(Popular culture and Popular Music Governance - Handled Equities Security Project and Industry and Video Games Equities Emporium Property - Record date 12th August 2013) Now on the matter of wages and how Companies continue to employ low paid migrant workers and not UK ones I find it difficult really to work out why they complain at this stage; they enjoyed voted for a government that increased wages until inflation had to catch up instead of increase wages according to inflation and now it seems that businesses are prepared to chose lower paid workers because it is their way of managing inflation which their government is not doing at present before it complains about others. It was meant to have been the duty of the government to set wage rates according to inflation, then control the inflation itself and how many of that have they really done anyway, thus which part of market forces putting companies in a position where they have to show them that is the problem by employing cheaper workers means it is the fault of the businesses then? Yes I know they always say I am the most important champion of cuts to people’s rights to freedom but I really have no idea which part of the fact it is the duty of the government to set wage rates and manage inflation so they do not rise too high for the businesses, who only really need to worry about employing local workers because they have the skills and know the area and nothing else, has to do with anybody’s civil rights but we all know it is the good old laziness that we normally have several explanation for, especially the one that wants to be better off than you are with what you own, the one that creates problems to overwhelm you and then themselves as well because they think they will be able to manipulate the disposition to make you solve the problems for them and then solve none for yourself etc , it’s all laziness and decadence and the bit they think they have gotten away with is the part where they devise more of the violence according to which one will suit them best while the rest of us get back to the drawing board over the economic crisis. It’s like an art form for them, something they do obsessively like boys with their toys and so is my retribution for all they do to harm me something I do like boys and their toys as well and that is where we are at present. There is nothing here mentioned about their stupid civil rights or whether or not I am hampering it, unless if we were to imply that my position in general is that each time they hand my property to spend it on themselves and usually tell me racists will come and get me if I resist them, then we are going back to 1940 – this is actually true, it is the way I do things here. The part they normally say they are confused about is that of what I mean when I say they need to get off my books and the sales and get off the Industries where they know I work and broker equities with companies but there is really nothing confusing about the fact that the Music Industry is a global multimillion pound menace that wants you to be more concerned about the insults of their weenie celebrities instead of deal with them for the damages that they cause you and the media on the other hand is its twin and regularly gets to tell me that the music industry might explore my personality in order to exist alright full of lazy idiots that do not want a living wage when it is possible for them to have millions without doing any work for it but that they the media are the ones that actually depend on personality improvements in order to exist and this is where everything about my books disappears into everyday; hence they understand me very well when I say they need to get off the books and get off the Industries. The Media and the Music industry are two giant multimillion pound menaces and they know that perfectly, hence want some of mine all the time as well. Of course what I want to do is confiscate it; so that everything they do will simply offer me more publicity for my work and then we will find out how they react to that. Of course they love to point out that most of these Media and Music Industries are now owned by the Companies I broker equities with, which I have no idea what it means, however they do clear it up in mentioning that I will one day become their victims as well and the promise here is simple i.e. if I am they will I promise, no longer be able to practice that thing where they bother people until the entire workings of people’s lives is about fighting them which then bends into a fight that exists in a condition where they will win, that they are always convinced other people’s lives and property should have to be put through all the time and it is not a promise that I will probably end up breaking either. It is not a matter I have not before mentioned; their laziness and vandalism is an endemic problem and also the one at the heart of social media vandalism and trolling as well - where they also like to pass off information I have reached an extent where I need to let them be whereas they have not paid for anything they have damaged here, on account somebody must have convinced them somewhere they are in some kind of civil rights conversation with me and hence have nothing to worry about.


I am not in any silly position where I am now trying to find out how much money people still have left to spend on my products because they have all been taken either; these fools never find it possible to leave people alone or stay off people’s property whenever they feel like it and their cultural wickedness and by my standards everything that makes them such a problem for me will disappear as well. I mean when it started they never said they wanted to completely destroy all I have and turn out to develop new economy when I have ended asking if there is anybody with any money left to buy my products, they said at the time it was about somebody who knows what to do being made to share with everybody so he does not keep it all to himself and since I always knew what it was they got the Politicians involved and it became something else endlessly until they have reached this point, all of which is criminal stuff for they saw the patents on the books and they are not the persons mentioned around the equities and nobody permitted them to use or handle the company industry properties the way that they have. It is a little known fact they have done these things because they have a desire to lean on me and are too poor to look after that desire which makes it very annoying but I am sure they know it is criminal stuff as well and there really shouldn’t be any bragging for it out there either with that big mouth. I have before warned the biggest problem between us is the insults because any one of them does it in a condition where they know they can do anything to me from tramp to idiot on television I will go after all of them on a global stage for it and will never stop doing it, I will have my revenge for every single insult that they can control or otherwise because we all know they never listen and these kinds of abusive insults of how I am asking if people out there have any more money left to buy my products is a measure of it, I will have every single one if I have to pass on the vengeance to the next generation as well, so they can tell me their criminal destruction here will be ignored while there will be a new economy build around how I plead to find out if anybody has any more money to buy my products anymore – completely impossible as it were; same story that I need to tell people to stay off my books and off the Industries and keep their violence and insults that come with it to themselves, especially concerning what it is they feel I am doing which I have done for their benefit with that big mouth and that social media and that public media and the fact we never hear the complains while they are at it; much like the old story about getting into trouble with the British Royal Family and other Royal Families in Europe and the Middle East, whereas they can always get on with whatever it is they want to do to make me poor and make themselves rich at my expense in order to marry the family members, stop talking nonsense about how many troubles I will get into all the time since we all know people love to control the lives of those who threaten and abuse them and cannot let them breathe like they do me and cloud facts and exposure for my company and business everyday because they think it is also funny like a profession and that they are men and really tough for that matter too - no normal person would issue these threats or do these things while expecting to continue to live or enjoy a normal life, I am neither their mate nor are they members of any Royal Family anywhere on this Planet. (Foot note: - Popular culture and Popular Music Governance -Handled Equities Security Project).