I am aware it is said that I never ever do what I was supposed to have been doing and that it is the beginning of a colloquialism that Politicians will love a lot but then again I have no idea where it is meant to lead anyway; all I know is that if I were to ask them which part of what I do happens to have been the one I was not meant to, we will see them get stuck the way they do with everything since a simple case of running my small business from Home must tend to give way to a condition whereby whom the Monarchy gets involved with and actually shouldn’t is being discussed at length and we see them at it all the time, showing up on Media to kill off peoples livelihoods like that endlessly and then running off to the Civil service to follow on the profitability of violence which the victims must contend with and never win a fight as such, in order to ensure people do not get jobs as well, then turn up at the shops to try their stupid hands on control and in the same we see them at the benefits system; always organising themselves and always good at working it, always good at getting council homes and will not keep their hands off my Book sales as well for good measure which means tempers are always frayed. This is what I want them to do; the reason it happens is apparently that they are a collection of ill inbred scumbags who come from diseased families and need easiest ways of making money but the problems they have created for me how now resulted in its own outcomes whereby it is too tight for me to give up mine and I cannot understand why they find it so difficult to understand that too all together – hence never doing what I am meant to have been doing, which the very first time it had some effect on me was said by some really filthy gay bastard all together, so it is one way to go too around here as it were. The only item in this case which matters is that running my Book sale business from home should not lead to a process where whom the Monarchy should be getting involved with is being discussed endlessly – the rest has always been a case of me and equally as they are, making it as complicated as possible, so that we can see how far their big mouth stretches too.

It is not a complicated matter in anyway; it’s really difficult to locate what they do hope to achieve by blowing off their big Mouth like that aka not doing what I am supposed to be doing – I mean the first time somebody said it in the way that actually affected me, the person was a very disgusting and filthy gay bastard, so it is one way to go as it were. It is never true they are trying to get through to me about what I have while I love to squander any support I get from the Public; what happens like in this occasion for instance is that somebody thinks I am doing what I am supposed to be doing and I simply have to predict that their need to go from their own industry leaders into my life by fingering my bum to ensure I am not selfish which makes that behaviour in itself although they like to develop it into a power of the crowd primarily hurtful and very painful all together, into a process of telling me I am not doing what I am supposed to, so I can get to kick him ahead of the point where he gets off to it too. I mean their own is ruined and just like they love to damage my finances claiming it is money that helps them get what I have by nature, I find it amusing as well, just like homelessness that is due to another person’s behaviour which can actually change; of which they like to pretend they are really British but know nothing about it and honour-dishonour is a matter of ripping up people’s health to do vagabond popular culture that gives tooth to the Media ones, of which I really have no idea whom they will say their entire communities and stupid children have been dishonouring around here anyway all together. So that when it comes to the matter of not doing what I should be doing, it is very difficult to locate how they intend to make me as well.

It all still leads back to the same old issues; where they speak of the need for the UK to move away from the Monarchy and yet are unable to answer questions as per how the Weather for instance affects the culture which then affects how people behave towards sex and sexuality, meaning that they make it up as they go along and a Geography student can have a new country and run Politics better than they can; as for me, it will always be a case of abusive idiots finding ways of making their behaviour financially beneficial, only to find that Politicians have spent tax payer funds on it and I have therefore ended up with the problems I kept out of my life and in a corner before I was 17, return and with more money than I have, poised with political support and a footing on my entire Career all together, about which they love to assume when they are finished, they will then get off and have a public life, which nobody is stopping them from doing if they are able to as it were for my bit too.       It has always been the difference between peoples idiot children playing games on one hand and a reality where you can spend £40,000 to study government and Politics and live in no doubt at all that you can graduate and buy a car and a mortgage with it, what they do is make it up as they go along whenever they get elected. So that for the Monarchy the reality has always been that you have this business and property of which a past area is used to run a Country and when it is take from you, each time you put your genius to something else they follow you there and cause the same trouble like the part where they took a Country from you was not even real; hence we all know about it and there is no point thinking about if the Monarchy should exist or not – for my part however it is a story about the fact that the UK is a Monarchy and the part where it was made into a constitutional one was the best idea in the world – for them however it’s as I have mentioned above, mostly to be emphasised not just the part where they think that their society will make it work if they turned the Country into a republic and found decades later that their bottom hurts because it was always a Monarchy and that those responsible are the Majority but also with regards to when they blow off their big mouth about the necessity of their tyranny which is because of the nature of the Country all together. As for the process where the moral fabric of the Country needs to be degraded because I do nothing to preach the gospel then attack others people I have not been doing so, we have already done the bit about bad things I managed before I was seventeen being funded to a point around me where they have a footing in my career and poised with Political supposed to do as they please, which does also mean they can get on Public places and have a public life if they have got it like that too – so I have to imagine they are heading towards the religion bit again and we have already done some bit which is why they are ever always so angry, so it will be nice to continue from where we stopped.

So they say I am fast running out of chances to stay in my high position as the Monarchy which does not make any sense whatsoever; everything associated with chances I run out of is a version of me that has to do with black idiots who are angry I have stopped them peddling my faith or public life and therefore set out to run every relevant aspect of my life and keep the best bits for themselves, ruin my reputation and cut off my connections with the Royal family by being abusive towards everybody in incredible ways – I have no idea how they got into the Monarchy anyway and what they have done has nothing to do with me and should not be the Me that people pay attention, it is completely made up; I am happy to handle these matters concerning Africa and the Middle East but it is tiresome to see them get about at the Monarchy as well. I can understand it is said I am meant to have done something about them of which I have no idea what more I am expected to do about them since their links with Communism generally always means that my sense of accountability to those I lead have to be commercialised and then socialised by them to bring about inclusion and now they have lost all communist relations due to an incessant need to abuse me and provoke me and stir my temper as well and really hate my guts for it, the design of the whole thing meant to ensure when they socialise anything it gets to make sense that they are westerners and are being led by applicable authorities but for the Politicians it will never make sense why they love to support the other fools in order to play up the bubble between their Law making Offices and the prison services, who get on Media to express something about how they ought to have enough money to afford them the things that my Faith has afforded me to a point where I am not vulnerable to what they are vulnerable to anyway; it usually means that these other black idiots sell my Royal privileges to them to give them a personality they can use for advertisement and entertainment, while the Politicians then become all fed up with it and want me to do something like they are paying me all the time: all together everybody that loves to ensure each time they are under control as most of these things are a function of revenge for disrupting their criminal enterprises which have not yet been discovered by the authorities are now fed up with the effects of making sure they are always free and out there, ready to catch me when I least expect because they find my reaction amusing. So they say The Queen had an opinion about Europe and it was controversial; it never was – the reality has always been the same and it has now reached a peak, where the EU hands a lot of money to Ankara over the Migrant crisis and pretends the problems that will result is not pertaining to Politics and therefore perfectly okay; of course if The Queen has an opinion about this and the impact it has on the celebrity type goons that are the fundamental problem that Monarchy has to put under control especially with respect to terrorism and insurgency, then it is not going to be a favourable opinion of what they done. I for my part however am just on their ill regarded persons list because I take away from them the profitability of abusing and taking advantage of Women, especially those that fall within category of Temperament mistresses that are loyal to me, all day long, all the time. That the way I manage my concerns is not actually how to run a business and it usually makes me so angry because it is meant to be answered by the question of whether I have involved too much of Women in my concerns that it actually leaves them with a headache and it is what they are trying to tell me buy loutish involvement; then it’s when I am off to the affairs of the day with a sense that says I need compliance and am about to go along with such a feat does it come through that the real problem is that I trust the Women to run things less and that I now have to chose between the headache of their involvement which they find amusing and the headache of their problems with how much Women I involve which means I lose my temper and need them and those stupid girls to clear my space how to run a business because of course it’s about being relevant on grounds they will buy a product and I will get paid and I really need to but of course this is how I get to have my relationship with clients attacked and then never get paid as well. Then we hear that my Books hurt people and I do not wish to let them manage how it affects them but I wouldn’t know – what happens is that they pick up Economic Text Books and read them to find out secretes about economic crises, recessions and economic cycles in order to start their wealth distribution nonsense in the right places but by all means next time should repeat the same process and not chose the right persons for their adventures when they had decided on whom they will ensure the Economic crisis gets to hit hardest as it were and I will not teach them another one again.


Today the main issue on Media seems to have been that of the Arch Bishop of Canterbury saying that the fear of immigration is not racist; I could never understand why it was played out on Media the way it was for my part either since the Arch Bishop was not in any way speaking of deeper issues of racism but about the fact that being an immigrant is not necessarily an indication that people should expect others to be less than what they really are; so every family, every person with morals and vulnerability to an evil and cruel world will always have this fear of immigrants, especially those that keep their eyes out for inspiration they can get rich with and candy they can take from babies in that way. As for me, they say I am marked for trouble and I can understand, especially when they are talking about the Class system and some social justice but I am happy that all the nonsense I have to tolerate from people around here is annoying them as well, even though I am a bit concerned they have trouble keeping their hands to themselves and their effrontery when it comes to the developed will to touch me physically is growing. The reality has always been that the dodge the question all of the time i.e. what they are doing with social and moral corruption and modernity and why they cannot keep it solely in their own lives instead, the part where it is not impossible for people to self regulate at popular culture, so as to ensure that knowing they are messing around somebody’s life and public life, they might end up with a living wage and touring costs paid for and to allow others to exist as well, but if it is not wealth and fame, so as to achieve wickedness being satisfied which the authorities cannot get to quickly before they had extricated the sensations they are after – question of why they never attend Church, read the Bible and give up on the seven deadly sins before they blow off their big mouth at those they think they have the effrontery to handle for their part too. The Monarchy does prevent people from handling them as well because it does not get to mean they do not come from Families where they have been taught some morality but this is an advice and a warning at the same time – I am happy it is annoying them and their evil and organised society by which they develop it and turn out in public to find people to practice on alright but they need to keep their hands and willingness to touch anything around here to their stupid selves, so somebody does not get to help them find out what their place and their own actually really looks like as well, as that would it seems solve the problem of their eyes ever being fixed on somebody else’s existence; I am not afraid of them. In keeping with the laziness and shallow modern nonsense – they are unable to handle certain people who run society and most public services, what they intend to do is handle me to correct injustice and configure the class system with a big mouth. So if I kicked my Football into somebody else Yard I would feel like a complete idiot because of what will happen next but when I walk down the Train station these guys only stop short of man handling me – this is the disparity and those who say they can see my anus and strike it any time they want need to remember why it is like that and can get off that stupid Media and turn up to get me too if they wanted=. Apart from which I am keeping my work with society as they have trouble staying away from it and always ensure each time they do get involved with it they do at my expense to ensure I get attacked while they appear at Fashion and Advertisement to get rich and use me to fight their enemies in order to get rid of me later – I intend to witness what they are going to do with my Intellectual Property Administration business in this way. So the part where there are Americans that hate my guts is all very well since it is never clear how where I write my Books gets to mean somebody else’s Empire while I am supposed to make money where I exist but then again I sell intellectual property administration but the very patents by which my Books and my income and what I put out of my Royal Estate in writing on my website is protected has no effect on others, indicating they expect me to do something unprecedented as well; so they have to be my personal Gods and are not complaining enough yet, considering each time I observe them I have to decide to see human beings because if I see things I hate on account they are having way too much fun with this behaviour, it will have a beneficial impact; it is something I am not doing for organised society of wickedness from the US as well and they can go to hell. I mean they can self regulate to ensure they screw with my life and end up with their costs for equipments and Tours, which means that if they did, an average popular culture operative should not earn more than £150,000 PA, except it has to be about riches and fame and the fans I thought were fans but after taking them in and finding out they have become too wealthy for me to control I have many enemies; I cannot make out if they are going to make me these days or not as it were – all I know is that they claim to do so much more for the Country that entertainment ripping up everything around here. The unwanted sexual behaviour I am said to exhibit of which is always on the table; whereas the reality is that each time people see me, especially when I am taken up by anything which looks like work, their behaviour is perpetually the same and just as violent i.e. it is going to be violence in a relationship between me and my spouse and you are going to be at the receiving end of it – so that now it has become a Public matter at least people are not happy about my response so we are making progress thereof and they will stop threatening me at some stage. However on earth you create a product and find out that while you were working at systems that will serve the customers, the patents for the products have been made ineffective by the way others have organised their society and Media and then found out it was because they were your brothers who share the same skin colour; the damage unprecedented the challenge in terms of recovering lost income or shutting it down enormous but they will want the Politicians to help out with inequality and justice because whilst they do these things on account they want money, everybody must assume they are unaware that they are destroying money in the process. They do say it is a matter simply of a case of some people they do not like at all and some systems that fundamentally oppresses them but then again the reality is that they must rip up my life and work the survival of small people, then realise at a later date that they have not been able to figure out yet why they are bigger than me but feel like beating me up all the time; since it always meant insurgency and when it heats up meant Terrorism and these are things that will happen when they are using their own lives to make it so too as it were; they have not adhered to the original warning i.e. they need to leave me alone, I am really arguably their worst night mare and they are not seeing that yet. It can be Families having fun and engaging in economic activities or it can be ripping up my finances to extricate a process where I am a Christian that looks like a Priest who is going out of a monastery to operate a day job, so they can move into my right hand to settle up conveniences that will facilitate the enjoyment of their anal sex when they are homosexual, being so of which is their civil and human right – this is just one of many that is likely to occur in many way every given Hour while they label me the big one; so it is really their worst nightmare, I am unable to get used to any of it. So I hear it is me complaining about unwanted sexual behaviour of which there is no such thing, only me working out what people are saying, most of which is largely that an Arch Prince in my person is to them what the Virgin Mary is to the Catholics and they are not certain they will get another if they lose it – hence it is not so simple to turn up with fashion and Media and pretend to get involved with me comfortably without buying my Books in order to develop yourself into something that uses me to fight society; it is not black and white. As it stands people have no more Communist relations around here, are no longer able to make profits at the stock market which they have not worked for and the Popular culture I will cut to pieces as well due to the fact the disobedience from those is legendary all together.

They say that what I have said is music to the ears of Politics lovers and I wonder which ones they mean as I have mentioned that half the time ripping up my finances like we see them give their own to the frugal, in order to extricate the survival of the small people, leads to insurgency and the other half is when it heats up into Terrorism. It must be music to their ears because they never accept other peoples leadership even though they know nothing themselves of which if I said so would lead to another eventuality all together, changing nothing of the reality that they rip up peoples finances all the time to ensure they are never wrong and a Mr Obama for instance like most black Men is really good at it i.e. when they are wrong, money buys time to facilitate the ending where they are right because the smaller person could not defend his position. In the end the outcome is usually that of claims of people who have not the strength to handle issues but are happen to look wise at the expense of those who do; i.e. neighbourhood is full of thieves and the property of small people must end up in it – after that the thieves are financially comfortable and there is a fight and they hate Women who really love to see them at it. I have no idea why the American ones like to hurt themselves so much but the British ones hate my guts and will a lot more when my patents are tied to the Country and I have people guarding that all together to give me a right to earn and income. I am talking about the one by which every occasion they return to find out facts of how Babies are made results in somebody else getting rich at their expense.

So I hear that the Media have yet again set up a new state of affairs which will mean that this time I have to respond to the fact the entire world is turning against me and it is utter nonsense; same old tale of the sons of disobedience and how they operate which we read in the Bible – this time however they are complaining that first I encumber peoples fame and then I want to move into their right hand and push them on to provide leadership; truth of course is that I am not that perverse and they are on my perspective because they hate religion and are imposing popular culture on Me and if they are complaining it is not hurting badly enough as well in my view and they need to clear my space, bearing in mind there is nothing in the world they can do if I moved into their right hand and pushed them along to provide them with leadership but they are extremely naughty as well and it goes far beyond the fact they seem to have an uncanny ability to predict how people handle them when their stupidities and frustration at an inability to become what others are leads to attrition and distant violence; sometimes I invent some out of my genius and they still find a way just as quickly as they should have spent time working for what they really wanted but by far the biggest problem is that they need Politicians to give them money and help them ruin my finances so they can get on media to get rich by feeling superior to me – they have gotten this and are still turning up to collect trophies that facilitate a good feeling and do not want me to fix my finances which they have damaged as separate from those stupid imaginations of theirs which is what the problem is; I will fix it or they will fix it the way I want and provocation followed by a need to get out and collect trophies will only lead to more trouble; – so if the Media lets me peace with the vandalism and abuses of community idiots which means I am always tired no matter how much I have rested on account of the kind of leadership they wish to do good in their locality by providing, the Media will be free of me as well and it has always been this simple – I feel I am asleep when I am asleep and that I have rested when I have rested and nobody has to know there has ever been friction between me and the Media as a whole, otherwise the wrath of the Arch Prince who has serious matters to deal with like a process of making people follow a moral line giving way to an outcome where others will take up their culture and society because of the financial incentive and hence has to let them chase it while he provides them with morality can easily become the least of their worries. It is their legendary disobedience we are talking about here as a matter of fact but on a point by point basis; we only will talk about it as a whole, society by society when it is expensive enough to do – for now it’s a simple case of letting an Arch Prince have his rest and his holidays and his time off work etc and then they can be free of him as well. It’s like when they say I am weak and it will never make sense when entire communities are out to provide a single person is weak by ganging up on him like that but in the end it is an example of the anus and penis purposes of their activities as it were, leading right up to when it is said my Books never make any progress whereas that is in itself a matter of what they do with my Books which are purposes for which it was never meant all together: like the anus and penis insults giving way to squeezing me as though I am supposed to somebody when I do not actually eat, so when it turns out there is a smell because I do, that means I have lost all I have but then do nothing with it, only use it to make even more stupidities and exhibit themselves and there is hardly anything more about them and their involvement which is annoying save the excuse it is punishment for a process where I encumber peoples fame by preventing them building obfuscates from my personality that can facilitate fame and when I do not claim it, hand it to somebody else to get rich with on Media. So it’s all some massive immeasurable disobedience, not an indication I am weak and if they let me have my rest on the matter of the kind of leadership they want to provide at society and local communities every day, they can be free of me too, otherwise do need to stop complaining.


It usually begins with this game of picking inspiration off me while I exist, which I can only stop if I stopped existing to prove they always get what they want which is a lie and then when done, we enter that phase where they have gotten rich from it and returned with the money to ensure I do not change the inspiration if I wanted to in order to make it a sustainable career; and this is where the problem started – at the initial stage general assumption is that they are screwing around because the first impression was that for bad or for good I was dealing with some of the cleverest organisms of the planet, except that it turns out they were not just screwing around and they are not; so if they do allow me my rest over the kind of leadership they want to provide all will be well for them as well. The biggest problem of all seems to be my opinion of them which differs wildly from the one they have bullied the general public into having but whilst this is not their property to handle or damage, it seems to be a threat to them all together. The part where they are having the time of their lives can only continue until this matter becomes as serious as those flash homes and cars they got from Money they have never worked a day for and like to think they are so flash when they are celebrities that they can follow me around and grab my income at will and that I would do nothing about it; for now it’s a simple question of why it is that since my opinion of them is not the same as that of everybody else that have been bullied into a state, such should become a threat to them as they keep an eye fixed on property that is not theirs to handle or damage until the case of what my Books really should be used for becomes another point for complaining. We hear it is about how I could have done my Books better but decided to do what I have done, to make trouble for everybody but this has always been the story and it goes beyond the fact they do not have a clue what they are doing for everything they do and seem to attack others the way they know society will enjoy attacking idiots like them if they exhibit themselves too much for their good – needs to clear my space. Nobody knows what the real purpose of the abuses are anyway; if it’s not about claims I am insane, then it is that I sleep with peoples wives and grandmothers whereas I am the way I am because I am a Christian and they might want to think about going to Church and laying off the deadly sins for a break as it were too – otherwise label me the big one and move into my right for sensations which will end very fucking well all together (again). In the end they are not really in a position to tell anybody about my Books not making any progress; what happens is that they follow my customers around and try to keep us apart in that way, makes sense of the reasons customer service is important of course at the end of the day but we are all idiots obviously and we want to be paid and so they can complain about me one more and claim to have cultural powers with which to make me insane and do the run away with something routine with a disobedience that is really sticky around my property all day long claiming mostly that it is because I share a skin colour with them, while the Media carries on with providing leadership for them while setting up a state of affairs that will ensure I have the world turned against me to punish me for something; so people will build up their own version of what my Books are and should be used for on Media without being asked and without provocation as it were. In the end the lower classes will always need support when it comes to academic work and finances but their love for popular culture will never change and so will the middle classes need no such support but their love for popular culture is as destructive as their self exhibitionism and if the Media lets me have my rest there will be no problems. There is that talk of declared enmity with Men having much to do with how I screw around with Women who are actually and investment that Men make in society – so that what happens is that she flutters eyelids at me and for it gets fucked by him, so he might improve his chances of making more  profit and turn up after on Media to claim possessions of mine because his disposition has become similar while the Media idiots spend time making sure the public life they cannot peddle ends up in the hands of those I will be scared of. It’s always been the same story but it is as though they want me to prove something as well; one moment we see them on TV all the time because there is terrorism in the air and that is much the same with their foolish women wanting to handle my finances and try to show that they always get what they want – the next we find them switching television for camping and swimming, after settling up friendship with another group of trouble makers at the Monarchy in order to feel they can check up on people, especially me, on account families are feeling more comfortable with economic activity and having fun as a community and it is thoroughly heart wrenching at it were since when you actually examine it, there is no service involved whatsoever, only entrapment and finding auspice to spend people’s money on themselves because they are famous and it is the part where they do me and follow me around and flatter me that I am determined will change this story as well. There is nothing unusual about it in anyway; they fancy themselves bullies and have started to claim I was the nice guy that became the enemy when the whole process of hurting me to get blessed and especially so financially, because it is only so good an impression to add to the one where they chase me about to ensure I am weak as well, is never going to change; I think the best way to put it is that we are fine if the Media lets me have my work times and rest time and then millions of people at any given time can be made to think about my anus and penis all day long and there will be no trouble. If it is investigated there is probably a purpose and I bet the purpose of it is used to serve me and make me comfortable as well with that big mouth.

So they do like to say that religion teaches me to insult people and then try to patch it up; what never gets discussed by them is why every single process by which they must settle how right they are and how wrong I am needs to be settled through Money and that is because it will turn out to be the case that they are actually wrong and their case is that they do not like to be wrong (???). I want the idiots to clear my space; what they have wanted to spend their time on is ripping up my finances and getting Politicians to spend tax payer funds on them to facilitate the process, in order to get on Media to determine what my personality is and then send out their culture idiots to claim I am mentally disturbed, it is not however what I want to do with my time, so what really provokes me is the effrontery to handle my possession, right up to my body and health even though they do it at a distance with that big mouth. One does have to think about it i.e. why lawyers are lawyers and Doctors are Doctors and Nurses are Nurses etc and why are they the way they are i.e. which is because they are stupid people and soon find out that when they hurt you or damage your life and property to feel sensations of convenience by which they want to move into your right hand and claim it is freedom and democracy which calls for it, that you will react in a certain way which asks and answers questions about a fool and how he or she wants to be treated and so they do it first – when I am overwhelmed, they turn up like these to claim an Arch Prince insults people with religion and then finds out he has to patch up all of his very existence and it then sounds right to them as well. We are now at a stage where I get to broker creative equities with Auto Companies where the Cars they drive a made because what we have ended up with is them and their cultural wickedness and other people not having the right to exist and between the two a negotiating factor of complements for their nice cars and possessions replacing reality and the problem they have with me is that I do not entertain this view of them having a separate existence from everybody else which means that they are unable to let people exist, so sometimes the question of how a fool wants to be treated is one that crosses my mind because they rip up my Book sales and go too far talking nonsense of how religion helps me insult people and patch up all of an existence all together; I mean I started out brokering my equities with Companies that were willing to follow on these creative property to make cars and products which were in agreement with Families having their fun and their tourism and engaging in economic activity – they were supposed to have started their own car companies if they wanted something different but what they did was buy shares in the Companies I brokered equities with in order to control me – so now I simply have no idea how you are going to bully people into a different existence with your cultural evil to make the money important and obliterate reality all together because there are many of you and the abuses are intense, when the very products are made to show the Companies which did, did it in agreement with the rights of families to have their tourism and their fun and their economic activity anyway, so the problem they have with me is that my view of them is not the same as the view of those they regularly bully and my view of them is that this problem will blow up if not checked, so each time their purchases products determine what people think about others the Country must determine what people think about them as well and by the way of which it is a beautiful Country anyway, so we will find out which one will win. I am an Arch Prince and people do not make out they are right like that telling me I became an Arch Prince because religion helps me insult people and then turn out and try and patch up my view existence – what they need to do is clear my space; in the end what I have to do will still be what I have to do, in the sense that the lower classes will require financial support when young people must attend school and get qualifications and the Middle classes will not lest they get too much but both will still love their popular culture just as much when I actually go mad listening too way too long but these society idiots mix it up and complain on account people at the upper classes handle their own and exclude them from certain public areas as well – so their revenge is to handle me and it can only continue until they lose the job that gets to their head for it all together too. The very expense of this equity being mentioned like this is an example of the problem they cause me and we have not even started talking about turning up at my market place for following my customers around to make trouble for them and for me, in order to use my Books without buying them and for purposes the Books were never intended, each time the older ones are busy with something else they leave it for their idiots that are younger than I am but still feel it is sound to make out religion teaches me insults after which I patch up life and pretend my problems are other peoples fault; which problems I created for myself so they can use their own lives to fix their own problems and democracy does not get to make me share anything I do not want to in the first place since I am stupid but handling my Books and in that way my finances when I need it is becoming a real problem they want solved by attrition as well. Typical scenario is meeting a 15 year old; and its all angry and it heard that EU Migrants who actually fear the idea of living on benefits are the problem and that it extends to what they do at British relations with the US and then you will have to correct it i.e. that attitude is precisely what will make them behave that way etc but it will then say it wants to go home with you if it could and then I will thanks for the complement but you do have good parents, except parents cannot support it on anything and the reason is that a scumbag who thinks that your opinion of him and his cultural evils and what he uses his possessions for will be the same as these other people lives in the neighbourhood with other of his friends and regularly shows up on Media etc – then we hear those complains of the things I do to Celebrities as well in order to deserve it, whereas we see Celebrities switch from X Factor to shows about swimming on account an Orange type guy held a Microphone on a Beech while people had fun and engaged in economic activity – which is heart breaking stuff and nothing like that nonsense we hear about providing a service – it is not service, it is rounding people up and taking their money, it is heart wrenching and they need to take note as well – I have had enough of it and it is not just a matter of using my Books for things it is not meant in order to get rich and decide what people think about it every day looking for more trouble. At this point they say I want to appear to love to protect these people; whereas the facts are two faced and one of them is that the world these people live in is one where people are so diverse and their needs are so different that it will be impossible to do anything and come to any agreement if they got involved with things such as government for instance and so they are always trying to control things around them because of it, so goons who have possessions and want to determine what reality is probably do but I wonder if they expect to do for me as well, whereby my view of them is then the biggest problem because it is accurate and the truth – the other fact being of course that if I am unable to detach myself from sense of fame concerned with far older people than I am, then these powerful goons with Media and possessions are the ones keeping me out of work; whereas sense of fame concerned with people that are far older is heavily spruced with retirees which is a world that tangles people up very easily if what people are looking for is jobs and business opportunity; they need to clear my space and stop pushing me. It’s like the case with the EU as well; they say EU migrants steal jobs but that is because they are fundamentally afraid of travelling in from overseas to live on benefits and are conscious all the time of when they are talking and when they working – on the other hand, the criminals who want easy money will travel in and use the benefit system for purposes it was not intended and the Politicians will claim that is what EU Migrants are; on Saturday 12/3/2015 the papers were full of Mr Cameron claiming Germany fosters racism, which is much the same as the claim I support rich people one moment and attack them the rest whereas I made it clear Terrorists rip up diplomatic front and exhibit themselves to pretend what they have invented is what our lives and people and parents and children and grandparents and grand children have become, on the other hand of which a goon with a flash car will now tell us what reality should be for example and same will be applicable to an Arch Prince whose view of him will not depart much from the truth of what his flash possessions can never hide: - in terms of Germany nobody knows which one the Prime Minister is doing anywhere when it is hard to travel from France into the UK knowing your parents are just next door and thinking it is okay if they hear that you live on benefits means that you are a scrounger and steal jobs as well, of which apparently if there is anybody on whose Table every memo from the EU ends up it will be that of the Prime Minister who name is Mr Cameron but I am the one clearing it up for example with an old disposition I built from incessant political bullying at a distant observers position, so that he might look like he can really manipulate the public. As for the story of how I started the fight with society that the conservatives are now following up; those who claim it need to get their copy of my Books lest somebody else picks up the copy they should have bought and locks them in a struggle whereby no matter how many they buy at another time, it will never be the one they should have bought in the first place. It’s like the story of why I behave as though Politicians should be giving away trade secrets all the time like it was my due; which has no basis on reality of which is rather that they have curtailed my Legal Career for the last 10 years without reason and it is okay for people to have career vanities that prevent bad people from joining up but this one will never be explained because it cannot be – they said the behaviour kept out bad guys, now it is used to attack morals and religion in order to secure self improvements that save them from insanity and the question now is whether the need to protect their career having been justified, I have done the same to them as well; apparently the complain is still that I block off fame perspective but we all know that this behaviour being set out to secure vanities for their Media goons is the missing item from this account of the facts as it were. It’s a matter of the amount of work I have to do to get my Legal career in order again – as it stands I need to stay in employment for 24 Months and find something part time within that period which means it will be completed around 2021 – for the bidding at an academic qualification that started in 2004; so if they are asking it is a mystery why Politicians have any career vanities these Days, hence I can only keep taking responsibility to keep the bad guys out of the avenue through which they can gain access which this nonsense has created into my life and Career. We hear it is not clear what my place in the manufacturing Industry is, whereas it has always been simple as the wastage of my expensive equity = for instance work done at diplomatic circles to restore economic activity to normalcy should have been worth millions if people did not turn out to take revenge on Britannia for Empire and it can be this reason and anything else right down to the fact they have problems and so in the end it forms a system of activities you use for nothing which leaves them with poverty and wealth inequality like it should because there is no way you can turn out a stranger from nowhere to peddle peoples culture and society simply because you do it in the UK, which is where it will end anyway. It’s not the Monarchy that creates any problems for me like they love to insinuate; its society Men and those have a view of themselves that cannot be qualified with normal language all together and we do hear them whisper that they are Royalty as well of course which is a lie as their size is just right for them and they are terrible incredible lairs for it too. I do not think the matter is that difficult - when I am feeling inspired and want something more that is out of the ordinary, it is supposed to exist outside of work which is actually about Families having their fun and Tourism and Economic activity and leaving this means going into the City Centre to make something unusual; apparently it is not that these idiots are uneducated and this is why the problem is so difficult as it were; in the end Politicians should always fund it because the reaction of those who are handling it is amusing and then find out they want to spend whatever the victims have left to make themselves feel convenienced and start off another story about respect for it and as for the City Centre goons, I am not stuck where I am being punished in anyway - it is all supposed to lead to a certain ending whereby each time they find out how babies are made, they pay for it to an extent that somebody else gets rich too, which will lead to an outcome where they start to form stronger business and financial bonds with those criminals and goons from Peoples neighbourhoods and Families, which has not happened yet, hence I am at a loss as to why they think I should be fretting.