The Company Literary Empire trust and Literary Emporium Community: For the Better person Entrepreneur (Having been the lack of respect for what places institutional limits on activities that are unbecoming of human beings have received less and less regard and Politicians are at the helm of making this happen, there has in turn existed here in the Firm, the need to create ideological religiousness which is unquestionably more important than the laws that have been made and therefore above it, however the fact that some of us do not think we should behave in such ways is not to say we have no plans to reward ourselves for not doing it) Record Date: 18 August 2012.

The main matter is largely that of the fact others have found a means of cleaning themselves up with my property, more so led by Americans; so how this gets to operate with the brokerages and the products we need to sell them from the UK and all Emporium members has become the main crisis on the security matter. I should start off therefore on a matter relating closely to city and town planning, development and workings of the Financial centre; The matter of housing and house pricing where is not one that constitutes a complicated issue like it is suggested with respect to what will happen to the process whereby the mayor gets around talking about the plus of London. The truth about it is that people have gone around buying homes because it is a lot of money promising even more money in return with no traceable equities and even if there were, they could trace none. So in actual fact they have ended up paying more for houses that they now have to get less for when they sell and of course the only way of getting them a condition where the money they get is the exact value in the economy of the money they spent on the homes is currency devaluation and the rest of us are not doing that. I can understand I need to shut it and they want their money back and somebody must pay in some way etc but the only reason they are not listening if I tell them it will not happen and that they need to do their home work when they buy homes because it is a complicated transaction is because the rest of us have gotten involved in their plight in some way and my point in the end is that the money however much it is, is gone and that is it, gone, no means of bringing back and there is nobody out there that is liable to pay for it. The problem however is deepening because they want homes to be more expensive than they were before the crisis and are therefore putting out those prices, going off to sit down somewhere at the market to stay silent and wait for the net to catch something and because of that they stifle other natural things that normally happen in such circumstances such as a process where somebody spends £400,000 on a home and finds it is worth £300,000 after the bubble had burst results in a condition where he does other things like turn the place into a business or rent it out to recoup his losses, this in turn hopefully according to market will end up increasing the value of the home because the developments that have taken place around the area; so we are still in a double dip recession, homes are now more expensive than they were before the bubble burst which is unfathomable and they wait for somebody to buy them at that price and pay them so they can have more money and tell me things like the Housing market happens to have been just the same as any other market which is precisely the kind of attitude that got them into the mess they are in at the moment. I mean a simple case of I checked the land and the area and something was not right, I checked the land and the Mortar and bricks on it and something was not right, I checked the land and the area and the mortar and bricks on it and something was not right, not to mention the fact that these three areas of home purchase are really complicated and very difficult to get around as well.

The other part of the story of course is that they are real estate investors that come here from overseas; in actual fact they expect me to believe that a real estate investor that comes here from overseas does not have a back up venture for his real estate business which gives him indications of what is happening at the market. People just mistakenly fall on money that propels them into the real estate business as it were. Nobody is liable for those losses and they do need to check it up when they buy homes and not because they are stupid go by the prognosis of a mentally ill person that has been abused so that lesser human beings that are mentally ill can chase them around for sex.

Claims of problems with Politicians there are none, my idea about how it should work is that any Politician than has a problem with me can come round and settle it personally otherwise I still see that Government office as Public property and there are not issues I have with politicians except a problem of theirs I cannot explain and they do not seem to have answers for. It seems to have been okay for them to make fun and games out of the idea that when they are bored then at home they are humans at work they are animals and I am the carcass and this is their idea of entertainment, a kind that will not apply.

I am not shouting, shouting while others call all the shots in anyway like it is normally suggested by media and Television idiots. These fools, all of them think that their lives are secrete places where nobody can hold them accountable for anything they own in it, while they bully me and tell lies about it that everybody gets to believe. Whom exactly those their stupid lives where they plan how to have fun attacking and stressing me without reason due to the kind of people they are is a secrete from I have not got clue nor can I make out why they never shut it since there isn’t anybody out there that really believes the lies they tell and I am just fed up with the fact that it seems to happen every single day.

Of course when I say such things they have triumphed, it is an old story and I will handle those small technological companies again severely and this time it will be on the money. I mean as I mentioned before, I just get off and do it without reason as it were and not the fact they want to get into my empire trust and vandalize it to get rich and live the high secrete life where they keep everything and make others a target for what they own which is becoming something a lot more serious at global level as well as the former, then they want to make that money and use it to buy and enjoy expensive drinks which they sip around and boast about abusing me so they can ensure they make sure they do it on a daily basis, then they want the lies they tell people about what is happening when they abuse me to be convincing so they find ways of making out their stupid lives are secrete as well and then it all seems to happen daily on public television. Such a bunch of incredibly stupid filthy bullies and of course they lie all the time.

As equally as they are bloody cowards who think what others have worked hard to own is something that should make them a target but do not wish to lose everything when they do those stupid fights and it is something of course that they think it a worthy use of my time therefore.

Of course they say I talk like that all the time but can do absolutely nothing whereas the real issue is always that fact about how to get into a fight with me in which I lose all I have in one fell swoop while they lose nothing in the fight and then with that they will even become full of themselves enough to kill me, so in order to make that possible enlist help from Politicians who use government office for God knows what to make me do bad things by making sure the entire country is my plaything in an experiment designed to see if people do not actually get to lose their lives over such things. I do not think it is a major issue, I mean I can tell whether or not they get into a fight and the simple rule is to make sure they lose something if they do, it is the reason that stupid fight would have happened years ago but does not and they think going on and on about it is a worthy use of my time with their insults and cowardice. I don’t see them address their Politicians in that way and will not tolerate it, in fact it will become something incredibly serious and those their stupid lives are not secrete from anybody it is an identified DNA of trouble makers i.e. they hit me hard and when I want to react hit harder and then I will know what is happening which is that trouble making idiots who think their lives are a secrete place are on a roll to grab things that belong to others – it is an instinct that is unique to the male race and they need to stay away from me as I am not their mate; those their stupid lives are secrete from no body.

The part where I stifle their lives is just that it is too big for them to spread their rumours and dominate and they do not seem to take a hint.


Their wickedness have taken a turn to what will get attention these days of course and that would naturally pertain to an establishment of their sense of superiority that business idiots will be able to get prerogatives from; so when they need books from this company they make up stories based on their feelings and find ways of acquiring it if there is a sense that their fantasies do not to the trick which does not involve buying a copy and it is much the same attitude with products from the manufacturing industry, at no point in time of which it appears to them that while they like to clean themselves up with peoples products and equities without buying the products or finding alternatives to create and fill the gap which will ensure they have stolen the product, it does not seem to appear to them yet that it is another person’s livelihood and therefore not such a plaything after all.

What they want (from us) s globalisation and like their American idiots, they want it with an ingredient of disregard or respect for the facts of location that has emerged, so that they might never give thought and regard to attitudes and behaviours they carry on at people’s lives and property with destructive consequences on what happens to have been something that is so serious it is a person’s means to supporting himself, making excuses for the plans they have for criminal activities and insolent as well as violent deviance they want to get rich from. Hence always completely incredible but cannot be unfathomable because it is actually happening.