(Market unique to the Company and HH the Arch Prince at Government in the Company Literary Empire trust Emporium of Industries and Population customer spiritual Finance securities thereof for globally sourced Political Interference and or Vandalism. Setting out the following matters: (I) Black people & Africans in squander - vandalism are only going to exacerbate already existing Policy at the Company, some backed by British Government, where the CEO runs problems for them that cannot be managed or because it ensures others can spend and squander theirs too as a factor of what they might do to cope with or get rid of problems, hence the only way to stem losses at the firm from it. (ii) White people and the need for The CEO to thrive on their fear i.e. the ability to crush businesses and Industries and entire economies that pillage intellectual property of the company and that of its associates even as a tribute, as this is the only way to prevent threats coming from them, as well as financial destruction coming to the Company regularly. Record Date: 19 January 2011)
Where I fit into the matter that creates those claims that I always like to presume getting a lot of attention by telling Bankers what to do when I know nothing about banking is this: It is of course meant to be polished off as a lot of clever words but is just as incredibly stupid as the fame freak, black market, barely criminal get rich and get rich quick idiots, who get the most service and pleasure from it. In the end it is all over the place that I sell Equities and Securities for a living and those kinds of vandalisms when they have become deluded over their intrusion into the business of this firm will not be tolerated either. Most of all, if people do not create Banking and Financial problems, I would not have to risk idiots copying equities to get rich and famous by spending for and or seeking out Equities to broke and sell over it, so the problems that Bank and Banking idiots create with those their stupid Banks and the insults that accompany them, tend to double very quickly indeed. 

It definitely applies that in order for banking in the UK to complete with the rest of the world, UK banking must try to pay the same kind of bonuses that other bankers in other parts of the world pay but it also applies that the system in the UK is a bit more of an applied and direct raw banking, not the intensely international market and stock exchange based high tech banking there is in the United States (I am not suggesting it is better in the United States or worse, what I mean is that it in unique in the UK that the feel of handling money in the UK;-and other people's money to be more precise is more hands on than it is in the US). 

Besides which I own the Liabilities of the resident currency and my Global intellectual space is always available for Banks in the UK to operate with. 

What I mean by this is that the bonus payout from UK banks does not have to be as much as that of US Banks, it must be tempered with other benefits which may be applicable to the divulging of funds for further investment in the economies of the people's to which the Equity applies, which is what is more important to a Bank and its profits. 

The market situation we have here is that UK Company Stocks are very healthy in the stock exchange, which means a rise in VAT, Inflation will follow this especially in the circumstances which means a rise in interest rates; now short term profits will not help this at all but long term profits cannot be held together without the help and the funding of small businesses. The equity condition of small businesses is such that as a matter of recession, their income is proportionately lower than the cost of the recession itself but they have still got the market and the more they do not make use of it the more money they lose the more profits the banks loose and the more money the government loses not to mention waste by consumers and fall in their standard of living; having been that the only way to cope and deal with this will have been to devalue currency so that although the international market will be as open to small businesses as the local ones, the very effect of doing so will mean a fall in value of UK stocks and a discouragement of savings by the Bank of England when interest rates are not put up. So I have provided these equities which are sustained legally as ad-hoc structures (any issues of which are managed from my Office) for Banks to work with small businesses as flexibly as they need and more of these equities can be found in my books which clearly must be purchased if people want them (I mention this because I know people are desperate but I need my income as well like everybody else and believe it or not I am doing just as badly-I own the Liabilities of Sterling I was affected by the recession since early 2006). The risks will be managed from my office and there are enough things on this site to cater for every eventuality so far. 

I am off to look into the matter of people who want it all and more so for themselves without working for it, blackmailing the Nation with the existence of its Global economic and Political rivals, while their Politicians implement other peoples' Policies and boast about having the best plan for economic recovery because of what they do to please their violent ageist supporter. 

Bearing in mind that if we were going to recover these things they have spent on our economic rivals in order to recover it would never have been possible to predict economic progress confidently-so to me statistics which show the economy shrank just means they need to go to work and leave me alone (it is all a group of girls that can rule people who have their hands full that belong to men who have perverse relationships with money: "money money money money; I must be rich without working for it" they say, their body language says "nobody should dare to stand between them and what they want their hands are already firmly on somebody else's property as they declare it". All I know about them is that somebody opened up my work to them at an embryonic stage hence opened up my earning capabilities to them then ran off to try and get rich themselves while running campaigns which suggest they are good people to this day: without sounding like I am uncomfortable with other peoples betterment, it does not call for incredible levels of bonuses to be paid to bankers). 

I have already settled equities that need to be paid to young men who deal with both their corrupt counterparts who make alliances with con men to get rich and famous and the con men themselves, as well as girls who do the same thing on the left with con men who operate on the Financial system and therefore want all profits directly linked to my Equities brokered with banks, shared with my Consortium (Women who work in the Financial system with whom I share my duties to the Admiralty) and privately owned, to be dispatched, sent to me, via route of the sale of my books, not the tax man or indeed any other individual.