(Company Literary Empire Trust Property Equity Product appearance and Arch Prince's Temperamental Colours Administration - Record Date: 7 March 2012) I do not advise business people to get on media and tell me that I am in trouble for rendezvousing with businesses. It is very destructive negative market equity for me and I always feel that people should not complain when they do it and I get to fire one off at them as well. These kinds of things should be left to the Politicians, for those of them that do it, it will continue until something spectacularly destructive takes place to ensure it stops. 
I mean the insults they bandy about is such that if I sell shoes they can damage my market by talking about my shoes instead of stealing it directly in order to get into trouble with the Law because they hate me, first it was because they want to get rid of my faith that gets in their eyes, then it was all about peddling my faith and then it moved onto hating my faith and attacking my job instead of my faith to get rich. I am only aware of a giant copyright problem they create for me over my books which I am also notorious for making them pay for together with their white counterparts and their insatiable desire for using people and the fact they cannot fight their fights away from other people’s business because they can stereotype people and it is to them like boys and their stupid toys. 
So yes their response to this has been that it is a large programme of taking up peoples children and then writing them off by me which they started of course; the one where they kept my finances destroyed for a decade of which is not too long a time for them bearing in mind the only time they stayed in office that long after winning elections was under Mr. Blair who virtually did with my work too, just so that their children measured from my work can with the use of Government funds have a future that is better than mine. They never tell people this is what is happening bearing in mind it is only possible on those who are no longer dependants to punish them because those who want to have money without earning it were said to have been responsible for their own misfortunes, what they tell people is that they are being discriminated against and will not go away of course. So let them stay; when they complain from that angle. 
The complain I issue threats to MPs are put up by those who think that first of all my threats are not credible and also that it will affect the Queens Government. All I can say is that when people want to be irresponsible they should be with their own lives and not with my life bearing in mind also those community idiots they give money to, to threaten and bully me to get things because they are. As for my threats they are credible especially so because at the time at which I make good at them the reasons will be so stupid that it will never turn out as government agenda, while the application will be so personal that those I harm will not want to discuss it anyway. They say they want to make me stick to government issues and that the other problem is that when people try to get along with me I get all over the place. The truth on the other hand being that there are always people that want to copy them by getting along with me which should not be doing so and I don’t want to do so as well. As for the case of sticking to government matters that is exactly the same thing anyway. In the end the way is works is that the Queen works the Crowd supported by the Church and they the MPs get elected by the Crowd to make legislation for government so it is not clear how difficult it is supposed to have been. Except perhaps with respect to attack and counter attack fashion of arguing things, with respect to which they get paid healthily anyway and the same applies to consultation of which this is a beautiful country and they are having an incredible time travelling around it to do consultations for making Laws; all those green England fields and all those snow covered tops during winter they are having a great time, not to mention the fact some of them have cars. I am not saying these things are a problem I do bully these people who want to get involved with me as well to get a good feeling for looking after my mistresses, with respect to which I have done foreign Policy and trade in the Common wealth to that effect as well, not to mention setting out securities for real Politicians who care about issues that should be handled with urgency before the power control mechanism of Government bureaucracy applies and not the fondling and clowning fools that care only about themselves who know nothing but how to spend government funds on idiots that want to be rich and famous and old idiots that want to bully people to be rich and famous. So that those can allow the criminal versions of them after funding really expensive and criminal habits with the money they make to get off regularly telling the state to stay out of their business which is why really messing them up has become fun for me since this is not their jobs or indeed their own lives and therefore the state should not be mentioned in their lives or jobs in any way in the first place except it was their doing. By the way of which I am sure they are educated people and understand the concept of how the Police only can help those that ask for help of which those who are harmed the most and need help the most are always unable to ask. 
It is these people that are responsible for stifling my book sales while they tell me how to write my books to secure self improvements for themselves that they can further continue to be rich and famous and intolerant with of which I will kick them as well the way it seems to go, before the situation improves contrary to those notions of lots of rewards for their actions instead. The most important matter of course is to drive this on to the point where they stop hurting me especially on media; you know the bit where they would have been worse off for attacking me but each time they do no matter how badly they are hurt by me getting involved with me in such an insolent way pays off as a good feeling. 
I am not concerned like they love to make out about the moral decisions that their Political leaders make with respect to which they will be famous in a moral way. my concern is that these decisions and Policies are not put together to encourage violence towards me from which people will get a good feeling because if that happens I will put it on record and then go after their sexual practices too with intent on publicly destroying all of it including homosexuality. So it is fair to say that if they use their masochisms on me in such ways I will cleanse them of it violently as well. As such of which it is important they stop talking rubbish about plans and ambitions and expectations and positive anticipations about the violence they will be permitted to carry out on a Christian to get a good feeling about things because it is never going to go as they think it will in anyway. The same situation applies to public services; I mean the NHS for example is a place in which the only thing that concerns me is the fact I am not healthy when I go there but outside of it, it is all about paying my National insurance which of course is a government provided system for me to spread my health costs with and then there is my government subsidies as well which I love very much and damned is any Political party or Politician that makes any suggestion about taking it away. The NHS is not anybody’s community, I mean the work and pensions department has now become a place where people let me sort my life out not a place where they want to see if I can hand the benefit books to them to play the unemployed so I might play another role as well these days, so I think the NHS also needs such safety mechanisms. Personally of which people can always pass their insults at whomsoever they please but should not blame others when it one day goes horribly wrong for them as well when they have had such a long history of feeling like they are awesome idiots; in the eventuality of which whatever conscience they are wrestling with is none of my business, nothing that should in any way affect me. 
So there is the other matter of my being bullied by media. It is not something which causes me a lot of concern as such. It is simply the thing about the big boys; middle aged men that feel they have attained a certain level of success. I mean the way to understand it is to imagine that there is a pavement and they are sitting on it, even if it is nearest to my home once I sit on it as well there will be trouble or imagine a bar in which all the chairs have been taken so the only one left is the one at their table; does anybody actually think that they will tolerate the idea of me ordering my drink and sitting on that table to drink it? This is not even the only issue because there are other matters such as the fact I am a Christian. Does anybody think they will not get up and leave the bar and never return so the owner can make sure I never come back because I drive away his or her customers because I sat on the last chair left in the bar which was at their table? This is not the problem the problem is that they talk into my talk and get into my affairs and this is why I do the things I do to them as well. So the perspective is now clear when I do not seem to be bothered ever when they say they own this and own that own this car and own that car etc and I own nothing; it is not important I don’t care, it is nothing that should concern me in anyway whatsoever. The biggest problem of them all is that I have had to deal with a really difficult job of looking into the matter of generation gap in society; so I had to go round the long bend to deal with bad elements in generations that are older than mine, to secure my allies and friends and customers for my books and guess what they do with that on a daily basis on TV, then get off insulting and abusing me violently all the time as well? of course rip it to shreds then attack the Christian to secure the kind of fame their Political leaders should be having which once I am clear they have been the ones messing with my internet connection I will most definitely climb up that fame thing and it will be the last time that they and their leaders will ever see it. it seems the main problem has more to do with the fact that when I do not parade myself all over the place and one of the most powerful good looking and sought after leader in the country and the world people think they can do whatever they like with me and so I will and on this basis as well. 
The threat politicians pose to me as a whole is entirely in their minds, this is not what bothers me, what does is that no arguments is enough to dissuade them from doing it. I might think I want to take care of their celebrity culture goons one moment but the next they will turn up and do things such as the fact it needs to be institutionalized in government that when somebody wants to play Politics with Public services the most desirable victim who should be held down for the purpose while they get into a competition with each other to take turns for it over the balance of power must be me and of course when that fight kicks off it bloody will along the lines of who has the best home in this country and it is not going to end well at all; after all when people want those things that can exist and continue to create tensions in the country which make sectarianism possible they are supposed to have their fill of it. It’s like a case of why is celebrity culture not a sin and the answer from them being that it is approved by the US; I mean who is the US? For now I have not yet been going around attacking a minister of parliament in ways that are forged around reasons that are so stupid they make no sense in Government so it will never stop and there is no stopping them either. The only reason I am not currently at the moment following up those their neighbourhood vandalisms about which I am the selected person who can never have a right or be right over anything to the point where I have a Christian campaign which involves hunting them down at their holiday hotspots bearing in mind these days it is all about expensive drinks and abusing me, is because I have not yet settled in on the will of God on the matter. If I have confirmation that it is, then I will be off to it without being provoked. All I can say is that they need to leave me alone stop defiling it and mind their own business. I mean they love their noise about how there was always an anti establishment means to getting rich and famous which they need to create of which that was never how they started off of course; so it is the old issue of the kind of people service personnel get to kill because they are a threat to the State, just like the black ones are stuck somewhere fighting racism which they will lose, this needs to be arranged as well and the fact it is not for the time being seems to be their biggest problem. I personally can only tell them I do not feel bullied and that they will win when I do. 
Women that can challenge me is not my problem in anyway whatsoever. These are not women that can challenge me, these are female equivalents of football hooligans, nothing comes out of them but words about dominating men and having certain kinds of sex they want to have, for the football hooligans anyway those were years ago all about their muscles being laced with stone that will be used to hit me. The main problem is always that each time you defend yourself from them; you get into trouble with the Politicians. However the reasons I love to indulge the conversations about them is first of all the fact that their Politicians want that to happen hence it is always a point of reference at the House of Commons everyday and every second they have anything to say to intimidate and to threaten of which nobody here is becoming disillusioned for, the other reason is that I am so inferior that nobody will ever do anything about it to suit me which of course is the biggest issue here i.e. this is their own lives. So these women that can challenge me and Politicians issues well set out and for now I have been unemployed for a decade so I too have made sure they are never able to impress their friends in this country, of course some will question my judgment for that but it is simply measured from the fact that unemployment for a decade means no matter how much money I have later on there is always something fundamentally wrong with my standard of living and quality of life, while they on the other hand think it is something that I will give up. In the end anyway of which what we have here is that they have never been scared of anything in their stupid lives and so messing with the Queens arch prince must just be made to be fun and exciting for it. I mean women that can challenge me and Politicians; why doesn’t that make a book title anyway, one of those factually extravagant contraptions that will create more political friends in every way and stay in the market place forever without being sold so I force it through. I know they can create these factually extravagant contraptions too with their Music industry and back stage media that is free to do anything while they tell me I get involved with other people’s lives and that it is the real problem and their Politicians continue to pretend they are celebrities by fighting for it to my detriment hence the actions I take as well but let them do that anyway, worst case scenario and it will have supplied me with means and information on how to take away security people have by working for others, which then provides them with that start up money they have without having to have a business of their own that they then have to go through the trouble of looking after-easy money, all needed is work no commitment. ; That stupid start up money in life which is a threat to my personal safety and well being.