway, so it seems when push comes to shove it is a matter of how they will take up my faith and then make it part of their history and then look after it for me with a big mouth only as it were: it is never an emotive issue, I am one of the most hated because I appear weak and each time they attack me it is a loss and they cannot exist without attacking and taking advantage of those who are weaker than they are so they like to think I am bad for business and a waste of space when this is not their own lives and the faith I practice is not practiced in their stupid society but in my own bedroom which by the way is an obsession for their stupid women and hence they are in no position to complain about anything either. I do not consider these matters a problem because I have rather vicious ways of dealing with them and thus become really happy with the idea of the next best thing instead of those - I mean being confronted by insolent society idiots with a need to own my personal life talking nonsense about portions and how I have the ones that are bigger than my size should always lead to my own campaigns where there is one law for them and another for everybody else and they always say it will never work because I am so lowly that it will be riddled with corruption that puts me in a position where I am worse off all the time but very credible of course coming from idiots who are friends of those that do not matter as it were. The Industry ones always say the problem is that I handle their companies and businesses, and the reality about that has always been as simple as the fact the only way they can trade is some stupid girl or women being responsible for an atmosphere around me through a process of being insulted to absolute despair where every society idiot knows where my anus and penis is and can get violent anytime they want and to that end my beauties and work and aesthetics can be deployed by them somewhere else to make products that give them quality and improvement in their lives which will ensure they become fans and customers, explaining of course why the Politicians wreck my finances to ensure I end up at their level in society and why the Fathers think the world will not be if they do not move into my right hand and stay there in the place of power with a big mouth. So that when I consider the story of handling peoples company to be very rich coming from idiots like them in the first place and decide they will supply products and service to these society fools that improves their lives with privileges and aesthetics and permissive fascism at their own expense and I will supervise, they decide they want to get to regularly shake up my company and mop up the markets every time I settle up on fixing any damage they have done and return to the office to settle down and manage the concerns and it is the point where this case of the fact that if these women that are responsible for insults to despair are their children and wives, it is always tolerable because they are paying a price but when they are mistresses, it is a case of their children and wives being superior to mistresses and mistresses being superior to me and I do not know them and they do not know me even so at this point as we speak, so it is one of those issues that will be tested by fact as their need to shake up my company and mop the market continues to a point where I can handle their own as well: I mean peoples mistresses are inferior to their families and superior to me so they can carve out millions from my property and continue to live their useless lives having twisted ideas about whom they are superior to as it were without reason - so the usual response to everything I do about it is always a case of pretending they are laden with privilege and do not have to be as angry and frustrated as I am and yes of course it is where we find out if their leadership of insolence and that stupid media with it is how things are going to be done around here - the world will not be if the Daddies that were not there when I walked and want to break my legs because I run and it is unusual move into my right hand and lodge themselves there permanently and it will end very well too as it were. It is always said I am responsible for making these things public to complicate issues but given half the chance they will be talking about the powerful derogatory insults of their wives and daughters that are being fired off at their fucking mate as it were anyway - I mean that is usually the part where they are confiscating my personal life because they have a need and those moments and hours and days and weeks and years of attempts at it can even lead to self improvement if they are not funny all together.