I am told that my Books do not make any sense and it is utter nonsense besides the fact we can see what they are saying and who has been laid out to be divided like a Steak with a big mouth; all of their activities do not make any sense, especially that of ageist idiots who believe they have spent enough time on the work force to torture me for the rest of my life for being a moral person, broke with a good reputation and starting out in the world, like some natural right that they have got; none of their activities makes sense, they are simply comfortable inserting it into my life and career and now that they can read it in a Book we have come full circle too – what happens is that each time I have anything to do with a Client, there will be a functional aspect to the creative equity, there will be a service aspect and there will be an idealistic aspect but what I deal with each time is the intensity of their abuses and insults making those stupid statements about one person is worth being sacrificed to help alleviate their problems and that of those around them, that my work is totally inundated with it – so that is the Book and they now have to decide either to keep away from it or read it. Some people have said I have turned my business into a revenge vendetta but I have not; we see the younger idiots blabbing nonsense about becoming more important than I am on my Public image, boasting of how I will never get out of what they have created for me, while all they have done is see that Politicians spend time pillaging my finances, so they need to spend time working on me in terms of how I dealt with the problems and gradually got pushed into that stage where they needed to see how I will die – knowing that this is a disposition that ensures that of the three of us, their stupidities were the ones that suffered the most, cannot stop blabbing about their needs, their privileges as younger people and all sorts of nonsense about who will force me to protect them while my whole life is toxic already; it has always been as simple as showing here either to read the things I have written on the Websites or to conduct a legitimate purchase and a legitimate review, I am certain that it is not too much to ask. They do say that my Equities are getting spent anyway and I am aware of it too; typical scenario, it will spend time pillaging my Book sales for some strange reason and when its bottom hurts its Fashion people will grab my Assets and use it to cover her arse because she has had a bad experience in life before and yet sometimes it is so obvious that if I say I have a Fashion Model’s Coven, then most of what I do will operate in my Interest and that of that Coven as well, such that if they are not Members of it, it had nothing to do with them; so it’s another one where they say I need to engage in some attitude rectification with Industry people where I tell them what not to damage so I might get by as well and it will never happen – what will happen is a proceeding on their part with what is left of their business and their days in this world in a certain way, while I proceed with the way they have left me to proceed as well. It’s about a disrespect for rich people they say and it’s an old tale of how Millionaires are made through quick money but what people do with themselves is never actually about the money – so we find once these idiots had made money from something about which 80% of the market and product ideas was taken from another person, in effect stolen, they show up all over the place filled with energy that puts them in the same par as criminals, which is unbearably annoying because you then have a responsibility that is completely pointless of looking after the rights of the Millions of people who use your products while the people their sales armies distribute products to have not changed their stupidities as well because there was no opportunity for them to be changed for the better as it were; it needs to keep away from my Books and stop following me around with its disrespect, needs to know I don’t think that they actually matter with that stupid tribalism raid. It’s like when they say I should be afraid of Brexit when I really shouldn’t; I mean it’s the good old social control problem of wanting to pillage my whole life in order to put up my idea as Daddy’s own and it will be Daddy’s idea and Sons and will be successful into the foreseeable future – we all know if people were able to prevail against Winston, Churchill would never have happened, like we see them follow me around at University to play up practical jokes and try to find out how I am going to die until I smell of what I ate and drop out and then the personality that was not hidden away through an academic qualification, has been freed for all to get rich and famous by. I am told I have taken my money problems to a stage where everybody is engulfed in it but I don’t have money problems, these nonsense is what creates me the Money problem: Money was created to make big business comfortable and I am supposed to gather facts on how to acquire some when I want to fund my supplies and act accordingly, not sit around being goaded by mentally disturbed twats from civil rights, who tell lies all the time and really have nothing to live for – hence main case is still the matter of Celebrities saddling me with Pornography while they pillage my Books at Hollywood and this generally tends to mean that each time I had everything settled, I find another variation of my Assets have been created by some lark who had made an advertisement and the social media profile of the good friend that is trying to protect me from everybody else is the huge Country full of the free and brave is not following mine either, when that was just a click away from them and does not have my Book, just knows where it is located: thus it becomes very clear that people will always make a mess of the income and work money numbers around here if I did not take this case of making sure they don’t have any part of my business when I cannot run it, that I might do something else with myself to a level that is satisfactorily destructive for them as well. They do claim my problems to be that I think none can grab my career but none can grab my career – what I do around here is write Books, not get goaded into smelling of what I ate and being unable to leave my home by a collection of civil rights twats that have heard me say something important and if they have not heard me blab my own prejudices about them need keep their discriminative big mouth firmly shut too – it’s not grabbing any careers around here, needs to get a Book and the main problem is that they always need to make a mess of my writers personality, and public image on which people depend and I will sell them Books by and it always feels like I have fresh water source and their stupidities love to go in there for a bath – I will never stop punishing them as a Community for it. I have been told I don’t think much of older people which is not the case: what happens is people gravitating towards me in terms of a need to be part of something with respect to Cult behaviour and naturally it means that it becomes more obvious how getting caught up with Big brother’s gangs, criminals and hoodlums thing generally means you end up acting like your situation is everybody else’s fault.

I have been told people really want to see me get out of what Celebrities have laden me with and I don’t see that they have laden me with anything even though this was their intention never the less – it’s difficult to locate how it is that because I am able to find my way around society, while Parliaments cannot grab my Career but Celebrities will make it happen through Celebrity culture. In the end it still comes down to the same old case of dealing with nauseating financial issues which are a result of practical jokes they have put out and play up in Public hoping racists will become a part of it while pretending I am oblivious to the fact that is what they are really doing, on account they want to see somebody attack me on their behalf, to make them feel as though they were very important, same matter about which I have warned enough times of the fact they pay little attention to a reality where all other professions are manned by people who spend any spare money they have to enjoy themselves, save Celebrity where spare money is spent convincing me that they were more important than I am and it would be nice if they eliminated the prospects of making it very personal. Some have said that the UK is not what it used to be anymore because of these things we do here – mine specifically started with their need to spice up their sex lives with my personal life and public image, alongside their sugar baby and sugar daddy gimmicks, once I had started telling them off, they began a campaign to completely destroy my financial wellbeing and trained up their children to do the same as well, so I can see their version of the UK clearly does not exist anymore. They claim I used to get along with them and it’s difficult to sell where changed but I never really did; what happens is that some Celebrities are nice people and being a Celebrity does not change who you are, thus it so happens nice people always want to spend their niceness on nice people, just like we find in Diplomacy that it might be good to destroy your enemies but spending too much time with them is pretty much the same as driving away your Allies, besides which these gits have always proven their fame by digging holes around me to perform all sorts of nonsense in Public that adds up to a hope that I will fall into one and become a character people like to pick on every time somebody is trying to get famous, especially if they can excuse it on the basis of religion being a thing of the past, as stupidly as possible, seeing no reason to stop even when they are destroying property and each time they are shown that the only reason there is an absence of trouble for it is because I have not responded to the vandalism, they get worse not better. We even find the same tale told in terms of how I am an example of how the British invent bad things and get out of it just in time for others to do the worst crimes in humanity; while what really happens is that when you have touched something soft and somebody has cried out in pain, there is no alternative way to behave, no excuse whatsoever, you simply stop touching and this is British society, as we know it might be the criminals that handle you to get back into prison for it and it might add up to an absolution for them if they did – these guys have the one behaviour of touch, victim cries out, do it a little; specifically with respect to myself, when Politicians spent tax payer funds on their problems and spend it to wreck my finances, this is actually the point at which they were in need of the self confidence that will make them superior to me and it goes on to a stage where the Cars they buy is something I spend my time thinking about, such that I cannot looking after my own finances as well and they will do what they can to maintain the good feeling that comes from that, which means it’s not in their interest that I did otherwise – hence now that they know that stupid self-confidence will not be the only thing I will extract from the whole thing and beat down seriously, we can see that the situation has improved. It feeds into the story of slavery and slave trade which we know is a matter we must now allow permeate day to day Politics of running the Country, as this tends to prevent people from having meaningful conversation with those who think it is a good thing: we all know racism is more interested in solving the social problems of the inferior people, about which the inferior people wouldn’t dare solve their own too, they are not fundamentally interested in slaves, save the part where this goes on long enough for them to say that since they are masters and others are slaves, they needed to be served, where the process and the relationships will be very one sided and very violent. The lies we tell about such matters is carefully hidden behind the fact we want to be like those who want slavery and slave trade more than anybody else i.e. the Celebrities and their need to be rich while they have a mind that is mired in a pathological fear of work; we know if you worked for £80,000 and gave half of that to a Celebrity, it will lead you into hell because it was a living wage and not the means to be rich and famous, which public image gets damaged by the processes of getting a job – we see it play out in all forms, right down to the ethnic minorities claiming the Royal Family provokes them by getting involved with an inferior simpleton like myself and have not stopped doing so until the events of the last four years meaning they were really superior indeed as it were. It is then suggested that I hate them and have a huge issue with them but I don’t; what happens is that it will squash me if I want to keep it away from pillaging my Books every day, while reality is that people would not normally buy into Show business products involving a process of Industry goons giving them money to buy equipment and venues that allow them engage with the Public to provide good feeling sourced from oppressing others but because it has been profitable or has been shown to be profitable on paper, their banks are lending them money for the show business, it assumes this will not be one of my targets if I feel threatened and this was before it got violent. The issue with the Celebrities goes beyond some ways by which girls are influential enough to get people working for money and abandoning it due to a business of poor people getting poorer and rich people getting richer, while Daddy’s little Girls faces the risk of sexual assault, especially if it is the type that thinks Industry goons do not run the Country and she does not have to do everything they say – it is a habit; it can never stop telling you how to exist, developing pragmatic processes of handling you and your finances to that effect, then when faced with the issues associated with how you think people should exist fail every single challenge while claiming to be superior, which was the social aspect, the financial aspect being that this behaviour will then progress to criticism that is so abusive it destroys your finances, whenever you have agreed with them on anything, it would have been because you had put yourself through hell to recover and they are already the first people to make their own money from it and build a crowd that joins in, giving you ideas about how removing human beings from the world solves problems, while you know nothing of that sort solves any problems – the big matter then being that of a group of goons who play up these practical jokes that racists are starting to pick up, being the same gits that play up the practical jokes that Celebrities had picked up in the first place, they now have a task of justifying the threats they issue in my direction on account I had put them in the same position as well; sometimes I put up their gimmicks for the media ones that suggest I am dead and gone and finished, due to their need for wrecking my finances over a hope I will get involved with gangs and criminals to fight for them, make them feel good and or absolve them because they joined some when they were younger and it does not last 36 Hours before they were working hard on the sense that they needed to move on to the next victim. So the case of me talking and acting less is then starting to make sense in every way, but the fact we are beginning to discuss these matters in a proactive way shows that I am about to perform one of those tasks where if I cannot run a Bookshop, it will be shut down such that none else may have it, leaving me with enough good state of health and mind to do something else with myself, associated with the business of developing something for the Men, doing the same for the Women and then for Industry people as well, to the tune of the destruction of my academic work being the main source of complain still, while the destruction of my Books will be the point at which it blew up, run along the lines of the fact that although we find Celebrities take drugs and complain about the consequences I don’t torture them and find their response exhilarating by telling them to get into the difficult situation again, yet this behaviour channelled at me not because of the fighting I am pushed into as such but the exhilarating way that I stand up for myself which feelings they needed like an excess, is what constitutes the biggest problem for my finances and have been so since 2005; fending off Politicians, Media vandals or even racists was exhilarating, they know where my Books are located and want me to do it again, as stupidly as possible etc. It’s like when I am told I swear and this was the problem which I don’t; I use the words people channel at me and we can see when they swear it means figuring people out and causing people suffering, so I want to sell Books with the amount of that nonsense which is being thrown at me all of the time – they have their own decisions to make and can avoid my Books, apparently not loving the swearing like they thought they did – personally it seems every time I figure them out as well, I am left with remorse because of what is left of it. It should be noted that the reasons for these problems however is that these are really very stupid individuals, like the business of digging social holes around my concerns in a hope I will fall into one and become a character people picked on every time people were trying to get rich, and after years of throwing insults at me for everything I do without getting a response, they had decided it’s what their civil rights looks like; this is the summary of all these issues – they wear suits and claim to have seen bad things, wanting to behave in a way that avoids them for the future but never ever keep the promise, the business of having them become Celebrities to throw weight behind it which suggest they were Public figures is just insufferable. We know they have University qualifications but so are we aware they think their cleverness extends to the business of chasing money around my studies until I dropped out as well; such that we can that if a criminal that began serving for his crime started the same year they got into University and both are out there at the jobs market looking for employment, they would believe that they deserve exceptional treatment for some reason and yet it applies that nice Girls would have dark secrets if the need to rip up people’s lives for fame gimmicks meant that were qualified in a Degree which provided them with jobs in Factories that exclusively employed ex-convicts for instance – my point being that they are superior if they show up to chase money around my studies until I dropped out, not a bunch of really stupid people – whereby I would be told this sort of talk is glorification of crime, while I am a Legal Studies Student, hardly have I come across a Case File in which the persons involved had a name that does not sound good when pronounced; made me wonder when I started out, whether they change their names before the Court cases begin, thus the facts which hit me being that somebody who is arrested and remanded and whose details have been recorded for a crime, kept in Police custody or partial custody, does not have time to change their names before Court proceedings, so all that blabbing is good but their names sound better than mine. Point is that the main problem I face here every day is the way that defending myself means Celebrities want to control my finances and have a freakish exclusive right to making me do it again and again in order to satisfy them, so personal invoices are not being paid, my finances do not look like the work I do here and I am all nauseated – this is what I am about to do to them as well; they are always the first to kick it off while the leadership they have provided for culture and society goons means that hell begins about 5.00am every day, they then pick up with this around 11.00am and the Industry trouble makers very soon after that – what they mean by a situation I can never get out of. It’s like they also claim I am some Royalty that they had forced into work or that I like to suffer or that I am a big talker who really has no idea what is going on – where in terms of the first I have never really worked, since I last had a Royal Commission bestowed on me and acted to get confirmation that it was what it was, whereby I had already by then built myself a Work Court system which Members had Media based jobs and constantly updated itself every day and then again it’s not so difficult to see it’s never real work, since I am in a position where I am being attacked by convenience seeking lazy with a big eye for money Industry idiots and their Community fools on grounds that I have noted how thought life is for working people, that they go and go and go and fail to notice what their bodies are telling them most of the time, where it is easy for them to if they don’t have to deal with these matters and some of those twisted and evil people who think the only Royal duty on the planet is an amount of trouble making that gets you stuck with Society and culture goons while they threaten you over civil rights money and save themselves from the abusive processes of getting a job through partying and boogying which mocks and abuse you for every penny they have taken out of your Public image, until you look weak enough for their pubescent twerps to beat up which is the reason we have all those unnecessary threats and insults getting a response from me that Celebrities claim is so exhilarating they needed to stifle my finances and cajole me into doing it again and again, as stupidly as possible until I stifle their own to make them do drugs again and again as well before it stops. In terms of the idea I enjoy suffering, none enjoys suffering, the Government needs a front on Economic matters and we have Political parties whose International development connections is a threat to other people’s health and safety and wellbeing, who can never do their Political thing when the Local population is wealthier or more successful, like we see they can only work in Northern Ireland when people there are poor for instance – they have turned up here to spend a decade and a half of my time achieving something of banding together to decide what happens with my academic work and finances and what they are now complaining about are bad people who get around the backyards of religious sensibility and religious organisations to play up abusive practical jokes which they don’t mind making violent to any extent they wish, specifically the one they are complaining about at present being the one that wants to invent its own religion and not really the one which overtly hates moral people as it were, all shows them to be a bunch of congratulatory wise arses. Where it is a matter of me not knowing what is going on – it’s never really as simple as the fact you bought something at the Markets and then when you returned it was not there, simply because they want to ensure their nepotism stupidities did not get to tell it to you again on account they spied on you and what you did with it can be used to make them connections with rich people and so you can buy it again when they had achieved that; the whole Market place has now been split up between those who think it is terrible behaviour and their stupidities, so it is very soon going to permeate the International Community as well and not long after that the idiots will start to look like people who can only let others breathe when they are poor; the rest of the time they believe they have it covered in terms of ethnic minorities playing bigger European powers I am connected to based insults all over the place, especially the German type, soon to get a lot worse when white people started doing it as well and then whether I knew what was going on would be completely irrelevant from then on, as stupidly as possible. It is now ending with the business of my preferences for entertainment soaking completely other people’s ideas about the loss I will suffer property wise each time they had a great idea about diversity while they pillaged my work and it will become even more amusing when we find them seek the same sort of entertainment that I do, the way it has been before.

Most infuriating is that tale they love to tell all the time, of how the problem with me is that I think I can handle the Celebrities – I do wonder which one is handling the Celebrities anyway, what I know is that they had tried to grab my career and since last that failed, I have been saddled with a history of insults they can play practical jokes with until they either had it or destroyed it like we see them give their own to the frugal. So it is all the same as when I spend time to show big businesses there are rumours I am trying to make money from the shadow their ventures have casted around the world and it is not true, I turn up once all was settled and agreed to find myself stuck with an idiot who clings to my sales numbers because I did not have the time to arrange my products and business practices in a way that hurts him every day as well, who then tells me that his money will not run out before I am finished, should I start a fight. In the case of the Celebrities there is no reason the show business products should be appealing as such but because it has had a history of Industry goons helping them to tap into people’s feelings with quick money that access venues and equipment, it has had some history of success and this is what the Banks are always interested in – when I do point it out like so, normal people would have been able to see that I am on a schedule and need to start getting the Books sold as soon as possible while they needed to stop showing up where I have placed it. They have said for their part that they find me insulting and it is so annoying especially when followed up with an imagination that gets up my bum as stupidly as possible; so an Arch Prince has had a public image that some idiots have handled to make popular culture which has provided them with enough money to find him insulting as well and it is quite incredible as it were – needless to say the idiots have since bought themselves big houses in the Country side, which informs them of the reasons that The Queen lives in a Castle for example, nobody knows what more they want from me as it stands. The reality on the ground is still the same as ever i.e. they will take pictures of themselves blowing kisses at criminals on my Public image, the fact those pictures also end up at the shops to build me hell on the High Streets was bad enough but the reality is that every instance of that photo which shows up in Public is a process where somebody they signed a contract with to make those pictures is trying to make a living from it; now it’s not clear if they are in need of exorcism or something like that because this is beyond being a twisted human being and it then leaves me with the immense work to tidy it up, pick up some picture here and there and make a statement on social media pointing to the areas of Public work that their stupidities have been making a mess of and now it finds me insulting too – when it makes some songs to entertain the Public and get rich quick for example it clearly does not need to get around claiming it oppresses me with money to gain equality which makes the show business products more appealing to the Public but it is the only thing these idiots do with Publicity; clearly of which is a matter of goons that people try to keep their children from, who turn neighbourhoods on its head to plan their lives on people’s Wallets being convinced their stupidities were famous, finds me insulting. Then we find out most of the times thereafter that it is about how others Royals feel about me, which does not make any sense whatsoever; we all know it’s not just those who fancy Fashion goons and Celebrities that learned lessons from the way that Princess Diana lost her life, these Royals never stop fooling around with Celebrity culture as though they had lost their Parents the way that HM has and then we find that when they spent so much time on it they cannot catch up with their duties, they set me out as some character that has played himself into a condition where he can be taken advantage of to get those duties done and it is becoming unbearably abusive, so it is fair to say I am going to do their own well, deterrence being measurable from the fact the society idiots who pick it up every time they come up with one have never once run out of ideas. In the end they say there are Muslim Royals involved too which is not unusual; Liberal America likes Muslims when they are not killing Muslims and then liking them thereafter, because Muslims help them with their need to handle women as trophy items and my finances have never been free of it because the idiots have only suffered a process where I sacked their partying and boogying lifestyle from new York to Japan, hence it could not get worse – here in the UK, they believe themselves to have gained connections with the Prince of Wales who wants to be a real Man and we all know that if a Fashion Model or Celebrities picks up my Public image and hands it over to photographers in the form of a video or picture or a film that patents bits of my life to their names, to make a living from – what emerges from this situation is that Industry people have put up property on that Public image while Government people want the Public engagements associated with it to be done, they are well aware both sides are very good at chasing bottoms but are looking like they want to find out which one will likely win again as it were; it makes sense of that big mouth blabbing about war all the time, and then saying nothing while it now appears they are about to get one. The Celebrities who find me insulting on the other hand beat the imagination every time; it puts up its stupidities on my Public image to get rich at Popular culture, buys a big House in the Country side to make sense of the reasons The Queen lives in a Castle and yet this behaviour continues still, finds me insulting as stupidly as possible.

They claim I presume much and it really has nothing to do with presumption; this matter has been running since 2002, I had dropped out of University in 2008 and nothing about it has changed – the Prince of Wales says I am a Character that was selected from the general Public to give up his life every day until he gives it all away and it is used to prepare for his reign while I am actually wildly different from that as a character, my student debts by the way have not yet been cleared but HRH Is now seen showing up somewhere at the backyard of Industry to handle matters of hoodlums doing other people’s stuff because I have financial issues to deal with. The same goes with the way I speak being a matter of who is handling liabilities in Government and not social status and then we hear them appoint themselves as usual to claim my position is facilitated by the Crown and the Crown therefore bears liability, having no clue what it is blabbing about the entire time. It was all entirely expected that if they had planned for decades a kind of life they will have when a Man takes up the Throne and I came round to change it because they damaged my work in a way that required a response to protect the Public, they would do these things, especially the alliance with Celebrity bits but after 50 years, the bits about the criminals having their own Royal to get around with, has not improved in the slightest bit in this Country. I don’t know why they believe I am meant to be afraid of it anyway; we all know Celebrities blab about being important and being Public figures and it’s all bah – all that interest them is to make money by escaping the abusive processes of doing a job and then set out another person’s livelihood as a punching bag for every instance that security operatives have chased their bums – so when it has not gotten a response for its vandalism, the prevalent behaviour will be like the one channelled at me i.e. that it knows where my Books are located and none will be able to read it until I fight my corner again like it saw me did the last time on account it needs the feeling, it will need it like so every day for 6 years and not for once grow up enough to wonder how I am paying off the invoices. Thus I am told that I jeopardise myself when I talk the way I do which I don’t; what happens is my State provided security getting into one fight after another without end and the assumption following on that I cannot administrate the issue while it is as simple as the idea current events showing that I look like a character that will get Celebrities doing their personal battles, doing their stuff, grafting and dealing with a difficult existence is not sufficient and hence needs more work; not yet overtly the guy through which they do their stuff, so the prevalent behaviour will not change for what I have described.

The story that I am the lowest thing that ever happened at the Monarchy has never really been an emotive one – we know it’s the same as the need to make money from market I had built for the Hermitage Bookshop becoming so intense with a sense of lies, Communities and entitlement, that I am being threatened for it with their big mouth all the time. This other story about being the lowest thing that ever happened at the Monarchy occurs in the same family as the insult I am an Arch Prince when they say so or the day I claim such things in Public I will end up in Hospital for some reason and it mainly facilitates the insults that make their popularity profitable, no idea why it means they are more important when those insults are never profitable for them at their expense anyway. What we find makes me lowest of the low then becomes a matter of the fact that I don’t want money issues to over shadow everything at this Hermitage but I need to get the invoices funded, where either way their stupidities will make my decisions for me every step of the way, while the older ones relate with me worse than they do their children and become very surprised that I think I have never encountered human beings as stupid as they are when their access to Media means Industry goons spent money on their claims I am making money from the access I have to the Country because of a Royal Office and because they need to ensure this became a sustainable career, set about the destruction of my property and building me another public image which will make this nonsense into some sort of self-fulfilling prophesy. I really don’t have a problem with the fact these idiots have always wanted dominance which is why this nonsense started off with a story of how I get respect from Women while they were the Men who were more deserving of respect and regularly stand up on Public places to say everybody is stuck with their lives and what I say offers a solution that I need to provide if I wish to avoid trouble with their big mouth, believing that although they knew there were consequences to such things, they were so important they did not think it will apply to them, I just want them to buy it and when they buy the Books they can get home and do whatever they liked with it.

I do get told that I am not categorial enough about this case where I need people to deploy my work for support in very difficult circumstances during their careers and to buy the Books on their way home, instead of build me a Publicity that my Website is free for all but I have been; when Companies follow my social Media and deploy my work to get things done, it’s not really an alarming situation as they are whole companies and one endorsement could mean I recovered all my losses but when we find these barely criminal idiots have been deploying my work to win their own contracts and are not buying the Books on their way home, then alarm bells will ring and I will need to do something about it. The sheer insult of coming up with something like that is usually astounding but then again their threats are all very good, save when it becomes a classic case of who is more important in a condition where Government worker deals with Public issues and when popularity gits make money from taking advantage they build him a publicity that suggests they are more important, required an overt response – for now they say the reason these matters are getting worse is that people hurt them on my behalf i.e. that I have State provided security and should get around without it and also that when their society gits show up here to make trouble and get a bad experience off me, each time some Royal Women see them like that in Public they want to express all the hate in the world for the expression on their faces as well, which feeds into claims what I have done on my Social Media is an acceptance of Liability for what happens to Armed Forces personnel in the Fields, adding to their behaviour predisposing people to sexual abuse at Royal work – when I do mention it so, we find this nonsense has no more validity and that the fact their stupid bottoms are sore is the barest minimum.

So it will easily have developed into a story of how none knows what I want on one hand while their Celebrity culture is in a state on the other; while what I want is to ensure their stupidities making public matters that have been resolved worse because of the opportunities they believe they are getting from claims such as me making money with the Country at Royal Office, needs to come to a stop and that I don’t have a problem with their need to dominate people and take advantage right up to a point where they have so many people that they have taken advantage of and abused, that it is impossible for them to run out of options when it comes to the avoiding the monotonous, mundane and repetitive processes of preparing home and family systems that are set out to bring about an income into something that lasts into the future, it is important that they buy it as it were. That they are tackling me because their Celebrity culture is a mess was an old story; I built wealth inequality structures here because people loved to show up here to talk of it endlessly – they have not given it a day’s break from vandalism and dominance since and have now accomplished what they desired most i.e. criminals being the ones to make popular culture that runs and runs and runs on the radio waves to churn the tummy of Government operatives and encumber mobility, while the young people who usually did it to prevent criminals moving around and hurting or killing people had nothing and I am unable to prevent them from making money with my property which puts their Media stupidities at the top of the food chain – so their Celebrity culture in a state should be the least of their worries presently.

In the end they are starting to learn the physical aspects of the fact I have a schedule and like they show up here to perform these activities because they have money, they can see when I started catching up with schedule to build my own money up as well and to do so in a good enough time to make a statement too, they would have power over nothing around here. Legitimate purchase and legitimate review is all I ask when they show up, buying the Books when they need equities to abuse for money and keeping off my Royal Office, Public work and property when they are interested and rewarding an Author for deploying his Literary work to win an Income in the City which is respectful as well is not deaths door.

Now they say what we have here is a classic case of small Men trying to do things that are too big for them and it is utter rubbish; the last time they took that seriously they ended up seeking privileges of injustice from parliament because I counted all the Men in their societies, so I am sure they have other more meaningful people in their lives to pass their insults at, considering we have a History and I am very tired of it. I don’t know why they need to run off this tale of putting me in a difficult situation which facilitates all this nonsense anyway – the only thing they do here which successfully achieved such nonsense is the destruction of my Books, which is clearly not the way to handle another person’s property; we know on the other hand that when they get involved with the Military to claim that they did National service and their disposition should decide Public Policy, we do not live in a world that works like that even if they ran it from the US to Communist Territory, it would not affect any person save the silly Politicians who play their games with them – we also know they follow this up with a process of building a crowd that will agree with them that my work and property is their own or even my person too, such that the more attention I pay to their stupidities is the worse it gets and we also know it stems from a process where I picked some very bad neighbourhood to live in, so I might be around the things that I am more inspired to write Books about, which have been the catalytic factor in the increased abusive behaviour aimed at grabbing my career, as stupidly as possible, does need to give me my space. Eventually none of it makes sense, only the part where some silly Politicians had spent tax payer funds on those foolish things they have done to acquire money they put up as a tool for making people feel inadequate enough to part with more money over their needs to be popular and these Political goons have always suggested it’s a matter of Parliamentary Power, of which it was clear the only Political Party in possession of what the Public wants was the Labour Party that names itself after the fact people need jobs, hence when their own is to be used in the same way, we will all vote for Labour when we need jobs but when we need Careers understand we need to start voting something else ASAP – so we understand it’s a Parliamentary Party because people vote for it due to the fact it deploys tax payer funds to do something about wealth inequality in a sustainable way and some will say I know about Economics and understand it never works but yes it never works, we are talking about money they have given to poor people who save some and spend some to boost demand which also boosts their job opportunities and lifts people out of poverty but these gits really have no Public Policy which can make the Companies comply with this not run away with the money, what they have is sly, cunning, insults, abuses and sheer evil that creates the sense they are in dire need of an exorcism, like getting involved with the security services in order to secure support from the Public in order to have their way with a personality I cultivated in a Hermitage and blab about such nonsense setting the stage for economic Policy as well, to get involved with the Companies and get rich in their own right without doing any associated work or activities to that effect, in essence the beginnings of an outcome by which we will eventually begin to hear them speak of the Nationalisation of Privately own Businesses. The fall out is what we have already seen, where getting tax payer funds spent on your problems allows you to pillage people’s lives and careers to make your own power; now they think there is little I can do about it while we all know that it will likely push me to a point where I begin my own campaigns to set out a deadline when their need to get the imagination up my body orifices is going to stop and that they have built a whole future on prejudicial insults that also allow them claim I am mentally ill, such that to be free of it is to become very thorough about making it clear what you think of every tiny bit of those prejudicial insults too; fair to say it will push it to a stage where I commit myself to a deadline and then this nonsense will stop the way that they would like it to. I mean it’s impossible to make sense of how insulting people and building a crowd for it adds up to a civil right but they now have Media, Celebrity and Political careers from abusing me – when they do issue those threats it sounds to me all the time like it has progressed from suckling me ad abusively as possible to ensure they became healthy and I was always sickly as an emphasis of their stupid superiority, to a point where their stupidities must have exceeded itself and wanted somebody to establish what reality actually looks like – I have no idea why it has anything to do with me that their stupidities are seeing something either on the left hand side or on the right and I have no idea what it is that their idiocy sees on the left hand side and right hand side either; if it has not heard me say something about how much I hate it’s nonsense in a prejudicial manner, I think we have reached a point of such an overbearing complain about me around here that they need keep off my concerns and keep the big mouth firmly shut. The idea Politics can protect them from me is a great old story naturally, we all know its abuse of my career and finances are meant to indicate it has some football hooligan character backing its stupidities – while the problem we have today was largely started when I dropped out of University to spend too much time with society trouble makers in a world where we know that the only way to ensure the Police is serving us is to join up and that while we have other jobs to do, it is our duty to behave in a way which does not get them or any other security services operatives on our door step, so I did get society goons making sense of the way their stupid jobs work as well, to shut them up and show I am not mentally ill and they did get their pubescent idiots to develop a thing for getting the imagination up my Bum and it’s now progressing towards a degree of abuse that will commit me to a deadline for stopping it – needs to stay away from my Books and give me my space. As for my sexual habits having brought about this matter; its utter nonsense as these insults mean I have been stuck in conditions that make sense of anal sex for 15 years now – we have seen the pinnacle of this nonsense for be a daily need for getting involved with my Business for other reasons until they drove away interests and Clients and I could never run a Bookshop anymore, hence fair to say that in as much as this nonsense is a perception but has an effect anyway, my sexual habits only exist in my head but the effect is just as good. Its only interests in me which has only be explained on grounds their insults also extend to claims of owning me while they build a crowd which backs their stupidities up at it too – its only interest in me being to see how I am going to die when I don’t even know what their names are.

I have been told my sense of Commitment is terrible but there is nothing wrong with it as such – these trouble makers according to our National Finance Audits system hold in their hands a sizable chunk of Public income, those who do not have the right leadership to get them circulating that money where it should be need to stop criticising me – in the end, their sense of Commitment is to show up at a Royal Hermitage for the purpose of buying a Book, it ensures that they can make leaders go round and round public problems already solved, while they got themselves involved with security services jobs and claimed its their version of being made to go round and round over problems they solve by protecting people, where the insults will never end but they will have to do it never the left, thus what happens to them at security services must decide Public Economy Policy. What I get for my part is the business of this economy no longer experimenting on itself because everybody wants to try their hands on running a venture due to the silly leadership that they provide and for it they are starting to look like Celebrity is a bad idea; it began when I dropped out of University which I should never have as they did not need it to access everything that happens whenever I stepped outside of my door – First they started patenting bits of my life to their name as the business of blowing kisses at criminals on my Public image progressed and once they were done garnishing the process of digging popularity holes around me in a hope I will say something and fall into one of those in order to become a character peoples picked on every time that people wanted to be famous, they followed it on with telling the Public that I am a character they got to oppress for good feelings in order to sell the show business products and then their Industry psychopath goons who blab nonsense about the extent of peoples powers when a conversation is being had with them, started me a campaign that suggested I was the one to suffer dearly in order to ensure the Economic recovery was easy on everybody; what we have today is the outcome of that, they never needed it and they do not need it now even so. The known precedent of me getting out of this sorts of nonsense was when I grew up as a Teenager, now I am an Adult and now growing anywhere, so I must wait, when it becomes amusing, I survive too. They do point out that people are unable to stay silent because of me and I understand that too but it all started because of their need to chase money around my concerns until they destroyed everything and to pillage my finances but above all is the abuses they have developed for me as the main ingredient of their civil rights – the younger men want to be my pals while getting to handle me, the younger women should have been super stars until I decided a Man could have a public image, the older women claim those times I am free from it to be myself are an indication of what people can be if they had the effrontery to be abusive enough to sleep with other people’s wives and the older Men are just my daddies; started with Industry fools chasing money around me to wreck everything I did and Celebrities making me into a character that can be hated and abused whenever people wanted to be famous – it should have indicated I was weedy and irritating but it was not enough for me to be left alone, they needed the personality for their purposes. I am told the way I behave gets people thinking that I am mentally ill and its utter nonsense; there is always a link between people wrecking my health and then career as well and Celebrities pillaging and academic work and finances to lay claims of ownership to everything which happens when I step outside of my door, making a mess of me with very stupid and bad habits while those who don’t know better shaft me all the time to push me into a fight and besides if they say I am mentally ill, it’s possible I am able to track every one of their stupid involvement with my concerns because of that too – it’s the way I have put the work into it i.e. give it to them and track them but never stop giving it to them and tracking them as well. They say I am painted them as bad people but they are not and its utter nonsense; these are the instances we are talking about i.e. that if somebody owns the pictures of a Celebrity and makes a living from the rights the Celebrity had given them to that picture and will fight to keep his ownership of it, is there a reason the picture is about my Public life and an idiot claiming to own my personality or indeed about Celebrity fools blowing kisses at Criminals on it – usually it’s a story about Europeans going to the US to drag Americans into overseas wars but when their involvement with my concerns is always about wrecking the earnings to get me into a fight with their enemies, it becomes a question of how stupid human beings can be or are allowed to be in this world; that I am meant to put up with this and let them get by as anything I do to clear out the matter will interfere with their need to dine with rich people and cause me more problems – none is saying they are bad people, just unfathomably stupid. They do claim they are giving me a run for my money and it is utter rubbish like the destruction of my Books show they pick people at random to make scapegoats of and cover their tracks for bad things they are likely to do – it has not got a real job, it expects me to tolerate its insults while giving it the permission to be famous, it selects me because it thinks there is little that I can do about its behaviour; none peddles my Faith, Personal life and or Public image, there simply has to be something important to them which I can handle so abusively as well. I mean as far as the nature of evil is concerned, there must be a reason for fighting to recover or protect what I didn’t know about me, which was violent, as stupidly as possible.


Eventually they say I have learned a valuable lesson about messing around with the powers of the Men, but it is entirely laughable. They started it years ago when it simply will not stop that the process of screwing with my career to get rich quick implied that although I thought I was a Man, that I am really tough, their wives and daughters can take care of any issues I might pose as a problem and it did quickly become their answer for everything, such that they were so completely dependent on it, that while I had sacked their City centre under belly partying that comes with the money they make from these kinds of abusive processes, as part of the business of stopping the distracting and insulting threats over money which comes with their civil rights, they carried on still right up to this very moment. I have never been able to make sense of how I set out a couple of years of my time to support some women in my life, becoming something like this on a global scale either – complete with vile features like claims I think I am a Man but am really a woman and talk of my sexuality; it gives way to Americans who have nothing to live for, showing up here to tackle me over their need to get rich, telling lies which they have built up to a point that suggests they are learned in bullying to degree level or something like that and it is the stage where they had started to develop from claims I am afraid of them to claims that I am gay, which will lead to an outcome that sees me want to make them sit back and watch how I plan to handle their own lives too.

The story of me in a difficult situation does not merit anything that looks like factual consideration; what really happens is their insults and those carry on to a stage where they believe they are able to blackmail me into a paying a King’s ransom, in order to make them stop, considering their whole lives are about money but I really don’t care which ones they respect for my part anyway – the boast is that there is nothing I can do about it, reality is that I am an Arch Prince and if I got out of bed every day to play games with other people’s Careers and Jobs, not even the pornographers they complain about will match the kind of carnage I will wrought on those insulting money that keeps abusing me to destroy everything around here and make their popularity profitable in a condition where they were apparently more important than I am altogether and then there will be a test to no avail of what it is that they can do about it, while the whole thing will serve as a handle that I have screwed unto the problem in order to allow me the upper hand every time.

I do not think the matter to be a crisis either, they do speak of a fear factor that gets me panicking but it is much the same as claims I am in a difficulty when I am rather having a hard time keeping my people from responding to their abuses, since the outcome will be the process of solving USA internal Political problems and when people respond to the bits that are provocative, these are not good problems but will go on for an eternity. So, the only fear factor they create here is running around telling everybody in Africa and Europe that the US rules the world and people need to shut up and put up. Republicans are not doing this however, only Democrats are, so supporting Republicans will create Bias and more problems for the Americans as a whole, hence eventually it is actually worth a price paying for USA investment in the U, besides which if we were to find a way around the whole shut up and put up because USA rules the world gimmicks, so will we have banished from mainstream living, black America with nothing to live for, following people around to make a mess of people’s lives and career, which got completely out of hand since Obama took Office. Assessing its impacts and other prognosis, they would say in terms of the prognosis, that this is largely a matter of targeting black America for every problem there is in the USA, which is utter nonsense, the reality is that what we have been made to think is a Policy is actually a habit; for instance when it wrecks your whole life and follows you around to do it, blabbing about which culture and society your moral disposition have affected, the day it agrees with what you are doing at your Office will be the day it wrecks it again to make some quick money, flatter you and build a crowd that will join it in doing so, especially when such behaviour is expressed on Media or Stock Market, it does therefore educate on why people kill people – the whole thing churns the tummy all the time and there is no Policy that looks like that. The impact is that the fact the only thing they care about is money was the main reason they drove US National Interest into the hands of China, now the conundrum the US Economy faces is how to run US International interests without the sorts of issues that leads to almighty explosions which are not good for the world as a whole. The other part of the story being White America and their own is the world’s most insulting money game that justifies their wickedness and lack of scruples, especially when they invite their silly selves into other people’s concerns and cannot keep the big mouth shut on Media until they got a response for their behaviour – American dream always means pillaging other people’s lives especially when their victims are Royalty, then the purpose will be to fool around with Fashion and Celebrity, outcome being that you don’t get to see where they keep the millions of currency and the big Houses they got from it like an excuse for their ethnic minority criminal counterparts to invite themselves into my personal life with an outlook that is about smells and my tummy, as stupidly as possible and then we find those House Wives and those Television shows set out to put stupid abusive family finance wrecking questions to me, that makes their silly popularity profitable every day, can only carry on until it secures a response thereof.

I do get told I paint a gloomy picture but I have been seen resolving this matter with ease and yes I have; as mentioned above, they think I am in trouble but I am doing a lot of work which involves keeping my people extracting personal dignity from their stupid lives, just in order to dress flamboyantly on a regular basis for instance and I am referring to something of talking that good old idea you are able to decide what society does, while it’s just hanging around with you so it might do its own thing but it is all in the business of getting to run economic interests, boiling down to shut up and put up because USA rules the world gimmicks, which Democrats believe will solve the problems they have created.

So I get told the Muslims get away with Murder which they don’t; it comes up with those strange and stupid ideas that allows it to invent reasons its civil disobedience and insanity should show up in the most personal aspects of your life and then it runs it to a stage where it can draw up a link between your body fluids and money and spends every moment it sees you and everything its violent lasciviousness does concerning the fact your Bedroom has a Window attached to it, running off stupidities that ensures you lost something for every product it dispatched to a consumer; we will then find that when I had set it out like so, it will blab that big mouth off on how it was about to become more important than I am using my Public image, before I had the effrontery to get involved again – so I guess what they mean by the trouble I have gotten myself into messing with the world of Men, refers the alliance between them and Democrats in the USA.

I am told that I believe Americans like me while they don’t and it’s irrelevant what people think when they don’t like me; what I know is that some years ago, I wrote a Book which supported some Americans on their self-provided security issues and have since not been allowed a day’s peace by the spiritually evil nonsense that runs completely out of hand there, the reasons however that they have once again been able to permeate mainstream living which means I am going round and round in circles until what I did is completely pointless in terms of the evil activities they dream up is entirely due to the actions of those who have Media and Celebrity jobs and we are having this conversation at this stage because I want those two groups of people to give me a break. They all need to get some help, see a Priest, get off my Books.

The British ones will be the ones that have conducted their assault on everything I did concerning wealth equality – whereby I am now no longer able to prevent people handling my possessions to get rich and the young people who gathered around my Public work to run popular culture on the Media, such as repetitively places the effects and activities of high crime in front of criminals and therefore restricts their movements have now been completely destroyed, so, now that we find that they cannot do the Media jobs which get to their heads without blabbing of security these days, the question have become whether they are not big enough themselves to get it done.

They say the questions they want answers to is the one of what will happen if the Media and Celebrities do not give me a break but it’s an old story where that thing they make reference to addictively is a process of destroying my literary work, office, patents and Public image, not their own fame and I simply cannot understand why it is that if they need to get between me and my writing Office and its Bookshop so addictively in order to be stupid, famous and evil while the US Government destroyed anything that remotely opposes such nonsense, I am not selling the Books as a result of the way that their whole lives depends on it. It is easy to see that they will soon be answering for the nauseating financial complications that it causes before this nonsense stops and I do longer see an effect of their stupidities show up around my concerns. Hence the idea their activities were justified because I need money and they were in control of it is utter nonsense, like I have warned them the damage done to my property to make it work because there are people backing up that I need to be afraid of it will have to stop the way that they want it or it will the way that I want it.

They have never stopped professing that I have done more damage to the world than I have done any kind of good whatsoever and we all know what gets to do all the damage is the imperatives that leaders of large populations have claimed for themselves. On the ground here, the reality being that what they complain about all the time bearing in mind their leadership has failed is the activities of bottom feeders who get the imagination up peoples bottoms all the time but then again, it is their ego that makes it so difficult to just ignore the idiots and let them carry on until they got themselves into serious trouble, especially so because it is possible to use it as a tool for stopping me until I dropped out of school, then rounding me up like sheep to get me doing something about the problems, at the end of which no day passes without a complain about my attitude at Parliament as insultingly as possible, the Bills they pay around here and of course the idiots are still planning their lives, the process of being as financially successful as their age mates on the business of handling me on behalf of rich people, as abusively as their stupidities can. It has always been as simple as instead of blabbing how from the US through Europe and to Russia, I have made the world a worse place and to let bottom feeders hang outside of the rest of the population to bottom feed and get their imagination up peoples bottoms, until they got themselves into trouble for it, doing it instead of chasing me around for money games until I dropped out of University which happened in 2008 while we are talking about the way I have damaged the world still in 2019 and the stupidities of addressing me worse than people do their children at home have not yet improved. I have never really had a problem with this matter, not least because the Monarchy has this great ideas about which fighting the bottom feeders should be doing, all of the time, so each time they tackle me, it was rather obvious what they were talking about and it’s just another one but the problem we have here is still a bunch of idiots not being able to make sense of what I am saying when I say that I have had enough of them wrecking my finances to pass around insults they think gets to round me up like sheep to kiss their arse better while they fool around – so these are the details of how the world is made a worse place, when their stupidities continue to issue those threats at me while their foolish Celebrities get more and more, having developed from idiots who are stuck between the Communities and the kids who passed exams to get jobs that help control the High Streets hence do not want to smell on their own, into characters that have got a new fame that involves making the population feel good by oppressing somebody important such as myself, they are going to develop from blowing off that big mouth to a point of either making me or keeping it shut.

I have been told I think more of myself than a reality where I am just a part of the grand scheme of how the Prince of Wales plans to run the Country when he is King and it is utter rubbish – if any goon shows up here to say that they were loyal to Camilla and that they had great ideas about what I should be doing, the reality is still that I don’t have to do it; it however should be pointed out that The Prince of Wales appears to be playing games where we wants to see what will happen when he grabs a bunch of idiots, puts them in a corner and becomes increasingly interested in sending them out to tell those that are actually helping him run the Country properly what to do. In Public interest it might be suggested people like me believe we have the right to lead and its utter nonsense too – the way the Monarchy really works is a matter of those who face difficult and easy times with and if it’s not your one it’s not your one, it is then said also that my biggest flaw is too much Humility and yet getting myself out of that gets me into activity which has no meaning whatsoever – for instance, I may want to bother some hoodlums because my bottom hurts but what I made my mind look like my rights exist outside of my four walls is the insults of Media, the abuses of Celebrity fools and some stupid Politicians who do not appear to understand what people are saying when they are told that victims of their practical jokes have had enough of them.

They have claimed endlessly that I am in the wrong for all these matters and its utter nonsense too – I am not in the wrong for anything, they have just gotten accustomed to the lies that dragged me off my studies and these are lies which when have not received a response, becomes something that they themselves tend to regard as a fact due to the access they have to Media that helps them top it up each time I clear them out every time, so much confidence gained through that. It would be nice if the stupidities they invent and the work Politics of their laziness which is only rivalled by their greed relied on them. we even hear them claim my condition is an example of the fact there are too many foreign people in the Country but then I guess ethnic minorities are not predisposed to the pitfalls of such frames of mind anyway – that said, it is the destruction of the basic level of hospitality required to look after these people who are clearly a bad thing the last time we checked, that constitutes the main problem here. An example is when I had written a Book and know from my Bank Balance that they have been damaging the Book, then they got off running some Fashion on the idea that the Book was already well known by the Public which allows them to gain from it as though I can sit in an Office and say it’s all part of my Business finance system, where we see that if I opposed it there would be controversy but now I have allowed it run its course they cannot deny the obvious effect of labelling me the guy who is famous for not selling his Books, looking for trouble as stupidly as possible.

They claim I am playing a high stakes game that will cost me everything and there is no high stakes game that will cost me everything around here either – it’s the same gimmick of a collection of goons wrecking my academic work and finances to make themselves Prime Candidates in a next era of Monarchy but it is the damage to my property which has not gained a response that continues to fuel their boldness, like we see them give their own to the frugal; The Prince of Wales finds it easy to support this because he has a history of looking like anybody that wants to steal people’s property can first make friends with the Heir to the Throne and then they will come up with enough ideas to ensure nothing ill befalls them while at it. We see the same story extend to a matter of Politicians working against me too, about which they put out leaflets on the streets to get support that elected them into Government Office where they debated points that arrived at a stage which added up to a Law, nothing about their position which says they can get off working against me as such, it is not their domain – the theory there is no right or wrong answer for it is utter nonsense too, we are looking at the creation of public instability by supporting goons who set about deploying a fraction of the money they have made by pillaging other people’s family finance bases, to help a small number whose improved existence they put up on Media in order to secure their involvement with the Royal Family, getting support from Politicians who set about working against me as well and then their women follow it up with theories that everything I did can be easily resolved when Men are Men and get out there making money to look after women, only to have me get off resolving any issues they were pandering about better than they ever have, on social Media. Should they feel like helping, I ought to say it was rather obvious that what people wanted was support on an issue which says that the Family had a Finance base and that Family also had a leader and there was a way in which everybody that goes into that family behaves towards that finance base, not get off working against me for any reason – like the last recession showed they could do anything and tell us that the money vanished off the world markets, while we have not been shown where it all vanished to, perhaps a black hole and where it is located, to fuel some tourism or maybe something more; all in the joys of clowning around at other people’s expense at great cost.

They do claim nothing I say or do will likely improve the situation I have found myself in an it’s utter nonsense – we all know most of what I write about concern criminal and barely criminal characters and that they have decided their interest in my Books ought to be all about getting spoiled at my expense, all the habits their parents couldn’t keep up with, while others were the security guards I needed to be afraid and ensured it happened while I looked on as stupidly as possible – the main problem we have heard them complain about with respect to a wicked act being exhibited by Americans whose problem now is simply to allow bottom feeders bottom feed until it got them into trouble without bothering me, the wicked followed up around every little thing I do, while they were being socialites and Celebrity idiots, is that they hated my Books and we know it is a situation that can always get worse. I do get told that it’s better for me to be frank about these matters and if it is frankness peoples want, the reality is that there is nothing good about these guys; you either ignore it as spending time on it makes it worse or you actively hate it – so far spending time on it makes it worse as they rip up my Public image to show me how well their money can fight me starting with a process of building me one as somebody who fights people for them and then developing into something of being the guy who is famous for not selling his Books because Girls took everything from him. The part where there is a link between moving them on and what I say to people I have developed a relationship with being cleared or making sense enough for me to find somebody I may settle down with is where it is going to blow up in their faces; the sermon about my Books have been running however since 2013, that they need to keep away from it and stop following me around unless they wrote it themselves in which case latter, we get to find out how their stupidities did.

So I may be told it’s a bit steep to say that there is nothing good about them but if you are bothered by stock market traders like I have been and then you decided to make a statement that suggested some Equity had been made available and the matters associated with the bad things which happen around finance business were sorted alongside, those who wanted to trade could trade and those who wanted to make trouble could make trouble and expect the consequences without bothering others, you would end up with a whole new history of what the results were the same way that I did; the rest are just the same sorts of busy body abusive opportunism by Celebrities handling your property because they have made money handling it before and it’s never enough for them no matter what they have, which extends all the way to the schools and colleges – so characteristically we have now reached the stage where the main problem with American Democrats is how they will allow bottom feeders feed bottom until it got them into trouble not bother me or get seen around my Books making a mess and passing insults at me, while in the UK I already have a history of being attacked all the time due to the fact the Monarchy constantly has an idea about which fighting they should be getting involved with – this is the reasons the main premise of their behaviour is the difficult criminal and violent issues they have to deal with, such that walking into their midst is a condition of exposing myself as somebody different, that they can pick on because most of their destructive behaviour which encumbers their progress is revealed when I show up and the entire time, the lecturers do nothing about the abuses and bullying because they have children who behave in the same way, while their Politicians preach false sermons about private schools; I have never thought it an issue because we have this other condition where the main thing that tends to suggest there is anything good about them is that there is another world out there filled with good and rich people that they know whom everybody is trying to serve by bullying me and the truth of it is that there isn’t a better place or better people out there, just some goons their Politicians spend tax payer funds on to send these destructive practical jokes through to a whole new level and play games with it at Government buildings, this is what I am going to burn next and it is all easily avoidable, a simple case of an end to them handling my Books and Public image unless they wrote it, such that if they said they did, we may get to find out how they accomplished such a thing.

A measure of whether what I have said is a bit steep is one of those of them who have some form of good employment exhibiting behaviour that is in need of abusive ways that they can be respected at other people’s expense by whole communities – the one where it wrecks the college and the main way in which it destroys your health to make excuses surrounding public leadership is that of the things it has pushed you into doing, which you are unable to do because you did not complete the college bits and then it becomes a struggle every day while it tops up its self-improvement with all the things you did, like in my case particularly the fact I am broke but have a good reputation on itself, to decide what the world ought to think of them and their children, eventually one becomes so tired that it’s impossible to get the college done at all and the premise of such attacks and abuses as are life threatening as well will be based on the fact they were important but bums like you were allowed to just walk down the streets when they had not yet gotten enough attention to show how important their stupidities really were – i.e. it is not such a steep statement to say that there is nothing good about them as human beings.

I have been told that I have made the whole thing worse because of my rebellious behaviour but I have not in anyway – there is no Rebellion here, only a simple matter of the fact that I am good at this matter of other systems of Government all over the world brewing certain characters that have travelled to the UK and view us as a soft touch all together, claiming the world had changed and moved on to become more powerful than one of the most feared Empire which is what matters to them as such. There is nothing wrong with their presence in the UK but Policy have to be devised to manage their activities and this is what I am good at, there are others who pick up the bits at Fashion and Industry and so on, so it’s all The Queen’s Business not mine as a whole. Same as when they say that the College and University Authorities are always happy to have me and I am aware that they are too, it’s the distraction of the trouble makers that I need to ensure does not damage the academic work for me like it always does and as I mentioned before, if I found a way around these behaviours such as the shut up and put up USA rules the world bits, it was a good Price for USA investment in the UK, so sorting it out may even mean that Americans want to invest some more. The bits about the Celebrities however is just personal – every single thing I do is followed up by a form of complete destruction that allows the leadership they are supplying at the local communities to get more imagination up my bum for business reasons and the warnings on what will happen if I became an enemy as compared to the pornographers who organise their sex trade in a way that keeps Celebrities out of personal life will easily be the least of their worries – we find they realise their story that it is shameful on my part falls apart because it is not to an Arch Prince and his Church concerns that they wreck people’s lives with stupidities and sex which pushes them into the sex industry because they had nothing left on them to sell for money except their bodies, so they ought to separate this from a case where their need to target my every move and blow off that big mouth about Girls handling me from this because if I want to fool around with their jobs and incomes and careers the way they get their imagination up my bum all the time as well, it would be a completely different outcome that they got for it, I am not getting out of the whole matter as such, just making a point that this is a brief warning stage before we started and that the consequences I shall met out for what they have set off as an their inability to keep off my earnings and public image is completely avoidable.

So ultimately the question now is whether I have worked out why people like to tackle me all the time and it’s nothing else but the fact they don’t like anything to do with Intellectual Property Administration because they want to be stupid and rich and wish to maintain those insanity that leads to quick money while I am left with a wrecked Family Finance base like it is what their rights were, so even when they see that putting that stupid Celebrity up on my Public image to make sense of some financial leverage they had put up somewhere until I had lost something of value that added to their profit, had wrecked the finances and academic work it did not matter while they knew I had enough Public power to begin tackling them if I wanted to, because their stupidities could make it all my fault on Media and carry on regardless while a new part of my life became toxic again like my social Media profiles joined the count of what they had made toxic around here recently. So, it has become rather obvious a matter of Companies wanting people to be part of their intellectual property but the main work being to get rid of the bad elements is something I am very good at on the same Social Media, hence the complaining is apt. Next stop will be mainstream media as well and hopefully did not make my Trust and Canopy toxic as well since their abusive insults really know no limits when they are not in pain for some reason.

They do claim they want to know if most of my actions are a matter of fear and therefore cowardice, I have no idea what it means but we know that the outcome is largely a matter of the irony that it is people like me who are neither prepared for violent activity nor enjoy the due that is reserved for those who do it to protect others to create more problems and pretend there was an unawareness such results will be the consequences, become the main targets for female bullying over Men who do not get involved with violent issues until bad things happen to women gimmicks; it has become very obvious over time, that they want their stupidities to be explored every nook and cranny as well thereof, while we can see that the goons they get around with, who cannot do without the due of those who perform some of these violent actions to protect others and an endless need to push people into tribalism are able bodied people who can fight to defend the Country if it needed to be but never do, instead we find their position to be one that suggests I am able to make a mess of their Celebrity culture as a warning for the damage it does here because I am lucky. I do get asked if I know why Celebrities love to target me naturally but it’s the same case as the fat Cats telling me if I started a fight their money would never run out before I was finished; we all know that it’s difficult to tell exactly when their red Carpet activities became all about passing lies my way which will convince the Media to work with them on their fame being about me and the things that are happening somewhere to ensure my Books were distributed to the world, we all know from past events that this is an example of the property destruction their stupidities need, so they might in future have enough leverage to say that if they don’t get rich with my work, I can never get rich with it either. It’s the same with the fat Cats telling me their money will never run out while they set about running around Industry claiming nobody knows who the hell I am, while am trying to get as many people as possible to see my portfolio and give me something to do with it because they consider themselves to be the centre of my world – their case did not end well naturally, it became a case of Fat Cat has fat arse and hates the person that started the whole process, now clear if it tries to handle me again, I will take the steps required to ensure that I am no longer blackmailed by its ability to hurt women, some people in Asia or vulnerable people in Communist Territory or indeed endangered species and other wildlife and will not look back on my own version of carnage that I can wrought on that stupid money as well. The Celebrities are clearly in need of similar responses too, where every day starts with a Publicity built up to suggest having made those stupid personal decisions of theirs, I am the person that gets into a fight to protect them while I gave up Public image and property to them to fulfil some girls dreams, mostly of which are no dreams at all but arrangement with industry twats that will help them make another Million in order to be important and it happens with the vandalism and destruction of my property to make it real every day; it is starting as such to make sense of those conversations I have about the reasons people should not be Celebrities, the days when it was about campaigning against bullying and making people happy was one story, maybe it was the days when somebody had put them straight, however getting money from Industry goons for equipment and venues that help them engage with the public in a way that pillage peoples family finance bases, while targeting me all the time to make a mess of my patents, public image and income margin, claiming it is what their fame looks like when there is a media that they have made a deal with over it, as stupidly as possible does not add up to being famous – even so the money they have been given by Industry goons should be spent buying the expensive things they claimed they would make trouble for everybody if they did not have, their stupidities should be spending time engaging in economic activity after threatening people into making them famous not bothering me like so all the time, to ensure they added my money to their own and tended to own all the money in the world. I do get asked if I am aware of the link between republican activities and Celebrities in the Country and yes I am very well aware of how the decisions of the Head of State means that a Celebrity had lost the feeling associated with the nature and context of their career and that the Head of State can no longer be allowed to maintain their roles because of it – we know people say it’s because the Royals get involved with Celebrities as equals but that is due to the fact that Celebrities have a Tendency to damage National Banking Culture which if fundamentally tied to the Interests of the Head of State all together and that they don’t reciprocate the respect they get from the Royals by paying taxes either; I on the other hand have no need for respect on their part and do not care if they were giving it, it needs to stay away from my Books and stop following me around before the Books develop from something they hate because it sends out a message they need to mind their own concerns and let Royals get on as well, to something that will want to get sold over the process of shredding their Celebrity culture to send the message that they need refrain from running off some new show business tycoon gimmick that suggest everybody with a wealth inequality problem wants to extract money from my Royal Hermitage Trust just like I do and give me my space as well, then hang around somewhere attacking me to claim I am unworthy to be me because I have no money – no idea when their stupidities and their Muslims friends got to make that decision that I need abandon my Bookshop to somebody who has money to invest, knowing that this is a Hermitage where the money issues and the Celebrity issues are not the main point even though the invoices must be funded, which is clearly an example of how Islam does not control the criminal activities in its backyard because of its close association with violence, while people continue to claim when they are Muslims, that we Christians are infidels, irrespective of whether or not these criminals and trouble makers in the case of the Christian world would end up smelling like what they ate and get off being homosexuals most of the time but it is an example of the decisions Celebrities and its Muslim friends have made around here to support the idea that shredding the show business and its tycoon nonsense that gets on my nerves all the time was always the correct thing to do from the first day.

There is then a sense this is a problem without end but there is no such thing, all is well, save the part where the point of arrangement and personal feelings and anticipation which exists between me and my Publishers is now the new fame that Hollywood and its Celebrities want, as stupidly as possible; another example of how getting the imagination up peoples bottoms gets people beaten up by them, how the personal decisions they make ends them up where others got to pay the price for their stupidities. In terms of Public matters, we are talking about British women saying I have enough to allow them get around seeking some devils in other Countries that they may familiarise themselves with as a matter of business interest processes, this is being attacked and dominated by Liberal America and Germans at all times and it is the fundamental driving force behind the new waves of Nationalism running off in the UK to punish the ex-slavery and slave trade drivers who were also colonialists, while the main issues left them with a Government that was closed for business i.e. that there isn’t a Law enforcement Officer that does not spend the most of their time dealing with disruptive criminals as a result of both the crimes and actions of ethnic minorities and the Germans have now successfully broken up the EU. So they always love to claim that this is about the British preserving an Empire and it is utter rubbish as well; what really happens is that during a recession we have Governments getting involved with Companies that sell drugs to the NHS for instance, to seek the Interests of race Politics and we have not even started talking about the tax evading Celebrities whose need to engage with the Public in a way that destroys the family finance bases of whole populations damage National Banking culture all the time; the source of the support that has ensured I need to deal with the equities in a way that means I spend most of my time on the important matters such that if they started any fight I can guarantee a footing is due to the support Liberal America gives to it and we are talking about dominating women, popularity and excess, running from the US, though Europe to Japan, so there is no such thing thus as most of it not being funded and facilitated by organised crime – carries on and will not stop showing up near my Books to patent bits of my name and property to its stupid famous self, looking for a response that it is about to get very soon as well. For my part personally, they do claim on the back of it that I would never do a thing to support my own people, even if they were willing to lay down their lives for it and its utter nonsense as we know their disobedience is legendary and when it wrecks my academic work and finances such results are not so bad because it only facilitates access to me and a means for their stupidities to get ahead, besides we know I spend my time in a Hermitage, we know that they have been issuing threats my way over the idea their civil rights involves softening me up for abuses that will allow them access market I have built for my concerns a bottom feeders, we knew that they will want to get involved with the Armed Forces to develop a statement that will allow them take advantage of what is pure and squeeze flesh that they see, so it is still a wonder why those who have not been able to fix the bottom hurting issues continue to decide that when I don’t want something, they will always want to do it, such as getting around fighting my battles and blabbing nonsense about cowardice at me every day – we are also aware the problem is so bad that these goons get involved with National security and return to tell them the consequences and their experiences ought to decide what economic policy was and due to the way it hurts their bottoms, we have found them look at it as an option – something that would make sense of I should them a map of the world and drew up a business of my experiences at National services deciding what economic Policy will be from USA across Europe to Russia would make sense at Parliament. We see the same behaviour is responsible for allowing Nationalism get completely out of hand in the Country while it was always rather a simple matter of Government business where at school these Nationalists were the ones who knew everything, so as to mean they were everybody else’s bosses, now in the real world, their jobs get to them heads right up to a point where they have need to try their hands on leadership but so do we find that our Politicians are unable to run Politics when people in Northern Ireland for instance are financially better off, they can only do it when people there are poor and live in partitioned societies – where I will get asked if I think it’s that easy but so are we aware that we have a Government in the Country but have not seen up to 10% of the culture in Northern Ireland because we are mostly caught up in the ones associated with older people voting, reading news items and making public opinion, which is not to say that I am suggesting it is always the business of others who have self-appointed themselves for the role either; it is a condition for Nationalism to thrive and pretty much the same in Scotland.

I am told that I get involved with people I don’t like and spend time complaining about it too but I don’t, it’s not a hate or like thing, it’s about people grabbing and patenting bits of my life to their names and the process involves making product that they hand over to somebody else for distribution over a contract that they had signed, hence in order to keep it a thriving business we find that they had gone off to build me another public image that suggests I am a fighter who protects them and are now using access to my Books as a tool that will ensure that is what my whole life became. It’s another angle of that concern that the whole thing is a problem without end when it’s largely a matter of people not disturbing my Books if they clearly can see it’s a matter of successful people, hardworking people and low lives getting opportunistic every single moment, the part where the Political version of these low lives can be correct if people wanted but when the bottom hurts and they round me up like sheep again there will be trouble for it; I had the Books written and all can see it’s about these low lives being opportunistic, I want to be free from the stupidities and the corruption and people churning my tummy to grab my Public image and threaten me, since this is a Bookshop, people need show up to buy Books I had written. The other goons however are the big old case – the immense work to make statements that say it’s all the stupidities Celebrities engage themselves in and that people should move away from it, the immense work to protect myself from getting sued for being me; it blows off that big mouth all the time and I am about to find out how much trouble I will get into when I sack its stupidities from where I am to where they are located in order to help me find out, last we checked, it suggested I mess with Celebrities all the time because I am lucky but this patenting the lives of Public operatives to your name is an example of activity that a clever person would engage in all together, the one where the main excuse for their behaviour towards me is that I did shut down access to popularity fame and fortune even when I knew they were stuck between the communities and the kids who pass exams to get jobs that help control the high streets and were always afraid of smelling and did not want to smell by themselves if caught up in it.

Now they say I am a proper threat to Celebrities but it has always been conceivable that living in a world of a real threat that those who have Publicity to play with can take your income margins from you, does not put Celebrities in your friendly persons Book. The problem is still the twat that keeps dragging the whole thing into that condition where these gimmicks can pay off for the fame idiots that exhibit them and they are soon to realise I am not really a fan of the whole western gimmicks where Democracy is not necessarily a Moral thing, such that when this kicks off again like it did the first time where they end product was the destruction of my academic pursuits and the Books I wrote as a result of it which they now claim they hate, I should ensure that the process of maintaining public arrangements relies on them. They have not stopped but have preferred either to blab that my Books are a threat to their freedoms or they have had me – in terms of the latter which it can only develop into a case of me and my Intellectual property at the expense of the Companies who employ them to spend paid time doing that; they have not had me in anyway, just put up all that nonsense on Media and then when it fails, set about destroying my work every time they put one out to ensure that at least a simulated sense that people have grabbed my career happened. In terms of the former, they are still blowing off their big mouth at me like we are mates and are still talking in my direction like their stupidities bread wins for me as well as their Children, regardless of the way I have consistently explained the manner in which I handle financial matters at this Hermitage for the good measure of their stupidities. So the Books they hate are not designed to hurt people, they are designed to ensure Companies that get involved with my concerns were confident that they had enough equity placed before them at the Bookshop, to suggest that they were buying into something about which if they relied on me for the work applicable, involving crowds and populations with their Intellectual property, which meant that the bad elements had to be controlled, it was a job that I could handle – it needs to get a job and express its stupidities at the expense of its own mates, needs to stop grabbing my work every time I put out these facts to clear it up too.

They say I was once alright with the Celebrities and then I completely changed, such that the way I changed is the main reason for this behaviour due to the way it has affected people but this nonsense has always been an undercurrent, Celebrity Peers frequenting Rehabilitation, Drug dealers given their own statements to make at me and my work to dismantle anything that added up to integrated security, Films made with my Equities and then a grown up sequel or version made three year later, which meant a three year old that liked it would be socially fatigued at 6 years old as revenge for what happened to the other six year olds that were raised to get their imagination up peoples bottoms, just like we see the Fashion gits follow suit – where it picks up my equities to make Fashion without even following my social media, leaving me with a reputation of being famous for not selling my Literary work to get connected with more important people at the Monarchy and then the nail on the coffin which was about a constant statement that even criminals were buying films while I was only interested in saying people were bad and rubbing shoulders with wealthy Celebrity. Now we know it was all a matter of their money and a label on me which said I was some sort of parasite, so the theory about controlling me through the Books I have written at this Hermitage must imply that they expect me to open it to them again. There are similar sorts of nonsense everywhere – on social Media their businesses exits to catch up with their plans to get rich on my income margins – three months ago their post was their own, a month after their post was all about their struggles and thereafter it was about my assets making them money while a face is put up to deter anything I might do to stop it, as stupidly as possible, the Media ones however being out to make me more responsible as I am without wife and kids while their dot com millionaire crowds made my social media so toxic I could no longer communicate with people on it, now my diet is under assault all together as a certain behaviour where everything that happens at the Monarchy with other Royals implies that I must get into trouble, some scandal must be announced and intensive abuses with intent to violence must be followed on – at the end of which they make statements about my bad language while it has been explained enough times on my part that it is not how I talk, however if they are complaining it’s a sign they don’t like it themselves but it’s a bit of a mixed feeling as the abusive behaviour have not stopped either.


I am told that I am now in desperate need of some mercy and I could never make out which part of activity has brought about this assessment either – what I know is that there are three main parts of behaviour associated with the destruction of my property that American Democrats are actively involved with and one of them is the destruction of any arrangements I have with other businesses, the other is the destruction of my own business image and the third is the destruction of my market which is done mainly through Media abuses and stupid individuals getting rich at my expense to make my social media toxic; the only of the three I have responded to is the first and we know it has already become a global phenomenon, the last two are now subject to the question of whether they will make the choice to keep away from my Books and stop following me around or carry on to find out what I am capable of as well – either way it should not be making stupid assessments of any situation when it is done destroying my property in order to churn my tummy, unless damage is resulting reciprocate damage around here, which is what really should be happening, about which when I spend my time talking instead, I clearly am not talking to their stupidities, it does not have the premise to make any assessments on what it thinks of as its foolishness adding up to a power that rules over or controls me. I do get told I deny I am at war with Americans and it is utter nonsense as I am not; what happens in effect is that we do not see Republicans engage in this activity unless the Democrats are finding some very desperate persons to take advantage of; it has been spending its time tackling any business arrangements that the British have with other entities naturally and it’s the simple process of getting it running again which the idiots have made into a global phenomenon their idiocy cannot live with, there is yet to be a response to the direct destruction of business image and market, so we have not yet heard a freedom based leadership aimed at disliking British yet.

They speak of me criticising them over the way that they conducted the war I Iraq being the main point here and yes I did as what happened when Obama three weapons at Islamic State and when they Liberated Iraqi Towns set lose some Terrorists on Allies that are not behaving, is simply a more obvious version of what I criticised them for; they are a bunch of sociopaths and the trouble with sociopaths is that we are only able to measure their criminal activity in two ways i.e. the way they chase money others have worked for especially through Celebrity culture and any physical crimes they have committed, so we have to go by the blind process of measuring the way to control their stupidities on the basis of the prognosis friendliness that they develop with those they wish to attack in the future, while the psychopaths are a bit more obvious in the sense that when you have a conversation with somebody, it quickly veers off into a corner for a story about the extent of your powers. What we have found is the money madness these idiots who really have a pathological fear of work but would not settle for a living wage if those who worked for it offered it to them on a platter have invented with their Muslim friends since the badly conducted war in Iraq which I criticised heavily as well, that when they were done getting ordinary people killed through the war because they needed to blackmail everybody else with bloodshed in order to get rich, it will become far more difficult to plan the aftermath of the war all together – since their New Alliance with the Democrats they have gotten closer to the Germans too, while the British ones that joined in cannot keep their insulting imagination off my anus for it and there is a war over my diet to ensure they got the most damaging results from their stupidities being channelled at me as well – the moral of the story being that peoples Office of State needs to stop being subject for Liberal America practical jokes if they are complaining and that they have not got a foggiest clue what they are doing, their incompetence only rivalled by their disrespect for those who do. There is no such thing as their new alliance with Muslim friends being a threat to me and if they have not seen me run off an attack on their business image and market as well, they do need to keep away from my Books and stop following me around, instead of finding out that such behaviour leads to outcomes where they cannot keep their mouth shut as well, on account they have not been getting a response. What we know as a matter of certainty is that they are now out of their depth since it started getting serious as it were.

The other part of their story naturally is that people do not need more punishment and I don’t care what they need around here anymore, it is as simple as the fact they do not write my Books and should handle only the copies that they have paid for – as for what they need in its own merit getting attention from me, they are now very well informed that I have had enough of them. So it does feed into that old case of a problem with Women disliking me which is not unusual; we all know that it does not allow people breathe because of money and there is one fighting after another for its stupidities to do here, thus my main challenge is that I am Royalty while younger people are fighting my battles which is what needs to change, it does not talk about those stupid Children inventing all sorts of nonsense that relies on me until I drop out of school if it is more interested in ripping up my career to chase female lovers which could have been made easier should it put a sticker on its silly face to tell everybody she was a lesbian lest people stepped in it as it were – so there is always one fighting after another, after another for them to conduct around here, the way that every little part of my life must now be protected by some women who are predisposed to see things that I don’t and there is nothing wrong with private schools contrary to the blabbing we hear from their Politicians. They love to flatter themselves with those stories of how I think that I am finished when I have done things like these and it is utter nonsense as all I have mainly said is that they need stop churning my tummy and making my social media toxic by those stupid narcissism crowd pleasing assessments they make of what I am feeling about them on Media and see that they do not have the right to handle my Books – there is nothing wrong with handling the Books, they just need to handle only the one that they have paid for – I have mentioned before the next thing I am about to sack for them is what Politicians have spent money on to constitute something of business connections they can get involved with when they finished preparing for their careers, then it will stop how they wanted it and I will be truly done.

They do claim the Labour Party is a big problem for me and it is not, it is a problem but it’s not a problem I cannot get my head around. It is a party full of very evil people who dream of nothing but getting good looking people to take the clothes off in Public places and love to suggest equality is when ugly people got their penises inside of the good looking which sets off all sorts of nonsense that gets them attacking me for the results of their personal decision which I also think will not end very well if their stupidities made it physical too – they leave it out every time that the Government they ran was engaged in the titanic battle that it did to get me off my academic work, because it wanted me to be caught up with mentally disturbed community croons that do not get to access good looking people for sex, everything else is an excuse they make up as they go along with the lies they tell for the incredibly bad social behaviour they exhibit and then set about building Publicity which suggest others were responsible. I already know it’s a party of very evil people who think about the idea of me being naked so people might get their imagination up my bum all the time and then set about clinging to my earnings to work the idea that I will at some stage desire justice but all I will get is more corruption that will ensure it appeared the age of 60 was a luxury for me, they spend so much time on it that their own money now depends on me, as stupidly as possible. As I have mentioned before, it has now come to the stage where they need to handle my Books only when it is the copy that they actually paid money for all together and it’s all developing into something of doing so or finding out if I will sack their business image and market as well. I do get told I make things unnecessarily complicated for myself but it was simple enough when I said none was to peddle my faith, personal life or Public image; at the time they were busier with such things as the older people attacking me because I got into an argument with them and won the argument, while the younger people claimed that my disposition was one which meant I was running their lives by trying to get rid of conditions in which they were dominant power over me – now I have been running an Intellectual Property Administration business and the whole thing has gotten a lot more serious, especially in terms of their problems with market honesty where they need buy a product if they need it, save up for a product if they don’t have the money to buy it or get a Credit facility if the product is limited availability and they will not catch on should they try saving for it.

They claim I could never handle them but like to think that I can and this is a dangerous supposition to entertain; their behaviour generally means that things have happened around my concerns since last I got my Books Published and they are as follows; that they have been buying shares in the business and Companies that get involved with me in order to control me, meaning people end up with immense problems for publishing my Books and the abuses get worse the more successful I get because an entire Political Party is stalking me over the fact that they are nearly out of time to get famous on my Public image – Popular culture idiots have also done the same but their own is specifically geared towards something they describe as Pop power, when other popular culture goons with money sit around with each other and develop an idea of how the world ought to work on my Public image and personal finances and the number of establishments which trouble makers have erected for the purpose of pretending they are set out to employ people and provide service while they are out to hurt people have gone through the roof – it has become serious enough for the matter of every instance in which they handle my Books being one that involves a copy that they had paid for or the Consequences will be equally as grave for them as well. Where people say they have heard about the Labour Party but not my rationale and the fact I never care about poorer people has never been an issue; this is a matter of these very twisted and evil people working hard enough on Public immorality that as I mentioned before, the number of establishments set up to hurt people instead of trade and employ have gone through the roof, because of the amount of resources that have been poured into the business of letting their stupidities permeate mainstream living – they have been caught saying that they will make me do something about it and that is largely their big mouth wagging; we are talking about a condition where somebody who was 12 years old when there were 20 companies in the Area of which 6 existed to hurt people is now 18 and needs to find a job in a condition where that number has risen to 19 Companies in the Area, what I am going to do is ask them how much their bottom hurts regularly while I look after my own interests; it’s a matter of gathering up my own money as well and in good enough time to ensure that I can make a life for myself and to extend that support to those who get involved. They already know blabbing about how I cannot handle them is done in a condition where I am engaged with Intellectual Property Administration and already know that Celebrities work for less than 5% of the money they make, so its money that people have given them as leverage to buy venues and equipment for the purpose of tearing down other people’s family finances and here in the UK, the Labour Party is at the forefront of pushing down Government funds into such nonsense – they have also heard me mention of people finding out what I am capable of as well when this stupidities means that their need to collect other people’s money and add to their money in order to build up a sense they have been making profit, got desperate enough to see them mess around with matters concerning National treasury and how it will get me showing them what I am capable of too; the idea I cannot handle them is stupid, short sighted and dangerous. The Americans have constantly told these lies about how I have set out a Book which allows people to chase their bottoms when people know they were famous and their whole world depended on it but what my Books do is support people and at the daily concerns and although I am a little fearful of making the same decisions that older people made about their behaviour which I used to think was sometimes overbearing when I was a young person, the reality on the ground are such facts for instance as a world where those who ran the private security services 30 years ago, are still the people who own such establishments today and their view of what theft is has not changed in anyway – hence I am only finding out that the behaviour of Celebrities which brands those that are tolerant of their madness as fools who did not know how to tackle peoples livelihoods, wreck it and take trophy parts they can make money with because it is how they make their money, facilitates behaviour where people take money from the tills at Businesses that have employed them to look after the shops because my Books causes Celebrity smell and they all cannot make me do anything with the big mouth they have got. It conjures up an image of what makes sense in terms of getting out of bed to organise your life in a way that leaves them in pain for some reason, so I have had to come up with an alternative as described above – that said, when I speak of fear of making decisions, I am talking about the fact I picked up mine during the economic crisis and so it was impossible to say that these were characters that took equities and Assets where they did not work for it every day because we had too much to lose to them if I did, now I am a bit more confident than that, blabbing about making me do anything or how I am not able to handle the fact that if Celebrities get money from Industry goons as leverage, they will be funding some Politicians that will help them grab other people’s money and add to it because that was their ideas of what profit looked like, is dangerous.

I am informed that my feud with other Royals is getting worse and there is no feud whatsoever – what happens is the anal sex that is running out of control at the Monarchy, Brewed from people passing incredible insults and abuses my way and then finding out they cannot do anything about me when they need my support and are not out of my league like they thought; the anal sex about which those who engage in such activities are paying the price accordingly, while their Labour Party has become exceedingly interested in getting involved with people that The Queen does not want to do business with, who then set off claiming I have taken their space or career from the hell hole they were sent to. It started getting worse when some Dave Clarke character showed up from the US, to pick up from a Book I sent out to Mr Richard Branson’s Publishing Company, in order to establish a relationship with the Daughter of the Duke of York, giving rise to a need society idiots had to get their imagination up my Bum and work for the Royals as security guards over it, this came off the back of the publishing Company that got Wayne Rooney a Book deal as soon as they handled my Manuscript and sent it back to me, leave Mr Rooney to make himself incredibly important by attending functions held by the Duchess of York and Her Daughters, especially when he was making financial contributions – so Dave Clarke did not Marry the Princess, his gimmicks left me a University dropout, he bailed and the Princess now has another lover who left his wife and Child for her, this new lover obviously is a Property Trader and knows a lot of people in the world of Space renting, so the business of deciding what music is run on the radio waves over my Public image and handling me with ageist idiots planning to get rich quick had begun on that front too, while the Duchess of Sussex is now a Fashion Tycoon. All of it makes no sense whatsoever, its only credence comes from Journalists and even more annoyingly Television Personalities who appear incapable of minding their own business – when we have to listen to those stupid black women blabbing about an irresistible feeling to force me story, it clearly does not conjure up images of idiots who look like some caricature keeping their mouths shut if they found forcing Arch Prince amusing while they were idiots who get people dropping out of school in order to make fame and popularity from the Personality that was built during the time people spent in such an environment, talking nonsense about fighting for my rights and how we are the same things, so that their racists and criminals might hear them blab all the time, unless they have heard me say something prejudicial about it, needs keep its golliwog mouth firmly shut. They always say that what I say gets me into even more trouble which is utter nonsense like we know wrecking my academic work to improve prospects of working for Royals will usually begin when it wrecks the academic work the same year the world’s worst recession begins or when it makes me look like a character who does not get paid for his work; it hangs around Public matters doing nothing about it, soon we hear its insults for those who can develop into something of making you do your thing, will never get a job to make money if there is enough means for it to chase secret gatherings instead, forcing Royal Hermit with a big mouth. They speak of how all I do means Celebrities are better off and it’s an old tale that will not go away naturally; we know what they are complaining about at this stage is the fact I reopened relations with businesses I had an arrangement with, no idea what they will do when I sack their business image and market like they do mine anyway – the mainstream Media has a license to be nosy and scandalous naturally but nobody knows what the busy body television personalities and Celebrities are doing with this matter altogether; what they point out is something about my sexual habits of which they find no evidence naturally but go on about it endlessly never the less – a story of their Politicians wanting to spend a lot of time with people who do anal sex at the Monarchy and pay the price for it, such as we see them consigned to some sort of hell hole and some of them are rather comfortable with, it wrecked my academic work but is still a major source of fun while they are the ones complaining the most alongside their silly Celebrities who had long gotten involved too; I do not oppose this either but they cannot make themselves judge jury and executioner in my case, while what people complain about at the Monarchy happens in a condition where white people never do a thing about Public matters because they much prefer to be homosexuals instead and whilst racism is bad the ethnic minorities are copying discrimination, so they need to stop appointing themselves to take action against me, much the same way that they do not bread win for me and the applicable insults need to cease before it got serious too. There is however the part where The Queen feels personally about me, where I do not raise the issue all the time but others do on my behalf endlessly – we can already see their insanity develop into something of wrecking the academic work and finances in a bid to be able to do things to me that suggest the damage have already been done and I need to assess my situation, get off Church concerns and turn to homosexuality, as stupidly as possible.