(Market unique to the Company and HH the Arch Prince at Government in the Company Literary Empire trust Emporium of Industries and Population customer spiritual Finance securities thereof for globally sourced Political Interference and or Vandalism. Setting out the following matters: (I) Black people & Africans in squander - vandalism are only going to exacerbate already existing Policy at the Company, some backed by British Government, where the CEO runs problems for them that cannot be managed or because it ensures others can spend and squander theirs too as a factor of what they might do to cope with or get rid of problems, hence the only way to stem losses at the firm from it. (ii) White people and the need for The CEO to thrive on their fear i.e. the ability to crush businesses and Industries and entire economies that pillage intellectual property of the company and that of its associates even as a tribute, as this is the only way to prevent threats coming from them, as well as financial destruction coming to the Company regularly. Record Date: 9 Febuary 2011)
Banking reform has always been looked at via the prism of bail out money being given to Banks by the government, whereas the real issue is rather that bankers do not pay themselves more bonuses than the equities they dispatch in any given occasion. 

It is supposed to be corrupt if the values of their bonuses are equal to the value of the equities they dispatch in any one occasion and if they pay beyond it, then there is something wrong, a serious problem and an economic crisis coming along. 
For my part I have been looking into the kind of art forms we get in Law Court rooms; such as claims some witchy lazy idiot has been doing the cultural violence of power on their heads and on their chest and on their tummy so they mistakenly signed away billions of other peoples funds and created unemployment. This means that when those evil lazy idiots do it, they can put it on my head and my Heart and my tummy instead because I am responsible, which is all very well said except until they begin to do their stuff, in which case people will find me talking about the economic crisis that has just set a precedent, so they can talk about cultural involvements as specifically related to me with a lot of yapping and we will take it from there. 

As I have mentioned before at other occasions, it is not important how much profit people make for handling other people’s money, therefore the issue at hand here is that the government did not give away tax payers money to the Banks thus the banks are not the reason for the economic problems we have. 
The bail out money was given to the banks to help them lend and so pay back the money through the profits they make, the problems we have must be seen in light and in terms of how much an economic crisis costs the Bank of England and who are the real causes of it. 
The facts which emerge is such claims as the suggestion I spend a lot of time blowing trumpets for a collection of upper class racist people in Parliament aka the conservative led coalition government but in actual fact the issues at hand is that if the government did spend the bail out money on the repair of roads all across the UK for example instead of bailing out banks, then the treasury would not have had to shell out the millions that he has to motorists all over the country over compensations; so the priority of bailing out the Banks instead must certainly have been that they were going to lend and businesses were going to employ but there has been to greater impediment to that happening and happening successfully than the government that bailed out the banks in the first place, which has been the previous power crazy government that talks a lot about never providing leadership especially at international level (whoever wants their stupidities to apply in his or her life as well as theirs) because the younger generation do not appreciate it by getting into the act of giving themselves to culture to be their slaves who take care of their desires, which is an issue they raise more often than talk about government Policy, by which the desire and programmes of those who have joined their side to seek scapegoats have become immeasurable as well-especially their media fanatics and fame crazy idiots. 

The outcome is that people spend time doing nothing else in this country but support, help and fund serious and violent criminals; some of those who con businesses I have destroyed have instead been making millions through Popular music industry that they get round to bullying me with, while Politicians have been passing policies for them to live in the land where they will be free in Parliament and are now pushing for their interests from the opposition, whilst making out ideas the purpose is to get me to fight something: the women do not want to do any work because there is somebody that can give them money somewhere and this is the sort of thing that leads to corruptions in the financial services as though we don’t have enough trouble with black markets and con industries and never stop insulting people with violent culture because criminals are the best men and can beat people up for those who get into trouble. Celebrities on the other hand are supposed to be the biggest headache; they do nothing with every opportunity to appear on public places other than support and fund these criminals and their activities, then attack me and my income and demand even more of their help, while making sure they give consent to camera men and back stage media idiots to keep it going for them once they are out of the spotlight. Which I don’t have a problem with because they by now do know I intend to get rid of all their Legal equities so they can deal with and get round the criminals themselves, just so that they can leave alone law enforcement officers:-since they want no laws, they will have none of it. 

Now they tell me Royals are corrupt as well but clearly it was Royals that created and elected corrupt politicians into parliament, which I bet they did because they have no respect for other peoples personal problems and like to be the ones that are what other people are when they are already what they are; coping as much as they can with problems they have and looking good doing it, which is then made worse because somebody else wants to be superior instead of them just because of what other people think and how they want to be the person those people think such things about because they want attention and can also operate violent homosexuality; for which others must be placed under the subjection of their cultural corruption with violence for the rest of their lives, so they can have such things:- even if I could do something about Royals getting corrupt, whatever on earth makes them think I would ever consider it? 

They have the Politicians who do nothing but insult me driving around stupid saloon cars they do not deserve to get into, so I can terrify them out of it and they might join gangs to deal with the problem and I can spend the gangs writing books, so they might want an everlasting fight to have cultural power restored and find out they can express themselves better if they get corrupt with public funds. 

For my part it is that their cultural violence especially the media ones that will be their undoing. 

The truth? That banks are run by real people who care about other people, who have problems who might get surmounted by their problems if they are not helped? 

I measure these things largely from the matter of people telling me I will pay for writing books which destroy their con businesses ending up in the music, entertainment and fashion industry spending my income and equities on themselves insulting me all over the place being Kingpins and managers, moving into my right with the use of media, to have the revenge of destroying my life for writing books which ruined their con business. Especially the media aspect where they challenge me to a fight and the destruction of my products and markets I create for them is an everyday norm to provoke me, helped by people who complain of the corruption of Royals among what they do with every possible industry there is just for having a job. 

I have come to use fame that belongs to Politicians (who are the ones that make the most fuss whenever I do) and fame that belongs to celebrities (who are the ones that make the most noise and issue the most threats whenever I do) to clean these issues up-especially when they provoke me so in public, which they do all the time and it is the celebrities that are always most defiant and most likely to build up the fame again much quicker-so that the more a thing belongs to others the more they want it and the more they want it all, bearing in mind they come from Con Artist back grounds with respect work and with respect to Family; I know that it is and they celebrate it as the kind of Con activity that is above the Law but not to me since I can issue papers and write books on it.