The claims that I am a womaniser of a story is not an emotive one; I mean for instance the goons who do feel that people are supposed to wear their best cloths to go shopping and that they don’t wear things that flatter their big backsides and turn up at the shop to find out if those working there are taking note, which if you don’t will mean they start to claim you are a bad person – my point being that further stories of me being a womaniser on media will land those who spread it in trouble, by the way of which whether or not people live in the locality, when they are women their good looks simply has to be used to the effect of fame and importance which stretches really far the line of what women feel they can wear when they live locally all the time and they are a group of people that are disobedient to a fault. I for my part have made myself clear; making use of the effects of me in what I say and do or a public life is still not allowed no matter how much freedom and civil rights and democracy is involved and I am sure nobody wants to tell me I cannot enforce that again – we all know they don’t want to stop stealing, get out of mine and live in their own lives.

So the big question these days is that of why I do it, what seems to be the problem, but I was under the impression the cause was always obvious i.e. when they see me in my home get to they gather in the neighbourhood to abuse me and extract conveniences that create the sense they are sharing my living room with me all the time to feel good about thing and make sure I am not selfish so they can maintain their superiority, when they see me at work it moves up to the ones where media encourages whole communities to turn up and do it all together and it never seems to them like it is a very hurtful and insulting thing to do to a person either, while I have come to develop the conclusion for my part that it is these insults that will kill them all as it were. So that the other question then becomes that of the reasons they do it, which is an old story about being super men that go out there to win the bacon for their families seeing me as the kid from whom they take candy every single second of their time and all day long – they take the Candy like so and share my living room space by extracting conveniences from my very appearance because they are bigger than me and are simply bullies and nobody will know either, not that it mattered if the world knew with that big mouth; now they are the ones complaining asking me why I do it all together as well and its like that without any form of respect whatsoever, while their Politicians provide leadership that means they can steal from my Royal Estate and claim its wealth distribution and social equality with impunity and they are asking me why I do it, whenever I do their own as well. I don’t think the matter is a crisis, it’s an old story that their brains are made of stone and no matter how much you get organised for work, meeting them simply means it all falls apart and the result becomes that they were clever on the other hand at the other end and yet I know if clever was 100% they stood at about 35% and were waiting for the remaining 65% to be made up for them through civil rights which attack me and the help of Politicians but I do resign myself to the fact this world where the best at what they do are cornered and sacrificed so everybody can share and have a go at what they know is a world Politicians want to live in and that the reason is that whilst they complain about gaps in National debt payment they want to ensure children do not end up with the kind of success that will provoke their fathers at the same time as if I am one of their kids or something, then ask me why I do it when I do their own as well. In their defence they say I do not pay attention to how violent their children are and what problems will come of a process where they have success and money at will but of course which that was my responsibility when they get their 'fucking' conveniences off my personal life.

It’s all actually not my concern ; my concern is to ensure that Politicians do not administrate when I deal with such things, if I have a Court of journalists and celebrities that can do so instead; apparently of which the reasons for having a Court of female journalists had to be that I needed to ensure people got to steal my stuff for me and now that it has developed into a process where they are using exposure to theft on my property as punishment for waste on my part, we must have come full circle and hence it is better to give them responsibilities than to sit about putting up with insults from Politicians who will never keep off my Book sales finances and or clear my personal and public life space as it were. They do say I offend black people, who are not therefore happy with how I have behaved but that is largely because black people like to think that because I share the same skin colour, that they know me and I know them, so if I offend them they therefore get in touch and it can continue until it blows up too; the fact these idiots live in neighbourhoods full of violence and killers is never a mystery since the only thing they know is looking for trouble – in my case it’s a matter of wrecking my finances to build up their own version of how the way I live wrecks their finances, which has resulted in a race to the media as per who states his case there first to ensure the other is never right when he says anything – so that when they all are men on the left and on the right who like to hit my tummy and drive cars by me on the roads fantasising about fingering my bum until I get to feel it etc and I warn them about a behaviour that results in damaging my Book sales business, it generally means there is nothing I can do about it whereas everybody knows if I ruined a Multi million pound banker from a position in which I am without a job, every goon that is without a job will take note of that and so the gang and murder infested neighbourhoods they live in was in advertently created by somebody at some point and I should soon have made my contributions to it as well. On one hand they say it is the power of the people I cannot handle and on the other they say I have always wished people dead even when my excuse was that they refused to go along with the exact requirements of my faith but without realising they will steal my stuff and all of it if that happened; in terms of the former, they are brutal people as we all can see and can handle it, wash their hands off responsibility for their foolish children and chase my anus to tell me I need to stop being selfish in order to seek conveniences as a community on account they see me with a security job for instance – in terms of the latter, the fact the law says you should not wish people dead is not a fair reason for them to turn up to flirt with torture by handling you, on account they want to be important and famous. It’s not become important at this point, this is simply a stage where black people getting involved with and hence ruining my Empire became an important matter as it has appeared we have reached a point where they will never ever be wished away – they do ask about the whites as well like the teasing and insults have come to mean an answer for everything and I don’t mind that either; the whites are the ones who can be married to somebody for a decade but don’t actually know whom she sleeps with, which is why it gets violent when they accuse me and I help women dominate them at home, it does not end here either, we soon see the Bachelors' club and their powers of media turn up to visit violence on me depending on which females I look at too in order to ensure I marry within my league – so the general idea is that we see them speak of their greatness on the left and right on their lower class nonsense by which my Books will never get sold and I am stuck and will never get a job and will be a bum while they drive cars around town abusing me because it is a big mouth they really can back up and I am trying to explain here that it has occurred to me that unless ruination follows every process of handling my Books and any of my possessions for that matter, they will never listen – it is what I am going to do next and it would be nice if I never find them around the Books and my Market place again. Absolutely no respect whatsoever, that is why it happens – we even hear I need to clear the area where they secure conveniences and need to collect trophies on me to that effect which I suppose if I did would bring the existence of homosexuality to a stop too as it were and they are asking me why I do my bit.

Naturally I am aware of the case of whether I am deserving of the respect I get from people but I don’t know anyway – it’s not for me to judge that is, as far as I am aware I still have a couple of things to complete i.e. structures on getting involved with people which is supposed to detach me from foolish women that spent their time thinking about teachers private parts when they should have been studying and now want to be famous at my expense getting increasingly violent, the violent young and older people that want to do violent things for me and drag me into bad company all the time and the street prostitutes; the problem is that each time I set up structures for it, people want to talk only about homosexuality and alternative lifestyles and conveniences and cause my finances to go round and round and round in circles, however which I have my owns short comings because the whole process of keeping away from people has now placed a suspense on my leadership all together which was always the way out of these things as it were – so when I have had these resolved I will be good for the level of respect I think I may deserve, for now, I am just too busy. They say I have a huge amount of work to do explaining the things that have been written on my websites but of course I don’t; they are a massive obscurity of all the nonsense people think they can do around my possessions whilst protecting my property at the same time – it is as though my world will come to a stand still so they can do those things they need to do to show the world is a tough place where the weak are crushed but kick them and they will think Politicians exist to serve their purposes in a personal way and get all over the place moving everything from its right position to seek privileges of injustice from government but when I am not doing so they are after my finances and will not go away. Its like that story that cannot stop being told, of a problem I have with black people when I have no such problem; they simply think I share a skin colour with them and hence am a bird in the bag for a stupid immoral plans to make money they have not worked for and satisfy their evil greed and the freedoms they preach by it – so they have come up with a wide range of targeted plans aimed at me, which will ensure while I live my own existence in one direction they are pulling me in another; so that in order for it to stop being amusing for them I have to take steps to ensure they are not laughing. I mean they can do that their Popular culture thing where they damage peoples finances and turned out in public to kill off peoples public life and finish off with crushing their religious faith and imposing popular culture on media with a targeted media abuse and then start to claim they don’t know what I am offended about and start to complain when they don’t know if turning to the right or the left is the correct thing to do – which I made so because of the two things I wanted to extricate from the process, most important of them being that the fools were deploying that stupid culture not as a place where everything I am and own was stolen but as something they can sell in an emergency when they need money so that I might have some security because if they don’t, I will certainly sell it for them and the second was that they now have no excuse whatsoever about not dressing well in public places on claims Britain has not treated them well. Personally however its only two and a half years since I started to pay attention to them and we have seen that a mere ignoring them for a decade can mean their stupidities and the cultural twisted nonsense into which they immerse themselves and claim is an identity to create competition for me over whether or not people fancy me and like me because I am good looking which is then violent and abusive in a paedophile manner that they claim is homosexuality and civil rights and another group conveniently turn up to do it for me by attacking homosexuals violently etc, means that it goes global over my Empire all together; so when it really, really, really hurts, the story of me and black people will change but for now we have to wait until it does. I mean I have no idea who suggested that somebody would not be offended if his whole living was quashed over some years by idiots who then imposed popular culture fame and fortune on him claiming it is freedom anyway, now they think they will keep what they know about me, especially the American ones, considering it belongs to them. In the end they do think they are evil but it is an old story that means they can live in this world or they can die in it but either way given the right tools and the right methods they can actually leave people alone as it were; which is the point where they have something to say about religious people thinking that because they know a thing or two about morals they must tell others what to do and how to live a life and provoke people all the time by acting the part of the Boss but of course we all know that given the slightest chance that story will have immediately changed to the part where they deployed my public life to make popular culture money and returned to ensure that I needed money so badly that although God is more important than a Bentley, if I won one in a raffle draw for instance, I can imagine what I will do with the money that resulted from selling it which then makes the only point at which they are happy to drive around a Bentley that is more important than God, the money for which they pillaged from your property like they can give to the frugal; so it does not work and that is why they complain, as we all know that if they are not every nonsense they mutter about religious people will get fundamentally scary and the result will be that when they make money with my public life they can get after my health as well and ruin everything else. In this end its just virtually three years of paying attention to black people as a problem for me and I am not going anywhere yet; they talk too much and cannot shut it and when it really, really hurts, that story of theirs will change and that is guaranteed; in terms of whether I am apologetic for the fact they don’t know if turning left or turning right is the correct thing – the issue is the part where they never listen when told that turning left or right is not relevant to a Christian, so that is a start.


They do say I have a problem with being beaten but we all know there is method in detaching them from all the benefits of integration based civil rights which has allowed them to build communities in the UK and the US ones are dithering on the edge as well so far; it means the fact the only thing they know is going about looking for trouble can become more profound and they do tell me I am a coward but what these fools really expect is that when they annoy people, such individuals are meant to find more people to fight including them whereas normal people can see that when you get on media to damage another persons Books that he wrote to get a job done over a five year period and make out it is amusing, its not just your perspective in life all together that will annoy the owner of the property you damage – so they need to remember the Books are not their property and that somebody was about to buy it before they got involved; keeping this fact in mind can solve a lot of problems. The reality is that they are now living off media; where they get to determine if they have a right to an ethnically diverse community, if or not they have a right to own the communities their parents came to live in, in the UK years ago etc but are still looking for trouble; nobody is paying attention to why that is happening and why I am doing it because it all hinges on their muscles and we all know what that means in terms of racism and civil rights we hear from them all the time. A case being made endlessly of how trapped I am in Political correctness which makes no sense; just like the story of my insanity that is largely about how much I try to get involved with a league that is beyond me, the rest like to spend my time making me think I want to make a process of beating them really cheap, so they can get to do gangs and crime with that insane fame and fortune money as well – like that story of how Ballet is an Elitist Art form when we know there are banned performances because they lead to riots and nobody knows how people will react to them today anyway – reality as ever is that there is culture but each time you wish to enjoy it these idiots will come through with what it left behind on the streets to mess up your thing for you and as ever their whole perspective in life starts to constitute something that annoys you in very fundamental ways and those stupid threats of theirs do nothing to improve the situation; I don’t have a problem with peoples grabbing what culture leaves behind on the streets but the sole reasons for doing so has always been a very twisted and evil and perverted nature and whenever they want to spend your income on themselves and throw it all over you their Politicians will start to hold you down and tell lies for them and that is where the problem starts; at the moment they have stopped telling those lies – there is nothing in it to suggest I am trapped in Political correctness as claimed.

Hate crime Christianity; of which there is no such thing – what happens is that Men especially become really fond of seeking out a path that leads to death and then develop a habit of playing it out with the public life of a profound Christian, it means they have to get on public places and media or invent a state of one such positions in order to put up a daily update of their position in order to stay alive using the personal life of the Christian – offering then the opportunity to attack such a Christian if he does not want it to happen on account they would have felt their lives were threatened ; it is what they then leave open to anybody to play with because they want to drive that line of a  path that leads to death to a certain extent while making their goons who do the killing bit chose between them and the Christian every single time they do, followed with updates on media and what is therefore left is the cross fire that never ever gets cleaned up allowing a space for every evil that wants to murder people to do its best meaning that innocent people have their freedoms jeopardised; I cannot seem to stop them from doing it with my faith and Christian personal life and especially so because of the disobedience of black women and the fact that even the US President is doing it as well, hence it is a very popular behaviour for them all round but there is no reality in which a Christian based hate crime actually exists. Its like the old story about how much Russia is the problem of the world whereas we all know they feel they can live on media to defeat the coward they were scared of but are not anymore who put them on their media life in the first place and it will result in a process where revenge Politics that their Politicians are supposed to work for them is successful in every case which then also means that the Communists are the problem and those who don’t agree will face the wrath of them foolish women for it as well. My relations with the communists was fundamentally diplomatic, a matter of everybody involved with my Empire being a diplomatic issue all together assuming that is that I was meant to be accountable to Americans but ever since these fools found that out everything they do must risk the lives of those people on claims communist Countries must be made to be democratic and the impunity with which One gets insulted and abused by Media who then tell me that the way they annoy me is the same way my thing about the law annoys organised criminals has now reached a point as well – I feel they need to concentrate on reporting the news not pissing me off, considering this story of Statesmen annoying criminals which Media are trying to teach them not to is news to everybody all together, more so in view of the fact they want to own absolutely everything their stupid minds see - but it is annoying because they are always talking nonsense when they need to vouch their Politicians for revenge Politics and then assume their needs being paramount, that everybody has got the time - so when they say the Russians are the problem we really want to know how, at least from a point where they did not create a condition where the Russians were the problem that we all know of in the first place; all criminal convenience to be gotten from me and that assumption of theirs that everybody has got the time for it because they think they are Men enough and there will be no problems, nobody knows yet why it is such a big thing to ask for an explanation if the Russians are the problem and it has got something to do with me as well. Of course it is not true that all I do and say only creates them a new challenge; absolutely no respect whatsoever in the slightest - this is the big problem and the claim it is because I get away with great crimes and am abused a paedophilia the anus and penis insults that indicate what they are paedophiles because I have much to answer for will not suffice - their evil and Satanism has no place to hide here and I do not think they are in any position to start making it physical either, the insults will have to stop and they will my way or their own. They do claim I have a problem with the Media duty to hold government operatives to account but it was always their problem to set out high level corruption by which to insult and abuse government operatives and sell them the prerogatives from other people’s lives in order to have what people do not give them and secure their criminal conveniences and organised crime products in a condition where they are able to get away with it by making their own version of reality using public opinion, not mine. The insults when they are at it however will have to stop and it is going to stop the way they wish to stop it or it is going to stop the way I wish to stop it. Their Politicians claim I do not like to be part of difficult decisions so I can play the holy person game but we all know what they do is take the riskiest position over every single issue - from bombs first in Iraq to weapons in the middle East that resulted in the emergence of ISIS because their idiots want to do another person’s heroism to the deal, so it might apply they did what those that do not recognise their position below could not do for themselves for them who should have done it and will never spend time at Government Office on what they know or take Council from those who know, this kinds of position exists somewhere at the very bottom right where it belongs on their list of priorities, while they claim my advice is insulting but it is as insulting as the fundamental nature of their corruption whereby it is obvious I might as well start to pack my bags and find somewhere safe when they start because if they beat down 70% the remaining 30% will keep fighting them like nothing just happened at all and they do ask what fundamental corruption is when we have always known it’s the one where people have children and want them to be more important than Politicians and Celebrities and Business people but the way it plays out is that their civil rights are in a worse state than that of their parents for example, when I am then confronted with the claim I do it and get away with it, which I do because they enjoy their involvement with my delicate Royal Books they will never understand and damage my finances to make me the world’s most abused statesman and make a case of it on media for good measure in order to be important and I want them to get off my Books and their Parents off my Finances and I want them all to clear my space (They have always done this whole process where their communities engage in nothing else but barricading my love and sex life and that is actually very difficult a violent thing to explain, which began since they found I was a Christian and that the Civil service had a certain degree of independence from the Politicians - they are no leaders and there isn't a prove or an evidence to suggest anybody or anyone here is their spare resources to that effect).


Now they say I am having trouble holding relationships with women and hence need to get into one with a man and adopt children but I would never know any way; that is what they think I feel whereas the reality is that a group of idiots who get off to show themselves all over the neighbourhood and cloud other peoples sense of reality with threats stemming from the fact they want to be famous and are being good to that effect otherwise they will be bad are somehow going to affect whom I get into relationships with or the sexes of such persons and it is much like that old story where they think they should get involved with me if my Books provoke them as though I know who the hell they are – likewise the women who claim they are bad because they have no money and when they turn out to deploy the game of my Court being free for all considering it was made up of female journalists that unlike them do not want to be controlled by men, the assumption being I think my problem is with men when in actual fact it is with women who want to barricade and control me over getting somebody to do the hard bits of their lazy dreams for them but even when it appears I have the career is still there unused because they have gone off to be controlled by men, talking nonsense of how many women get employment at top positions etc and when it’s time for me to take back my career and move on with what matters, there exists a titanic battle that could only have been invented by such idiots; showing themselves in public all the time on the claim they are famous when they know that their stuff was made into history and that I have kept track of it since and what I write on my websites do not come by magically, so that they have now got the money since the popular culture industry played up my personality and that of female journalists to help them to temperaments that foster entertainment, now nobody knows or can tell what they want anymore. There is nothing that says I have to be so scared of these fools that I turn out to live my life in such a way as I become gay or have trouble having relationships with women so that I get to have them with men instead and this sort of abuse is incredibly annoying. Meanwhile they like to make out their parents give them anything they wanted and since that need is still there they have to survive at my expense and I am sure they speak the same language I do and can understand me when I ask them to get off the Books that are my Books and not their Books and clear my space – I am not their parent and certainly will give them nothing they want – there is no need to pay attention to their insults, become afraid of it and have relationships with same sex as myself. Their Politicians on the other hand really enjoy travelling overseas to strange countries to find my parents and get them to make me behave to suit them over there and it only happens until I dig up peoples societies and make a mess of it at International community and put up a blog for my trophy and then they will hate my guts like they are at present in Africa and cannot stop talking nonsense in my direction – same with the old story of the fact people are people and they do what they need to but without real reason they will soon be butchered and driven into asylum, so the way it has always worked is that the UK gets accused of stealing or damaging dispositions other countries had adopted in the diplomatic world, when it is a simple case of if you don’t want these people, we will have them instead – that said, I have got them where I want them as well all together and it started with people travelling out of the UK to kill poor Muslims that want to travel out and show the world that poorer Muslims exist which will upset their lofty existence and the result is that nobody knows what the Monster that is ISIS which they fed is doing these days anymore save killing them as well to protect people. I really did need to dish something for everybody in any case and it is a very different reality from the one where I might be gay.

They do say my language towards journalists is practically unfathomable but it is very annoying for a people to insist that my Books are pieces of written work that should never have existed – I mean the pompousness is unimaginable but the issue had always been a simple case of the fact it’s my Books and not their own. I do not believe these matters to be one of a major crisis as such; it’s simply that they would rather continue to get on public media to urge members of the Public to turn up and get conveniences from my bachelor’s personal life because they want the worlds money and women for themselves and like to think it is okay if they have an amusing way of viewing such behaviour and then tell me I have a problem with relationships and should be homosexual and go off to adopt my children at regular intervals which has nothing to do with the problem mentioned itself – it appear to make their link with the perverted believe systems without which they cannot manage a career which they travel around the world to meddle with sensible to them and I no longer want the excuses that facilitate their disobedience or a stubborn process where it continues to apply to me and especially so over that stupid notion they are famous; they do say I am the coward that has no plans to pick on the gangs if he can spend time on the Politicians and the famous people instead but such statement is the precise summary of the real problem here because although they do not like it when others take away their community and culture and society and become keen on determining what their public appearance becomes in the interest of the greater good, then finishes off with an intolerance of the alternative lifestyles and prostitution that emerges from the Communities they live in due to the poverty that exists there but whenever Politicians want them to spend the first 20 years after their teens chasing gangs and crime so as to brew the kind of social disposition that facilitates the nonsense they want to talk about in government buildings, they comply on bent knees and set me out as spare resources if it gets difficult; now they are telling me which part of my behaviour is courage and which is cowardice - I am not of the opinion this is a crisis either, it comes up way too often and is generally a norm but this is such a bad time for it all together as it were - we all know the media fools do nothing but assume I do not know where my people are and that they and their celebrities and Politicians and Fashion idiots basically own and control me but we all know it is a foretaste of what will happen when I handle those industry idiocy that plays out on my earnings as they go off to round me up like an animal at the Media and at the markets on a daily basis and make out it is amusing as well, a foretaste of what will happen when I clip them and make it really cheap and others want involvement with them because of the power they are predisposed to apply and the financial gain that will come from it which they cannot defend - in their defence they say that I will continue to provoke them until what actually kills me is their problems but of course that had always been a given, that people understand it is only by killing me that they can grab a Royal Estate and have what they never will as a result of doing so but then again, whatever happens to me will be nothing compared to the reality that will be the result of people who die as a function of their insolence and like to pretend others are so stupid they think there is something clever to recover from those communities they live in, full of gangs and murders, it is their insults that will kill them all as well and not that whatever happens to me will happen before their Celebrities and Journalists get it first either - it seems it is impossible to sell Books unless those two groups and their Politicians are in their place and stop turning up around my concerns to pretend they are famous even though we all know they are bullies. The Industry ones like to tell me that I boast about that which I have not made a decision to commit to and that it is the only thing that saves me all the time; but we all know that nobody here is playing with them and the idea that complying with stupid Politicians to do gangs and crime first before you chase financial needs has become everybody's normalcy, that part will blow up in the faces of their street idiots before they realise it too but for them and the money they make at my expense about which I have no wish to tolerate their presence or involvement anywhere near my Royal Estate and the Office Public work as well, it is an old story of the fact it is the little things; where the Lower classes have a problem in the sense that their case is fundamentally concerned with how difficult it can be to do academic work and pass exams and get somewhere important and for the Middle Classes is has always been a matter of doing that stupid celebrity culture as they do, make the money and then tolerate the lower classes when they can see skin like Porcelain and clear instead of bloodshot eyes like everybody else and then they can tell when I will be armed enough to be feared and respected by their stupidities and what it is exactly I am not committed to. As for the part where I am expecting Africans to do violent things to defend my interests and protect me; there is no fact in that - I am simply very guarding of the Diplomatic Position for the Country which I have worked so hard and gambled all I had for and if things continue to jeopardise it I will not have a life or an existence; so that time and again we find people dead and we find people in Asylum and we find people fleeing persecution, so if they are not wanted we will have them for as many as we can take and when they come here as a safe haven to get on, especially in the Centre of London, I do not remember a banner that was set up saying the fools that commit the crimes we hear of can follow them here - it does not matter if Politicians made them come so that I might have work to do to make a world a safer place in a condition they can make use of, people have their own choices and I am certain they have a capacity to behave properly along with it - the other Item is that I do not share the Loyalty I have with Law enforcement, Allies at Industry and The Military with any other and the Third is that there is no other way to get it done save a process where I do not hold back my love for the UK and the need to protect it from the forces of evil.