Of course it is never news that MPs are shooting really violent and mortal threats at me – I mean Tony Blair has never once told people he expected some random murderer to kill the Christian whose life he wanted to consume like an item to make his oratory, he would rather speak of games I play about which people should take note and put my life to use to ensure Cherrie and the rest of his stupid family are safe and secure when I turn it on him as well. It goes the same for them – not that I worry too much about it since I appear to be good enough at what I do with myself to a point where it means nothing and applies the entire purpose of their existence these days is to turn up and mark me up for over-enslavement and these are the examples of the facts you can never ever hear them mention. Then there are the other ones in the US who claim I get in the way of their freedoms of course of which the reality is that the world has changed and they initiated the kind of changes they do not like on it which they now blame others for and was entirely expected too; I mean you can initiate your own change in the world and somebody else can stifle it and make you feel cheated or you can do it and be successful or you can fail to change your surroundings the way you want it and pick on somebody else for initiating the kinds of changes that you do not want. All I know is that things have changed and it is no longer as simple as saying let somebody do something in the land of the free and be enterprising thereof – things like wildlife parks and so on and wild game hunting should become the domain of the government and available to all because it is riddled with wickedness these days but they cannot be seen taking note of the ethical parts of things, so they regularly set out to shoot wild animals and put pictures on the Internet which I like to redeploy on my internet profiles too because it helps to highlight insecurities that my people may encounter and where those might likely have originated from. So we know of the question of the prognosis of wickedness I seem to be talking about, which of course is a stupid woman’s questions and I will try and answer it as much as I can i.e. nobody will want to engage with consumers if it is possible for them to leverage other people’s lives as well as some of their money and pile up some products and blitz the market with them within a period to make a certain amount of profit that will help them over  a living and thereafter leave some to increase their capital with and thereby continue to grow its size in that way – which is one side of the story as the other side is rather that these individuals that get leveraged do not just come or get born into a disposition where they can be, they are made into leverages and I do not see any women or girl actually supporting themselves against me if we were both leverages like that and she thought I was competition; so clearly I have spoken before of this threats of feminists that are supported by men but they are still able to develop the effrontery to turn up in public and talk rubbish at me knowing the reality is that the perfect wife and the perfect daughter will always be the chosen leverage as far as they are concerned. It does come right back down to a certain group of men that like to make out they really like women and boys like me should not complain about what women do, which nonsense I don’t want from them for my part as I am not a Christian because I am a novice at what I do and know about their version of wickedness and its sexual corruptions very well indeed, so when I handle them again it will be a case of whether or not the noise making about moving into my right hand because I have done their hysteria as well especially over beating their wives (whom I relate with on account if 9 years ago I turned Fifty I would have thought like they do that thinking about what I should do if I happen to see somebody that is very good looking to me was a lot more a price to pay and would cost everything and that playing with them for a while is the better option I should chose – about which the way they pretend I sleep with their women is half the problem but the things they do with them women and the ones that turn up in the pornography Industry is another story and does ask the question of how you respond to it never mind the part where it becomes political capital to their idiots in the houses of government and Industry to accuse you of abusing them with fantasies). So as I said, they have started again as it were – the mortal threats especially and over moving into my right hand it will soon be a case of whether they can stir that mob justice against me like that big mouth suggests; I mean I can only ask how the big church thing feels at the moment and whether or not they are missing me. It does show on those claims that I have become an angry vindictive and grumpy person of which I am not and still beat them at a competition for gayness all the time and do that it second and have to extricate it from them every time in order to have a sizeable prognosis on an equity to write a blog on my websites every time I do; it’s about punishing people because I have an anus and a penis and a head and a chest and they can use those things whenever they have a need to punish me that cannot be satisfied to display and enjoy beauties of villainy with preventing me from writing my books every single time I get on my office to work – they have built up an oppressive atmosphere on media for it and that is staying, so is my punishments staying as well – their big mouth says they get the better of me all the time especially for the females and more so the blacks whose insolence knows no limits and it is not mystery they come from places where genocide happens frequently, so it should be alright, after all there is no way they can do better than me when it comes to Industry connections if I beat them on being happy and excited to that extent every single time. We do hear of the part where most men do not know what I know of course and I always feel like that is rather a process of blaming it on me when it seems to be easier to say to women that when they are angry it does not matter but when you are it does, which is not to say you do not display the same behaviour with men as well, it’s just more frequent with women, until they get burned and yes the part I left out was the part where they said you have to have the expense to deal with female problems but of course everybody knows I am looking after my colleagues and associates and fans and customers and not everybody, so though I do also support those who ask in the proper way anyway.

UPDATE 4TH July 2014

I am aware the media wants to know what I think about the Rolf Harris Sentencing of course but it is never an emotive issue regardless of how much oppression is levied on me until I am nice to victims of crime and so on – the reality is still much the same as it has always been i.e. the Judge followed the rule book in the matter: personally, I think there were several crimes in there some of which were concerned with deception and others with assault and then there is the main one of paedophilia, if we count them up, each can carry a custodial sentence and if the sentences were lined up, it should lead to between 9 and 12 years in prison but because of the way justice is tempered the sentence is therefore what it is and this does not just happen, judges have to follow rules to make it that way. It’s the same in line with the story of how powerful America will become if my entire life and world were sacrificed for them to have something they have never had and this time it’s a matter of American military telling their people they do not need to have a big budget to run a military effectively like the British but it is utter nonsense because for us having a big budget is rather simple, such as the fact if we have 200 soldiers and the proportion in action at any given time is 50, then that is a quarter of our military from which we have something to learn a history to put aside but in the US that proportion would be about 5 compared to the size of the army – what it means is that it comes right back to the same issue i.e. if one state only was charged with a duty to defend the US it will do so with a smaller budget but if the entire US was charged with that duty, it would do so with a budged for the entire US that the one state demanded to protect the US which will make it spiral into more than 20 times what we have already seen – so the reality is that these American fools are simply complicating their lives and nothing more than that but for me it’s as personal as the fact if I feel they deploy my royal order for their various fights and my personal guards would have a problem with secrecy if they had to defend me from mortal danger, their Presidents will endure the same insecurity, since they know we do not just get off from nowhere to get involved with Government office and that there are rules to it and that there are consequences for going against those rules which will never be moved; hence playing these stupid games can only lead to a process where the steps I take to make them smaller in terms of freedom and the fucking liberty can only get better as this process of abusing my royal order to look good in a fight continues into the future, so they can pay the price for their own and keep their drones and military ware and especially their spy noses, especially for the black spies who think they are so good at violence there is a sense of no area of your body that is out of bounds to me to express all the time blowing off their big mouth over one of those issue we all know they are fighting me over ownership of Royal Order to ensure does not lead to seriously catastrophic results. I personally always tend to say it can always fly if the Creeps and the Blood are running the White House.

We all know they speak of those who talk self protection and not invasion of others like I do to be cowards but obviously it does apply when the coward writes his books people turn up to wail and then he has to write another that is about ownership so they can wail some more. In any case of which it is not a problem for me as I already know it’s all a matter of thieves and robbers at business who have had it worked out so well that there are things I must give up for government to operate like it normally does, it is not something people get involved with unless they are trying to extricate the reverse of its purposes. I mean Will I am Pop star is an example of one of those well known individuals who started a life singing those their nonsense at my expense that I have to tolerate, ripping up securities I set out over organised crime during diplomatic work because I would be too concerned with whether or not the arms industry was criminalising my equities by using it to develop weapons that criminals can buy than I would be about them but when their insults have reached a stage where it is said that I worry about their theft and robbery of my finances because I was never great enough to make enough to avoid worrying about being stolen from in the first place, we have come to a head – come to a head over this matter of how men like to think that inside every man is a place where rules do not apply and if they have another person’s property in it they might as well have owned it already, so he is now seen getting around with the British Royal family talking nonsense like that all over the place so the idiots they give money to from African can get around abusing me to make it okay; so it is going to lead to outcomes where there is me on one side and on the other is a real need to make laws in this country that are specifically designed to govern men and it will show at the diplomatic front for it as well, for now these black idiots I love to give the thrill of competition for gayness and happiness and beat them all the time at it, so we can see why they need the White House so much and it is important to them thereof that certain histories are done away with because people overreacted, which of course is another example. . They say it’s a taste of our own British Medicine whereby everything people do is a process where people are doing our stuff but of course this matter has never really been a crisis; it’s as simple as a case of the fact that they always start off with a life of deviance that will wreck the space in the society that they were born into and get out of that to wreck other peoples own or generally want it and from then on their lives can only get better and better with more deviance, more income from other people’s property, more rewarding processes of enjoying life and so the younger ones find it easier therefore to get a little job and put money aside in order to make any small business idea they have a giant success, while the older ones talk rubbish all the time and the Politicians even when they have seen a history of Nazism to point to are still attacking you because of how good you are at what you do which then makes you walk around their country like you are their boss in order to stifle your finances and hold you down to help them turn out at your place to count pennies until they become millions, claiming it would be respectful: so people really need to stop being told by them what my books are for so that it does not blow up in their stupid faces, especially for the Americans; stupid yanks have come this far – it’s incredible too.

It isn’t the case that I have still not been able to institutionalise with the things my security people are doing on my behalf all over the world, I have; it’s just that I am neither fully a church pundit nor fully a government one so I must always be active in the diplomatic and Royal village and everybody can see that things I am good at which I am unable to carry out are falling apart which is affecting others too, so why can’t a set of black idiots and their friends cease getting connected around here to talk rubbish about how I  was never good enough to make enough money to prevent being offended when people steal it? We have only reached a point where their opinions about what my work is for needs to come to an end or it will blow up in their stupid faces. Only the first part has been completed i.e. where they get Politicians to wreck my finances for them and then give them time and money over it to keep information on me and settle up on the Industry I am not likely to deviate from then get their hands on the most important parts and all I do will mean more for them – the trouble is that every contact they make with me involves getting my attention by handling my books which is actually criminal. It’s like the old story about British Roads where it is said that it is the Mayors London Bikes programme that is coming under pressure whereas Buses used to be well looked after in this Country but are not anymore because it is mostly taken by hoodlums and not working people and it was the Labour party that changed all that to help their socialists who have seen their ideology become useless, enjoy the perks of capitalism in order to get respect. So in my view if it were up to me the reality would have been stark i.e. these goons who think they were born snakes from the day they were born have been really busy at getting Politicians to wreck the finances of certain people at their Prime, hold those down somewhere and help them to money which enables them to gather information on people and corner them at every industry that they are likely to be able to excel in and them some and with that whatever you do results in a condition where they get more because they have culture and the result is that those who really need their cars like carers and builders and even cleaners are gridlocked for hours on the roads while they are in their cars on account they are simply going somewhere over there – so I would have without a doubt been at this point deploying the biggest sledge hammer at my disposal to get them out of their cars and into public transport so I can abolish that stupid congestion charge their idiots came up with, more so considering that since we had realised that in the last 7 years this new behaviour has meant congestion charge and not the Buses are trimming London streets and more so unsuccessfully, while there is won on cyclists with resulting fatalities all across the country which is an attitude in itself that needs to be squashed; of course they will do it again when they get into government but it does need to be squashed first so that they might. This is always the kind of occasion where I am told I say it but when it is done I will be the first to criticise and that is never actually true; what is true is that people simply cannot seem to be able to stick to solving a particular problem without spreading it around and then failing to do so all together i.e. sledge hammer on roads to get them off the damn cars and into Public transport I would do but never the sledge hammer on the unemployed, being that the unemployed are trapped and locked into whatever the Government tells them to do: yes we hear of unemployed that take four holidays every year while the hard working can only afford Christmas but it is never good enough excuse because we all know he will be without one holiday every single time he goes against what his guys at the civil service tell him to do if he must be paid his benefits, so it never really works and makes no sense the excuses given that treating the unemployed like that can be deserved, it’s just somebody failing to do their own jobs and more so properly if they are doing it at all. So yes I am advocating the roads to be exclusively for the rich; I mean economies have their specialties all over the world and the one we have in the UK is being the economy of choice for the well behaved and there is no reason we shouldn’t preserve that with government force – in the end if you have five bankers meetings to attend on the day and all of them are not in the City, you have to use your car but if they are, we see that these guys are usually the first to make use of none pollutant transportation and that is why the Mayors Bike programme is so popular even though it is getting costly and people are stealing the Bikes, we see them advocate the use of Electric mobility systems and so when you see your boss and the company use one, then the prognosis is simply that the car parks will have to create more charging systems or the government will need to step in. It is all a recent behaviour issue and not something about a difficult nature of culture and people that is the biggest impediment to having the kinds of roads we want in the Country and the kinds of systems we want to use on it too.

So am I concerned that these people whose needs and desires I tend to have a lot of difficulty getting along with are actually financially better off than I am? Of course not; The Queen runs the show around here and the rest of us are supposed to go out there and have fun – I however regularly have to be called back for certain service and in order to have my fun, I have to ensure HRH The Prince of Wales is not putting his great and wealthy Prince’s Trust at the disposal of civil service idiots with a need to get famous and of course ensure that all which is required of me is available at least on a provisional basis because the easier I find it to run forth and back is the easier I will find it to get my cases finished; so that these fools steal everything right down to personality and when I mention something about controlling thieves and the irresponsibility of the decadent on my finances and they make expressions of the ostentatious show of their wealth resulting from stealing my Royal and Public and Literary work right down to my personality to make fame and fortune and leave me a mess all over the world every single time with impunity, to tell me I was never good enough to make enough money to avoid a process where I do not get angry when people steal it – it is the kind of things people do when in their view they wish to avoid vengeance on my part as it were. So the blacks like to say their silly children were born snakes from day one and I am playing The Lions game which stirs them to do bad things- so I always think it should be their older children that provoke me all the time as well since they along with the parents will always be old enough to know there are consequences associated with their actions, like the idiots they are.

The story of what I think about EU Federalism of which exists in the same par as what I think about journalists that were involved in Phone hacking being jailed; for the former federalism is a tool and there must be a government for which it cannot be used and if the EU were to have been a National Government then the question would have been whether or not Federalism was the correct tool (pricks). For the case of jailed journalists, apart from the hacking of the Millie Dowler Phone part which was when it was not used to my advantage, I am quite happy for people to hack phones if it be because when I am bullied it creates problems for the wider society as a whole but I am not so sure it is the right way to get information for a News paper although I can understand where information gathered from hacking might end up when those being hacked are hard of hearing, so it is funny in that sense, that it came to such a point. It is sad that they ended up in prison, however I should put it down to the fact they did not chose their tools well and got themselves criminalised as a result, so I suppose they will gather some hindsight from that anyway, thought the price be so great.


On the matter of my problem it seems with homosexuals and trans gender people however, I do not see any problems; they are if I am civil a collection of self centred, extremely selfish, self absorbed twats, so they think that my personal life right down to my countenance is available for everybody’s use and for whatever ends that might be just because they see my people doing it. So if they stay out of my personal life and out of these things and stop making music to pull my intestines with which is about me on account their girls want to let down hair in the expensive sports cars of millionaires and so on then they will have nothing to complain about but then again if I don’t want to be civil then I should mention how they extricate all these things and why they need to stay out of my personal life especially the blacks with international community idiots as family members who find it easy to think others that are more important than their stupid selves as items of which I do not think them so as well especially on that abusive popular culture violence they suppose works along with their connections in the fame Industries due to what celebrities think they are doing to be charitable, because of course they have way too much fun bursting the bubbles of happiness that my friends allies and customers have and it is becoming a social if not an economic issue while they talk nonsense about the powers of their evil cultures I have always been a fan of as it were bearing in mind there are always screams of civil rights every time I touch it but my very existence is hated because I am simply one of those people to whom it does not apply on one hand and cannot stand the sight of it on the other, hence the endless need for Political help and threatening politicians and business men and bankers which really takes my biscuit with it, talking nonsense about developing economies, thus me the item they can use (damaging money and possessions and public office to make money and possessions and public office while expecting the case of popular culture not being seen as a menace to continue to elude people forever) on account I rent their rooms to bunk in while I work and so if that is not the case I will; continue to make use of it as well and that will remain the complain that comes through all the time. So we do hear the tales that I am actually a sex freak but it is not showing because I have people that are managing that, however which my behaviour does cause others to abuse people; it has no basis on reality of course since it is rather a matter of the coward that these fools who are scared of the truth and hence claim racism exists where it does not and like to pick on those that do better than them for good measure on grounds they add wickedness to their stupidities which makes them ugly to a fault, were scared of but are not anymore because they have taken steps to ensure they are no longer scared of me which is all I exist for i.e. to be somewhere so things can happen to me, of which we never hear them mention in their complains especially when it is about freedom as well. All I have done here are a function of what everybody does when they are provoked to a point where society asks questions and they have to set out what they were provoked into but did not do because they made a different choice - I have not committed myself to violence like these fools have especially the blacks and yet it is a commotion of global proportions already but we still hear them talk nonsense regularly of somebody they want to beat up with that big mouth: so its much the same story, when they are nice it is a case of me asking why and the answer of whether what I have is how mine was supposed to be, the doing their thing and which is always set out as the reason and when they are not they are in my face all the time with their stupidities supported by Politicians that do not expect to be punished for pushing them down my way, talking nonsense about beating up like they will beat up where they are already and do so only with a big mouth. It is never true either that I am obsessed with women and should be given the most beautiful ones - I can understand the fanaticism of I demand beautiful women and I get it but this is not what I want: if I make a statement I would say that a single beautiful woman will not be willing to broker equities with me but a married one is actually more reliable because she has a husband and children and commitments, so I can run a company but if I want to say something about the truth I say I do want the beautiful women as fans and I do want the women I work with as people I get close to and can trust but it eventually boils down to the question of the exact nature of my relationship with these women which is an old story i.e. I had to shake things up and put them under some form of structure due to a royal estate they are bonded to as I am to them but it immediately got to mean that girls could compete with me for attention when men feel like taking what they own from them and as for me men could do whatever they liked with me because rules do not apply to them as far as they are concerned - which has created all these stupid and unnecessary publicity around the whole matter while they do not seem to understand the importance of staying off my books and staying away from me as we are not mates, after all we know I had to put these women under some structure otherwise they would kill and it would be because of me and they would do again and again and again and again - especially the European ones who are very, very temperamental indeed.