The Company Literary Empire trust and Literary Emporium Community: For the Better person Entrepreneur (Having been the lack of respect for what places institutional limits on activities that are unbecoming of human beings have received less and less regard and Politicians are at the helm of making this happen, there has in turn existed here in the Firm, the need to create ideological religiousness which is unquestionably more important than the laws that have been made and therefore above it, however the fact that some of us do not think we should behave in such ways is not to say we have no plans to reward ourselves for not doing it) Record Date: 14 May 2012.

The claim I am a Tyrant has no basis on truth; what happens to bring it about is that when I do things for the ladies the men will barge in and keep it going until it hurts and then pick up the history of the hurt for their purposes, same with when the ladies do anything for me of course and in this case they offered me lots of publicity and in about a decade I have not been able to convert it into anything and so it is all very disappointing and so the men will pick up on these combine the two and make me out a tyrant which I am not. So what are really being threatened here are the very lives that we live and so it is not a new thing either. They do like to complain already about how all the things I have done to get my business going is a function of how I don’t know what I am doing but the truth of it has to do with getting people to use somebody else’s product as a mob without paying for it over decade while he fights to get rid of such notions and you get to exercise media powers over him and that is what I have just dealt with to get ready to trade. So now they know they and their girls are supposed to stay away from me and their bullying is something that will be discussed in the real world with nobody being said to be mentally ill for mentioning it with claims it does not exist, in the same way that deciding on stopping it is something that exists in reality and not fantasy too, with their big mouth. They always like to say they have the right to do these things because they have a right to go out and fight and struggle and work hard to earn money to meet their needs and what I am saying too is that this is not how to do it and I don’t want them on my property anymore.

Another popular issue is that of how I speak of Pornography and claims it is a bad influence. In actual fact of which the way it actually works is that they barge into peoples lives to do that their love thing, spend the income and because of this approach of wrecking peoples lives, leave them high and dry and so people start to make those kinds of videos and sell them to earn a living and in the same way undercut them as well. Bearing in mind that those videos are clearly portrayed and all the activities in them shown to be something that people whose lives have been ruined get to do, it is the best sign of how much these Television idiots pay attention to the needs of their families and the problem here is that I am the one at the receiving end of it and don’t want to be anymore. Hence it just propels me to be vigilant for the purpose of making sure that any pornography that they get to make is tagged and stereotyped to where its sources are, so they can give people a chance and particular annoying for me of course is the fact when they gather all that resources they cannot make money that is befitting it. The way pornography works is that you have to get off your life and your job and then your personal life and everything that is important to you to watch something people make which is really personal and the only reason it makes sense is that there are people whose names you don’t know spending your property and or income on themselves, so it makes sense to watch such things and leave them with the leftovers. About which they will claim they have reduced the Christian to it but I have maintained it does not turn me on first of all and then of course that if I find any pornography from them I will tag it and stereotype it as the porn that people whom porn is made to undercut have made for people to watch.

I am not at all in anyway troubled about it; the truth is that they are not real men. These things are things women do and I know so because it is women that always tend to tell people not to rule their lives because they like to know what is around the corner. These guys are something else and every single thing about them, 95% of their lives are made up of insults in my direction and there is nothing absolutely in the world I have done to deserve it. So obviously we have a welfare state in this country which means people can be complacent about messing with other peoples sense of alarm but only an idiot will fail to take seriously the warnings I have made here about the fact those things they do with my life and property because they have got that stupid media is not the way to earn a living. Their game with the civil service does not bug me in anyway, it’s the same thing, they are not real men and when I get hold of them I will do that violence they create for me until I get to do the money while they do take up that their stupid money and go off to do the gangs, it is always the way it works because unlike women you don’t just tell them to knock it off when you are not interested, it never really works. The real issue over the civil service games has rather more to do with the fact that if you have some misunderstanding over you entitlements and then try to explain it somebody will still cut you off anyway because his friends on the media would like it and there is no harm in cutting you off once or twice to advance himself and this is where there is real problem because if I declare war on that stupid civil service and idiots taking decisions that are really foolish with my personal details it will be all over the place as well. so this is the main issue not the fact that I am scared of loosing my benefits because a TV idiot wanted to get rich at my expense and I didn’t co-operate, they always like to like in a fantasy world and this will never be a first occasion.

It is not true that I have a problem with journalists. The way it happens is that I have my life and my work and everything, so I know where everything is, this is not to say I will not watch TV but that has its place too and what these idiots get to do is mix it up, put TV into everything I get around to do because they want to get rich, so I may have some work to do but of course whenever I sit down to do it I cannot as much a think as a normal person because there is always something else on top of that, the reason for this being that my personal life is detached from my work but in actual fact it really is not, just that TV creating it for the purposes of those that work there. So incredibly easy of course that if I hurt them they can get on TV to make out something else happened to them; so we have the twin problem of how easy it is to get on TV to abuse me to make such things possible talking about getting rich by always reporting news that reaches the heart of the matter which becomes difficult to stop because it is so easy to do and then of course the other of the fact each time I harm them they can get on TV to get the public to believe something else happened to them which is not a problem except that these things they do is based on ego and if they have such things going on, they will never stop. Hence why I always feel like taking away that stupid television and this is why I want to completely destroy all of it or they can kick the habit and leave me alone.

With respect to problems I have to deal with from America there is no real question. I have no problems coming from that direction which are worth much attention although the situation needs a lot of monitoring. They are just really fond of creeping under people to ensure while those work they get to spend the income on themselves and so because of this I had to get them to realise what the outcome will be publicly and now they are struggling with shutting down all they own on the left so I don’t get my hands on it. I have in turn built myself an ideological garrison on that left hand side where I can get to squander it when and if it is a threat to me and it is the same story with media idiots who want to spend that on themselves as well. So the problem with the issues I face from Americans is that I am a person that people always want to abuse each time they set eyes on and it is a very familiar nonsense that I am aware of from a collection of sociopath idiots that are allowed to do what they like with people in their free societies then get to talk so much nonsense about their aspirations to become psychopaths as well with a large gob.

As for using my property to provide for lots of young people who need a future, especially in the US this is not something I am concerned about either. The truth about it is that the reason I move into people’s right hand the way I do it not because I am on the side of the republicans or am planning to go to the democrats later on. It is because people whose names I don’t know are found in my personal life through media abuses, spending my income and leaving me with nothing on a daily basis. So what I intend to do is move them all out there is the open and then get rid of them, cut them down if I must and replace those stupid cultures with my media one. I personally do not know why media idiots with their backstage media firms would want to know about facts behind such things when they are the ones with daughters that have a sweet 16 and have no respect for anybody in their stupid lives for such purposes about which those their stupid kids have no limits and all those rubbish must stop full stop. They have no limits; don’t know where their mates are and their fathers need to find their level.

Now they all think what will happen is that I will tell them what is the correct way to make a living in a condition where they are superior to me and it is of course still the same old thing, where they need to leave me alone. Bearing in mind no body knows how the lies they tell so they can keep bullying me will ever actually change what reality and truth is. This is what it is all about, somebody thinking about the power he can have because he gets to determine what first impressions most people come by and the problem here is that they have already chosen the royal Prince that happens to be their competition with a big mouth.

Its like when they say crimes happen in the streets and people get hurt, that people they know get hurt and that it is my doing and my fault and something I should take responsibility for, while people try to tell them off attacking vulnerable people all the time no matter who they are. For me I have no idea; it is like the thing about billions that others put in a persons business being wiped off the business at the stock markets which happens to have been the loss of an amount of money that is beyond us; these things remind us of course that it is not the money that is beyond us but the fact they turn up here to hurt me for example to create for themselves succor when things are bad and then this progresses to the point where they are hurting me to create an atmosphere which suggests that there is everything, from jobs to money to women and of course you can never get their stupid girls and community croons to stop at any point whatsoever too, while hurting me does nothing to make these things exist but they will hurt me until it does. So it appears that with such things being so rife, the main problem is that somebody somewhere is crazy and completely looses it and they loose their lives, however where I come into the picture is that wrecking my big business abates extremism but the only way to actually finish off the job is to successfully make out it is my fault I am getting hurt and this therefore makes the best part about which it will end very well too since they have big businesses they want to go home to as well and I clearly will do nothing about those. It is not just a case where the politicians are increasingly unable to control the economy and what happens to it as a whole but the fact these idiots have no respect for anybody and are not fearing me enough currently. They say it is my fault I am getting hurt. Bearing in mind also that all my study concentration and work concentration gets taken away from me, while people think the career I have is a plaything and is bound to my personality which is something only foolish people will think is real or viable, because I am being hurt and that it is my fault I am being hurt with a big mouth.

I on a personal note do not think it is that much of a problem as such; just that it is my fault I am getting hurt is not just incomprehensible but completely beyond comprehension. As for where the Politicians fit in; the only relationship there is, is that of keep him away from jobs and money because there is a beauty in his personal life I want and I think I have made it clear to them it is my property they are damaging and if I am prepared to move away from it, it would be nice if they did the same as well – leave me alone and get lost.


These matters especially the part where idiots turn up with their claims of ownership of big business to intimidate and bully me on Public Television is not a problem for me as such. The popular idea is always geared at showing me either which way I turn I will loose everything and if I do nothing I will die many times anyway, to show how much power they have but it is the usual stuff about right wing idiots and the fact they want everything in the world for themselves and of course have just located me as the person from whom they can get everything as well, hence these things which is traditional to the way they get everything in the world and of course as usual they have their precious German economy to make references to and base their insults from, which they can shoot off on TV on a daily basis if they want. I have apparently said on my sites that there are people who have illegal access to my work, so it is not clear what they always seek to prove by their actions anyway, the bit where they control and manipulate me and I am certainly not being bullied by them or indeed anybody else. If they have money I am supposed to respect, then let them come round and stand here to say so.

I do not think that with the existence of left wing idiots on the other hand this is a real big problem as such, it is not; the only reason it will be is the same issue of money people have that I am supposed to respect and I have no reasons whatsoever to respect anybody’s money. So clearly the reasons I would do nothing about right wing idiots attacking me and left wing idiots attacking me and both vandalising my livelihood, while another set of idiots bully me with the process I get to do something to look after myself is because they are not flashy insolent racists at all. but also that I am respecting money that other people have which is a worthy activity.

So the usual big question is how I intend to get out of this kind of a mess which is no question at all, it just brings out the truth of it all i.e. there is a difference between normal people who have their work and career in front of them and these idiots who do so little with their time and have so many problems even when they have money to throw around, that their entire lives revolves around the process of being happy that somebody is about to teach somebody else a lesson. This person that is about to teach somebody else a lesson they hate like hell but they are just happy the person is about to teach that person a lesson because the person refused to share sex and personal life and money; so they always look like that their stupid lower class society is about to explode but whenever they see me think that when they have money I am supposed to respect it with a big mouth; apparently of which they have money but it does not buy books written by a royal prince with those their stupid lower class insults that will not find its level.

The other part of matters about people I should be scared of really does not exist, it is rather one of the most contentious issues around i.e. we know there is a financial crisis, so it is already assumed that the purpose of it is that there are people grabbing money off the financial system to run away to somewhere to snip cocaine and this their expensive habits is something that media scum know about, it is something about which media scum know their identities as well, then there is the other part where cocaine does not just fall off from the skies and stuff and that people have to make and supply it, so when they see me and my office as a natural high, what I do is ring fence my economy from them but guess what happens next when I do that? Of course the usual, politicians turn up to give them tax payers money to move in and establish a legitimate business with which they get into normal life and start taking revenge on me on a daily basis in order to get rich with, then the Politicians run off to Westminster to sit there and pretend that they have no clue how provocative that is – this of course then explains why they saw me as a natural high and hence the reasons that not getting off my books will be their undoing. Apparently of which if I hurt them enough to be popular I will not sell the books as it were.

I don’t play for business idiots, it must have been clear by now I play for my own World; The British Monarchy and of course putting pressure on me when they find out what they can do with my work to get rich is the next set of really expense trouble they will rich idiots and business fools get themselves into. I need my income; it is very important and those silliness they pay themselves with my property from claiming it is about using what works is not at all expensive, besides which it is a new story all together. No idea how people make use of equities and securities without the affidavits or indeed paying for one if they have attempted to acquire it at all – no idea how they get to without buying them books, except for what we know, using pressures on media where they can claim it is big enough with those stupid royal prince targeted insults and familiarities, by which they also tell me I do not suppose I will at such a point choose what kind of sex I want to discriminate against, when they have seen something they can take which must stop full stop. Another point of concern being that of which part of the devil bottom they kissed or something to make those kinds of advertisements.

These things do not frighten me in anyway; they are nothing but black idiots and their white friends doing their work place envy and bullying and this is not a workplace I share with them either, which of course is the part where the wondering thoughts become relevant. I will never do anything to please them and they will never stop being a danger to, stalking me or following me around to vandalise things. Although they have their own statements and excuses about why they do it; which also forms the reasons I hate them so much because of course they are always right no matter what they do to others with their stupidities. I am not terrified people hate my guts so much, you cannot afford to be terrified of the fact people hate you because you have something that they never will.


There is this story about things I do to harm the film industry which does not exist for example. Their claims have to do with things I do to ensure that their jobs as actors and famous people is really difficult or I manipulate people into answering to me but in actual fact what really happens is that of film companies broking equities with me which is sometimes to serious that they are brand orientated and other times so personal that the actors chosen to play parts in films want a personal relationship with me on the film in order to consummate the securities that were brokered. This is not of course something I may want to have conversations about, I can only hope that should I implore, I will find somebody to help me sell my books but somebody else gets off to work on places where they have some high publicity and starts a fight to own it. I found out they do such things because they know the only way to put a famous person out of work is to chip away at their notoriety, the irony being that I don’t work in the fame industry while they do, so I decided to look after myself in that condition where each action I take over my work and property results in vicious attacks on me from famous idiots, which happens because they have gone and set themselves a job on my property without my consent and hence any movement from me means chipping away at their fame, hence I decided to act on it to vicious competition them as well which has resulted in the complaints. I cannot tell them the equities of a persons firm cannot possibly become their property because they are famous of course, it is not so certain they have ears for listening.

There are no real issues with these matters, just the truths that the lower classes like to hide from the rest of the world. The UK has a class society you see and you get to hear it every single time whereas the irony is that the idea of getting to see it or knowing or getting involved with it is that which will never happen in the real world because everything in each side of society is locked down you see by the way things work and on all sides. You can only get into any of it, if somebody from any of it, takes you there and you cannot get out unless the person lets you out as well no matter how bad for you it might have become. So of course when you have a job that means you get involved with the lower classes like I do, there is no end to ideas people make up about me in public places. This is not a problem of course except that the result of the fact I become the person everybody seems to have a motive to hurt becomes a cause for concern but it is entirely the creation of media idiots and some really dirty cultural fools and their Politicians. The part that creates real problems is that of media firms that get off to mess up my products whenever there is any sign of light at my market place which seems to have in their opinion existed by magic, making claims it belongs to them and that I stole from them as though their existence is a novelty. This gets to change everything i.e. people whose names you don’t know are in your personal life spending your earnings and leaving you with nothing but what other say about it is that it is a good thing; the kind of behavior that our society wants. They could have been prostitutes of course since they do not wish to get jobs for money but why would they want to be, when they have your personal life income property and market place to extract money from because others have media firms? It changes everything. The end fact is that no matter what I do, not only is the fact that if I mess up their lives no body raises questions about it because of these behaviours but when they mess up mine it is everywhere because of the way society works, there is also the fact that no matter what humiliating job I might want to do to get by or make money, I will never still be of the same lower classes as they are having those problems that gets to mean the only thing that is worthwhile for people to know about them, so that people can stereotype them with it; another phrase for this is “get out.” I suppose people should never say such things to others as it were because people are respectable and work on Television; stick.