Of course I am aware it is said people are simply getting a lot of pleasure from making me suffer but I do wonder if that is really true; I set myself a series of tasks concerning my female friends which was developed around the fact the rest are bullies and it does not get to mean people mess with my Office and my Products if they wanted. So they have been doing these things they brag about with absolutely every aspect of my work i.e. build up some sense in media developed around something I should be doing which I am not doing on account I do not have the time or am not predisposed to do it and that serves a sense that it is not what I want but what I want but have been prevented from having it by them which has become the basis of their problem powers but this bit in particular gives them an effrontery to get up on media and build a sense of something I know I should be doing which I am not doing and will be made to do by a violent means that they will execute – so does it mean they are making me suffer or mean they are looking for trouble?

It’s much the same as the story of poor persons and rich persons conservatism which makes no sense whatsoever, people act at government for two parameters and one of them is to fulfil electoral manifesto while the other is to run the Country – this sort of nonsense suggests that when it is rich persons one fashion idiots for instance will seek socialist friends that will attack those whose personal lives they wish to deploy to get rich and famous and when it is poor persons one then they must have spent everything and are back for more. Anything else would rather have indicated that it is the old insane Politics of the 80s and 90s where everybody goes in a direction and MPs have problem with my personal life due to a bubble that exists between their offices and the prison service. My point is, imagine somebody who always makes the A grade, then imagine another who always makes the B grade and imagine somebody who will likely pass all his tests with a C grade, then imagine somebody who will likely fail his exams at all times and then imagine somebody who would likely fail all his exams at all times and is very lazy and really stupid as well and likes to think he is the boss and their party will fit into the picture of the ones that fail all the time and are very lazy and are stupid and like to think they are everybody’s Boss too – so socialism has fallen apart so far in which the rich persons one meant unemployment was big business while the poor persons one was the bit where the stupid ones want to ensure that you cannot hide anything you should be sharing with them while they are complaining about human rights to ensure when you do because of the way you have been treated on account of sharing what you have it will never make sense, the clever ones however must secure equality with you whenever you share so that they might never be thankful or respectful of you for doing so. My point is that these are individuals that are likely to fail their exams every single time, exists in a mode you call lazy whenever you do exist in such a mode permanently and of course are block heads that cannot take anything in that looks like knowledge as well – these are the only things we find in their Political parties speaking of poor and rich persons version of the various party ideologies, so I want them to leave me alone as it were and I want these fools to keep off my private parts and stop making me feel filthy all of the time. I understand they ask why I say it now but that is because I am finished with them and they need to move on; there were reasons for that too and in terms of the economy there was a recession while they are slap bang where the small businesses that serve a barometer of growth for the Economy were situated, so that was the panic that caused me to do what I did especially so because they got into a habit of threatening me as well and I found out there was an interlocking system they had developed of beating me down to learn how to beat others and grab things, then beat others down to learn how to beat me down and grab things; I had to take steps to ensure they are seen out there getting off a process where their Politicians wreck my finances and hold me down for them to get tax payer funds that helps them with popular culture fame to the tune of being more important than I am because they are wealthier, which is why I get told all the time that people are stronger than me and when I continue to talk the way I do they will do my career which in any case they have been with National Media and with an entire Parliament and with the use of the treasury which again has been successful too, with one man on benefits as it were – they have really done it thus. I had to ensure they were out there doing things to pay taxes and they have always bragged they will create the ones that will hit me of course and yes they will in their dreams i.e. rich man’s conservatism and poor man’s conservatism, I have finished with them and need them and their leaders to stay away and leave me alone.

It feeds into the recent concerns about aggressive charities in the wake of suicides committed by people who have trouble coping with the pressure. So it’s nothing new either; since I am the Christian that got persecuted by popular culture from 2001 for caring about people, on account it will lead to a process where people are saved from poverty and starvation in a way which means they are no longer a small army for popular culture and media fools that are full of themselves – why ever on earth I would want to when they can always lean further and further to the right to handle me for every insult especially ones concerning where I am supposed to put myself so they can be where they want to be or ones concerning trouble I will get into if I have an opinion about being used. Hence four years later fair trade started but we have only heard that band Aid and Live Aid have changed from snooping around US Congress and corridors of International Communities killing off people who want to help to protect their jack the lad media friends with charity work to asking richer economies for handshakes with poorer ones instead of hand outs. They say their version of charity work basically protects me from racism but of course we all know that people are unable to cope and are jumping off bridges to kill themselves because we have become a society where people take and share other people’s things without asking or showing appreciation. It’s like when they speak of ISIL and like to make out the Iraqi Army does not have a will to fight whereas the reality is that these are just boys from the neighbourhood who are more curious than they are a fighting force as such and they are the ones forcing the Islamic state to fight by recruiting children, to fight by murdering hostages and to fight by blowing up world heritage sites which is not to say that when I mention it they have become free of the things I will do to them when that clash of civilisation nonsense means sales idiots extracting an income from the perks of my job again either – in terms of that it is clearly obviously close enough to their civilisation to get their attention anyway. All we have with ISIL is a group of people that have taken over a certain Land claiming they want their own Country from it – the rest we hear is exaggerated into self fulfilment.

Here at home it’s the Labour Party talking about how they could have made better use of the good Labour days where we all know nothing in the world was going to detach them from that process of finding people to scapegoat over their problems and blame culture even if doing so with certain individuals took up all their time to a point where they had to explain themselves and why the job was not getting done to the general public. Then we hear them say it’s about the fact that such people as myself are a serious problem for other people’s rights which as they guessed has turned out to be the case and none of it makes any sense, since it is always okay to turn up here and make tales about how they got visas to travel to the UK because their witchdoctor local gave them a charm that made their application successful, so when they turn up to meet the Christian he must be a self harming fool who takes leave of the evils that are supposed to make him financially comfortable, so that he might get into trouble and blame others for it, where the part in which they turn up at my place all the time to make me victim of racism was the bit where I was struggling with something but the bit where they decide they are actually pragmatic enough to touch me even so by some distant prejudicial violence that we start to see a real problem emerge all together. They do say it is a matter of a lack of respect for their culture but we all know its entire purpose is to see  me on the streets minding my concerns and then gather people onto themselves to tell tales of which part of my person and my very existence I stole from a culture that they were saving up for the future – I mean it’s always all very well that it carries on endlessly and gets up somewhere to get public funds for problems and then sit around choosing self improvements from all I do to rectify damage done here as a sign of their superiority and power and civil rights which it seems I cannot break because every process of offending them leads to some young person who has seen the light being helped to get rich on the perks of my job which runs into millions for them using popular culture but soon after we hear it’s a matter of their civil rights as well that I have a problem with when we all know that claiming they couldn’t sleep last night due to making problems for a Christian whose personal life they have taken a stand in and told him to move out of because they want it was their civil right but in the end I still have trouble understanding how they could find it impossible to grasp that I am unable to tolerate their society and its need for social democracy and social capitalism and to be the big stick of the US for instance which is always very well as such until it has something to do with my book sales and the books will end up being their undoing for my part too; it is yet again another thing that their Politicians will have to explain around here – how that is it was that this was their civil right. My concern here is mainly the process of administrating my business because that old case of keeping an atmosphere that makes it possible for popular culture and fashion and media fools to feel nervous and have tummy upsets for being seen around my concerns and public work, was always going to apply that anybody that wants to employ them can do so without problems and for my part without them bugging me anyway but we all know that it is impossible for the guys and their women to respect any of it, so I find myself slipping back into lazy mode which facilitates all the ranting and the problems they complain about endlessly; they do say it is the same way I ensure people are always slipping into lazy mode as well but we do not see it deter them at all, we see them get on media to ensure they wax stronger and stronger with their corruptions of involvement based disobedience and attack on my health and well being too – so it became fundamentally important to ensure the men are always slipping into laziness and that the women are always slipping into laziness as well because spending time to sort out just one part was never going to work but now that both sides are, I am availed to deal with all goons who think that because I have written Books I am predisposed to be used like a piece of meat for Books that they are obviously buying as it were – so I am saying that making sure they are always slipping into laziness is of fundamental importance, a respect matter – always easy to get off and claim religion is the problem of the whole world until their disobedience and its destruction triggers your own defence mechanisms too.


We hear that question too of when what I do around these matters is going to end and that is because they like to assume I spend all my time thinking about the poorer ones which isn’t true; one moment the Kings of Africa will meet with the US President and I am in trouble, the next they are complaining – yet it is always easy not to clear out or clean up any nonsense using my faith, personality or public life; I cannot stand it. In their defence they do say a riff raff has been given a Royal Position when they were more deserving and I cannot tell which one was given to which anyway, the riff raff or the Royal position, so we have to accept they met somewhere in middle. They asked when it will end and I am saying the richer the better – do not use my personality or faith or any of the above to clear out or clean up anything especially concerning you evil and the stupid history it has created for you. I have already developed structures to ensure they are as they are permanently to ensure my Books do not lose credibility, so there is everything there to suggest that handling me with that disobedience will lead to trouble.

So it is always said these are problems The Duke of York had long taken care of; which of course he did, getting on with football people, issuing threats at me without reason, adding to my problems, making Asian Business friends, selling his House, Attacking and destroying my Books because he thinks I am trying to marry his daughter which was completely unnecessary and now he has solved less than 20% of the problems he has really messed up at the Royal Office, and added his own extra 30% of problems at least and I cannot even excuse it with the fact he was making himself relevant because he has got insolent mistresses and secretaries bellowing nonsense at me all over the place to make their stupidities relevant too. I am just really hard pressed to locate what Problem HRH was to have fixed anyway and why my Book sales had to be damaged for it – these are women who always say it is the relationship I have with The Princess of York that is the problem but couldn’t care less when she was misunderstood in the US and eventually started getting attacked and bullied by celebrities now they care what relationship I have with her all together and like to make that assumption all the time that they can take me on as such; I mean when people feel they are British in this Country the feeling lasts only ten minutes and then it is replaced by a heightened sense of things and then you cannot work out whom you attended school with if it can be all about what you can do and what you cannot do instead whereby racism is somebody else’s problem. It does not do to just spend time getting involved with people I play around with concerning how much of our personal and family life others wish to own and confiscate and then assume it forms a correct basis on which it can be measured as to whether or not others are a threat to me, this is just one of those things I don’t want taking up my time as such but I can assure these guy there is nothing really that they can do, certainly not about me. They do say it’s a matter of the needs of Parliament and the fact when I get bullied I come up with the goods as such but of course the reality is rather different i.e. there are no needs of parliament that they are working out in such ways, just the usual process of the Politicians wrecking my finances to help them with things I was supposed to have done but am not doing to facilitate prejudicial violence even so from a distance and of course we all know that a little less popular culture at Piccadilly and Oxford Circus always tames their case as well – the last one that really winds them up was in Buckingham Palace where I went to get my own updates on work done by The Duke of Cambridge and his Brother, The Queen and the Prince of Wales, especially at the Common Wealth and Environmental issues and the Artworks displayed at the Gallery around The Office of the Prince of Wales was the best place to find clues but what we ended up with was a realisation that at the end of Queens Diamond Jubilee and the Olympics things had become increasingly filthy as they had become friends with Palace Guards, so I ended up being hated before we were done for the day – now they say if I turn up again there will be trouble and I bet I will and I will do so and return without problems. I do get asked what makes me think there will be no problems if I returned there but it’s the old case of disobedience at gangs and society on a scale that beats the imagination; I know them better than they think I do. It would be like they did before claiming I interfere with their interests and by that we mean English toy boys sleeping around with wealthy American Women – even now they cannot keep off my income with the House wife from here and from there and from Canada and the Australia as well and there is that Kim Kardashian Character they love so much along with her daft Mother. They do say I blame my problems on them of course which is utter rubbish; the truth is that they are really tough and cannot leave people alone if they can cherry pick peoples stuff all the time instead – so they like to say I am the baby one of the guys who regularly have to show examples of what happened to those who did gangs and society at them. They will ask what my problem with gangs and society exactly seems to have been as well which does make sense; I mean if you have an Office of State which means your job involves making sure little disputes people have do not degenerate into violence or extreme violence, what then is anybody doing with gangs and society? So it’s an old story where you can only tell him you are going to beat him up seriously for it but we don’t have such colloquialism of course in the UK therefore they can decide they have trouble staying away from you. They do say I contribute to it as well which makes no sense whatsoever; I mean they are always after me, calling me the baby one which is what tourists do, because they met one of those guard guys or Police officers that will not tolerate it, so they have a problem with people following me or being fans because what people want is to get me to pay them like the Industries do, to sell my Books which is intended to be bought in that condition, hence there is that fundamental problem I have with every fool that wishes to introduce me to his talent for corruption as such – they like to bandy it right up to the part where there are big time gangs and they got assassinated and it was all mystery of the underworld power thing which I can imagine and understand but nobody here is playing with them especially the Americans. Of course we hear of what they have damaged all the time but that is usually the main bragging if they are not complaining about the reasons for attacking me being that I turn peoples tummy and make them fall back onto lazy mode since it is not clear exactly who invites them to get involved and touch around here which of course is very important; getting involved and damaging always comes first before complains about turning peoples tummy and making them fall back onto their lazy mode – it’s the story of my life.

So the Politicians eventually do say there isn’t much left of my Christian faith which isn’t true; there is much left of it and they actually have no idea – there is no way now that they are going to explain to anybody that wicked peer pressure of stimulating my Bum until I start to feel sexual pleasure there because that is where all my sexual energy has been channelled can never be an aspect of their civil right. I understand they say I cause people bum stimulation as well but guess where I learned to groom people like that considering they teach that at Church as it were – it’s something about which I intend to take my time too, this whole case of letting the bullying from the guys get too big because I have a means of doing something about it, I intend to take my time over the matter so if they are pressing me for facts here it is; if the bum stimulation actually hurts, they need to get out of my Books, it is a manner in which I must prepare and get up every day to get to business and of course should never forget the women one as well. I hear they want to be referenced by me when I use their media facts and it will never make sense either – after firstly they are the ones with a Literary Empire and female journalists in it that get fingered all day long on National TV by those who actually don’t like the smell when they do as it were and of course there is the other crucial fact that what really happens is that I have to tell people what delayed me and I have to explain by putting their names up for it and the more famous they are for their stupidities the better – so they need to get off the books and get out of it, stop talking nonsense on media all the time: we see this endlessly where they are all over their City centre telling me that while their women are selling my personal life with fashion and popular culture and their black friends are pushing my boundaries and deciding whom I knock heads with which I really cannot fight and the whole need to damage my finances and cheat me out of their money to collect my self confidence has now given way to telling me to do something about those of my race that are creating problems for them which indicate they are not really as important as they have exhibited themselves but when I tell them to stop behaving towards me in ways that mean this problem affects them too talk nonsense at me about racism. So I am aware when I mention these things they will likely tell me more women and young people will suffer on my account and like they do me I think it is possible they are bluffing too. They like to tell me they are psychopaths, stuff of my imagination who have no feelings and this is what we will put to the test as well, we see they think people cannot have enough of them as such and I do not suppose they are deaf too anyway if it would not be too much trouble to. The story of whether I can take them on is not an emotive one – time and again the story is that of celebrities getting involved in order to get rich and famous and the reason is mainly thereof to exasperate me and make me react because it is how I get to understand how difficult it is to be a woman which beauty and society type I like to assume and subsume but it gets to a point where I make the gaps and they breach them to get involved and continue and that is where they want some of mine and will definitely get it too; I mean my Court cannot protect me from them anymore seems to be the big idea – they may have taken leave of their families and husbands to do so but when people are determined it will happen anyway – now they tell me what I get to take on. These things happen because they all know of a young person’s that can take a stand in my life and tell me to move on from it and are grooming me for that saying they know such young person’s can beat me up if they wanted and I can no longer have a relationship with my parents and family on account of their needs and how they want to have them fulfilled – this is what I mean they need to get out of it, just to intimate them what they are in for, I don’t not write their books and even if I did they are not going to buy.  When it started it was a case of the general public being abused to a point where they no longer know who I am if they know who celebrities are and I was going to be responsible for that – so the idea was that they said they were doing it because they sought money and now they have the money it is not money anymore so we have a problem; so testing the theory I could handle them and end a process of being miserable and abused because they were usurping my connections and the abuses were meant to ensure that their ethos of saving themselves from work held true as well where I was never going to forget the women while I am at it, was always a matter of schedule – it’s never been a complicated matter, its playing with my anus and penis, talking into me, hurting my penis and tummy all day long like the guys should, so I have always had the theory I could handle it so I am taking my time, they wanted facts and here it is. I mean they don’t deserve to if I were writing their books but of course I am not actually. Of course we hear if I get near them I will get into trouble but that depends on whether they are talking about galvanising young people to squander my career and talk nonsense about how I live like a woman and need to get off it and man up and they will blab until a public life for me emerges over it too. As for whether or not I have the right the culture and society being harmful to me and the fact if I see it I will cut it up is an example of what I have the right to do and such examples should explain it well – they are involved with me because the media wants them to and I am sure they have their own minds; it’s the media we want to settle, they will stick two fingers at me there again as it were, like the guys.

We hear they say I have trouble understanding what the views people have of black people are but I never said a thing about black people, we were talking about where they stand galvanising young people in their city to rip up my career everyday and not knowing where they stand after issuing threats. The start of it were the days when what I do with my faith in my personal life which they needed to feel good with was like shit and I will be okay if I don’t stuff it down their children’s throats – today they start a fight and don’t know where they stand the one where they get beaten and so send out their children and then they will be back when you beat those too and your life will be flushed down the toilet for being a religious person. Yapping Africans – they have trouble locating what they think about Africans – even now of which the big issue with my Books is that it is still religious influence and they don’t want their children to be influenced by it – start a fight and don’t know where they stand anymore and cannot keep their hands off others to two finger me on TV. It’s the guys and their women – nothing more, a case of damaged for today well done people story and of course questions about how I get on bearing in mind this happens more than once daily but it has always been as simple as kicking them hard enough to ensure the question is more about whether or not every fool that wants to use you like meat on account that you wrote a Book has bought his copy.


I am aware one of the really contentious issues around my work is what I have before said on Terrorism; the prognosis is that of the claim I regard terrorism as a local issue when I have never before said such a thing to a collection of goons who are fans of U.S. Presidencies that are very well aware of people who blow up buildings in the U.S. and elsewhere around the World and then make public and International broadcasts whereby they own up to it, then get off to create the kinds of risks that they have in Afghanistan and Iraq and turn out on the media to pretend they can insult anybody they want and get away with doing so if they do not actually steal peoples income by it. It was always going to be a fight on two fronts; against the poor and the against the rich because of course if Business is not conducted in the Company as though the Writer is a Royal Prince, then the fact nothing is ever enough for rich idiots and their stupid Children with their own media fools to play around with will show its true colours without being disturbed, it is never true therefore I am getting a free ride from anybody as the reality is that they make money with people’s property without permission and then do so as insolently and abusively as possible and then jeopardise the owners by making contact with them as well, which does indicate they think of themselves as Gods and needs a reckoning therefore, I simply want all my money back and the mantra is always that I am not aware of how important peoples useless industry and business goon parents are but it seems the big problem here is that nobody among them seems to be aware of who I am yet. Let them do the terrorism, they are fabulously insolent and need to be reminded of their place, especially the Industry Millionaire fools who have forgotten where that is, I will hold the terrorist down for them, I have never said it was local and not global. I do hear this talk of being punished for doing the right thing all the time of course which is sad and regrettable but all those that do such things do from a distance anyway - at present the Politicians think there are things I will stop doing so government might work properly, the media think I will give up the power to manipulate them so they can have freedom, Industry people are no longer attacking me for messing around with the aesthetics of careers I know nothing about and women are all over the place; so it’s become a National problem that I actually do not care how what I do makes people feel no matter how intolerant they may be by nature and it has always been the reasons men will move everything to move into people’s right hand and sit there to be intolerant and I better not find them in mine as it were - it gets to a point. The fame freaks and popular culture ones are always about a perspective linked to their bad habits and a certain fame on the left hand side meaning that I will leave behind my own life and world and adopt their view of how to exist all together, hence their perspective in life forced on me means freedom - the older ones are more about freedom and republic and they never ever listen to anything anybody says to them and I better not find them at my right hand side as it were; besides which my big Church programme is holding very well and I do not care if they believe in God for it anyway, the Muslim ones are fed up with terrorism and this should not be overlooked at present - so they can punish. I understand they say they were comfortable with their area of society before I dragged them out of it; but of course it is never as simple as they say it either since we all know it is impossible to convince them or their finance damaging Political parties who do it for fun and realise they have power and wealth from it because you are an adult that simply does not stop over plodding on to make yourself comfortable, that there is no juju powers out there that can make a revolution successful but they bring such things on all the time because they want to be able to abuse people like me concerning whom there is an incentive to abuse. They never listen to anything they are told; it was bad enough as a result of being a Christian that I could not have a life with my family, now it has gotten worse because celebrities are making wealth using my public life - they never ever listen and the more you tell them is the more they do it; at least they do not get up on media to talk nonsense at me about juju from the Caribbean or Far east anymore because it is becoming really dangerous but there is a reason they fantasise about punishing all the time and it will not do either. When it really comes to it, it’s always a matter of how there are big people out there that get respect and privilege from me and because they are bigger than me too must secure their own for fame and fortune and corruption and unnatural sex and so on as well with a big mouth -now they are punishing too yap yap yap.

So it is said Industry people think I have an attitude that is not robust but that isn’t actually true; the truth is that they are always more interested in whether or not I am a happy person and if not the girls are trying to make me but they have become more comfortable with the reality that I need to check boxes – property asset equity of mine check – Industrial Colours assets check, equities and securities check, so that they can employ their client employee and be certain the goons will not be bothering me or anybody else. So it’s always like popular culture right up to their bully society goons. So I get told my problem with Media is not a healthy one but then again if I were told somebody was going to get on TV to put a name to their faces and report the new or try as hard as he or she can to get to facts when interviewing people I would say there wasn’t a case at all, except that they are interested in my temperaments and my aptitudes so the media can behave like they were all legal students or practitioners with a skill for digging people for facts which creates a state of affairs that means their news rings over and over and over and over in the minds of the public and they cash into it via advertisement and anything that interferes gets into trouble then we have a problem but it is the actual process of good job well done people his career is damaged today and we will do same tomorrow is what will blow it up all together. I mean it’s the old story of whether I think I deserve what I have which does not come into the matter at all – selling books cannot be that much trouble but my luck came when I got a Job from the Queen, everything else is the effect of other peoples very abusive disobedience.

I understand my behaviour and actions are exceptionally offensive to Scottish Nationalists and the likes but I wouldn’t know anyway it’s the great old story of my life with these idiots having a need to rip up my finances and academic work, so as to get themselves into a position where they can exasperate me over finances and cut me off from the basis of my instincts for pleasure and nobody really can tell why they cannot leave people alone either – they would say I come to their Country and then complain about not being left alone which is not an emotive issue since my Books are written by accident as such, hence I have to assume these things continue because Books are not hurting badly enough yet as it were – we all know the crime is usually that of when their involvement leads to an outcome where they inadvertently gain from their victims or their victims unwittingly helps them, clearly of which we can see the books sting really badly but they appear to have a need for turning up around my Office and around its sales all of the time. It has never been a problem, only the great old case of 100 student out of which 20% will have a real problem taking in any kind of knowledge and 5% of that them will always feel that they are right and everybody else is wrong; we try to live in a society where we do not make these kinds of demarcations but I would like it if they were no longer found around my Books or my Concerns as it is impossible to say one thing to a group of people for a decade and a half without consequences – you wouldn’t be human if it continued in that way, so it is the old story about me of which people get pragmatic enough to touch because they have calculated the cost of a fight with me and found it to be profitable. Of course it isn’t true I am obsessed with eligibility and of course am a war monger in many ways – it’s just reality that if people have set out their most absorbing fun to mean being found around your livelihood, wrecking it to cut you off from the basic instincts you have as a human being, cash into your public life, laugh at you and torture your secrets out of you in order to be you and get into a habit of assassinating the character that is the real you to chase your private parts over all you to do be normal, they are flirting with torture and I am not the war monger; that said, in the end they are not deaf as well and can understand for their problems what I mean when I say they need to get away from my Book sales and clear my space; I am not a war monger, it’s the problems and that does not mean I have a Problem Prince either, it means problems associated with messing with this career and a matter of those responsible being entangled with it not me being a war monger. We can make a list if we wanted – I mean we are looking at class A drugs traders and the popular culture that helps to make the people who buy these drugs because they have the time and money and self preservation in the process of making the money to be able to like or afford it, we can also list idiots that have lost money and want revenge for the problems they now find themselves in who before now were creating an economy that will have a crisis which will hit my type hardest and so on, I am not a war monger they like to turn up here to flirt with torture and need to stay away from my Book sales; being helpful is when I say people are supposed to buy books from an author and then when they like it get involved with him or her, their ideas about the way it should work is perverted and hurtful and I will pervert and hurt them as well, it does not mean I am a problem Prince when I speak of problems associated with the mess they make and how they end up being entangled in it. I mean if I got off to target peoples children and force them to make me rich and famous and make up lies that mean anything they do to recover or be normal offers me self improvement civil rights which works better when I tell tales of an old oppression that needs to be resolved, I would one of those times when I find it amusing think the person is a human being and must be having trouble getting by on a daily basis because of my actions – there is really actually no part of these guys brains that thinks in that way and that is why I need to pervert and hurt them as well. In the US it has continued for years now – a story of how I have damaged a culture and a feeling and it is the one accusation that wins people over when people do not agree with them that they have the right to behave towards me or my possessions in such ways, so I don’t think they believe I have said something mystical when I say I intend to hurt and pervert them as well as I don’t write their Books and am not expecting them to buy any. How many years of their hurting and distant insults that are getting more violent because they want to make me sell Books or maybe not sell any while I hand over my place in the world which exists in the US to them on account they need it and the only way to avoid a process where I hurt and pervert them as well is when I no longer see them anywhere around my Book sales. It’s never a matter of going to the US to disrespect those who live there – it’s a matter of the precincts of my diplomacy Office being reduced to something about writing Books that resonate with a certain part of US society and means there are those who have not had any justice that involves moving into people’s right hand and living there permanently in centuries who need to move into mine because I am inferior enough for it – and I am saying I am not a war monger they simply like to flirt with torture and tell lies and accusations to buy time and work on me until they get what they want. It’s a diplomatic office which efficiency is measured according to how good you are on the ground when things are happening, being reduced to all that media abuses because people want to move into my right hand and extricate justice they have not had in centuries, so I am sure they understand what the complications and problems are and how much help the lies are likely to be. They do say when I speak of it I get vulnerable which is utter rubbish, I don’t – every fool from Africa that wants a diplomatic job for instance so he can get around sleeping with girls and chewing snacks wants to finger my bum all the time and it reflects on their continent as well but apart from those ones we are generally looking at a process where I am not supposed to be in public view at all times because people don’t like it when the world has a view of the best their culture and society has to offer at will and then there is the diplomacy work bit where it is worse the more you expose yourself that also means an idiot that wants to get it done when you don’t want it done expect you to have your academic work destroyed so you might be forced to get on a stage to jump up and down and sing a  song and be popular and famous, so it does not make me vulnerable in any way to talk about it, only that they realise their stupidity is a problem and if they have access to my feelings can turn their bullying into an advantage by offloading them on me and the way that works out is that of a cultures and societies and the gangs and societies they play with it all the time being broken years ago by me of which they have no wish to allow the normalcy that emerged from that to exist and will likely bleed for it too. So they speak of sexism because they claim most of my activities suggest Media is sexist which I can quite understand but nothing in the world actually works in that way – when I say something is sexist it is not necessarily random words; we are looking at a Media where friendship with a female journalist means the male colleague will protect her from you at all cost and her career from her at all cost and it will become a global thing and a problem at all International Community that exists on the planet, so I am only left to imagine that their wives get little respect at home but it should not get to mean they chose my friends; so where it really starts to blow up is when they and their Politicians and class A drugs peddling friends want a special kind of retirement with the use of my Literary Empire and Royal Estate which is what all the insults and financial destruction and abuses and violent corruptions of involvement and stirring society to get together and bully me in every neighbourhood I live in daily is all about: so it is not true I am falling behind on what my work promised, its a simple reality about the hurt and perversion which comes from them - I have asked them before to imagine doing those things when I am out spreading cards about my Books and arranging a Book signing somewhere but it does not get any better, so I will pervert and hurt them as well with express chance of destroying their finances too like those big mouth threats especially the industry and stock market ones, so they do not teach it at Church take a guess where I learned it.