(Record Date: 1 October 1010)

PFC.L – PETROTAC [NILEX].Civil Environment group. Law and Society (Golden Kings Emporium).


Portfolio:; Geosymthetics (Geogrids, Geotextiles, Geomembranes, Erosion control, Sediment control, drainage products, Paving, Landscaping, Walls and Slopes).


PNN.L – PENNON group. Law and Service Equity (Golden King's Emporium).


Portfolio; Water, Sewerage services, Waste control, Recycling & renewable energy.


PRU.L – Prudential. Law and Morality (Golden Kings Emporium).

Portfolio: Financial services (Personal banking, Insurance, Pensions, retail investments, Institutional fund management, property investment).


PSON,L –Pearson. Law and Society (Golden King's Emporium).

Portfolio; Education and Learning (online ordering for book sellers).


RB.L – Reckitt Benck group. Law and Society (Golden King's Emporium).


Portfolio: House Hold Brand Consortium (Airwick, Calgon, Dettol, 3 in 1, Cilit Bang, Clearasil, Addlerox, Adulfen-Nurofen, Aeroguard, Aladdin, Allefre, Amphyl, Anil, AVA, Bactopur, Bademol, Balta, Baranne, Bathmate, Beacon, Belarom-Harpic, Benactive Gola-Strepsils, Benagol-Strepsils, Blactol-Clearasil, Bidex, Black flag, Blanka-Vanish, Bleu, Blitz, Blueclean-Harpic, Bom Ar-Airwick, Bongella, Brasso, Brillatodo, Brio, Bronchilate, Bryza, Bully, Burnol, Calcor, Calfort-Calgon, Calgofix, Calgonit-Finish, Callinda, Cardeal, Cardinal, Cardiprin, Cattlemans, Ca-Va-Seul, Cera-clen/Vitro-clen, Cherie, Cherry, Cherry Blossom, Cicamosa, Citrosan, Clarith, Clean and Smooth, Cleen-o-Pine, Clement Clark, Clen, Cling free, Cobra, Codis, Colin, Colman, Colon, Colsprin, Complete Care, Coopex Mortein, Coral, Coumadin, Crisp, Cruz Verde, Cupex, d-Con, Delsym, Dequa-Strepsils, Destac, Deestop, Detefon, Dip it, Dispril, Disprin, Disprin CY, Disprina, Disprol, Dobendan-Strepsils, Dolo-Dobendan, Dosia, Doctor Ironing, Duraglit, Durex, E45, Easy Off, Easy On, EDP, Elderpryl, Elena, Eryplast, Espadol-Dettol, Exit Mould, Eye Dew, Finish, French's, Fabulon, Factor 4, Flor, Fogo, Frank's RedHot, Friend-Vanish, Fybogel, Gaviscon, Gasupgidangbeon, Gavilast, Gavisconell, Gelora, Genticyn, Glass Magic, Glass Plus, Glassex, Glucodin, Goldilocks, Goma Pox, Griffin, Harpic, Handy, Haze-Airwick, HC45, Hippo, Hoffmanns, Humibid, Hunter, Hurra-Vanish, Hydra Excel, Hydrafina, Immulia, Inox, Intima de Karinzi, Jardinero, Jex, Jik, Junifen, Kalia-Vanish, Karinzia, Karpex-Vanish, Karvol, Kely, Kerafina, Kop, Kukident, Kwit, Lysol/Lizol, Lanolin/Lanoline, Lanza, Lavasbianca-Vanish, Lavenda Sachet, Laxante, Lemgrip, Lemsip, Leviax, Liasan, Lime-A-Way, Lip-Woolite, Look, Lovela, Lovelan-Woolite, Lutsine, Mortein, Mucinex, Maison Verte, Mansion Marc, Masterpiece, Medic, Meloids, Metalist, Migraenin, Min, Mop and Glo, Mortein Plus, Mr Brasso, Mr Min, Mr Pung, Mr Sheen, Multigesic, Multisol, Muse, Mycil, Mycota, Nurofen, Napisan-Vanish, Nenuco, Neofinox, Neo-Marcazole, Neophos-Finish, Neuradine, Nicotrim, Nieve, Nurofen, Napisan –Vanish, Nenuco, Neofenox, Neo-Mercazole, Neophos –Finish, Neuradine, Nicotrim, Nieve, Nioleol, Noxon, Nu Clenz, Nugget, Nureflex-Nurofen, O'Cedar, Old English, Once, Optrelam, Optrex, Oxyclean –Vanish, Oxy-giftset, Oxysaksak, Parquetina, Passe Bem, Pea Beu, Perla –Woolite, Pif Paf –Mortein, Pine O Cleen, Pinolin, Poliflor, Polycera, Polycrol, Pop, Powerclean, Pr, Preen –Vanish, Procenex, Prosolve, Pure & Simple, Purity (Barley), Quanto, Reef, Reflex, Repelex, Resolv, Resolve, Rex, Riaderm, RID-X, Robin, Robinsons, Rodasol –Mortein, Rodox, Teepol, Tico, Tiga Roda –Mortein, Timor, Transact, Trix, Tru/Vanish, Tussils, UV Triplegard, Vanish, Veet, Vani-Sol, Veja, Versal, Vial, Viaspan, Vivid, Woolite, Wenol, Windolene, Wizard, X14, Xau –Woolite, Xeramance, Yes, Zeb, Zebo, Zebra, Zero –Woolite, Zip, Zud).


RBS.L – Royal Bank of Scotland group, Financial equity for all kinds of people (Golden Kings Emporium).



Personal Banking, Private Banking, Business Banking, Corporate Banking.



RDSA.L – Royal Dutch Shell –A Petrochemical energy production, British Hand in the Global Energy Industry (Golden Kings Emporium).


All Upstream and Downstream Petrochemical Production.


RDSB.L – Royal Dutch Shell – B Petrochemical energy production, British Hand in the Global Energy Industry (Golden Kings Emporium).


All Upstream and Downstream Petrochemical Production.


REL.L – REED ELSEVIER ; professional information solutions, Law and Society (Golden Kings Emporium)


Science, Legal, Medical, Education, Business.


REX.L – REXAM Consumer Packaging, Law and service (Golden Kings Emporium)



Beverage, Can and Plastic Packaging.


RiO.L – Rio Tinto; Mining and Metal exploration, Equity of Law and Morality (Golden Kings Emporium)



Iron Ore, Copper, Diamonds and Minerals, Aluminium.


RRL.L – Rolls Royce group; Power Systems, Equity and fundamentalism of Law (Golden Kings Emporium)


Defence, Aerospace, Marine Nuclear


RRS.L – Rangold Resources ; Gold mining and exploration in Africa, Law and Society (Golden Kings Emporium)


West African and South East African Gold mining.


RSA.L – RSA Insurance group ; Art and Intellectual Equity, Law and Society-'society along Public place Intellectual property equity' (Golden Kings Emporium)


Further Education, Skills, Enterprise.


SAB.L – Sab Miller ; Residential property specialists, Law and Society (Golden Kings Emporium).


Sales and Lettings in Cambridge, Lonstanton, Royston, Hertford


SBRY.L – Sainsbury; Supermarket, Equity of Service and society (Golden Kings Emporium)


Food and drink, Hoem and Garden, Appliances, Technology, Entertainment, Toys and games, Sport and leisure, Finance, Energy, Clothing.

SDR.L –Shroders plc/ SDRC.L –Shroders NVTG - Asset Management, Law and Society (Golden King's Emporium)


Portfolio: Private Banking: Fixed income, Multi Asset, Alternatives.


SGE.L – Sage group - Business Management software, Law and Politics (Golden King's Emporium)


Portfolio: Small and Medium sized businesses (SME), Industries and larger Organisations.


SHP.L – Shire - Specialty biopharmaceuticals, Equity of Law-enablement (Golden King's Emporium)


Portfolio: Pipeline

ADHD VYVANSE (EU) 3 2011 2012


Diverticulitis LIALDA/MEZAVANT 3 2012 2013

Chronic Kidney disease FOSRENOL (US) Pre-registration

Essential Thrombocythaemia XAGRID (Japan) 3

Chronic constipation in men RESOLOR (EU) 3

Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) VYVANSE 3

Other non-ADHD users VYVANSE 2

Negative symptoms and cognitive impairment in schizophrenia VYVANSE 2

Excessive Daytime Sleepiness (EDS) VYVANSE 2

Binge Eating Disorder (BED) VYVANSE 2

PPI-refractory Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD) SPD 557 (M0003) 2

Ascites SPD 556 (M0002) 2

Arteriovenous grafts in hemodialysis patients SPD 535 1 2013–2016

ADHD Guanfacine Carrier Wave 1

Pain Carrier Wave& 1



Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD)(1) HGT 4510 2

Hunter syndrome CNS HGT 2310 1-2 2013–2016

Metachromatic Leukodystrophy ('MLD') HGT 1110 Pre-clinical 2013–2016

Sanfilippo A syndrome HGT 1410 1-2 2013–2016

Santaris collaboration 3 targets Pre-clinical 2013–2016



Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DFU)


SL.L – Standard Life - Pensions, Savings and Investments, Life Insurance. Law and Morality (Golden Kings Emporium)


Porfolio: Personal and Corporate Finance.


SMIN.L – Smiths group - Practical Technology. Basic human controlled and managed environment, Law and Liberty (Golden Kings Emporium)

Porfolio: Smiths Detection (world leading manufacturer of sensors), John Crane (Products and services for process Industries), Smiths Medical (world leading supplier of Specialist medical devises and equipment), Smiths Interconnect (Electronic component, sub systems and microwave solutions), Flex-Tek (engineered component for fluid management; Household and Industrial)


SN.L- Smiths and Nephew - Repair and healing orientated Healthcare. Equity of Law (Golden Kings Emporium)

Portfolio: Orthopaedic reconstruction and Trauma, Endoscopy and advanced wound management.


SRP.L – Serco group - quality and efficiency of Essential services. Law and Society (Golden Kings Emporium)

Portfolio: Infrastructure, Security, Climate and Weather change


SSE.L – Scot and Sthn Energy - Sustainable essential services. Law and Society (Golden King's Emporium).

Portfolio: Gas, Electricity.


STAN.L – Standard Chartered - Wholesale Banking and Consumer Banking. Law and Society (Golden King's Emporium).

Portfolio: Wholesale Banking; Transaction banking, Financial Markets (including ALM, Fixed Income, Commodities, Capital Markets, Sales & Structuring) and Corporate Finance (including Corporate Advisory, Project & Export Finance, Structured Trade Finance, Structured Finance). Consumer Banking; Private Banking and International Banking services offered to high net worth personal clients from around the world.


SVT.L – Severn Trent - Water and Sewerage services for Wales and the Midlands. Politics and Society (Golden King's Emporium).

Portfolio: Severn Trent Water; amongst the lowest bills for customers in the industry, drinking water and waste water quality above industry average, focused management team with clear strategy, streamlined business delivering against 20 Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), commitment to long term responsible stewardship of the business, to the environment, customers and the communities in which we live and work. Severn Trent Services; water and waste water treatment solutions. Headquartered in the US, a growing presence in Europe, the Middle East and Asia, with three main divisions: Water Purification, Operating Services and Analytical Services. - renowned for quality, reliability and stability, a leader in high growth, high margin markets such as disinfection, filtration, arsenic removal and the emerging ballast water treatment, continually innovating to develop advanced technologies, a strong track record of growth and cost control.


TCG.L – Thomas Cook group - Packaged Holidays. Law and Politics (Golden King's Emporium).

Portfolio: Last Minute Holidays, Cruise Holidays, City Breaks, Family holidays, Ski and Snowboard Holidays.


TLW.L – Tullow oil - Crude Oil exploration. Law and Politics (Golden King's Emporium).


Portfolio: Africa; Congo (Brazzaville), Côte d'Ivoire, Equatorial Guinea, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Liberia, Madagascar, Mauritania, Namibia, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Tanzania, Uganda. Europe; Netherlands, United Kingdom. South Asia; Bangladesh Pakistan. South America; French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname,


TRIL.L – Thomson Reuters - The world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals. Fundamentalism of Law (Golden King's Emporium).

Portfolio: e-commerce and business websites: AlertNet, Awards for Excellence - Financial, Brookers, Carswell,

CMR, Contact Abogados, Contact Law, Contact Légal, Contact Law Ireland, Contact Law South Africa, CS Professional Suite, Delphion, Elite, Ellis Publications, Employment Today, EndNote, Enterprise Suite, Evidence, Fast-Tax, FindLaw, FindLaw UK, Forlaget Thomson, Foundation Press, Hubbard One, IDRAC, Intellectual Property Solutions, Intelligent Information for Life, IP Management Services, IP & Science Community, Les Edition Yvon Blais, Lipper, Mercury MD, Micromedex, 100 Top Hospitals, Omgeo, OpenCalais, Point Carbon, PPC, Research Analytics, ResearcherID, Reuters.com, Revista dos Tribunais, RIA, Round Hall, Safeguard, ScholarOne, Science, Australia, Science China, Science India, Science Japan, Science Korea, Science New Zealand, Science South East Asia, Science Taiwan, ScienceWatch, StreetEvents, Super Lawyers, Sweet & Maxwell, Sweet & Maxwell Asia, Techstreet, Thomson Reuters Australia and New Zealand, Thomson CompuMark, Thomson File Histories, Thomson Innovation, Thomson Reuters Accelus, Thomson Reuters Foundation, Thomson Reuters Integrity (formerly Prous)

Thomson Reuters Life Sciences Consulting, Thomson Reuters Pharma, Thomson Reuters Professional AB, TMMS

Tradeweb, Transactive, Web of Knowledge, West, W. Green.


TESCO.L – Tesco plc. One of the worlds largest retailers. Fundamentalisms of Society and Service(Golden King's Emporium.


Portfolio: Groceries, Home and Electrical, Home and Furnishings, Furniture and Kitchen, Clothing and Beauty, Tesco Mobile, Petrochemicals.


TT.L – TUI Travel - Leisure and Travel experience. Law and Service (Golden King's Emporium).


Portfolio: Mainstream Leisure, Accomodation and Destination, Specialist Activity, Emerging markets.


ULVER.L – Unilever - Health and Personal care. Aiding Human evolution of Happiness - Fundamentalism of Law (Golden Kings Emporium).


Portfolio: Foods, Home care, Personal care.


UU.L – United Utilities GR. Utility services-water and waste water. Law and Society (Golden King's Emporium).


Portfolio: Home Services: surface water drainage, Home serve (Home emergencies), water sure (Financial assistance for metered customers), Extra care (services for customers with extra needs). Business Services: Home or Business premises, Business and non-household un-metered charges, Business and non-household metered charges, Water wise in the workplace.


VED.L –Vedanta resources. A Globally diversified Natural resources group. Law and Society (Golden Kings Emporium)


Portfolio: Copper, Zinc, Aluminium, Iron ore, Commercial power generation.


VOD.L – Vodafone group. Award winning Phone and Mobile network provider. Law and Society (Golden Kings Emporium).


Portfolio: North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, Australia.


WOS.L – WOLSELEY Law (Golden Kings Emporium)

WPP.L – WPP. Comprehensive and Integrated Communication Services. Law and Society (Golden Kings Emporium).

Portfolio: Advertising, Media investment management, Consumer insight, Public relations and public affairs, Branding and Identity, Direct, promotion and relationship marketing, Healthcare communications, specialist communications, WPP Digital.


XTA.L – XSTRATA. Natural resources-Mining and Metals. Law and Politics (Golden Kings Emporium).

Portfolio: Alloys, Coal, Copper, Nickel, Zinc, Technology services.



Now this is a matter that is largely concerned with finance promiscuity that has to do with access that these criminals and barely criminal idiots gain to businesses and the manner in which they use it to communicate with others bearing in mind their very strange cultural needs about which I personally am fed with media rewarding the evil behaviours with advertisement means money. So it is clear to see that their insults develop further and that even now Their boys and girls are a lot more busy doing PR for me against my wishes which is very difficult to manage by using my intellectual property to be rich and famous singing violence and sex based con at me complete with their blame cultures for the purpose of grabbing peoples equity to build music industries with, where they then grab peoples market to sing their problems and get rich and famous blaming others for it etc; which eventually ends in a condition where they deploy the business ideal of 'the customer is always right' for the purpose of attacking whomsoever they have ensured gets hurt the most by them through it. Progress report: The previous jobs of these individuals was Con activity, especially the Americans and or their Americans friends and having been that the economic crisis has forced me to do things that has gotten them to give it up (being that less money in the world and more Government involvement in business means their time was borrowed), they have discovered that attacking and abusing me helps them to make friends that are wealthy and from this I am always caught in some character assassination and abuse intensive clash of Civilisations and or Culture, deliberately arranged and vice versa.

There is only one niggling question about these Equities asked by those who own the Businesses to which they are concerned. The answers are best shown at the Intellectual properties Page where the Customer service charter is located. However I will place something extra here, which is to explain that what I meant at the customer service charter by people's attitudes which leads to a condition where I cannot tolerate their involvement in Business, is that the process by which some men are meant to be made to serve other men, while women are irrelevant to the existence of life and living itself so to speak, is not that which should create enough purposes in the form of an activity to ensure the people who do get rich and more so at my expense or that my involvement with women is also expensive to that purpose nor does it mean I ought to be frustrated each time I wish to teach them a lesson especially over money, about the fact I am a Man just like they are and those things they do especially on media which later results in a process where they think they control my life and have such massive amounts of lies to tell which seems to put them in the right on every occasion does not change such a fact, at the beginning of it or indeed at any other point. These Equities are released from my office on the platform of the fact that their confusions after they believe their lies doing these things makes them think the way the world ought to operate is a process where the US owns the worlds wealth and they sit at the bottom line making sure women cannot make any progress because their method of dealing with things bearing in mind they are not so naturally endowed with physical violence abilities, is to hurt people so that others cannot hurt them and get away with it and so the fact they do not like women means they ought to tell other people how to live their lives to suit them, thereby exist at the bottom getting incredibly rich. I had already settled the security matter of letting them go first which created the expense by which these Equities are developed and the Equities themselves are based on the fact when they are finished with their plans than we can make our own plans and live in the same world as the one where America controls the money of the world while they get rich at the bottom making sure men are men and do not get involved with women, hurt themselves and think others should do something about it, after which they rewards themselves with other peoples earnings whereas those men were men just like they are in the first place and such a fact becomes something everybody is confused about, while their stupid women follow it up with those distant fascisms hurting people endlessly. In the end of which the question is always that of the way their own thing never looked and never was.

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