Of course it isn’t true I wreck my book sales with my opinion of what others think about me most of the time – the reality is a case of hatred of the presence of God around me and the need to destroy it, so they have come to a point where they have kept me financially crippled for a while so community croons can build up an abusive version of what my temperaments mean and circulate it and now they have raised their really stupid children to be incredibly insulting in order to ensure that is enforced – the blacks started it while complaining about racism and the whites are now taking advantage as well, so these things I do are not the things damaging books, I can enforce mine and nobody saw me damaging the fabric of any aspect of society to get it done, if they are a match like their big mouths suggest they need to their own as well and keep their hands and insults to themselves – it is better understood in light of those claims what causes me the most concern most of the time is a case of the fact that more and more of the moral fabric of society is being torn up and replaced with Political decision which is incredibly untrue since I know that I have brought them to a point where if I want to preach the gospel to them they will listen whether they liked it or not for my part and can enforce that anywhere on this planet and so their Politicians and media idiots and anti-Semitic scum who think they are academics need to shut their dirty mouths and get off me as we are not mates as it were. The simpler aspects are the ones where you meet the racists on the ground who tell you they are racist and then you have to show them you are impressed and which means it soon progresses to the part where they start threats of their ability to kill of which they kill like that all the time the last time I checked and heard it from a thousand bastards so they might bring up the part where I have wrecked their country since I am the one that gives celebrities whatever they want at the expense of everybody else as it were, which is where I get to kill too, the part where I want my literary empire restored to the way it was when they found it before they racist with a big mouth. I understand some people are working hard on anti extremist movements on these kinds of matters from all races and so on but it has always been a simple case of taking what belongs to others as the main motivation for extremism; these idiots in the UK are rather really good at helping celebrities to anything they want at the expense of everybody else so they can anti-Semitic and progress from them and I am not giving them any of mine, hence there is no such thing as damaging book sales due to what I suppose people think about me and when the blacks especially make noise about how easy it is to steal from me the response will remain the same i.e. get the Politicians first because I am not necessarily unhappy with another 11 years of unemployment as such – one of them issues which mean that when they are and I am they are to be feared and I am in hell where they are the devil with a big mouth and it is therefore surprising when their Politicians work so hard to ensure that the sense others have things they do not have been completely obliterated, so that when you start and I end up not being responsible for my actions – the Politicians that we all know targeted me to wreck my finances for these purpose and cannot keep their insults to themselves these days anymore or enforce their own will without damaging society or in this country like it is their personal and private property in some way looking for a piece of me all the time. I understand they say my condition is so violent and full of problems but it is a matter of what I have chosen to do and not a matter of what I find myself doing in order to get somewhere else – people need to leave me alone as we are not mates as it were or stop complaining, I am 34 and that is a lot of energy to play around with, it’s not my fault I can catch all of them. The part about Royal enemies is nothing new; they say Prince Harry likes to attack me when there is no such thing i.e. these idiots especially the whites really enjoy a process of making sure when they have a block head in the family, a real dick, they can bring him up and stand him somewhere eon my feelings and temperaments and Royal Property to take the piss or fuck somewhere or squeeze some flesh in order to pass exams in their stupid lives and it is difficult to understand what they expected will come through from it as well anyway since they never ever listen. The fact is that I am always being attacked by HM aides and especially the younger ones at the Office of The Prince of Wales; they say they cannot understand why I would live like commoners when they hate my guts, take up the difficulties of their silly lives and fix it for them when they would do nothing for me whatsoever and would never do the same roles reversed or not, nor why I would jeopardise myself as if that is what my condition and position looks like but I find it impossible to convince them it is not what I am doing, so it really comes down to these fools staying off my books or they will feel me as well – like if I have a weakness they will certainly dig it and then we find them handling public property all the time to ensure I do not dig their own when I have not asked them about it, only going to when they dig mine especially for the women and especially when they are American.

I hear the story the Labour Party wants to tell these days is more concerned with wanting to run the NHS and various other realities about where I am required to fill in blanks by the community of people who share skin colour with me and control me for him; I could never get my head around how he intends to run the NHS and how he hopes to do that alongside lying thieving polls hugging ageist nuisance like the idiots in his party anyway and have no idea if they had not read recent statistics of needless deaths in the NHS caused by the way his friends and his party runs things but above all cannot make out why they are asking me when they have made laws in this Country to govern everything right down to graffiti but have nothing to govern their ageist nuisance and the hell they create for everybody in the neighbourhoods which means they still underestimate what I am going to get up to when he cannot control those his stupid black women and their insolence for it as well. It’s not an emotive issue and I have no idea why they have continued to think it is okay to talk into my talk anyway – I hear they love to say we need to stop pretending their children will be different when nobody asked them about it and they need to fight their corner like their insults brings it about all the time. So we are starting with the basics in this matter i.e. they need to enforce their own corner that is concerned with how much they like money and the world while I enforce mine about how much I like God and the Church and stop getting on media to make noise about depending on me for anything that they cannot back up unless I am afraid of them which again can be made up as well and therefore all together a worthy use of my time, such nonsense of which they are always convinced they will never pay for too. It is nothing new, they have always loved to target me and nobody really can explain it, we have to take them at what they say i.e. a worthy and necessary sacrifice for society to make to set out one person they can take up the next 60 years or so of his time to completely ruin his life so that he might stay ruined forever and they might be able to become a party that can stand up against the tyranny of the conservatives but for me it’s a matter of those questions about how much I have changed the Country when I have done no such thing and they still have their homosexual cultures and gay cultures and media and insults and can target anybody they want, except that the personal diaries are full, they stifle my income so I cannot decide if it happens to me or not and there is always that price they pay when you make them stop it which will come into play on this occasion as well – so are they asking me about ED Milibands plans to become Prime Minister and run the NHS, is he going to do it with insulting thieving ageist polls hugging nuisance and yes I understand it is a matter of their problems but that had always been part of the story all along, it comes with problem sharing and distant fascism, along with distant anti-Semitism and the case of how I look like I have no problems when they are superior to me and so on, it’s just that I have reached a point now where I want to know what it is all about and they are not listening well enough to understand that I don’t care what problems they have now or oppressions they have suffered in the past as these are behaviours in my direction that they are going to stop and stop my way too.  I always knew somebody will be made to pay for wrecking my academic work and they have not paid financially so far yet as it were, although that is not happening in the real world but it is happening anyway i.e. I have set out a position to ensure they have no more money than they had unless they are seen physically working for it, they have decided they will work for nothing nor will they get money any other way except if they extract it from my earnings as well and none of these therefore are set to happen any time and we have seen statistics begin to show that middle income people have been hardest hit by all the changes in the world so far which is not hurting badly enough yet because I intend to continue to make it so difficult to earn money without losing face that they will lose everything and come round here to take my earnings like that big mouth we hear all the time too. I am not saying I am innocent in the matters it’s a case of what it is exactly that causes them to set me out and target me like that all of the time; the reality behind it of course is that when I mention such things as power they don’t have and the fact they are simply a nuisance the reality becomes that they cannot stand in front on business men to talk rubbish on my public work and royal property anymore and although it makes me enemies, the benefit is that it leaves me with just the problem of CEOs to deal with; those are practically the same thing but are paid 20 million  each the last time we checked the surveys for that sort of laziness. Whatever is left beyond this will be fools that were supposed to look after certain celebrities talking nonsense about women that are beyond my league as well; when we all know what those women tell them happens is a certain level of privilege I have given them to work with me on certain set out and specific matters and not a case of me getting myself involved with them when they are beyond my league but of course the reality about what I am doing as well is as simple as the celebrity and media industry idiots without respect for a government operative who has no plans to kick them at the office and does not want to kick them that way because he can kick them personally instead and thus tends to do it all the time; so when I am finished with these men as in finished and books published and sold, I will return home, home to the women that run my affairs and all the things I should never be doing with myself and then these kinds of facts will become a lot clearer and a lot more obvious than it is presently. It does add meaning to the realities of payment for wrecking my academic work as well but this story about Ed Miliband planning for government is a clear sign they are not yet convinced I have had enough of them yet especially black women.

Of course it isn’t true that I have loved and lost at the Royal Family – what is true is the same old case of the need women have to screw around with my feelings, so that I need to be free from that and find my Mormon wife who will be happy to get up at 6.am to do Bible routine with me and the family before the school run  but if out of duty I am required to marry Royalty I may do it, however which it will still be a lot of adjustment. They do say I say such things because I am on damage limitation routine, which is utter rubbish too; the reality is that I am a Mormon and I do not fundamentally want to get married to Royalty however which if Royalty wants to get married to me they have enough power and means to do so, hence never really worry – another example of the damage limitation story is always to do with black girls I am supposed to avoid because their secret society powers are beyond my reach when I never asked them and they have no sense of respect hence want my income all the time, so this rather than some damage limitation is me in their lives and I will not stop until I destroy those things that make them bug me since I never inquired of them anything least of it their insolence as it were i.e. the Politics and the media and the celebrity and of course their croons on the other hand like to speak of their problems and a certain man they can bully but when I say it is nuisance they say it is power and now Politicians are involved they want another outcome which will never happen in this life or the next as well – so apparently it does get to a point and this is one of those. As for Americans marrying into the Royal Family it does seem they cannot have their cake and eat it like that and we know it began with when I sent a sample of my book to Richard Branson’s publishing company that never sent it back to me anyway and not long after we found them at Buckingham palace which is how the daughter of the Duke of York met a certain Dave and got love struck and ever since Americans have continued to feel they need my income and will not go away and have in that time elected a Black President as well that wants to have his revenge on the Royal family over slavery and slave trade. My point is that I am only concerned about keeping peoples emotional advances away and settling up with my Church wife and that is it – what people see now is me in their lives because they have trouble listening to what others say to them about what they own and we know the reason for that is that when you get killed or some misfortune befalls you because you have not kept their focus they will have a trophy death and this is why the original office from me of ripping up their culture and society will remain as well and it does seem the longer these things continue are the more debts they will owe me that will cause they ripping up of other things as well. The socialist pangs of career piracy and personality theft which gets more and more violent in the UK has in itself become a question i.e. about what my problem seems to be with the idea of the existence of the Labour party and its activities designed to fight for justice and equality but the reality of course is that this is a parliamentary party full of people that specifically target me with a sense of a lack of respect either for me or my spouse which leads to a result where they deserve every single thing I do to them and it has never really been a problem either, only the way the system works, in the sense that some people are so deviant that they reach that point and exist like that in a fundamental way while others that are not tend to vote for the Conservative party so the system has a way of sorting itself out and applies on the ground in terms of the fact that when you do something about them the Conservatives will be up on a game and when you leave the Conservatives to do something about it because they target you they never will so technically you are never supposed to do anything about it but I personally have a point to prove about the fact I do not owe them a debt.

Of course they do say I do not care about the problems of black people despite being forced into a position where I cannot hide anything from them and that it will result in more serious outcomes before I begin to comply considering how much black people have suffered in the world already – it has never been about slavery and slave trade and which was bad or good, it was always about how they are trying to make sure the people who are superior enough in the black race own certain things and that means setting out my literary empire and income as the public sacrifice they need to make to create a sense of the suffering of black people and maintain it in order to bother the world into giving them their version of absolution and justice and during that time they will be the only ones worthy enough to have what I have because they are officially superior enough to deserve it and because of this have earned themselves this license they have to follow me around and attack and destroy absolutely every single thing I do and as a result of which if I see them around my books ant-racism and anti- slave trade and everything that makes them so twitchy will get it for the same number of times as well. I mean I can always be helpful and try to paint people what is the correct reality here i.e. for example drawing one from my books will involve comparisons such as the latest best seller that is professional produced on one hand and my make shift book on the other which is writer in a low brow fashion; so the question is whether or not people do buy and read low brow makeshift books and which part of it is any of their business so every one more time I see them around my concerns and earnings will be a one more time a self improvement they claim is meant to maintain their superiority over me about everything they like as well – they do not appear to live in a world where people get to a point and have enough of their stupid black foolishness and have no plans to check their behaviour while I have developed a need to have no plans to let them get away with any of it too: it is at points like these that we soon find out their behaviour is designed to ensure that at other peoples expense their greed does not suffer deprivation and I have always continued to reiterate I am not interested and to such reality and fact I suppose they ought to listen very carefully or measure what I am capable of instead. It is not the first time; the first one was the amount of money African Industries and black people lost during the recession being unprecedented since they had decided they wanted business as usual with somebody that was clearly far beyond their league because false confidence, media insults and socialist idiots will come to their aid, so it is fair to say the next time I handle them again it will be a matter of what the new world economy will be like for black people.

It really comes down to that old case of how I really need to be taught a lesson and shown my place because I have undone every plans people had and by it what Mr Obama was supposed to achieve for them on justice and civil rights – claiming he has now been forced to take the same path that George Bush did and that they want to thumb me for it all the time with that big mouth they get into the NSA to express all the time with nothing to back up and those community and neighbourhood state of affairs they build up with media I have told them to shut down or I will never withdraw the consequences of their existence. I mean as it stands it is the rhetoric that has created the problem we are dealing with at present i.e. somebody is paid 20 million pounds to manage a large company but has no plans to work for it if he has my Royal Estate and Literary empire to help the company make profit with, when it reaches a point where I start to communicate it to the owners then the need to get between me and every single relationship I get into in a violent way ensues and it is with such things and their journalists that we have that condition where they go off to get kidnapped by terrorists and sit down there to make sure all they get up to in life or death results in the complete destruction of my finances, their point being that whatever happens to them their children will have financial insurance while I will never have had the chance to make any money and when I issue statements because the Police have this difficult job of chasing them and chasing the world be terrorists about how I am comfortable with them being killed as many as the terrorists can they make a lot of noise they cannot back up and have not even gotten me to take it off the websites either but we have entered a new phase of what they need to do to kill me to end one less Royal in the world and create freedom and it really comes to a head as it were at that point too. We are looking at a condition where I communicate with the Court about playing Court while they play Royalty at present is never going to work and how they have found their chance to act against an instrument of oppression; whereas it takes times to raise somebody who will gather enough publicity for themselves to be famous and then deploy it to help people get on with their lives but nobody knows why they think they need to get between me and those celebrities if they are interested in my rebirth at office and so on, never mind breeding new ones everyday at my expense claiming I am big enough and have a real problem keeping their male daddy insults to themselves and their money where their fucking mouth is as well. I mean it is not difficult to see that the Court is a Rival gay community regardless of the fact they are married, all that stupid violence and insults in public places and shameful abuses has now paid off and my point here is as simple as the old case of daring them to a one more occasion of owning my arse and stuffing it in there right down to my tummy when I don’t give them – I mean it’s not like they do it to terrorists these days anymore, with respect to that they are more interested in how what the government does to protect them means Obama is no longer the greatest peaceful president in the world because of me and is concerned thereof with where my possessions are when what is being protected is them and their possessions which is what they really should be talking about. I understand people don’t like their companies to be handled they say but nobody does and neither do I; shove it up your arse if I cannot have it each time I see you come up with it and because of the intense desire to convey this the need to be in peoples personal lives and bed chamber becomes so important and it is an example of what I am daring them to shoot off again one more time, never mind being somebody’s daddy, getting between him and all female friends and allies – so here is the Royal Estate and they can touch it again and perhaps I might kill them my share as well. It has never really been a problem we all need to get together to solve as such - the reality has always been as simple as the fact that Terrorists get their funding from somewhere and it is either because somebody is funding them or they themselves are rich enough to fund it and that placed side by side with facts about CEOs that have no plans to work for the millions they are paid to run and manage multinational companies because they for example have seen my Royal Estate and its public work to pillage and even my Literary empire to make profits with and bully everything they see to that effect, talking about getting killed by terrorists so people can put together communities that will keep my finances destroyed forever which means that as soon as they do that while providing financial security for their children I will end up with nothing while their children will have what I had and it will be the end of some Royalty that will go down for them as trophy against oppression - if they are not employing popular culture idiots and pop stars, they are employing journalists and if not then celebrities or indeed all of them every single day just because they have no plans to work for millions they have already been paid creating that question thereof of who the hell they are, then become really obsessed with getting as many innocent people killed in the process as possible in order to secure reactions from Governments, it is plausible as such that they know the terrorists better than the rest of us do in person, however which as we can see it even gets better and we end up with a case of Governments putting together a coalition to crush the terrorists and they have already started off conversations about where my possessions are to that effect and it creates the question of who the hell they are to that effect yet again. I understand it is said I regularly pull back where I am supposed to push through which shows so much weakness and is therefore not what people signed up for but it has never been so as the reality is more about the question of what people want to get involved with i.e. my renaissance or the Royal Estate or work done in service of the Church or work done in service of HM and the State or indeed the fact I am British and they have a behaviour that could only have been made in hell. I mean the fact that there is a business you have that involves others does not give you the impetus to be rude to them and I do not know what cultures would do generally but it is particularly frowned upon in the UK for people to behave in that way; I mean you need to see them - people talk like that in the direction of others, throwing it up in the air for them to catch an issue to be involved with as well thereof every day, it is probably also because they like you and then there are other issues too and it really in the end has nothing to do with anything which is then so very well displayed by the fact the perpetrator is just a fucking weather presenter for Aljazeera for example and it can go on like that especially with the more significant ones all day long

I simply cannot make out why these idiots love to think others should be forced to listen to what they have to say here in the UK, a lot of the times of which if it does not begin with what you must now do to make them happy now that you have been targeted by them, then it is concerned with the relevance of the Tories in British life and Politics. Of which for me when I had failed to look out for other peoples stupidities affecting me and my well being the reality behind it is that it is one of those experiences in life but for the Labour Party it has become a question of how many times people offer up a different explanation for what happens when a bitter useless idiots gets involved with my work and damaged my finances in order to find their way into government office and hammer my financial well being and make up reasons and benefits of doing so as he or she goes along every single day, besides the fact that these are things that are invention and done only by really, really stupid people, never mind the pop stars that are like the embodiment of graffiti but will not like me to draw one of their careers as well which is what I intend to do for them at the peak of their fame so they can understand how the owner of a Royal Office would feel if it is done, the next time they might think about it after me. They do say that most of the problems I face are things they have done to me of which there is no shred of truth associated with – reality being that if you confiscate peoples society and culture when they are being a financially destructive menace and nuisance to you and will never give it back and then happen to have placed it in an area of your life where you cannot remember where you left it because it is blasphemy against God to go back on his mercies for the servants of the devil who give up good will to serve evil and wickedness and talk nonsense about certain and eventual benefits of it – then each time you might want to write an article about it for example which means you have to think about it and get your mind involved with it, then they can keep an eye on you and attack you right up to your bed chamber and their Politicians can deploy civil service to wreck your finances so they can have access to the idea of a homeless black male who is actually Royalty in a place as cold in terms of climate as the UK to set up their own version of what I am scared of which they can explore for various momentum needed for intimidation and abuse and theft, so this is how the distraction works and the means and process by which it can go on forever developed and exists to operate, there isn’t a thing that happens to me which I have not done to myself and there isn’t a thing I have done to myself which I have not done for very sound reasons. So imagine that you handle peoples culture and society and know what they are like in terms of abuse and embarrassment and then they begin to live up to that reputation on you, then what has happened around me is not unusual but the difference is that an average person can recover from a condition where that happens each time they are doing a job or academic work or writing an article in about 2 weeks but I tend to recover in just a couple of Hours and there are reasons for it – such as the fact that having been they are bullies, they can always turn up and beat me up and grab the fraternity of Nation in order to feel rooted in the land any time they want but as for chasing my penis and anus I am going to hurt them seriously for that one before their desire for paedophilia finds it levels not that I think Children should be put in danger and hence am unhappy to have it happen to me instead anyway. The others are the business and Politics idiots – for those no amount of persuasion will ensure they keep off my book sales not even the one about being implored to think how I get by in 14 years while they do those things to my finances will be enough but now what they are saying as a result of their predicament is that I always look like I am really tough but want to get everything done through money whereas it is the money issues that never worked against them in the first place now that we have reached a point where their only advantage is their savings and how much money they have been able to put aside for themselves having been they have spent longer than I have in the work force and so in such circumstances of which it is a simple mathematical conclusion that their stupid big businesses and media will never get me to behave in anyway whatsoever, as it is the money issues they now want to make me listen to what they are saying for when they never listen to anybody because of money issues in the first place. Then of course there are other reasons like the fact they are employment market and business market gamblers – people do not seem to pay too much attention to the employment market side because it is not how normal people think of course; I do because they gamble my own and feel like that every single second and like to get threatening over it as well, so that I am going to get them off my possessions their way or mine either especially the blacks and Africans – I mean when they are being nice each time they find out you know what you are doing and they don’t, their stupidities will get involved and cost your job with that stupid civil rights while they keep theirs and talk nonsense about their power and you know it does get to a point and this is that point, I am not going to put up with a lot more nasty surprises that pop up at anytime they bloody well like so their fellow white idiots can run off some irregular heart beat TV all the time to get rich and famous at my expense and with my market and property equity thereof as well: it has never meant One is being oppressed by them, it has always been a realty of where the point is at which the warnings will end and a process of Politicians deploying public funds to wreck my finances so that possessions of mine that tickle their interests and the stupidities they want to display on it might cease to have its range of protection, so as to reach a point where One no longer follows up the problem randomly but decides to come up with a definite plan and a definite outcome in mind on how he wants to handle Politicians from such a  point on.