(This is a backup emporium where all equity bundles at global markets, emporium markets, intellectual space and temperamental colours management, emporium community are placed. The equity bundles have been recorded by the Company for which this service was acquired and the idea is that a piece of my property has been shared in a condition that I cannot recover it, that idiots can get to calm their desires playing around with all over the world therefore. So the emporium-i is here in the nursed hope that they will handle nothing on this emporium service, with understanding that a new job for the Arch Prince will emerge from any process of doing so, based on bringing the wind to all of their finances. Normal work therefore continues at the service. This therefore is where fun and games with the Arch Prince’s job while they keep their safe for money and pretend to be big bullies alongside their American friends have peaked – Record date 3 September 2012).

Where I stand on education is pretty much determined at this point. I am 32 years of age and certainly not a school leaver anymore but of course is Labour MPs are determined to show you the underside of their insults the info that they have their husbands they claim are strong men that will not whimper if hurt to go home to insult and fight instead will not make a difference. Their entire lives are obviously developed around abusing people but since nobody has yet set out a state of affairs around here which means that when he does not want people to do a thing with his earnings and they claim to be his brothers and fathers and sisters and do it anyway there will be real violence for it, we do not yet know how much harm they really can do with their foolish women getting all over the place at present.

They say the main issue is that of the right of black people to arise and to be important which is utter nonsense because with respect to that, the real problem is that once they travel to the UK from India or Africa or wherever they are able to trample all over poor people with money and then get treated like Kings as well, they think they are more worthy to exist and to walk this earth as living human beings and not dead ones than I am. It will never make sense of course bearing in mind they are unemployed and so am I because I have been good and they have been bad, when they travel here from overseas where they have enough money to trod all over poor people they are better than I am.

My books are not where my badness have been well expressed, no, the books were supposed to have been written on the prognosis of grabbing the entire foundation of that stupid Labour party and using it to build a writing career, so they can build companies I collect for my stupid children who use it to feel confident as well, to find out what it does as a tool and the books I will sell and I know I will likely sell them on the capitalist platform as well, those want a piece of me as well. The rest are the media scum who always want to know what I think as a Christian, what my gospel is and then once they find it use it to stir up a greater and more violent version of all the things I speak of, then sit down to make sure that I am dealing with it because they are so decadent and so lazy and so wicked that not the slightest bit of it should affect them otherwise I am a trouble with that big mouth and it will not be the first time either I still believe that stifling their ability to communicate prevents genocide so that when it comes and happens they can collaborate like they always do which most people all through history have been interested in as well.

The main issue here is not that I enjoy getting involved with their affairs, it is difficult for me to stoop down to it as well but it remains that whenever any idiot wants to add a professionalism to his job that he never worked for, he is off to my income because he can use media to change ownership of my property temporarily and it tends to happen every single day as well with invitations given out to their fellow idiots to join up. So in my mind I should make it clear, the city is full of celebrities, in fact for them it is like a village and it is not that they like each other necessarily but that does not mean they do not regularly meet at parties. So when they dip their hands into the extremism as far deep as the length of their stupid hands will allow, we soon find them telling me they do not wish to suffer the slightest bit of it even though I am suffering it as well without stirring it in the first place, with a big mouth.

It is not that I do not know I am a royal prince and they are nothing, I know that but I live the way I do especially with respect to them because I want nothing from them, not even decorum; they need to fuck off.

So they say I watch pornography and that it is troubling but the issue between me and pornography is a complicated one. I mean these guys like to pretend that whenever they find something scandalous about me and blast it off around the world they have become the boss and this is not so, apparently they make pornography as well and when I am finished they will deprive me of sex as well.

The main issue with it if we should go into details is that first of all they and their Americans friends like to feel that any patch on the planet that has anything to do with people who buy British PLC must be taken over by them due to the celebrity culture they run and their plans to make money and even so where it involves me, due to having access to my books or the idea that I need to sell them to earn a living and they now have power to decide whether or not I do which is something they have worked hard to gain as though they were royalty of which for the Americans we will probably have an American king and then it will stop being so funny as well.

They say it will catch up with me of course but that depends, since I am not the one that wrecks peoples finances and builds up years of abusing them that will become the means by which they run their insolent Politics which has created all these hypothetical society in which I can watch Pornography and get away with doing so; besides which the hypothetical society was royal privilege but when they have found a scandal around me they always immediately believe they have become the boss and it is a real problem, especially when considered along the lines of the powers of men who will deprive me of sex at the end when they are finished with a big mouth.

Then there is the other part about a black idiot that sits somewhere in Africa to make out there is a favour a white man owes him on account that every black person that lives here descended from salves he sold to the white man for next to nothing, does what he does because he expects somebody to hurt him seriously over a matter in which the main issue was money and so we have MOD people on this case and now we have media idiots too who have sniffed it out through scum that want to be my boss and so they are off creating their own society out of it. I will therefore continue to make it clear I don’t want to see them anywhere near any tech shows anywhere in this world ripping my empire to pieces and that when I say so there is no bluff involved.

By the way when I mention Germany or even Greece there is no such thing as stealing a Country off the bloody map of the world; it is still a major issue that will be settled as well.

So it is still as simple as it was i.e. sometimes it could be better for me to find another career even though I broker Intellectual property administration but here I am doing it full time and the point in the end of course is that their idea of getting things done is to find somebody that is well off whose finances they can completely destroy, then make him fix those issues for them, knowing he could never have been well off without knowing all about it; so instead of running my company in quietness and peace what we have instead is a process where we never see them look into the extremism being adjudicated, while they take up all my time to do fame and fortune and then even more of whatever time I deploy for my work to get rich with a big mouth. I for my part do not mind the bit where they end up being the ones that are culturally good at violence so that I might want it all the time too, especially with respect to their stupid socialist Politicians as well.

The Companies I broker IP administration with all over the world do make it clear in their campaigns that I will take none of such things lightly or take them lying down, so technically it should be easy to get by but they had long decided on their own counter campaigns which have to do with people in the UK having a talent for fixing problems of which I am at the pinnacle and have already been acquiring goods and jobs by which they sell things for others on such basis, which is why it is so abusive and violent too because they need to get rich from their insolent left wing along with their fraud maestro right wing idiots and then it will all happen so fast and get measured with a scandalous condition of finances they have created here with their corruptions of involvement which creates temporary fame they can cash into and thereby their usual lucrative political of squander to that effect, which is not such a serious thing when controlled to such a point, unless they take physical steps like they always do to damage my work such that I cannot ascertain if I am actually responsible for my financial failures and this is how their options get narrowed and the issues are enforced and it will get worse and worse just like an insolent touching people first thing.

The part where claims are made that I create and force these services on those who do not actually worth it are born out of the continuing sense that they practice professional covetousness which is then also financial viable as well with a big mouth; I do not offer any services here in actual fact, besides my books, everything I do is a regular tending and pruning of a Literary Empire and its Empire trust, about which Heads of state and important people also have access to my privacy through state provided security.


Do I think that my publishers are unreliable? Rubbish, I don’t; it’s just a fact that there are a certain group of fans that are completely crazy about the idea of having written and published a book to get rich and famous and so will be after me because of it and the question therefore is whether I want to sit around and go through the rollercoaster of the fact people have to have talents and that is just the beginning after the talents the money only comes when the job is done which is another kind of talent all together, which of course you would only if you are mad.

It is not to suggest I am not aware of how some people might feel if a prince had to sell a book for a living at their whim and it is the reason I weed off irrelevant facts to find out what the real issues are as well. However the idea my publishers are unreliable is completely false.

Its like the old story of managing my office in the midst of being targeted as a stray cattle from a herd that is responsible for the economic problems in Europe whereas in actual fact what does Greece is that when you say Greece you have stolen a country off the map of the world, then there are the Spanish who are actually the most notorious of the greedy decadent and abusive left wing pretend to be spoilt on other peoples income royalty in Europe which is how housing booms go burst, seconded only by the French that are the very epitome of all that is wrong about laying claims to my earnings and an inability to get off the fashion industry especially where my property is concerned and more so for the French they were bereft of royal position a long time ago as well by the way, while the Italian ones do their debauchery and violent intensely selfish greed nobody wants to know about but will because they wish to be with what does not belong to them very well indeed.

I need to sell my books in the US and they have understood by now that I have had enough of them besides which my chest and head and body is not their plaything, not to mention the Africans ones that are not worth any attention except and only if I want to travel back into that Africa to sort out their cultural wickedness that they realise later they can make money from again, to compound the reasons they love to claim I refuse to recruit people to my cause which is a function of what happened because I lived there for the first 20 years of my life.

In the end any Politician can do their international developments and get involved with these idiots but I will not tolerate the abuses from them, the media scum report the news to improve people’s sales and stock market performance because they have located me as a figure to abuse thereof and as for the obsession with celebrity in America and my work as the heart of their plans to get rich with their evil, I do not think what I have done is hurting badly enough yet, in fact I am looking to the next phase of the pornographic pleasures. I am always doing jobs they should have known, always earning money they should have earned, especially in the US; bloody clowns.

They now love stories I am surviving when they are the ones that are more communist than usual these days. Nobody really knows why they are always doing their wickedness and its violence at me as though we were mates or something and I have made it clear I don’t want it around me or my work but instead what I get is the fame and fortune version of it where each time the feeling wanes, their idiots will attack me with the cultural version of those things for them and then they will feel superior and there will emerge a new feeling on the left, which I am not giving back as well and they can come and get it if they want. I mean I don’t mind being beaten up every day with sex by popularity and fame idiots by the way the more famous the better as it were, I don’t want it happening around here anymore and I do not suppose they are deaf as well; the wickedness and squander and everything else associated with it I mean, which has been happening to the point where their stupid parents and grandparents want to join and spend all of it, which they say I must make it so otherwise they will shut down and stop being Christians (at their age)obviously it is not yet Christian versus wicked people and not adhering to this will really kick it off as well.

It should generally surprise no body that I do the things I do for reasons of the powers of my office; they always seem to want to see it displayed, they think I am being teased and bullied when it is. There is no such rubbish as one being used and abused by any idiot around here and when I say any idiot I mean the older the better the more position of authority and responsibility the better - it is a respect thing and I do not need to appear to look powerful 24/7 for any grown up idiot either. I put up what I write because I am trying to serve people they say and not because I am a human being with an amount of power at my disposal (clowns), so therefore when I have to explain that it is rather the case I will be manipulated (and it is stupid clowns as well).