The Company Literary Empire trust and Literary Emporium Community: For the Better person Entrepreneur (Having been the lack of respect for what places institutional limits on activities that are unbecoming of human beings have received less and less regard and Politicians are at the helm of making this happen, there has in turn existed here in the Firm, the need to create ideological religiousness which is unquestionably more important than the laws that have been made and therefore above it, however the fact that some of us do not think we should behave in such ways is not to say we have no plans to reward ourselves for not doing it) Record Date: 12 May 2012.


The most common form of vandalism and destruction at and towards this company is fools that cannot case to get on Media whether or not they have a business to look after, to make out that I think what I am doing is a business whereas in actual fact it is not and I will not be convinced otherwise. Hence they are simply waiting it out to see what will become of me and an end to me they are familiar with.


I for my part can understand when people see a product they really need but refuse to buy it because the promiscuities of whether the seller has done advertising, so that they can ensure they do not get into trouble with the advertising industry when they do is more pressing. What they have done on the other hand is get involved with an Author in ways that have nothing to do with buying his books, created a new business culture for themselves out of forging me a giant copyright ownership and protection of his work at his market place hitting sales and then getting on Media to claim he thinks what he is doing is a Business and does not wish to be convinced otherwise, which I suppose means that the right point at which to seek their enmities with people in order to secure trappings of power is clearly not the advertising industry but a Prince who is a writer but worse still they are still going on about their enmities by which to secure trappings of power after getting involved with an author to have his information through other means that have nothing to do with buying his books, after he had long taken care of all the bottom lines.