The global divisions much spoken of is not that complicated if we go back to the origins of the problem i.e. it did all start off with the German and the French Government who had decided to provide leadership in the EU that did nothing but destabilised other Countries that appears to have institutions that formed a barrier to some plan they had to dominate all of the European Economic zone, the claim being that they were doing the work, right up to the late part of 2012 where we find they have never really caught on with the British especially where we appear to be successful at points we should not have had success as though it would have made better success to discuss such things anyway and are still trying to – what we have now is the fall out of that leadership; Brexit in the UK and the US that has effectively been sacked as the biggest NATO Contributor. They do like to say my position is one of perpetual servitude to the US which has no basis on reality – first that they cannot catch up with me, secondly, that the work of the intelligence community done to keep up protected have been destroyed by their neo-liberalism experimentation and finally that the big question of the US being sacked as biggest Contributor to NATO sits in the middle of the other two issues. What happened with their neo liberalism was that while Obama who was the most loved of them all talked about British history of slavery and slave trade, over facts that could not be substantiated, and also talked about just getting along with some Muslims to ensure the world lived in peace, Putin Annexed Crimea and invaded Ukraine and Georgia – it’s not a matter of my servitude to the US at all, it’s a matter of dealing with deep divisions that exist presently as a matter of the original facts that brought them into being. Where I am concerned mostly, Europe is not bad for me in anyway whatsoever, the French and Germans are not bad for me in anyway whatsoever; they have Companies especially Auto Companies and these Companies along with other Companies that work with them broker equities with this Estate that is of creative functional Aesthetics Assets, so a typical scenario will be that considering the EU required everybody in the single market to operate in a way that means a certain degree of their business is representative of the area, it would like it was, have been an occasion where if you also imagined that on looking at a scenario where parents came to collect their children in those schools exclusively attended by the children of government operatives in Africa for instance and most of them either used German or French Cars, like they have as far back as history goes I would have a lot of Equity Aesthetics to trade and broker with them because they carried me along in the process of equity integration into their production processes i.e. just me elaborating on how not bad for me the Germans or the French are but their Politicians like our Politicians are something else – usually they get off and tell people how to run international and multinational enterprises, then they make a mess of it and begin another project immediately after, thus the assumption that each time they started a new project, the old mess they made went away alongside it; hence I do get told I am one of those we can have our cake and eat it Brexit type which is utter nonsense as the reality is that the companies have had enough of the Politicians on both sides and are starting to ask them to get it done by their own leadership, to effectively buzz off. So for my part they say most of my activities are a mystery which they are not; what happens is that fear history is repeating itself, that when people ally themselves to me because they are getting away from the throes of Tribalism my Book sales are kept down while Politicians fund the stupidities of society, give them statements to make and blab about certain attitudes on my part that is set to bring about war, until they are not longer able to guarantee their safety, hence the actions I take to ensure we never ever live in a world where people get killed and we look on and the more they get killed is the more miffed we are because we were never prepared; here they will say the preparation is more the same thing as the war but it isn’t – we have seen society idiots deploy the advantages the Politicians have given them to persecute people into reacting in such ways that facilitates statements they can make as per  private security being able to beat intelligence and hard work, leaving us with  a sense they are the equivalent of military leaders and those small pubescent goons in their locality with a tendency to stab people are the things they deploy to ensure people understand how it feels when a Police officer half their size shoots them for committing a heinous crime – so it does appear that what has not been done is question of how people feel concerning the communities of those minions and I have lied to myself for years now about the fact every single one of their behaviour should be seen as vile evil, to a point of dropping out of University, being kept dropped out and smelling like my loo each time I step out of my door – it is not the same to be prepared, as it is to perform the acts of aggression itself as suggested. French and German is not bad for me at all as most people suggest that I make out it is - what happens most of the time before the Politicians turned it into power games is that when people in Africa or the Middle East say the British do not deserve their success, they are usually asked by French and Germans to meet the British first, which is what has been happening for the best part of the last decade. I mean what does one do when 2 or 3 Celebrities allied to me work in a way that means there are networks of business concerns around them all looking to my Administrative renaissance for support and leadership if the EU breaks up when Politicians love to hurt themselves?