(This is a backup emporium where all equity bundles at global markets, emporium markets, intellectual space and temperamental colours management, emporium community are placed. The equity bundles have been recorded by the Company for which this service was acquired and the idea is that a piece of my property has been shared in a condition that I cannot recover it, that idiots can get to calm their desires playing around with all over the world therefore. So the emporium-I is here in the nursed hope that they will handle nothing on this emporium service, with understanding that a new job for the Arch Prince will emerge from any process of doing so, based on bringing the wind to all of their finances. Normal work therefore continues at the service. This therefore is where fun and games with the Arch Prince’s job while they keep their safe for money and pretend to be big bullies alongside their American friends have peaked – Record Date: 25 September 2012)

So there is this talk about how I pretend to treat people as though they are below me when in actual fact that is something they make me feel and allow me do by some product I bought somewhere. I have no clue of it, it’s just that people have not really been told or have not really realised that everything I have failed to accomplish is directly linked to their activities on media and that it is why it annoys me so intensely. There is a link between being so detached from my own affairs that I am unable to concentrate on academic work and unable to get employment when I spend any time with the media or they make out I have been involved with them. So naturally I don’t want to be but what I want is something else when they want to do something with my books and my websites everyday and this is what is causing me failures and financial problems. They say they are more important than I am and I wonder who cares anyway. Their Politicians by the way are a different story – I will never know in the working of living with their friends and families like human beings and in Parliament like animals about whom I am their chosen carcass, where Mr John who completed his PhD in Oxford actually got into a habit of touching me painfully because everything about me suggests an imagination of power to be had and I will never stop being in a position where I can when I need to acquire all that is necessary to make them feel; I mean Christian handles people that are more important than he is and continues to provoke them which stirs extremism, it is as though they want to see something terrible happen on account of me and terrible too it will be indeed. I have not acquired enough of what I need to make human beings out of them yet and still cannot make out why they complain so much and even while they do will not stop handling me and will not go away. All I have done is bend them over the other way so that their lives can also exist in a condition where imaginations of power can be seen and had with it and more so especially their privacy too because I have had enough of the afflictions from them. As for their people and the ambitions to be rich and famous thing; it is clear the rest of us are wired in a way where we create and sell things or do work to earn money and I don’t want any of it and still do not know why they cannot leave me alone; except I explain it away with such things as the fact I am a Christian means imaginations of power that can be had if somebody makes me jobless and homeless, that when I write books and somebody sees I don’t publish it when I need to it is the power that works for business, that when I put out my products and somebody sees that I sell none of it until he is in position to get rich first that it means the way to move up in the world and generally a question of would you do it tagged to every aspects of my life because of all those little gaps they have created everywhere in it where I have need of peoples charity of kindness which when taken advantage of provides lots of power and I will never stop handling them in the same way as well.

Its not the first occasion either, the original one was lots of talk about getting tough on crime and antisocial behaviour but which has to do with attacking the Christian to round up every aspect of his life and make him hurry up on it, claiming to extract glory and emotional and psychological management from doing so and no matter how long it takes he will be unemployed and uneducated until it is done like they are paying. I mean they like to pretend they want me to be my real self and shut down what happens when I speak of all I think about bearing in mind of course that they have ever won any of these stupid fights they start when I fight them without exposing a thing about what I think which they then make out happens to have been my emotions and can then be deployed at will when they want to touch me painfully to feel like they have got sadistic power. When you stay silent it is obvious you take rubbish from peoples wives and they will not therefore behave in a short while yet as it were, so it’s the same old issue and there is no other matter to it; everything about me carries some kind of loop hole which I need to work really hard like a slave in order to cover that people can take advantage of to have power and then keep that way for somebody else, from the business to the job to the faith, it’s all the same and they cannot stop touching me violently while they complain each time I touch them as well. So we have ended up there; I know every idiot wants my job, I must hold the line and rule them and when they savage my health the Politicians get it; so there is actually a set way in which those who want it to end need to go about doing so.

There are no other means by which people can get up and pick somebody to hurt like that without reason or purpose for a period of a decade and do so everyday unless they were changing facts whenever they had carried out an activity that went down in history in the process. The part where they say I get in their faces is rather my favourite because this is the only country where the politicians feel like handling me violently of all the common wealth with that big mouth and it is my fault they are already and I will handle that stupid parliament severely again.

They rather seem to enjoy suggesting that not only will they ruin my business by making new ways of doing business they invent to work against it but they will ensure I end up in a profession that they control in which I will have to pervade my morals daily to make sales in order to earn a living; I have no idea which profession exactly works in such ways but I do know that a process where their Politicians and media scum turn out to cause me the damage they do to enforce the condition their community croons want where the space I occupy in life is up for grabs but I will not share and therefore must be taken away from me and given to somebody that will share, to do their evils around here to extract the space I occupy in existence in order to fulfil her demands and wishes which is why they love to link me with fascism for pleasure knowing how the murders and killings happen in actual fact, is something I have come to tolerate very little of as well and so far I have taken up administration of absolutely everything that moves down to information and even pleasure. It is the typical kind of violence they want to do on me for the rest of their lives everyday telling anybody they can it is completely insignificant while making a lot of noise when they can about how powerful they are and the financial destruction while they keep their own careers because I am a civilised person makes me feel rather hard done by I suppose. Their culture and society therefore needs to be as provisionally mobile as I need it to, so that when I want it to get going it will be easy lubricated for them to do so and I will continue to get worse and worse and worse; will determine how much pleasure men get in this country, determine how much enjoyment of life none whites who travel to London are able to have and of course just rule the white ones for the sake of it; it should be me in the middle with church on one side and their pleasure and decadent societies on the other so I can work out how much they get like the lower class idiots they are and so will I find it all incredibly funny as well.

I mean I am a serious Christian but people will want to determine the kind of music I listen to and that it should be Pop music and then when they find out that it is not set out to enforce it as well, never clear why they simply cannot just leave me alone, instead of turning out to talk so much rubbish that creates me set backs on a daily basis like they can give to the frugal as well.

They like to think that this is the male side of society being challenged by the female side of society that needs to be put in its place so that politicians can be where the power is. I think anybody that wants to provide them with any cultural wickedness they want can do so but will certain hate my guts even more when they do that getting about in Europe to do antichristian antichrist rubbish where they make sure they sin on behalf of everybody who does not sin in order to prevent the second coming of Christ which they have never discussed with Christ either. They seem to say it is all about their politics as it were which means I was right all along that it is no male society being challenged by female side anything but rather an exceptional relationship with really insolent British leaders. They say this view of things is the meaning of carnage itself but they have been the ones of all the politicians in the world who have gained some form of trophy victory over me and it has gone on like that for years now.

Most of these things can be comfortably explained through the prism of the two matters of how I want a perfect woman when in actual fact they have their own jobs and finances and women that are their type to spend time with and pay attention to – in fact it is one of the reasons I become so angry about it. The other being of course the matter that follows this one immediately which is that I have no respect for women, in which case I am perfectly aware there is a respect issue but I do not see that women are the ones that are in need of it. I mean I am the one having my finances completely destroyed over the need for respect for women, in order to ensure that they can have sex with me, which politicians have done nothing but enforce for them as well because they are all crazy in this country. When they do such things of course I always feel that bearing in mind the two most evil things people have done in this world have been on the basis of the need of money and women, the respect for women thing in perspective means that wrecking peoples finances is not such a serious thing in the UK, the way the British like their thing, I mean they do not even have a way of communicating it as it were, so it is not my barge as such. However they take it too far all the time and complain when they can see these women they set me up for have need for intensive professional care and are mentally ill as well and will never stop, understanding that everything they do to my health and well being will be taken out on the politicians until it stops but they go ahead and do it anyway until they build a national state of affairs out of it with claims they want my job because they are mad as well. As far as I know by the way, all I have done about this matter is show really foolish women I am not giving them back that their stupid heart and they can come round and get it if they want and the reason for it was wrecking my finances with the help of politicians in order to tell me criminals are the better men as if I am their mate. I have not done anything to them yet and those who own them need to stop yapping about my lack of respect for women. I simply want my stuff the way I left it the way it was in case those who change it when I am away think they are incredibly stupid and that it is suffice if they are. So the ultimate question of what happens with the violent issues in society comes to play and I have no idea what anybody think they can do for me on the matter; I mean if I cannot trust women to make use of my property without paying for it, at the end of which they leave me a living wage, then the problem is the violent side of society – I mean don’t get the wrong idea as such there is a way of managing it and it involves using their stuff to do that violence whenever it comes around or exists and if they ask the black ones about it they will be informed about why those are all over the place. I have not done anything to them yet they need to stop yapping about my lack of respect for women when I am the one that will never get a job until they have sex with me because they are mad.

Now when a society does not have any item in its colloquialisms in which it can communicate what happens or the evils of when people wreck the finances and career of another person and what it really means, the meaning should be that on the good side, when you make use of people’s property, you leave them with a living wage and on the bad side when you start a fight you win it so that it does not become a problem for everybody. They always like to make out I have stolen or damaged their culture because they believe I should be reasonable enough to pack up all I have doing so they can locate me, wreck my finances and academic work and get off to acquire privileges of injustice with the use of government office that politicians occupy, then turn out to use my work to get rich and famous and use the riches and fame to tell me they are richer and better than me and I should therefore never think they have something in common or indeed get involved with them but they think I would be reasonable to shut it down when it has been such a fabulous use of my time because they have not been listening. I can train up my four year old child to want his property back the way he left it and make it so if he wants to, it is not a complicated matter – where we are at the moment is where I have exercised a sense of responsibility and therefore set out to deal with it in a way which gives the government their economic recovery anyway whatever happens and so now they have to do damages to get their much desired attention and I have also set out means by which it is clear if anything is wrong with the economy they know about it because they did the damage, so now they know that I will be harming them for money and wealth as well if they push it. So the idea it is not something that should be discussed in public matters is not founded on fact; it is an economic policy of contraction where my nice 100% resources is destroyed by an idiot who knows his stupidities can serve him as power because I refused to give it to him to show respect for women and for the 50% I must have saved from the embattlement, he thinks he knows enough to grab some and maybe grabs between 5% and 10% and wants to get on media to ensure that it is used to make the rest obsolete so he might be the only one that has got it. It is always a matter of Politicians and their fundamental immorality; they are immoral so when they make mistakes in government office everything hits rock bottom and they will not listen to those who know about the rules because they prefer to do it and found out the results instead of listen and look back over a good decision with benefit of hindsight and I am not suggesting anything I say will change that; it’s like when they worship me for the purpose of abusing me violently instead of worship God each time these things draw them to acquire it somewhere close to the Church. I am not saying it is a difficult issue; the way it normally works is that they will harm me and make me react and then try to ensure I react in every aspect of my life so they can have the lion share from it; I on the other hand whether I do or they make it up that I have no media always tend not to pay any attention to it – I mean I used to when I was a teenager but I grew out of that before I was 19 and so tend to do whatever I need to do when I need to do it regardless of what anybody says and so the result becomes that in order to get the attention they crave so much they have to damage what I do and so when I continue and they keep doing the damage at some point they will damage all the good stuff and find it impossible to be famous and this is where they usually want to see that when people witness a particular thing as fact they end up confessing another because they have dirty cultures to sharpen into violence and use on those who do not give them anything they want and this of course is where people begin to ask me about the facts and thereby the opportunity to be famous too if I want. About which they will say my attitude towards fame is not the right one but clearly it is the old stuff with politics and how it is responsible for all the extremism in the world; I have always said everything they want to do they feel should be about how I wait for them to fulfil expectations and so anything I own which may prevent me from doing so is seen as a threat. So it applies too that with the other issues of how I am a threat to Political authority there is no real fact to back it up; UK Politicians think they are leaders of the Common wealth so that somebody’s son from God knows where always wants to get elected Prime Minister, then completely forget about the country that elected him and start having connections with your parents that is used to rule over you and it is the biggest problem and biggest question yet. They will not stick to their territory. It is one of the oldest issues of them all; and I am not giving back those stupid societies, cultures and histories and civil rights for my part – they will have to get new ones. So here they say one moment I claim I have done nothing to their cultures and the next I say such things; I have never said I have done nothing to their culture, what I said earlier was that they like to bring it up as an expression which suggests I need to take leave of my senses and shut it all down so they can take up my income and get on media and make themselves more important than I am. This matter of culture was not actually where it started, where it started was that every fool wants to get on TV and use TV money to find gangs that are desperate for cash in African who will hurt me if I don’t give him what he wants and they lost that badly and tried to move into my right which resulted in the culture one as well and when I say I am not giving it back it is a sense of facts and figures, in actual fact I have spent it – you know when somebody thinks a famous person needs to be stripped of his fame so that he can feel powerful on account that there are aspects of his life where there are things that he should not do and is up to his good conscience once he gains the access that has not been given him, therefore offering opportunities for lots of power to be gained because of the endless why not questions of everything that he does to deal with and cover it up which simply makes it worse. So it was never clear why people who know their entire careers are based on getting on a podium to make a speech but would do such things; hence I took hold of the public life and spent it to fix the damages done here and therefore to have the right kind of security I needed that culture and now I really have no idea how to give it back if they ask. Of course they say they still have it and that I am making things up but the way it really worked was see it, pinch it, spend it which is really extravagant and then slide in the Christian work for them to do so that they end up using their Pop music to deal with the evils of society and when people feel saved from something they become compelled to buy the music and furnish them with money to run away with if things go wrong – hence the only way out for them was to become complicit with the evils of society and make out responsibilities that are mine because I decided to adopt a position which ensured government taxes were paid and fame and fortune but complicity with the evils of society does not work together hence the next set of things I will do to them. It is an industry worth a lot of money to the government, I wouldn’t mind slicing off a piece of my work to provide it with ideas to do the security work of singing about trouble makers, so when people feel rescued from it they pay for the music and they have their own money to move around with, it will help to acquire the taxes and help to deal with the organised crime associated with it as well. To which I am also aware they say I am a big mouth goon who will get me into a lot of trouble whereas they are Mr Sunshades who must make money in this life and are actually after their youth and believe they will find it here and have always got to increase their acumen. So they can tell me how liberal or not I was during the early days of my Christian activities and what I said or did not at the time – for of course those early days was time to gather the grain so to speak and they were the biggest problem, today they are not so much of the problem anymore, just trying really hard indeed to be as if this is their own lives.

As for the idea politicians only reflect the view that most important people have of me, it seems the important people are so important there is no depth they will not plunge to show that they are Godless people, I fail to understand entirely why it should have to become my problem as well. Where I am supposed to be scared of the US President, it is still the same old story as it were, still the same him and all and something that shows all over his Campaign at all times; it always pleases them to wreck people’s lives and pillage their careers to create their fly democracy on the left using trophy victories with and thereafter will they turn up to claim to be more important than those they have done it to as well but give them half the chance and all of them will be standing in some queue at a civil service department seeking government ascertained entitlements and to ensure that queue is as long as possible will do everything in their power to see that you stand there too. I am not of the opinion it is a difficult matter either, I have always been clear where I stand is that I get infuriated because they never once speak in public about the problems of their own societies, they want to discuss that of somebody else and spend everybody else’s resources to ensure they become rich and so one fact that is not realised about what I think of all those stupid complains about a hard hand that history has dealt people is that black people are destructive; there is not one of them with considerable means that has not gained it through that process of the destruction of those who are good at what they do so they do not become rich early in order to take up their property and spend longer to get rich with the father happen to find to be respectful and at no point will they recognise the problems and violence that emerge from it as something that they are responsible for, they are usually too busy with their fly democracy at such a point. However it does appear that the bone of contention has become something about who is more important popular culture wise which of course popular culture wise of who is more important cannot be left to popular opinion either, apparatus of state must therefore come into it, it does not surprise me, just an over view of being scared of Mr Obama.

I am not denying that my actions are indicative of sacking Politicians either, except that I have to leave it to the tax payer and electorate to decide whether or not they stay in the job.


The trouble with Politicians of course is not just the fact they might at any point in time usually the direr and therefore unexpected moment feel that your livelihood should become a plaything from which they get kicks and do things that are completely unseemly. It is more seriously the fact they like to think that the phrase "I think you ought to shut up" will determine what Policy is or becomes and the fact that comes through regularly is that it does not. They will rather claim that I interfere with their own affairs which they do first of all because they lie all the time and those lies are told so because they have worked it all out and are simply out there like they always are to get the rest of us to take part, the other side however is that people simply need to stop for one moment and behold what they do with my own affairs as well; I mean they say they want to provide leadership for it but they are neither Priests or Royalty or Christian, hence first of all, nobody knows what they know about it thereof and are also therefore not the only ones that think "I think you ought to shut up and get out" solves problems. The claim I speak in such ways when I have completely messed up international politics is utter rubbish too because how I am supposed to have messed up international politics was to make it clear that Muslim societies and Politics has a left wing and a right wing politics as well as every other ones and we should not think it is okay to mess with it or encourage other people to mess with it if they want to, then become surprised that extremists win elections and take up power there and as such want nuclear weapons as well. This again they claim is what weak leadership is all about but I wonder if all their years in that their stupid Politics about which their abuses will soon get me to go on a campaign on how those claims they make that the Monarchy is responsible for racism is actually true with that their mad and stupid politics and I would most likely make the campaign very expensive indeed. Nobody knows therefore if the experience they have gained in all their years in their mad Politics which I call mad for my own purposes as it were is that when people have decided they want to do something, whether or not you know their stuff more than they do gets to change their minds and or change who they are.

Now it is said what I say and do is sympathetic towards extremism but it is not; it is what was when in school i.e. he sees your pencil and wants to take it and use it and decide to keep it later on, same with your books and your lunch money is supposed to have been easy pickings because it cannot be accounted for. Then he grow up with that and so when he sees your career he wants to handle it in the same way too and if you resist him it gets violent because you are supposed to provide him with a future on a left and this is course is how you end up hating women and children without reason or cause, some children of which can fight for you no matter how young they are as well if you want and are therefore nothing to be written off like that either and so the only thing that satisfies them when you resist that as well and they begin to get physically violent is when somebody older than you both turns up to give him a privilege of injustice so that he can treat you like you were some excrement, which of course is how they put it and you cannot live with those sort of experiences several times in every day and we are not talking about their politicians damaging my finances and academic work to give them time to build up rubbish on media they get used to as a measure of what I can or cannot live with either. This for me however is not the main problem as the main problem is that they are always pissing on people, looking down on people and handling people 24/7 and then getting me involved in each case 24/7 which is why politicians need them to be able to handle everything that belongs to me when I need it most in order to create maximum attention from me and thereby link me with it every time they harm people, which is why the Politicians need to damage my academic work and finances to enable them create rubbish on media as a state of affairs that they get used to and make out is reality and this is also why I am not giving back that stupid culture and that of their friends overseas too, so they can come and get it if they want. I mean for the most part it has been a case of telling people when asked what they have been up to, how they whack an Arch Prince over the head with their stupid powers and how good and long lastingly good the feeling was which has been going on for years now – hence I doubt this is the time to complain. They will never see that culture ever again and should not get to force me to arm it, I am not bluffing.