The Company Literary Empire trust and Literary Emporium Community: For the Better person Entrepreneur (Having been the lack of respect for what places institutional limits on activities that are unbecoming of human beings have received less and less regard and Politicians are at the helm of making this happen, there has in turn existed here in the Firm, the need to create ideological religiousness which is unquestionably more important than the laws that have been made and therefore above it, however the fact that some of us do not think we should behave in such ways is not to say we have no plans to reward ourselves for not doing it) Record Date: 17 May 2012.


With respect to those stories that come up on Media everyday about claims what I say or do somewhere is flawed. I am aware the way it works is to make out all I do is wrong in the sense that it might have been correct but does not take into account other people work in the industry besides me i.e. digging history because I am academically stupid. All I can say about it is the usual i.e. it is my career and not their own and I know perfectly what I am doing with respect to the career but for them, at the moment they are not complaining somebody thinks that because they have misfortunes here and there I can give them all sorts of rubbish to take in. So what they are doing with their time instead is getting on Television to spend their time on nothing other than how I did my team playing, took instructions from my boss, did my team leading, wrote my essays, expressed myself is wrong because it did history and gives to count to other people that work in the same industry, besides which bearing in mind they do on Public Television which is not at all damaging, I have no idea what their problem with girls really are anyway. They have been carrying on like this for a decade now and have not won a fight since, which of course is the funny part; it appears so that I will strangle them before the situation improves, bearing in mind also that doing these things makes employers confused and makes it impossible for me to get a job which they claim is power they have got with a big mouth.

They claim I have been made to work many times as hard of course, which sets out the difference between me and the kind of easy life that their girls should have, I wouldn’t know anyway, all I know is that this will be their last as well i.e. whenever God lays hands on somebody and blesses him it is time to persecute until they move the person on and start off another better evil, so the question is always that of what they want with the personal lives of those who do not bother them with the gospel because there is no point to do so? This is always the main problem; bring it out and persecute him until he is detached from God and then wait for the next God blessed person to come along and this is the only connection there is between them and me, its just that it is affecting my career as well and more so mainly because they have media and girls to play around with. My point is that they need to do themselves a favour i.e. unless they have another life where they will ensure such a thing is successful they had better realised that they will never recover from me and will never be free of me and so just go away to enjoy the freedoms they have in Law not stay on and cause lot of trouble that will lead to no good benefits.

I am not a person that got involved with celebrity culture and therefore gets to see some good side of it like they make out I am, I don’t see any good side of it whatsoever in actual fact. I know people speak of mistakes I have made and everybody knows of course that the mistakes I have made in life by getting involved with them have never really been proper ones. They have all been about their insults involving how they are my father figures which I drew a line on, so following me around like that to wreck my work and life of course is always something that has a certain way of dealing with as it were, hence the reason I never say anything about it because there is nothing to say; except maybe their plans to ensure such a way of dealing with them does not occur because they have found a means to a higher job than the one such a person they harm have currently got, which is of course is utter nonsense anyway. In the end the two main issues are that of what their case with girls seems to be and then the other being that of how I the Christian know within me that telling my fathers what to do is wrong but will go ahead and do it anyway, which is why we need to find out what they know is wrong as well but go on to do anyway and this is where it gets funny.

So they say that I am actually some silly boy that desires no respect for those that are older than I am, the result being that I have none of the advantages that other young men have but clearly the Christian was the way he was because he sleeps around with women that are older than him i.e. other peoples mothers. They made their bed and it will always be as they made it. I have not in anyway been hurt by them as such, every harm to me is something I have done; I mean I can imagine myself earning money and then deciding its purpose is to make the life of a younger person really difficult, so that when he makes mine hell on the money my life has actually improves and I am therefore more privileged. They can always take it the other way round of course as in I am not their mate as opposed to leave me alone, I have no problems with which part they wish to follow it on from.

As for the younger men of course I am always being threatened because I sleep around with older women which is utter nonsense bearing in mind how the older ones above get to get involved with the girls who do not seem to realise that when a Christian is praying reading the Bible or studying he wants nothing to do with whether or not they have had sex or indeed with whom they have had it. So it is one of those things they do to create viable excuses around claims I hurt peoples career then try to keep mine which is utter nonsense; the truth is that I know of high flying jobs and they are not the ones to get them, I will move the world to see to that; I mean it is worth asking what I get in return anyway besides insults from girls so they can be superior to me. I mean these things happen to a point where some Politicians ask them how a Christian would deserve such things or what makes them think I am an evil man and their answer before all these complains we hear today was that the problem with me is that I have no problems, with a big mouth. The gangs I am meant to be scared of on the other hand is just one of the more serious bone of contention on the matter altogether because they are beginning to get a sense of what I must do to reduce how much sin I must commit to look after myself on account they exist. As for the girls those they have sex with and whether or not they have recently thrown at me must constitute a challenge so it is not clear why they always complain too once they have. So the main crisis is largely that most people loose touch with what I am doing but it has rather always been simple i.e. tyranny is not a persons name, what is happening here is that I have the authority, stupid insolent tiny tyrants with ideas about how they are more than I am and should be ruling me tell me what to do with it in a personal and effective way with clear plans to avoid consequences. So I will take no such rubbish from them and the gangs of course we have come to realise is as I said one of the biggest problems these days i.e. when I get hold of them and those habits of threatening me, I will ensure I only have to commit the minimum amount of sin against God to set out exactly what their problem is and settle it. I mean the way facts stand is somebody is first of his blood line in a royal estate which is something similar to Christ being alive in the flesh in the world or Mohammed still walking the streets of the middle east; considering all those stupid evil plans they have about what they would do when they meet Christ and this point in time in which they have been unable to do anything to be except use me to harm themselves, I have no idea what it is exactly they suppose they really can do.

It’s all about being challenged to ideas that my estate will not pass to my children and this is why I don’t want to see any of it in any country passing around any insults in my direction. The but that leads to real problem is that I think I can write a book that creates history of my dynasty then expect people to buy it and give me money to build it while they have nothing and go off to hand it over to my children, when in actual fact I have already got it and I am getting in touch with people. So with these kinds of rubbish the problem is the amount of work that I must do to deal with them which is not within my control and cannot be completed either with a big mouth, and then if it is not completed I cannot earn a living. I have to chase them every blessed day to clear up fact that they are lying over my business and earning; naturally of which they claim there are people I pretend to know but have never before in my life seen, especially when they are women and I cannot live with the idea they are more important than I am. What this tends to refer to of course is that when they see female reporters they tell those I am stealing their beauty, so that if they do something about it they throw themselves wide open and then after they must have punished the wrong person as well but if they do it and I tell the reporters to leave me alone and forget all about the apologies and go away, then the fight with me really begins, what is happening now is just the usual stuff after we must have found ways of getting together to help each other with certain issues. It is in this that I have made real enemies with them and with a big mouth as well of course I suppose and this is how I get to claim I know people I have never met, because of course those their stupid women are still claiming my court is free for all.

So it will definitely happen again and this time I will make money on it to travel around as well i.e. me v certain cultures that have no right to exist because the Bible says so, my actions about which the owners can do nothing about because I am stronger than they are. For now they can claim themselves to be the most powerful female bully arrangements whose behaviour is above the law because it is mingled with love and a big mouth, then tell me no body will believe my stories when I have already changed everything from the way it was in the 70s where people are deemed crazy when they talk about it. This is not that decade anymore and I am not talking about any stupid stories; what we are talking about is the best stupid female lower class bullies at the very pinnacle of it who have effronteries that cannot be quantified with a big mouth.


I mean media reports where people get off to want an Auto company which if they do not get means they get to have my Firm instead which is then seriously funny more so bearing in mind they want these things so that they can spin off on media and get rich. I mean people must have such media power and you always get to wonder who the hell they think they are and of course all you really can do is want to rip those stupid intestines and their homosexual communities to shreds but on this occasion you have to settle for a quota of publicity being free of charge so that it does not become funny ever again.

They say the reasons for these activities they carry out is my sexual habits but the reason for my sexual habits at present is because of the fact they like to inform me every time they have been taking drugs recently. The one about girls spending my earnings because of the sexual habits that were born out of a process of being informed by them they have had sex didn’t really pay off for them as such, so now we have another which has to do with drugs too.

They like to claim these things rather happen and that I am targeted because I ignore the needs of my kind. They are not my kind, they are black fools that are making the planet as uncomfortable for as many people as they possibly can and this is not the bit that gets me interested in them the most, the bit that does is the fact that they are evil, along with their white friends. So there is first of all the part where I have made it clear it is in my interest for Politicians to be corrupt with international development because it is the only way to ensure aid is reaching those who need aid but there is also the part where they suppose that they are supposed to share a purse with me and live off the same bank account and it is a matter especially with regards to the insults and the threats which are best expressed by the sexual habits that carry consequences which I have mentioned above that must be settled.

I mean everybody has been harmed by them in some way, everybody has a story to tell about what they have done in some way and now they think that the Christian is completely incapable of harming them and love to talk so much rubbish about how afraid he is too. I am not afraid of them as such neither is it true that there are things I don’t know about myself that they try to ensure stays unknown by me lest I become a serious threat to them. I mean is it actually true that I don’t know that they are always right about things they do to others on account that it does not exist in their minds that money is something you gets from carrying out an activity that is work based and connected with paid employment and therefore think they should be sharing purses? That I don’t know that the main issue with them is that they like to boast society does not see their activities as unacceptable and so there is nothing I can do about it, which then means that I don’t actually relish when they pick a fight with me bearing in mind it is the only way to ensure that over time laws are made on it and of course which will mean things will become real when Laws are made on socialism? This is their biggest problem; while they hurt people and do things to people that people do not appreciate, they are still right, they are always right. I am not scared of them; they are just not informed that there is space here for academic work and there is space for a job and there is space for watching TV but actually none for them and this is the biggest problem especially as the violence is increasing too; about which each time I insinuate they claim I am the one that messes with their civil rights which is to say that the violent abusive scandalizing of my faith and privacy is something I am responsible for doing as it were; bearing in mind that without it, there is no way that life in a multicultural society will lead to a condition where my faith offends people when and while I practice it in my privacy – this I am sure they are suggesting is my doing.

So they say I am comfortable with the idea that people should hound and hunt them the way that people do which is utter nonsense, I am actually not aware that people are hunting and hounding them; there is no such thing, it does not exist. The real issue is that people should not get to be carried away with all those lies and disillusionment by which they take upon themselves the consequences that people who want money without working for it have created for themselves, especially when they were the victims because these problems are created out of fundamental failures around basic morality to the point where somebody cannot find it in themselves to say to people buy my stuff please because the customer is king and therefore decides to secure the faith and morality of others to create impressions that he is doing so with and like to control those people to ensure he has money. I mean as I mentioned it is the old story behind the Christian being scared of them along the lines of being covered up with one problem after another that it is what he does with all his time, wriggle out of problems that are so intense he does not have the time to get a job, when I know that society does not seem to take seriously the idea that people who are strong enough to boast about beating others up but do not wish to work for their own money are a fundamental problem and so we will find out who is covered with problems when society starts to make legislations on socialism. There social side of these things is of course that of the fact that they have come to the point where the purpose of their wickedness is manipulation of those that have alternative ideas to it but it is the spiritual one that really brings it on i.e. the purpose of bloodshed in world war two was a backdoor ritualistic sacrifice programme that will be big enough to provide them the cultural power that they needed to last for long enough for them to avoid killing people and so when they know this is what they, their socialists and far right goons think about it and realise I don’t want to know anything about it, they make it a fundamental plan to live in my head and this is what brings the problems i.e. erasing that stupid Nazi history for them, so that they might have to do it again.

So in the end they tell me saying those kinds of things are expected because I am the kind of person that makes excuses for the rich; rubbish of course. Like the part where they say that they are emulating the Monarchy when they are people strong enough to beat others up but will not deploy the strength to work for and have more money than those they would otherwise have beaten up, lest people tell them what to do; about which I always want more information of course because what they are saying is that when there are organizations in which the leadership is hereditary people do not get to do any work. I do not make up excuses for the rich, the deal is that when I have worked hard enough to be rich there are parts of society that getting involved with will be deeply and even globally irresponsible but the fundamental failures of socialism is that its entire purpose is to make me poor enough to be caught up in those parts of society to bring about social equality and they never do anything about the violent extremism of course – in fact if there is a war they will collaborate and I will die bearing in mind their idea of the wrong thing is always that it is good sometimes. Then there is the part also where I don’t want to work hard to be rich in order to have to detach myself from those parts of society I would irresponsibly get involved with when I am rich but have no choice because they will force me whether I like it or not, hence the problems.

With respect to the Euro zone economies however there is talk of Unionist co-operation, which I do not think is what the zone needs. What it needs is more responsibility from the bigger economies i.e. Germany is a relatively small country in the zone but thinks that it owns it – the result is that this small country compared to the zone with its comparatively small army takes advantage of fiscal and monetary Union as well as mobility advantages to own the entire economy but does it have the social structure for it? Of course not. Does it have an army that is big enough? Of course not. So it is never competitive in the world market despite the fact it becomes biggest or richest in it and the same applies to the French before they all turn up to scream their heads off about bailing out the smaller ones. The problem is deep, deep irresponsibility by the bigger economies i.e. the meaning of a fiscal and monetary Union is that when it comes to economy you only take what you need and of course if people did things around the parameters of what is the Nationalism and the Localism they would never have made these mistakes, not to mention the fact they are deluded and really full of themselves.

I mean deluded and really full of them in the sense that I tend to imagine recession to be a person. So there are things Governments seen as a person gets scared of; one of them is constitutional instability which can sometimes take off the gloves and give it a rest if Politicians connive to hide the issues, that is until a tyrant comes along to take advantage of it of course, social instability which can sometimes do the same if the people get to have what they want, even if it is on a provisional basis but the recession one, is the one you have to view in terms of the fact he is in the ring already and it is only a fool that will want to think about postponing the fight; hence the perspective of deluded and really full of themselves. I mean in the end the way to tackle him has always been to ensure that bearing in mind that before he actually gets into the ring there are people that he had gotten used to beating up and so these people have become some kind of freakish human beings that are used to being beaten up. So the only way to delay the fight is getting those to get in and stand in your place to be beaten up but that is never going to happen unless you are giving them what they want which of course is the beginning of the recovery; the beginning of proper monetary Policy where you have to decide what the money that the rich have taken off the global economy to have power with should be used for and when they decide it will be taken off them in hell print more money into the economy so they might have to get it circulated because there are no other choices.

So the question is always that of whether I have become these freakish people which is utter nonsense as I have not. What really happens here is that the world is imagined by me to be a company and in this company the men have grabbed all the money and stirred up social and cultural wickedness that they are also giving some money to be mobile for the purpose of violence, so I have also taken away the company itself, so they keep the money I and the women keep the company and now the Politicians will need to decide what happens next hence the suggestions I have given above. Of course there is no such thing as claims it is needed, I mean needed by whom? I need to have my equities and securities so that whatever recovery has become these people who work with me must be able to get their financial needs settled in the immediate term as promptly as possible. So I know that idiots have media and ambitions and my point is that I want to discuss it; let’s see what their stuff looks like as well under the skin.

In effect this is a global cooperative and it is in my interest that everybody in it has enough money to cater for their needs and an extra 30 pounds to spare to buy my books and consummate securities brokered, so that I too can finish the job properly and have a good retirement. Hence the question here answered with regards to how they get to stifle my book sales which I seem to mention all the time. Now this co-operative and all that consumer money in it belongs to us and yes there is the question of how it will be safe in big global banks while they have not yet asked to get answers on how I intend to ensure a certain quota of media and publicity for businesses is free of charge since that last case of I want Vauxhall and when I cannot I will have the Arch Princes company which is what I wanted even better to do spin and get rich with on media, feral media to be more precise. So I can only remind them whatever shares or parts they have in any company is theirs and this is not it, which always leads to that rubbish about how people like me need to be killed like they do over the Nazi history that I want to spend so they might have to do it again and of course I get those all the time but on their occasion I will terrify them out of those stupid saloon cars again. The case of how they have got media goons that do localism as well is not that which I am concerned about; it is like when they say I am complicit in the idea they deserve to be hunted and hounded by people which I am not aware exists even though I love to keep my faith and enjoy my games which is where people get confused and think there are weaknesses to me that allow them to get out of hand when in actual fact I am just tired and knackered and this is what they love to claim as some kind of Political victory for themselves. I mean, are they wearing makeup.

So there emerges two issues; one being when they will grab the money of the world and move on or alternatively deploy the money they have grabbed to get rich, since the time for wealth grabbing is a recession because people were too incompetent to during the boom and the process of holding out on people when I have told them this global co-operative of consumer cash is ours and I am the figure head and there is no negotiating that, which means that these freakish people that get pummelled by the recession so that we can buy time to fix the crisis end up with a bad standard of living when it is clear that is the only duty we owe them, so that they can grab the money of the world and decide when they want to finish so that people can move on which will determine how much they will pay for what they have done to people as well and the other being what it will cost those insolent workers of cultural violence to bring about a healthy global economy.

So here is where the big matter of what say lacking leadership comes into play i.e. if it is not enough leadership that they need give up a cert deadline on when they feel they want to grab the wealth of the world off, bearing in mind people are getting pummelled by the recession so that governments can find a way to fix the problem and their socialist idiots are telling stories about being able to use people for whatever they like as well which is part of the whole recession thing, then we will like to see them have a go bearing in mind all that we know about them is those their stupid ambitions. In the end it is not only true that they claim I broke equities with companies which anybody can do but still have not worked it out years on that I am not using my own to do it as it were but there is also the issue of the fact people are confused about where my main priorities are with respect to my work because of them; these priorities of which I think are the most obvious anyway i.e. when I tell somebody I know all about his civil rights tricks and he needs to go find an 18 year old to do it on then get off them when they are about 20 like he or she always does since it has always been obvious they can find nothing better to do with their time and they take it personal, go into politicians to acquire government office and spend a decade of my time on it, it becomes a matter that must be settled, for I do not think they are that way naturally, I do get to see them show respect to each other in their own way in their own stupid sides of the society. There is no reason whatsoever that I should have to put up with it.


So they say I speak of economic issues but want to completely avoid the Political one. I have no idea who is speaking of political issues with them anyway; I mean it is the choice of the Politicians to be interested in white, black, blue whatever culture and get around doing things to please one group or another when there is an economic crisis to deal with, I have not been having any conversations with them about any stupid Politics. As I always say, it is the scope of people being deluded and really full of themselves about which they tell me it is my fault they are full of themselves which suggests first that I will be blamed so they can do whatever they like and also that I will be scared of people finding out it is my fault they are demented. For my part I always tend to wonder if they want a conversation out of it, all I know is that when people get killed over those stupid multiculturalism like they were in Norway for example their overriding objective on media turns to covering their tracks and hiding their wickedness again but until then such things happening, I am the one they claim is responsible for the fact they are demented as if I don’t know that I am. I am black in any case for where I stand, it is what the black ones do that concern me the most, in any events of which the whites have what happened after the second world war as a deterrence of what can happen if things go wrong. For me on the other hand we have people like Mr Obama for example, who sets about spending most of his time doing the vanities and none doing the job, when asked what he is doing, he says people are angry about injustices they have suffered and that he will make Policies on the vanities, about which he has also secured himself a process of doing things to harm me that he blames on me as well which I suppose shows I have so much to loose. I am perfectly aware that I am responsible for the fact they are deluded; I mean the problem with me is that I have no problems; it appears they want to see problems too and this is just the beginning.

The idea I trust no body to do anything is rubbish as well; what really happens is that of exploiting the advantge of confirmation from those who feel the way I do, first to protect my rights over my work and its market place and to look after the profit margins as well. So getting attacked with respect to finances because I do not trust people to do anything is something that those who get off to take advantage of my work because I see things the same way they do, do not realise they are accumulating violent and destructive history whenever they do. I mean they take advantge of confirmation from my work that they do not even buy and then set about attacking my finances for taking advantge of that confirmation in the confirmation; same old story about deluded idiots that are really full of themselves looking for trouble as it always is.

The whole scenario by which I do not trust other people to do things always exists outside the things they do for their salaries that are very well safe from any decisions I might make and in their minds I am clearly really stupid therefore, real problems will not emerge from it as well, currently it is stories about their society and culture and we have not gotten to the part where I tell them to stay away from the market place or risk real trouble if they get anywhere near it ever again, like that old rubbish from the communities about how they do not wish to listen to the things I say, which is simply the outcome of how they see a legal career here but what it really is because they want to say so, is somebody that has all the answers but wants to keep it to himself, they get off to tell each other to copy what I am doing to get inspired in order to progress with any single stupid civil service office and thereafter expect to go home and keep their insolent careers. They will know and I will tell them and they will listen; it is the same old story about their insults and actually doing what people say they should do over what actually belongs to those people.

I just feel I ought to make it clear here this is the last case I will ever get to chill around and deal with in a normal way. I mean people have work place envy and because of that get to tell me I want to talk economy but escape the Politics with a big mouth. There is no such thing as being afraid of them and yes they don’t want people to get rid of gangs because there are those they want to use the gangs to threaten of course and they will continue to die and those who own them will continue to cry and they will continue to claim it is my fault and I will continue admit that it is. In my view they are all the same black, white, Asian; the only thing they have in common is excuses by which they bully people and of course with respect to it there is no such thing as wrecking my finances and getting away with it – when they build theirs and bearing in mind I have seen what they see do for money and the nature of their insolent greed, then let others take such liberties and then let them get away with it, they can inform me and I will know such things are possible and let them get away with what they have done here too, until then, not a chance in hell. The part where they see a grown man but want to beat him up, like the daily re-enactment of reality that will one day end really badly about at present I do and say what I say and do because I am terrified of something. It is never clear with those stupid cultures and work place envies who is that person that is meant to sit back somewhere being a victim anyway. This is the last occasion I will deal with it as a problem of course; that telling me I want to talk economy but avoid the Politics nonsense – that is the demagogue.

Where the Politicians fit in is the part where I am aesthetically proficient for all of who I am and it gets to mean beauties that should be spent on something violent that will make them great and when they wreck my finances and play a game of keeping me away from earnings until it becomes a thing idiots can pick up on make out I am mad and threaten me for fun, they think that afrter they have risen in the world with it, such things just develop legs and move away so everybody can be happy. When their idiots say bring it on, they are talking about a fight in which I will get seriously hurt with that stupid culture they like to use on people violently, until something is done about it that will see them dead and see me dead, so they can return and rebuild it, which I will not be around to see, which will be a good thing as well. When I say bring it on I am referring to the problem with them that goes back down to the insults of their stupid mothers which has to do with how she thinks she can have sex with anybody and use them as tools to provide herself with the kind of security that women should have and of course how a clash with them will bring out the worst in me and it is important they lave me alone and get lost. Never should anybody get away fromtelling me I want to talk about economy but leave out the Politics - I have had it, they don't get to have fun trying their stupid hands on telling me what to do.

The claim I get off doing things I am not asked to do has no connection with the truth either; it is rather that of men that want to get off fighting the Prince of Wales and the problem of course is where I actually fit in i.e. I am the guy the use to ensure when they loose they have a scapegoat and do not have to fall to the bottom because they have been attacking at the top for their opportunisms and it is because of this that they will end up fighting me instead of the Prince of Wales and then I will write books about it and people will wonder again how it is I am allowed to get away with writing books about members of the royal family for my own whim.

Where I stand on the way things are going in the Eurozone itself is that the place is very likely to explode soon enough and by that I mean that lots of wealthy and well to do people have been joining the far right in the Eurozone and so they want to patch it up now and make it up and stuff and are looking for somebody that will give up something which will never happen; I mean they have no idea what I am likely to get up to anyway. My judgment of all I do when I get involve is based on civility i.e. if people are in the far right and still have enough to say in public when they have anything to say that people have always known what they are, so they can so what they want to say, then I think it is okay not to be confrontational but if not, that means things are really bad and I didn’t ask them to join the far right.

It’s the stuff about how the Greek debt crisis was created in the first place; the EU comes in with fiscal Union and then the Greeks are left open to wolves from Asia and Africa and South America but before anybody could say or do anything the Greeks had decided the British were the best target, so they planned it nailed their own coffin and stuff. The Spanish was much the same; EU mobility leads to professionals moving around and having a great time getting ideas from anywhere and building and inventing anything anywhere and before long, somebody has decided in Spain it was important to talk about the theft of beauties and so the entire Spanish economic movement stalled because it was based on property. So it is all together a lack of respect for things that can create real problems and then of course later blaming somebody for it. the British were much the same of course; going off to Russia to make it democratic and the result of course being changing Russian localism with the result of changes to prices and price index etc which led to the Russian doing market price for their oil and gas and the British came home to cry like they did over the Saudis in the 1970s. Then after of course they were off to the Americans as well messing with peoples property and getting the Americans to help them ask the person who the hell they think they are but they have also now realised Americans have a very different taste for that kind of thing so they are off already changing communism and they are back again telling me I am doing their stuff and I don’t know what it means at all, more over what their issue with the girls seems to be anyway when they do.

On the matter of culture on the other hand, I am a very cultural person, my stand however is that the bad side always takes and takes and takes and there will be nothing good left over about which people always tell me it is a process of sucking up to people that I do which is not linked to fact, as what I do is rather about protecting the good people bearing in mind what we think determines how we votes and it will not do if everybody is deluded. So with respect to sucking up to people it is a question of whether people do not think with respect to this it is a price worth paying. For me the question is always whether people think the country is their property; not fully of course because then they will become tyrants and somebody will have to kill them but in a way, partly. People must be really deluded and full of themselves to think such thoughts. So we break down the means and method by which some girl keeps very violent evil man off mainstream life and another gets involved with a racism in order to run off to Television to earn my income instead of work for her own, only to get support so idiots can tell me I want to talk economy without talking Politics with a big mouth. After which they tell me it is the saying of the precious things I say where I should not say them and where I say them but do not say them as I am told by them to say that leads to increasingly difficult problems. I don’t know what it means anyway since we are all aware that the process of knowing something is wrong socially and culturally and Politically but getting off to do it anyway is meant to manipulate those that have ideas about why it should not be happening and the purpose is to create alternative truths that are credible. So they are adults not deviants because they want me to get stuck somewhere talking about the gospel while they get rich and help me to their generosity; and I will never be able to make out the connection between what I say and any problems.