(Company Literary Empire Trust Property Equity Product appearance and Arch Prince's Temperamental Colours Administration Record Date: 12 February 2012) BRIEF OF EXPOSED PERSONAL LIFE AND AN OVERVIEW OF THE PURPOSES OF THE FINANCES OF CELEBRITY CULTURE

That I am in a lot of trouble with respect to my fame is nothing but a large story with no meaning. Currently those who spread them are not prostitutes so that they can create lots and lots of cultural stories with their insults as well. the way it is rather because they have media to play around with is that I have tied down an entire Parliament so that when I write my books it might be credible, so they don’t mess up my work and then suddenly when I put the books out there change their characters as a rival campaign to discredit it after wrecking everything around here thereby securing a victory against religion. They on the other hand merely think that having media and being a bitch is enough. They are not going anywhere the same principle applied to Politicians for barging into my life to shut it down and expect me to write books which they read before publication in order to alter their characters and discredit it at the market just because they can will apply here, they are not going anywhere, will stay here and be bad and I will write books that are credible.

It still works the way it always has worked; they damage anything here and I wreck that their stupid decadent insolent life. So if they currently feel they are at a point where they can finish up on one side of their wickedness and destruction to get rich for which they are no longer prostitutes that create lots of stories these days because they can be celebrity managers and get lots of money doing that instead and so will now proceed to confiscating my fame, I believe it will be the best if they did because it is time they started doing things that they have been wrecking my finances to prevent me from doing with their insolent familiarities that detach me from real friends and allies. It is time I started getting rewarded by them for the damages they do here.

They say they have worked out that if they murder me none of the things I think will happen will happen. Yet never is it clear why they would suppose that whilst I don’t recognise their culture, I do care. Bearing in mind I have warned them about following me everywhere I go, especially on that stupid media and on the basis of sharing skin colour or civil rights with me, with that thing they do about how I need to chase a cause I die over it for the revitalisation and glory of their race but it has instead developed into a process of wrecking my finances so that each time they provoke me, I might think finances are more important and then while I do, they become more confident with bullying me and can therefore say such things. Now they have arguments which suggest it is okay to wreck people’s finances if the reasons are that you did so that each time you provoke them they think finances are more important while you get confident at bullying them supported by Politicians. Of course they owe me money and now owe me privacy and the right to concentrate on important things I am doing, just like those their stupid celebrities like I had tried to avoid a process where they get rich at my expense knowing they will owe me privacy thereafter do owe me privacy and will pay up.


Media - media, I mean are we still doing that media stuff? This is clearly their own jobs because they work on Television, in fact their own lives. The thing about how I am uneducated trying to compete with educated people especially by Americans is what explains it all. I mean when I spend all my time throwing away my vocation in damage limitation of the effects of other peoples public insults and public abuses on the basis of personality arrangements, bearing in mind they are so clever and educated, it is not clear why they could not predict that I will be thinking about a time when they will claim I am uneducated trying to compete with educated people. The way it works is this thing about cultural idiots and the fact that if I don’t wreck that their stupid cultural lives that gives them excuses for attacking me all the time, they will become incredibly bold and completely uncontrollable as well while I continue to have to pay and it costs only me all of the time but Politicians will first wreck my finances to make my ability to tolerate them very thin and then offer a process of changing my life and giving me a different life so somebody more worthy can have the life I have now for them to play around. This is how I get to tie off the Politicians so that I might never be forced to tolerate any thing about those their stupid cultures and the whole thing has now developed into a Me V Media war which I intend to ensure does not end very well. I mean why is it that whenever people tell them I am completely incapable of protecting myself they always believe it, rather than just leave me alone and get lost? No matter how many times they do it or have already done it which clears up facts they always believe it, to get off and run stupid advertisements and Television programmes on the basis that they do. I mean am I getting threatened by them anyway, what does it mean? Such threats whereby it is only a threat when I have either said nothing and they have become more and more confident or I make it a threat by what I say. I do not think it is much of a problem, my view is simply that when people get on National television to hurl abuses and insults at me and in my direction which gives them personality self improvements as well to provoke me, there are other explanations for it. There are no explanations for it, people like that just do not have any respect whatsoever for me and if the Politicians get involved I will kick them as well. I mean these days they do adverts and I should be bothered.

So they say there are similarities between me and the Syrian leadership, ironically of which especially Americans say so because of events that have emerged since last I described them as idiots. Quantify what describing them as idiots mean then? We have a democracy that is later quasi democracy because somebody thinks it will help him cling to power and then now he is making it a communism because he thinks it will help him stay in power for even longer; what exactly is wrong with his resignation? I personally wouldn’t mind. Next what we will be having is another bin laden emerge to bomb cities all over the place. I mention it for my part because of that talk about foreign interference; I am not dealing with terrorism while insolent yanks do what they do best with other people’s regional security claiming to protect Israel. I am not doing terrorism and that is simple enough for any idiot to hear or understand.

As for the huge big trouble I get into because of the age range I want to fall in love with, that will have to be settled all the way to that rubbish about how every fool anywhere especially the US can have a go at making their sex lives better by thinking about me, which also involves using me work to sell people things in order to make them feel like they are paying their monies worth, in the end of which they will have to redefine that their stupid democracy, since it is not clear to them yet we no longer live in the 80s where Politicians had enough power to tell me freedom is more important than my religion.

I am not talking about their socialists, the reason I tolerate those is because they are doing those things they do to me such as make contact with my parents then wreck my finances to ensure my parents have no respect for me while they spend my time gaining confidence at treating me like a kid they can order around because they are my economic cycle tease figure just like they are for everybody else. It is the question of whether they know what the cost of making sure people are too old to live with their parents and too young to be given second chances is in pounds? When they get involved with those who tell them they don’t like people to do their thing for them they think they have arrived, this is their worst nightmare, I have had enough of it and come to the point where I need the money and will get it out of them and we are not talking about fame freak girls who are famous so that they can have problems of people having sexual fantasies about them, then set off to get involved with me whether I like it or not and end it with wrecking my income to get rich and famous all over again. This is what 21st century Politics will look like, such conversations with stock market traders etc but we will save it until the economy recovers.

These days they are talking about keeping it that way until when the tide turns and I set off to be me they can take it over and be famous forever rewriting history in the process. This was in the first place something their Politicians could not do which is why I am a successful writer on the book at present, in their case I am not giving back that stupid left and they can see it started out in the same way; making sure when they wreck my life forcing me to write books which criticise them so when I am about to sell it change their characters and start another life, I might keep them around and have credibility. 

Same with the media who spend all their time attacking me with very violent and very savage and sexual scandals and then when they have the problems start attacking me all over again with those their stupid cowards solutions to problems claiming I will beat up people to make them feel special with a big mouth, which does show it is not hurting them badly enough though. My favourite is always those claims I sleep with their wives because it was supposed to have been racist in some unarguable way. then they complain I hurt people before I create talks about it when their women are so arrogant and so insolent when they have those problems they always have when nobody told them to steal fame and not understand its problems with those that have sexual fantasies people have about them they get involved with me and steal my earnings, while the men on the other hand expect some conversation on my part which then will involve a process where I beat up somebody to make them feel special. I have always warned them about their plans to get rich on their stupid journalism with my books by them way but they expect talks before I hurt them because I don’t know they do those things on account they think they have got power over me and not because they are ignorant.

The two reasons have always been the reasons; first violent integration into the right where people are old fashioned with the property of the black boy that has no right to exist and now they cannot get out of my privacy because they want to rewrite history.  These are the reasons I took the left and will never untie their Politicians because I don’t want to be stopped when it get out of hand.

They always speak of people I will be afraid of but those are always meant to have been idiots who mess things up for people all the time and when they see people like me they want to kill all the time and soon when I defend myself it will result in more abuse from them and that will then justify all that street organized murder vigilantism that they always claim affects whether or not we have got civil rights in the country but until they have achieved that there is no way they will get lost or stop thinking I am afraid of them and they have political capital by it; because their children are enemies of freedom, their young people sleep with older women and their men destroy their lives of everybody for pleasure and don’t want to pay for it after they have their fun and nobody knows, even when they are everybody’s economic cycle tease figures.

The reasons they have so far given for these deed are my Royal Office and the money they earn from media which has gotten to their heads and it is not good enough; those kinds of insults must only go un-avenged for some good excuse. That they want to or plan to be rich is not a good enough excuse, they can see this is not their lives or their own jobs, besides which it is not clear what they mean by the threats anyway when the purpose of all they do in public places is to manipulate anything that happens whether it concerns them or not or indeed me or not into something that works against me violently. What then is the difference with the gang attacks and gang based threats?


They make out it is because I am incapable of competition when in actual fact I am holding out here on making their lives really painful over those claims they make of democracy. For now let them deal with how I say Syrian leaders are idiots because they always play their games until the result is a Bin Laden who goes about blowing up cities then tell us we are interfering in their affairs, notwithstanding the fact Americans are more interested in protecting Israel and put their allies on a need to know basis at the UN which resulted in the collapse of talks while people died. Obviously they will be bombing my twin towers which is why I should be concerned; for now it is all good nothing will be done before we know it my empire will be needed for the purpose of killing Muslims that want to destroy the world, this they claim is competition.


I should make it clear that the biggest problem that my products and temperamentally developed colours face is American insolent self improvement based vandalism and in general Media based self improvement Politics, which I have taken steps to deal with accordingly and therefore likely to be expressed today with violence and 'dis-empowered' anger. These things do not change the fact that security had been brokered on this firm on the fact products are to be purchased and consumed not purchased for their equities to be abused by those who feel as though they should take an opportunity to create a history whereby a Prince served them, on account they deployed their socialism to find out who brokers equities with who to create products and do not in any way feel that it is provocative either.