Of course I am aware of being portrayed as a stupid person that others plan to beat up one way or another – I wouldn’t know anyway; all I know is that they fail to understand the problem i.e. I am a Christian and they want to lean on me and press my flesh to deal with life as a whole, so it was bad enough that they are the real Men that set me up for such an existence since 2001 and that it was always going to come in many forms including crimes of passion and crimes of envy etc but it is quite another for me to feel as though I am being fundamentally groomed for this danger out there on the streets by Media and then by Public transport operatives as well; so apparently it seems that they are now complaining too all together. The bane of the problem here is that I trade private equity intellectual property administration solutions and broker recession recovery equity alongside; what these idiots have decided to do with all effects of me is climb up my livelihood and deploy my Public image while infiltrating my renaissance to recover economy – this then leaves me with steady constant tummy ache all day long and means they can finger my bum and follow on various other forms of very vile and evil abuses, while claiming they hate paedophilia at the same time, which was supposed to have been a good thing as it were, looking for trouble. And we find that the fools that lead these systems basically have an existence that says their ageism is played out entirely on infiltrating my renaissance and then threatening me all day long – so they complain endlessly as if it is as simple as when they make their point and I make my point and all that has happened can be put down to history, which it isn’t as my history is valuable and ending up in their ends so will store up problems for the future. I do not think the matter is complicated such – these are the facts above required to understand exactly what the issues are and how they will prepare themselves to get about beating up and can continue until I arm my own case for them as well.

The issues are rather the simple story of the fact what Industry idiots have been doing is spend money on socialism, expecting militant socialism to emerge at some point, which will facilitate an undoubted position by which they can suck up to the Americans and become masters of the Universe in wealth like they were before the recession – where I fit into the picture of course being that I am a plug that will save them all the costs pertaining to violence. The Politicians are the ones who wanted these society fools respected and so just like their Industry ones, they want to get involved with my concerns all of the time and each occasion fundamentally involves extreme suffering for me and I shall have these goons respected for them as well no matter how much they complain about it. The personal one is the war on Celebrities – that was originally meant to ensure that everything which constitutes a source of pride and joy for these goons, which means that I am always having my breath taken away, will be cut to pieces by my humble self as well but we have now progressed into the second stage of this matter where the Industry fools and Politicians have become a main part of the picture; so the case has to be done fully i.e. it is one thing for them to become very fond of ripping up my finances like they do, the part where it makes so much anger that I am struggling with my finances, not least because they are destructive celebrated idiots but in each time they rip up a million pounds or a million and a half or two million of potential investment and Book deal interests to exhibit themselves on media and try to see it written on my face that they have some power and I am starting to eliminate everything which suggests I should not despise them for it too, considering it has started to progress right into my personal circles; the Royal Family and friends, which was the only area of solace considering I appear to have owed them a debt that I will never understand so.

Nobody really knows what their problem with my public image and my renaissance really is but we all know they are complaining about the state of their culture and society and the fact that condition comes with tummy ache that never goes away too.  They do say I destroy all things pertaining to relations with Communists and then wonder why my problems never go away; I would never understand anyway, all I know is that it is all some very twisted and evil and stupid civil rights and half its purpose is to get involved with my concerns and ensure I am surrounded by enemies, while the other half is to ensure that everything that looks like an exit is ripped up and this is only progress from getting stuck with them so they can become leaders of the future and then getting abused into what seems to be a suggestion of homosexuality will lead to forgetting the part where you refused to lead from the front so the bloody idiots and their naivety can have its freedoms too, where you want some of their own all together as well. I mean, I own my own Royal Estate but do not actually think my position is set in stone in such ways, yet these goons think their own is at show business where the system actually belongs to them in the first place as it were and heaven knows what will happen now that they want to buy it all up too – I for my part know exactly how I will get my Books sold and they are not going to like it too.

So of the story of my fight with women is a lack of respect for them is a reality where I cannot look at women without sex being suggested and accusations of infidelity followed immediately thereafter, the purpose of society soon from there becomes that of threatening me which puts their celebrated idiots in danger of my response as well and means they will attack my finances to stay safe and it is a worthy use of my person and time; like the death penalty where Mr A goes off to kill lots of women and the purpose of the death penalty is to kill him off once the job is done, or a more readily present eventuality where we see their response to women who suffer thrush but have not been using their medication recently and they have caught one etc.


So that there emerges this talk of unexpected tummy aches everywhere, of which it is the Media and the Politicians that have now found out what the purpose of goons who want to live in an environment where there is a morally bereft and entirely modern City in which people can steal other people’s dreams to get rich, really is. They do want them respected and that is why they love to rip up my finances though and I will have it respected to their hearts content as well, after all it can never get any worse from a process where the pressures you handle even when you are more successful and more than anything they have ever experienced despite their plans to kill people and of course when you go on and mention it, there exists thereof a stage by which others who are real leaders must know it to get things done. I for my part have always known why I walk into the job centre and deal with subliminal messages about how I did not find a job because I did not masturbate and then when I walk in the next day presuming I did, then it will have been because I did and it was not enough etc; the idea that there is a reason behind it being entirely fabricated of course, just like the sense that I have a serious problem with my career which does not actually entirely involve them and so Politicians and Media need to suffer until it stops as well.

The case never ceases to be made all the time on National Media, that I am unable to protect anything which is allied to me; whereas the truth is that I do not abuse them in sexual context the way they dig my renaissance and I do not curb their freedoms the way they want my public image to get rich with – so the former was supposed to have been something that very twisted and evil scum which are likely to be communist spent their time doing and the latter was supposed to have been very twisted and evil scum from the US or Africa but here we are, the British Media fools and Political bastards and Industry scum, enemies at home, the fucking idiots. They do claim it happens for a valid reason of which we know the only one to be that they are older than me and want to be rich and I believe this should make it clear enough that they need to stop or I am going to stop it for my part as well. They do say they want me out of my Office of course and it is meant to be another funny intrusively easing provocation which I do not have to respond to if I do not wish to do anything about it but then again the bone of contention between me and them has always gone beyond being older than me and wanting to be rich, such that they must start a fight with me to consummate a process of planning all their stupidities around owning me like I am an item, it has always developed far into the fact that they organise themselves into society for something more far reaching than filthy disturbing popularity i.e. wanting the Country and deceiving people about identity all the time; so it’s still the same old story i.e. every time they take a break from me, it is always a likely indication the poor are being pushed and squeezed – nobody moves into my right hand and I am not talking about fighting me and getting beaten so they can send their children out to pass insults at me either – I am talking about the fact it is where we will find out what they are going to do for their part as well.

It gets measured very well through this matter of EU Referendum here in the UK. All of it being Confidence talk and semantics as it were – since on one hand a Country has a choice of going off to another to say they are in dire straits and need some money they can pay back later, which no Country on earth is actually capable of doing properly and on the other hand a vote to keep out of a partnership with its second biggest trading partner and I could never understand why people do it, could never understand what the problem with a certain group of fools that must own the Country first before they get anything done, do these things for. These guys leave people with a sense that their livelihoods is a contraption that nobody is looking after, a contraption that is not being looked after by a human being who has feelings, every blessed day and they want to get out of the EU because it is making them uncomfortable for it. They say I am the one that got beaten down whereas I have been clear about idiots making stupid people famous and giving money to militant socialism in the hope that they will crush some Royalty and later suck up to Americans and become masters of the Universe like they were before the recession and have made it clear the question is that of whether I will sell my Books without a fight with Politicians and Media and Industry people or not – there is really no point to people behaving incessantly as though they can offer me something better than an Arch Prince’s Royal Estate as it were, no point getting involved with me without acquiring a copy of the Books thereof thinking they will be appreciated. It all gets to a stage where it ceases to be some giant global sales Men party as it were; if a Country like Greece for instance believes that a method of doing business will set off a cost of job losses and problems for the government amounting to half a million pounds, while the investor is putting a million pounds into its economy, of course, considering they are desperate with National finances at the moment, they will find an arbitrary way of getting half a million pounds off the investor before he or she is allowed to invest at all and with the EU deal the investor tends to have little choice of going somewhere else, which in the long run means that people can then settle down and do business properly not get out of bed and think others do not wish to get rich by getting involved with parties as well. They do say that my Books are unsellable and I did write it so as to make it unsellable as well; the most important thing has been that I am an Arch Prince and they do not matter and the sooner they get to grasp this fact is the sooner it will be better for all on both sides. Here the big idea is that of the British being let down by their own people at home naturally but I have no idea why they would expect me to get stuck with their stupidities that means they want to be rich because they are older than I am, rather than work with the more studious and committed Europeans who would never if ever, pervert a process where I ask a beautiful young women to deploy my public image seeking somebody to finance a popular culture for her, to set her up in such a way as means that each time she is to support me too, she comes up with a new music CD so I can have endless work to do – I suppose the big idea is that the Europeans do not know as much about women as the British do and so the British d need to blow their top on my case as well and move on. It does not come unless somebody works for it and saves some at the end – if they work for it and save some, we can all recover together. The participation based Creative Equity Empire of the Royal Estate was built with this risk in mind – they did start off ripping up my academic work in order to run off and grab my future based on what they know of current qualifications and the Degree I was after but they had soon found out their hands need to be all over ever firm around the world where Equity has been brokered, so they can show up on Media and tell me nobody knows who I am all the time in order to make it their own claiming it is a right; now they tell me I am bellowing a sense that millionaires need to work for it and save some in order for us to recover together – I wouldn’t know about their threats anyway, I just know this is something that needs to change as well as it were i.e. the idea I cannot bellow such things at them; I shall start with the global markets all together too, so that I do not have this process of being a Royal Prince others are more important than become something they can finance and make permanent – killing off a sense I have been operated on without anaesthetics smelling my own self and being awake during an operation etc, enjoying my experiment to find out how much money they need to be more important than I am onto a career level too as it were.

They do repetitively state this case of how I need to settle my case with Politicians on one hand and then on the other how I will be beaten up one way or another in time as a result of my treatment of Women. In terms of the former of which the case is as simple as Politicians getting my finances back the way they found it before they started project support society and culture goons if they wanted me to be dominated first before I do my academic work of which what will happen after if at all I get to will be anybody’s guess and then all will be well or these goons will continue to get as much respect as the Politicians have really demanded here. As for the threats of beating up story; they need to be informed that clouding their insanity with my work will not help, as the real issues are still that their girls turn up on my Public life to get involved with my projects for years and then when I get desperate I have to make statements about where they did, which becomes libel in practice on account they are using my life to make fame and fortune and what I have done to them can be made many times worse than it is at present too. I am not making fun of it as much as they suppose it is meant to be here; this case started years ago with how when black women rip up anything that looks like friends and family support so that I might look like an orphan all the time, they start a blame culture around some guy that needs to control his mother because it is affecting them and the threats were involved then just as they are now, turning up here to provoke themselves all the time along the pretence I am nobody and do not have my wits about me as such thereof, to a process of taking up from what the Politicians did stated above and they have since completely ripped up my finances and then my academic work in order to pass their exams and steal my future with and that has since gone into overdrive to damaging my Books and getting about industrial communities to tell me nobody knows who the hell I am; the threats are not going to end it up in a good way and by the way of which I hear they can kill me but of which as it stands I am the one complaining about the state of culture and society having killed them a thousand times over myself anyway. I understand their case to be that of people ending up in their Country when they do not want people to, none of which would have been an issue if they did not spend so much time investigating other peoples personalities in order to eventually reach a stage where peoples personalities can be used to make them financially comfortable and of course following them up at the threats will mean beating them back to where they came from and we all know when that becomes a prognosis they can be as big as they like – besides which they love the  Country so much they will turn up here to wind me up into helping them burn it too as it were with a big mouth, the bloody idiots. I mean, I do not encumber their freedoms and simply cannot understand why this behaviour becomes so important all together anyway; I am an Arch Prince and love this Country too but it is a world where people for instance at diplomatic circles want to associate their children with me, so it is hard to see where it became important that others protect the Country to a point where people are getting killed in it and even more difficult to understand why they cannot see that our lives do not meet at any point when they live in such ways and that they need to keep off my Books and stay off my cleared space; it is a beautiful Country in my view and those who do not want to be rich by keeping their hands to themselves will soon find their taxes used to make it even more beautiful, I love it that much for my part and these idiots need to keep the insults and threats where people appreciate it, so that does not become a problem for them too. as far as I am concerned with the Women thing however, on one hand is their idiots getting about making trouble and ripping up all they touch while these sort of thing tends to give them access on Media and Popular culture by those who think there is anything on this planet they really can do about me if they got angry enough and on the other hand when I say ladies first they will turn up here and take it from them women and take and take and take until they create war and terrorism, then turn up here to take mine to fight the war and terrorism with, which they cannot take without blowing off their big mouth threats, meaning it will lead to bigger problems as it were. As for where I keep sharing my secretes however, they will continue to get as much as respect as Politicians think I need to suffer because they are not getting, perhaps it will stop the attacks on me from Parliament as well.

They do say all I think and say when it comes to Europe is all fallacies but of course the first time somebody complained about the Germans it was me talking about being made to modify my entire existence which in any case was not a permanent solution, on account that others were provoked into doing 2 world wars in the past, which led to an outcome where their own was twisted up as well because of the way that blowing trees and nice old forests, in order to build a concentration camp and make people line up naked to be executed affects those who may like to sit under a tree shade to read a Book or graphic novel – the second time somebody was provoked, it was me complaining about the Germans ripping up my Royal image and business assets to run manufacturing Industries really quickly because somebody else was making that happen by getting on Public places to deal with the guy that has been stealing his beauty while the girls took care of him where he steals pocket money from business owners and leaders that they should have earned – the third time is where we are now and they are the ones that want to get out of Europe while I make a mess of it every time their pain hits the wire as well. So that fight with Public transport operatives and their underbelly of old idiots who want the Country and want to be rich and will end up getting beaten down so they can send in their children who will end up with less rights than their parents had and really enjoy making me smell and make a mess of myself all day is really coming on; apparently they do not know that what happens is that the stomach experiences so much pain that the rest of the body cannot prevent it from releasing itself by a spasm and so it is the reason they do it as though it is an insolent behaviour which should not  face consequences if the story can be that peoples prospects will be affected and that it is all some form of social power instead and I mean it is what happens when they see the world according to what they are – the result is society and bullying because I see the world according to what I hear as well, whilst they turn up around my Business concerns to claim that what causes me to lose my temper is the fact that somebody else is about to grab my Royal Estate from me. I mean the popular culture fools hate my guts as much as they do at present over exactly the same kind of bullying and nobody moves into my right hand, so we can find out what it is they are going to do as it were. They do like to say I never listen to what other people are saying to me of course but I have heard all about how I am suffering always because they were just about to get rid of Church and Piety and then I came to reinstate it all with no respect for the fact they really hate it since it is being practiced in their own personal lives in the first place as it were, the last time we checked and the need to make use of my attention and my personality and the feel of my tolerance gets to that level of extreme threat all together and they need to clear my space for it and tell their foolish younger scum to keep off the Books to that effect. There is this sense that it is all going to end in a funny way but of course the reality is that if you do not get into that public transport and society business assets of theirs and ensure you control every aspect of it and they understand what will happen to it each time they attack you, it never ever improves a situation but then again for now the state of affairs is stable i.e. nobody moves into my right hand and we shall find out what they are going to do from here thereof. We have now reached a stage in this matter whereby people know there will be a certain consequence when they attack me, I should start to experience an existence that looks like one that a human being experiences but do not think that will ever be the case if these society Men are not controlled because their needs and greed is a state of affairs in its own right and they are ready with lies brewed from the positions of fellow idiots from Africa where people have a skin colour like mine and war as we  well as organised discrimination never ever ends and now they are poised to handle my income and destroy it along with my health if it does not become theirs and push off more lies about the problems those that are like me create to hang around me and continue for as long as they might wish – so it is coming on really well and until I handle those assets knowing that the most important thing to them is to get rich and that they never will unless I stop getting abused and attacked, it will never stop; technically of which this is the point where it becomes a matter of US leadership and not necessarily mine.

There is that question of course of how much any little job I am doing is jeopardising everything but there is also a difference between fact and reality and the stories they tell on Media i.e. fact and reality is that they enjoy infiltrating my renaissance to play evil people supported by fools from my race, who want to be rich , right down to copying how I react when people finger my bum and what I eat so that society idiots can eat it and dominate me to climb social ladder and they really love to handle my public image on the other hand as well and the fact they want to be rich coupled with the other reality that I am 100% aware of this too is starting to yield results now that it is all getting violent too. the celebrity ones do not trouble me half as much as they do like to think that they do – the reality is that one on one I can take on a large range of these trouble makers but this is not what will happen, what will happen is that since they have no honour, they will have a go at me one after the other systematically until I fall; so if it is a Woman the exit for her has to be financial but for me however it’s a story of people getting off to celebrity parties to rip up my finances and make names for me that sets me out as an object of ridicule for it too, where I am having financial problems but each time they destroy a Book deal in that way it is at least a million pounds and some that I have lost, which I lose so on account they are showing me the meaning of evil and nobody knows what it is really about; the most recent name they have tended to call me is chopper-chopper i.e. somebody that kills off peoples chopper that comes to get them out of a war zone where their decadence is fighting for its life that is supposed to be worth millions of currency and I did mention I am starting to despise them too as they have not been checking the dictionary definition fame which would have excluded their type – hence these actions are not necessarily a misery; if only I can ensure they are dealing with sexism on the left and social violence on the right and my intolerant penis in the middle, people will go to a Media studio to do journalistic work and those who get film roles will not infiltrate my renaissance or handle my public image.

So do I think that this will actually help me sell my Books? This process of attacking celebrities get my Books sold? Of course not – what gets my Books sold is the reality that no Celebrity has a position in the market which is permanent and I wouldn’t have to fight for that reality if there were not bust cutting up every one of my Book deals to seek themselves and exhibit their stupidities as well. They do say I never answer the questions around why they do it but the question actually answers itself if I may spell it out all together i.e. there is no money in the world and they have a pathological fear of making some by working for it and saving some in order to recover themselves and the economy and because I have shut them off from using my person and public image and all effects of me to create the sense they are doing something others can pay for, they have ended up with popular culture riches which only amounts to making deals with Industry trouble makers – now we hear them speak of how they should have had a benefit of hindsight by which to see I would become what I am today but so should I had one to see how far they were willing to go no matter how much of their civil rights and freedoms as a whole society was affected, provided one person suffers it all and not everybody and they do need to recognise I have a history to look after for my part as well and cease the subjecting provocation that does not really prove there is anything on this planet they can do about me anyway. In the end, the Politicians want them respected, so I need to be using a tone and means that does not take that away, there is complain of Politicians hurting bottoms of course because they think it is my problem, whereas if they cannot rip up my finances and push me into a fight for their conveniences on private expense, Public expense will do – so nobody knows how they do that while they spend public funds to support people on benefits as well, so I will have them respected for Politicians and of course we have now reached a point where the problem is that I do not regard the fact they are financially well off, which they are with no sense of family and personal life support that means they have home as a place of growth and their wits about them in public places like real human beings would, for they were financially well off and I will say these things and need the help of Industry goons latter, to become frustrated about failure while refusing to change a behaviour. So I am financially unwell off so to speak but I had between 20 and 25 million pound worth of developable creative equities at the Global Markets, attached to the Royal Estate and I needed to broker it to release money that would have made it more than that in the real market all together but I did decide to invest it on the economic crisis of course and have since had a German leadership of vandalism bring it down to a point where all I do is to lead to an oppression that means I am only going to return to seeking out some hard work to do for a living, which is what these idiots are so fond of but then again if I were aiming for a customer that was a Lawyer who owned a big firm which I did anyway and if the matters I handled were social bearing in mind I had seen many occasions where people took their lives because they did not want to go back down to the social issues all over again at their age, this should all have led to a quick recovery and I should have gotten my money back a long time ago; except the Politicians want these fools respected and they will be too, it has almost become more important to do so than it is to trade the recovery equities considering they want to pervert it into a need to deploy my Public image and infiltrate my renaissance to recovery economy and express their hatred for religion while leaning on me for the succour of life; they could lean on people for the succour of life and use it at the source if they wanted but they are so twisted they have to accompany it with a hate campaign to take it all; so the arch prince does not understand people hate religion and they do not understand I have had enough of their stupidities as well – it’s the nature of a thing story of which my response to it at the moment is about their homes and the wickedness that sediments there and needs to keep its hands off me etc but Politicians have always wanted it to be respected and that is why it is such a social matter, it does not mean I have lost my temper and everything else with it. Of course they claim I do not wish to respect the fact that people need to be better off as well, which is utter nonsense, it is my respect of such a fact which means civil rights idiots own me with a big mouth as it is the sort of nonsense they are good at – the reality is that every idiot in their society wants to turn up where I live and around my concerns to get involved with me and it is all a social selection that Politicians have devised; now they are complaining about aching bottoms to pretend it is my problem and like to boast that it is a sign of their power which I love to remind them it’s the one women take over all the time as well, wanting me to see it in a gang fight for 15 years because they cannot leave people alone, like we see them give to the frugal. It is never true that I expect too much; I do not expect too much, just some respect for what I do like we can see them do it too, or I will continue to be little bit and ensure the trouble makers are respected just like they wanted it, so I can social select their own as well.

Of course it is never true that my Court does the same things nor is it true that I am not making any progress – in terms of the former the Ladies all have Jobs and a Cause alongside, I have a Royal Estate and a Company that sells my Books alongside – in terms of the latter, all I say has to be shared with society goons who have some madness they claim is their power by which they get by instead of work for money because Politicians want them respected and so this has become the platform on which they shall recover all things they have lost with the means of civil and criminal disobedience. The other case around it is of course making my peace with Politicians, which I have; it’s just that they really enjoy playing these games about showing respect to these trouble makers all round and when questions about the outcomes which they want to blame on somebody, they come up with the need to have power to control people in order to ensure their Industry goons are comfortable – when Labour was in power, that meant the Unions, who could simply want more money from Politicians because I walked down the streets – for the conservatives it’s the goons that polish their Cars and refurbish their homes because I walked by their streets and there is no way I can be better off on my feet than they are in their cars and big Houses and it is the same when the idiots threaten me with racism as well and I have to remind them I also love the Country so much their property does not come close to its beauty, so Public transport idiots might get on my case for them. They say it’s the one that was used to provide for me and it really does sound like gay third world fashion show MC bearing in mind I have not yet had my own position through which I can talk about Jesus until I look like the third world ones as well but then again I have a history with their evil of course and they are always having a go at me for separating their wickedness from mainstream living but are still committing themselves to the behaviour which caused it i.e. rip up my finances and check me to see if I am vulnerable to career privacy and if not put me through some hell to ensure that I am. So since I am just as insane as they are, I have been cutting off their society idiots from homosexuality too while I make these things happen, so that it might become a real issue just like they normally think will give them privileges of injustice if it did become one. In the end it is my work to ensure that the Industry ones work for their Money and save some to swell their Bank accounts, not calculate peoples incomes and decide which percentage they want to own and the Politicians are free to attack me and talk nonsense about the need to have the power to control people in order to make them comfortable all they want – I am clear about where I stand, when they are finished with their insults they will do the celebrity routine so I can find out what they are made of for my part as well. That they will find a way around it by causing me years of misery and building history from that to ensure they do not have to work for their incomes is to remain precisely what it is i.e. a fantasy – especially now that I know of the plan all together as well. I am aware it is said I have been going off to work and work really hard which is what the problem is but there is really nothing in the form of any activity I perform in terms of any work which causes this, what does is a process where people attack me and get pleasure from seeing others take advantage of me when I defend myself, it has come from a need to spice up their sex life with my temperaments which is the reason their insulting women get in my face all the time to use the presence of God around me to do it and it is now being used as attrition to express their displeasure at the fact that I shut it down on them because they never listen or let people be – so it did come to a time I had to realise this was a real asset being pillaged and this point is not that time as such, it’s just another point where they have blabbed again.


It is never true that I appease them either, just like it is not true that I am not making progress – in terms of the latter the reality is still that I have to ensure society has full access to all I do before I put it up for publication because Politicians want them to be respected and can no longer convince me otherwise when I have been persecuted so violently for the last 15 years everyday – which does not actually mean I have become a symbol of suffering in any case either by the way, that truth about that is rather better displayed alongside my Books and my Public work all together. As for appeasing them, that was an old tale that they had loved telling all together; they cannot stop doing the seeking an impervious shelter on which things develop game which of course is what it is and when I do not take part somebody else will do the one I should have done, just like when they build popular culture obfuscates from my Public appearances; all I can say is that they are a collection of people who are so stupid that it makes sense to kill them, so there would have been no point whatsoever coming to any stupid appeasement when my entire life these days is about their needs and their stupid greed. This is usually where I get told that I am a killer in disguise which is utter nonsense as the reality is rather that they do love to measure all that cup of death that they measure endlessly and it is actually women that they pervade to build up this nonsense – it makes me wonder all of the time since they love to attack me so much, besides their money where their mouth is when I mention that killing them tends to make sense as it were, so that I might appease thereof; whether they do it on grounds that they are actually good at making decisions about life and death as it were – it turns out they are complaining about me because they are not and we are not talking about the women bit they pervade either, that is largely more a matter of the fact if she is not 100% and has to get out of bed to provide for herself, of course when she does not want to get involved with you, she will ensure that things tend to happen to you all of the time and we are not talking about stupid black women who make alliances with these idiots who speak of hatred for Women all the time, to steal or damage if they cannot have it, anything about me that speaks of support from friends and family either; that just makes sense that all the useless trouble makers have huddled together and the more their behaviour can be explained is the safer a society we will all live in. I have no idea who created this state of affairs which suggests that it is okay for them to behave the way they do anyway, all I know is that they have continued to put forward the one and same excuse i.e. it is fine if they are not killing anybody, it does not mean I have been manipulated into pleasing Politicians by speaking of it either, the Politicians still have their thing going on for them just like people are still getting into that behaviour of gesturing me to the left all the time and I do not know what I am going to do to them for it thereof as well – they are still respecting these fools for all it is worth.

So the final big question is what my opinion of State Provided security is, of which first of all is that story of me losing my Royal Estate since HM really likes those who turn up to expand Her Family and loved even more, those who hurt people for Her all together as well – especially when One’s decisions are not respected, I mean I am just saying it in case people have their own shot at as well and then the Police have to do the cleaning up riots bit if they did not actually do it themselves. In terms of the ones that look after me all together, it’s the one case of the fact I think they are beautiful as they are and others need to be careful how they start fights, people shouldn’t be too keen, perhaps I may write Books about them at some point and it might be a best seller etc – hence they know why I am likely to attack first while others are good at beginning trouble first.