(Company Literary Empire Trust Property Equity Product appearance and Arch Prince's Temperamental Colours Administration Record Date: 29 February 2012) The recent losses in RBS are what politicians want to discuss at the moment. The way it works of course is that it is Politicians that love to wait for us Royals to do all the hard work then get off to discuss National interest with Americans and everybody else that they will not be able to fight to recover it if they are asked to. So the result is that when the Queen own and runs the stability of sterling and I do the Liabilities they have already talked to other countries about the pie called the Planet and so the only means the banks have to be competitive is bonuses because their argument that the Country in which their operation is based in smaller than that of their competitors which shows that comparatively their deal is the better one will have been blown out of the window at the market place. Socialists did these kinds of things to drag us into National debt now the coalition does to pay it off and the connection with my income and property will never be worked out because there isn’t one.

For the Politicians of Course I am not giving back that stupid left. What is happening at the moment is that over the years they have become more and more extremist and I have all these allies all over the world to look after but they come up with stories about Political powers greater than me and make deals to hand me over to Americans regularly with their insolent fantasies. I mean I write books that are published by Americans but never discuss National interest with them so it is just fun for idiots to do so and claim my property as part of it then complain banks are making losses. First of all as if they do not know where their own people are bearing in mind they have become more extremist over the years and cannot see I have got a penis as well and can tie them down somewhere and give those penalties for no reason whatsoever.

My Emporium and its ranges of Business opportunities for British based businesses and British owned businesses is not part of their national interest and one more provocation of these kind from that their thing about making radical sectors out of things I do which is of a spiritual nature to have the spiritual temperament without fulfilling rules by which they are based which is the same attitude extended to my earnings when they were the ones that were superior in the first place will become something that I will ensure ends really badly in order that I might choke them off completely this time around.

They love their claims I act the way I do but do not really have the loyalty of the Business community, whereas they are the ones picking up my words from somewhere and then twisting them if they like to create an effect when they go off to talk to businesses; which is not to say that it affects their response anyway which is largely always that they are not the ones damaging the history we have but I am the one doing so. So we naturally have stories all over media about how RBS boss says I am silly and he earns over 35 million pounds PA which of course is not the truth and nobody knows what their problem is with the truth. I do not damage history I have with businesses; everything I do is to ensure I can when I need to ensure no Politician every touches me or causes me pain ever again and that any business I want to completely cut to pieces is something about which I can do so by moving them on fundamentally and keeping it that way. 10 years of unemployment and cash flow crisis we have here just because people want to move into my right to get things I get which are of a spiritual nature from my faith as a Christian without having to be one and what does it really mean? They are perfectly certain that such a reason when they attack my job and business will be something nobody will ever consider to be a bad thing or something that should be argued against, so they are always free to as well.

Of course they always argue I do this work which can be used by the state but when some people hold office of state I cut them off from it which is unheard of. The truth about it is that this is a myth, what is not is that this is the first time a statesman has been quantified by the fact he has a book shop. So the main problem here is that these political idiots lie a lot and it is such a waste of my time so they can keep trying to have spiritual things I get as a result of being a Christian without being one. This is what I mean when I make mention of things I do which do not damage history I have with businesses but are designed to ensure no Political idiot ever touches me or my property again without serious consequences. Of course they tell me I never stand to my feet to fight people like I should as a man should but it is the same old problem, where blacks are concerned those things they took advantage of at the time when my personality was created on media and then forced to accept because I wouldn’t do it in reality that their claims on civil rights and social injustice was a legitimate one which means they are now one up and your hate for their celebrity culture wickedness especially the ones they do on my earnings will never be enough to keep your mind focused on anything or your own life so they can have even more power and riches and the whites the things they did to help the blacks trap me until they are able to seek those spiritual things they can get to be rich with from my life because I am a Christian without actually being one. So it seems that no matter what, fight and win or win and fight they will always have more of these things with the more number of times I get involved with them, thus it is no longer a matter of fighting anybody but a matter of making sure nobody touches me without the consequences that are befitting.

The conditions I live in is not a matter I get concerned about in anyway; the media idiots that always want to turn up here to be my heart breakers while I fight are supposed to go out there and break into board rooms and solve the problems there or barge into countries and replace dictators there not get on media and bully me to tell me about it and they will be providing leadership on this soon enough especially on that matter of fighting rich people and Banks to bring about wealth distribution of which they claim I am doing but it is not clear how I then am their enemy so they can jump on my chest all the time if I am doing them such a big favour by doing it or am being seen to be doing it. So the warning of course is that when they want to fight banks and rich people they ought to fight banks and rich people and leave me alone not tell me about it. 

These are things I apply only on followers of Politicians but those want their own as well and soon will be providing leadership on discussing National Interest with others, leadership on giving people away to Americans with a big fantasists insolent mouth and provide leadership on making my business part of National interest so it can be discussed with others and those their distant fascisms will therefore pay off as well in that. Idiots that get all over the place when they see or hear money having been given access to my personal life all the way to an ability to affect my bank balance to get all over the place and become unable to control themselves when they see and hear money on my earnings by Politicians with the use of wrong publicities and violent sexual scandals on public media, Politicians who do not seem to recognise it is provocative hence tell me about things I must do to recognise their insolent authority.

It is not true either that I wait and find out what people want to say but do not get to say then say it to get rich. If people took a look at my work each chapter has a working name if not two in cases where I feel one should be available for guidance and the other for closure. No reason I would make sure names I could give to other books are taken up by chapters in my books obviously unless I was over talented. Of course they can put this in any context they want so when I rip to pieces whatever makes them prickly from culture to Politics to society they will move into my right thereafter and make me tortured soul. They always think they have racism and media and so the world revolves around them as a result of which everything is about them and when people don’t pay them attention they suffer violence because they are addicted to it. They think it works on everybody and nobody can hold them to account on respect they deserve when they make money at their expense because everybody is scared of racism and scared of them. Now they make money at my expense and abuse me as well and tell me I use their cultures to get rich which is just a furtherance of their media powers looking for even more trouble. As for my books, I am not concerned about when people sabotage my sales because I was never nice to those who want to get things from me without paying for them. It will only come to a time when I will do the same to them as well because they cannot be trusted. All I am doing at the moment is setting out info for the fans which ensure whoever makes them rich on those things are doing so with their own money, it should also make them run a proper business if they can see that is how it works. Otherwise they are fat boys whom given half the chance will become stalkers making people’s lives a misery whom I know everything about and will soon take steps to ensure they never touch me ever again. Which is of course a problem Politicians like to claim they are looking out for, that is if at all looking out for people’s problems involves sticking yours as far deep as possible into their really beautiful personal life that you claim is beautiful enough for those things that bother you, then pay off the trouble makers. I am a writer not somebody who gives people things that will make them superior. Their popular notion being that I am always trying to rule people who cannot be whereas the real issue is that of Politicians not giving idiots that get all over the place whenever money is mentioned access to their personal lives and Bank accounts because they could use the state to hold me down for a decade to give them access to mine instead. they have not yet recognised how provocative that is, they are still talking rubbish so it seems that each time I bring it up things get a bit serious and stop being so funny to them. For the tax payers of course they claim these kind of activity is one step closer moving them to social equality.


I don’t want to be leader of black people, such suggestion is utter nonsense. Being leader of black people is filially destructive; you have to say anything you say for so many times before it gets through their incredibly stupid minds and then when it does they have become leaders and you the teacher. In the end the bottom line is that the idiots are older than you and did pass through the path you have at some point in their lives with a completely abysmal performance and their children know you are older than them hence aware of some big fact that you have not taken into consideration. The reason it comes up at all is because they suddenly choose me as the guy to abuse in order to have the discriminations by which their stupid leaderships are possible.

There is no such thing by the way as a moral capitalism. That is not what I am trying to create either; what there needs to be is a price mechanism autonomy-what we need is real market not anybody’s arrangements for price fixing. The prices of goods are prices of goods and it is just too bad when some people cannot afford them period. I am not worried about Politicians and their games with businesses in Political matters either. They say that because they think they will take advantage of me forever. I am still 30 years old I have at least 5 years in the bag to plan something and bring them down in order to make way for myself to plan for my pensions and to have a good retirement and they do not want to tempt me with the use of big things like the treasury. This is the only worry there is; politicians and how much the Prime Minister earns compared to business men, Politicians and access to the treasury which can then be deployed as capital at the market of which there is no way of making it work except by abusing me and my business of which they have taken a decade of my time so far and I already think that is way too much. I have no idea for my part why they always go after the treasury when what we need is good honest business around here so they can know what they are talking about with respect to the currency and the way business works is 9 months of trading and then a break during the 10th which is usually the cycle time, to go to Banks and get your ratings and get your loan for the next cycle which will start from the 11th month. What they did when they came into office was tell us about the existence of their big society, you know those things that some companies used to do in the past where they build communities for their employees being done by the government-so we ticked that box, then they told us they were paying off debts and that got high marks as well box ticked, thereafter everybody wants to destroy my book sales and the trail has gone cold.

As for the racism thing, it is the old story about wicked black men and their ideas about racism and how the electorate must be made to decide not to choose racism again while they acquire new pleasures that they have recently located; I have my own stuff about them and will not take any racism from any political scumbag over the matter either. I mean the racists will have to plan their exodus properly then get us all out and that will be that bearing in mind they usually do not want anything from inferior races as such but these guys are another story;; they cannot leave people alone and there is such an intense amount of disrespect that they cannot accept you are facing the same challenges that they do because of the age group. So when they have media jobs it applies that when they have a problem you will deal with it until you kick them as well etc. It has now developed to the point where I am now fully accomplished with my badges over the matter of fair or unfair competition whose is more British me or them with all that rubbish about fall apart and give me what I want from your life when and once ail tell you that you will have to leave the Country big mouth thing. They think they come from this country because they are white and were born here and their black friends of course are lowest of the low and do not seem to recognise that yet as it stands. As for the stifling of my finances by which I will be forced to fight racism one way or another while they choose an easy life for their trouble, nobody has ever been able to stifle my finances, it is just a simple fact that if women have you as a role model you have to accept that they will never successfully set up businesses beside men because they will want to fuck them all the time and fuck you in the process of doing so and one of these days their insults and hounding on Public TV over stifling my finances will bloody blow over. Always them and their incredibly stupid strong black people that are good for nothing but lots of work rubbish and they will not yet find a peaceful place to live their stupid black lives away from me as it stands. Not tell me it is the writhing of a looser who cannot win anything which of course is an old story because when I win anything they want me dead because I have won too much. As I always say idiots who know what the right thing is but choose to do the wrong so they like their fights with people who have a big temper but do not know any better so when they hurt them they can boast all the time as though everybody will likely fight them without being armed. This is maybe their transition into black power in the world but I want them to leave me alone; I have my own problems religious violence and ideological dishonesty etc, if that is too big for them currently I have no idea why they have a problem with respect in my direction, which is not to say I want anything from them and their stupidities as such bearing in mind when they are younger they are immoral, when they start earning money they are evil and when they have families they are selfish and so the problem now is that they intend to save their own families and spend mine especially the family I have not yet had which will lead to another story entirely. Yes I need to leave the violent things in society alone and live a proper life they say but clearly the respect issue as it were will never be resolved nor will they leave me alone as I have told them to already. So yes they are of course interested in how everything I say is a complain and how I complain about everything but nothing here is a complain; what happens here is simply the fact that dealing with ideological dishonesty and religious violence bearing in mind you cannot be so unique that you are given a royal estate to provide security and stability for a collection of people without idiots pressing for facts and figures of your life because they want to be you and then make sure you don’t exist so everybody can be you as well if they want because you are a tyrant that does not allow people to be things they want, is the same thing as looking into the matter of preserving other peoples normalcy. There are people out there huge numbers of them who are dead cold cert on the fact they are supposed to get rich and enslave others and others on the other hand have the right to exist too. If an insolent common fool who thinks the US is a platform for insulting me were to get off to do something about it, we would not have such a herculean task altogether anyway. As I said they need to leave me alone and piss somewhere else and all will be well. Obviously they have small very abusive and destructive contraptions they call a business that earns a handful, I am really impressed.