(Company Literary Empire Trust Property Equity Product appearance and Arch Prince's Temperamental Colours Administration - Record Date: 12 February 2012) POLITICIANS AND THE SUPPORT FOR ATTACKS ON THOSE THAT FOR CAREER AND WORKPLACE MASTER THEIR OWN BODIES - BRIEF OF EMPORIUM INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AND EQUITY SECURITY LOCK DOWN POLICY

There is no competition to be had in any case by the way, these are people who create me cash flow crisis until they set themselves up with alternative truths in the minds of the peoples of the world and I am not stooping low for any rubbish. Idiots who need to grow up and we have already gone from telling them so to the point of meting out consequences for any who pushes their demands on me.

It’s like when they make out I learn new things which I can then apply on top employees in the country from College, when in actual fact I was born into a family where my Father worked a professional existence with an MSC in electrical electronics engineering and therefore do have a fair sense of what top level self employment really is like. It is not a problem however I am not of the opinion something I say leads people to give up bonuses, the fact is that they can see somebody does not earn above 750 thousand pounds PA, while getting another 350 thousand pounds in bonuses alone, this is a four bed room detached home every year with the worst rail service in Europe, the most subsidized and the most expensive for customers as well. The managers know it is incredibly corrupt and need assistance; it has nothing to do with successful bullying. I for my part do not think the Bonuses are the big issue because the real issue is the Politicians; in this country a millionaire who loses his millions has the benefit system to fall back on, a range of benefits he can get into and keep himself off living like a mad man, so nobody cares who has cars parked in their garage while they drive one. The people who care about that is the Politicians and this country will never recover in economics or get anything done while that continues, it will drip through and ordinary people will start to have the same mentality as well. Should I spend my 5 pounds of lunch or keep these five pounds that is not made this way anymore, and then I will faint and end up in hospital for a few weeks because I tried to work without food, costing me hundreds of pounds in paid work. Then for the businesses, somebody might have Hotels they book with their bonuses which run into 400 thousand pounds, while they only get 350, those Hotels of course have jobs and so on; hence the issue was always a matter of making sure they do not store the money but spend it.

I for my part with all those talk about what I do not know about wealth distribution was aware of the recession 6 years before it took hold because of my experience with matters of wealth distribution. The part where people who went through hell to get jobs tried to have my stuff to ensure their bosses do not lose the companies because they have already had such a hard time getting a job in the first place and now I have taken steps too to ensure that all these matters are settled but no matter how hard I try to ensure Mr Millionaire who loses his money does not become a cunt and big bad boys do not integrate into high profile employment in the country I will always fail woefully at it and we will have racism at top levels of government and industry before we get out of the recession which is why we are still in it and because I am fed up I must say “technically.” Which does not bother me so much in any case bearing in mind I have our 21st century Politics planned and have also cleared grounds for them to do their world war 3 if they want so that media idiots can stop abusing me to get rich?

So it is still the old story; the government has replaced for me the people who got to me for help with idiots that get connected to big pay bosses in order to use my earnings to earn pocket money from them. their socialist insults therefore of which has come to a head and the questions have begun to emerge of whether they suppose it will make a difference to the fact the rich get richer and the poor get poorer which is the way it is like they claim, whether it will make a difference to the claim statesmen are the same thing as prostitutes because they live off their beauty and their purpose is to furnish idiots with knowledge on how to manage goons who do violent things for them, before that is I get told I am incapable of competition and it is why I am so frustrated.

They say I speak in such ways of people who are angry because they have been through a lot of oppression but in actual fact refuse always to say it is about very lazy people who do not recognise having money involves hard work and so when I mention that it is what it is, people who are responsible for their own problems and want to put innocent people in the same boat as them to have a basis for their arguments, which the government had decided to fund and then later claim they are creating economic growth. They have enough time with jobs they have to concentrate on causing others trouble with theirs in order to use their personal life work or property to earn extra from their bosses, they would not be doing that if they were working hard enough for the money that they earn which is how it operates; hard work and nothing more. Not that I am suggesting socialists will understand that as they never work hard for anything in their lives and think that when they tell me that those who know about it ought to do it for everybody they have won. I mean I ought to know, I know its all laziness incredible laziness and bullying of course, I sell equities for goodness sake and I don’t want a living wage from m intellectual properties as I need to do royal work and manage a royal estate. So yes I always get told I never do anything about their insults and it is likely to eventually become something serious. Which is utter rubbish; these are just incredible insolent abuses and they do it because they know people don’t like to be told what they might need to know when it is too late for them to know it, so it is safe to assume that when people are older than you are they probably like their lives the way it is, unless they tell you differently. So they do it to create incredible levels of violence which I am not supposed to react to, except of course they are members of another race because those will have had to travel some distance for that kind of pleasure. Naturally it is their Politicians I need to shut up and I am doing very well so far with respect to that, making sure everything in the world always gets manipulated by me to work against democracy, like they barge into my life and do my stuff for me then get on Public Television to talk rubbish about the guy who thinks his stuff is what it is not as it is not his size or how his stuff is done for him etc. I know it is all going round in circles all over again but I always indulge it because it is the advertisement and the markets that suffer since these rubbish is not expensive at all and they have not even begun to pay for the damages they do here which I will ensure they do because I have been patient enough as well. I mean I have made it clear I am not giving back that stupid left where they get involved with community idiots and get on media to bully me into beating up somebody for them so they can feel special because they work on media, it does the reputation and Political careers of those who support it with government office absolutely no good and they will get hurt before it gets better as well not to mention the fact I think it is not hurting badly enough currently. As for those markets it is what they do, derive violent and sexually abusive scandals for me with wrong publicities they have created around me with their perceptions to get pleasure of abusing me and riches from my property; I mean my job involves spicing up peoples sex lives for them because somebody has got a stupid Television Camera, they think they are terribly amusing with it and as for that stupid market place they are still before they complain each time I damage it and their abuses and attacks are justified using my intellectual properties to get rich because they think I need a bare living wage from it or something and here it is over already and not challenging in anyway and it will end very badly too. I am determined to see that it does.

So for now they always tell me I speak of higher taxes for those who earn more and lower for those who earn less when I do not believe in the socialist ideal. I for my part do not need the socialist platform for anything as the origins of income tax in this country was the Navy. So at the time workers paid income tax and producers who only had the sea as a way of transportation import and export etc, paid excise and all those other costs they pick up. So now that it is all mixed up and we have to modernise we must thus ensure people understand the way it works i.e. the people elect the Politicians and the Politicians fix the problems, those who earn more from the country pay more and the people get benefits. It does not come from the socialist platform first of all such claims will only lead to an issue over the Church which also does charity as well bearing in mind the Queen is the head of that as well. We play this socialist game with these socialists way too often and if politicians are interested in what cars people drive these days I think they can see why I am interested in their fame, if they want the money they need to leave the fame.  As I said we play this socialist game way too often with them and thus loose our way, I for my part can only be concerned about a condition where they move left and unless I have to, do not get involved with anything else. I am not incapable of competition, I am perfectly aware that I must set myself up to sit in public to sign away books I write on being known as the Queens Arch Prince. So when I do some people can tell me I am not as well then.

Now there is another big issue about my lack of respect for cultural issues around racism and racial activity. I have no idea why, maybe people want to know what my view with respect to culture of racism and racial activity really is. They want to know that it is not the racists telling me not to complete a program of study but black people claiming it will encourage racist activity. They want to know it is not racists limiting how much I can make with my property with intrusions and insults that cause enough destruction to create such an effect but black people. I don’t know which is saying racism is a powerful and important thing anyway, racist or black people? I don’t know who is saying I cannot be a Christian without some fornication and adultery and wickedness lest I encourage racism and then sets out to wreck my finances in order to enforce their stupid will on me claiming it is such stubbornness as mine that creates a condition where black people cannot progress, racists or black people? As for people using their cultures on me when they don’t know me, it will not end very well too, I intend to ensure every idiot spends most of their time insulting their husbands at home instead not think they own me with a big insolent lying rumour mouth. They can just get off and wreck my finances then keep it that way so they can have me available for violence they want to practice on me which is orientated to their sexual desires, over all kinds of rubbish about privileges they deserve and money which they by the way have not got, then claim it is racism whenever it piques other peoples interest. Must they have everything? It does not trouble me either not as much as the fact somebody wants to know what I think or what my view is. I am aware that if each time they provoke me I don’t wreck those their stupid evil filthy lives that make them so twitchy they will become completely uncontrollable.

For now they are very powerful media presenters which I suppose it should not be said I thought was funny, feeling that they are at the top of their game so each appearance involves some form of a violent way of bullying me everyday which is then also incredibly funny. I have made myself clear about their men that always want to manipulate people, their community idiots who are ugly and powerful and so when I don’t get ordered around by their celebrity culture idiots who use my personal life to be famous to come outside and leave my home for them it means I have chosen to be cultural power instead.  the women who always get involved with stupid men and later think that not only must I have a problem where every idiot thinks they are my type but also must have a problem with respect to the fact they have realized they are feminists as well, then suppose I can be harmed if I don’t have sex with them and their big mouth or that I ought to say something about it when they insult and attack me to save myself from a bunch of stupid women so they might have notoriety.


I should make it clear that the biggest problem that my products and temperamentally developed colours face is American insolent self improvement based vandalism and in general Media based self improvement Politics, which I have taken steps to deal with accordingly and therefore likely to be expressed today with violence and 'dis-empowered' anger. These things do not change the fact that security had been brokered on this firm on the fact products are to be purchased and consumed not purchased for their equities to be abused by those who feel as though they should take an opportunity to create a history whereby a Prince served them, on account they deployed their socialism to find out who brokers equities with who to create products and do not in any way feel that it is provocative either.