Record Date: 30 September 2010 by IkpeUno


Starting off from the matter of a lack of reliability with the provision of Equities and Securities for my part, the need to clear up what this generation has become with respect to manufacturing and product creation, this firm's Emporium managed through the Literary Empire trust held by the Companies in Brokerage and Me through the updates by the firm and this Emporium itself.

The basic issues around My Intellectual Property Administration firm with respect to criminals and their mobility issues both possitive and negative is based on the fact that most Finances for business all over the globe today comes from the Communists, China to be more precise, while a lot of Naturally sourced means to energy comes from Russia. The issues around these matters which I have settled with third party diplomatic relations with the Eastern Block should not be confused with either the Politics that goes on there or indeed here in the west the mentioned issue of criminals and their mobility, which can be divided into Fascism in Europe, Violent Greed in Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Adjudication follows along the lines of securities that Guys and criminals should be on the right, trouble makers who abuse women especially and their friends should be on the left; so there is no risk to the declaration on intellectual property here displayed - more considering the Emporium itself which I strive to keep as clean and neat as humanly possible and manufacturing industry public place expectations from me and from the firm.

On their part, I am said to be everything and anything, especially considering that I build the emporium and write books on problems associated with keeping it to create equities and so if they deployed the books in public places they can claim the emporium to belong to them, such that even if it is not true they can use it as a distribution of good feelings to sell things and get rich, especially Americans but this is rather not true as the truth is to be measured along with their attitudes and habits most of which are actually criminal and expensive; I have been clear with people that I provide security for people who are rich and care less about destructive industry and more about fellow human beings; the prognosis was that since I last finished the troubles with the generation gap in the sense that I could not live of what my friends and council did to deal with bullies in their lives but that if I were to invent my own deeds to deal with bullies in my life it will exude some kind of threat towards them in the face of young people whose parents were bullies looking to be like their parents supported by politicians in their quest to subjugate me which their politicians excuse with their poverty if I may venture to say as though they are the only ones that need money. The arrangement was that they wanted a future out of me and the deal was that since I did not ask them to barge into my life and my work and more so the security I have created for people who had most of what they wanted and therefore were less of a problem to the society I had to help govern, it had to be if done at my expense something that the evils of society disagrees with-they have opted out of this and instead chosen to step up their threats towards me because they feel I cannot defend myself on account of the dictates of my faith. So it comes down to who has the most rounded control of other peoples lives, not being everything and anything, no body can be any such thing.


Updates to these are to be added as required and competently expected.


Dagger GT

European Power and American Clarity; created by Americans as a worthy offering for the freedom of markets, due to 21st century changes-to set free the The Arch Prince's Renaissance and Western Leadership intellectual property and intellectual space.


Out of the box thinking and creativity which existed when The Arch Prince fell in love with the two women to exist in Political Affairs successfully. Health and premium based as a result of the High level of moral positions in the items of this particular area of the Arch Prince's Intellectual space i.e. based on the real Arch Prince, how to keep both women happy and get them to look after him, as well as I get about other things with respect to career thereafter and all that One may need to and after that (i.e. Bugatti Cars in all its forms are made from intellectual property distilled from this).

In Car Hospitality

A Car worthy of a political exercise of the Golden King falling in a love relationship with the two women ever to exist in Political affairs, (lives to tell the tale) and has them looking after him (because they let him love them).


There are no sex fiends, only unkindly peoples in the neighbourhoods, deceitfulness by which we archive competence and excellence.

The Ford special Relationship

1. American Society and culture/ we will tell you by the colours in the adverts when to run.

2. No deals between the lady and the lads, energy is to be spent on technicians until such a time as it is good enough for such vanities (based on the prognosis its purpose is to determine which is the real man, the Arch Prince is most likely to trap fools and force them to make him a real man which will have been easier for them to appreciate because they made him, before they can work out how to boast about who the real man is when they share such things with the Ford Autos Intellectual property).

Aston Martin

British Super Car, the confessions the pragmatism and the temperaments of the Global Naval Community.

In Car Hospitality

Maintenance of the Moral victories of the Naval Community over violence, bigotry and intense Political foolishness. The preservation of the Right for the Naval world in Auto luxury - This is a function of Morlas preserved from teenage years and the developments and victories gained at Adulthood by the Arch Prince, which is itself the nature of the Arch Prince's Royal Estate. Preservation of love, emotions and life (makes meaning of the confessions and pragmatisms; i.e. sexual revolution on other people's property will likely attract reprisals in the nature of a no business without Love policy from The Arch Prince and Global Naval community) British Super Car. A Car worthy of the British Hospitality, not good with cooking food but good at working the appetite.

Jaguar-Land Rover

Rules of capitalism: To use the Golden Kings colours and Equity, handle and promote it, to let people know about the Golden King as a means of hiding intellectual base and creativity, even hiding market, until when used. British auto luxury.

In Car Hospitality

Public place Statement: People's are busy; Politicians and Royalty alike, some playing violent games involving the Children that are rejected by the parents, where they are the parents but the truth is that their lives have no meaning.

Golden King's Emporium: Meaning is what the Jaguar-Land rover Auto must give them, a rep of the Auto Industry in this respect.

Recent Bid: Fundamentalism of World peace. Sardonic humour at those who have been punished by Law and or Justice.

McLaren Auto

Aesthetics of the cultural aspects of the special relationship between the UK and the United States: Britain and the world. Defence against Mob and Vandalism.

In Car Hospitality

Aesthetic securities with threats of Boom ad burst for economies and businesses that make tortured souls out of the creative (British and European) Entrepreneurship; no alternative 'House' for wicked men.

Modern Home, Modern Family and the Modern Natural environment (Nature of Security of the Arch Prince's working Court-Golden King's Emporium).

Pagani Zonda

Purity of Security and equity in conditions of world wide freedom, Equity and security devised by The Golden King, that must be used to create Automobile and used before it might cool or invite unhealthy fundamentalism and attack, which may extend to the products that are born.


Morality and Liberty in Europe. Exclusivity of the Arch Prince's Intellectual Space.

Fundamentalsm of Freedom advocate in Europe.

In Auto Hospitality

The French Connection and the Global Naval Community.


Morality and Liberty in Europe taking care of vulnerable girls. Advocate of sexual responsibility in Europe.

In Auto Hospitality

Freedom and the French Identity. French Integration, wealth distribution Equities.

Recent Bid: Estate Emporium Temperament Fans Admin Rights (Golden King's Emporium).


Creativity social fanaticism of how the Golden King Holds the Naval world together globally by his temperaments. Advocate of aesthetics of IP administration In Europe.

Alfa Romeo

The fighting girl - Generation-gap Freedom Projects. Advocate of aid from Morality in Europe.


The world’s best selling sports Car modelled on a toad, not moving right on anyone or for anyone. Advocate of fundamental settlement on morality. (now merged with VW).


101, Japanese link with British Monarchy, the Golden King and the environment. Advocate of Political and social balance and equality among the political wings.


Japanese Luxury. Authenticity advocate.


101, the environment, creativity, morality and competition. Advocate of Political and social balance at the Political wings.


Service, morality, trust and reliability - admiring the Golden King for sustainability. Spanish Naval Principality. Advocate of Intellect and simplicity.


Service, morality, trust and reliability - admiring the Golden King for reliability. Australian Principality.

Advocate of bias balance in favour of the environment, between the changing world and the wild environment.


Standard quality, integrated functional engineering, successful competition on moralities of political bipartisanship with the Golden King himself.(now merged with Porche).

In Car Hospitality

Premium quality i.e. Advocate of The Golden Kings Equity along the lines of debated risks i.e. it Carries no risks, he may be black but VW Auto will be sold to all including those who do not agree with that (the real issue is the tendency to abdicate position and power for those who are beautiful or rich because they ask and intend to have on the media, which nurtures criminal fundamentalism). An auto statement of and no apologies for creativity.


Morality and Liberty in Europe taking care of youth. Moral imperatives and the generation gap advocate.


Relationship of virtues between “101” and Naval Morality. Advocate of beauty of none communist based third party relations.


Power, economy, environment, efficiency and the Gazelles world i.e. the biggest partner with the Golden Kings Global Intellectual Space which exists specifically because it trusts no body on account he does not need to, hence cordiality and respect, nothing else and saves anybody he intends to save because he can whenever he wants to - Advocate of aesthetical experimentation in public.

Rolls Royce

Britain hosting the world on the roads, British luxury on the roads.

In Car Hospitality

Rudeness and cultural violence means the first steps taken to become deservedly ‘unrooted’ from identities with the land.

Recent Bid: Exclusive Right to Finance and Develop Royal Arch Prince's Literary work Themes: (Golden King's Emporium). Pipeline - Political Court Global: beating down workers of Culture vandalism for self deprecation associated having not done something properly, thus neutralising the ability of Politicians to spend Tax payer funds on ripping the lives of the talented to help the willingly ignorant to become more academically educated than those they wish to target and assault.


British luxury on the roads. Those who ask others for their fraternity of Nation pay with money for doing so. Advocate of separatist - Left wing cultural stability.

Recent Bid: Families, Homes and Private Home and House Admin Equity Global (Golden King's Emporium). Pipeline - Political Court Global: Motor world Bridge of Fundamentalism and leadership vision applying Political Court security at creative purity and morals which neutralise the ability of finance bullies to make profitable Liability for ugly Public behaviour for the ideologies of the Political Left and ideologies of the Political Right.


101, creativity and Naval Morality, making a mark in the world for social and Political equality in the traditional political wings.


101 and Talking Cars (cars with the ability of speech i.e. interactive aesthetics of clear concise communication quality). Ally of intellectual property in naval morality in Britain.


Aesthetic manufacturing public place statement: Providing beauty comfort and the little car that does all things for little women (who support great men).

Golden King's Emporium: Affordable quality . Rooting for the supportive employee.


The small Cars with time beating quality. Spanish Naval Principality.

Advocate of Racial cohesion fundamentalism.


British Sports Car, British super Car. Biggest partner in the Golden Kings Global Intellectual property third party relations in Russian Communism. Sexual abuse in all its forms including imaginary sexual abuse can easily become an offence against the State. Advocate of public propriety.


British Sports Car British Super Car.

British Road Car luxury advocate.


British Sports Car, British Super Car. British manufacturing for the world.

Advocate of British Jet set culture.

Mercedes Benz

The German Naval Principality protected and acknowledged by The Golden King. Premium service.

In Car Hospitality

Excellence and stardom.

(Recent Bid in the Pipeline).


The Italian Naval Principality, Italian super Car.


Power luxury and The Golden Kings Colours. Advocate of the Golden Kings Emporium.

Pipeline: Auto Building for Relationships support - Golden Kings Emporium.

Recent Bid: Creative Equity for Local Liability and City Centre Administration.


German Naval Principality premium vehicles.

Recent Bid: Well being Creativity Aesthetics Broker (Golden King's Emporium) - security for perpetration of violence and criminals that are also victims of crime a victims of violence.


Swedish Portable beauty and luxury. Advocate of Scandinavian automotive luxury.


Still searching the block for somewhere to settle down.

Modern side of the British Naval fundamentalism globally in the making.


The British white elder man.


Aesthetics of The European white elder man.


Supporting the American girl.

Advocate of morality in the midst of Politics and the barely legal (Golden Kings Emporium).


Space and Luxury. American global Integration (Golden Kings Emporium).


Quality and tributes for America and its allies. US hand in the Auto and corporate Intellectual Property world (Golden Kings Emporium)

Lincoln Auto Corp

At the Golden King's Emporium - Court systems Members Assistance at Local Liability and City Centre Property Security Admin Broker. 


In the Auto Industry what gets followed is design and technology not personality and aesthetic identity, so; it is a warning I say, that people should not venture to try such theft or creation of confusion more so to exploit money out of others as it will only hurt them; I am aware that most of the trouble makers who attempt such things have spent the last decade of my precious time getting through me into jobs that they know nothing about and that is why the problem escalates all the time without a care for what might become of the sales prospects of very expensive products, on account of the need to catch on and preserve means to which they can get rich without working for it through a lot of bluffs, which it seems I am always the most attractive target for on the global stage and they cannot for their part, stay off Public media for.

I am a creativity Purist (and here in my Emporium allocate intellectual property to help businesses fit in with matters of environmental protection). One of the biggest questions this Emporium faces is the Equality factor of my Equities but that is always a matter which involves a condition where people have refused to be professional at their work, hence the reasons I say little about it so they might reap the rewards of not doing so. However this paper being the best point at which I can answer this question, I must make it clear here that there are no unfair decisions taken by me over which equities to give which companies and how to handle their affairs on the Emporium. The way it works is for example lets imagine that BMW was a person: if Mr BMW wants to create an Automobile which feels like the best girlfriend in the world like German Engineers mostly do for example, a process where he consorts my Intellectual space or this emporium for guidance is not an excuse to corrupt or influence his creativity or to interfere with his affairs to saddle myself with a National interest crisis and conflict of interest explanations and saddle him with a Market Equity problem as well. So it is said that I provide an Emporium but am bias in favour of British Manufacturers and Enterprises but I am British first of all and I also suppose this answers the question. Now it is not the case that products when people buy them ought to create means to ideas for business, this is not a healthy development, although I am looking into the matter, it also justifies all my concerns.