Now they say I have enormously disrupted people’s lives but it never makes sense what people do or hope to achieve by wrecking a writing Career six years before the first Book is self published; what we know of it is that their game these days is to ensure that while the Books are published, in my mind which is also their mind to handle, I feel as though I am a work in progress writer at all times, so that somebody else might use the market. I mean I do assess myself on the matter of whether or not I disrupt people’s lives for my part anyway; the story of them from poor backgrounds who were thought useless but worked hard and ended up living in mansions and the whole world knows their names etc but there is nothing about the line of activity that is meant to lead to that result which involves the destruction of my public life and my finances and any kind of involvement with me and the insults they deploy for self improvement to that effect whatsoever; so it’s the same tale of what I don’t want toned down but stopped completely as it were and what I am going to do is block things off on this part of the tale as well to find out if they really can leave people alone and will collect National sense of fame that they will get back only when the Books are sold and the entrapment plus involvement with me that concerns insults of their stupid children on Public Media and popular culture instead of buying my Books which is garnished with flatteries at me for helping them thereof – borrow that National sense of fame because of it again. The main point at which I assessed myself here was the fact the finances being damaged is now causing me real fear with respect to Royal Estate Traditions whereby other Royals and Allies around the world turn up in the UK to leave me with intellectual property administration work on one hand and how they have always had a very bad habit of not leaving people alone on the other – so the bottom line is that they do not when all other things have been considered feel that their wedding day is their own these days anymore and its all expressed right up to Scottish Nationalism too but will never stop thinking of me as the alternative when their stupid Husbands are not playing their game and cannot be caught dead keeping their insults to themselves. They do live in this world where they feel they can damage people’s property to secure some elation from their problems which will set the stage for them to cling to the victims in order to chase their dreams without any problems coming their way as a result whatsoever because the owners will be made to become more concerned with something else but it is the fact they lie all the time with the whole process which makes me breathless that causes me to react to it all together. It’s like the story of what my position on Migration is which has always been as simple as the fact the assumption poorer countries do not help up protect our borders is entirely wrong – the reality for instance is that if a Country burns with war a State of affairs would have been preserved, except that it never is when Socialists are travelling around the world teaching a lesson to those who trifle with their powers; such is their agitation but when done I will find a 14 year old every morning stand up at popular culture to insert Music tracks over pieces of very vicious insults she shoots in my direction because an idiot is curetting it all back stage, fat, stupid and owns a popular culture empire he expects to continue to own at my expense having built it the same way in the first place – so it is something I need to shut down and block off if the Politicians had stopped funding it that is. They speak of this process of provocation from me right up to South American Countries but of course it’s about determining what is really going on since it smells like trouble all around i.e. if I have a business for example, when I pay somebody to do marketing for me, what will happen at present is that when they go into the market place and find people handle my equities but others want to get their products sold instead my marketing strong man will get murdered for trying to sell my Books and that will be the deaths I am responsible for – the drugs and gangs and organised crime bit being the ones that my business made contributions to all together, hence they simply cannot leave people alone as it were and if I see that stupid culture and society I will sell it up again as that is what they were supposed to have been doing if they needed money so much and loved talking nonsense about those they will kill if they do not get it so often.


We do hear the story of how much I appoint myself unto being the person that encumbers peoples fame but I have no idea what it means; what really happens is that when I have matters I don’t understand and difficult issues I must ponder, I exist in a solitary world, when they do my tummy is churned up side down and that gives rise to those games they play which Politicians like to run with that appears to be above the laws of the land all the time; something about how I am a Moral person and will eventually become evil for money and power while they are evil but will eventually become moral people and that the whole function and purpose of religion and the gospel of Christ is to do their stuff for them before they are ready which is actually oppression and you can never work out what such stupidities mean – so I always go with the part where they assume they can damage my property without consequences and that is what this is all about; damage to finances and academic work using involvement and vice, which is supposed to give rise to a day to day emulating and copying of lifestyle and aesthetics and how I live in a condition where their finances and academic work is not damages to maintain superiority and that is as far as their stupidities in my case goes as it were – if I see the culture and society they like to say people die before they are old when touched or handled, I will cut it up again and they will do nothing about me which I have not allowed happen to me myself all together as it currently stands but this time I am likely going to do it for money and for my academics so as to watch them damage it again as it were. In the end its only when you do detach yourself from them that you get to see they are idiots who are involved with Mid level gangs and are completely crazy about dominating people and twisting people into artistically violent postures which amounts to flirting with torture which they claim does their stuff, whatever that means; so I will cut it up and they will do nothing about me again – this is what is happening. The media ones do not bother me half as much as they do like to make out that they have been able to; it has always been a case of their wickedness and the assumption that when they get on Media especially it becomes too difficult for others to break down, talk about or understand and I really have no idea what they find amusing about torture so as to wish to flirt with it like an obsession with the health and life and finances and body of the Christian that will according to them do nothing about it firstly because he has no power and then also because of his Christian teachings too; I am actually exhausting my ultimatums at the end of which I will find out if I am the kind of person who bullies journalists neah neah neah turning up with filthy low life problems to take up my time and churn my tummy endlessly or not – I mean I am weakened by my involvement in other people’s fears and how that becomes so important to them as a means of abusing and using me and developing a rebirth of themselves that will lead to a life in which they were full of strength is one of the clear signs that you should believe when Media and Celebrities and Television personalities talk nonsense about an inexistence of God or the Devil.

I don’t think it is a serious matter; it has always been the case that Journalists have loved to hurt me especially at the chest because I refuse to open my heart to the evil that wants to come into it and that is why they enjoy their support from Politicians that allows them to build up something I am supposed to do with which to impress upon me such facts; so now they have realised that there is financial incentive to a condition whereby if I cannot simply be chased about and bullied into giving up my faith, then I should be cut off from my finances and well being so as to distract me well enough from the faith and from prayer etc and that is what the commotion on media is all about, while I am just here to ask the racism they have got in their societies, if this is their own fucking lives. It happens to them like to does to everybody, the part where we go home and think about what we have done all day; so when they speak of how I hold out on them and push their anger further, what they mean is that I should not be offended when they get round to the fact their stupidities and its involvement with me is messing my life not their own and that it is actually amusing never mind the fact they have now reached a state of aesthetical proficiency where they do it without thinking as well. It has come to this because I have allowed it grow that big; they talk too much and need to clear my space; it’s the part where I let them think they are messing with their lives while they go home to find they are messing with mine and turn out to build their own state of affairs that says they can do and undo with me and it is amusing and they have reached a point where it is second nature that winds me up – this is the reason they are in pain as well, the reason they are complaining. We do hear them glorify themselves as per where I am supposed to head from here but it’s simple, the insults and abuses that are a function of how I stop them peddling my personality and faith for merchandising and entertainment that will be a punishment I endure for the rest of my life and also works when they know something about what I have which I don’t so they can boast about doing my own future wealth the way I have cut them off from it on account I am trying to fix their problems – they need to shut it and buy the Books, stop turning up here – shut up and buy the Books as I am likely to get off and cut to pieces that stupid popular culture so as to facilitate a process where it is being used to make me feel good about myself around here as well for good measure, they need to shut it and buy the Books before their property is used to fix it as it were. Of course it isn’t true I am not making progress if they can be made to shut up, save the insults and buy the Books or get lost and leave me alone especially when they are Black and female; there is a real chance that popular culture will be collected like trophy by which I am able to carry on with my work in peace as well the way we are heading but it’s just a couple of days yet and I will find out if I have the effrontery to bully the Media or not. They ask why it happens but the reason has always been as simple i.e. I am meticulous around my work because of my level of education, they are meticulous around damaging and decoying it for narcissistic pleasure on which merchandising and entertainment is based because of their level of ego – so it seems when you cannot bring yourself to bully journalists, they tend to destroy everything. I do wonder who the hell they think they are talking to anyway; my mind is running riot all over a colloquialism of nonsense that exists are comforts on the right hand side which runs from the US to Japan and it is going to be used to make me comfortable around The Royal Office before the insults and fingering and violent bullying looks for its level – I mean the general idea is that they are doing very well so far, considering their risks and taking steps all the time when nobody is doing anything to them yet as it were; of course I am making progress, they need to put their money where their mouth is i.e. you cannot sit and you cannot stand and your penis hurts all the time and do does your anus and you can never ever feel good because of me and my power, I can cope with it because I know what it is, I don’t know the one about how I am not making any progress if I am dancing around my pain so others can become more important than I am in order to have a feeling they have been denied for centuries – they need to shut it and buy the Books.

I understand it is said women get the better of me but they don’t; it’s the old story of how they can mess with me because I am a moral man and not the immoral ones that beat them up whom I need to offer some incentive to really soon as well – all together it leads to guilt and then you start to allow them play those games whereby their husbands dominate them but I am the lowest of the low that they get to dominate as well but they take it too far all of the time because of their twisted nature and incredibly stupidity and because they know where my Books are. The rest as just the idiots I am trying to settle a matter with all together as such and will find out in a couple days whether or not I am the kind of person that gets to bully the Media for my part as well; the reason is that if I am not being taken by a twisted evil, I have to be undercut at feeding and financial and physical well being to ensure I am so troubled I cannot pray and then it will be added to everyday and it will add up until I lose the light of God and then when they say neither God nor Devil exists that will have become the Truth, so it is important to find out if this was their fucking lives as well. It does not bother me because it is a serious as the difference between the digital and analogue age should be i.e. in the analogue age you would have had to go out and club and party and night life for 5 days a week to court a certain crowd and a certain kind of society which will then start to lead you down a certain path but things happen so quickly in the digital age that people can make it up about you and use media to ensure that crowd thinks its immorality is other peoples personal Gods and therefore set off to push you down that road without any of the other bits about getting involved with them happening – so they have evolved and I need to ensure they will not be gambling the civil rights if it is important to them as well; I needed to sell up that culture and society, it ensures they are in a hurry to make money as well and normalises social conditions. Now I have two personalities, one running around on media making sure I can attend Church and find a drug dealer outside when I am finished with my concerns seeking my attention without being able to explain how it happened; so it seems journalists destroy everything when you cannot bring yourself to bully them and I need to find out if I have got it in me after all, which is what this is all about. There are perfectly sound reasons for it; abuses of Black women for instance is because of a need they have to show there is a power going on in their lives that even God cannot protect me from (with that big mouth) and I can tolerate it but me dancing around in circles and not going anywhere is not the one I can tolerate, they need to shut up and buy my Books, it’s the only thing that matters around here lest their Popular culture is ripped up to sell the Books for me and they end up not being able to do anything about it too. I understand they have a need to protect their evils but it is not my problem as a Christian and Arch Prince, it does not mean I am likely to build up sequence of events that creates a condition where others are able to explore the wickedness of journalists but they have refused to repent and need to keep away from all effects of me too – in a couple days I will find out what will become of the matter all together, find out if I have it in me to bully their case as well like I have done all the others and yes I am tired of the stories because it shifts the issues away from the fact they ought to get involved with me only to buy my Books to the one about getting involved with me for fringe benefits they are not going to pay for, talking nonsense of what my Books did promise. Their excuse is that I am trying to sell my Books without spending any money and the reality of course is that they want me to pay somebody to claw my customers and fans back for me in a condition that I am well aware is going to kill them – so the outcome will eventually be that I will do the marketing myself and then they will have the whole package all together.

I mean the correct direction for this conversation is supposed to have been the matter of journalists wanting to find out with my personal life and career, whether it is possible for them to have conversations with people and discuss matters with people topic by topic extensively and then reach a point where an end to their dream jobs will be the beginning of millionaire writing careers for them; so that I might be doing my own dream job at career violence that means I cannot breathe and don’t have a life and last Week’s inspiration generally catches up with this Week’s one and nothing therefore works without going down a windy road while they show me what I should have been doing to those who do that to me if they are fucking tough enough with irregular heart beat TV all together and it has no reason save their evil and the devils inside of them having a problem with the fact I am a Christian that does not compromise with the world; then they get off on public places and start, the taunting and abuse and distraction and attack on the health which means those times they want to get into my mind while it is messy earns me violent homosexuality that leads to the reasons they are always complaining to the authorities looking for privileges of injustice all the time but when done do exactly the same things in minutes. Of course they do have this need to get into my mind because I am a writer and they just have to steal some fame and sometimes it is messy because we think about absolutely every aspects of our living as human beings and they have always had a need to be in a position that allows them to inflict punishment for it too while we have to listen to their insolent complains about my actions all together by the way – those who express public hate for their homosexuality simply have to be their wet dream, I rather tend to think I can cure them of it since it simply has to be that convenient, they rely on the fear of those who have no respect for but intend to use me and like to think it has developed into reality if they have enough media for it; these are the reasons what they complain about happens, it does when it ceases to be simply incredibly stupid and does actually hurt and then you know they want to be able to keep you thinking of what sets you back and the only way is to hurt them as well. It is the stage at which they like to tell me I refer to people who are cleverer than I am in such ways but I don’t know about that either, only that they are rather fond of thinking the part of my brain that says I should be making a show of myself due to my fortunes having gone missing because my Faith teaches me humility, it is their place to fill it in especially when they share a skin colour with me and like to explore the profitability of violence which profit does not exist and refer to my Christian respectful personality thereof as their boy that they get to send on difficult errands that bring them good feelings with a big mouth. I can see they needed to understand the scope of my Books after all and it is where they say I think I can take on the men when I am more woman than man and nobody knows if I am kid even to their stupid children or more woman than man all together anyway, we just know it’s a common insolence and it is hurtful to me most of the time because they are referring to friends I am surrounded by over that stupid popularity culture and it behaves just like their Terrorist counterparts as well as such where I have to make them desperate enough to think they are doing the terrorism to my benefit when they are not and then I can walk around after opening my heart to the world and becoming a plaything for women, as though I am leader of men as they walk buy going about their own business on a regular basis – I mean if I preach the gospel people can always tell me to go away and not talk to them unless enough have not died yet as it were and they as such know a whole world of things about me; for the Media ones it is largely a case of involvement with my Court and so they have this ability to see when I am trying to eat for instance interfering with the temperaments by which they can hurt my bottom and tummy playing the role of career stealing nanny state security Industry big brother friends and I know its behaviour that employers usually exhibit of which the reasons are common knowledge so I have to assume it is designed to ensure I am unable to tolerate employers as it were and hence unable to keep going with any jobs that I have and they want people to think a real security issue exists over their needs so that they can keep doing it too.


We hear the question these days which Media idiots like to ask is whether I am not looking for trouble now that people are fundamentally fearful on my account; I could never make out what they expect me to do about it anyway, I rather like to say that even if I wrote my Books about them they have no right to handle it unless I had signed with them a contract that says otherwise. Usually it’s when it’s all calm and I am concerned with matters which I want to handle for and over the next 24 hours, just like it is the same that when I write my Books about my faith they want to gain privileges over the weak by moving into my right hand after stripping themselves of all compunction to develop a sense of hard living that they have experienced which will match my Christian personal life that will then become their own to make up for it and as I have mentioned before such means as things they have done for me in their society which I am not appreciative of or the fighting for my civil rights bit is not something that reason can resolve, they only understand force or they will use it for evil purposes under my watch instead as it were. What they are keen to explore over this issue as we all know is whether I would preach the gospel to them if I found them in expensive clothes getting around with wealthy friends but for 14 years of vandalism right up to the highest levels of Parliamentary governance in the Country and National Media too and getting about making sure I am so distracted by problems I cannot pray, makes people wonder who the hell they think they are anyway. So when they ask if I am not looking for trouble now that people are afraid I too get to wonder what exactly they suppose I should be doing about it since I cannot write my Books unless I am writing it about them and they need to be made to understand that if I were they had no right to touch it either. The celebrity ones do speak of the same feelings I have towards celebrities of course and such nonsense does not exist; what does is that each time I go to the Office somebody has gotten to my customers before me and presented the decadent nonsense that develops narcissistic pleasure by which advertisement is based of seeing me go without over whether or not the pictures of a very stupid woman showing her personal bits on magazines by which accusations and controversy robs me of my income and it happens every single day at the hands of really disobedient grown up Men who need a lesson of their own as well which is what this is all about i.e. finding out if somewhere inside of me lurks somebody who wouldn’t have a problem with the idea of bullying the Media. However pound for pound I don’t suppose people expect victims to forget that their finances we damaged to set the stage for tired lazy celebrated idiots that have developed themselves to such a point so that their lives might become a brick wall and the lives of those who are weaker their outlook in a condition where a living wage is not enough because it does not facilitate an open and big show turning up here to wreck and damage things in order to set the stage for talking nonsense at me with popular culture – it is hardly the same scenario. It ceases to be about what I do and becomes all about this process of factorising me with the lowest and commonest denominator in order to stand around telling me I am like Terrorists as well which usually is the case when I factorise their own as well and express at the end the fact that any who told them they were famous must have been as insane as they are, unable to see thereof that fame is in no way attached to being this notorious. They do try to show everything I do for the Middle Class are things they can do for themselves if only they can get on Media but so do I want them to keep their insults to themselves as well. I do not think there is a thing to be worried about, I am exploring only the possibilities at this point; when I am done I am going to find out if there is inside me somebody that bullies the Media and will ask them about my Books one more time – they are not famous. It’s nothing to be worried about at all; they do like to say that I have a problem with people just getting out of home to get around with their dream Media jobs but I don’t – the real issue is that they check peoples Literary work and then settle up on how much money they can make by damaging it and hurting the owner financially to create power as well and then that becomes the most important thing and makes it impossible to reason with them: so it was a given, the problem is that I already knew that and did everything to ensure my Books do not end up in such a condition but it required a civil rights damaging 14 years of publicly displayed financial vandalism to ensure that it was and I want them to use the same reasoning by which that happened to listen to me when I say I want them to stay away from the Books as well. By the way which I am still at a loss as to what their problem with the health is, besides the need to factorise me by what I wore or whether they saw me feel uncomfortable somewhere or somehow etc – I am still at a loss as to whether it is that the health can come up with more for them to make money with that seems to be the problem they have with it.

They do love that other story of me messing around with people that have done better than me in life and I wouldn’t know for my part anyway; if we asses it, we would end up talking about the same things i.e. if he buys a Ford and makes me stare at it which will lead to things he does that curbs my tenacity at work and ensures I cannot keep a job because I am unable to get along with employers, then the likely outcome of events in six years is that he will buy a Ferrari with my public life and have more money than me as well. They do say it’s the people at Monarchy who are more worthy than I am which is an old story of those who should be doing their jobs controlling celebrity vandalism becoming celebrities themselves and attacking my finances because they believe those that are chosen for State work are entrapped and these are the kinds of prognosis and suppositions I want to prove wrong as well in a very big way. The American ones are just able to run about because when I write Books stemming from my State duties to control these kinds of trouble makers here in the UK what Mr Obama does is mess with the sales in the US and all over the world and eventually the UK as well, so I have prevented him from controlling them but that said, the idea they have done better than me is pure fantasy and nothing more – I do lose my temper to a point where I stand to spend time on the question of the fact I know I have a personality others want to deploy to do Celebrity and Entertainment and Merchandising and extremist behaviour thereafter but it does not seem as though this is their own lives either – however the US Government shall not control them until Mr Obama lets go of my Market sales. I had a challenge before he contributed to it and that had to do with such realities as making sure when my Books are a certain price people do not come up with stories that run and run and run about how it should have been a different price if I wanted to sell it for example i.e. they have not done better than me its fantasy. They do claim it’s a matter of the incredible and daily demands I make of the British Government but at present the most pressing issue in this Office is where black people met me and matters at my Royal Estate and Office they wish to creep behind me and take over in order to advance themselves, which the same goons get off their failure to control celebrity culture to indulge and like to show they have a capacity to ensure it affects the Monarch all together – in a couple of years this will change to something else and the story will change along with it as well, so it does not trouble me that much. You can only take so personally to a point of violent pragmatism with your big mouth, the fact that somebody else did not let you peddle his life a freedom to do Celebrity and Entertainment and Merchandising routines. They do say what I am doing is not a business but it actually is – the problem is that I find it so difficult to be satisfied with my own work unless all the results are in the right places, this is what they latch onto and work all over with that prognosis they have of an incessant need to find out what I am thinking which leads to an outcome whereby I need the toilet sometimes or have had an argument sometimes or need to tidy up but have not done so or need food etc and when any happens, I get [punished and they make up reason for it and explain their actions from the details of my written equities and Book contents that is the secret I share with them and that big mouth – this is where all the problems come because each time they hit me it never goes and never goes unpunished as well bearing in mind it always also involves their fingers hovering over my anus with them hovering over me as a matter of an imagination I share with them and their insolent bad history and background all the time. So they obviously appear to need this kinds of insults really badly, their stupid girls who have a need for income they have never worked for and popular culture idiots that are the violent versions say it is how they put a stop to a need I have to spend their culture and society and history by existing – in this way they put up really large public media advertisement on my public life whenever they want to extract millions from my Literary Empire and leave me financially crippled without a care in the world using Celebrity and Popular Culture, so every occasion they hit me means I have this need to get on International and Global Markets where I will be able to locate their companies and which ones they buy or own shares in when it belongs to somebody else and in that way get hold of it and break it open and extract some useful equities that I completely destroy and make blogs on my websites with the effects of doing so publicly. I am saying it is a Business and they need to stop being so stupid. Its eventually having the troubled background giving way to making something of yourself process play out here in such way as my position is negotiation with them to retrieve my own self and the fact I was born somewhere and grew up somewhere and am heading somewhere with myself and its all mine but the result has turned out to be one of wealth based self improvement for them because it means according to them that I need lifestyle and sex and love not money and the deal is to make them get into a hurry to make money as well which ensures they are not a danger to other people and making sure every process of being hit by their stupid violence and powers is avenged; so it has come full circle, complete with features like idiots who take their problems out on the victim that helps them out in a condition of their superiority being the paramount thing having come from a past where they were persecuted and murdered getting some everyday as well.

The idea that I have trouble protecting my intellectual property has no basis on reality – I just need to stop people getting fringe benefits from my Books that means they are always in a place whereby they can lead customers away from me at will and I have tried doing that but the main problem is still celebrities, media and media personalities; the money these idiots are making at my expense since their abuse of me and my property began is unprecedented but they cannot buy the Books all together although they feel like getting involved with me as though their lives entirely depended on them doing so and it is something I have to stop and manage so that I might sit back and sell my Books with a real financial account and they can stop telling me I do not have a real business if I have something that is used to do other peoples stuff instead which I like to think is just a process of getting me to respond to a challenging stupidity which I now have as well. This matter has never really been a problem; reality is that for them, I will put myself through hell and manage the big bad boys all over Europe but the next person to take pictures of themselves on it to develop an image that makes them eligible for million pound advertisements leaving my public life and office in the hands of these guys and creating social instability that Media can work controversy on my finances with will be a Celebrity that has a sense she is superior to me and then in about four months I will unexpectedly find somebody savaging my finances and potential Book contracts and it will be the same celebrity who has gotten into trouble with the big bad boys and cannot eat or sleep or make more money than she has already made at my expense, making sure she is using my property to get out of it by claiming my public life and her own while that sense I am being misunderstood by her as a result of her superiority to me remains – it is not necessarily a scientific proof that I am unable to protect my own intellectual property, only clear indications of what I need to stop people doing because I will not be able to run the Book sale business with a sound mind like everybody else that has a business to run including our dear stupid celebrities unless I did. What these people have been complaining about so far is far from me setting out a process of securing their Companies and businesses and reviewing every item to I might secure where each percentage of what it is worth fits in, so as to be able to measure up the damage they do to mine and exact the same damage to their own which appears to be the only way they will get to understand the consequences of their involvement for instance among many consequences I can develop far from the story of being protected by the armed forces while my Books which are products in a ‘those who buy my Books only access business ’ where everybody is and has to be treated the same are a platform for them to express themselves and feel senses they claim to have been denied in life on their stupid media everyday which I am not interested in, don’t know and don’t care as it were – what they have been screaming all over the world about is far from me making hell for them like that as well but a process where I build a means of tolerating people since I have to accept my Children will never be perfect and neither can a Country and journalists and Television Personalities and DJs and Magazines editors get to base their money making prognosis with celebrities on the processes of unpicking it every day, when asked why of which they always claim it is a process of securing privileges for themselves by which they achieve social equality – so it shows that when we see them sit down with their friends to have drinks and so on they become all mature and lose acquaintances and friends like water through baskets but when it comes to handling other people’s property they become like very badly raised and incredibly disobedient and stubborn children, so it is not a scientific prove that I am unable to protect my intellectual property either. I do not know about any of their problems and do not care; it’s a those why buy my Books only access business here and this is something I need to administrate properly – I have tried a peaceful resolution by creating six websites, that has rather tended to encourage the American ones to make up some strange melancholy and despondence that is a result of the existence of my Books which have also been created on their lives to play out their democratic financial discrimination games that only leads to school shootings about which they expect me to remind them not enough have died yet and they need to buy themselves a copy of the Books and stop expressing their stupid selves on it to make hell for me like so.

It has never really been that complicated – the question was very simple i.e. am I so vulnerable as to be unable to protect my intellectual property? The answer is simply no; we hear democrats in the US do not discriminate just like we hear socialists in the UK fight for peoples civil rights before they are born and yet here in the UK they can savage another person’s financial well being who is obviously not the wealthiest as the wealthiest would not have been that vulnerable, to secure trophy feelings, right up to the point where peoples civil rights are gambled off by the whole process without feeling any sense of compunction whatsoever, in the case of democrats in the US, it’s a matter of despondence that my Books create which causes them loss of dream jobs on account the Books were created on their lives, supported by the Politicians which therefore means I will never sell it and later on means somebody else was more worthy of all that work for all those years in a very organised and institutional way. So I can protect it and it will means quantifying whatever it is they have that constitutes the means of my problems into percentage blogs and regularly measuring what percentage of m possessions they damage to take the same percentage from them or destroy it as well, otherwise will have to live with the fact people will keep getting killed and that will continue to be my fault and they will never ever understand how it feels if media and celebrity culture can help them kill off such a feeling with massive amounts of finance attached; it always tends to mean they will move the entire world to ensure your livelihood is a button that an idiot on a media desk can push and that it becoming so tempting all the time, no matter how much civil rights they gamble for such narcissism: the fundamental difference between them and everybody else being that they pick on those who have done no wrong to them because it usually creates the most wide ranging effect and then we see them complain about it when we all know they are twisted and evil and selfish and greedy people who are so negative all the time that it is scary and sucks the life out of everything and love to play that stupid being selfish I know where your anus is painful routine which does mean their time around my Books and not just as a matter of this question is fundamentally limited. It is entirely typical of these kinds of people; fond of encouraging others to spend all they have on a common good that pleases them and then tell people later they trusted too much and will not be allowed to pile high and sell cheap but I have never been likeable anyway and their involvement in view with my business will not stop unless an occasion arises where they know they have handled my Books on a day and a Tyre from their Car needs to either go missing or they need to lose the same amount through some form of mishap or another, it will never stop; I have always had a personality that is good for peddling and for making entertainment and merchandising but so have I always told people not to do it as well.