The idea a big conundrum would involve a process where the US has an administration run by a black person who have trouble reconciling the UK and its Royal family is not based on reality; the issues remain as they have always been i.e. when the US becomes a moral Country that trades with ethics and most of its admirers follow suit, that will be the day, for now there is nothing anybody can do about it and it is never clear what point people design their existence into a threat to other peoples own which is how and why some people are still cunts at present while they complain with that big mouth and a history to go with it more so I dare say. Nobody will ever buy any of those things they put up if people know what they really are and of course we all know they make it up to themselves with media but I don’t look the part of wanting anything to do with it as far as my case is concerned either – hence they need leave me alone as it were or stop complaining.

I know they always want to talk about the history of Christians and the history of the Bible all of the time and they cannot seem to do it without a mention of how I think I know the dogs I play with but if I mess with them they will rip me apart but still I cannot show the respect that is due to those who take care of them for all of society. I wouldn’t know about it anyway; what I do know is that they are never interested in talking about their own wickedness, what they want to talk about is other peoples bible and religion: i.e. the fact that they are always keen to find out which new thing God is doing with his people so that they can stall peoples finances and invent new wickedness to match which they only tend to get away with depending on the stubbornness of those who follow leaders like me and or what Politicians allow them, unless there is clear set out steps taken like I have to make a statement by making sure they don’t just for the sake of it, in order to create an exception to that stupid rule. In medieval times things were a lot different than it is now; so that hounding people because you are prepared to make all of their living a misery on account that you wish to ensure whatever God is doing with them is only something they work for and another from a different generation that comes after gains everything, so that it might create media and political capital of wickedness and evil to play both sides up, would have resulted in violence which sometimes may have been extreme as well but today you have to take a clear step to detach yourself from the general social tolerance to issue them warnings it is not a social issue but them looking for trouble and inform them of how there is nothing wrong with a process whereby they find it which in actual fact they really always should.

It has never been a crisis for me, personal or otherwise; it’s the same old story all around of the fact they have a sex and that sex is beyond my financial reach but I am being forced to pay for it anyway because of their ego as a result of their sex; so that when you contrast that with the price you have to pay as a result of the fact you have a sense of making a living that is conventional, like I do, then you want to do something about them as well; as it stands, the insults do not help them in my case at all, since last I had decided I want to grind away at their lives like that stupid poverty they grind away at me via the vandalism of my work all the time and creation of problems that cost me any spare cash I have for good measure and working hard to keep it up as many as might be needed on a daily basis thing they seem to have come to love so much – the reasons I took that step being that my personality had become a serious problem for me in the sense that somebody else wants to use it and we are now in a place where that problem does not exist anymore and any indications of starting it again will make their case over me a lot worse than it is at present never mind the fact I will not give up my hold on it in hell as well; so this is where we are – I am no longer persecuted because people want to use my personality, they are more carried away with chasing me to save their stupid selves all together and that is good regardless of how hard I have to work to keep it going. Naturally of which the need to discuss the violent history of the church about which they never talk about their wickedness instead when they have never actually attended church in their lives and have not got a clue what it is about, does propel them in such conditions as I have mentioned such facts to ask if it is over with me yet and of course it isn’t; since you simply don’t get to University every day waking up by 5.30 am to a chest that is about to explode on account somebody has been having a narcissistic pleasure with political speeches and media news that keeps his neighbourhoods of violent trouble seekers pleased with themselves at my expense, only for it to continue like that for the rest of your life on a daily basis, long after you dropped out of your studies and ended up in hospital once for a chest infection and the other for depression, only to think that the reasons for your failures is as they have put it i.e. that you are stupid and deserve to be used by others as a cultural indemnity which does imply the fight over making use of their personality and a need to savage your finances and create barriers to your right to be an employed person is continuing: - of course it is never over until I say so.

It’s just the way I work; they want that personality but that personality is the gospel or it is the books or it is the job and one of these days I will offer them proceeds from either three which if they had failed to accept will see me act to move them on as well. On the contrary I am winning and like it that way; like they have a sex that is beyond my reach which I am paying for anyway because I am a low life that their sex should be empowered to take advantage of, then they want to discuss the violent history of the Bible to extricate which part of a history with them that people have moved on from at my expense. They do say I talk about it when it is not inquired of me because I am a coward but I have a job that allows me to work for both the Church and the State at the highest levels and want nothing more from the world, now I have been hounded and insulted and abused and provoked into a need for extreme violence that means when I shoot somebody I will end up in prison or worse; I don’t want the consequences for these actions even though I want to carry them out – they should always find the trouble they seek and learn to let other people be – last we checked I have gone from the coward they fear and now I am the coward that fears them and it looks set to continue like that for eternity as well: I can only say taking up my public life fully will not be a comfortable experience for them considering that big mouth blowing off all over the place for it too. Yes I know there is a question of whether I would not have accepted a more peaceful way of resolving the issue of which the peaceful way stares them in the face all the time and they can be the idiots and the journalists with the best bully jobs in the world that allow my job to benefit me like it should and allow me to have my job, otherwise stop complaining and save themselves with that stupid ego; an ego that does not in any way recognise facts about how they should not handle others which is why they get to their offices to keep me off my earnings in order to feel powerful, besides their celebrity idiots they make at my expense to turn out and push conundrums of their own concerned with the problems in their stupid little lives into my affairs to make me solve them just in order to exist – it has always stared them in the face the none violent way of getting on of course. When I am through innocence will be gone as well which will constitute one of my good takes on an example of the dispositions they adopt while doing these things that tend to mean it is amusing.

I don’t actually like them as much as they think their appearance on my television affords; I know they are very destructive individuals you don’t want to let anywhere near your office because your University project will easily become a tool for finding out how stressed the cat was on the day not because they don’t know what it is but because the stress it causes you can be satisfying for their narcissistic feelings and if they want to be nice then they tell you how to live your own life to avoid a process where the dark side of them is displayed in such ways with a big mouth. The other more interesting part is largely concerned with how I am not aware these things are done by women and they are determined to ruin me and keep me ruined but we all know those are aware of a murky world of sexism where men can organise if they have enough of them and sexually abuse their fat bottoms so they can get off some royal kids they feel they want to bully all the time, which is not a path I want to follow necessarily but they will feel me alright and for now continue to believe I am not aware that I am enforcing a condition where their fat bottoms will never be famous. I mean they do bring up things like bum holes never cry and love the ones you are with; I have not got a clue where they get it anyway although we know of what punishment await them if these things are not at an end. It makes much more sense when they complain to Politicians all I do are designed to ensure I do not care about the plights of people all over the world, which does mean they have been doing the charity work anyway and one of the both of us was always going to thereof – so I win again – I don’t write my books for them. I do feel that kicking them like I do all the time is the way to make a living, it tallies with the claim my books are all what I thought people want to hear about my experiences of being bullied too; they are fat is the first story, they want to be famous even when they have husbands and a family at my expense is another and then another being they want to ruin me financially for the fun of it and then another being that they handle my books and use it to cause trouble and the other being that ensure they stir up certain stupid men that handle the books as well to take revenge on them; so do I know these things are done by women or not? I don’t pay a lot of attention to them because they are to me liabilities I must declare to Banks and sponsors which will prove to them I can trade my books and pay them back their loans within a deadline.


I mean we hear the complains but the reasons I am hounded is that the need to fuck the wife I did not marry and the need to deploy my feelings to spice their sexual stupidities no matter how younger than me they are since they do see their insolent parents do it and hence feel themselves to be superior etc, has developed into a need to extricate the vision I may have to raise my family and make it their own and that is just an example. It makes you wonder if the abuses and stupid celebrity product endorsement that does go such a long way to show off their stupidities and selfishness and greediness which the celebrity ones and media ones show off all the time is the kind of support they got to get where they are today which is why I shouldn’t have vengeance for it too; the idea that I am tapping into something and creating an alternative of a more co-operative business world to their financial wickedness is not based on reality – the truth is that these things are not the kinds of support that these celebrity idiots and fashion scum get in order to reach where they are and I have never asked them for any support either for my part. This is the point where their lies start to have grave effects i.e. on this occasion, the one where I use my life to make fame which technically everybody living in the same Country as me has got the same or has the same hidden in them somewhere with that stupid media and celebrity culture and it is an example of what they think others should view as a social and not a behaviour issue and thereby do absolutely nothing about it not that they have the right to anyway with a big mouth. Now that part about the Coalition government having questions around how they handle public finances and whom they give contracts to is entirely expected – we all know it is a matter of what people go to the polls to vote for and the Labour Party and its wealth distribution idiots have been raising new bars around destroying people’s property all over the world so we all know the Conservatives would not mind giving contracts to those people as well seeing that the condition is such that the Nation might become paranoid about voting other parties because of what they will do with public finances as well and then go off to vote for Labour which then means that such nonsense is set to continue until this Country is plunged into a very dark period indeed – and I do get the feeling the only difference between what is happening now and other dark periods in Britain is that there was no light shed on the others – i.e. this is not the first occasion. It’s the same old story all around and Muslims are one of the best examples of it i.e. a collection of goons that have failed in everything imaginable latching onto a clause in the Quran, which allows them to trap mostly women somewhere and fulfil a heart’s desire by providing leadership and we all know they speak of violence all the time which allows their idiots to mess with me at will and understand given a provocation they will become terrorists in a short period as well for my part in no time at all and do what they do in my direction all the time because they clearly have no wish to live in fear of me as well from that angle as it were. I hear they say I think when I open my heart to the world I have become a leader of everybody but of course I don’t remember asking them a fucking question either. It does lead to that old matter of how people deploy my books to wind them up which leads to serious consequences from me as well but in that respect everybody knows that what happens is people setting out Witchcraft as a form of religious belief and knowing what the Bible says about it want to test truths and twist noses by deploying my books to wind up Muslims and secure power for their civil rights; it gets worse because the only way they will deploy my books to wind up Muslims is of course making sure the world reads it without buying a copy of their own and then deploying it in such ways as leaves me a responsibility on which I will be made to fail so that they can get some credit and attention for doing something for a change with a big mouth that clearly does allow women any credit and attention for what they do unless they are evil and greedy and a threat to the freedoms of priests and Princes and anything that wants to be moral – so that in the end what is more important is a destruction of my faith by a deployment of my work to bring a fight and violence to the causes that the books were written to take care of, have found a new preoccupation in form of wars in the middle east, a US president that is happen to endorse their nonsense and pretend that diplomatic and economic success will come thereafter, think I want favours from them endlessly with that stupid media and will see my books in no other light. Yes we all hear they believe in evolution and so on and I use my Christianity to crush other peoples believes; I don’t care either for my part – I have finished with the destruction of everything else at this stage and will never give back my hold on that stupid culture but am now working towards wrecking their finances as well: I mean how many years of being abused like that on a daily basis – only if I end up in a certain condition that they have in mind will they have stopped no matter the cost to them and to the wider society and the world at large, so we will put it to the test: after all if I do look at it from the point of view of me initiating violent integration as well, it does mean I have won again. I don’t think it a crisis of sorts in anyway; these outcomes have always been my prime motivation and target anyway – we all know women that hate the freedoms of moral men come from the atheist side of society and that it does look like there will be no end to the financial problems and the despair sometimes but they are like an evil that does not sleep to that effect, while the men have a thing for wanting peoples penis and people anus, they say they can make money with what comes out of both orifices and like to feel that hounding me every day on that basis has created an individual that was  a coward they were scared of but now a coward that is scared of them when that is not actually the truth or reality. It does not annoy me in anyway either; the part that brings on the anger is that it is not as if my books are not successful enough to make me a comfortable living, it’s just that people love to round up every good and beneficial aspect of its existence and deploy that for a different end to make themselves comfortable instead i.e. since 2008 when I got published the books have not been sold because somebody else is making use of the books and it is that atheist somebody else that we have a problem with – the rest is just duty and they like to say it is nice to see me get off the aesthetics I have which is much the same as their hatred of my faith I practice in my personal life even though I have a work court of female journalists in that same personal life to inform that I do not necessarily tolerate homosexuality – they think those beauties and aesthetics are theirs for the peddling and that they are simply exercising power over those they are able to overcome and in their code of behaviour is perfectly normal culturally which is not the worst they can do, as if I myself am hurting them mortally over a need to touch my penis and anus and tummy in order to get rich etc; so what it has come down to is that they will only be satisfied if what I do is planned and accountably to them so and to that effect I have leveraged the need to fulfil this desire with the extinction of those cultural idiots that love drugs and rock and roll and drinks and girls and if I see them in public there will be war as well as this is not the 1990s.

They do like to ask how the war will happen and yes we can always start with the part about touching my privates because it is the route to riches and how a process where I am aware of it all the time has created the coward that they were scared of but is now scared of them. The part about Muslims and some need to kill Adulterers while these fools are claiming I sleep with peoples wives and hence nothing will happen to me if I am not tempted is where the Muslims need to shut their big mouth as the slightest attack in my direction will result in the best I am do to drive that stupid religion that does not even worship the right God to extinction as well which is what these Atheist idiots want above all else and however speak of media buzz plus CD sold plus net wealth being their pop power and the route to it involved these kinds of support is the way that they get to have such things thereof as well. So provided they shut their big Muslim mouth we should be making progress on this matter – I mean they think their pop power thing is a necessary activity which is why they never listen to what my demands over my possessions are – they think acquisition of pop power is a duty and Muslims that do nothing properly need to shut their big mouth and then we can make some progress. Of course we hear the part where it is my lack of co=operation with American interests that constitutes all of my problems but that has never been up for conversation it is at the heart of the issues – the American President does not believe in God but thinks these idiots believe in evolution and he must find out the truth too and get off my book sales and it will all happen my way, just another occasion where people never listen to what others are saying to them apparently. So on the matter of American international relations and diplomacy of which it is said I am a great obstacle, it is largely a matter of culture idiots from there turning up here again and again and again to show me how they behave over there. I am not giving up my hold on that stupid culture for my part either but they do claim it to be civil rights and not the fact their culture and its wickedness is normally used as something that is acceptable to society which in a spiritual way and with some devil worship makes them rich and my earnings seem to be at the receiving end of it all the time and that is long after my Christianity interferes with its ability to make people rich in the first place; so the coward they were afraid of who is now scared of them knows what he wants out of this matter and they apparently have not been working closely enough with that stupid culture: whoever said they believed in evolution anyway. I am going to start keeping stock of the abuses and for each of them met out consequences – for this I have already issued warnings as it were and they know about it. We do hear that talk of course of how I was never saddled with much responsibility when I lived with my parents and that it is what the Monarchy perceives to be something pure and worthy of a posh life when the degree of poverty in it is actually incredible and that it is what they are out to prove – I wouldn’t know since in my impression, when your parents do not saddle you with much responsibility it does not mean you come from a poor background if you are naive in the ways of the world but that they are a Christian family with strong views, so it indicates first that these values have served the family to the point that there isn’t a lot of social responsibilities that mean you can equate with them to get involved with and indicates on the other hand for your part the fact you come from a Christian background and somebody else does not, none of which has anything to do with poverty or wealth in any case. It is an example of the things that make me so angry because you could know so little about people to  point where you think they are naive in the ways of the world because they come from a poor background and deserve to be oppressed for the fact they are now doing things that you used to do when you were a Child which exposes your history and causes you limitations – in my case of which I already knew about it and the first time I handled them the result of that was a condition where I found out I had terrified them out of those saloon cars and driving them around the City talking rubbish that they got on media to have my life as trophy because it had beaten the previous stupid powers they were attached to but since then I have been faced with how my personality is the reason for my financial problems on account others want to use it, which develops into how my lack of care for the things of the world means if I am forced to care they will have created a disposition by which whatever they do will tick the correct boxes in society and make them rich and I can only care if I don’t have it but need it, which meant that their worldly possessions were to be more important than God thereof, prospect of which they celebrated and decided I was even more stupid than I looked, this then developed further into a process where I don’t want to look like something idiots like these will want to stab on the streets in order to feel they have committed a crime of passion and have taken their problems out on somebody but it becomes something they hound me and make me into all be it as a perception on media which by the way they want to make real as well looking for trouble. So I know that doing things to catch up with how they live which means that I do things they used to when they were children provokes them but I must since they are very good at bending people into areas of living that has nothing to do with them so they might start a fight and win it; I was okay with my Church thing until they came along and am not in any way responsible. On the point by itself it makes me so angry because it shows how distant they are and how little they know about me while at the same time handling my possessions which thus means I can never communicate with them while they are at it – it makes me so angry indeed and then we hear those big mouths blow off about violence on my media equipment that seem to be their salvation they cannot get away from as it were like I buy them and put them in my home for that. I don’t like them in any way you see, they are a living breathing CV of violence; violence of the many, many, many times when their parents lost a fight to them and they got what they want, of the many, many, many times when their teachers had the same experience and of the many, many, many times when everybody else did and when you ask them about it claim it is civil bloody rights and have ideas of some integration and sharing that must occur on my possessions. It has come to the point therefore where they think when they make a bit of money they get to compare themselves to me and that is where we have a problem; it gets to a point all together. I do hear the talk of how I must do things professionally of course; coming from them of which is incredibly rich indeed since these are the idiots that continue to insist on making profits with the lives and finances of unemployed people who are neither about to set up a business with their living expenses from which they will have all their desires met as well at the same time, hence constituting competition that must be handled or dealt with – when the put the products out there these unemployed people are so financially stuck that they have no choice but buy those products because they need them – so are they talking about professionalism when they are making profits with that? It is the same attitude that created the economic crisis by the way; they would take a company and try to sell it to somebody but before they do, take the equities of another company just because it is in their possession and make a three week publicity for the company they want to sell with it and then sell it for twice the price or so to the buyer who then saddles the consumers with all the cost at the end – result being that people eventually ran out of money, their bank account got swollen to bursting point and the financial markets crashed; it crashed and they expected others to spend their family ‘retainment’ to put it back in order for them to continue making profits with and when told they need to check their attitude so that when somebody spends something there can be an understanding they will get their property back at the other end, it becomes something else entirely – now we hear them talk nonsense about violence in my direction as well and I have not got a clue what the case with Television and media equipment seems to be either.