(Free Market Markets - Record date: 27 January 2012) The matter of me and racist boys and girls who challenge me because I say things such as reminding people I did soften them up for fascism is not something new. The issue here is that they have just recently begun to recover especially those football scum. However the problem that got them there in the first place continues to persist, in the sense that I say the things I say to indicate what I would do when I am taken advantage of but each time I check the safeguards I had put in place seems to pay off so I never really get taken advantage of, hence what I say when I get a scare. The way they think is that somebody will talk to them about civil rights here, the way I see it is that it must be a very long time since their parents last dragged their insolent and lazy bums to church if they do go to church at all.

The truth about what really happens which causes them to see me as the target for their insults and laziness like British arse holes who then threaten me as well when finished is even more incredible; it is the fact that since I am currently unemployed and bored to my skull so to speak, I seem to play around with idiots teasing me because they want to see how angry I can get so that I might fight racism.

It always seems to them as though they are a match but I will continue to issue these warnings because when they had pushed me into it, I must make sure they never come close enough bearing in mind they have already declared intentions to hurt me mortally. So I have mu license to ensure they have no money and intend to use it as well.

For now it seems that it is my disturbed sense of wealth distribution which is rather a very good thing that seems to bother them and it will stay as it is, I intend to ensure that if Mr A owns half the world he has the right to keep it because that is what this generation is about, bullying Christians destroying financial civil rights and attacking heroes. If they want wealth distribution they will have to look at least 300 hundred years in the future: I said so and they need to fight and stop talking rubbish.

They say the problem is that whites seem to do everything for the world and blacks just sit down and share but I have no idea what it means since black people say it more than they do and I this suppose they say it to please the black ones. Who always follow me around and stop me on my tracks to tell me they are not there yet to copy how to get rich; those will never tell people the way it is is that they wreck peoples lives and get on places to make out they did things with them and were the boss, what they always say is that western leaders ruined their democracy and got them assassinated.

The main issue here is that they continue those games of picking up my market place and going off to those their communities they make reference to on the right making it impossible to control borders in this country, and there use clichés at me such as we will see who were the real writers around here with a big mouth which is how it gets all over the media.

I don’t want people using my fame anymore and when they piss me off the way they have over this racist boys and girls that want to beat you up insults I will make the process of carving out a path to lots of millions from their lives really violent; for now it must remain the duty to have their hearts so that I can tease them all the time when they try to do anything in order to get rich, it is the only way that the economy will stabilise and as for wealth distribution, imagine promoting freedom and rule of law in the east while not coming to a firm decision on that; what does it really mean anyway. I really mean it, them and those stupid women that think they control my life and the boys and girls and the Pop stars need to put an end to using my fame and not turn up to threaten me when I am trying to work out how to be everywhere to ensure that is the case, I will make it end very badly and I mean this. They don’t know me and probably will before they ruin my life. I mean what do they expect me to do? they leave me no leverage; first they want to be more famous than a Prince is and so they want to be with his own property and earnings and now their insults have made them rich peddling me to people who have not had such privilege, they want to tie me down in poverty and cannot stop using my fame. What do they mean by wealth distribution, what do they mean by wealth equality?

As for their games with the Prince of Wales, that was supposed to have been an old story too as it were, bearing in mind I cannot serve more than one Monarch, hence those that got me into being the guy that had an opinion about a process where he married his ex mistress which was meant to take it to another level thought they were putting out a bait and I took it of course since doing something about them will never be the will of God as well.

The big game about Bank Bonuses on Media does not mean anything. If I must spell it out, the fact that the Manager used to own two Aston Martins but when the Banks got Nationalised by the Government downsized to a Mercedes but now begins to drive a new Aston Martin again is down to the government and none else. In the end when a Bank is large enough to earn 100 million pounds and it is said the managers pay is 1%, how much exactly is he supposed to have earned to make people happy, or should his bank become unsuccessful so he does not displease people? If they want to get around making sure people cannot earn beyond a certain level to please he public that is perfectly fine but last we checked, it was the British government that had a problem with reforms proposed by the EU claiming it will harm the British Financial Centre and make the profits for the government come through less slowly. It seems people are not clear then about what happens in a boom and a burst case i.e. that poorer economies always demand more equality, in the case of the boom it can be the most helpful thing in the world but in the burst the most evil and damaging. No body has yet taken any steps to ensure money does not go to places like Africa where they can vanish for good; they can instead making promises to leaders that are fundamentally corrupt because they make good political progress, which seems to help people too as it were.

To put it straight, the truth is that there are good bankers out there and they are passionate about what we are passionate about; good schools good roads good Health services etc, it is the bad ones that we are talking about and who are the bad ones. Now every business man knows his problem when he is a business man is those fools with connections on media who always have girls that can do exactly what they can do, they do not get involved in society except they are trying to kill themselves. So who are the bad bankers and bad business men who in the case of business men always want to buy shares and take over enterprises others built to have a money making machine at the expense of workers and in the case of the Bad bankers always want to control the lives of businesses and the lives of people both with connections in society and evil girls that can do exactly what hard working people can do, just the side which makes money of course. These are very close personal friends of Politicians who drag their feet over the economy so they can travel around the world securing their chances of getting rich. What I am saying therefore is that I understand the point that if Bankers are paying themselves more it is a factor of the increased cost of Banking services which ordinary people have to fund but this is no news, let the media people who run things for the Politicians obviously and like to think we all suppose they have no idea what they are doing debate it among themselves and deal with it. It is no News, the bad bankers and bad businesses are their personal friends and that of the Politicians.

Its like they tell me, these days of which it is not so much a matter of getting the White House and the UN to be fed up with hearing my voice or things I say which is then extended to an attack on my books defence for themselves of which Politicians always provide them, that people are completely fed up with me. I rather feel accomplished when they say such things. The point being of course that I am not supposed to get around responding to those things they do and then make out I ought to do something about evil cultural fools with royal estates or royal connections, in a way in which I normally live my own life. I am supposed to measure out its ugliness and then speak about it in those terms only. So when people are completely fed up with hearing me it makes me very happy because it reiterates that old question of what is so good about those things they do to me such as being evil media but are not to everybody because I am the Christian with enough faith to put up with them which then makes them good people. If it is good because those who do it are their age mates, what then is so good about it? This is what it is about, Me v Them, entirely my problem. Others do need to leave it alone.

The ultimate truth is that even the bad Bankers do not see these things like some kind of game, especially the ones involving stealing from the successful like gangs until they are ruined, like the big boys on the Media who are backed by Politicians do.


I do not think that Government time ought to be spent dealing with or talking about things like Bankers Pay and Bank Bonuses. The fact is that if a company has a contract to pay its manager a certain percentage of its revenue, when it is big enough the money will run into millions, when it is small enough it will run into a few hundred and that is the end of that. All anybody can do is suggest that when people manage big companies they would be paid lower percentages, so that on the side of successful managers the result is that they get lower percentages and on the side of the unsuccessful managers the result is that they get higher percentages, so we would have been fostering bad management on both sides.

The reason I am involved at all is the simple fact that each time I get on my desk to do anything there is such a commotion by get rich idiots around it and their vandalism excused by rubbish about what I am supposed to be, which adds to problems I already had as a business man because they have no limits when they want money, hence a every simple task seems to take days to get done because I am distracted by idiots to deal with issues that take hours of my time. Its much the same where Parliament and the government spends at least 5 hours at a time talking about Bank pay and bonuses when there is nothing they can do about it in the first place.

It does rather also seem I was meant to have gotten into trouble which is utter rubbish because I have always known they will dispatch their insolent black women on me and get on media to call me names that will determine what I become for the rest of my life and then knowing that I will react to such insults by doing something about the economies and finances of the countries where these black idiots come from set off to make themselves their own cultural connections in them, which I am meant to clean up every time they want to be beautiful and rich and it has developed to a point where they foster violence to make it effective because I just cannot be harmed by it. Here at home though of which they need to fight the racism since I intend to spend all of that their world war two rubbish and the Politicians that continue to foster these things can try to stop me with the consequences they have to suffer each time they do. I am not getting into or supposed to get into any stupid trouble. I have made myself very clear on the matter of racist boys and girls I am meant to be scared of, am not giving back that stupid left and will allow no insolent joys of naivety from it around here because I have had enough of them and the problem with their fame industry I intend to ensure ends really badly-only then will they take me seriously not talk rubbish about speed of communication these days which means people like me get into trouble when all that does it make it easy for them to do things like things which then leaves me no leverage for tolerance. Just like the confidence of being able to hurt me when I hurt them which is always given them by another set of idiots that snoop around me all the time, so they can later do what they like with my earnings and bank balance, give them confidence that does not exist which means we really have no means of considerate deterrence on this matter.