(Free Market Markets - Record date: 29 January 2012) It is an old story; gangs and gang badge idiots. It seems their lives are useless and mine will be as well with a big mouth but it is the Politicians who put them at the helm of things that do not seem to see why they get attacked so viciously. They always seem to target me with it each time they win elections and there is change and excitement everywhere, so that by the time things settle down, these idiots have got full rounded control of my life. Then they draw comparison like the way the Queen uses me on them, which suggests that everything I own is part of their culture which was the reason for all the trouble in the first place. That idea they can hurt me as well whenever I hurt them is just confidence that does not exist and does not therefore do any good whatsoever. I mean somebody is helping them to have this confidence and I really want to know what property of mine he has at his disposal to help them to that kind of confidence with. That is all there is to it nothing like what their noise making suggests and I do not think this problem will end well either. They speak of how I wreck their black markets but they still are not getting off the Christian and his property, it must mean tough talking.

I am aware that in the US for example, it is near impossible to Police black markets without self damage, where people wreck other peoples lives and stalk them enough to tell them who to sell things to and who not to sell things to, which then makes rich. It might have been also that such things would have been difficult to Police in the UK too but not around me not on my property not here.

Their lives are useless because they are gangs and gang badge idiots who never did well in school and now just like it is that Children cannot do anything about the fact they were born into a world where they had jobs they killed themselves to get, I am at the centre of their pleasures of power, having located somebody they can make be like them an set off to be somebody else. Their lives are damaged and mine will be as well with a big mouth. I am not going anywhere, they can come and damage if they want, because I have had enough too.

We are even yet to finish with social media where it is okay to abuse me because there are no laws yet making it clear it is illegal to abuse other peoples princes on social media or to presume it is a good thing because people like that must be made to give up things. For now I want to know what property of mine they have which is the source of the fake confidence about how much they can hurt me which their idiots display on media all the time and the bad publicities around it too, which results in their ability to earn my income instead of work for their own.

The media has never been able to bully me before, I am simply working my way out of the lack of tolerance that their claims of properties of mine in their possession that can be used as contact to hurt me if they are not superior to me and all that rubbish they talk about provides them and it seems that it will not do for them anyway.

What they want to do is play global capitalism and claim that I have an unworkable problem with Media and Advertisement Man. What they will never say is that they do not ever stop selling things on the premise of peddling me and my faith and giving people the feeling of being me by trying to rob me of my royal estate while I am trying to work in the Office of the same estate everyday which makes it impossible to earn a living, they will never say they abuse me with their idiots and filthy cultures and then set off to call me strange and stupid names on media then run around the world telling people they did things with me in which they were my boss and still are, they will never say they wreck my finances until they are the first ones to earn from my job so that they can be superior to me.

None of it has ever been a complicated matter-always as simple as when they will let my books get taken off the shelve and save their global capitalism from being cut to pieces; in the end of which I can always sell the books which have never had a thing to do with their insults manually anyway. I had made myself very clear on the matter so they know where I said-I had made it clear I intend to make it end very badly.

That I am an outsider trying to lead them is a huge load of rubbish as well because the main issue is that of the sanctuary I share only with my God about which I have had my finances and academic work destroyed over a period of decade so they can defile and keep corrupted before I can move on with my life. It will be cleaned up and they will pay for every single cost that will make it so just like it used to happen i.e. if I do 20 things which link me with my God in a minute unconsciously because I am a Christian and they like to persecute me as well to increase the frequency of the things I do which links me with my God, I must have some violence applied on me to detach me from it because they are systematically weaning me off God like a Child and plan to own me too and have me too like other women do on account they are being left out. All that rubbish about how they are very democratic and Political and have lots of power and if God does not let them into heaven they will fuck their way in of which they talk about and act on to show examples of what they do to churches run my Christians. They think that all of us were sent into this world by God to give them good tidings. I personally wonder what it is they are scared of anyway.