The part about how stupid I am is very well understood but it is rather difficult to work out what sense it makes – first we all know certain political parties in the UK are full of parents that are fucking idiots and regularly want to enforce their will on others with the use of the civil service and some of them like to read the Bible as well and not staying away from me will lead to very ugly results as well indeed, since what I have done so far is not hurting as much yet as it were. Where we are not is nowhere close to the part where I finish my academic work and sit about my researches which I am supposed to continue in an academic form in order to take my profession to higher levels – this is just the books written and the Company set up and all other nonsense they come up with fixed – I mean how many people out there regularly get out of bed to spend some money to see to it that other peoples book sales do not take off on account that his popular culture has no meaning and depends on other peoples career and he knows it but does not like to be told especially by those who don’t want to have a career on which it bloody depends, which will provoke those who own the books and create a show case for their stupid and insolent leadership, how many people think that those they assault in such ways will continue to take that rubbish from them for what must be an eternity? I don’t think it a difficult matter either – I regularly deploy basic level sociology to perform diplomatic work that beats their stupid presidents all the time on a daily basis using a website and internet social networking sites and we are not talking about everyday as per I because gay either, its proper kicking arse everyday of the calendar as it were and they turn up here to show off an effrontery to make noise about my stupidity – fucking puffs.

The question is always that of whether I am aware the people who love to bully me and cause me pain the most are diplomats but of course I am and this is not the 1990s, maybe they want that to change but talking nonsense about how I am stupid is not something people do to be helpful and yes it is what I mean when I refer to insolent girls who decide I must be homosexual so they can be powerful; resulting in this loss of homosexual culture and culture decadence and that life they live where people’s ideas have already been done on media etc – they can have it differently from what I want if they stay away from me and yes I know the croons and grandmas will not which is why they will never see that culture again because its entire purpose is something they can talk nonsense about on media concerning how I stole all I am and all I have from it where they saved it for the future and as it stands I have not even created a public life for myself and my work yet; when I do they definitely fucking will as well. I have in no way degenerated myself and all I do into hard work; the reality is that it can be seen as hard work when each day seems to produce a difficult matter of journalists setting out in public how to deploy your work to gain fans and securing an assurance from them at the end that you will never get them back, which they then find funny; so we all know such journalists are people who would like you to hurt them seriously – ‘fucking twats’ you may call them, ‘plebes’ even better. It is not the first occasion I have paid the price for these their games with my academic work either, in fact making sure that happens again has become a routine while they complain at the same time about the fact I am actually determined to rip up that stupid culture and am regularly looking for an excuse for it; so when there is a statement about my stupidities, the funny part is that I am going to do them again as it were.

The part about my so called position which jeopardises British relations overseas I would not understand; all I know is that there are people handling relations with Communists and I am basically stationed in the West and it is not my fault that neither they nor their Politicians have been able to keep up with HM. However where the question of being scared of black people comes into application as I did mention before; these are idiots with relations at Communism whose entire lives are about some space on their right hand where everything I say and do and my entire personality was supposed to be because it actually belongs to them and I stole it from them and in actual fact they find it funny, right down to damaging my academic work and of course being seen around my books which prevents people from buying them hence my cash flow problems, this is also a behaviour they think is so funny they want to extend to all other aspects of my life and seek power with at the Civil service – meaning that the end product is supposed to be stupid communities on the right hand side with businesses whose business I am supposed to stay out of if I don’t want any trouble; so my advice that golliwog mouth is that they shut it down so I don’t start to see a condition where a question of whether I am scared of black people comes up all the time tends to pose a challenge. I mean as it stands they will never get that culture back and I understand it annoys them but I need my unfettered control of it and also a process where I put them in a position where they cannot do anything about my control of it as well because I will only be able to do my academic work and sell my work if and only if that is done and they know that perfectly – so the part where I am scared of them is supposed to have been a new thing and very testing indeed. I know most people say I am a push over who is scared of people, but it is a confusion with the fact that you must look into matters of fame in your own age group and leave those who are older than you whom you respect because of their age in those eventuality to look after their own and it is only then you are predisposed to go off and seek something by which you may raise funds to pay your way in the world; if anybody does anything that creates a life you are supposed to be subjected to on media, it becomes a self resolving issue that undoes itself over time but these idiots think the only relationship they can offer others is a homosexual one on account they consider themselves to be terribly clever and it gets worse because they have now settled not just on the notion only they know what money is about and can be used for but that they also want to bully me with it: - so it is important they shut their big mouth lest I am pushed further to see that question of being scared of black people who do things to your possessions you expressly tell them you do not appreciate because there will come a day when you do. This is not the 1990s and if they want things to happen the way it used to during that period, they will have to stay away from me and stop talking nonsense. Their understanding of violence is people’s private parts, mine is making people yield to my will when they have a habit, it is the reason we get along so well and they should have known better about what Christians think of evil cultures in the first place. It does rather create an amusing sense I am going to hurt them again anyway, which I don’t think is funny but I must admit considering the fact is. Hence when considered from British relations issue; they were supposed to have relations with communism and do these things thereof to talk nonsense about freedom by which we are hit really hard and we all know the Industry ones find it difficult to get off my television as well.

It is never true I live on the fringes of society instead of get involved and sit around bothering those who want to be involved and are prepared to fight for it; what I have done is hand my space in society to my Court of White women, so what they have made of that is rather that if they did place themselves as a threat to me they could have boundless power i.e. my life will be all about strange sexually corrupt things I do to exist and survive, the women will hold me accountable to white society to ensure I do nothing to harm it and in that way prevent them from racially attacking me and then they will have everything. I get it from them all the time and all I can say is that considering the stupid racism thing, there was a village here before the first and second world war and I want to see that village lest I do their own as well – I mean they do speak of things I foster but cannot run with, an example of the insults that are never bridled as it were; so I suggest they pass the same insults at racists too, so we can find out the ones they can run with since they never listen to what people are saying to them; I do enjoy the sport of kicking them anyway by the way and the part where I never stop and they want me to stop is understood; I never will anyway- reality has always been that I can do what I do when I want and how I want and for how long and for how much of it I want to do and no society people are making me give more and more and more for nothing and to do so with nothing as well – these are all things they have made up on media to provoke me so they can have something to slave drive oppress me with from a distance, so I have no idea what they think I ought to stop anyway; since I like my stuff, the things I do to ensure people don’t mess with me as well and I shall soon have one like it over my books too. I don’t worry too much about it because I know most of these things they do with the notion the fact they appear on my television means we have become equals and they can address me as they would like is something that others have already done to them; so I don’t think about it when I do it but when I have to speak of it I do i.e. they incur peoples wrath at the Establishment by moving into people’s personal lives and what those people do to them they do to me and because of that I move into their personal lives as well but not before kicking them my share, so they now have to find another but nobody knows how they will get about the personal life aspect anyway – just an example of the relationship we have which is incredible in its own right anyway. It has simply become impossible to see what is happening in circular society with their stupid insults all over the place and they do need to get off it and stay out of my Court as well. We all know when they hurt people they know exactly what they are doing but what they want people to think about me is that I could hurt people and not care if I have killed them and that they need to make that obvious, when I would only have upon losing my mind temporarily – even more striking of course is the simple fact that if I scare them they were supposed to have stayed away. The last issue they love to play up is of course claims of my lack of feelings for those victims of child abuse but I have met many in the buses and trains and tubes and each ones that meet me have their lives changed for the better by the simple process of meeting me i.e. doing the stuff of idiots like these on a global scale and stage which means that it is impossible for stupid older men with stupid minds to turn up and play competition that pays off around me, all they do after of which is cruelty and therefore has it price, which I have also made good by making unprofitable – so these is what victims of child abuse gain from, I would therefore have to settle on the idea that their version will have to be the one, to the bottom of which we will all have to get anyway. It does appear they have a thing for tales of how much I cannot handle them but that is largely a misunderstanding of how much I myself don’t like them; example of which is how when soldiers suffer combat stress, then they must use me to find out how to deal with combat stress should they suffer it and think about higher rewards of freedom, so there is with them and the fact you have nothing to do with them, little left of what you have between you and the Military most of the time, a lot of the times of which it does apply they are actually responsible for the combat stress that soldiers suffer or an inability to recover from it, so they can carry on with their civilian nonsense in a powerful way without purpose, or reason or aim whatsoever. The part where I cannot handle them in itself being largely a matter of how I write books and think they are published when they are not of which half of them would say so and the other half with make out the books are things they will destroy and I am not going to live with this nostalgia of a fear of them since we all know that even the faith I practice in my own bedroom is a problem for them, never mind the various other reasons to secure that fear: some people do other peoples work if they have access to media because sometimes people let their morals down and do an evil thing with their career – these fools do it because they say it is their nature to – of course I can handle them, you don’t self publish your books if you cannot and those books I write are not stinging badly enough yet as it were.  

And so my use of swear words does come into perspective – like their insatiable need to turn up here to turn a tide in my life and work and ensure something I have is shared as a basic form of social co-existence, the stupid women even claiming they will never stop it because I ignore them; which is no surprise they live and come from places where stabbings and murder and genocide occurs frequently. In the end it does seem that the idiots have shown they will improve their vocabulary and keep some of their stupid insults to themselves due to some International Community connections they have, which I don’t mind as long as it is what the Christian is here for anyway, to see them do something useful with their stupid lives at great cost to him as well, enforced by crowds on my door and evils of society in my life with a big mouth. So there will be less of the trouble they complain about if these stupid insolent quick life changing deals and the abusive insults from which they happen and the idea I have no choice about it is dead and of course those stupid companies especially the American ones show the Public which one was the way their own was in the high decadence and empire and stay off mine or they will be next on my list as well.


So am I driving all within my control to a violent ending some people ask but there is no such thing – I mean has anybody ever seen socialists do anything with all of their time except wind other people up? I do not believe anybody that does not wish to pay a price at their hands for the things I have done to them ever will. We get along way too many times with that cliché where they say don’t blame me, blame the racists and I will not be told what to do by them and wish to find out what will happen if I blame them. We all know that they will serve you a peddled faith even if they have to deploy the entire civil service to do it and that while they are doing that it becomes far more important than their stupid persuasions and that claimed need they say they have to live in a Country where people can fulfil their full potential – I mean we are talking about it but for all my problems with them have they abolished the Monarchy yet as it were? this is not by any means the only provocation because there are also the ones where fame and fortune at your expense is something that eventually moves on because if people were to be that keen on making popularity culture by causing you distress then there will have to be one music track for every single day of your life and that means 360 Music tracks which is a bit too much – so that when it does fail to move on because people are updating its involvement with your personal life and the peace of mind and happiness and contentment and inside tranquillity that the faith offers you it is no longer a social issue but something they do because they expect a violent result. Then there is the one that creates the most stir as well – the one about weak democrats having something they don’t which means there is always somebody more important and more powerful than they are to make friends with and torture them for the rest of their lives – as I said, nobody who does not wish to has to pay a price for the things I have done to them. I am blaming them – when I blame the racists I will blame the racists – they don’t tell me what to do as these are all excuses people make that puts them beyond the law and gives them a license to do whatever they wish with your possessions and person and that is why any enemy of the state and Country must be their ally unless you give them what they want; so far I have taken over that Pornography Industry they thought I will never handle because it is humiliating to and they have reached a point where they always feel like the sex is something they will excel in and then fail all the time every time they meet a naked woman – I have done gay people in the same way as well, those ones do listen to what others are saying to them thereof hence I ought to be grateful for taking so much advantage of the society that socialists built to make myself who and what I am today with that big mouth. It’s like the whole story of what I really want and where I am heading with all I do – which has never been a complicated issue since everything I do is so intentionally simplified: the younger than I am should give me what I want and keep their insults to themselves if they are interested and the older than me know what the rules are and need play by them not pretend they are on a role with some stupid persuasion to show me they know everything I know and talk about more than I do – apparently the facts we see all the time indicates they fucking don’t. It’s not like I am doing anything with the stupid fame and its conception, just keeping hold of it to see how their insults will ensure all I do and or own becomes their own without the fear factor with that big mouth. The story does grow to the extent of the question of whether or not I am a hate figure but of which everybody knows even if I were such a fact would not have been news anyway. We do hear excuses that its all the ramblings of people that are afraid of change of which if broken down the content of fear has to do with listening to their version of the story; where the problem is that they have been left behind by society and there needs to be equality since it was largely other peoples fault they have been left behind – if this is to be considered in its own merit then, what they want to be able to do at the expense of those who have the effrontery to have things that they don’t, is to use government to create a condition where equality happened and thereafter these people that got ahead of them are left behind by them and there is no body in their right mind that will spend time listening to or supporting that kind of nonsense. If taken into account the three items of how they become National career Politicians turns out to be that they have become convinced other people are responsible for the fact they were left behind by the rest of society, they want to create social instability of the highest order by deploying government to have their revenge of getting ahead of them as well and of course the reason for this is the very things they had failed to do for themselves in the first place; so it is actually never really clear if they are the ones that need the Monarchy the most anyway: so that I have to face the question regularly of whether I am a Fan of the Crown which of course is a matter of the fact every Country has a head of state and I think the one we have is the best as well but am not necessarily a fan either – when it really comes to it of which the fact they want a new Country is positively intolerable. I don’t think it is a major issue either; I mean we can measure it from the fact that people are homosexual for example which they clearly are of their free will, which is something we know is entirely untrue and that what really happens is that they are said to be people whose demeanour is such that it makes people attack them on account they look sad and it makes people sad as well and causes people to react, which is then something they have grown up with and taken steps to handle and the result being that they are always making people selfish because of the fact when people are not they will be financially unsuccessful and the outcome of their poverty will be talking nonsense at those who make them sad and attacking those all the time as well – I know this for my part because I do the opposite – I don’t care and they are burn in hell. I mean a typical example is people telling me they follow politicians and need my books but it will depend on my behaviour how much they let me earn from it – so that it gives a sense they have made the issue of my livelihood a very personal thing to get around playing with my feelings with and so when I look back at it I am no longer in good shape taking over the concept of fame in their societies and countries not because I need it but because I must keep hold of it and find out how what I own will become their own at some stage. So when they do want to talk about hate figures, I suppose I am game anyway but for these idiots and the idea I buy my television for them; threatening me to really dig into my feeling becoming their answer to everything will not do, I do suppose they had better not mentioned that getting off my book is something about which there should be a sense of urgency, that will fucking give it all away as it were. There has never been a marginally successful nonsense they claim about my work; these idiots simply cannot work out how to attain their full potential in their country and want to live in another one and turn up here to nasty me all the time and talk rubbish they can only back up with a big mouth all the time; we are divided into fundamental diplomats and fundamental politicians and fundamental community of course and I know I am a fundamental diplomat and so the cunt I am to the communities had better not ended as well, I mean they cannot compete because I am just too big and it does seem that fast paced change is what they want to talk about as well because I will be prevented by society from sucking the life out of every conversation like it works with absolutely everybody they bloody want it to work on but the fundamental Politicians had better not ceased the story of the weak democrats and those who are more powerful they cannot mess with whom they make friends with and they will live long enough to enjoy the proceeds of that rubbish as well with that stupid media. I mean it is not as if they tend to keep their insults to themselves anyway. I mean I can say to people that addressing me and insulting me on their stupid media has now eventually as expected and predicted created a statement that organised criminals can make for a sub culture which says that I thought the public will support me for how much I don’t like them and therefore withdraw access to my property equity from them so that law enforcement can get them easily and that they need to keep themselves off the books of the statesman that will abuse to have leadership that they have never had and should never mention there was a sense of urgency to that as well until it goes horribly wrong or I can say this is a Parliamentary system of government and the main issue is always to avoid duality of responsibilities but they seldom still happen anyway, however the advantage being that no arm of Government in a parliamentary system gets either all of the power or all of the public attention – which is quite different from a presidential system that I am not necessarily a fan of being British of course, where all the arms of government get their extreme measures of public attention and power to curb dual responsibilities but they still happen anyway – the reason for saying so being to paint an accurate picture of my capabilities and the fact I will never let them back that that culture because I need to ensure a condition where they feel like I do over their insults is maintained and so will it apply to the media attention and fame and fortune aspect as well. I am not saying I am innocent in the matter, they do these things because of what I have done which has impacted on my earnings but these are the kinds of leadership that Germans create all over the world including the US – people standing up and being counted on your possessions around the back of claims you are lazy because they never listen to what anybody says to them, hope being that they are bigger than you and can therefore keep it and then you see them imitate you with the silent treatment as well which is not how I want to approach the matter because if I do it that way the traditional way of approaching people being inferior as their minds say they are while these behaviours continue will not come into play. I know they speak of their insolent racism but taking peoples possessions once they had landed in the UK and telling them to move to another Country is not something that racists would do – these thieves do because they expect to table the idea people are so inferior they should be treated that way before them racists, so that racism does not trouble me at all, they love to pretend nobody wants to kill or hurt them seriously because they are the only ones with tempers and so their German friends who are their friends to exasperate those who run the system in the UK and will not allow them that are real leaders to take charge as it were, will allow them that sense they can do whatever they want with other peoples possessions especially the part where you see Germanic characters in video games that they have ever seldom paid a property equity price for, which in their stupid minds does not matter because people are as inferior as they would be happy to think they are and of course the evidence we have so far is that a single country is responsible for two world wars just because that was co-incidence. I don’t think it is a major issue – all Politicians are whores without class and I will always handle them and their insolence in that way until things improve, but for black women, I will soon especially those with insolent royal connections and the need to call me names, favourite being the prick that gets involved with those that are beyond his league, I will soon factorise as well with the lowest and commonest denominator that breaks them into their various component parts, so it is all in good time to takes its place in history because it is not the first time that their foolish parents and those diplomatic nonsense has gotten on my nerves in a big way either and I do wonder who around here happens to have been their prick anyway, having been what I have done to them so far is not hurting badly enough yet in their view. It is naturally very offensive, an ego that cannot be measured, when low lives get off their beds everyday and get to their media jobs to look at their earnings and feel like they want more power to the tune to making sure my books are not getting sold and I am not getting a job, they could find it funny but more serious and difficult matters will emerge from it anyway since they have been at it everyday for a decade and more so far - the civil rights is not their own so I am not expected to make war on that and since it was entirely predictable for I had decided I wanted to earn my living on my Government office in a market condition and the way they are now is much much and many times better than what I had originally predicted which is why I took steps to deal with it - by the time they get to that stage, they will end up with a me that has a license to do whatever I like with the media and those who own industries there as well.