Now I hear the talk of how I am not right with my mother which is the reason for all my problems – I dont mind from a collection of fools with no discretion whatsoever and I bet they did let out a fart while they were saying it all together as well. I for my part always say I can never have enough – never have enough of having a go at money freaks and whatever I do about them will never be sufficient too. I mean if I did set out gathering people and creating leadership on the basis of the fact I am not necessarily in a good relationship with my Mum it would all come to noughts but they have found somebody they can do and undo with because I have not as a result of not being like that in a fundamental way. What I want to do is set about selling my books and talking to people about it and she may come up of course as a result of areas in the Books where she has been mentioned and I will have to discuss it but she is not the primary basis for my books and that civil service is not their personal and private property the last time I checked. I mean we hear they want to beat up all the time of course – all I can say is that we are done with the Fathers obviously and so the mothers are next but if we put the beating up in context the reality remains as simple as the fact they have not beaten up in 14 years, they have not won a fight here in their stupid lives even when it may have been ideological, they have failed to become the biggest source of sedation and corruption that my enemies can cash into even at the highest levels of Government and secret service and of course they can turn up and beat up somebody they feel does not feel sorry of them as well as far as I am concerned with that big mouth. I do not think it a major crisis; my mother and myself have a relationship in which there are only three items and one of them is about her and the other is about me being predisposed to incest and the other is about the sacrifice for everything that I seem to have become for her; so I understand fools like that will easily kill me and my children and my wife and so on, hence my relationship with her is very well restrained and I fail to see which part these scumbags play in the matter myself anyway; the idiot has not been right with me all my life, she wants to be when scumbags like them are the biggest beneficiaries and I wish to explore facts about who the hell they are for it as well – so as it stands they are now using my own stuff to fight me which is the only chance they have got but that big mouth is all over the place still.

It’s another of those matters where people say my thinking is amazing; it isn’t, its reality – I mean why on earth would people think I am responsible for the actions of a five year old prick when he has got parents with him as it were. I mean at the end of the day I am black and he is black and so are his parents, so who is really responsible for his own actions? People simply cannot see that this is why these fools like them so much especially when they are racist – it is the only way by which they have one more statement to make that others cannot argue with. I for my part have loved the way they have continued to take away the quality of life of racists in order to provoke them into killing me, these socialist idiots and I mean counting the years from when it started to this very day and the number that have been killed by fascists you may not be wrong if you said I am a genius; in Norway it was a massacre of an entire resort for example and we got the Headlines and the Trial too. In Margaret Thatcher’s time however she was more about picking on society because when they feared her they would ensure the Country was not damaged by anything and that people were very keen to see to that too and she believed she needed to enforce it through violence as well – it causes laughter when you think about it and the nature of women etc but apparently she is not Prime Minister anymore and we tend to have minister for women in this Country as well despite all the issues and then they say it is my fault which is utter nonsense since what is my fault is that they got their stupid priorities right as it were. I do love my own way – Thatcher was Prime Minister, I am not, so it was a time she governed the Country and a time thereof in which people never turned up doing other peoples stuff for them as were. I dont think the racists are a complicated matter either – they are people who understand this matter of dishing mob justice for idiots that handle other peoples possessions all the time so they can turn up and tell lies in public over it expecting some privilege of injustice which will set a precedent if it happens and then attack those who did not make it happen either by attacking it or doing nothing as well if it does not but what they do as well for their part is live in corruption and deviance which makes them feel alienated from their Country and hence offers them an opportunity to confiscate the piece that others were born with and so I would sit in my home and have them listen to rubbish a media scum has said in order to issue threats at me because they think people do not want to fight and kill them to confiscate the piece they were born with as well and do think they need to leave me alone just as well. Yes I understand it is said my behaviour is largely always an instrument of tyranny but it really isn’t; an entire Political party is after me i.e. you get directionless as a young person and you got involved with a civil rights guy who turned out to be a civil rights fraudster who wrecked your life and put you in mental health hospital but he is now determined that it is not in his interest that you recover and move on with the rest of your life and likes to follow you around to that effect to implement his point but of course in my case I was not directionless – so I understand the social equality bit they speak of where it is all about a case of people generally turning out to get around with me and chose my friends, then chose the ones that they want to have in order to be rich and important but what is exactly the wealth distribution they are carrying out around here? So it has been 14 years of my time so far since I just normally set about slashing and giving them away like that. I am not being hounded by power mongers as said; the reality is much the same i.e. evil people love to attack Mr Christian and assume he thinks it should end up in other people’s lives, like Mrs God knows what wants to get into violent competition she wins with her boy friend’s over her designer dress in the Job centre against those who are there to either look for work or claim benefits sales idiots who have the right to keep their deviance but want your personal life and happiness all the time; so that I get to an office to do what I usually do about it and when politicians mess that up we hear complains at a National level thereafter – I mean like the story of why Mr Blair the former Prime Minister does not live in the UK for example, as we can see they do those things because there are facts about this world that they want to explore as it were; we always hear the toxic mix of religion and Politics being the problem and never their honourable selves all the time too. It exists in the same par as those things people say about how what I say in Public does not in any way reflect who I really am in the real world: it makes no sense whatsoever especially the American ones, they have their civil rights but want to ensure I cannot get around with Royal friends and to that end always after my finances, they say what they like in public but nobody says it is stronger than who they really are as people and hence deserving of no respect, have their friends and possessions but we regularly find them set up parties for entire communities which is all about girls showing their talents on my literary empire as a commercial drive and means to success especially the American ones, so it is a simple case of get out and leave me alone or stay and do not complain – as for what I say being stronger than who I really am, it makes no sense whatsoever and you will ever have heard few things that are any less stupid by comparison – I want them to give me back my Literary empire and yes we know the Muslims ones know they are one closer to being terrorists on account of me and the American ones are complaining well enough and the British ones are ordering me and pushing me about too like they all want to – while I push them around and set up resulting equities and securities from it on websites where sales of my books are being managed as it were all at the same time. I hear the part where I have no choice about how I live which isn’t true; there isn’t a thing I do that is not about choice – if I stay away from sales idiots and their media scum right down to society and job centre ones, I will be a happy person and if I do not then whatever they do will happen because I am disrespectful of my Mother, if the Politicians ensure I am forced to get involved with them against my wishes by playing games and handling my possessions until that is the case, the least of their worries can be like it is at present where I am accused of providing endless tools for tyranny when that was something they should have thought about before an entire Political party got after me – so it is all choice as it were.

It’s like the old case of how I am not paying attention to the fact the Court I have is a problem for me and HM Government and besides which I shouldn’t be choosing my own Court as it were; but of course the reality is that the Court is not a problem, they simply dont know what they should be doing i.e. making sure messing up others to save money with support from Mum and dad in order to turn up on media to become untouchable getting counted among young millionaires and then becoming a middle aged pain in the bum that community croons get power from to abuse people and have their men talk nonsense about controlling kids does not happen by denying them media and the fact they do not know that is my fault first of all and even if they did they would have to settle matters with their agency and their offices and their employers and their career before they start, so they need time and some of them are there while others are not, it depends on those who were working along those lines in the first place, the other side of the story being that they are not Royal Court, they are Company Court. I mean it’s a general reality that each and every person that works with HM has this small village of people under their control and it is your duty to ensure they have their commitments as it were while the Politicians run the Country and sales idiots on media are kept off them if you have the talent means. So fishermen should be doing fishing and so on and forth and they need a world where they are assured that from the rising of the sun to the setting of it, these their commitments are what their entire lives revolve around: so it really makes no sense when sales and media idiots cannot understand why the Police need it or indeed why I punish them for damaging it and of course why I become even more vicious when they damage the diplomatic platform talking nonsense all over the world with their media as well. I mean I am said to be the biggest advocate of European involvement in British affairs but that said the reality is that if they damage these commitments, a mistake is a mistake and a lack of information is a lack of information but when it is deliberate, their commitments will be found and damaged as well – we are not naive about the left in Europe being about culture and sales people and media who want to run other people’s lives for them all the time talking nonsense about extremists and the right is about society and representation and consultation and the middle is about them middle sized characters so to speak; we are in the UK already distanced from the EU in many ways because it would have been a bad idea for our legal system but it still tends to have that far reaching consequence and so we can only imagine what those who are integrated must be going through; I am not of the opinion it is becoming a federation either, they dont even have the power to make laws, only statutory instruments. So putting in context the company Court and whether or not I am putting up an impressive admirable effort at meeting a standard. I mean everybody have got their own lives and people need to live in their own and let me live in mine, otherwise they will always find they have started an old trouble over those games of handling my possessions and being led especially by Americans over that nonsense about those that can get things done and will do it for everybody when told to – I am sure they can remember I am the Royalty that always puts minimum effort into things so people can feel like killing me in the first place, about which I must chase a cause and die over it so that people can be left with a history to progress and improve themselves with – to remember I am the Royalty who steals women’s beauty because I am supposed to get out and be a real man while women have men that fight and kill people for them in the first place; so once it comes up I am sure they will have recognised it means they have started again too.

As for the story of getting into trouble because of interference on my part with the Business of The Prince of Wales – it is never clear why every time men want to sit with a King and talk progress they feel as though they need to sacrifice the Christian whose Mum already thinks should be a sacrifice for the pleasures of stupid Politicians she wants to get noticed by and then the assumption following immediately after that I cannot possibly have enough of them and there cannot possibly be consequences for that as well. They believe always that they will suckle me to a point where they become a problem that is too big for me to handle as it were and like to see themselves talking about those who have risen too far and too fast for their own good but of course it is not a new story in anyway; every time they want to do their social ladder climbing it has to do with wrecking my finances and making up a story, and their story always ends with a process where they have settled on this idea that attacking me used to be because I was a pain in the backside every time they want to climb social ladder since last I took steps to ensure that on account I like them to plug their money madness into me so that I can have lot of fun behaving in ways which ensure they cannot make profit but now it is  simply because I am a general pain in the backside all together. So I am aware of all these realities and they need to sit where they are and deal with their own problems; tested by those claims I got involved with the Pornography Industry to deal with the insults of their stupid women who cannot seem to place it where it might be appreciated and not where it might not be when they know they do not want to complain about me as it were – it is never true they are the reasons I did it, what it true is that I did it on account it was the entire ethos of the gospel to do it i.e. I dont think people should be doing pornography, even though I know it is a matter of choice I need to at least tell them that it is a case of taking your stuff and handing it to another who uses it for their pleasure and then uses it to serve you a bit of your own pleasures as well in order to keep it – so since they last started to make pornography on the basis somebody has damaged the moral fabric of society it has also applied I am a genius. So it isn’t true I am in a difficult situation in anyway; the reality is much the same as ever – Christian gets persecuted and Christian attacks those who attack him and they feel they are superior to him and take revenge for anything he has done to attack them and then get into trouble for that all over again and it continues to go around in circles, so that every filthy scum can want to have sex with Christian and talk nonsense about how his problems are because he disrespects his mother. The other part about whether or not my health has been damaged is utter rubbish; I have done it all to myself i.e. staying up all day long and going to bed around 3am in the morning typically only to wake by 6am and brush my teeth and set off to sleep again, so when I have breakfast its about 12.30 everyday – of course if you do it for a week you feel like hell but I have been doing it for years and it has not killed me because I am a small man that others can just crush if they wanted to as it were. it can be said the whole thing about people abusing me in terms of my anus and penis is something I have brought on myself but I am sure everybody can see the benefits of that too as it were: I mean I know they do it when they go partying because it is their way of finding out if people who show off are doing it at the cost of everything else but they do not see me partying, they only say they get after me because I have taken up the great outdoors and burned it; which I have too because they need to get off my books as it is either I will sell the books and become a famous author before they can do their media spoof with it to get rich or the books will never sell and I will shut it down and nobody will ever bother me about books anymore ever because I had chosen a different career path; I cannot just hang in the middle and they have not got it to make that happen so I burn the outdoors and will burn it yet again as it were. We do hear that if the process of sitting about giving away what I know to local community idiots were to be considered, the reality is that I never wanted my books to be famous but of course we know it can also be because I wanted to grind life itself away at them as well considering those books never did the idiots any favours in the first place. It’s about the job you see and it involves dealing with them – I have not had three square meals in 16 years so the effect does show I am a shadow of myself, it is because I adopted this idea that eating for three times everyday means that you for every 12 hours the sun is up have been eating every four hours and that is a lot of carnality but of course now I have to get a job and keep it I understand the fact that as you grow older you tend not to notice when you eat because you simply need it. so I have to switch back to breakfast in good time and lunch when I should have it and dinner when I should have it and then I will be myself again or I can hang around and let every fool get my attention by getting after my anus and my penis and my tummy so that the entire society can gain from what I will do about it regardless of the nonsense they talk about latter concerning whether or not I served them doing it. I mean people need to put themselves in the shoes of these fools to understand what I mean i.e. at what point do you see a man and decide he has stomach ulcer and you want to bleed it all the time because he had it messing around with your sales man powers: whose idea what it that people have stomach ulcers by messing around with their money madness and sales idiots powers and where did they get the sense that everybody that has stomach ulcer did because of that? It is never true I have damaged everything of course, I have not – the corruptions of these men being tolerated is entirely counterproductive and hence will not be; I mean I could always set out a job and run it along other people’s lives for a period of time and then as soon as the readiness for sales buds I get in there and work really hard – I could be doing that since my teens and so that when I am in my middle ages I am part of the world’s greatest super power but it does not work that way here; there is wealth accorded but there is also power and privilege accorded too – things must always happen in their own time and yes when I say that they say some people really do have it all but then again they have always been a hand full of fucking idiots and not enough people have told them so yet. Of course it is not true that they are a challenge for me, there is simply that link between support for worthless people by Politicians and now stupid Priests at Church who chase my anus all the time to make me uncomfortable, some of whom come from areas of the world where there is genocide all the time and I can see why and a process where communities of sales businesses make social and financial advancement along the lines of being able to spot other peoples success and turn out to kill everything right down to personal happiness in order to give these fools prerogatives and accord them the sense that they are leading somebody thereof and that is why they get my attention at all; since it is only thing to look at my challenges and quite another to tolerate worthless people becoming my challenge and the Priest ones are particularly interested in looking for trouble and make you filthy all the time talking nonsense about being at fault to make a Country where people laugh at other peoples misfortunes and their cup is getting fuller around me by the day as well: - I mean we can think of the end of the world when we hear the black ones complain for example but take another look at a commotion and display when you sell products you cannot give up to the customer due to their involvement and how much power they get from that no matter what level of publicity, right up to the International communities; arriving at the ultimate outcome of their Industry Communities popping their products at me every single day to create market buzz which ever country they come from, then stifle my book sales as well to show they have a need for power too and deliver the most anticipated of it all of chasing my Court around for sex in order to allow these idiots at back stage media who talk nonsense all the time about why I got involved with the sex industry and the reason according to them being to ensure I have some defence mechanism against their stupidities and continue to expect them to suckle me until they become a problem too big as it were to have sex with, which all together then creates confusion when I do them as well and the Politicians hear all about it as if that too was a worthy collection of activities to engage in: of course it is not true that I am long term unemployed, the truth is that there are idiots of culture and society who love to follow me around to bask in my good fame and my reputation to make a show of themselves and be noticed and of course we all know they do as insolently as they possibly can and cannot seem to do it unless they attack and damage my business too, they say it is how they show when people mess with their culture they get to lose everything if not their lives as well, I say I know how I will sell the books and for each and every copy sold will be a piece of that culture gone for good as well and they understand this too so it is never really clear why they love to attack me in that way but what is clear however is that since I need to settle an income and plan a pension they understand that the books will get sold one way or the other - its like the old case story of how I am a really stupid person in which context I will never know anyway since I understand myself to be a Law student against whom these fuckers from all over the world have never won a fight; we are not talking about those who want to sit with The Prince of Wales and do something progressive which means they feel like sacrificing me all the time for it in order to look like men and some of them become priests either, those are looking for a fight all together since they used to say they loved to attack me because when they steal my work to get off and do fame and fortune popular culture or steal it in order to steal my Royal Estate and replace me, I become a pain in the backside but that it has changed since and now I am attacked because I am simply a pain in the backside and nothing more, which does indicate they must have found some affinity at Royal Circles as far as they are concerned - so the first fight was about those stupid indomitable deviance and the girls and holiday destinations because I needed to reconcile myself to the destruction of my academic work, this time it will be to settle a result on which what the future becomes will be based, just as I have continued to maintain it is okay for them to keep their sales men nonsense and deviance and their stupid girls to keep their insults at a distance but it does continue to apply instead that they want to bully me with it and have sex with anything in skirts that I get involved with - the others who are the big beneficiaries of this action are those who consider themselves republicans of course but I know they are idiots with strange habits and strange cultures who never have enough of anything and very temperamental with a very unhealthy relationship with both work and money in equal measure, so I am also prepared to tolerate nonsense from them in their view as far as they are concerned, like the old case of their idiots creating and economic crisis that will hit some people hardest which resulted in taking it up and running it for them the way we have it today and whether or not they are going anywhere will too of course be determined by the kind of economy we want to have as it were - so it does not actually mean I am long term unemployed because I am seeking support to find extra work to raise my funds to sell books that will lead to disappearance of societies and cultures for every single copy sold as it were, if I get to my Office and sit down to manage my business without interference from them, then all will be well and I can stop and sell any products I currently have and return to my academic work but if not Music CDs and popular culture is to them what doing this is to me and I cannot understand why people like to think it is the point at which all of my life or living revolves in any case either - just like they can rip up my academic work to do fame and fortune popular culture and become millionaires before they get back to their own, I can do this and rip up that culture before I get back to mine and that is what it is all about, not me being long term unemployed - as for the bit where their Politicians say people ought to look to me to find out how the great parliament where idiots like them are important operates, there is a simple answer for it i.e. I am a Law Student as I mentioned earlier, what Parliament does is my livelihood. I understand it is said the frustration is my inability to grasp leadership is upon me but of course that is not necessarily accurate - its largely a matter of the fact these trouble makers feel if they leave the UK claiming it has broken their heart, on account of me and then return to the Caribbean and so on, there will be a problem associated with that but still they cannot stop following me about to show that they are committed to violence, it is the answer for everything and the only way they make a living is inserting a product of their own into my book sales and being better off than I am with my own work and finances: everything else is largely a matter of industry people thinking their insults will never be punished - the one where I write a book and somebody needs it but his millions need to be preserved and he needs to dig me up and find out if he can get the benefits of the products without buying them and finish off with notions they control me with demagogues about their own problems, as if I asked them in the first place - so I really do not care where they stand on their business at this point, if I am remembering correctly I have time without number informed them my business is property equity brokerage and not a process of building a Literary empire with markets that others get to make use of, they might want to look into their attitude and think about whether or not they want to establish a relationship with the consumer, as for me I know how things work i.e. if you want to sell anything you have to go along with sales goons and the communities they keep and share pocket money with but that said, there is nothing in it which suggests that others can hunt you down over years and pillage your personality to access the blue prints of your company with immeasurable personal turmoil they get pleasure from and talk nonsense about injustices they have suffered with, so that by the time the business becomes an empire the money has ended up somewhere else where people are fitter for it with a big mouth, they might want to look into their attitude and get back to basics about serving customers, I mean I can simplify what I mean further i.e. if I were ready to trade my books I would be out there distributing leaflets to get people involved - others who are worth millions but cannot afford a simple book do not just cash into it and expect things to remain normal, they can go to hell as far as I am concerned.