I am told that it would be nice if all the hatred and abuses people channel at me was eliminated but I do not think it is that much of a problem, just that people need to support my work if my Books are helping them, not fight my battles and grab my Public image; what happens with Fashion for instance is that a Model may have a racist view but it is the designer who picks up my Asset equities to create an item that she will model on the runway and that will be her punishment for it, such that much as I am happy for a wealthy person to buy that item and deploy it during an important function, it should be noted that such an action adds up to a bidding process at this Hermitage and that I am trying to run a Bookshop. The more extreme ones will be the stock market gits who think that I deserve to have them pillage my market in order to fill in incomes for time periods in every week when they have earned lower than they usually earn which happens in every business, because I was not superior enough to contribute to the building of the modern world which they built – among the ways in which people show up here to abuse me and fill in low income points in their business this is the worst of them all.

The other side of this story is largely that I am caught up in a Class War which I am not; what happens with a Class War is that I am black for instance, so my primary prognosis is that I am aware the way black culture works is a case whereby I am caught up with some ageists who leave subliminal nonsense in the local communities running around on how I am one of their children on whom their popularity future depends, so I am usually obligated to sort out matters of goons who rely on society powers instead of working for money – although white people have similar problems in their society, they usually much prefer to play up homosexuality and run around at popular culture that they will want to have it resolved, the Muslims do as well but they have their ideas about whom they are superior to, the Asians do as well but they much prefer their homosexuality, passing insults at me over my front porch and backyard and complaining to Politicians about my attitude as insultingly as possible; the point being that Class War usually looks nice but I don’t see that those who want it that much would fancy the reality of it either, they are simply hoping that others were not educated about it most of them which makes it such a worthy activity. That said, I am talking about a situation in which there is no Class war, it’s just being mentioned and I am talking about the fact those who think it the Bees Knees have not assessed the fact that it will mean a completely different angle to the matter of me warning them about following me around especially at the academic institutions with such nonsense, concerning which I have already once dropped out of University and have made it abundantly clear that I will not tolerate it again. It feeds into the idea I know about Class otherwise I would not be so confident about it and yes I do but my history is that my Parents were divorced and it is still a difficult divorce to this day, my Dad felt he could never live in the UK while it was clear about barely 30 years after the world war claimed millions of lives, people were exhibiting the same behaviour again – the ethnic minorities do it because they claim there is historic injustice that needs to be corrected and once you give them a little way they show you it was a sweet something they wanted to do better, while white people simply own the whole thing in the first place.

In the end, the reality is that these people have a need to get counted into the worlds rich list and what is driving them is not as great as what is driving me to raise funds, find a wife and produce an Heir for this Hermitage; we all know this is very difficult coming on recently because of the actions of women telling me how to exist on Media and the Prime basis has always been something I must do to make them comfortable while they dredge up problems as per I had no choice, eventually culminating in claims I am supposed to support Culture, Theatre, film and sport as Royalty but am doing less than enough, while we know that if a Car Company were to seek my Equity and deploy them to build a car that means somebody can drive it in a bad neighbourhood without attracting the wrong crowds and they wanted to make these things with the same equities, there is no way it would have been so insulting and abusive as to ensure I dropped out of University because I was unable to cope with the torrent of other people’s stupidities; so clearly they would tell me that saying mean cunt is a terrible word but it is only descriptive as they were always aware that for every number of months and years they spend on this nonsense at my expense, even their jobs and families are not affected by their own behaviour. So the Men that are clearly in their league claim I am completely oblivious to what people want from me while reality was rather that they really do need to be supportive of what I am doing if they found it useful or give me my space: the involvement with an author’s concerns while reading Books was almost a taboo will not suffice – they do claim I exhibit the same behaviour with Celebrities and other people’s companies as we know they can never stop telling lies in much the same way I have made it clear and they understand that those who own the Companies they work for and Manage have expressed their willingness to go along with my Intellectual Property Administration business almost every day for the last 13 years, while they have continued to invent excuses and abuses that add to a process of stealing my property basically with the use of popular culture, stock markets and political busy body corruption that makes it appear the age of 50 was a luxury, pillaging my profit margins and breaching my patents with abandon, while their Celebrities grab any income margins they liked.


I am now told that I have spent my time bringing myself up to an equality with people who are clearly better human beings than I am, none of which makes any sense if the fact they were better human beings than I am was to be settled by the business of seeing them spend their time on Media trying to extract money from my Public image as insultingly as they possibly can, passing around those insults about me taking over a job that they should have been doing and spreading their stupidities for it everywhere I go. What is clear as a matter of certainty however is their conviction there is nothing I can do about it while I have issued boundless warnings about how their inability to keep their jobs off publicity I build for my Books as they were clearly not sharing the salary, will not suffice: about which I can easily give them a time frame to cancel it out of their schedule while I cancelled them out of mine, such that once done we would have completed the process of removing from our schedule those things that churn our tummy and any who got involved with it again on either side would be looking for trouble. So we find that the business of getting to handle people they don’t know in the self-appointed business of making others behave, much the same way their children run around the neighbourhood making trouble for everybody without being controlled, is the prognosis for this nonsense – in the US they want the Government to control gun violence by deploying other people’s Public image while they had no plans to eliminate the behaviour whereby this is responsible for destroying the lives and pursuits of young people whenever we are confused about how school violence and mass shootings are built.

They love this claim that I have lost my career and all I do is patch work, which changes nothing about their involvement with my concerns being about buying and reading the Books I have written: either way which we know what they mean to be that when their women set about claiming that as long as culture exists they are better looking than I am and have men on their side who will ensure I behaved to allow them make money on my Public image and get famous, such women are supposed to be completely unaware such rubbish will rip up my whole life, hence when they complain about me taking such actions as ensures they cannot stop telling tales of being unable to operate as real Women in their Country anymore, it is out of the ordinary. I do get told the issue is that these guys will one day teach me lessons on the treatment of women which does not make any sense to me as per the exact point these twerps got to care about women anyway – we know however they are always in league with matters of female society whereby women think the little tricks by which they get around is meant to help them protect the self from those that are bigger or stronger than they are in bad situations, but these idiots will deploy it to show a goon how to take advantage of somebody a quarter of their size and grab public image for them to make fame and fortune with, so it is still the question that never gets answered around here i.e. why these gits spend more of their time on me than we see them spend in their own female society, should we assume they were likely to take something seriously for a change in their foolish lives, hence the stupid men that get around with it teaching me lessons about handling them like it has obviously become a sermon than they will likely do. The concern about me attacking women has always been utter rubbish, since we know the prospect was always that they had amble bosoms and nice hair and beautiful faces, so if I felt they had destroyed my Public image or any property, I could take advantage of that to build myself repertoire by which I mastermind a recovery but the problem with doing this is that women know this to be a pitfall for being a woman and they never destroy people’s lives, those who claim they did are lying and if I am not mistaken, are in league with the scum that ruined it all together in the first place. The story then of Celebrities has always been something of getting off to the City especially once it had completely destroyed my academic work to blow about insults concerning respect I should be showing to rich people, knowing I might act if it became too destructive for me to tolerate, stirs up another group of gits who spend 24/7 educating me about anal sex as they get opportunistic, hence this theory of theirs that there is nothing I can do about it is rather dangerous; I have given them their exit as well as the exit serves me too, that they need keep away from my Books and stop following me around especially at the academic institutions; regardless of when I am renting a living space from White people who are going to set about corrupting my State provided security like the blacks did, the blacks who are now complaining all the time since last the boasting about the idea there is nothing I can do, gave way to an ending for the business of turning up here to be my Daddies with a stick behind me and an imagination that goes up my bum, to help them deal with the stupid decisions they have made, which got them into those conditions that mean they are unable to live in the one and only society that they have got, about which the blabbing has started again on how there isn’t a thing I can do about it. Hence I have not lost any part of my career; what happened was a business of setting out tools and processes for a career, deciding what I wanted to study to get it done and they had botched the academic work, following me around with these abuses, hence if I fix the academic work again now that all is in order, it will be well again 100% but I don’t have to answer to anybody when it is not; we can see the effects of these stupidities to be that when it shows up at University to talk my personality and use it as a tool for securing links in the City centre, its ingenious wickedness works so well with the problems of economic conditions, that it eventually culminates in an outcome where this was all the birth pains of the world’s worst recession ever whereby I dropped out of University the same year that it took real hold of the global economy – we also see whenever it starts off that nonsense about my life ending up in the hands of Celebrity and Media, it is such ingenious wickedness that it works so well with the business of keeping an eye on a process of damaging my life and career that the outcome is that they settle up on it at the precise stage whereby I had started to trade my Books more seriously and it built up into a misogynistic practical joke that meant people got services from my online Bookshop that was set to ensure they enjoyed reading my Books but did not get to buy it because somebody was turning them off, hence I ended up working for it without getting paid, built up another stupid reputation that I don’t need; the entire time which they are convinced I am likely bluffing when I say the next time they got off following me around at the academic institutions, I will build them a powder keg and light it myself, that if I got hold of that stupid culture and society they will certainly have been looking it for a last time, the Celebrity culture which is now the main issue because they cannot stop running off their stupidities on publicity I have built for my products due to their insatiable desire for prestige – so the business of those stupidities that build up opportunistic culture and society gits that are loyal to them who make a mess of my diet and my tummy to ensure I lost the Public image completely, is starting to progress into a question of whether the challenge they were offering is that I am unable to do anything about it; I for my part have put up long enough with that case whereby what I say and do in the course of running an intellectual property administration business solves their problems so well that they built me a Publicity that says I worked for them and set about enforcing it as stupidly as possible, much the same as Company owners set out that what I run around Industry villages with a Portfolio doing about intellectual property administration is something they are willing to get along with but are never the less always at war with disobedient managers who have over time come to take full advantage of the position I have taken to ensure I avoided most of the controversy – time is running out thereof and it is running out for them too. I have not lost any part of this Career: the Crown business part of it, the Intellectual Property Administration business part of it and indeed the controlling of wanton and abusive Celebrities part of it, it was obvious enough to be part of the facts of daily living at this stage. As for the women who take part in being characters that want to handle me harmfully all the time; we all know why they never spend their time in the Company of female society, why they pick out what happens between me and every male idiot with a history of decisions that make it impossible for them to live in the one society they have, taking their stupidities out on me, we all know that they are such a bunch of trouble makers that it is quite easy to ensure their behaviour destroyed the lives of the men they got involved with, which will really get the anal sex going for them too; just as it has obviously begun over a conversation concerning how I have spent time working out equality with people who are better than me while they had their eyes and hands on my income after years of familiarity based insults that ensure it exists in situations where rules do not apply, expecting me to talk about other forms of public abusive attempts at bullying such as racism instead, until they are placed well enough to make their stupidities profitable.

It has always been quite impossible to secure a process of being able to get around ones concerns without smelling like what I last ate if I omit the fact that the entire thing was being built and run by stupid Celebrities and their opportunistic society and culture gits, it’s not a fine idea for them to keep blabbing that there is nothing I can do about it, much the same as we see their popularity goons spend the time showing the way to get around Public matters was to do nothing about it, get on popularity band waggon and be free, then set about inventing nonsense that will allow them attack me over some claimed bad treatment of women with a big mouth, looking that character that show up here to disobediently wee on my front door every day, whom I have real difficulty keeping my hand away from as well – it’s the story of the evils of civil war, that if I shot somebody who behaved like this because a war had broken out, would it have meant that I thought women should be treated badly? They always say that there are Politicians who are determined to teach me lessons and show who is boss but I could never make sense of it for my part either; I mean it’s difficult to locate what lessons they will teach so confidently is that thing I complain about where they appear to suggest what we learn at school is that business is run by detaching Royalty from their Estate and spreading it around to build equality, such that it has become my reputation and nobody cares for the competency of my work anymore leaving me cash strapped, as stupidly and insultingly as human beings can get, difficult to locate if what they mean is that they will teach me lessons if I have had enough of the fact that thing I complain about all the time where my Estate and its Literary Empire is to be spread around to help people make profits in order to create economic recovery, instead of people coming up with a viable plan to save their businesses during an economic crisis, time again which we see them get off announcing to a crowd that is about to elect their stupidities into Government buildings, that it is still on like that, now issuing threats while it continues – whether they are referring to these life changing insults meaning their teenage children bought super cars which was displayed on the internet and made my problems many times worse, while I did nothing about their need to pillage my academic work and vandalise my Royal property and public image in a hope they will be able to phone call their friends at an office and prevent me from getting a job, all of which I let go off because my financial conditions was so bad I was more interested in the fact I had bigger fight to fry – whether they were talking about their abusive women setting me out as a character that looks best when misogyny is practiced on him, yet when I write Books the same big brother idiots who should be more supportive of the fact the Books put my career and finances above the antics of such women are the ones who want to get involved with me for other reasons apart from my Books, issuing threats concerning my treatment of women over popular culture. It is the same issue we have heard them complain about the last time we checked i.e. that people have been losing high end jobs because of me i.e. the Company owners have made it clear my Intellectual property administration “gimmicks” is something they want to play along with but the Politician led managers are always at war over the idea they now work for somebody as inferior as myself, ripping up the finances associated with the Books that have titles and descriptions attached which their stupidities clearly wrote the last time checked, now teaching lessons all the time which does not make them more annoying than they have ever been. They do claim it’s a matter of this sense I am very important at the Monarchy which really has nothing to do with anything when we all know it is the sanctity of the Public that they serve at Government which they have a problem with i.e. such reality as the fact that it has never been an unusual occasion to see Politicians earn much less than people who have the same qualifications they do at the Markets which was obviously a very different condition to Government all together, the Public will never normalise until they got rid of it apparently but it is myself that they believe they want to pin it as well. It feeds into this case whereby they might want to know what my decisions were if it were up to me, which beats the imagination that if I were a Public servant and the conditions of public sanctity while I performed by civil service duties were such that foolish women claim they were more beautiful in a cultural sense and once surrounded by some other stupid men get to make money they had not worked for, allowing Celebrities to rip up lives and families, I would ensure they had too much mobility for it too and likewise the fact social support systems are inundated with destitute women, the Law courts with sexual abuse cases because of the frequency in which women have to remind their employers that they ran a Company and not the Country – if these were the Public conditions, I would have set out Policy in a way that ensures Industry goons do not mess with me, lest I wanted a media mistress and a war with them to go with it too. In the end, every goon who keeps building up the sense that everything I do is wrong, needs to start being supportive by buying Books when they show up around here too, as their need to show up and create their own version of the problems are reaching sell by date.

I am told I am being punished by the Monarchy which is not true in anyway; what happens is State Politics – the effect on me being that the flash boys who have a problem with women have found popular culture where they can threaten to attack me due to my behaviour towards women all the time, those who have not reached this stage have become quite accustomed to corrupting my State provided security in a search for decadence, industry misogyny and fame, the older ones are a bit more vocal and public with a view that I grab their jobs and they are supposed to be the ones that are not afraid of me at all – it then all feeds into this sense that I have no respect for them, which is not true; I am very well aware they are always playing up those gimmicks where they love me, they don’t love me anymore, they used to love me but things have changed and so on, so if I had a lot of disrespect for them, it would have affected my sex life very badly. The problem is a specific group from point to point and these group are not planning to go down by themselves. The children and Celebrities always say I am dangerous, but they think they are deserving especially on the matter of loving their Boyfriends so much they are offering an Arch Prince for the happiness of their lives; it must be some lovers obviously. In the end it is getting serious on the matter of just engaging with people in terms of the fact I am only interested in whether they read my Books and want to tell me something about it and I cannot do that if I am unable to stop them for 24 hours or more, coupled with the need to find a wife that will support me on these matters instead of love them and make me deals – so I do have a time table and when I think time is up, I am going to push them very hard indeed.


In the same way they cannot be told off by the wives who then have to make them deals using people to sweeten deals when trading and so on, they now know that the reason it has become an issue that masturbation is not compatible with being caught up in Public matters the hard way – meaning that each time people see them it’s about money madness and they cannot keep their hands to themselves and each time they see me it’s about anal sex so I can bother them as well; in this sense we are socially corrupt on both sides – since it soon becomes a matter of the moral high ground, he who is not doing his own will be the one to get away unscathed, so far it’s me all the way; part of the deterrence to avoid having them follow me around at academic environment again. They claim they wish to discuss my sexual habits permanently but there really isn’t such a thing; what happens is what women do at a Court to ensure it was clear first that Anal sex is something women and not Men do, secondly that if I had anal sex with somebody it would never have been out of frustration and hate, thirdly to ensure the business of involvement with me carried as high a price as was humanly possible to develop – what happens with these fools then being that anal sex is something Men do, they have anal sex because they are frustrated and angry, they get involved with what is clearly a relationship they complain about all the time because it hurts them, their involvement with me is meant to be a form of misogyny, so the more I clear it up is the worse it gets and then they sit around at Media and Celebrity culture blowing off their big mouth along with their stupid girls, issuing threats – the effect of this being that the very means by which involvement with me carries a high price then damages my academic work, finances and public image by causing me tummy issues that they can play with and threaten me for all the time. The point of clearing it up never being the business of explaining something that is making them confused but for the insults and abuses for what is really their fault and a matter of their disobedience, I want to, for the sake of those stupid threats find out what is going to happen with the Celebrities next as it were.

I am told that I have spent a lot of time trying to tidy up the work that Armed Forces Personnel are doing in the secret services fields and it means I have accepted liability for what happens to them; I have no idea having been this nonsense has run off for the best part of 18 months so far why people have continued to claim this to be the case anyway – what really happens is that there is a degree of proliferation of British National security that structures which allow people who work in it gather intelligence for their jobs are being jeopardised, so I needed to repair these structures, especially as current events had shown that although people were not getting killed, they were getting injured or sexually assaulted in the line of duty. What these goons have always done with their version of these sorts of things, is prop up their silly Celebrity culture with the jobs or Armed Forces Operatives – clearly of which is bottom hurting stuff concerning which when they return from service and cannot get peace in their own homes we are supposed to hear all about the results too; it goes without saying they need keep their hands to themselves and stop following me around, personally, it has always been a very abusive and disrespectful thing that they have loved to perform all the time and it’s never clear why exactly they were so in love with it. The other question around this matter being that I have the photo of the National Bank on my Social Media and the Parliament is guessing it must be an indication of something or a warning and yes it is; I don’t have full facts of what is happening at the open market but it is undeniable that Celebrities have not yet learned enough respect for me, that they are unable to see their involvement with other people’s Royal Offices producing effects whereby their activities had damaged National Banking culture, they are convinced when I warn them that I will rip up the Celebrity culture for them over their need to get involved with me, handle me and take advantage of me as abusively as possible, it is probably a bluff – reality however is that they were the almighty Celebrities who spend most of their time renting a venue where they engage with the Public in a way that destroys people’s lives, careers and families over wealth inequality, soon after they evade taxes and own overseas accounts stuffed with millions of currency they cannot account for most of the time they are asked to and then the money becomes the means by which they can never be seen minding their own business. Usually the blow out for this matter hinges on those who claim to control it i.e. the goons who want to spend most of their time telling tales of how everything I do is wrong, such that we can see how this gets handled about 18 months after it started becoming a problem, to ensure they were burned first before anything was done about it. The rest of the time it’s a story of how I will get into trouble with Celebrities who are the same things as peoples secretaries that claim they are better looking than I am culturally, so if I have a Public image and they have a crowd of goons behind them, I am likely to be an impediment to their opportunity to get rich and famous concerning what they are about to do next and it will make up its own culture for the purpose of ripping up my whole life like that – not necessarily good looking just really nice when the makeup has been applied – so I am now getting into trouble with them because I have not yet given them the trouble they so fervently seek around here on account they speak of the bad things they could have done which they have not done thereby deserving to be famous, in terms of what Law enforcement considers, while the dictionary definition of fame was something else entirely. I have warned them there is no means by which a person may step outside of my door and carry on their daily concerns without smelling of what they last ate, if Celebrities play with the Public image and cover themselves against reprisals by getting opportunistic culture and society gits playing practical jokes with the career and finances of their victims but they are still winding me up weeks after I said it, much the same as the warning I am not interested in the job that get to their heads and what they think I ought to sacrifice to make it better, what they need do bearing in mind it’s not my job, is get organised for it apparently.

They do claim these matters happen because I have been allowed to get completely out of hand, while what is really happening is the business of keeping to Christian values, such that it is the less destructive option for ripping up my academic work and finances to chase my personality and public image for fame, fortune and life changing insults which I am adopting here as it were – much like the question of whether I hate Celebrities which I don’t; what they do with their time is damage the career, unleash culture and society goons to chase my bum and hurt me to ensure they had violence based leverage or just set about destroying my Books to keep up financial complications as leverage, then follow it up with throwing money at pyramid sales systems where idiots learn the secrets of how to get rich claiming these are the ways in which they sell movies and music while we know it is far from minding their business if they did so at my expense. The threats are usually good but that is because they are unable to see they are the same as the goons I meet on the Streets every day, whereby leave me alone means you cannot be if you have that personality and public image you have got while we want to be rich and famous and it can never stop telling lies to exploit these ways of harming me in order to continue while setting itself out as the victim – it would then mean this is developing into a full fight with the Media and yes it is much the same way as the manner in which I had warned them this would be the outcome. As for how I ended up in this situation, the first time it became a decision to be made was when they ripped up the academic work and I had decided that they did not want me to attend University to continued business of showing up all over my concerns will be bound to stir up provocation – the rest is apparently how much they have changed since then and we know they can never stop complaining about my attitude as insultingly as possible. At this point the main case has become that in the last six years, I have been dealing with nauseating financial complications because they were playing up big brother practical jokes with my livelihood, which means they are always running off their jobs on the Publicity I build for the products and this means that I am unable to engage with people in a way that says I want them to read my Books and tell me what they think i.e. I have no writing career and Celebrities want to own the one I have built, which then adds to the fact – 6 years of a history of insults built up for my Books, of big brother gimmicks over my earnings and threats associated with the sense there is nothing I can do when we know it would not be happening if I did spend all the energy I have spent on my work, making sure they and their neighbourhoods were my main concern, which would also have meant there weren’t stupid girls filling in work that is not paying me, associated with social problems I am supposed to take care off while they became free and tried their hands on being rich and famous all day long; so at this point the yardstick is still that it goes beyond the story of Celebrities doing more than I am which is a matter of a black idiot with a stick and a need to chase my bum securing a position that will help him deal with the way his stupid personal decisions have made it impossible for him to live in the one society he has got, into something of the fact that if they are not sharing their salaries with me, all forms of work that shows up on my Publicity especially when it is done avoiding public problems  associated with its own part of society to play up popularity and media gimmicks that will help it be free and famous, needs to come to a complete stop. I do get told that its my fear of racism that guides my decisions but reality is more a matter of the fact that its not playing out in a way that causes me to confront racism, so it was better I did that separately if I needed to but then the case still stands that unless they are sharing salary all forms of Media and Celebrity appearances to do with my Books and precincts of my Patents need to stop if they want to keep the Celebrity culture as well. They have continued to claim I am always pandering on about a war which is why they do what they have been doing, what we know to be the truth however is that they have decided everything I do is clear to the general public but will only make sense if I showed up on Media to make a Public vagabond of myself so they might move into my right hand, can never stop telling the lies as the behaviour that wrecks the academic work has not stopped – which does set the parameters for the fighting as we can see.

I am told I am only good at wallowing in self-pity which is not clear what is meant by this – what happens is that there is a sense going round now that my work will never return to what it was when it was first built, the reality however being that since it belongs to me, I get to decide what it looks like and what state it is in; which leaves us the other two death dealing nonsense to deal with whereby it is either a bunch of stupid luvvies are spending their time suggesting on Media to get famous and rich, that everything I experience or talk about is what they experience in their foolish lives as well or they had rather become much busier with the business of making sure nothing I do in terms of Public Office or this Hermitage, particularly with respect to what is seen as convenience and finance areas, lasts up to 12 Hours before all of it was spent by foolish luvvies complaining that my attitude means war while they are at it. We know their queer idiots who have now developed an idea for daytime television that hurts me over the money games they want to play with my earning margins led by stupid Americans, claim I am incredibly unprofessional, which beats the imagination when they are the twerps that cannot keep their imaginary hands off peoples private parts due to money and high end job issues but think somebody who is brave enough to write Books on the matter, putting his own Asset equity on the line to broker intellectual property administration services was unprofessional, the same way they will decide what those who think otherwise should be thinking as stupidly as possible – will never have made the first time they were complaining about me due to a need they have to decide how others exist especially when they do it because they know a thing or two about science.

Their Politicians especially when female have become very accustomed to this gimmick of making statement to suggest I should have been prevented from securing my Public image while they needed it blabbing off insults about how I am doing the work they should be doing, especially when American – do not know why people enjoy complaining about me like they do and yet keep issuing these incredibly foolish threats at me anyway; we know they do not live with me under the same roof, we know that they do not share a career path with me, we know so few things cause our personal decisions to meet such that they cannot stop me from doing anything and that if they had decided they were going to try and get in touch, which would have had to happen very early in the Morning or very late in the evening as I am rather busy with my ow concerns most of time, it would have turned into an entirely different thing compared to the nonsense we hear them blab off so that society and other relentlessly stupid culture goons might pick it up and ensure its impossible for me to step outside of my door anyway. It is a measure of how this nonsense goes from idiots passing insults at me on Media to make use of and own my Public image, claiming their stupidities always gets what it wants and does not take a no for an answer, right up to the stage where I get attacked for the effects of their involvement with the dependency relationship I have with some female journalists at Court which we handle with a sense of boundaries as its purpose was that my activities helped them protect their salaries which is quite a bit of money and theirs helps me to feel secured from the sexually abusive stupidities of culture and society goons who want to be in control, they run off their stupidities that suggest I am meant to get involved with gangs and criminals in order to build them the kind of atmosphere which makes sense of their stupid media appearances, then blame the consequences on me both as a form of misogyny and a process of seeking out a counter measure for any vengeance that may have come from me because of it – it goes from this to a business of wrecking the academic work to leave me with a sense of understanding for the insanity that passes on the left hand side and right hand side of ageists who develop such things from the madness of work environment in a municipal arrangement, then it grows from this into getting me responding to the popularity based insanity of society and culture goons and now settles up on claiming most of my activities fall into the hands of extremists as well. If I said this, we have not even started talking about those foolish threats being a function of the assumption I am down and out spending over a decade to put up with a handful of hoodlums in suits playing up big brother practical jokes with my income margins and passing around insults concerning how much trouble I would get into bearing in mind the money they have, should I have tried anything, at the same time which we find their stupid girls are getting famous on what I said in the course of running a Book shop solving their problems to a point where they built me an alternative public image which says that I worked for their stupidities; I have had enough of these idiots and feel as if the matter of birth processes that involves doctors working on the bum to help mothers push need be mentioned, because I am about to dominate them with what gets the better of them as well, such that if they are the ones pushing the babies, they need watch their mouth too as the culture and society gits are completely relentless with that foolish media they have got and the idea that I buy the equipment to let them talk through to me all the time – see if I can do my bit to ensure they do not want to have babies as well, which will be good riddance from where I am presently – this nonsense is starting to get on my nerves in a real way and there is developing a need to make sure they cannot say anything that damages my Books like these all the time, essentially shutting them up. The complain of what I say costing money is that which I understand very well, it is supposed to ensure that if it is not their money, they did not get to earn it and if that blabbing goes from destroying my Books to one of seeing whether I may walk into their city centre and demand that they had stopped it with consequences to follow, it stands to reason that the assumption was that it would end the way they had devised it if they were talking from their own rights and I was expected to be completely naïve of what evil really looks like when it shows up to pass around the abuses and insults expecting me to commit high crimes at public service and did not care if it would have jeopardised its stupid lives for it too: I really should not be subjected to this process where I smell of what I ate every time I step outside of my door because they have got their City centre where they spend all day thinking about the road that leads me out of my home into the world I live in all day and trying to plan their lives on my income margin blabbing about a need to own my public image and threatening me will not suffice, I have had enough of it. Hence on the matter of resolving this issue properly, we are looking at a case of stopping everything Media and Celebrities say which does damage to my Books and this is what I am about to do next – their excuses are many, not least one about how people go to the Army to die because of my Royal Office, while we know what happens is that when people work in the Army it helps them grab fame until we end up having to deal with clash over the little things issues and they had found a scapegoat that is obviously their mate in the first place. I have really had enough of this nonsense just like they say my Books are provocative while what happens is that I met them when I was 21 and this was 18 years ago – we are looking at the three years after the state wrote an open letter and put it out in public to say that if my parents chucked me out of their homes none would be obliged to care and we are still here tolerating some evil twerps who think they have got me in a corner where they will make me commit crimes at Government Office passing around insults that suggest they want to control my finances and it’s the threats they add to it which is about to turn it into something much more serious than their stupidities can handle yet as it were. We hear I am obliged to make it stop amicably as they are too stupid to get their heads around it and at the same time we know they want to make a mess of my finances because they were very important, they were more than hoodlums in suits showing up on media to make a mess of Public matters every day; it’s incredibly stupid as their only business with me should be a case where they want to read my Books and discuss the contents with me – we see the same behaviour on the gangs and criminals issues as well, it simply never stops and then its bottom hurts, so others were responsible for such an outcome, the sort of thing were they want to make an announcement of my tummy problems all the time because they think it will help them make my public image their property as insultingly as possible, while at the same time its unaware I will really try to kill it as well should it lay a finger on me for the smell: so it’s an old story about a group of people that are so incredibly stupid that it makes me sick all the time and then they issue those threats to make sense of it all together too. The case of claims they want to make my life as difficult as possible was another story in its own right but we know that only works according to which neighbourhood I have resided in – in which case I would stop residing in the bad neighbourhoods where I have to contend with people that are like them but without the suits and the sense of being incredibly important the way they need it all of the time, I would stop residing in the bad neighbourhoods if it seemed that enough deterrence had been built to ensure they did not get to follow me around at the academic institutions again, I would stop residing in the bad neighbourhoods, if it was obvious that the job had been done but it never is because as long as they can get the Public to think anything I do is nonsense they are set to continue their disobedience at my expense to any extent, so I simply have to carry on until I break through as well. There is this talk of the internet now becoming the bastion of civil rights where little spoiled goons like me can be taken advantage of with the help of the USA to ensure what I owned was shared and wealth inequality was averted, like they have nothing in the world to live for and believe they will be making me commit crimes at Government Office rather than get a real job, the same way we find them running around making the Books I have written at my Royal Office into tools that help them build up some Royal feuds all over the place. The internet has always been a monopoly and time and again you know you have courted the attention of others who are interested in what you are doing but the sheer value of it is the reason that you were pushed back down to failure – the death dealing struggle that ensued on the first day you went public with something you had spent years creating on account a practical joke that was set to make others wealthy had begun with a claim that it does not belong to you; so the American who provide leadership on this nonsense always look like child star abusers who take all the money thing, so they need more legal alternatives to what seems to be a very twisted and corrupt habit that they have, like character you find very difficult to keep your hands away from, so once they build up a Media presence the sensibility they had adopted would be one that suggests your encounter with other human beings have always been so stupid, hence you were unlikely to notice especially when you were threatened, until their stupidities were able to get around doing whatever they liked with your person and property. The reality of this matter is that these idiots will destroy everything I have built to ensure I had a relationship with communities I wanted to identify with during the course of getting about doing a business, if I simply sat around and did nothing about the great big vandalism wrought on my property by internet companies who realise that it would have been pointless if my identity was not debatable, so they had long began a campaign to suggest I would be an Arch Prince if they approved it and my Empire exists only in my head – the entire time we find them extracting money from the Empire that exists only in my head putting up their stupidities at the market for an income they cannot account for because it does not belong to them and helping some silly socialites and influencers to it as well and since these character are usually hated by city centre workers, make my whole life toxic all the time and as for the Arch Prince that will be one if their stupidities approved of it, we find that time and again that business of running off publicity for me that draws attention away from my work and competence and lays it firmly on the need for me to abandon Royal property that can then be spread around to make large crowds feel important in their name, laying the foundations for their stupidities to get rich, is still on, it is still one despite the warnings I have issued to their stupidities endlessly, that this is not an ideal form of tourism – the idiots will not sell things and manage companies without doing it these days looking for more of what they are complaining about. This has always been the reality about business – you work for people and they want to pay you, so you have to establish a relationship that says one payment means there is no income for the future, so you would rather sell them a product, establish a relationship and become the person that supplies them that product whenever they need it – these idiots will destroy my own on grounds that I am not spending money on advertisement when it is rather clear if I spent that money I would be giving it away until they had decided to stop interfering and stop doing so in a way that does not harm their foolish interests – they realise I am aware of this, so there is always a sense that people who follow my social media profile do not know who I am, which they can fool around with. This is what happens when we need to recover from bad economic periods; we work and we ask people not to pay, defer the payment for the future – it is the only way to recover and this is why Capitalism is fundamentally dependent on the Financial system; the financial system that they had turned into a platform for lend today and collect in 24 hours, serve today and expect payment right away when running a business, then showed up to complain when it exploded, in my view of which they are not complaining to my satisfaction yet more so; we all know what happens with advertisement is a case of hiring some hunch Men that will go to these customers to collect the money for you and that you need to set out very clearly to them especially considering the delicate nature of your relationship and partnership with customers, how you want it collected, always bearing in mind the partnership dies along with any eventuality in which you have collected too much or collected when people had nothing to pay. They do speak of the financial structure moving somewhere else which shows they understand how incredibly easy it is and why it should make sense for them to build those insults that are ever so profitable at their popularity culture Industry canopies of narcissism – that you were not meant to supply leadership for the system that you built in the first place as it were. I simply want to sell my Books and do the numbers without seeing their interests show up when I have calculated my outgoings and incomings, it should help them continue a lifestyle where they do not care about anybody; so we find them set off to run off nonsense about making trouble for me, which creates a prospect for people to have an issue with what I have and pay them for it, building up the idea when people make trouble for me it is financially rewarding, to encourage others into the same behaviour, whenever they had started thereof to look like they want to extract money from my work and or person, then we have got a problem. They are always saying something about something I did or said that was so exhilarating and addictive that they needed it, then their community goons will join up and I can never have a moments peace, while they threaten me for a smell and make an announcement of my tummy issues all the time – meanwhile that going on, we also find that the insults that leave me with heart burn on account they needed my exhilarating thing so much that they believe I work for them and that if I don’t then they are looking forward to a time that will, is still the bone of contention in the matter, leaving me to feel as if should they handle me because of my tummy, I am really going to attempt hurting them seriously as well – needing that my exhilarating about which there is all this exhibition of gonadotrophic nonsense that suggest they don’t take no for an answer, is not the payment I should be getting for my work – I don’t care how much money they have and in any case of which the money was the main issue since my Books are not that expensive in the first place; they need to read a Book.

The lend and collect right away credit system monitored by our greatest problem i.e. the Politicians – so that Credit exists to facilitate your way into work, they give the money and take it back then you are off working for the profits they should be making. They say what I do is talk and they can take whatever they want from me because my livelihood is a toy pushing up my stress levels and laughing about it on their foolish Media but it isn’t talk, it’s a warning since we know this problems will become a lot worse if I got the slightest whiff their stupidities had reached a stage with it whereby they may ring up an equally stupid friend who then gets to decide I am not entitled to a job. So far I have allowed all that destruction of my property lead to outcomes where they tell me my financial problems are a more worthy concern than vengeance for the damage and the purpose have been realised in the sense that they have nothing left to say these days but it will not be allowed to get beyond this stage. They always claim it’s a matter of falling out with Americans while that was largely a matter of the Obama Administration following up dirty faced black idiots claiming they owned me with a higher level of idiocy that involves assessing problems they cannot solve and deciding with State operatives from overseas would be responsible for it over a period of Eternity while they took a life long break, cannot stop telling lies and deciding who was responsible – the entire time, the destruction of my property was supposed to be something I forgave as a matter of their civil rights which leaves me with nothing when the next time I see their stupidities it was to do with seeing them show up around my Hermitage to make money with it – all the work they needed to do concerned the crowd that will run along with the wealth inequality issues and its generally all the work they have to do before we hear them complain about Police brutality.

I do get told people find me irritating but I understand with the kind of reputation they have insultingly built up for me it is possible that this was meant to be the product – that said, what I do here is Book writing and for this I have been running off some networking that will ensure my career obtains structure and I am looking to pay attention to my academic pursuits next. So it does feed into the same sorts of industrial disobedience which spends time building up a crowd that will help to ensure people acquired my stuff and then cover its tracks by whipping up culture and society trouble makers who will chase my bum and wreck everything here to slow me down or spends its time making a mess of any Public consent arrangements that help to tidy up the environment on account it is trying to avoid commitment and be free, then set about blabbing of the influence of Germany and how I talk like I am very tough all the time whereas what really happens is that I have not been given any instructions to go around handling matters of over aged school truants who want to establish their own religion and therefore need their silly children behaving in these ways all over the place to ensure they had made their own contributions to wealth and social inequality which will go on to serve their purposes for the future, so I do nothing about it but when threatened there is possibility I might set out a small arrangement that allows me sort out whatever it is that is bothering them too – it is still the question that stands i.e. bearing in mind we know 70% of what we throw out can be recycles, that we have run off our Industrial revolution for the best part of 200 years and are now complaining about bits we have left lying around because it is hurting it all the time, that it is impossible to separate cleaning up from going Green, what exactly was the problem that their civil disobedience had with recycling. As for the tough bits, it was an old story of cracked up out of my league thinking I am meant to be a punching bag that their stupidities cannot have enough of tackling to hurt themselves all the time – the little I set out to ensure they did not think they could show up here and damage anything that they wanted has become the basis for threatening war because the fatherland has been disrespected so far and I have been clear numerous times that I never wanted Brexit, I wanted to get away with disrespecting fatherland as it were; of which they always say I could not make it work while we all know I can make my own means of digging their short comings right up to the stage where I developed a bullet to shoot cracked up out of my league in a way that shakes up fatherland and that if  War broke out nothing would stop me from doing that. They have also said there is animosity between the British and the Germans while the Germans had completely resolved themselves to moving on from the World Wars, which is utter nonsense; the world wars were a tragedy, a case of somebody taking individuals that are lay people and should have been taken to a work environment where ex criminals were also trying to rebuild a life, to learn a trade and get by, were instead taken into a war factory where they made Bombs and bullets to destroy the rest of the world, without proper reasons being set out for most of it. The part of this nonsense that tends to make sense of course is one which suggests the British are moving into other peoples territory which is also the reason I tend to explain most of my actions – it seems that they hurt themselves intensely when I do that on account they have brains that they have refused to make use of and I have thousands of the stuff now on a website which are there to stay, which is much the same as the business of making sure they were sharing what I knew lest I have to pay the price for their stupidities on account they think I am on the side of freedom and democracy to such an extent – it happens due to the fact what I am doing here is writing Books, networking and sorting out my academic work which I am of the impression I can do at my own discretion and at my own time without being monitored by others but I am being watched, my State provided security abused because they claim I am looking like a character that lays down the career and picks it up whenever he wants the way that Germans do.


They claim that I talk while they take whatever they like from me which is utter nonsense; what happens is that goons who make money for the purpose of building problems for others give them some each time they tackle me and it helps build up this idea that tackling me is financially profitable so that people might want to get involved as a crowd – so it would obviously have been a problem if I had allowed them play it up to the stage where they are making decisions at Government buildings about National Finance because that would have been a scenario in which I would have had to deal with the fact that their Celebrity stupidities always want to own all the money in the world. The rich people who facilitate this nonsense however are really spending their money paying off some of these public problems and not threatening me while I have manipulated them into such a position, to show I can be more impudent than they are, it would be nice if they did not spend time threatening me too. They are very fond of these things, always likely to pick up these Celebrity twerps and set about building us some Public instability; so apparently we appear to have done it again as Brits – we appear to have picked up some very stupid people, given them money to run around claiming they were important by, allowed them to forget their place as the goons who end up somewhere between the 50 year of truants in the neighbourhoods and their kids who manage Enterprises in the City centre, smelling of what they ate and issuing those stupid threats that churn my tummy and now we are engaging ourselves in the business of finding out if when we say they are Clever it will not churn our tummy. Its an old story about the way I run my affairs and why I do it the way I do while they blab about something I said and wrote which members of the Royal Family would find disrespectful as they are now the Arch Prince and will make decisions for me at this Office all together, for the purpose of seeing if they would build me some Royal feud, as stupidly as possible i.e. if you got around making sure your Office was fulfilled, HM would be happy but if you got around fulfilling your Office in a way that expresses interest in the academic work and careers everybody is talking about The Queen would be Ecstatic about that – so all I do here is write my Books, chase my left over academic work and do my networking to get people reading my Books and Understanding why they must do well with their careers and why the Celebrities really must be kept away, why the Celebrities are things that trouble makers gather up to build up public instability with all of the time, I did not think that others would be monitoring me while I am at it but then again they can watch and corrupt whatever they like as we can see, when my finances are affected again they will hear from me too. I am well aware what people mean when they say that they take anything they want from me is my websites and that when people express concern for me its about getting me off living the way that I do and making something of myself; in terms of the former, it’s a matter of picking up my bits on the website on seeing I Hold Royal Office and understand what big business does and going off to feed it to the Public in a way that improves their own profile, supposedly without consequences, as foolishly and disrespectfully as possible, for the latter it was more a matter of the assumption I am not aware I should be getting out of bed everyday to think about my friends and those I care about instead of these goons but it is also very difficult to say this to idiots who set out suggesting while building a platform that allows them engage with the Public, that what I say and write in the course of running a Bookshop really was a case of being influenced by them to a point where I solved their problems so well, they can now confidently make money off my Public image in the sense that I now work for them – so it puts in context why I find it intolerable that they get to threaten me by blabbing of how they take whatever they want from me at will, when no such nonsense has been happening.

I am aware it is feared I give away too much about my position and damage government interests in so doing but from here I don’t – the Monarch rules over its subjects and this means that the Monarch rules over what it owns; the Americans are usually concerned that the British Monarchy stifles freedom of expression but if they did they would sabotage the Government and those Celebrities who think they want to take a Royal commission from me only have money to play by, hence since I got mine out of my own extensive goodness they can tell who will be wanting to meet the Head of State of the United Kingdom next in their own right. Its like when they say I should be worried about their Liberalist propaganda while I am only wondering why a group of people who need racism to help them familiarise with people they don’t know through civil rights and take advantage of people whose names they don’t know to make themselves comfortable, would get around destroying my property all the time, as long as they are confident I am too weak to respond but then again its nothing new about the stupidities that thinks there is a purpose for racism and decides time after time how to get others sacrificed for it – so if I got about shutting down everything which allows them to feel secure and protected at my expense, we all know the outcome will be that their behaviour does not stop and I will have unwittingly facilitated racism, it still however does not in anyway get to mean that I have been groomed into a character that is vulnerable to their stupidities which they can run off and make profitable while punching through the bottom of my finances to let it all out through civil rights familiarities that ensure my work and property exists in a condition where rules do not apply, followed by insults that will keep me under control which I am determined to put a stop to as well, whether or not they know where my Books are to use as bargaining chips, like scum who have to brains to use of their own all together – it has now turned to a question of how long everything I do with my work and Office lasts before their luvvies spent it for some reason that adds up to a habit and follows on with insults that shoot up my stress levels to ensure I can never reach them if I am degraded, as stupidly as possible. My point is that I am not worried about Liberal propaganda in anyway and if I eliminated everything that made them feel safe at my expense, there would be rampant interracial violence on the streets for it, presently I am faced with less choices. They claim at the very heart of it everything about the British Monarchy is racist when the pressure is on but so are we aware their African culture nepotism is done with all sorts of stupidities at my expense at this point and ran completely out of ideas; I am now completely fed up with what has become of their foolishness when they have developed from nepotism idiots who are better than me to nepotism idiots who are better than me and wrecked my academic work to pass the exams first before I did – now they say I am a bitch to some stupid black women who think this is a workable proposal with the dirty faces they have got.