(This is a backup emporium where all equity bundles at global markets, emporium markets, intellectual space and temperamental colours management, emporium community are placed. The equity bundles have been recorded by the Company for which this service was acquired and the idea is that a piece of my property has been shared in a condition that I cannot recover it, that idiots can get to calm their desires playing around with all over the world therefore. So the emporium-I is here in the nursed hope that they will handle nothing on this emporium service, with understanding that a new job for the Arch Prince will emerge from any process of doing so, based on bringing the wind to all of their finances. Normal work therefore continues at the service. This therefore is where fun and games with the Arch Prince’s job while they keep their safe for money and pretend to be big bullies alongside their American friends have peaked – system description - Record Date: 20 August 2012)

So they will tell people they want to ensure I become like them and the question is that of whether I miss my youth emerges from that but I don’t miss any youth, not everybody happens to have been as stupid as they are. When their Politicians speak of it they say it is cohesive society, I am so sorry I don’t buy it, what it is to me is a process where people wreck my finances to open me up to the evils of society and get off to ensure they wreck their lives just enough to live in ghettos, so that they can do what they like with respect to manipulating me; so I always tend to get hold of them and make them famous no matter how ugly. 
I can quite understand the talk about making the rich pay more for the economic recovery. What I don’t understand is why they need my opinion on it like they do with everything else on their insolent media. I am as aware as they are that the thing about wealth distribution must always involve claims others are trying to get rich while they fight for civil rights and then on other people’s property develops into a matter of social equality and wealth distribution and then before we know it they are talking about how they will never be millionaires, a short while after of which they have completely destroyed people’s lives to gather enough money to become the biggest industry bullies there are. I always love to indulge them because people never learn first of all and then because I can start playing the industry bully before they ever get to it i.e. throw them a line which suggests I am in hook line and sinker and then once they had started I need to establish what connection they have made between a process of making wealth equality in the world occur and questions over whether or not I have my right to a livelihood taken away and then it will look as though I am the most provocative and vicious goon around too. 
What I am saying is that the Politicians that get involved do not seem to realise it is a conflict and not Policy. I have seen young men make a resolve because a rich woman drove a car past them and treated them with distain; so naturally since last their wealth distribution stuff started of course what we have had has been first of all a sense that the rich were being made to pay for unnecessarily abusing those they have power to control such as employees, then it progressed into as institutionalised process of sharing the income of the rich and now it has become something else entirely all together like it normally should. 
A typical example of what we mean here is the treatment of disabled people; I mean when people use the phrase ‘this day and age’ in wonderment over it I have no idea why it does surprise them anyway when mentally ill people are not necessarily disabled but are treated with such abuse and violence that it creates a wholly different kind of wonderment by itself. It is easy to see that disabled people are just meant to be an easy target. I for my part tend to be distracted by something else because their socialist government are hard work and therefore do not get down to any plan that I have set out which involves me, their society and a giant issue over bullying Nationwide. This does nothing to diminish the fact I am wholly and positively interested in getting involved in their lives, so that when it turns out I cannot do anything or speak of anything without making references to or being involved with it, everybody will understand the phrase ‘this day and age’ does not quite do it for me with respect to this matters because it about nothing but plain and clear bullying. 
Of course in order to continue those stupid music CD sales on my earnings and work, they have found out new special relationships emerging between some European and Far Eastern Countries. It will make no difference for my part but for their own the music industry market ought to be informed that the more special relationships emerge the better the world will have a sense of itself and the more that happens is the more people will tend to imitate or not imitate the UK and the less questions we have to deal with about whether or not we do have the right to try and become the richest country in the world about which we should not necessarily be expected to give up our interests because other so called bigger countries never thought about it, nor will it have made a difference to what we have if they did or even do so even this very moment. So I want the music CD sales dead or far away from me and I am not interested in whether or not they want money; they always want money. 
Naturally they have recently turned the issues towards inspiration and passion which ends with claims that the country which produces the most of this will always be the richest and thereby a beacon for freedom but I have no idea who suggested that Americans are not fundamentally wicked and Biblically very evil people. The main issue is that I do not take rubbish from people here in the UK so they can do their media stuff to unknown ends, they on the other hand complain all the time that Royalty have always been very violent people but whilst the violent ones cover for the non violent ones like so, this matter has not changed in millennia, somebody always wants to make money with sacred things in other people’s lives, work and property and the US still stands as the most insidious, abusive, insolent and violent advocate of that.