I hear they say I think I have the right to punish people which is utter nonsense, I don’t; it’s just reality that when we talk about trolls we want to talk about those that may be a threat to their stupid children but what about such things as a seeming right to handle my books and get on media to mock me stifling the sales until I am selling a Royal Office as well – what about the fact organised criminals will now look upon it and say even they sell cocaine and don’t have to deal with such nonsense because they have the support while I think I can just do things when I don’t have the support and then all those who got out of such things because I made it financially ineffective will have their lives endangered by idiots stifling my book sales on media to make me sell a Royal Office.

Then we hear those tales I encumber their perspective of the left which means they are still hard at it wrecking my finances to corrupt my faith and make lifestyle for themselves and its now come to violence as well and I cannot remember the last time they were able to impress their stupid friends in this Country either for my part and simply cannot make out what therefore gives them confidence they will ever get it. It’s not an issue, I simply need to oversee them get off my Books and clear my space – they don’t get the better of me, they have realised when I think about them it is like an invite into my life and I don’t want to keep doing it while they have found a link between it and the regular fix of fame and fortune that they need and it is a cord that must be severed. They do say its top Politicians and world power Politicians that are doing these things to me with their fashion idiots and popular culture idiots and media idiots and government corridor goons but they started first since they had decided to play by the rules of their idiots because they thought they could rule me and ensure it does not affect them but costs me everything thereof, so this is just the start of a process of setting out that platform where they have thousands of pounds in salary while I need to make a living from my Books but set out to and kick their bums over every single issue, like cut out the academic chit chat and kick their arse every single time. So they can handle my income and tell me I don’t have government work but a thing I made up and get increasingly confident about making it into their own when there are enough insults to do so with a big mouth.

The fashion idiots do really bring it out into the open – the prejudicial violence by which they have no wish to work for their own income is a function of being Mr Obama’s arsehole or that of a European Politician that is way out of my league and the reason I am always being targeted is because I make a living from my Books. When the Americans want to be more British than they are American and the African ones think they have become verbose enough to cause friction between me and some Americans it’s as though the insults become the meaning of life; so I do not yet feel I have kicked the Americans all the way back to being America and the African ones into their place yet, so I will continue to work on it, when done I will do my own boasting as well like I always do; I don’t assume a right to punish people, its completely ridiculous.

So they have started the day today by telling me I have been shaken and stirred; it is particularly provocative because it takes to another level that need to be seen in my life because they are not happy with the one they already have which involves Politicians spending tax payer funds on them to make fame and fortune with complete with features like having some homosexuality and alternative lifestyle and popular culture to create the idea they are suffering the same pains I do because they are using their own to do it the way I do and always inevitably ends with getting involved in and wrecking my finances. So it’s an old story of pains I suffer all the time which makes no sense since the whole need to have a section of my history that involved what I did to the idiots that did society and gangs at me will only lead to war on media and the businesses that love to link me with them all the time. It is not true either that in terms of state of affairs I love to play out my need to see what could be all the time thereby creating problems – what really happens is that these fools are always after the same behaviour – like female criminals show all the time that the reasons the Police claims they are bad people is that Officers want to have sex with them but cannot, so my case is the media and popular culture and celebrity and fashion targeting and distant prejudicial violence all the time, the claims I want to have sex with them and hate them because I cannot. So eventually it comes down to the tale of the fact I am a Christian and know what the difference between being a good person and a bad person is but they claim that they are bad people because it is their civil right to be until it turns out they cannot practice their badness on themselves because it will harm them so they practice it on others and it keeps getting worse while the Politicians bank roll it to look for trouble; this is the part that gets tolerated until the story starts to emerge that it has become a basis of unemployment and narcissistic happiness by which they make advertisement for products and then it has to stop as well. As for the story of how I have an inability to get on top of the case with Politicians, there is nothing new about that either; they regularly open up the borders of the Country and travel out to find some poor country where they will be availed some violent trouble makers they can bring to the UK and then make out it is my problem which has facilitated this need to provoke me and find out how I am living with it peaceably in order to get more important with and it is clearly not hurting badly enough yet the corruption of international development as it were but the fall out is the reality that these fools turn up to ensure tribalism ends up in White Communities and Racism in black ones so they can replace respect for me and my position with a process of addressing me like a kid – they claim the reason is that in Africa at my age I would still be a kid but this is clearly not Africa and hence something they do to cause me the maximum distress possible, so that they tend to do it to a stage where I cannot sit in front of an employer and answer questions correctly anymore but are still doing it claiming the unemployment is sign of their importance. So there is nothing unusual about the fact the Politicians do it to see if I am scared of them but the issue has become whether or not they are supposed to be seen around my Books and seen turning up in public places to get my space and so on – in their defence they say there are things I have done to the cultures and societies which warrant it but it’s the same old case with practicing wickedness being a matter of their civil rights; if I do nothing about those cultures and societies, then the reality is that it will form a basis of something saved up which is untouchable that becomes a reason people walk past me on the streets and tell everybody around them that I stole all that I am from that culture which they were saving up to get rich and famous with but now that we have National debts to pay off, clearly of which the excuse I have as well is that everything that is being saved up around here has got to have some value and if it is a pain can be sold off to pay some of it. We have never really got on at any stage whatsoever – beginning from the fact their meaning of civil rights is grab a kid and bully them and take everything they own claiming you are recovering your freedom, so when I turned out an adult that was trying to find my first job and was not even protected by laws that protect children and was a Christian who was sure to believe in a Bible that says he must be humble and respectful, they had found the jackpot and only needed some money and getting into an academic institution to pass exams on something – so it has continued to grow like the impetus that stupid culture was supposed to have given them and it grows and grows and grows and gets worse in every turn, while their Politicians don’t like the UK because some Country where they share their salary and it translates into millions at the local currency is where they are treated as Kings. In the end it comes down to the fact Ministers of Parliament get involved with an Author if they want to buy his Books and they need to clear my space and stay off my Book sales or accept there are things, the insolent history their women build with me to broker with them on absolutely every move I make, things I will do besides what I have already done which will prevent me from being reduced to an animal – so the question now is how we went from having trouble deciding what MPs do with me to a point where it is easily conceivable that I will sell my books to people and a community will emerge and at some point they will ask me what must be done with it and the chances are that statements will emerge that I cannot do anything about MPs messing with me and we will punish people for those years we were targeted and punished for being good people and doing the right thing as it were and it will all be because of their big mouth and an inability to be seen elsewhere but my book sales and my space. It’s the one same question of these activities of theirs being explained away at peoples expense to preserve some social order that does not make any sense whatsoever and whether it tallies with realities surrounding how they live at home with their families and friends which therefore means that when they are tolerated it must be allowed to fly and do so all the time as well – since it only leads to outcomes whereby their idiots their idiots link the process of fingering my bum and grabbing my penis to embarrass me intensely and turn up on media to pretend to be me until they have some going on inside of them as well as the means to wealth and success and of course their women cannot stop talking of how I want to have sex with them and why my view of rape needs to be settled as a view that is acceptable to society before I am allowed to exist; it’s all genocide stuff and we can see that obvious difference between people who cannot keep their academic work away from gangs and trouble makers even while they are using it to earn a living that we normally think of as stupid existing in a whole of intelligence as compared to this – so clearly of which it is safe because they have found a Christian that will not do any genocide to bully.


They do say my actions amount to the abuse of other peoples civil right of course and it is utter nonsense – its only the fall out of years of giving up old civil rights because new ones can be carved out with my personal life considering they have seen and abused and destroyed Christians before doing civil rights right up to the USA but have never seen one like me, so it’s really massive, it’s a jackpot, an opportunity of a life time – so I am still of the impression they have had it all worked out too. It’s never a problem, they exist on a side opposite to me i.e. the side that says if provoked they will join the criminal communities while I exist on one which says if pushed will join the security services, so we have always been aware of their prognosis for collaboration and it ties with celebrities claiming I want to sex with them like female criminals do of law enforcement officers all the time. So it is as though we are waiting for something because of them and everybody were able to see when they damaged everything here to gamble civil rights and seek new ones with my personal life they were on a roll. I am only supplying the facts they think the story of a Christian they have found which compared to ones they have destroyed doing civil rights right up to the US whereby Popular culture fame and fortune is facilitated were not this good, will not be comprehended by the Public and so their case that I am a rights abuser must be clearly set out so I might be dealt with; so I am now waiting for the trigger for I should have been able to manage this while doing my academic work comfortably except that wrecking the academic work is what government office is for these days – I am waiting for the trigger that will start the war on the businesses and Politicians and media that cannot stop linking me with these things. It is not their Books I write and it is not as if they are going to buy any either. We have to make you of your personal life at all cost seems to have become their Moto these days all together and yet they complain but the most crap I will suffer from them is being gestures to the left while they move into my temperaments, wrecking finances and playing up the bubble that exists between them and the prisons to facilitate rewards for hating those that are introverted brought that into being, I will not tolerate anymore so I am waiting for that trigger, they don’t teach popular culture at Church as it were. They do say they are fans but I am sure fans would understand I need the health and mental health t work for those things they get to share in order to avoid work and preserve thereby freedom and equality – fans would be clever enough to know lining up music tracks in a way that sets me out as target for society to help with their daily grind will mean no more supplies because I cannot cope, so they are clearly too stupid to understand that or listen when being told – they are not it as fans go. It’s not a crisis as such, only a process of getting ready to implement certain plans which ensure that when you teach people importance of anal sex, it is not the one where they did celebrity culture and popular culture or even pornography – I don’t do it because I think there is an alternative lifestyle they might be comfortable with, I do it because I think they have done the wrong thing and they know it; so if I were a soldier I would attack them until I got killed and then the fact they are evil would be undeniable but I am not so I always let them run to a point and then when it is time to act I will be stopped as it were. It’s a matter of starting people off and stopping in their own time, it’s just impossible to keep saying one thing to a group of people for a decade and a half without consequences.

Then we hear them say I expect the state to bail me out when I do these things and it is much like making trouble on claims I get involved with the media and mess around the Monarchy with it and nobody has ever gotten away with that which is not actually true; I mean the media is made up of people that tuck their kids into bed and kiss their wives good night to turn up and laden others with a barrage of abuses concerning accusations of having sex with other peoples wives to sleep better than they do, and attack people without reason claiming they were caught looking at other peoples wives and so on. For me however it is not that they don’t do all these things but there are others which cause real provocation i.e. every time I pray a community croon will notice it because the need to be disobedient around every single thing I don’t like has given them a fantasised access which they really don’t have if people are not making media and popular culture from it – so she does it because she is getting between me and God to snuff out a light that exposes evil and will get support for that to keep me down all day long while the reason I am unemployed will be that she is unhappy with the fact I don’t regularly get out of home to find girls and have sex with them and those that are doing these things for her on Media will want everybody else to believe what they are doing is the news – so for me it eventually comes down to the matter of whether it is their Books I write or they are about to buy any by the way. However on the matter of expecting the state to come to my aid, it’s an old question of whether it is the state issuing the question of whether others are to assume they don’t know what they are doing and thereby need more information about its effects on my behalf or whether the State is answering it on their behalf as well of which they are free to turn up here on the violence too so I can get to do their own as well – I don’t get involved with the media, I am just going to destroy it. I mean I am unemployed but check what they will become in the next 24 hours should they spot me with a flier trying to sell a product. The Politicians will say they are happy the media is giving me a bloody nose but it isn’t – they are complaining about being micro managed since I do write their Books here and they are here to buy some as it were. Their reasons are simply that I am some top up personality, top up beauty that they need to handle and use when they get on public places to exhibit themselves, so they do like to assume I think it is what the media does as a job; so the women need to pretend to be my wife before they go on air and the men need to pretend to have sex with my wife after a day’s shift and need to pretend to be my parents while at work and on and on and on – they are not giving me a bloody nose I am rather going to destroy it. So I understand what I do is really tiresome but disobedience is tiresome – it is not such that it expresses the fact it happens because they are trying to kill me when I ensure it is the Offices of the Politicians that are being fucked by society and of course that the disobedience of the Politicians are well under control around my concerns, garnished with my own idea of what the UK image overseas should be used for as well – it’s the same question i.e. is it their Books I write and are they going to buy any? Even now they say I live on the Welfare State but am attacking the Politicians but it’s an old story; even now I have to attend an interview where they claim I have changes to my circumstances which I have not declared and I bet it’s my new £500 ISA and yet the last time we checked the forms, it constituted a problem if you had about £15,000 undeclared, so it is an example of what weighs on my mind because it is either a routine check or another shackle designed to prevent Book sales with favours they do me using the welfare state – so disobedience is always tiresome. So when they say it’s all because everything they do with me is violent and done using violence I cannot understand why it’s so important to them; I mean the two reasons are first that I am afraid of them but nobody here is really afraid of the fact that they are stupid people, it’s just that making stupid people bleed because their actions will not stop causing pain and they cannot leave you alone is not what a Christian usually does, the other however is that it is violent because it is uninvited but I am sure they understand that somebody will not be pleased with music CDs being arranged to help society dig into his personal life, temperaments and public life in order to help with people’s daily grind. Being scared of them is one of those stories – all that sociopaths aspiring to psychopath nonsense, I mean they will not leave the scaring for those who have a problem with their brains, know what they are doing but cannot stop themselves – they think there are a lot of people that will put up with the fact they don’t know what shooting somebody is like and use to use others as experimental animals for it and pretend they wish to exist in a way that suggests they don’t care if others do with a big mouth and all that media exhibitionist nonsense; it’s the grand old story about their anus and penis insults being a matter of the fact they are the small gangs and when the big gangs chase them down and murder them you do wonder if it is justified but when they make sense to you whether or not it is becomes a question; I have warned them about arranging the stupid music CDs and they have turned to threatening me instead; nobody here is going to get off his Christianity to fight them on an outcome that allows them those things in their societies and cultures that are a reason for the attacks in the first place – violence is a bad thing; I do get told my facts about such matter of violence is hazy but it isn’t, normal people don’t meet others and cease to say things like hello and high and welcome and morning, if they can say your stuff has been done instead; imagine if your boss said it to you and imagine when they say it to you, the reasons that they do. Every time black boys are seen in public, they fundamentally leave their homes to go out there to see how people have come from overseas to do their stuff and you witness that sort of nonsense all the time – it starts and then lasts a few weeks and then there is mass inter-gangland murder and they will continue to pretend others are not fed up with seeing it, so when I warn them about arranging those stupid music CDs they get to threaten me instead like anybody here is playing with them. We hear that bit where I am not aware of how much power black men and black people have over me as well and that all the bullying I cry about all day long is of their doing but I think I have made myself clear too; it is one thing dealing with the insults of their fashion and advertisement fools earning my income instead of working for their own alongside socialist community women who cannot keep their fingers off my bum plugging products into my business to make money and finished off with celebrity that keep down anything I do to respond so they can call me names doing so and showing them off to the paparazzi – so what I will do next will be a function of whether or not they comply over arranging those stupid music CDs and it will be right across tourism economies and International communities and it will be the one they have never seen before as well. So I do get told it might serve better if I got on to do it without talking about first but I am building a big Church they can get into and wee in to improve themselves which is why they want to kill the Christian they are sure is not going to do genocide.


I have no idea why people are ever so fond of the tales of the trouble I get into; I mean at the end of the day it is supposed to show all I really care about is the Court of female journalists and they should be able to see they are a group of people that are really fond of looking for trouble since it is possible for them to attack others violently because they love to get involved with the concerns of their victims without knowing how they are getting involved themselves as a whole. This is the stage at which they do that routine I really hate of how they are insulting and abusive because they are loyal to a political idiot at government Office that is a way better human being than I am. Obviously business at the Royal Estate is developed around an exclusion of community croons, so irresponsibility big businesses have obviously found a new lifestyle to take over and when done we will hear them bottom out my sales and complain I stifle their perspective especially the American ones, with a big mouth. It’s like when the Politicians want to talk to the rest of us about the current defence budget; the trouble makers and voice of dissent now want defence spending while it is the conservatives that want to cut it instead; so for me it is never clear what the Politicians want to increase defence budget for; at the end of the day when it comes to a process where people are tired of them fucking careers on the basis of what they think the international image of the UK should be used for, they are top dog but even so I can easily decide that it’s about a collection of twisted and really stupid trouble makers, so that in poorer countries they can have a problem with your business because of some strange reason they have made up as they go along and when they travel to the UK it is usually because of civil rights and shutting their Country to the British until the British pay a price because they want to do as well what the British do with the rest of the world or indeed copy it and keep the British out is something they really cannot achieve, so they are left with those things they do to express their stupidities around a sense that things generally belong to them; hence it’s all easy and settled and nobody knows why Politicians want to increase defence spending anyway. They speak of the Americans but we are looking at a group of foolish yanks with a need to be more British than they are American which means you can only kick them until they are American again and in my case I never boast about what cannot be obviously seen so it follows such a prognosis at all times. As for receding from our International role however, I cannot make out why that is such a bad thing; In Iraq friendly fire while we worked with the Americans was not a night time thing but broad daylight case of not knowing where British forces that were one of the main allies in the war were positioned, then the war became intellectually bankrupting, Bush like Obama and Obama like Bush, so there is nothing out there for any British to stick their necks out for as such anyway. The question that kills me however is why the BBC has decided at this stage to make that question an important one for Politicians they have gathered to discuss it in the public interest – so it’s the idea going round that journalists and TV personalities especially the male ones have a God given right to fuck with your career and public life as much as they so please, considering it can make you fight for them when they have problems too, it is the only reality left over after the part where they are trying to harm somebody by setting out an atmosphere that allows them to run and run and run and run and run stories on the National defence budget has been eliminated. So they will say journalists find me insulting but of course I find them courteous as well – since I would really have loved to write a book as though I was broadcasting the information on account I thought it would make people give my career more value than it was actually worth, killing off their earnings and income and sitting down on public places to solicit violence against them to keep it going without any reason for my actions that runs along the lines of being provoked, because of course I can make that up too as I go along. So I know they are taking mental health pills on my account and that I am taking none for my part because I created the whole thing, so I don’t find them insulting at all – considering I was always aware I would be worse off if I were a news reader and every information I put out on my job rang in my head over and over and over again because I am using a writers career to ensure it sticks in people’s minds to make me more important than I normally am. Thus there are those tales of whether I think I can take on Media people which of course is not a question that crosses my mind often as I do not spend much of my time thinking of whom I can take on or maybe not but if I have to say one thing to a group of people for a decade without any improvement while they get on public places to make up accusations as they go along for each time people question then about it, it must be that they want some of mine and have calculated the cost and benefits and found it to be profitable. We do hear all that nonsense about how I need to be seen to say what I say like I mean it but I do observe their popular culture insolence many times when it feels it has me over a barrel and needs to get in public to boast about how people are not allowed to be successful unless they work hard - the hard work they do cashing into my public life without permission looking for trouble more like and so it is still not clear the biggest problem they have is messing with the idea I do not need any stress created around the fact when I have a good product somebody will pick it up in return for money - even their white Counterparts and Politicians are not looking good for it at the moment as it stands and there are many more things I am going to do yet to ensure I am not reduced to an animal by their incivility as well. We hear ever so often that my stupidities are hailed as the best thing that ever happened to the economy but of course the alternative is a war concerning the fact they have their own aptitudes and need to handle that one and lay off no matter of much of mine they see in public places and think is available to them since it clearly isn't - it can only lead to an outcome where an increased need to see my CV turn up on their tables will result in a condition where it does and that rubbish we see on media leads to serious problems as well; I see them at it all the time with a need to help their celebrities dig into my public life to make millions so that they might escape working for their money which will obviously kill them but not others that can handle it by being so successful they become inferior with a big mouth, now it is giving way to the bloody idiots turning up in public all the time to stick their fame of vandalism in my face topping up with everything I do to rectify the damage they have done here in order to maintain their superiority. It is ever so impossible to rely on them for anything - recession happens and it means to them that unemployment has become big business and there are some kinds of people that are being hunted and they cannot run with their own crowd anymore these days, cannot leave me alone. Now we hear them speak of how there is too much consumerism in the economy and I would never work out where they thought it was expedient to blame the consumer anyway; either way of which we know about their Band Aid for instance and its leaders talking nonsense about handshakes with poor countries rather than hand outs; of which Fair Trade Project started some Ten years ago while they were still living in dream world and I started getting hounded them by three years before that all together - its all Jack the Lad Economy and whether people will go along with the fact they have spent any money they have on their celebrated fools and popular culture idiots and are now poised on media to bully everybody else and determine what the Economy becomes - it is never to do with the consumer but all to do with whether or not people want to get along with it. For the white ones its all now shifted to matters of immigration and blame culture based self improvements, up until now nobody really knew how they got to take participation based equities away from others and sit around in their insolent societies and Communities to talk nonsense about their responsibility towards their Country anyway but we were all aware here at the Firm that they enjoy getting involved with other peoples concerns without even being able to determine exactly how they themselves are getting involved in the first place anyway that stupid irregular heart beat Television and the supposition people are scared of them and will get things done for them as well so their message of superiority might hold true with a big mouth. They do say they are now fighting hard to make me into an ex at least but that will not be necessary if they stay outside of my Book sales numbers, otherwise there simply has to be an alternative job out there if writing a book leads to global stage persecution orchestrated by bullies on media every single day claiming they want to prevent the sales from happening, otherwise the Books will get sold one way or another; disobedience is tiresome and we are waiting to hear the complex web of lies when the effects their disobedience has on them becomes my responsibility; I really do not know how much of this punishment I have to dish out anyway - the bit where I ensure they cannot go anywhere or do anything because they are being tied down with me especially on that stupid popular culture, media and fashion, never mind the Politics, its always the result of realising how much time they have wasted with me and what they could have done with themselves all those years - oh the pain the pain but they will not be seen anywhere else but my Literary Empire which I have not yet cashed into and cannot possibly be mine therefore due to their lack of respect for peoples property and cheap popularity products to show for it too and then the Royal Office public work too extracting an income that runs into millions from my market place and my purse and the perks of my job and I am going to write a book about that bit too obviously: the media ones who think they control me do like to say I thought they were a push over and am now turning villain because they are not but we all know the only advantage they have is peoples corruption of involvement - big business and industry idiots that want to select a middle ground between me and these goons in order to cherry pick what they need from both sides of which I am not their equal or that these fools all together and if they had stopped pretending the fact I have not yet cashed into an Empire means it can become their own because they have large sales louts organisations pushing products sales for them to make millions with all over the place, then there will be no problems because of course with every occasion in which they have ended up with a situation that has paid off, there is a corresponding loss of the right to feel good or concentrate on anything that matters especially Academic work for me. The usual strategic fun vandalism must therefore shift to the claim I am dithering on an edge but that is because I am not spending all my energy on peoples enterprise of criminality that hates those who hold government office and women who do not play their games yet and it is the reason their disobedience targets me to a point where I am softened up enough for them to get behind my back and finger my bum as a basic way of existing with a big mouth, so when that is overturned we will see them shut up - not enough have died yet as it were, personally of which I do have this task of making sure they no longer make their way worth their while by discussing my Books and websites on their stupid media which bottoms out my sales and becomes something they pass time with to find amusing; they do say all I do is just another means by which they can touch me of course and it will never make sense, since the only thing that is true about that is that they cannot seem to give it a rest grooming people for victimisation over the bad things that are happening all around them chiefly of which is racism and criminal violence - whenever I turn up my Television and watch it, it does nothing for me but before I turn to another station he has left a violent and abusive over-enslavement impression on me over its interests, taken up a position in my Court and found a comfortable place at the Community in the Royal Estate and its vandalism until I have made another progress that gets in their face and the whole process starts all over again, so that if they do not have problems they go off and find some, really mess it up and get on Television to do that all day long and it really comes down to the idea that others are not fed up of their complains they got shot and stabbed and killed and whatever and that it was somebody else's fault when we all know they are always grooming people for murder and criminal violence as victims but are not moral people themselves (in their defence they say they love to groom me for it because of the risks they take with themselves to drag along those who have trouble being governed and it sounds just like their Politicians creating problems for younger people which adds to the ones that come naturally to result in a crisis that will enhance their importance - in their case for every occasion the bloody idiots appoint themselves to anything on account of me so will I appoint myself to one as well, especially for the Americans).