Bearing in mind the recession has created a means by which economic crisis and the subsequent attention paid to businesses becomes a trendy thing, it has been important to ensure that there are no mobility means which allow criminals to find means and money and find their way into legitimate market unless it will actually change their ways, imagining that is that they have not been caught by Law enforcement; although I doubt that it ever would as they have always shown the tendency to use legitimate business as a means of punishing those who criticise their criminal activities once they had gained access to it and this is used by their stupid women as an acumen in order to bully people and get rich with media and bad behaviour and habits and for Politicians means to boasting of power. So we have already seen indications that all some people do is set up contraptions they claim to be legitimate business and use it as a platform to hurt others, so that when you have had the experience and then decided it is not going to happen to somebody else they campaign for wealth distribution and equality. So there is no risk in the declaration of Intellectual property.

My disposition is that each time I search their websites to monitor and or update the allocation and insurance of my equity in the stock exchange (I own the risk of the British Pounds and do so from my empire and my office and for a living) some businesses are more interested in displaying on it the demographics of the LSE itself, which means they are doing something wrong or something dodgy hence the right time to catch or stop them because if allowed to get far enough with it, it will be impossible to prove they are doing the wrong thing and impossible to stop them but worse still somebody else will be doing the right thing in a system that is sustained by securities and holds keys to the success of the economy but for others while others do the wrong things for power and nothing at all for money.

So the rule is that I don’t need publicity but get lots of it and the ones I get are meant to tell me where I am supposed to be, which is done at the precise spot where I am about to have a breakthrough with selling my books and done everyday and all the time. So until I do the same with everything they start up and do the same when they start off anything, I will never earn from my job is what I gather from it. Naturally because I am never going to do the same with my friends I have settled security for that, while the think such security is something I will do for everybody. How can the reasons for vandalising peoples property to earn perks with their job which amounts to hundreds of thousands of pounds also include the suggestion they are superior to such people? is the question. It makes no sense and I am not interested either: only with respect to current state of world Finances we must now look forward to a less turbulent Economic and investment Cycle.


FTSE 100


AAL.L – Anglo American; Mining- Portfolio: gold/copper/iron/platinum/steel (Main Operations in Southern Africa, The USA, Southern America and the Pacific). Law and Liberty (Golden Kings emporium)


ABF.L – Associat Brit foods; Portfolio: Food/ Ingredients retail. Equity of law (Golden Kings emporium).


ADM.L – Admiral Group; Celebration of Admiralty (Golden King's Emporium).

Portfolio: Low cost car insurance for younger drivers/ city drivers/performance Cars.


AMEC.L – AMEC Limited; Fundamentalism: equity of Law with Politics (Golden Kings emporium)/sustainable balance between Business interest, society and the Natural world

Portfolio: High value consultancy-Engineering/Natural resources/ nuclear and clean energy/water and environment


ANTO. L – Antofagasta Limited; Chile based mining company

Portfolio: Copper Mining/ transportation/water distribution.


ATST.L – Alliance and Trust Limited. Equity of Law and Morality (Golden kings emporium).


Portfolio: Investment trust/medium and long term returns in capital growth income : have no tax association bench mark


AU.L – Automony Corp; information organisation and software supply. Equity of Law (Golden Kings emporium)

Portfolio: Pure software


AV.L – Aviva ; Insurance. Prosperity and Peace of Mind combined (Golden Kings Emporium).

Portfolio: Life and Pensions (Europe Operations)(UK operations:life, insurance, Health), Savings and Business (operations in Asia and the Pacific and the USA: Long term savings, Fund Management, General insurance)-Fifth Largest Insurer in the world, Largest in the UK.



AZN.L – Astrazeneca; Medicine and Healthcare. The aesthetical management of evolutionary interruption and Peace of Mind(Golden King's Emporium).

portfolio:Pharmaceuticals, Medicine, Health care.


BA.L – BAE System

Portfolio: Aviation and Defence.


BARC.L – Barclays; Personal Banking. Financial Partnership between Skilled workers and the world (Golden Kings Emporium).

Portfolio: Personal, Premier, Business and Corporate Banking.


BATS.L – Brit American Tobacco


BAY.L – British Airways; Hosting the UK in the Air (Golden Kings Emporium).

Portfolio: Airport; Flights, Hotels, curtesy Cars, Tourist Destinations, Airport parking, Travel Insurance, Currency exchange, Credit Cards, Shopping.


BBY.L – Balfour Beatty; Service Maintenance Equity (Golden Kings Emporium).

Portfolio: Infrastructure Investment and Asset Management.


BG.L – BG group; Energy prospecting, storage and supply. law and Society (Golden Kings Emporium)

Portfolio: Natural Gas & other energy


BLIND.L – Brit Land co R.e.i.t; Architectural creativity, Equity of Law and Morality (Golden Kings Emporium).

Portfolio: Retail, Office, Real estate Property


BLT.L – BHP Billiton; Minning and supply of Natural resources for social and economic development. Equity against insecurity of opportunity costs and opportunity expenses (Golden Kings Emporium).

Portfolio: Aluminium, Iron Ore, Base Metals, Diamonds and specialty products, Coal, Manganese, Petroleum, stainless steal products.


BNZL.L – Bunzl; Specialist distribution, service equity (Golden Kings Emporium).

Portfolio: Grocery, Food service, Cleaning and hygine and safety, Catering equipment, Healthcare, goods redistribution.


BP.L – BP ; British hand and equity in the Global energy market (Golden Kings Emporium).

Portfolio;Biofuels, (Traveller or on the road services) Gas and fuel Cards, Gas and Petrol Stations, Motor Oil and lubricants, Route and Journey planner, Gas and Petrol station Locator, target neutral-nonprofit carbon offsetting intitiative. (Home Services)Liquified Petrolium Gas, Solar Powered energy. (Business Services)Air BP[Aviation], Arco Aluminium inc [Aluminium], Aromatics and Acetyls [petrochemical], Asphalt and Bitumen, the BP crudes, BP service franchises,the BP Shipping services, Gas ad fuel cards, Gas and power energy, industrial Lubricants-road, marine, aviation,the BP Open books-invoice tracking system, Liquified Natural Gas, Liquified Petrolium Gas, Marine fuels and lucricants, Natural Gas Liquids, Solar Power for Business.


BSY.L – B Sky B group; News, Documentaries, Entertainment. Home product equity (Golden Kings Emporium).

Portfolio: News, Documentaries, Entertainment, Advertisement.


BT-A.L – BT group; Innovative Communication solutions and Services for the Globe. Home product services equity (Golden Kings Emporium).

Portfolio: telecommunications, boradband, Internet.




CCL.L – CARNIVAL; Cruises, Holidays, Hospitalty. Offshore holidays and Hospitality (Golden Kings Emporium).

Portfolio: Cruises, Tours, Destinations, Entertainment, Offshore accomodations, offshore Hospitality and entertainment.


CAN.L – CENTRICA; Energy and Energy Supply. Equity of in home Service (Golden Kings Emporium).

Porfolio: Oil and Gas, Nuclear and wind generated energy.


CNE.L – CAIRN Energy; Energy and energy generation. Corporate Securities of Public access place/public access area (Golden Kings emporium).

Portfolio: Oil and Gas generated energy.


COB.L – COBHAM; Aerospace and Defence-land, sea and air. Equity of Defence and alienation of tyranny influences (Golden King's Emporium).

Portfolio: Avionics and Surveillance, Defence systems, Mission systems, Aviation services.


CPG.L – COMPASS group; Food service solutions. Catering & Food service solutions (Golden Kings Emporium)

Portfolio: Business and Industry, Fine Dining, Education, Sports and Leisure, Senior living, Healthcare, Defence and Government, Hotels and Aviation.


CPI.L – CAPITA group; Outsourcing Services. Equity of Outsourcing Service maintenance and Management (Golden Kings Emporium).

Portfolio:Central Government, Local Government, Life and Pensions, Insurance, Transport, Health, Education, Financial Services, Corporate Outsourcing.


CW.L – Cable and Wireless; Worldwide Specialist Communications Integrators (Mission critical needs of large scale Telecoms users.). The British hand in Global Telecommunications Market. Equity of vital in-Business Service (Golden Kings Emporium).

Portfolio: Voice Products-Fixed Mobile Convergence, IP Trunking, Local area network, Hosted Voice, International Interconnect. Data Solutions-National Private Line, IP-VPN, Ethernet Wireline, Ethernet VPN. Contact Centre Solutions-Storm, Voice Interaction, IP Contact Centre, Queue Buster. Infrastructure Services-Application Performance Management, Co-location, Managed exchange, Managed Hosting, Managed Video Conferencing, Security Services. Business Needs-Cost Reduction, Global Expansion, Business Collaboration, On-demand expansion, Cloud Computing, Greener IT.




EMG.L – MAN group; Alternative Investment Group. Equity of Morality (Golden Kings Emporium).

Portfolio: Liquid Investment styles, Equity, Credit, Emerging Markets, Global Macro and fund of funds, Product Structuring, Product Distribution, Client Service.


ENRC.L – Eurasian Natural; Natural resources and energy. Security of partnership with business, corporate and government bodies (Golden kings Emporium)

Portfolio: Ferroalloys, Iron Ore, Alumina & Aluminium, Energy, Logistics (Arms:Transsystem-Biggest transport Operator in Central Asia, Transcom-Railway Services company, Universal Services-transipping complext location; Dostyk, TransRemVagon-waggon and locomotive repair, Bereke-Locomotive repair and Vehicle maintenance Company, Zhol Zhondeushi-railway repairs construction and maintenance).


EXPN.L – EXPERIAN; Financial and Enterprise information Services. Equity of Law (Golden Kings Emporium).

Portfolio: Customer aquisition, Marketing Services, Customer Management, Credit risk management, Fraud Prevention, Debt Collection, Payments delivery, Resources (insight reports, client case studies, webinars, white papers), Industry services (Automotive , Insurance, Public sector, Telecoms, Utilities).


FP.L – Friends Provident; Financial advice, financial services. Equity of Law with politics (Golden Kings emporium).

Portfolio: Financial coverage, Pensions, Savings and Investment, Inheritance.


FRCL.L – Foreign and Co L Investment; Asset Management. Equity of Law (Golden Kings Emporium).

Portfolio: Private Intestors, Financial Advise, Intitutional Cleints (Equities, Responsible investment engagement, Fixed income, Alternative investments, Property, Liability driven investment, Diversified investment).

FRES.L – FRESNILLO; Precious metals group. Equity of security against social and economic opportunity based cost (Golden Kings Emporium).

Portfolio: Exploration, Mine construction, Mine operation.


GFS.L – G4S; Security solutions. Equity of protection and separation from social promiscuities of Tyranny.

Portfolio: Government, Private Energy and Utilities, Oil and Gas, Transport and Logistics, Ports and Air Ports, Leisure and Tourism, Financial Institutions, Major Corporates and industry, Retail.


GSK.L – Glaxo Smith Kline: Pharmaseuticals. Equity of Interruption of unnatural and unpeaceful evolution/ Health Care (Golden Kings Emporium).

Portfolio : Prescription Medicine, Vaccines, Consumer Health care, ViiV Healthcare.


HMSO.L – Hammerson Reit; Real Estate. Architectural Equity of Law (Golden Kings Emporium).

Portfolio; development and management of Prime Shopping Centres, retail Parks and Offices.


Home.L – Home Retail group; UKs leading Home and general merchandise retailer (subsidiaries: Argos, Homebase). Equity of Law and Politics.

Portfolio: Home Enhancement(House wares, Furniture, Home improvement-DIY/Fitted Kitchens/Fitted Bathrooms, Horticulture, Garden furniture/Outdoor living).


HLBA.L – HSBC HLDG ; World wide Banking and Financial services. Financial Partnership Between People of all kinds and the world (Golden Kings Emporium).

Portfolio: Personal Banking (Current Accounts, Savings, Investments, Credit Cards, Loans, Financial Planning, Mortgages, Insurance, HSBC Permier), Business Banking (Business banking/advice and support for beginners, Business Banking, Financial Banking, Corporate and structured Banking, International Business Banking, Global Banking/ Markets-Governments, Large International corporates, Financial institutions).


IAP.L – ICAP; Interdealer Services, Post trade and risk information services. Equity between Law and Morality between Morality and Liberty (Golden Kings Emporium).

Portfolio: Commodities, Credit, Electronic Markets, Emerging Markets, Equities, Foreign Exchange, Futures, Interest Rates, New Markets, Post Trade risk services, Shipping.

IHG.L – Intercontinental Hotels; Service and Experience. Equity of Morality and Liberty (Golden Kings Emporium).

Portfolio: Meetings and Events, Spars, Residences, Hotel Development, Directory, Wireless Reservations.

IIIG.L – 31 Group; Private equity, Infrastructure and Debet Management. Equity of Law (Golden Kings Emporium).

Portfolio: Emerging Trends and Mature Markets, International Companies.

IMT.L – Imperial Tobacco

IPR.L – International Power; Electricity Generation and supply. Equity of Law and Politics (Golden Kings Emporium).


Portfolio; Wholesale Production of Fresh Water (sea water desalination), production and distribution of steam, Electricty retail, open cast coal mining, Gas transportation, Renewable energy.

ISAT.L - INMARSAT; Mobile Satelite Services. Equity of Law and Morality (Golden Kings Emporium).

Portfolio; Land mobile, Maritime Services, Aeronautical services.

ISYS.L – INVENSYS; Technology and Control Systems. Equity of Law and Morality (Golden Kings Emporium).

Portfolio: Plants and Refineries, Railway systems, House Hold equipments.

ITRK.L – Intertek group; Safety and quality control, process and systems. Equity of Morality and Liberty.

Portfolio: Aerospace and Automotive, Building products, Chemicals, Consumer goods and retail, Electrical and Electronic, Energy, Food and Agriculture, Government and Institutions, Industrial and Manufacturing, IT and Telecoms, Medical and Pharmaceutical, Mineral, Textiles Apparels and Foot wear, Toys Games and Hardlines.

JMAT.L – Johnson Malthey plc; Chemicals Company-specialty in Catalysis. Equity of Law (Golden Kings Emporium).

Portfolio: Environmental Technologies (Emissions control Techonologies, Porcess Technologies, Fuel Cells), Precious Metal Products (Platinium, Noble Metals, Catalysts, Chemicals and refining, Colour Technologies), Fine Chemicals (Macfarlan Smith, Pharmaceutial Materials and services, research Materials).


KAZ.L – KAZAKHMYS; minining and Natural resources company-bulk of operations; production and sale of copper. Equity of Law (Golden Kings Emporium).

Portfolio: Copper/gold, coal, Energy and power,Petrolium.

KGF.L – Kingfisher; Home improvement retail. Equity of Law and Politics (Golden Kings Emporium).

Portfolio: King fisher Brands (B&Q, CATORAMA, BRICKO DEPOT, SCREWFIX, KOCTAS).

LAND.L – Land Sec R.E.I.T; UKs Largest Real Estate Investment Trust. Equity of Law and Morality.

Portfolio: Development and Management of Offices, Shops and Housing, Managing the needs of business communities; opportunities for employees, Long term value for shareholders.


LGEN.L – Legal and General; Risk savings and Investment Management products. Equity of Law and peace of mind (Golden Kings Emporium).

Portfolio: Risk (Individual protection, Group protection, Annuities, Bulk and Purchase annuities or Pension buyouts, General Insurance, Housing Network). Savings (Unit Trusts, Individual Saving Accounts or ISAs, Investment Bond, Pensions, structured products, "with profit" products).

Investment Management (Index funds, fixed income, Risk management solutions, Property, Private Equity). International (Term assurance, Group protection, Wealth Management, Unit linked savings).


LII.L – Liberty International r.e.i.t; UKs leading Shopping Centres Real Estate Investment Trust. Equity of Law and Politics (Golden Kings Emporium).

Portfolio: Shopping Centres; Braehead, Chapelfield, The Chimes, Eldon Square, The Glades, The Harlequin, Lakeside, The Mall at Cribbs Causeway, Manchester Arndale, Metrocentre, The Potteries, ST Davids Centre, Victoria Centre shooping Centres.


LLOY.L – Lloyd Banking Group; Largest Retail Bank in the UK. Global Financial Partnership with People on the Move-Equity of Law and Political Power(Golden Kings Emporium).

Portfolio: SECTORS; Retail (largest retail banking in the UK), Whole sale (support for customer through out the economy cycle), Wealth and International (International Business, Private Banking Asset Management), Insurance.

LMI.L – LONMIN; Third Largest and Lowest Cost Prodcuer of PGM(Platinium Group Metals). Equity of Law and Politics (Golden Kings Emporium).

Portfolio: PGM mining and Supply

LSE.L – LSE group; London Stock Exchnage PLC. Managing Global Economic and Social balance of power between Equities of Law, Liberty and Morality (Golden Kings Emporium).

Portfolio: London Stock Exchange PLC

MKS.L – Marks and Spencer; Equipping the middle class lifestyle. Dressing up the Middle Classes (Golden Kings Emporium).

Portfolio: Christmas shopping, Women, Men, Kids, shoes, Home and Furniture, Technology, Flowers and Gifts, food and wine, TV service.


MRW.L – Morrison Super Market; Affordable supermarket value. Service Equity (Golden Kings Emporium).


Portfolio:Fresh fruit and Vegetables, Meat processing and transport, fresh food.


NG.L – National Grid; Gas and electricity energy distribution in the US & UK. Law and Service Equity (Golden Kings Emporium).


Portfolio: Gas and Gas safety, Electricity and electricity safety, Gas services, Metering, Land and development background, Property (on behalf of National grid), Procurement


NXT.L – NEXT; UK bases Fashion retailer.

Dressing up the Upper-lower class (Golden Kings Emporium).


Portfolio: Women, Men, girls, Boys, Home and Furniture, Electricals, Flowers and gifts, Shoes, Sports.


OML.L – Old Mutual: Long Term Savings & Investment protection. Law and Society (Golden Kings Emporium).


Portfolio: Asset Management-US, Canada, Investment and Mutual Funds (Skandia)-Mexico, Columbia, Long Term Savings and Investment protection/Skandia International/Skandia UK/Skandia Investment grouop/Fairbairn Private Bank/ Old Mutual Asset Managers UK-UK, Skandia (Long Term Financial security)-Spain, Italy, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland (savings and investment), Denmark, Sweden, Skandia; banken (Leading Online retail bank)-Norway, Life Assurance/Trusts and Investments, Asset Management-Kenya, Namibia, Necbank (Wholesale and retail banking)-Botswana, Asset Management Financial Services, Life Assuarnce, Stock Exchange-Zimbabwe, Protection, Retirement Planning, Wealth Management, Health Care solutions (Through brokers and tied agents)-South Africa, Asset Management, Life assuarance, Pension fund management and administration, property investment-Malawi, Old mutual-Goudian Insurance ltd (Life assuarnce)-China, Old Mutual-Khotak Mahindra Bank (Insurance)-India