(Company Literary Empire Trust Property Equity Product appearance and Arch Prince's Temperamental Colours Administration Record Date: 29 February 2012) My feelings about republicanism and republican sentiments are much the same as the issue itself is the same as it has always been. The fact some stupid woman wants to be able to abuse younger men and find from them new talents she can give to older idiots that have been in the work force longer than everybody else to get rich with means that we must have a new country. They never use their ears when you tell them they can have their republicanism without you and they never use their ears either when you tell them those paedophile communities that stupid women run together with stupid boys and the abuse of very young children followed by those who are abused being mocked by Politicians is not my cup of tea, they never listen either when I tell them I am a Christian and could have chosen to be a serial rapist instead if it served the purpose.

Whenever money is mentioned they cannot control themselves and perpetually at all times feel like hurting somebody to make attention for themselves and make use of things they are not authorised to in order to get rich but it is of course always the politicians that hold people down for a decade to allow them access to peoples personal lives claiming it is so beautiful they know what they want to use it for, so that they can get to the point where they affect peoples bank balance without reason claiming to have power and then turn out at the other end to pay them off trouble making with tax payer funds and tell me about things I have done that I will take back with a big mouth of which I have no idea why they don’t come round here to make me as in take back like finger which is of course the demagogue. Just like their black friends speak of how I will waste years of my life with white people because they will see to it that I do and thereafter return to them so they can determine what my life is worth and what they want to get out of it but have not yet made it clear if they understand how much it is worth in pound sterling with a big golliwog mouth.

Then there is the part about the film industry and my game of flattering people when all there is, are equity of mine the film industry makes use of which I institutionalized so that they can do so legitimately because it does a certain job for me when they do. the result is that films they make consorting or broking equities with me falls into the two categories of the ones that do some kind of job and sometimes is something new or the r-enactment of an old title or something for children which always seem to be made with my stuff directly so it feels like I am watching myself when I watch it and as such cannot stand it tire easily while kids cannot seem to have enough. These idiots on the other hand are another story with how they feel about working on media and being able to determine what peoples opinion about things are and it is always them v me with that stupid media power and nobody knows why it cannot be removed from the agenda if it is not news, like wrong publicity idiots. I am not worried about it either, they were on this matter complaining about my thing with the film industry when they ought to stand and fight with their women I am meant to have had sex with in order to be physically forced to give up my future because I like to make use of women that are out of my league with a big mouth; no matter how impossible, it must be enforced, it is not clear how they intend to do it against me since I am already more famous than most celebrities anyway but as I said it is power and they intend to cause me pain-because people must give them money: money, money, money, we hurt you for money, money, money, money we cannot control ourselves and cannot stop doing things which harm you for money, money, money, money or else. I mean or else what? Of course at this point which we will never run out of endless tyranny seeking stories about how I have revealed much about myself when all I have said pertains to republicanism and the things their idiots say about my film based holdings. If I have implied anything it is to the insults of their parents and grandparents on whom their fame based insolent careers are based about how I must compete with others over their beauties fairly by leaving behind my history with which I endear people to those whom I have been endearing aka them. as I mentioned which these kinds of things being held down for is what Politicians will never acknowledge is incredibly provocative and wasteful like they can give theirs to the frugal what they want to talk about is things I do which I will take back with a big mouth.

They say that without their republicanism the country is always hurting itself limping around and blaming other people for it but it is the same story all around; you think a condition where you are not eating properly is temporary but it will be temporary like that for a decade through no direct action of yours intent on being like that for good so I will compete with other over beauty on the basis of leaving behind that means of building up history by which I endear people to those I am endearing, which is also what I mean things I will go back on kike the finger for them that they need to come round here and make me too; which is the demagogue.

After which they will tell us Homosexuality is a fact of life contrary to the notion it is a matter of choice for a sizeable majority. Where they do get these their ideas I would never know anyway nor will I ever understand who asks their opinion about it. I mean there is a sizeable part of the Holy Bible for example dedicated to commandments about how to act with reference to homosexuality and that was created long before the Second World War. We have always had homosexuality, we have always known homosexuality to exist and homosexuality is both a fact of life and a matter of choice on the contrary. It is never clear what they want anyway, maybe we should all fall on our faces and allow ourselves to be sodomised by homosexuals whenever we see one but that is precisely the point, they need to make it legislation so that we can know exactly what law they are proposing when they say such things. I mean they will tell me I say things like these but that I am guilty of the same social crimes which is utter rubbish; bearing in mind what they mean is that I show an incredible amount of disrespect to people who are better than I am and when I ask what people those were meant to have been, they tell me they are pop stars who happen to have more money than I do and it will never make sense, when they extract that money abusing me because I have a literary empire they can spend and a Royal office with royal alliances along with it around the world given me by the Queen of England along with the office, not clear what always makes them think I want to be seen with them, I want to identify with them or they have any right to identify with me whether I like it or not like they always do in public. They will turn up here and use my work to get rich and famous so that each time I come home from very difficult tasks I am left high and dry and then not only tell me homosexuality is a matter of life not a matter of choice for a sizable majority-I am guessing their idea is that I will most likely react by becoming one which is really far from reality as well. So it appears the way it works is that I have a pint I want to share with friends and somebody walks in downs my pint and then smashes my pint glass against the wall, walks up to the door and tells me homosexuality in a matter of life and not choice for a chosen majority my friend. What does that mean and what do politicians propose to do about it when they make out such sayings are wise, what is the law? It goes on like that to create those conditions where people get along with black people for ages and then one day suddenly realise they are racist, goes on like that where by people see homosexuals all the time and come across them all the time but wake up on one day and suddenly realise they were homophobic.

And of course when I have said such things they claim I have set out new stage for the kind of new sex that they want to have, which is how these insults always apply. I for my part believe that I have been clear enough about anybody spicing up their pervaded evil activities with me or anything that belongs to me. as far as I am concerned people go into the other side of their sexual lives because they are blindly in love with each other and so I suppose they say such things because they think I will be embarrassed or scared to mention that the problems they get into when they have anal sex is because of what they see. Bearing in mind they are fundamentally, socially, culturally financially and economically dishonest impulsively to everybody and for every reason-hence the reason they hurt people they have anal sex with when they do or it becomes a matter that people end up mentioning in public. This is what I mean when I say it has never been a question of whether homosexuality is a matter of life or a matter of choice of a large majority but a question of whether homosexuality is a matter for the law because it appears that every single aspect of other people’s lives that are important with an item which suggests they cannot share with others must be a subject for an idiot and his plans and ideas of stupid public blagging. Is it a matter or a concern for the law to be troubled with? I would not like any scum to spice up their sex lives with the use of me, they know I will most certainly cut that to pieces for them as well-let the homosexuals do it in case it might one to get violent one day.

Here of course they will tell me I am again guilty of the same things and am the most notorious for interfering with and or stifling other people’s lives. What they mean of course is with respect to things I do about the pornographic industry which I do because if I were to have children and they were to get involved with that side of life it will be a betrayal. They on the other hand can vandalise my property to get rich and return to rule over my sexual activities to have greater sexual experiences and for the purpose allow their stupid children to get into the industry, it is not my business. I am not saying either that I have not set out contingencies to ensure that the pornographic industry becomes richer and more decadent the more the Popular music industry becomes more sophisticated and efficient. I mean first of all there are these people that are on medication because they are mentally ill still finding time and space to ensure they create campaigns which make others happy in order to sell them things on one hand and there are the others who do nothing but get rich and famous singing rubbish to abuse and threaten me every day. Why don’t the pornographic industry that deals in managing the behaviour of these people who are mentally ill but are still nice to people in order to have money get as rich as the music industry is and indeed as famous as well, before homosexuality is a matter of life and not choice for a sizable majority (They probably have happily married wives at home while they say such things in public it just goes to show what is going on around here). Politicians can talk of course about how much people are discriminated against but I will have my revenge.

And of course they say all celebrities are not treated equal which is precisely the point; I do not wish to make them feel I have advantages that I am deploying to help me win against them, so the question is that of where they were when I took care of that part. There is in their view no civility anymore unless they say so therefore no body owns anything anymore because they and their stupidities have need of it and tell lies in public places that can manipulate things against people, love their work course especially when it involves other people’s jobs. The look on their face when they lose is everything but that is not what they will say when homosexuality is a matter of life not choice for a sizeable majority and people must live with that fact. Then they tell me that I always talk that way but am a looser but I have done nothing to them in anyway yet, all I have done is make plans which will work out as completely destroying that stupid music industry because there are people who are mentally ill around here and should create more problems for government but do not rather make plans to sell things and make money in a legitimate way, they on the other hand aspire to be as powerful as those but for now it is all about getting rich and famous abusing me, the way I intend to end it is a process where they will make those stupid music CDs and have to be nice to people in order to sell them.

As for the homosexuality thing where I really stand on it is that homosexuality to me is all about that thing where any price is worth paying because those who are suffering an inferior enough for it. So it is about things being done to me along the lines of the claim society is made up of things people contribute to it and so what I do contribute is a function of what they force me to and that they can take anything they wish for any purpose they please and the purpose of it is to lie and play around with that media they like to get onto in order to feel like manipulating opinions and facts against people where I am always the target for having something they want, in order to create a condition where I turn out at 60 years of age to realise that I have nothing for my old age or anything of that sort and it applies that I have been beaten up all my life by Political idiots whose envy I had stirred by going off to have the kind of success that is greater than theirs. So if they wish to start a fight over homosexuality I think they are very welcome to. They cannot leave people alone.

Making enough money to look after a Royal Estate and a Royal Office and some charity operations and the person of a Prince is not something I regard as immoral. I am not withstanding however doing nothing unusual immoral or hurtful to other human beings, it is all my property.

So in the same light is considered the matter of my cash flow crisis and the way it connects me with the places I shop and look for work. I could never make sense of it especially if looked at along the lines of discussing my so called connections with the shops and then making sense of it with respect to deserving to get fair advice from the citizens’ advice bureau. So yes I can understand it is about how I must be embarrassed to a point of madness because they and their stupid children are the ones who own the money being spent at the shops and therefore getting all the respect but I am not supposed to think somebody’s car is better than my Christian faith and when I do it has been a factor not of what is really going on in my mind but media lies and lots of socially organised bullying. So if they think I have not had enough of them they can start that off as well.

Their parents the Politicians have barged into my life to wreck everything so I have to take the long route over what I need to do to consolidate my office and get to work such as finish a programme of study etc and now they want to make me maddeningly embarrassed because they are the ones that have the money that is being spent at the shops? It seems apparently that the purpose was to ensure I never get to have anything which makes me superior to their stupid children in the first place of which they now tell me there are things I have done which I will go back on which of course is the demagogue.

So they say I am Mr free stuff and a typical example of people trying to make it to the top without paying their way there. It does not cause me any sleepless nights in anyway whatsoever either. The truth about Mr free stuff is that when people put out things that are free others will want to make use of it for free and the reason they play those games they play is that they are not currently complaining bearing in mind it is a world where people are trying to earn a living. As for paying my way to the top, it is not clear why people will think I have not made it to the top already, maybe they know what is in my Bank account and as such know I am not rich, maybe they know everything which is why it is their business so. It does not cause me any problems in anyway, it’s a series and series of questions about what it really means; I mean at the end of the day I want a fair stage for my products like everybody else’s products have and so either by being nice or horrible people affect that they will pay for so doing. So the only thing which concerns me about fools that always think of nothing but their ability to spend other people’s money is basically that of media noise making because they can say what they like of course but if it affects the way customers feel about my products it is not so good, what they want to do on the other hand is say things about me so intensely that they can get between me and the customers to cause delay or a permanent loss if they want and it will never do. All it does it bring out the worst in people and that is the big story behind it; if it does bring out the worst in me, what does that really mean anyway? Yes they say it is the kind of pleasures people like them have over desperate people like me whom they claim have put themselves in the positions we find ourselves but I am not in any desperate place I just love to discuss the desperation because I am trying to make sense of it. I mean when somebody goes to the job centre to find work in this country some people find it funny that he or she is desperate; I mean what is funny to sick bastards about the fact they might sleep on a cold winter street one day and never wake up the next morning forever. If there is need to quantify what I mean, then what I mean is that they need to leave me stuff and they will be fine otherwise I will end it and do so really badly too.

They always love to make out we have much in common when we do not in any way whatsoever. For them it is a habit to go to bed angry at somebody else’s fortune so they can wake in the morning feeling like they want to kill somebody, if not then the way to wake in the morning feeling like killing somebody is to go to bed laughing at somebody’s misfortune most of which they create anyway otherwise people would have none. I on the other hand go to bed angry about them on the both sides of going to bed angry about or laughing at peoples fortunes or misfortunes respectively and this is why I also wake up to feel like killing somebody. We have nothing whatsoever in common. Hence my question of what it would actually mean if it does get to bring out the worst in me. My suggested answer is nothing; nothing whatsoever. Of course they have stories about how those they do these things to are bad people but it is clearly always a matter of their wickedness on one hand and those who compete with them on the other which is the only way that those who are caught in the middle and therefore make sense of how funny it is because they never take note of when they are being hurt until it results in an emergency are bad people. Otherwise they can be like me and then people will always make up lies and want to hurt them for absolutely no reason and all of the time too with a big mouth. So they have their stories about how I am always talking lower class talk but all I have said here is a question of what is so funny about their wickedness, those who compete with it and the fact those that are caught in the middle never suspect it until they are so badly hurt there is an emergency and then which becomes funny on national TV when they try to get it fixed. So I might say they are supposed to travel around the world doing their pop stars about gangs and crime and creating their good feeling like they always do but think they have me to compete with these days and sing National interest at my office when they travel around the world instead and if this is not fixed what I will do is round them up and ensure diplomatic issues are dealt with only where their concerns and affairs are and then I will make it so impossibly difficult for them to be Pop stars. It is not a difficult matter, I have told them to leave alone my stuff and that damaging is not funny in anyway whatsoever. It is how claims I do nothing about racism but want to enjoy a society others have fought for is created anyway. It is the racism thing that tells the truth the most anyway because what has really happened here is a decade of hounding until that my work and property gives self improvements to racists and now they can sit back and laugh and consider it to be funny and enriching while losing touch with the fact what happens on TV or radio or around society has got nothing to do with me in order to claim I think it does, which is why I have set myself up as well for the things I will do to them for it. In the end they claim I don’t care what happens to people’s children who have ended up at the wrong end of racism but that is precisely the point, because they are I must me lesser than them or lesser than myself so if they do it and I seem to wake up the next day all forgotten and everything they have to do it until that my Christian faith can no longer create such an effect to make me lesser than myself or lesser than them.


Now they say their media has so much power over me and it seems to be something everybody should hear about as well. It is nothing to be concerned about; just a confirmation of how much their insolent lies do not hold water because the real issue here is that they are holding down Mr Big spender here whose property belongs to them with a big mouth. Of which the only thing to it is the fact they like to name me big spender and then tell people they own me so they can make excuses to do whatever they like with my property. What they have done to that effect before they complain is get involved with an author to gather needed information from me through other alternative ways which have nothing whatsoever to do with buying books, then tell everybody else about it and make themselves the disburser of his property and they lie all the time too; one moment my career is based on usurping the history of their lives and the next I sleep with peoples wives and the next although I am black I am also racist as well, all those kinds of lies that take ages to deal with and since I am not currently going to court over Publicities made out of it in order to set up my career and give it their own publicity to spend my earnings, there must be a next best thing out there too.

I do not belong to them and they do not own me, it is a load of rubbish by the way of which it is not exactly clear who tagged me big spender anyway. These sort of problems of which you can only get to entangle yourself in if you leave home and attend all the gentlemen’s club in town, live the most irresponsible life, sleep with prostitutes and take drugs which makes you a few connections there and then people can easily barge into your life and push themselves as deep in as possible in order to take whatever they want because you are inferior enough for them to. I do not do any of those things so how am I then a big spender and how do I then belong to them? Of course it is the same old story with their big mouth.

They complain it is because of what I have done to their community relations of which is a completely different story altogether; that part had something to do with the ten years cash flow crisis with the use of government office like it is their private property so that they can grab my career and set it up on media give it their own publicity and spend my income things about which I also set up their society and Politics and have begun to spend their own as well starting with community relations.

Then there is the part where they claim I have mistresses and what is good for those is good for everybody, whereas I acquired mistresses to govern them because making the pornographic and prostitution industry more decadent the more sophisticated and connected to Politicians they became was not enough. So I guess the claim what is good for my mistresses is good for everybody is a process where they feel they can say anything.

They speak of regular exoneration for Politicians from me; I cannot remember doing any such thing for my part. I mean if you take it at face value you will be seriously furious when an idiot sets up public stage and gets about discussing your career as something to do with his culture so his idiots can tap into your income like some big bank and the reason for it is that he knows whose personal life is big and beautiful enough for his to push the idiots in his life into as far deeply as possible to the point where they can affect his Bank balance but when you look further you discover the connections with these idiots who happen to be problems you have the knowledge to solve are actually an acquired taste-a pleasure. So they speak of things I have done which I will go back on now and of course when that develops a life of itself and its own on media I will destroy something else to make a statement. I mean none of the things that happen on TV or radio or society has got anything to do with me but these are the kind of things that happen with my work until it actually does. The first time it started causing real damage of course was when I got a job in a factory, the process of choosing songs on radio that my factory boss usually played to cover the fact my career is being given a different publicity of its own by those who are spending the income on themselves, got so bad sales in somebody else’s business and factory became a function of whether or not I co-operated and I am pretty certain the reason finding another job after that is so impossible is because of the bad reference I got from there as an unreliable person because these things always made me ill all the time; so now it does. This is all it really does, nothing more and I don’t belong to any of them; the entire purpose of setting up my career and giving it their own publicity to spend the earnings was to acquire the money and then return with it to acquire my personal life all be it through the same media power; the old story about the Christian that has been held down for years until he has been made a mess off and it will never go away nor will they leave alone my stuff like I have told them to unless I break them and that their stupid excessive self confidence too.

One such issue is the matter of how difficult I make the lives of film makers and actors. As far as I know of which films made from pre-existing stories for example ought to be something I can enjoy as Naked entertainment but I cannot because media and Pop culture and getting rich. So at some point my securities and equities were consorted or even brokered by people who made films which I then institutionalized so they can access it legitimately but the result was that the fight became something else entirely and then there is the part about the things I do about violence and bigotry which is simply a matter of the fact I am able to look after women who can only be themselves in public so if I fall in love with a woman that is not the question is that of what happens to the deficit. So quickly the first thing people think about is a condition where I fell in love and my woman had another man who helps her with difficult areas of life and how they wanted to ensure they were that man or that I was their wives plaything so that they can get privileges from me as such men in my life while I was actually doing it for their wives and not mine which is infuriatingly insolent but is something they love to do daily. Then there is the part where I have some mistresses who sometimes set out people they know via some adverts etc some of which I recognise and others of which I don’t but the result is every stupid insolent greedy girl who cannot control herself when money is mentioned getting off to do things to me and on me that she sees people do, which then gets violent so she can ensure I will cooperate and make her rich. As I have mentioned on other occasions anyway, how I make difficult the lives of actors and producers will be best displayed by what I do to Pop culture. For now they think they are well positioned with women they wish to push far deep as possible into my life so that I might leave my stead for them to be rich and famous with, in payment for the sex I am getting and when that is not happening they make it up. After which they claim its royal enemies I make which of course is utter rubbish because the real issue with respect to royal enemies is that of how it is a good time to get married to Camilla because I will be the Christian for everybody. Such things of which I only hear from hoodlums in which case it makes no difference these days since hoodlums determine what happens to peoples earnings directly. They say it is all in the things I say of which the question is that of whom I am meant to have said them to. A measure then of those who are getting married to the heir to the throne who will be head of the Church; speak of bad stock, they don’t come any better. Say its okay and anybody can marry anybody and that is where the problems begin where I get targeted all the time because they have suddenly developed an opinion that when I am attacked the Royal family will have a different way of regarding the faith. Then draw stupid insolent inference from what is happening in Syria where somebody sets out to kill people and change the history they have with their society and friends, which conduct a referendum while he has been creating a civil war all at the same time over the constitution, then make out the issue is that of how protests are akin to treason and murder of presidents in light of the Arab spring.

As I keep saying anyway, I am certain they can see gangs and crime and international criminality everywhere on which to base their creation of good feelings music videos, I intend to make the process of singing rubbish from making up stories about me and my office in order to sing National interests end badly as well. In the end racists and violent extremist goons have chosen self improvements from that my property and they are happy at last and nobody is likely to ever get offended obviously. As I have mentioned before if it supplies Mr Obama with any further self improvements I will choose another revenge which will be a far more painful one. My mode of mentioning it is always that of whether they can tell me how much it is worth in pound sterling ripping my millions to pieces like that in order to work for somebody else that has got some? But by far the most amusing way of dealing with it is when the part where making that money they destroy to get rich and famous is done by a walk in the park as far as they are concerned. Sometimes I think they do these things because of their nature but it is not because of their nature they know they live in separate communities from everybody else and think of nothing but access to other peoples bank balance. So far as I said they have set up me and my career on media to make up their own publicities for it and spend the income and I have set up them and their societies and begun my share with their community relations as well, so I can spend theirs for them too but their leaders are still keen on refusing to see how provocative it is to send them out to abuse and insult me so that when they show respect for them it makes them the greater and more important leaders. If I want to talk about it then what I say is whether they have not seen crime and criminalities by which they can make good feeling pop videos however I personally intend to make it end really badly for my part. All they ever do with their time obviously, pick a fight with somebody bigger than them because they have always been thinking they are bigger and itch to test the theory all the time and then while the person is able to hold down a job and academic pursuits they cannot fight him and hold down a job at the same time not to mention academic pursuits and then the Politicians will turn up with tax payers money they worked for to help them and redress balances then refuse to realise how provocative it is as well.